Frankie's Drunken Night

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


Frankie’s Exciting Roadtrip

Frankie & Mac checked the car before they left, found Bloo in the trunk, got rid of him and set off on their trip. They were excited. They could barely keep their hands off of each other.

They were unaware of the invisible passenger in the back seat.

Goo was eating breakfast when a strange thing happened. She felt a ghostly hand on her thigh. She looked under the table, no one was there. Her parents eyed each other; they were used to strange behavior from their child. At first Goo thought her new creation Cher was trying to get her attention, but that wasn’t it…

Meanwhile, miles away:

There was almost no traffic on the highway. Frankie took Mac’s left hand and placed it on her knee. He squeezed it, stroked it. She turned and smiled at him as his hand began to move, to explore her thigh… Just touching her made him happy. Just being touched by him made her happy.

It was strange for Goo, she felt the hand on thigh, but she also was the hand, yet it wasn’t like touching herself. And waves of happiness seemed to come at her from two sources. Very strange, but very nice.

Frankie and Mac turned on the radio, found a station that had songs they both mostly knew and started singing at the top of their voices. Neither could sing. That made it even more fun!

Goo left for school, humming off key.

As they approached the amusement park sometime later. Mac became more excited, bouncing up and down on the car seat. It was infectious, Frankie became excited too.

In school Goo began bouncing up and down on her seat while writing an essay. Her teacher noticed, usually this behavior was followed by a flurry of excited hand raising or even an emergency trip to the bathroom, but that wasn’t the case here. “Well, she’s a strange child. And her stupid parents still refuse to put her on the meds the school psychiatrist recommends.”

Goo began to realize something “Share, not Cher, because she shares… Ohhhhhh.” Goo had never intended to spy on her friends, certainly not on their feelings… “Did I?” she wondered.

The next hour or so was pretty frustrating for Goo, for all of them. Her legs ached as if standing in place for long periods broken only be a brief shuffling. “They must be waiting on line for a ride.”

Goo was in class when suddenly everything changed. Everything looked normal, but her body began vibrating and tilted up at a 45-degree angle. What she saw and what she felt were out of synch. “OMG!” she almost gasped out loud. “Roller coaster!!!” Suddenly she felt as if she was being slammed sideways to the left right, bouncing up and down curving. Her eyes told her she was perfectly still; her body screamed the opposite. There are some roller coasters that had segments in complete darkness, this was worse. She fell out of her chair and had to be helped to the bathroom where she vomited. She was unable to walk for several moments. She stood up with help from the concerned nurse who had been called. Then… well, this is one of those roller coasters that then goes backwards, reversing the thrills.

Goo’s mother was called and she was put to bed although she kept insisting “ImFineNowMomDontFuss!”

Although she was given a light lunch of oatmeal, she was happy when she began to taste pizza, mushrooms, onions and olives. All her favorites. Suddenly there was a horrible blast of salt & fish. “OhYuckYuckYuck!” she realized that Frankie was had added anchovies. Well, it seemed Frankie liked that topping because Goo began to appreciate it… a little. But then she gagged again, Mac had tried one and he nearly vomited. Goo felt fine and nauseated at the same time.

Time went by. She sometimes had flashes of what Frankie or Mac was thinking, not actual thoughts so much, images that came to mind. There was a light sting on her shoulder and she got an image of a war movie. Mac was target shooting and imaging he was firing a real gun. She saw the carnival gun and Mac's imagined image of a war rifle at the same time.

Later she was kissing someone on the cheek and being kissed at the same time. She felt Mac’s embarrassment and Frankie’s pleasure at embarrassing him. There was a strange, brief flash, an image… panties and undershorts in the darkness. Goo was puzzled by it.

Time went by. More feelings. Mac and Frankie, Frankie and Mac. Occasional images, memories? Usually too fast to understand.

Suddenly she was scared out of her mind! Amusement, horror, surprise, shock – all coming at the same time from two directions! All coming out of nowhere, no warning, no control. She realized the park must have a haunted house. It wouldn’t have scared Goo, it didn’t scare Frankie (she was laughing too hard), but it was scaring Mac.

Then it was over. Goo felt a familiar pressure, her bladder was full. She had to pee. Except she didn’t. She realized that it was Frankie or Mac. No, not Frankie. Frankie was drinking something foul. “Beer?” Goo wondered. Frankie could easily handle a cold beer on a warm day, but Goo had no tolerance.

Goo stood in the bathroom, a little tipsy and wished Mac would pee already so the pressure would be relieved, when it happened. She had a “thingee”, well she felt it. A penis. His penis. She knew now what it was to have one. Oh, the fullness of his bladder felt the same and when he began to pee it started as the same, but then was different. “Oh God!” she thought. He was standing up. Standing up! Not sitting! Not squatting! Standing… his hand on the shaft of his penis. And she knew. She knew what that felt like now. She felt it squirt out of her, an entirely different thing. And he was shaking it, shaking it! She realized that she had been aware of his penis and testicles all day, the pressure of his undies rubbing against them. How sensitive they were. “So different.”

She had another flash. She had never seen a boy’s “stuff” before… and certainly not through his own eyes. It all looked perfectly normal to Mac and that’s what she felt. Goo was fascinated and disgusted. “How could that be normal, to have all that hanging there outside of you?” she wanted to cry.

She felt the last few drops of urine leave the tip of his penis (her penis?!?). He shook it, HE SHOOK IT/SHE SHOOK IT, then he/she tucked his/her “stuff” back in his/her pants and zipped up.

It was all too horrible and perfectly normal at the same time.

Frankie and Mac left the park. Goo hoped that they were heading back to the hotel to go to sleep so all these feelings ‘Share was sharing’ would be over.

She had no way of knowing what would happen when the two finally got to the hotel.

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