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Chapter 3: Girl’s Best Friend

“Remember,” Katie whispered as she took the single concrete step up to a metal door, “we can’t tell anyone besides the girls in the troop that we were here.” 

Katie looked around before taking a key from her pocket and unlocking the rear door to the Danville Animal Shelter. Technically, she and Adyson weren’t supposed to be here without a member of the staff or an adult volunteer. Katie’s mom, who was one of the shelter’s veterinarians, didn’t even know that Katie had recently “borrowed” her key just long enough to have a copy made.

“You’re a bad girl,” Adyson whispered in Katie’s ear as they slipped inside. “And I like it.”

Katie giggled. She and Adyson had been the stars of The Deltas Do Danville’s main girl-on-girl scene, and although Katie had only volunteered for it so she could earn her Sapphic Love patch, she had ended up rather enjoying it. This had a lot to do with the fact that Adyson—who revealed that day that she had long been into girls—had been an enthusiastic partner. Not to mention that she really knew her way around a clit.

But today, the two girls had a different goal: earning the Girl’s Best Friend patch. Which was why they were now in the dimly lit rear portion of the shelter, where large dogs were kept in individual kennels.

“So,” Adyson asked naughtily, “which ones do you think have the biggest dicks?”

“It’s kind of hard to know,” Katie replied. “I mean, the bestiality section of the Fireside Girls Shadow Handbook has a list of average cock sizes by breed, but most of the dogs in here are mutts. We should probably just pick a couple of biggish intact males, get them hard, and then decide if we like their cocks or if we want to try a different dog.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Adyson agreed. “I can’t wait to see what your face looks like when you’ve got a big ol’ doggy-dick pounding your pussy.”

“Right back atcha,” Katie replied with a wink.

Not far from where the two Fireside Girls were conversing, Agent D was locked in one of the kennels and feeling like an idiot. He and his new trainee, Robbie the Rottweiler, had been surveilling Professor Poofenplotz in preparation to foil her latest evil scheme, and Agent D had been so absorbed in both watching the villain and bringing Robbie up to speed that he hadn’t noticed the Animal Control officer sneaking up behind them—at least, not until the two dogs had been caught in a net and then shut in a cage in the back of the officer’s van.

New recruits at the Organization Without a Cool Acronym, or OWCA, were usually paired with an agent who was of the same species and who could therefore speak the same language. Thus, Agent D and Robbie were able to converse, using what to a human would have been an unintelligible series of growls, barks, and whines.

“So,” Robbie asked, “is this how the first day of field training usually goes?”

Agent D couldn’t tell whether Robbie was an idiot or a smartass. He wasn’t in the mood for either.

“No, it’s not,” D replied gruffly. “If this was a typical day, we’d be halfway through Professor Poofenplotz’s monologue and wriggling free of her trap by now, instead of being locked in these damn cages.”

Robbie was starting to wish Admiral Acronym had assigned him to train with Agent Pinky instead. The Chihuahua was tiny, and shaky as hell from overbreeding, but he had a reputation for getting the job done.

“So how do we get out of here?” Robbie asked.

Inspecting the cage, Agent D replied, “I’m not sure. This kennel looks a lot less escapable than the Professor’s traps.”

“Great,” Robbie replied acidly. “So I guess we just wait to see whether we’re going to get put down or neutered.”

“Five bucks says it’s neutered,” Agent D replied gruffly.

“I’m not taking that bet,” Robbie said. “If we get gassed, you won’t have to pay up.”

Before now, Robbie had been ignoring the two human girls who were chatting as they slowly walked up the row of cages. But then one of them—a blonde with pigtails—stopped in front of his cage and squatted down to be at eye level with him. She seemed to be looking him over.

“What do you think of this one?” Katie asked Adyson.

“He looks big enough,” the taller girl replied. “But you’ll have to take him out of his cage and jerk him off to see if he’s got the right tool for the job.” 

With a curious and rather devilish smile at the dog, Katie replied, “You mean the right tool for my toolbox.”

Like all OWCA recruits, Robbie the Rottweiler understood English perfectly, even though he lacked the necessary vocal apparatus to speak it himself. Nonetheless, Robbie was puzzled by the human girl’s talk of tools and boxes. He hoped she wasn’t referring to anything surgical, because even though Robbie hadn’t taken Agent D’s bet, Robbie was quite attached to his balls in both the physical and the emotional sense.

The rottweiler’s fear spiked when the girl took him out of his cage, put one of the shelter’s temporary leashes on him, and reached for his junk. But instead of shaving his groin or painting his balls with iodine or something, she found his sheathed, flaccid cock and began to play with it gently. Robbie’s eyes widened.

Robbie might not have been completely clear on what was happening to him, but Agent D was. He’d once spent five weeks working undercover as a bodyguard at a Siamese cat house—the term was both figurative and literal—and he knew a paw-job when he saw one. 

“Robbie,” he murmured, his voice merely a low canine whine to human ears, “this is our way out. Just play along.”

“Uh, o- okay,” the rottweiler replied.

Agent D now looked up at the other human girl—a tall brunette with bangs. He wagged his tail and panted to get the girl’s attention. When he’d caught her eye, he looked at her with eagerness—then let his gaze drop from her face to her crotch.

“Ooooh,” Adyson said with a growing smile, “I think this one’s into it!”

She took Agent D out of his cage, put a lead on him, and began using her fingers to tease his cock from its sheath. Agent D went with it and tried to think horny thoughts—which wasn’t hard, because the human girl was cute and had soft hands. Soon, Agent D’s red cock began to extend from its sheath. This seemed to encourage the girl, as she went from merely playing with his cock to sliding her hand up and down its increasing length.

“I can’t believe we’re jerking off a couple of stray dogs at the pound,” Adyson said with a lascivious grin. “It feels so dirty.” Her grin widening as she looked at Katie, she added, “You are such a slut.”

“Yeah, and you love it,” Katie replied, returning Adyson’s naughty smile even as Katie’s hand worked up and down Robbie’s shaft, which seemed to grow a little longer, thicker, and harder with every stroke. Katie looked down at it, and her smile broadened as she said, “This one’s starting to look pretty promising.”

“This one, too,” Adyson said. 

The cock in Adyson’s hand was now about six inches long and still growing. Now, she couldn’t take her eyes off it as it continued to elongate and thicken—especially near its base, where a roughly spherical bulge was forming. The dog was clearly enjoying this treatment; not only was his tail wagging, but he lay down on his side to give Adyson better access. Moments later, Katie’s dog did the same. 

“Oh, wow,” Adyson said, feeling her pussy start to get warm and wet at the sight of the dog’s endowment. “The Shadow Manual says that dog’s cocks have knots, but the diagram doesn’t do this thing justice.”

Impulsively, Adyson ran her tongue over the surface of the knot, from its base to where it joined the rest of the dog’s shaft. Then she held the knot in her hand as she put the end of the dog’s cock in her mouth and bobbed her head in an effort to make the cock even harder.

“Oh, yeah,” Katie breathed, still massaging her own dog’s cock but watching Adyson with lusty fascination. “Suck that doggy dick, you filthy Fireside Whore…”

Adyson took this as the compliment that Katie meant it to be. She pushed her head down a couple more inches and briefly slid her tongue up and down the length of doggy-cock inside her mouth. Then she pulled her head back, her lips making a sucking sound around the dog’s shaft as it pulled free from her mouth, and looked at her handiwork. Now, with the knot, the dog’s cock was a good nine inches long, and so thick that Adyson could barely wrap her hand around it.

“I think this one’s ready,” she rasped lustily.

Katie glanced at the dog-cock in her own hand. It was bigger than it had been when she’d looked at it half a minute earlier, but it wasn’t fully hard yet. Fortunately, Adyson had just demonstrated exactly how to deal with that problem.

“Hey, Addy,” Katie said naughtily, “how much of this dick do you think I can put in my mouth?”

Adyson’s smile was even dirtier than Katie’s as the brunette replied, “I don’t know, but if you can get his knot in there, then I promise I’ll lick every drop of doggy-cum out of your pussy when he’s done fucking you.”

Katie couldn’t resist an offer like that. She had seen Ginger deepthroat the well-hung Baljeet when they were making the movie, and Katie figured that if Ginger could swallow that monster cock, Katie could probably manage to swallow this dog’s member. Especially since she’d read the tips on deep-throating in the fellatio section of the Shadow Handbook during the bus ride to the pound.

So Katie put the dog’s cock back in her mouth and bobbed her head a few more times. Then she took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide, and pushed her head forward and down, swallowing continuously as the big doggy-dick touched the back of her throat and then went down it.

Robbie the Rottweiler had been a stray for much of his life, so he had a certain amount of sexual experience. But he’d never experienced anything like this. The entire length of his cock was going down this little human girl’s throat, and now her mouth was opening wide as it engulfed his knot. Then, her cheeks swollen like a chipmunk’s, she touched the base of his ball sack with her bottom lip. Robbie’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“Holy shit,” Adyson breathed, absently stroking her own dog’s cock as she gaped at Katie. “You really did it. This is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.”

Katie opened her mouth wide again and slowly pulled her head up and back, releasing Robbie’s knot and then the rest of his cock from her mouth. When the conical head finally emerged from between the blonde girl’s lips—which gave it one last suck on the way out—Katie turned her head and grinned at Adyson.

“I couldn’t keep him in there for too long,” she said smugly. “I didn’t want him to shoot his load down my throat—and make you miss the chance to eat it out of my pussy.”

“Oh, I’d be mad at you if you did,” the horny Adyson replied. “Now, let’s get fucked.”

There were a bunch of old, donated towels hanging from hooks on the wall. Katie got up and grabbed four of them, then tossed two to Adyson before laying the other two on the floor to provide a bit of cushioning when she got down on all fours, facing away from Robbie while keeping hold of his lead. Adyson put her towels down next to Katie’s and then got on her hands and knees next to her, presenting her ass to Agent D. 

“C’mon, big boy,” Katie breathed as she looked back over her shoulder and wiggled her petite ass at the dog. “I’ve got a nice, tight preteen pussy for you to fuck.”

Robbie might not have boned any humans before this, but he had certainly fucked his share of bitches in heat. So when the human girl bent over in front of him and showed him her naked ass and, more importantly, her naked pussy, he was quite certain of what she wanted. And he was equally certain that he wanted to give it to her.

He leaped up so that his chest landed on the girl’s upper back. Then he began thrusting blindly, 

Although Katie and Adyson had enjoyed themselves with a double dildo during the movie’s mandatory girl-on-girl scene, Katie had not yet had the pleasure of being fucked with a real cock. So when Robbie shoved his entire length short of the knot into her in one thrust, Katie wasn’t fully prepared for how it would feel.

“Whaaaaaah!” she cried in a medley of surprise, pain, and pleasure.

Robbie had never penetrated a pussy as sweetly tight as that of this little blonde human. Her little love-tunnel seized his cockshaft as though it didn’t want to let go. So Robbie started fucking the naked young girl as fast as her pussy’s tight grip would allow.

For Adyson, seeing the look on Katie’s face—an expression of sensory overload, like the girl didn’t know whether to scream, cry, or cum—was a big turn-on. She leaned her face down next to Katie’s and spoke in the panting, whimpering girl’s ear.

“How does it feel?” Adyson asked teasingly. “Is it too big for your little lezzie pussy?”

“Oh God!” Katie cried, her voice made a bit staccato by Robbie’s powerful thrusts. “He’s fucking me! He’s fucking me so hard!

Excited, Adyson didn’t want to wait any longer for her turn. The naked brunette put her hands on the cage next to Katie’s and looked back over her shoulder at the well-hung canine behind her.

“C’mon, boy,” she said huskily. “Come here and fuck me.”

Agent D had fucked a couple of human females in his time, although neither of them had been nearly as young as this one. But the girl’s preadolescent physique didn’t bother him; like most dogs, Agent D didn’t care about breasts or hips. All he needed was a nice wet pussy.

So, like Robbie, Agent D leaped onto his human girl’s back and started thrusting his hips against Adyson’s slender ass. But by this point, D was awfully horny himself, so after faking a few blind thrusts, he subtly reached down with his front paw and positioned himself so that with the next shove of his hips, he was in the girl’s pussy up to his knot.

“YES!” Adyson cried.

Like Robbie, Agent D fucked his human girl good and hard right from the start. Adyson variously moaned, whined, and shrieked with pleasure as the medium-sized dog with the large-sized doggy-cock pumped her fast and deep.

Next to Adyson, Katie was gasping, “Oh yes, oh God, oh fuck” as Robbie the Rottweiler fucked her vigorously. Having that thick flesh-rod pumping her so hard and deep was driving the girl insane with pleasure. She took one hand off the cage, grasped one of her little pink nipples between her fingers, and began to pinch and twist it. It would have hurt under other circumstances, but right now it felt incredibly good.

Robbie felt like he was going to lose his fucking mind if he didn’t get his cock-knot and his cumload into this little blonde human girl very soon. He squeezed his eyes shut and fucked her as hard and fast as he possibly could; then he pulled back and, with one last, mighty thrust, shoved his entire cocklength and his thick knot into the girl’s pussy before pumping a huge load of hot canine seed into the child’s depths.

The combination of intense pain and intense pleasure from having that big knot forced into her preadolescent pussy completely overloaded Katie’s senses. The little blonde girl whipped her head upward to look unseeing at the ceiling as she screamed, “WAAAAAAAAAH!”

Being fucked so hard by the dog behind her was pushing Adyson closer and closer to cumming. Now, seeing and hearing Katie’s wild orgasm and knowing that her own dog would be shoving his knot into her pussy any moment now was driving her crazy with anticipation. Her fingers gripped the cage in front of her so hard that her knuckles turned white. 

“Shove it in me!” Adyson screamed. “Shove that big fucking knot in me!

Agent D couldn’t help himself; he thrust his in hard, forcing his knot all the way into the brunette girl’s pussy. His cock spurted cum like mad inside her.

“AAAAAAAAH!” Adyson screamed, squeezing her eyes shut and thrashing her head from side to side. 

Katie, coming down from her climax, nearly wept from the intensity of it, and from having her pussy stretched so far open by her dog’s thick cock-knot.

“We have…to wait…a few minutes…” she panted to Adyson, “for their knots…to go down…”

Adyson knew this—the Shadow Handbook warned that trying to pull the knot out too early could hurt both the girl and the dog—but as she came down from her intense climax, all the pleasure and pain was making her head fuzzy enough that she was glad for the reminder. She reached over and put her hand on Katie’s, who smiled breathlessly at her.

“I can wait…” Adyson replied, squeezing Katie’s hand. “You twisted…little…whore…” Then, craning their necks, they kissed.

Each dog lifted a leg and stepped over the place where his cock was stuck inside his human girl’s hairless pussy. Now, Agent D and Robbie were ass-to-ass with the two naked Fireside Girls.

“What do we do now?” Robbie murmured.

“We wait,” Agent D replied.

After a few minutes, Agent D felt that his knot had gone down enough that he could safely pull out of Adyson. When he took a step forward and his cock slipped out of her, the girl collapsed against the cage and then slumped to the floor, Agent D’s cum leaking from her gaping pussy. Robbie then pulled out of Katie, who similarly melted to the floor, chuckling in the delirium of her afterglow.

Silently, Agent D went over to the door, gesturing for Robbie to follow. Neither of the human girls was looking in their direction, so the two dogs silently took off their leads, opened the door, and slipped out.

Katie turned her head toward Adyson and, a bit drunkenly, said, “Soooo, I hope you remember the promise you made me.” 

Adyson smiled goofily. “Oh, yeah, I did make you a promise, didn’t I?”

Katie turned over and sat on the floor, her back against the cage door. Then she spread her legs. Dog-cum oozed copiously from her gaping pussy.

“Make sure you get every drop,” she said.

Adyson, her own cunt open wide and oozing cum, crawled over to Katie and lowered her head between the smaller girl’s open thighs. Then she started to lick, swallowing down mouthfuls of cum, and Katie moaned. 


The two dogs ducked into an alley. Agent D pushed a trash can aside and tapped five of the bricks on the wall behind it in a specific sequence. A secret door opened, revealing stairs leading down to the lair. 

“I owe you an apology,” Robbie said as the hidden door closed behind them. “When the dog catcher got us, I thought you must be a pretty lousy agent. But that was the best escape plan ever.”

“Well,” Agent D replied, “I shouldn’t have let us get caught. But thank you.”


Meanwhile, in the Flynn-Fletchers back yard, Phineas was just putting the finishing touches on the stage lighting when he sensed that something—or someone—was missing. He glanced around the yard, then looked over at Ferb, who wiring up the DJ booth.

“Hey,” Phineas said, “where’s Perry?”

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