Frankie's Drunken Night

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and all associated or other characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


Frankie’s Wonderful Shower.

Goo felt she was surrounded by steam and warm water; the shower beat a gentle pressure on Frankie’s skin. She felt the woman’s soapy hands rubbing her face, her breasts and her belly. It felt so different than her own showers. This was a woman’s body. She never had imagined soaping her own breasts, full breasts like these. Oh, Goo showered most nights, but she barely had any curves, and her nipples were little flat buttons compared to Frankie’s fuller ones. Frankie’s body was wonderful. Goo had often wondered about Frankie. She still didn’t know what she looked like naked, but now she knew what she felt like naked. It excited the girl.

Frankie was washing her ass. Such a simple, natural thing. So curvy, so warm. Flesh was full. Goo knew her own ass was still boney. Goo was embarrassed by the sensations, especially the water between her legs. But at the same time, she loved it. She couldn’t wait to have a body like this.

Her hands reached… Hands! There were more hands! Small hands, his hands (“my hands?”) were there, soapy, warm hands, touching Frankie. Exciting. Scary. She felt the water falling on his naked boy’s body (“My naked boy-body?”).

Goo felt his erection now as her own. Oh, it was so hard. She felt the ache of his balls (“My balls?”) as the water continued to cascade down their slick flesh.

She had a moment’s flash, Frankie with Macs soapy hands washing her privates. The thick red pubes, the labia. “Oh God… IDidntKnow IDidntKnow IDidntKnow,” she moaned. Goo felt Frankie’s pleasure as the boy continued to use his soapy hands on her. Then Frankie was looking down at her naked lover. His stiff cock thrusting forward, demanding her attention and love. She felt Frankie’s burning desire as she knelt under the shower and began to kiss Mac. Goo was kissing him and kissing her at the same time. She felt their tongues fighting, sucking, being bitten gently. She tasted him, tasting her, tasting them. Oh, he tasted so good, she tasted so good.

Goo was overwhelmed by their lust. She had no experience with these kinds of feelings. She was unable to breathe. Goo thought her heart would explode.

The water stopped. “ThankGod!” Goo said. She didn’t think she could take any more.

Fluffy towels, hands rubbing. She experienced what it felt like for a grown woman to dry her pussy, different than a young girl. Pubes and labia rubbed briskly. Ten thousand sensations. Then terry cloth across balls and penis. So different, so very different than anything in her experience. More sensitive, different.

Goo felt Mac was sitting on the closed toilet lid. Cold plastic against his ass.

Frankie on her knees…

“Whaaa? Ohhhh.”  Her hands on his penis. Rubbing slowly, cold splash of oil. Slithering, rubbing. Her lips on his shaft.


“The warm shaft on my lips and tongue.”

“Pressing into her mouth, licking my dick. Gently sucking”

“His balls pressing below my lips, warm, soft”

“Pressure. Pressure rising. I am harder now that I am in her mouth. Hurts. Wonderful pain. I need… I need to cum.”

“He is reaching down and fingering my pussy. Playing with my lips, my clit. I want it to hurt. I want him to hurt me.”

“Her tongue is dancing on my balls. Pressure. Pressure. Her mouth is warm and wet.”

“Finger inside me. Wet and nasty, does he feel it?”

“Pressure. Pressure. Hold back. Hold back. Pressure.”

“Two fingers. Cunt clamping down on his slithering fingers. Thumb on clit. Mmmmm, something warm was flowing.”

Then there are no words. No words. Only feelings. Sensations.

A blast of warm heat, strange taste, nasty, good, swallowing.

Shaking, shaking, jolt of pleasure, shooting, spurting.

Clit on fire, nerves burning.

Cock rubbing face, spurts, stream of heat.





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