Frankie's Drunken Night

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Frankie’s Sober Morning

Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

9:00 AM

She should have showered, dressed, been downstairs for her daily assignment from Mr. Harriman two hours ago (as if after all this time she didn’t know what needs to be done to keep this dump running!). Mac should have been in school by 8:00 AM.

Voices and insistent knocking had been minor distractions. “Go away, I’m sick today,” had been enough to discourage most of the Imaginary Friends. It took a little more with Mr. Harriman, after his third attempt to get “Miss Frances to move her lazy carcass,” Frankie called back that she & Mac were only coming out to cook “some fucking rabbit stew, tonight.” There was an indignant “Harrumph” then the patter of bunny feet down the stairs.

Bloo was more insistent. Mac put on his best fake sick voice and eventually it worked, though they had to close the window and the blinds when they heard the thump of a ladder against the side of the building.

Frankie and Mac got down to a couple of hours of serious fucking.


Mac thought it was even better in the light of day than it had been for his first-time last night… and that had been the greatest night of his life! Frankie’s naked body was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen… touched… tasted… fucked! Well, she was the only thing he had ever fucked, but he made up for lost time and opportunities. Frankie marveled at how quickly he had picked up the basics and moved from eager, though confused, beginner to advanced student. Maybe it was because he was so young, but all he wanted to do was make her happy, give her pleasure. It’s something that the men in her life had forgotten… or never knew.

There had been a soft knocking on the door. Eduardo whispered. After he left Mac opened the door and quickly pulled in a tray of food. They sat on the edge of the bed and fed each other. Spilling crumbs which their partner was eager to lick off of titties, bellies and thighs. Frankie had taken Mac’s sheet and draped over her shoulders, barely covering her small cone shaped breasts.

“Stop staring at my tits!” she said as he tried to peek under the sheet for the dozenth time.

“No,” he said indignantly. He loved looking at her breasts. He was fascinated by how they changed shape and texture as she moved. Her nipples were like the end of his little finger except for the y-shaped indentation. They were the same color as the pink roses his mom loved. When he touched them or kissed them (or licked them, which he liked best of all), they stiffened, the surface of her areola became covered with small bumps that tickled the surface of his tongue as he licked them. “She is amazing!” he thought.

When she lay on her back, the breasts became soft rounded curves, her nipples seemed to be floating on jelly. When she sat up, the breasts stood out, poked out, nipples pointing slightly upwards. When she was on all fours, they became cone shaped with the nipples swaying. When she laughed, they jiggled together. He didn’t know which he preferred. He was fascinated.

He loved her reaction when he played with them; she would close her eyes and sigh. She’d become all dreamy. Sometimes she would blush and a deep red flush would spread down her throat and across her tits. Her pale pink skin turning a deep burning red. Then she’d open her eyes and look at him in a way that sent warm shivers down his body.

He’d become hard, his cock getting bigger. Bouncing eagerly. It embarrassed him at first. But Frankie loved to see that. Soon, instead of being shy, he was proud. He knew he wasn’t very big; Terrance was bigger. But that was OK as long as Frankie liked it… and she did… very much. She liked his dick very, very much! She would stare at his cock, smiling, before doing wonderful things. Kissing, sucking, putting it inside her.

Inside her.

“Oh God,” he thought. “She lets me put it inside of her.” Nothing was more wonderful than that feeling.

And Frankie had similar thoughts as well, “There is nothing better than feeling him inside of me.” Frankie had had her share of lovers… of both sexes. Back in her first and only year of college she had spent more time and energy on satisfying her gangbang fetish than on studying. She had loved being treated as a sexual object, the center of attention for a group of anonymous men… or she did for a while. Then it became old and boring. That had been the problem with her later monogamous relationships as well. Exciting for a while, then old and boring. She prayed that wouldn’t happen now. She didn’t expect it to… for the first time she was genuinely in love.

And Mac was excited when she said there were even more things, she could show him.

Frankie pulled the sheet off and looked at him. “Happy now, tit-boy?”

He giggled, just looking at her titties was fun too.

There was a glob of grape jelly by the side of his mouth. She used her thumb to gather it up. Laughed and covered her right nipple in the purple sticky sweetness. She held out her breast to his eager face. “Go ahead…” He didn’t have to be told twice. She stroked his messy hair as he latched onto her nipple, gently at first, then rougher. She gasped, then sighed and laid back on the bed. He climbed on top of her.

Soon, there was no jelly left on her. That didn’t stop him. She was sweet enough without it.

Mac had an idea. There was a small bowl of honey. She watched him paint his lips. “OK” she thought, “His kisses were sweet, but…” He ran a sticky finger down his chin. She arched and eyebrow as he traced a path to one of his nipples. He dipped his finger back in the bowl and continued tracing to his other nipple. Down to his belly, making sure to fill his belly button. Then past that, he coated his cock and balls.

“And exactly what do you think I’m going to do now with that sticky mess? Don’t come crying to me when you start to itch.”

He giggled. He knew he wouldn’t have to wait long.

She made a rude noise. “You’re going to make a mess of your sheets.”

He looked at the sheets, they were already a mess of dried stains from the last several hours. She had been amazed at the amount of cum he could produce after the first time. He had been even more amazed by the way it had leaked out of her last time. He hadn’t known that some of cum was hers too. He knew now!

His cum, her cum all mixed together inside her… and on the sheets.

She sighed. “Well, I guess it’s up to me to clean it up before you start to attract bees. I have to clean up all the messes ‘round here!”

She kissed his lips, licked up the honey and thrust her tongue in his mouth and shared. She slowly, carefully followed the trail. Mac laughed and shook; he had forgotten how ticklish he was. Frankie was thorough, spending time cleaning the trail of sticky sweetness, concentrating on his nipples, his belly. It took a while to make sure his belly button was clean and shiny.

The best was saved for last. His hairless cock and balls were smooth. She lifter his legs over her shoulders and went to work. She was getting tired of honey and the mouthful of cum was a welcome treat.

“I love you Frankie,” he moaned as she licked the last of the sticky amber fluid from his balls.

“You better!” she replied, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

They lay back, satiated. Spent.

“I guess it’s time we had that talk,” she said.


They lay together, very close. She was playing with his hair as she whispered. “You know, no one can know about what we did.”

He nodded. He knew that.

“We got away with it today. It was just the Friends here and they don’t understand about sex and all. But my grandmother is coming back in a couple of days. No one can know, ever. We won’t be able to spend days like this again. Or nights”

Mac looked panicked. “But Frankie…”

“Mac, you understand? I could go to prison. No, I will go to prison; people would look at you… never trust you.” She started to cry. “This is my fault, it’s a terrible, terrible thing I did to you. I took away something precious from…”

Mac started to object, shaking his head.

“Mac, I don’t regret… you are the most… Oh God… best thing in my life, but… we can’t...”

He reached over. She pulled back. She looked at him, a long deep look, his face seemed to crumple. He was devastated. She looked into her soul and knew she couldn’t resist. It wasn’t her decision to make alone. “Maybe…” Then, “We’ll figure something out. Somehow…”


Things in Foster’s Home went back to normal… sort of.

There were shared looks in the hallways and in passing. They whispered things to each other in secret that only they understood.

Mac had always had a crush on Frankie, Bloo knew. He had teased his friend about it, made embarrassing comments, goo-goo eyes. It was a joke he had never gotten tired of. But Mac no longer got embarrassed. He seemed sad when Bloo brought it up. Bloo hated it when a good joke died.

The Imaginary Friends sensed that something had changed, but were unaware of what those changes might mean. So, they accepted it, ignored it and forgot about it. That’s how Imaginary Friends are.

Mac’s mother was aware that something was bothering her son. She tried to find out what, maybe he was spending too much time at Fosters? She had come to believe that the home was a good influence on him. His grades had improved and keeping Mac apart from Terrance a few days a week was helping both of them. She called up Frances, she liked the young woman, and asked her if something was bothering Mac?

Frankie replied that she had also noticed a change.  She had an idea, maybe she & Mac could take a little trip together. There was an amusement park that had opened that Mac was dying to visit. His birthday was close. There was a long weekend coming up, maybe the two of them could go? Alone. And have a really nice talk. See if anything is bothering Mac.

Mac’s mother was grateful to the young redhead. A little trip might be just the thing!

They were excited as the day approached. Frankie had her old beat up car serviced. Mac had packed his overnight bag. Bloo was insistent that he should come too… and Edwardo, Wilt, Coco, etc., etc. Madame Foster put her foot down, she even started stamping the floor with her cane which was a sign that she was getting angry. “If one more ‘person’ starts bothering Mac or Frankie about their trip, I’ll ban them from the House. Period!”

That was enough of a threat, it was the worst thing that could happen. It worked.

Bloo alternately gave Mac and Frankie dirty looks, sad looks, cute looks, moist eyed looks… his whole repertoire. Mac and Frankie ignored him.

There was one other person who was devastated by not being invited.

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa was the only other human who spent time in the House. Mac was her best friend. Really, Mac and Frankie were her only friends. In her mind, in her heart she considered Mac her boyfriend. She also thought of Frankie as her girlfriend. She had never done anything with them that might give away her feelings. She had never gone on a date with either of them (playdates don’t count). She had never kissed them (the rare embarrassing kiss on the cheek doesn’t count).

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa (or Goo as she called herself) was a genius. Like many very high IQ people, she often was difficult to understand, her actions and motivations often confused other people. Mac and Frankie were the first people (other than her parents) who accepted her for who she was. It hurt her that she hadn’t been invited too.

Goo was very perceptive, she just had problems expressing herself to other people. She had already sensed that somehow the relationship between Mac and Frankie had changed. They had secrets now. She saw the way they looked at each other and knew something was different. She just didn’t know what that meant.

 And she didn’t ask.

She didn’t know how

Mac and Frankie were unaware of how much they had hurt Goo by not inviting her. It wasn’t malicious. They were only thinking of each other. It had been a couple of weeks since the last time they had been together. Locked in a closet, Frankie standing back to a wall. Holding Mac’s sweet body, his legs wrapped around her he fucked her as hard as he could while she held him. Ten minutes of hurried pleasure. Then back to work as if nothing happened (well, nothing except damp panties and stained underpants.).

All they could think about was each other. Three days alone! Goo was far from their thoughts.

Goo was probably the most prolific creator of Imaginary Friends. Carelessly she created dozens, hundreds that she could not care for. She had been banned from the house for years until Mac got her to swear to stop. And she did, mostly. Her friendship with Mac, then Frankie and eventually even the suspicious Madame Foster helped her channel her powers.


Sometimes she slipped and created a new friend unintentionally. Usually when she was under stress. These friends often had special abilities, like they were made to order by her unconscious mind.

She was in her room at home, in her PJ’s looking sad when the Imaginary Friend appeared. Actually, it didn’t appear, it was invisible. She could just make it out when she squeezed her eyes shut. At most it was a blur… “Whoareyou?” she wondered.





The creature smiled its invisible smile. “No dear, I’m Share, because I share.” Then disappeared… as much as an invisible creature can disappear.

Goo was puzzled, but not afraid. Friends could be weird, but they would hurt her or anyone else. Share or Cher or CherNaCher would show up again, she was sure. And she could probably get it a place at Fosters. How much room could an invisible Friend take up anyway?

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