Secret Sash

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Secret Sash

by George Glass

Summary: Sequel to “Rated F: A Phineas and Ferb Sex Comedy.” Having enjoyed helping Phineas and Ferb make an adult film, the Fireside Girls decide to spend the next day earning more sex-related patches for their “Secret Sash.”

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Chapter 1: I’ll Show You Mine

It was the morning after the filming and premiere of Phineas and Ferb’s 1970s-style porn film The Deltas Do Danville. All seven members of Fireside Girl Troop 46231 had helped the boys to make the movie, working either in front of the camera or behind it. Now, the girls had convened at the troop’s cabin and were discussing their experiences. 

“I got eaten out,” Ginger was saying, “I got fucked, I tried anal beads, and it was all awesome. I can’t wait to try more kinds of sex!”

“Oh, fuck to the yeah!” Adyson agreed.

“Definitely!” said Ginger. 

Pink hearts formed in the eyes of Troop Leader Isabella Garcia-Shapiro as she said dreamily, “And I finally made love with Phineas…”

Doing her best impression of Isabella, Adyson finished, “…the pointy-faced boy of my dreams.” The other girls giggled.

Snapping out of it but still in a buoyant mood, Isabella said, “Well, before we move on to new business, it’s time to collect the patches we earned yesterday. Girls, unlock your Secret Sashes!”

Ginger pressed her index finger against a glassy button near the top of her sash, which scanned her fingerprint.

“Identity confirmed,” a metallic voice said in a monotone. “Hirano, Ginger. Access granted.”

The sash fell open, revealing a special black lining that absorbed the ambient light as readily as it was said to absorb radar signals. Ginger already had a couple of patches on her Secret Sash, each with a distinct image that indicated its meaning. The Creative Weaponry patch had a toothbrush that was sharpened at the base, and a female symbol penetrated by a carrot signified the Masturbation with Vegetables patch. The patches were not sewn to the sash but used a composite smart adhesive to integrate themselves into the fabric.

The other girls unlocked their own Secret Sashes, and Isabella handed out the patches the girls had earned while helping Phineas and Ferb make their movie. Several girls received their Virginity patch, which bore the image of an exploding cherry, and Adyson and Katie received the Sapphic Love patch for performing in the film’s girl-on-girl scene. Ginger earned the most patches: Virginity, for fucking Baljeet; Toy Joy, for using both a vibrator and anal beads during the film’s climactic orgy scene; All-Around Oral, for both giving and receiving oral sex; Down the Hatch, for deep-throating Baljeet’s cock; and Pursuit of XXXcellence, which the entire troop had earned for making an adult film.

“Well, girls,” Isabella said, “since we had so much fun yesterday, I was thinking we should spend today earning some more patches for our Secret Sashes.”

“Totally!” Gretchen piped. 

The other girls all signaled their agreement, as well, and a discussion ensued. Different girls wanted to earn different patches, but there were also a couple that every girl in the troop wanted to earn. So after some debate, the girls decided to split up and earn certain patches individually, then get back together to earn two more patches as a group.

But they would need a little help earning those last two patches. So Isabella was now on the phone. 

“So, Phineas,” she was asking, “is that doooooooable?”

“No problem, Isabella!” Phineas replied. “After all the help you and the Fireside Girls gave us with our movie yesterday, it’s the least we can do.”

“Thanks! See you this afternoon!”

Isabella ended the call and looked at the rest of the Fireside Girls. “Looks like we’re all set. We’ll meet back here at four-thirty to collect our wardrobe and then head over to Phineas and Ferb’s.”

“Roger that, fearless leader!” Gretchen replied. 

The others nodded in agreement. Then they opened a hidden compartment behind the canoe paddles and power tools and collected any clothing or other special items they might need to earn their chosen patch.

Whereas the other girls were pairing up to earn their patches, Ginger had decided to pursue hers solo—which seemed appropriate for this particular patch. Like the other girls, before she left the lodge, she grabbed a few pieces of clothing and some items from the hidden compartment’s “toy box” and threw them in her backpack. Then she left the cabin, hopped on her bike, and headed over to the public pool.


Ginger had a bit of redness in her cheeks as she stepped out of the women’s locker room and onto the pool deck. She was wearing a gauzy floral wrap over a purple swimsuit that some would describe as more appropriate for a beach in the south of France than for the Danville Community Pool. The top consisted of two tiny triangles held together by what was little more than string, and the bottom was a thong that only barely covered Ginger’s little mound. On her forehead was a pair of swim goggles.

Ginger had left her backpack in a locker with her clothes. Now, she carried a towel over her right shoulder and a heavy black neoprene zipper bag in her left hand.

She looked around as she walked out onto the deck. There were a fair number of people here—unsurprisingly, as it was a sunny summer morning. Kids splashed and played as parents watched from the chairs and chaise lounges that ringed the deck area. A few adults were gamely attempting to swim laps but would have to wait for adult swim before they could do so without having to steer around the many doggy-paddling children.

Ginger found an empty lounge chair and threw her towel on it. Then she took off her wrap, and the redness in her cheeks deepened slightly. It was funny; having hardcore sex on camera for her friends and peers to watch was one thing, but being scantily clad in front of a large, mixed group of kids and adults seemed like a different category of exposure. 

She reminded herself that exposure was what earning this patch was all about. And as she noticed a few people looking at her—a man in a lounge chair, a teenage boy floating in the pool, and a mom who looked a bit scandalized before turning her attention back to helping her little boy put his floaties on—Ginger began to feel a bit aroused.

She walked to the edge of the pool and pulled the goggles down over her eyes. Then, with the neoprene bag in hand, she dived into the pool and swam downward. The heavy bag led the way, helping Ginger sink to the bottom. Which was the whole point of her having put a five-pound dumbbell in there. 

Ginger had recently earned her Freediving patch and could hold her breath for up to two minutes at a time. So once she reached the bottom of the pool, she unhooked one end of each of the bag’s two handles and clipped them together like a belt around her midsection to keep herself anchored there.

Now it was time for the real fun to begin. Sitting on the pool floor, she spread her legs wide, then pulled aside the crotch of her thong to expose her little bald pussy. Then she began to finger her clit.

As Ginger pleasured herself, she looked up at the surface of the pool. Mostly, she saw the flailing legs of kids who were splashing around on the surface. Now and then, a kid would dive under the water, but he or she wouldn’t be able to see exactly what Ginger was doing.

She kept at this for a bit, then swam up to the surface to take a few deep breaths before returning to the bottom of the pool. Then, continuing to rub her clit, Ginger used her other hand to open the bag and fish out one of the items inside: a purple vibrator (“Water-resistant up to 50 m,” the package had read) with a soft-rubber exterior. Before placing the vibe in the bag, Ginger had coated it with a petroleum-based lube that wouldn’t dissolve in the pool water.

Leaning back a bit, she pushed the vibrator into her hairless little pussy, making a closed-mouthed moan of pleasure as she did so. Then she turned the device on, keeping the setting low for now.

She closed her eyes, then opened them again when she heard a quizzical sound from somewhere above her. Looking up, she saw a boy perhaps a year or two younger than she was, floating on the surface of the pool. The boy was wearing a mask and snorkel and could therefore see Ginger clearly. 

Ginger smiled at the boy. Then she took hold of the base of the vibrator and started slowly fucking herself with it.

She kept this up for another minute, then nipped up to the surface for air before returning to the bottom and resuming her vibrator play. The boy in the snorkeling mask continued to watch her raptly.

As Ginger reached for the neoprene bag, she noticed that she had a second observer. A little blonde girl of seven or eight, wearing a blue swimsuit decorated with cartoon dolphins, was swimming just beneath the surface and watching Ginger through a pair of swim goggles. 

Ginger was pleased that she would have a bit of an audience for what she did next, which was to reach into the neoprene bag and pull out a strand of anal beads that were the same shade of purple as the vibrator. The beads were graduated in size; the first one had about the same diameter as Ginger’s index finger, while the last one, just above the little ring at the end of the strand, was slightly bigger than a golf ball. Ginger looked up and made eye contact with the little girl; then Ginger canted her hips upward a little to make sure the girl would have a good view as Ginger pushed the first bead into her asshole. And when she pushed in the next bead, and the next, bubbles escaped the watching girl’s mouth when it opened in surprise.

Now Ginger was starting to feel really good. Taking a vibrator in her pussy and a set of beads—albeit smaller ones than these—up her ass on the film set the previous day had sparked her interest in sex toys, and using them in front of an audience was turning out to be every bit as fun as she’d hoped. So Ginger kept pushing bead after bead into her little brown hole, not only because it felt fantastic, but because she knew that if she could get the last bead up her ass, then she could probably take Baljeet’s substantial cock that way, too. And that was something Ginger was very interested in trying.

By the time she got the second-to-last bead inside her, Ginger had attracted a third viewer: a boy in his early teens who looked like a competitive swimmer, judging from his athletic build, tight Swifto swimsuit, and tinted goggles. Ginger had heard him dive into the pool and start swimming across it at a rapid pace before he stopped mid-lap to stare in disbelief at the masturbating girl at the bottom of the pool.

With the buzzing vibrator in her pussy and all those beads up her ass, Ginger started to feel a climax approaching. So she swam up to the surface for a big gulp of air before returning to the pool floor to start the final sprint toward satisfaction.

Ginger pulled her bikini top up to the top of her chest, feeling a thrill go through her as she exposed her little brown nipples to her eager audience. Then, with her legs spread wide, Ginger rubbed her clit rapidly with one hand as she used the other to turn the vibrator up to maximum and then, keeping her eyes on her three watchers, to push that last, big bead into her asshole. She felt her anal ring stretch farther than it ever had before, and while it hurt a little, there was a delicious thrill of pleasure that made her moan in her closed mouth. The pleasure intensified when the bead got more than halfway into her and her hole slowly closed around it, pushing the rest of it in until her asshole had completely swallowed it up, leaving only a few inches of string and the ring at the end dangling from her little rear hole.

“Mmmmm!” Ginger cried, her eyes squeezing shut. “Mmmmmmm! MMMMMMM!”

She came, her whole body thrashing in the water, her cunt seizing the vibrator and making the pleasure they gave even more intense. Then her orgasm intensified tenfold as she grabbed the little ring and pulled the big bead back out of her asshole, and then the next and the next and the next, all while she writhed wildly with ecstatic pleasure.

When it was over, Ginger opened her eyes and saw that an adult man in swim goggles had joined her three young watchers. This was gratifying; she felt like she had really earned her I’ll Show You Mine patch.

She took the vibrator out of her pussy, pulled her bikini back into place, and swam rapidly to the surface, suddenly realizing that she was starving for air. She had to take several deep, gasping breaths before she could dive back down to fetch her toys and shove them into her neoprene bag.

Ginger swam up to one of the ladders at the edge of the pool and climbed out. She dried herself off with her towel and threw on her wrap just as the lifeguard called, “Adult swim!”

Oh yeah it is, Ginger thought smugly. Then she lay down on a chaise lounge for a little rest.

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