Sokka & Zuko's Awkward Amusing Adventures

BY : TantraTantrum
Category: Avatar - The Last Airbender > Slash - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I don't own ATLA. With any luck, I will spawn a fan animation or two, and that's it. No money earned with this story, but other things 85% my own, loosely based on fandom, I'm banking on it. Yes that was a pun.

Iroh had finally worked Sokka into a comfortable rhythm. Each thrust of his fingers, the boy had an equally as punctuated breath out, and the boy’s walls were giving way under the strokes.

“All right, now this is going to be trickier, but you’re aiming for the same thing,” Iroh said. “It’s going to send more feeling into you, but still pay attention to your breath.”

Sokka, nodded, made totally mute by the sensations already washing through his body like a sound scrubbing of sweat-stained sealskin.

Iroh angled his fingers upwards, making a shallow diagonal, and started slowly thrusting once again.

When he found the sweet spot, Sokka gasped, and his breath came shallowly and rapidly. He tried to draw in air deeply again, but hyperventilated.

Iroh continued thrusting. “You may not be able to do it the first time. That’s all right.”

Sokka’s back arced and he spread his arms against the unyielding rock. “O-o-ohhhh, what IS that?”

“I’ll give you an anatomy lesson later,” the firebender said dismissively. “It’s not important. Let’s just focus.”

Sokka tried to fight the impulses to grunt and writhe, but it was no use. He lost himself, totally giving way to the firebender’s gentle onslaught.

His muscles loosened, his bent legs sagged, and he moaned a long note, that spiked and recededin volume with each pass of the fingers.

Then, with energy rocketing up his torso and through his member, he climaxed. He tightened down on the fingers so much that he almost prevented the thrust that was halfway done.

Iroh continued to gently curl his fingers as he came down from the high.

There was more minor tightening in an uneven rhythm.

“That alright? I can stop if it’s too much. If it’s too sharp.”

Sokka shook his head. “N-no, so good, ah . . .”

Iroh kept at it, knowing that the sensations afterwards were totally different, and nice in and of themselves, if not as intense.

Some people objected to putting “more wood on” when they were already overcome by flash fire. It was a bit painful, as if a live wire could hurt, in itself, by someone else touching it. But, others enjoyed it.

So, he continued to stroke the boy’s insides, passing his other hand over his inner thigh, too.

The afterglow set in, and the rusty orange eyes watched while his hands gently stoked the embers.

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