Max Breaks in Gwen

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Gwen was sitting outside beside the pool. Moaning. Her neighbor, twenty five year old Nikki had her hands down Gwen's super cute bright green swimsuit and was flicking her moist and hot mound.

Gwen moans as Nikki grabs another drink and chugs it, bright red, fingers working faster and faster.
"Oh man....more! More! MORE!" Gwen demanded of her full time neighbor and part time lover. Nikki chuckled as she licked the dusky skinned woman's ear and then nibbled on her neck. 

Max chuckled from the window where he watched, neither woman knew he was home. They probably both thought that he was out with David. But nope, he had snuck back in and was busy filming the entire thing. He wanted the evidence. It was going to lead to some nice hot smutty sexy times for him later with the cute hot bimbo bitch.

"Damn Gwen. You're more of a freak then I thought." Max chuckled as he took out David's phone. He had stolen it pretty much the first chance that he could. He began to take pictures, video and more as he watched the two women fuck in the backyard like horny little cats in heat. He reached downwards and rubbed his erection that was poking through his pants.

"Easy boy. It's all about the hunt. We've just going to wait for the perfect opportunity and then we're going to strike." He chuckled darkly as he began sending the pictures to Gwen's phone. And the all important message that he needed her to follow.

'So Hot. Make sure to use the stuff from the bottom drawer tonight. Blindfold included. Want you so bad.' Max then included a few stupid emojis so that Gwen would take the bait and think it was her dumb ass limp dick cuckold husband. Max wondered when he should reveal the entire ruse to David, he really wanted to see that poor cuck break as he realized that Gwen preferred his tight hot throbbing boy meat over David's limp dick so called man meat.

"I'll worry about that later. But tonight is going to be crazy fun!" Max chuckled darkly as he wiped the drool from his lips. He couldn't wait!

Gwen wiggled in her binds. It had been easy to handcuff her ankles to the bed. And to get the blindfold on. But the handcuffs tight around her wrists and keeping her in place were the tough ones. She gulped and wiggled her booty expectantly. After David had sent her those pics she could hardly wait! She wanted a nice hard pounding now!

She was in their more risque positon doggy style. David had never seemed to like it before but she absolutely loved it. It was hot, it was wild, it touched all sorts of depths inside of her. And it was also super hot to get sort of dominated by him. Yeah she felt so natural and at ease in this pose. Like a real bitch.....

The door slowly slid open. Gwen perked up instantly and spread her legs a little more.

"David? Is that you babe?" She asked. She gasped and flinched when she felt something small and firm and leathery rub against her pussy lips. The riding crop. She shivered in delight.

"Yeah baby? You're going to spank me? Make me a bad girl? Make me-" She yelped as she heard the wind whistle and felt the harsh crack as the riding crop bit into the meat of her meaty ass. She jumped a little and then groaned as it happened again.

"Ow! Ouch! mmmmm! OH! Yes! Harder! Make me squeal!AH!" She groaned at the top of her lungs as the riding crop whistled down again and again. It hit her booty and lower back, left a stinging mark and then moved on.
"Come on is that the best you can-"She moaned again and then sighed in delight. The pain was overwhelming! But then came a loving kiss to her ass cheeks as a pair of strong confident hands groped her butt cheeks as if they owned it. As if she belonged to this one person alone.

"MMM. More David. Kiss that nice juicy milf ass." She commanded only to yelp when some teeth sunk in. She jumped, he had never bitten her before! But she wasn't going to lie....It was sort of a turn on.....

"What has gotten into you yoday babe? You are so....feisty....."She said teasingly wiggling her booty only to get a firm spank on the left cheek. She moaned and then gasped as something went around her neck and tightened. She felt her head and neck get pulled back and tried to pull forwards only for another spank to ring out and fill the room.

"MMM. Someone feels controlling today. Should I call you David? Or Daddy?" She chuckled only for the collar and leash to pull tighter. She felt a cock head press to her pussy lips. She groaned and bit her lips in anticipation.

"Or maybe I should start calling you master huh?" With that the cock slipped inside of her and she moaned, biting her lower lip as her back arched and her hips began to fuck backwards. A hand swatted her flank and she moaned. He was so big! He was stretching her out! She had been feeling so horny and sensitive and eager for some nice hot filthy loving! And now she was finally getting it! Took him long enough to take control....

"Oooooo! Yes! Yes Master! My master! You own me! Mind body and soul! Take that pussy! Ram into it! OOOOO! FUCK! SO BIG! Your dick feels so big! Did you do something to it?! MMMM! You're stretching me out baby! You might just break this dumb slutty pussy! FUCK! FUCK! OH! You have never felt this big before! Or so strong!" Gwen groaned out as she felt her hips move faster and faster.

The pounding was getting harder and harder. Turning into a real break neck speed. She didn't know if she could keep up with it! She might break! Not seeing him, but feeling him, his hands as they danced across her body, squeezed her hips and butt, groped her tits, flicked her sensitive nipples, played with her belly, his dick as it plunged and plundered her depths, reaching deeper and further and stretching her more then she had ever been stretched in her life!

Gwen tossed back her head and let out a howl before it was choked off by the collar digging into her neck. She groaned and gasped, her orgasm had washed over her and she was ready for some nice sweet cuddling....BUT HE WASN'T DONE!

Instead she felt clamps bite into her nipples, the riding crop fall, a short harsh electrical prodding from the clamps and she yelped and fell face first on the bed. Ass up, just prepared for the fucking. She couldn't move to stop him. She didn't want to stop him. The pleasure was immense! 

Max panted, body shaking as he resisted the urge to speak and ruin the illusion. If he talked he was fucked, her ass winked up at him red and raw from his spanking. She had called him master! Him! And he had it all on tape! He was going to go nuts masturbating to this for days on end. The sensations flowing through his body was insane! He grinned as he admired her face, red, panting, open mouthed and tongue lolling like a bitch in heat.

He moaned and screwed up his face as he pumped his dick to the back of her womb and deposited a nice hot thick load of cum. He groaned and pulled out, a thick dollop rolled down her thighs. They were shivering and sweaty from the energy both had used up.

Max gripped her face firmly and insistently. After all he was still her master. He shoved his tongue down her throat and the two kissed. Gwen sweetly but in exhaustion. Max firmly and insistently. He grinned sadistacilly. She was all his now. He just had to think of the perfect time to reveal who her secret lover really was.....

Max chomped on his cereal. David reading the newspaper directly in front of him and munching on some toast. Gwen walked in with a smile, a bathrobe and a wiggle in her steps. She grinned lovingly at David before plopping down into his lap.

"Morning lover." She said running her fingers up his chest before gripping his face and bringing it in for a nice long sweet hot tongue filled smooch. Max sat staring wide eyed, his spoon in hand. First he felt nothing. Then he felt rage. That was his woman! His! He deserved to have her sit on his lap! He deserved to have her kiss him like that! He deserved to have her swooning nearly nude over him!

David would pay! Oh yes! and Gwen....well she would learn exactly who she belonged to!


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