Max Breaks in Gwen

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More Reviews would be nice. Max is 12, Gwen is 30, Nikki is 25. Impregnation and some fertility drugging is coming up.

Max slowly eased the bedroom door open before stirding in like he owned the place. Gwen was once again deep asleep on her back, legs spread lewdly and softly snoring away. His pants were on the floor alongside his underwear and sweat shirt.

She looked so lovely spread out like that on the bed. With her dark tan skin and the lacey see through night gown that left nothing to the imagination. He licked his lips as he admired the thong that hugged her nice damp pussy lips. They were practically shining through the thong. He moved onto the bed. She shifted slightly as he stroked her thighs, gripping and kneading the soft supple body. 

She was burning up, hot as an oven. And he could tell from the way that she bit her lip and rolled her shoulders that she wanted it. She wanted it badly.

"Let's see just what you were doing outside earlier." Max said teasingly as he stroked her thigh and took out his phone. There were a lot of pictures of Gwen, doing wind sprints while her large breasts bounced hypnotically. Stretching so far over that her work out clothes would ride up her pleasureable ass. Push ups with her globes threatening to spill out onto the dirt. Max smirks as he strokes his massive ten and a half inch boner.

"Damn you've got one fine milftastic body. I can't wait to stick this thick cock inside of you." He said teasingly. Never dreaming of talking like that to her if she could actually hear him. He pressed two fingers to the front of her underwear, massaging her cunt lips. A soft moan escaped her lips. He rubbed all the harder making her moan again in delight.

Her breath was coming faster as he rubbed. She was just one enormous nerve of desire. He grinned before he leaned down and pressed his lips to her damp lips. She groaned into the kiss. His hands moved from her thighs and legs to her just as equally juicy tits. He groped and squeezed grinding them together and gasping. They were so warm and soft, like a pair of perfect pillows.

He paused to grip her nipples carefully through the flimsy fabric. He plucked at them and pulled, like he was pulling at strings Gwen began to gasp harder, her hair was lose and falling down and framing her face. The red streaks of her hair matched the red face that she was making. Max grinned as he pulled the edge of the night gown up until it was bunched around the top of her tits. Her bare belly beckoned him, her pussy was calling to him like a siren song.

He undid her thong and tossed it to the side. Sure that he would remember to put it back on later.....maybe.....

"Let's see what sort of toys you two have in here." Max grumbled as he slid off of the bed and moved to their shared dresser. He opened it and began poking through it. Nothing in the top drawer but some cash which he tossed onto his pile of clothes.

It was in the bottom drawer underneath Gwen's clothes that he found it. A massive dildo, four pairs of handcuffs, a video camera stand, a gag, a blindfold, a whip, and condoms.

"Six inches? Oh David. That's disappointing." Max tsked as he pulled one free. He pulled it out of the packaging and slipped it on. It only went about halfway. He pulled harder and it tore across the side and then the top.

"Welp looks like I'm going in bareback again. Hope that doesn't result in anything bad." Max grinned as he peeled the useless piece of rubber off and tossed it into the trashcan beside Gwen's bed.

He climbed back on it. Gripped her breasts by the nipples like they were toys and pulled upwards until the long thick glorious globes were pressed tightly together. He then gripped the sides and slipped his cock inbetween them.

"Oh god. So soft." Max moaned as he tit fucked the bitch. His phone came out and zoomed in on her face. Gwen was gasping with every hard thrust from his hips. His balls clapped against her belly as his cock head flew wildly in and out of her breasts. Sweat was pooling on her forehead and dripping down the sides of her face. His thrusting grew to a fevered pace. Her breath was coming faster and faster and irritating the tip of his dick head. 

Max groaned. It felt like paradise between her breasts. It felt like nirvana when he screwed her. He gasped as a fire like feeling exploded across his crotch and his cum spurted across her breasts and face. A large amount landing in her open mouth, her tongue instinctively leapt out to catch as much as she could.

"AH! AAH! AAH!" She groaned out as she filled her lips to the brim and then closed and swallowed, completely without Max having to do anything to encourage her along.

"Damn I guess you are way more horny then I first thought." Max said in some concerned alarm as he saw her shiver and wiggle her back and shoulders deeper into her bed and pillows. Sighing in delight like a well fucked cat.

But the fun had just begun.

Max quickly pulled his sweat covered cum tipped love rod out from in between her breasts and gripped and stroked it. Still hard as a boulder and eager to get to work. He got up and set up the phone stand before putting his phone on it and hitting record. He smirked evily, like some horny little goblin as he ran back to the bed and spread her legs, undid her thong with one hand and stuck his fingers into her pussy.

"MMMMMM! OHMIGAWSHYESH!" Gwen let out in a gasp as her eyes remained closed. She was just reacting to the stimilus. Not actually understanding what she was saying. Her body was reacting but her mind was still completely out of it.

"I wonder how you would react if I spanked your ass tomorrow while you were making me breakfast?" Max cooed down as he put her legs on his shoulders, aimed carefully and slipped inside of her. His cock instantly felt like it had gained a new level of pleasure. He moaned and shuddered, his core tightening up as he plunged deep into her depths. His cock flew with pure passion.

His eyes glassed over as he got into a good hard fucking rythm. He knew that screwing was good but damn he forgot every single time that it was this good! Her legs weighed down his shoulders but he didn't care. Her pussy clamped down around him like some sort of vice and he could hardly keep himself from blowing his load already.

"Let's try another position." Max suggested his sleeping mother with a grin. He pulled out and would have sworn that she sighed in irritation. Her face screwed up in disappointment at missing the thick throbbing dick deep between her legs.

Max grunted as he gripped her hips and with some trouble began to twist her over. Gwen gasped and then snored deeply. She was now on her stomach, arms outstretched, hips and ass in the air and legs spread wide and inviting.

"Yeah that's a good look for you." Max chortled as he jumped to get a little toy. He spread lube on the dildo before spreading her ass cheeks and shoving it in nice and deep. He put it on it's highest setting and then stepped back. Gwen groaned as the thick hard hot vibrations ran through her pleasure soaked body. She could do nothing except feel and enjoy and be used like a cum dumpster now.

Max nodded in delight. She was ready. He got up, spread his legs, got on tip toe and then shoved his dick inside of her dripping wet slippery pussy. He moaned and tossed his head back as Gwen dug her nails into the mattress. Her body quaked as Max fucked into her. The entire bed began to shake and hit the wall.

Max's thrusts were carful and insistent, powerful and desireable. Max groaned as her pussy gripped down on him harder then ever.

"You like this position don't you babe? You like it when I screw you like a dog huh? You enjoy it when I spank your ass?" He said giving her flank a nice firm hit. "Yeah of course you do. You belong to me now right? Forever. You are my cum dumpster. My stupid little fuck slut."

Max moaned out in joy as his dumb fuck slave gasped her agreement. His mind was a void of white hot burning pleasure. His dick was pumping in and out, her pussy squeezing it with thick hot desire. 
"How have you not had a kid yet? This body is made for breeding! Damn!" Max moaned out, the words past his lips before he knew it. Her body shook as she took each thick hot slap from his hips and abs.

Her hips quaked and her booty shook from the nonstop pounding. Max gasped and groaned.

"CUMMING!" He moaned at the top of his lungs as a tidal wave of pleasure plunged deep inside of Gwen's waiting womb. Max sighed and pulled back admiring his handiwork. His seed dribbled down her thighs, plopping a large thick load onto the bed. The vibrator continued to make short work of her ass and she was gasping and drooling in a continous state of stupid orgasm.

Max turned off the vibrator. Pulled her thong back on. Turned off his camera and took some quick pics to jerk off to that night. Max grinned like a sadist as he left the room. Gwen was rolled back onto her back. Gasping and humping the air. Desperate for another dick inside of her.

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