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Chapter 2: Silver-Fox Hunter

“So,” Gretchen said to Milly as they departed the Fireside Girls’ cabin and headed towards town, “what made you decide you wanted to earn the Silver-Fox Hunter badge?”

“Well,” the freckled girl replied, running a hand through her curly brown hair, “yesterday we made an ‘adult film,’ but there weren’t any actual adults in it. So now that we’ve fucked boys, I wanna try fucking men.”

“Definitely,” Gretchen agreed. “Actually, I was interested in that even before yesterday. Although mostly that was just me fantasizing about Ferb being a grown man, and my teacher, and keeping me after school because I was naughty and-”

Gretchen paused to clear her throat, then continued, “My point is, yes, I want to try it with a grown man.”

“Now we just need to find a couple of them,” Milly said. “I mean, a couple of men who are into little girls. That seems like the hard part.”

“I guess that’s the ‘Hunter’ part of ‘Silver-Fox Hunter,’” Gretchen replied. “But I might have an idea.”

“Really? Who do you have in mind?”

“The guys from Love Händel.”

“Wait, seriously?” Milly said. “What makes you think they’re into young girls?”

Gretchen held up her phone and showed Milly a picture of a record sleeve. The cover art consisted of a photo—originally black and white, but with psychedelic colors added—of several naked little girls, seen from behind as they ran down a sunny beach. 

“This was the original cover of Love Händel’s 1985 album, Day at the Beach,” Gretchen explained. “It was released like this in Europe, but the cover was banned in the US, so they sold the record with a plain, purple-ish cover instead. Most Americans don’t even know the record’s real title; they just call it The Mauve Album.”

“Okay,” Milly said, “but how can you be sure that this means they’re into little girls? Maybe they just thought the picture was artistic or something.”

“Because from what I’ve seen online,” Gretchen replied, “Danny, the lead guitarist, took this picture a couple of years before they put it on an album cover. And he took it when the band was playing at some kind of exclusive, secret European beach resort where the main attraction was naked little girls running around everywhere.”

“Wow,” Milly said. With a grin, she added, “Running around the beach naked would be a great summer job.”

“I know, right?” Gretchen replied.

“Anyway,” Milly said, “if that’s true, then the Love Händel guys ought to be perfect for this. But where do we find them?”

Gretchen gave Milly a knowing half-smile as she replied, “From what I read in Rock of Ages: The Magazine of ‘80s Pop, they’ve been trying to get back to their roots lately. So I have a guess.”


Love Händel was rehearsing in Danny’s garage that day. They didn’t strictly need to practice there; with their recent resurgence in popularity and the consequent resurgence of their music sales, they could certainly have afforded some studio time. But they all agreed that practicing in the garage helped them remember where they came from and kept them mindful of the musical style that had made them famous—and, hopefully, would continue to keep them famous until they were truly done with touring and recording albums and could move comfortably into better post-rocker careers than they’d had after their initial retirement, perhaps as producers, music teachers, or judges on Tri-State Idol.

As the two Fireside Girls approached Danny’s house, Milly asked Gretchen, “So, how do you want to play this?”

“I say we take the direct approach,” Gretchen said. “If these guys really are into girls our age, it won’t take much to get them interested. That’s why we’re wearing these modified uniforms…and stuff.”

“Oh yeah,” Milly replied with a sly grin. “Definitely ‘and stuff.’”

The three musicians were nearly finished for the afternoon, having made good progress on fine-tuning the first new song they had written since they reunited, titled “LPs, CDs, and MP3s.” The door of Danny’s garage faced the side fence, not the street, so the garage was fairly private. So the three men were fairly surprised when two Fireside Girls they didn’t know appeared at the open door.

“Hello, gentlemen,” Gretchen said, gliding suggestively into the garage on her sandalled feet. Milly was close behind her.

“Um, hey, girls,” lead guitarist Danny replied, scratching his short beard quizzically.

“Hey, kids,” said the band’s drummer, Sherman, who was better known as Swampy. “You’re not here to sell us those Fireside Girl cupcakes, are you? ‘Cause I’ve been trying to cut down,” he added, patting his belly.

“Oh, no, we’re not here to sell anything,” Milly replied. 

“Actually,” Gretchen added suggestively, “we’re here to give something away.”

“‘Cause we’re Love Händel groupies,” Milly clarified.

“Wow,” Danny said. “We haven’t had groupies since we broke up in ‘92.”

Looking at the girls with a furrowed brow, bassist Bobbi Fabulous added, “We were younger then. But the groupies were definitely older.”

“I hope that’s not a problem for you fellows,” Gretchen said. “Because we’re very young, and we’re ready for…” 

On cue, Gretchen and Milly smiled lustily at the three men, then pulled down the zipper on the back of their uniforms. Some time ago, each member of Fireside Girl Troop 47231 had sewn a version of her uniform that looked like the standard orange top with a brown skirt but was actually a single garment—functionally, a dress—that could be quickly removed. The original intent was to make quick costume changes during performances and such, but Gretchen and Milly considered this to be an equally valid application.

“…anything,” Gretchen finished as her and Milly’s uniforms hit the cement floor.

Now, both girls were wearing nothing but lingerie. Phineas and Ferb had allowed all the girls who had performed in The Deltas Do Danville to keep any costumes or props they wanted, so Gretchen was sporting the see-thru baby-blue negligee and matching bikini panties that she had worn in the movie’s opening sex scene. Milly had been crew, not cast, and thus hadn’t had a costume, so she had raided the troop’s growing lingerie wardrobe and put on a gauzy white half-camisole and lacy white panties to match. Both girls’ shell-pink nipples grew visibly erect from exposure to the air and, more importantly, to the eyes of the three men in front of them. 

“See anything you like?” Milly asked.

“‘Cause we saw the original album cover for A Day at the Beach,” Gretchen added, “so we’re pretty sure you like this.”

Simultaneously, Gretchen and Milly turned around, showing the three men their adorable little asses in nothing more than their cute, rather insubstantial panties. The two girls looked back over their shoulder to smile seductively at the three rockers.

In the brief silence that followed, Gretchen saw disbelieving looks on the three rockers’ faces and found herself imagining the worst-case scenario: the musicians not only turning down the girls’ implicit offer of sex but also calling their parents to come and get them. Being grounded for the rest of the summer would not help Gretchen earn any more patches, for her Secret Sash or otherwise.

And then Danny said, “Oh, yeahhhh.”

It was Danny who’d had the idea for that controversial album cover. At the time, he’d made the case that Love Händel needed something edgy to keep the band in the public eye in the increasingly competitive world of ‘80s pop music. But at the same time, Danny considered the false-colored photo to be one of the most beautiful and sensual works of art he’d ever seen.

Swampy had wholeheartedly embraced the use of the picture on their album cover. He’d had a thing for little girls ever since he was a little boy. And who knew? Maybe the ‘80s would end up being the decade when people like him could be honest about their inclinations. Although that had not come to pass.

“Mmm, looks good to me,” Swampy said. 

As for Bobbi Fabulous, back then, he couldn’t have cared much less about what was on the cover of their album. His chief artistic concern at the time was the costumes he and his band-mates wore in concert—finding something that made himself look fantastic, made Danny look cool, and made Swampy look more like a glam-rock drummer and less like a future librarian. What was more, Bobbi, who had never made any secret of his sexuality, tended to lean more towards the male than the female.

But the thing about little girls’ asses was that they were almost indistinguishable from little boys’ asses. And little-boy ass was something he’d always craved.

“I’d say you two look…fabulous,” Bobbi agreed.

Gretchen gave Milly a subtle look, prompting the curly-haired brunette to deliver her next rehearsed line.

“Well then,” Milly said, “how about you guys show us what you’ve got?”

With that, both girls dropped to their knees. Gretchen licked her lips, giving the three men an additional hint about what the girls had in mind.

Swampy was the first to act. He moved in front of Milly, unzipped his slacks, and took his half-hard cock out through the fly of his blue paisley boxers. Milly looked at the man’s member, then grinned up at Swampy as she said, “Mmm, looks yummy.”

During the time she had spent working behind the scenes on The Deltas Do Danville, Milly had become intrigued by the idea of cocksucking. She knew girls mainly did it to please the guy, but Milly found something very erotic about a sexual act in which the girl had total control over the guy’s pleasure. It had certainly looked like Gretchen was enjoying herself when she blew Ferb in the movie’s opening scene, and Isabella had clearly liked sucking Phineas’ cock. And later, when Milly disappeared into the green room with Buford after principal photography was complete, she’d had a chance to try it herself; much to her satisfaction, she’d played Buford like an instrument until he came like mad.

So it was with considerable enthusiasm that Milly opened her mouth and began sucking the end of Swampy’s dick like it was a hard candy.

Except this candy, she thought, actually gets harder when you suck it.

Milly heard another zipper come down; then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bobbi pull his cock out through the fly of his white pants, very close to her face. It made her feel deliciously slutty to know that two grown men were expecting her to please both of them at once, as though she were an experienced whore.

So Milly took Bobbi’s cock in her hand and began to slowly jerk him off. She’d never done this before or even seen it done, as there had been no handjobs in The Deltas Do Danville. But the Fireside Girls Shadow Handbook, which provided information on the activities required to earn patches for the Secret Sash, included a detailed description of the act, along with a couple of useful diagrams.

In contrast to Swampy and Bobbi, Danny wanted to start things off a little slower. So instead of taking his cock out for Gretchen, he went around behind her and knelt down.

“You’re a really cute little girl,” he murmured in Gretchen’s ear. “I want to make sure I enjoy every inch of you.”

To Gretchen, the words alone were arousing. And she became even further aroused when Danny put his hands on her little waist and then slid them up under her gauzy blue top. His hands traveled up her flat stomach and onto her equally flat chest, where his fingertips teased Gretchen’s tiny pink nipples.

“Oooooh…” the girl sighed.

“Sensitive, huh?” Danny murmured. “Let’s find out how sensitive.”

Gretchen had never told anyone, but she had a recurring dream in which she was lying in her bed, naked and without covers. The room was completely dark, so that Gretchen couldn’t see so much as her own hand in front of her face. But as she lay there, other hands—sometimes one pair, sometimes several—would alight on her body. Their fingers and palms would move all over her bare skin, touching her face, her neck, her chest, her belly, her feet and legs, and between her thighs. The people whose hands they were—if they were people at all—never spoke. They just touched her, feeling, caressing, probing, until there were fingers in her mouth and in her pussy and thrusting into her tight little asshole and then Gretchen would wake up, either screaming in orgasm or else so horny that she immediately had to rub her clit until she came.

So now, Gretchen closed her eyes and just let Danny touch her. When his hand moved down her stomach toward her groin, she stepped one foot to the side to give him better access to the special place between her thighs. And after Danny rubbed Gretchen’s pussymound through her lacy white panties and then slowly pulled those panties down to the floor, she stepped out of them and opened her legs even wider to let his fingers probe her bare slit.

Milly, meanwhile, had turned her head and switched hands so that she was now caressing Swampy’s steel-hard member while she sucked Bobbi’s cock to a similarly high degree of tumescence. The little freckled girl was very proud of herself for turning two grown men on this much, but she was also getting very turned on herself. So she released Bobbi’s cock from her mouth and looked up at the two classic-rockers, sliding her panties down to her ankles as she spoke.

“Oh, boys,” she said, trying for the same mix of sweetness and sexiness that she’d heard in Isabella’s voice when she’d seduced Phineas in the final scenes of the movie, “I think I need you to fuck me now.”

Swampy smiled at her as he replied, “Whatever you want, cutie.”

Not having had any preteen pussy in decades, Swampy couldn’t have been more excited to get his cock into this cute, sexy little girl. He glanced around the garage and saw a couple of folded moving blankets on top of some boxes in a corner. Being fast with his hands, Swampy quickly grabbed both blankets, halfway unfolded them, and put one on top of the other on the concrete floor. Then he stripped off his clothes and lay down on his back on the blankets, holding his erect cock straight up with one hand.

“Climb aboard, sweetheart,” he said breathily.

During her interlude with Buford in the green room after they finished principal photography on The Deltas Do Danville, Milly had straddled the husky boy’s hips and ridden him to her first boy-girl orgasm. So she knew exactly what to do now: strip off her camisole so that she was jaybird-naked, put her feet on either side of Swampy’s pelvis, and sink down until the lips of her hairless pussy were kissing the man’s cockhead. And then keep sinking as Swampy’s member entered and stretched her preteen love-tunnel.

“Oooooh, yes,” Milly moaned. “Feels so good…”

After spending minutes fondling the adorable little Gretchen, Danny was sporting a hard-on like none he’d had since parachute pants were in style. So he took his hands off Gretchen’s small body, walked around in front of her, and unzipped his vintage designer jeans to set his cock free. His erection bobbed before Gretchen’s eyes, which moved up and down as she gazed at it excitedly.

“Whoa, you’re big!” Gretchen exclaimed. “Like, Baljeet-big!”

“I’m not sure what that means,” Danny replied.

“Let’s just say,” Gretchen said as she wrapped her hand around Danny’s endowment, “that you’ve got a really nice ‘love handle.’”

Deciding to ratchet things up a notch, Gretchen managed to unglue her eyes from Danny’s cock and look up at his face. She pulled off her camisole so that she was buck naked, gave Danny a wicked little smile, and said in a childlike tone, “Do you really think you can fit this big, grown-up cock in my itty-bitty little pussy?”

Danny gave her a wolfish smile and replied, “I think I’m gonna try very, very hard.”

Along one wall of the garage was a workbench that Danny had purchased years ago with ideas of becoming a do-it-yourselfer. But he’d discovered shortly thereafter that the guitar was the only tool he had any talent for using. Nowadays, he considered the money he paid his handyman to be well worth having the use of all his fingers.

As a result, the workbench was still in very good condition. So when Danny picked Gretchen up, carried her over to the workbench, and sat her down on the edge of it, Gretchen didn’t feel the least bit of roughness in the wood against her little bare bottom. All she felt was a powerful desire to spread her legs and get Danny’s sweet love-python inside her bald cunny.

“Put it in,” she half-whispered as she opened her pale thighs wide.

Danny gripped the base of his cock and guided the head forward until it parted the simple folds of Gretchen’s prepubescent cunt. He slid the head down her slick slit until it settled against her entrance. Then he moved his hands onto the small girl’s hips and got a firm grip.

“Here we go,” he said, then pushed.

“Ohhhhh…” Gretchen moaned.

Meanwhile, Bobbi had stripped off his pants and black turtleneck and was gazing down eagerly at Molly’s backside, which moved slowly up and down as Milly fucked Swampy. Female or no, the girl’s small, freckled ass couldn’t have looked more inviting to Bobbi. So he grabbed hold of it, pulled the little girl’s adorable buns apart, and held them open with one hand while he ran the other hand through his white-blonde coif (a wig, but no one needed to know that), thus coating his palm and fingers with high-end hair gel. He then moved his hand up and down his erection to cover it in the clear gel before seizing his cock at the base and putting the head against Milly’s tiny, pale-pink asshole. Then he pushed, and the little hole opened wider and wider until it began to swallow his cock.

One thing Milly hadn’t tried with Buford the previous day was anal sex. But now that Bobbi was easing his long, slim cock into her asshole, she found herself loving the sensation of it filling her up. Especially with Swampy’s cock already pumping her pussy.

“Oh God…my ass…” Milly moaned. “Deeper…go deeper…”

Bobbi was happy to oblige. He pushed and pushed until his pubic bone was pressed against the top of Milly’s ass-split. Then, after taking a moment to hold still and appreciate the feeling of being balls-deep in a child’s ass—something he hadn’t experienced in quite some time—he started to fuck the little girl in rhythm with Swampy.

Danny had eased his cock into Gretchen until it bottomed out inside her, and now he was pumping her slowly and steadily. It had been decades since Danny had last fucked a preteen girl, and this experience was as hot as any he could remember. Not only did this bespectacled Fireside Girl have an exquisitely tight cunt, but her small body and high-pitched moans of pleasure were an incredible turn-on.

“Mmmm, your little pussy feels good, baby girl,” he breathed.

Gretchen was every bit as aroused as her partner. And now that she’d performed in a porno movie, she had the vocabulary to express it.

“Yes,” Gretchen panted. “Fuck me…Your grownup cock…feels so good…inside me…”

“Have you ever been fucked by a grown man before?” Danny asked as he slow-fucked her.

“N- No…I really like it…”

Thus encouraged, Danny started to fuck Gretchen a little faster. The girl wrapped her slim legs around the man’s waist and began to breathe in time with his thrusts.

Milly, meanwhile, was starting to gasp and pant. The pleasure caused by those two cocks pumping in her pussy and asshole was not merely additive but synergistic; thus, being double-fucked was giving Milly erotic sensations more intense than any she’d ever experienced.

“Please,” she begged, “please don’t stop…Please keep fucking me…in my pussy…and my asshole…”

Swampy, who was already intensely aroused from fucking this adorable little girl, became even hornier upon hearing Milly’s pleas. Not only was it super-sexy that this preadolescent girl was begging to be fucked, but her use of such age-inappropriate language made the contrast between her child-like appearance and her adult-like libido intensely and arousingly apparent.

So Swampy couldn’t help but want to fuck Milly faster. He had already been holding her by her slim waist; now, he used his grip on it to get her moving forward and back faster.

As for Bobbi, Milly’s asshole was the tightest he’d ever fucked, on a girl or a boy. So he was more than happy to pick up his own pace and fuck her cute little ass as fast as Swampy was fucking her little bald cunt. Milly’s pleas for more became wordless moans as the sensations overwhelmed her mind beyond the point of speech. 

Gretchen, too, was experiencing a new height of erotic pleasure. Much as she’d enjoyed getting fucked by Ferb on set the previous day, their scenes together hadn’t included any foreplay. Being stripped naked and touched all over by Danny had really warmed her up, making the experience of taking the man’s big cock in her little pussy that much more delightful. 

“Sweetheart,” the man murmured in her ear, “you ready to go faster?”

“Uh-huh,” she panted. “Fuck me…harder…”

If Danny hadn’t wanted to plow the little girl hard and fast before he’d heard her answer, he certainly did now. He got a good grip on Gretchen’s hips, his fingers pressing into the flesh of her taut little ass, and started thrusting hard, fast, and deep.

“OH GOD!” Gretchen screamed.

She threw her arms and legs as far around Danny as she could and hung on as though for dear life while the much bigger man pumped her. She moaned and whimpered continuously, the sounds vibrato because of Danny’s powerful rhythmic thrusts. The workbench banged repeatedly against the garage wall.

“OH GOD YES!” Gretchen screamed. “Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

At the same time, Milly, too, was screaming. “Oh yes! Fuck my holes! FUCK MY HOOOOOOOLLLLLES!”

The freckled girl came, thrashing so hard that it took the two grown men fucking her to hold her in place long enough to shove deep into her pussy and asshole and fire jets of cum up into the deepest recesses of her body. Feeling their hot seed filling her womb and her ass made Milly cum that much harder, shrieking as though possessed.

“Oh yeah!” Danny grunted, plowing Gretchen as hard as was physically possible and pounding the workbench against the wall in the process. “Gonna…Gonna…UUUUNNGGHH!”

“HuuAAAAAAAAAH!” Gretchen cried, squeezing Danny with all four limbs even as her spasming cunt squeezed every drop of cum from Danny’s thick cock, forcing the man’s seed up into her premature womb. Danny thrust hard one more time, trying to get as deep into Gretchen as possible, and the wall behind the workbench gave way, leaving a roughly oval, three-foot-wide hole in the side of the garage. An elderly woman who was watering her begonias across the street looked over in surprise; then, seeing a great deal of what appeared to be naked flesh beyond the hole in the wall, she decided that none of that was any of her business and resolutely turned her gaze back to her flowers.

“Whoops…” Danny panted as he picked Gretchen up off the workbench, which was also looking a bit worse for wear. “Good thing…I was planning…to remodel…”

After her double penetration and powerful climax, Milly was feeling a bit wobbly to say the least. So she moved slowly and cautiously as she dismounted Swampy and let his and Bobbi’s cock slide out of her holes. Then she stood up and marveled at the sight of two streams of cum flowing down her bare legs.

“So girls,” Swampy said as he stood up, “you want some more?”

Gretchen hopped gingerly down from the workbench and breathlessly replied, “Oh, definitely.” She pointed at Swampy and Bobbi as she added, “I wanna try that.”

With a little grin, Milly eyed Danny’s cock and said, “And I wanna try that.”

“Well, let’s take it to the living room,” Danny said. “It’s got actual furniture. And no gaping holes in the wall.”

“Not in the wall, no,” Gretchen replied, and everyone chuckled.

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