Frankie's Drunken Night

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


Frankie’s Bedroom Adventure


Goo is drenched with sweat, her body whipsawed by feelings she had never experienced. Should have never experienced. Simultaneously feeling their orgasms. Feeling their ectasy and their lust. So different. Different parts of their bodies feeling different things. But pleasure, so much pleasure…

There is a sudden bubble exploding in Goo’s soul.

She feels the absolute love he feels for her. It is pure and clean and absolute. Joy.

Frankie’s feelings are very different. Her love is deeper, but more complex. There is heartbreaking sadness and pain and guilt.

Mac expects his joy to last forever.

Frankie expects hers to end in tragedy… and soon.


Goo feels Mac lifted into the air, into Frankie’s arms and then is playfully dropped on the bed.


She drops down beside him.

Goo fears what will happen next… and can’t wait for the experience. She senses that what went on the bathroom was nothing compared to what was about to happen. This is an adult woman and a sexually experienced boy.

Goo is still a virgin.

It hurts her that in spite of sharing their love, she has no place in it. She feels what they feel, she has a better understanding of give and take, thrust and receive, bend and stretch than either of them because she feels both of them. It is killing her. She wants to blame “CherNaCher” but how can she… she created her. It.

They are side by side for the moment. Maybe they are talking, maybe they are just sharing glances, Goo feels the gentle motion of their hands.

Goo held her breath. She was expecting pain and penetration. She yearned for it. Her body was triggered. She feared what was about to happen. She wanted it too…

She felt the rough sheets. Frankie. Mac. Side by side.

Goo’s mother comes into her room to check on her daughter. Goo smiles at her and assures the concerned woman that she is all right. Goo begins to giggle. Mac is kissing Frankie’s right leg which is extended and resting on his shoulder. “Silly” she thinks, “Why would anyone do that?” But Goo likes it. She wants to extend her leg the same way. She realized it would heighten the experience, but would look odd to her mother.

Goo’s mother looks at her daughter. She has always been a strange and independent child. They encouraged this in their daughter, but the result was that they don’t always understand her. Goo’s mother kisses her on the forehead, says “Goodnight. Don’t stay up too late” and leaves.

Goo can’t wait.

Kisses. Hands on legs, stroking gently. Excitement building. They had all night. Whispered words that Goo was excluded from. Her hands stroking his face gently, his hand drawing circles on her naked hips. Kisses on her throat making her blush, Goo could feel the heat rising on her own brow and throat and chest as Frankie blushed.

Goo thought sex was all about hard thrusting, being mounted, thrown down. Speared. Shafted. She imagined that pain was probably always part of it. She had seen porn, or part of one and had heard girls at school describe the experience (though they were probably as ignorant on the subject as she was.).

Yeah, every discussion, every book starts off describing it as loving act, but people who sweat and yell that much couldn’t really be treating each other with love. “That’s just what they tell you…”

She braced herself and waited. Waited.

But that wasn’t what was happening. Not then.

Frankie and Mac were just so happy to be in each other’s arms again. There was a long slow build up. His mouth (“My mouth”) on her mound (“My mound”). “Oh God, he is kissing my labia/My labia being kissed.” Gentle flicking of tongues and caresses of hot lips. Her hands on his cheeks (my cheeks), the back of my head, guiding him (me).

 I feel the gentle splurge of liquid excitement running down his chin (my chin) and the taste that is both new and that I know so well.

Goo wonders why they just don’t get to the “sex part”? She wants to feel the full experience through Frankie’s body. And experiencing sex through Mac, though a boy’s body too, would be strange and wonderful.

Although Goo felt some fear, there was only expectation and desire in Mac. Frankie was different. Oh, there was the desire (lots of that!), but there was also concern, Frankie was afraid too, but it was a different fear. Fear of discovery, rejection, fear of being hated. Goo understood and shared it. “How can I/she love this boy this way if I/we are found out?

Goo began to understand Frankie in a way she hadn’t before.

Frankie’s hand began to caress Mac’s penis sending waves of pleasure through his/her body. Frankie rests it on her labia, teasing herself. Goo braced herself for pain… but it never came. Mac was experienced with his lover. There would be no pain as he teased the head of his shaft into her opening. Feelings Goo had never known. Sliding in, inches. Stretch and squeeze, squeeze and stretch. She felt Frankie’s wonderful cunt muscles contract and expand to stimulate her lover. She felt the way Mac’s organ was teased.

Mac thrust in gently, maybe two inches; Goo bit her lip so hard she momentarily tasted blood. “How could they stand these feelings?” Mac began to pull back, pull out and Goo wanted to scream. She put her pillow over her face and cried into it.

Mac began to gently rub her clit. Goo had never done that before, except by accident. She copied their motion and found her joy tripled.

Mac pressed deeper. Deeper, Deeper. But slowly. And then withdrew.

Sweet agony!

Mac pumped Frankie three, four, five times before withdrawing. Goo’s heart was pounding. He thrust in six, seven, eight more times. Faster now.

Goo’s spine ached as her back arched, aping far away Frankie.

The intensity of their shared experiences just kept growing and rebounding on Goo, higher and higher till she could stand no more. She felt the organism cranking up in Frankie. The heat in her groin, the wetness as it built with each and every thrust and slap of cock in cunt.

Goo felt Mac holding back, straining, waiting for the signal from his lover as his excitement reached towards it’s peak. He could barely stand it, the sweet, sweet pressure. Somehow, he backed off.

Goo moaned into the pillow. Any second, any second, “NowNowNowGodOhGodOhGodPlease.”

A shock of pain went through the young girl. Something was wrong. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Her brain was on fire. The mounting pleasure of a moment ago was gone. Goo sensed others through CherNaCher. Something, someone had appeared and the shock was too much! Her Imaginary Friend, was suffering. Was dying.

Was dying


Goo felt her go.

Goo’s parents rushed into her room at the shriek they heard, found their daughter naked on the floor, in shock. She stared sightlessly. Her parent wrapped her in a blanket and called an ambulance. She was frothing at the lips.

Far away in a hotel room, a pair of lovers remained frozen in mid orgasm. Paralyzied. No time was passing. Between one thrust and the next Timmy had stopped. Frankie’s eyes had begun to close…

Sweat dripped off their foreheads and had frozen in midair.


In the hotel room a young boy and his two fairies had appeared. He looked down at the bed and had to laugh. It just all looked so funny. The red headed woman on her back with her legs in the air and the boy (even younger than he was!) on top of her. His face clenched as if in pain. They both looked in pain. But it wasn’t pain, he knew.

“Wow. Look at the two of them! Lucky guy!”

The pink fairy turned up her nose. Intruding on humans having sex was bad enough, though a boy and a woman obviously in her twenties made it worse. But being thousands of years old… well, she’d seen a lot (especially in Rome in the good old days).

She sniffed the air for a moment. “Timmy, I think our stopping time here broke something. Maybe something magical?”

The green fairy was hovering over a fresh brown stain on the carpet, something was burning. “Yep. Broke it good! It wasn’t a fairy… whatever it was.”

Timmy shrugged. He had plans, wishes to make. Whatever had died here wasn’t any of his business anyway but if he could wish it back… whatever it was, he would do that.

He walked over to the bed, reached down and touched the woman’s breast. The rosy nipple was hard as a rock and felt great in his hand. He grabbed her breast and squeezed, leaving a pale handprint. There’d be a bruise later that they boy couldn’t explain.

“She’s prettier than Vicky, a real redhead too!”

A trail of cum had run down her ass and had frozen on the sheets. His? Hers? Timmy shrugged and poked his finger in the puddle. He brought it nose and sniffed, then drew a little cum mustache on the time frozen boy and laughed.

This was going to be fun!


Disclaimer: Fairly OddParents and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

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