Max Breaks in Gwen

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First Story! Please Review! Played around with the ages a little. Max is 12, Gwen is 30, Nikki is 25. Impregnation and some fertility drugging is coming up.

Max dropped his large duffel bag. The twelve year old glanced around the run of the mill suburban house. It had a large house, a large foyer and three bedrooms with a massive master bathroom. He could already tell that for a cycnical rebellious twelve year old this place already sucked ass. 

"Well Max? What do you think of your brand new home?" The chipper as hell red headed thirty year old David asked excitedly as he pushed past Max with a armful of more stuff from the car. Max rolled his eyes.

"It looks like it sucks." Max responded rolling his eyes as David chuckled and brushed him off.
"That's the spirit alright! You'll be running around and making new friends in no time!" David said excitedly as he rushed back to the car. Completely oblivious to the fact that the young man did not care about this place at all. And in fact might have hated it. If it weren't for one little thing.

Or make that two pretty big juicy things. FF cup sized big things. Gwen gasped as she walked in and stumbled over the pile of assorted baggage that David had left lying around.

"David! Watch where you throw this shit!" Gwen shouted as she readjusted her crop top, her large round brown melons having almost fallen out. Max smirks as he watches her walk off. He was a total boob guy but he could apprecaite a nice round ass like that. The woman was stacked, she was built sort of like jessica rabbit but with a pair of eight pack abs on her. The rest was all nice and soft and jiggly like a swimsuit model. She practically screamed milf with ever step that she took. She begged to be bent over a kitchen table and impregnated. He wanted to screw her hard and long until she couldn't hold any more of his seed!

"What are you staring at?" Gwen asked, hand on her hip, gazing over her shoulder at the young boy standing in the doorway as he studied her with wide intense eyes.
'A hot ass milf.' Max wanted to say.

"Nothing." Max grumbled out as he went up the stairs and into his room. He quickly tossed his shit onto the bed before rummaging through it until he found what he was looking for.

"Fucking bingo." He smirks. He holds up a small pill bottle. He had bought it from some nerd named Neil on the dark web. It was apparently an experimental Russian drug that when ingested could increase a persons fertility, libido, and sheer sexual ferocity. But there was a problem. Or as he saw it an opportunity.

"Three pills overwhelms the subject and causes them to pass out. And has lingering after effects such as nipple and pubic sensitivity. Only use if certain." Max glanced out the window where Gwen was talking to their neighbor. Some cute college age babe. With bright green hair, the look of a body building scrapper and an ass that just would not quit. Max licked his lips. He could see her maybe getting a piece of this action too.

"One at a time." Max promised himself as he patted his crotch where his python lay sleeping. But not for long. Oh no not for long at all.

Gwen finished chugging her after workout smoothie before sighing and stretching her hands high above her head. Her breasts bouncing a little in her sports bra. She swiveled her hips. She felt sweaty and tired and ready for a shower and a nap.
"Hey Max! Thanks for making that smoothie for me. Pretty nice for a brat like you." She said walking past where Max sat on the sofa. He nodded and frowned as she ruffled his hair. He swiped at her hand before readjusting it.

"Yeah whatever. Just figured it would make you leave me alone faster." He responded as he smirked to himself. He watched her climb the staircase. She yanwed and shivered her eyes widening before slowly falling closed. She snapped forwards and kept up the stairs. Max chuckled. He had watched her working out and had to control himself not to let out a couple dozen loads right there! She was so hot when she was covered in sweat. Just begging to get screwed.

She had done lunges, yoga, cardio, jumping jacks. Her tits bouncing like a pair of rabbits, her booty shaking and quaking. He grinned as he waited for the shower to turn off. He waited a few seconds more and then started up the stairs. 

David had gone out shopping to make a 'awesome one of a kind welcome to your knew home forever!' dinner. Max figured that the dumb absentminded twink would be out for another hour comparing one piece of meat to another useless piece of meat. Max had plenty of meat in his pants right here. And he had the best feast he could ever want.

He slowly peeked into the master bedroom and gasped. His face blushing in arousal. His cock instantly got hard at the image before him. Gwen was asleep, chest rising and falling slowly, eyes tightly closed, lips slightly damp. Her legs were spread and she was wearing a red see through lace night gown and red thong that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. It rode up her nice ass cheeks, hugged her juicy thighs and made her practically scream come and screw me!

Max walked into the room, pulling off his favorite blue hoodie, discarding his jeans, kicking off his shoes and then dropping his underwear. His ten and a half inch cock sprang to attention. He swaggered over. He knew he was way above average for a guy his age. And was wondering just how big it would get by the time he was an adult. 

"Alright bitch. It seems like you are nice and ready right?" Max said as he walked over and stroked her thigh. She shivered and shifted in her sleep, her lips parted slightly. Wet looking, soft and full, like two full tender strawberries. Max gulped before leaning forwards and kissing her lips. Pressed his lips to her, her's parted instinctively and Max slipped his tongue into her mouth like in the movies.

Max moaned as a spike of pleasure shot through him. He was now pressing his hands on either side of her large bouncy breasts. They felt like soft pillows, soft and firm considering their size. He groaned and deepened the kiss. Gwen moaned in her sleep and arched her back. Max's cock was burning agaisnt her large breasts. He humped and fucked a little, squeezing them together. He tit fucked her sweaty tits for a few seconds before pulling back, a long string of drool was connecting the two of them.

He pulled back and moved to her soaked panties.

"Damn bitch. You must really want this huh?" Max chuckled as he rubbed her pussy lips with his fingers. She gasped and Max raised an eyebrow. She had just orgasmed a little. He grinned wolfishly. Good.

He pulled her thong down and tossed it onto his clothes. He would need some imagination later on tonight right? He would slip it back into the laundry later. He gazed in rapture at her cute pussy, shaved, classy. He felt drool fill his mouth and then his balls tighten up. He groaned.

"AG! MY BALLS!" They hurt! He had to unload! And unload fast! Max gripped her thighs and spread them. Gwen was groaning and gasping, her fingers going to her hair and lips. She was clearly a very active dreamed. Max smirked as he gripped his cock and began to ease it into his first pussy.

"Oh wow. OH! WOW!" Max gasped out before doubling up and pressing his face into her tits. "So warm." He gasped. He couldn't move for a few seconds. He always knew that it was supposed to be good. But right here and now, completely engulfed in possibly the hottest woman alive....He was clearly getting the full experience! He gasped and then thrust again.

His thighs slapped into her thighs and closed his eyes, he then forced them back open again and gazed in rapture at her red face, her lips parted, her brown skin duskier from the blush that reached all the way to her large strawberry sized nipples that were poking out lewdly and begging for a good hard sucking.

If only he could reach them and fuck her at the same time. Max thrust harder and faster. His balls slapping her bare ass cheeks. Her gasping came faster and faster as she groaned. Her slippery vice like pussy instantly clamped down on his cock, begging it, milking it for everything it was worth.

Max groaned as he pinned her down. His thumbs digging into her hips as he pumped his cock all the way to the back of her womb and unloaded a large splash of baby batter. He groaned and shot another load and still one more. He finally collapsed backwards. Gasping and groaning.

"Damn. That was....Damn....Bitch....Can't wait to fuck you again soon. Like right now." Max said his massive cock springing to attention once again. His balls filling up for the next round. Gwen smiled in her sleep as he entered her cream pied pussy once again. He groaned and she gasped and moaned. The wet primal animalistic thrusting filled the room with the musk of their mating.

Right next door sunbathing nude beside her pool was the greenheaded scam artist Nikki. She glanced up towards the window that lead to Gwen and David's bedroom. The shade was drawn but she could make out some shadows on it as they fucked. She could also hear them. Gwen hadn't gotten that loud in a while.

Nikki smirked.
"Good for her. Hope they're enjoying themselves.....waaaaaiiiiitttt! Didn't I see David leave earlier?" She said tapping her chin before shrugging. Eh she didn't care.

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