Sokka & Zuko's Awkward Amusing Adventures

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A few days later, Iroh took Sokka aside, and the boy trotted after him eagerly.

“Now,” Iroh glanced back towards the rest of their group, as they were receding. “I’m sure Aang would find this upsetting-”

“Dude I’m pretty positive Aang doesn’t know what sex is,” the Water Tribe teen deadpanned. “And I’m not too keen on telling him, so maybe you could take that one over, hm?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” Iroh chuckled. “And the monks have probably had that discussion with him, already, actually.”

“What makes you say that?” the boy asked curiously.

“The monks believed in total abstinence aside from conception,” Iroh explained. “And that includes rubbing yourself.”

“What?? That’s impossible.

“No, actually. Not at all. Studies from the Fire Nation indicate it actually livens up your general energy level to "conserve" that way,” the more experienced man said amicably as they walked.

“So you don’t . . .?”

“I don’t always manage to refrain,” he admitted, “But, when I can, I do.”

“Hm . . .”

“Remember, your survival depends on being in shape, both mentally and physically,” the wise man said very somberly. “If you are constantly in a haze, you may be putting you, your sibling, and Aang in danger. I don’t mean to sound judgmental,” he said gently. “Just consider your circumstances.”

Sokka looked away, considering that very carefully.

“And it is likely much easier for Aang,” Iroh nodded, “because he hasn’t fully entered puberty yet. So, it’s not like you wouldn’t be "measuring up" to him if you occasionally succumbed.”

“So what happened, if someone was caught doing that?” Sokka asked. “Did they punish them?”

“Not exactly. They had cleansing rituals. Boys were encouraged to come forward voluntarily and go through ablutions if they had fallen into temptation. And, the boys who didn’t, were held in higher favor, though it was always a toss up whether they were not just concealing. Naturally, if another boy caught one who claimed to be ‘pure,’ he was chastised greatly.”

“So, what, they were all tattle tales!” Sokka’s mouth tightened. “That doesn’t sound like a good life to me.”

“It is their culture,” Iroh shrugged. “The monks were free to choose to go to other Nations if they wanted, you know. And considering none of them survived, it’s pretty obvious that they preferred the utter bliss and peacefulness of monastery life, aside from its occasional difficulties.”

“Wouldn’t they, like,” the boy tapped his chin with a finger, “wouldn’t they lose airbending if they left, though? Because they didn’t have any nonbenders due to their strong spiritual connections, right?”

“Perhaps. Maybe that happened, and that’s why there are still no airbenders. Some hypothesize that, like the secular sexual effects, abstaining might’ve made airbending stronger, too.”


“Anyway. That is not what I was referring to, when I said Aang might be upset,” Iroh resumed. “You see, this has been quite normal historically, as far back as I’ve been able to ascertain,” the man stopped.

“Yeah? What?”

He sighed. He took out a cloth wrapping, and peeled back the folds. “This is koala-sheep skin. It is meant to be used as a barrier between you and me, when I enter you.”

“Well, that makes sense,” the Water Tribe boy shrugged. “Lambskin is soft, so it’s comfortable, and I’d imagine it’d be nice not to get yourself . . . dirty,” he said meekly.

“It may be perfectly reasonable to you,” Iroh nodded, “But the poor boy already doesn’t believe in eating meat. According to his upbringing he’s “supposed to be” refraining even from the type of sex that doesn’t require protection. And to learn that others use an animal’s skin willy-nilly just for their own gratification? Well, you can see how . . .”

“Yeah,” the boy said sadly. “The kid’s already got to carry the weight of the world. So if he ever meets someone he wants to do that with, like me with my fear of not getting to do it, he’ll have to get over this “barrier” as well,” he joked in a defeated, flat kind of way.

“Yes. A girl, either. The monks would’ve never needed to use protection for opposite sex pairings like some do to avoid getting pregnant, so in his mind, it is doubly unnecessary. Perhaps they encouraged other people to use herbs as an anti-conception tool. I find that likely.”

“Welp,” the boy shrugged. “Good thing we don’t have to worry about that particular wrinkle.”

“Yes.” Iroh looked at him, searching his blue eyes with rusty orange ones. “Are you sure you don’t want to pick up a partner in a town we stop by? I’m going to be straightforward and say, that I am not too enthused by the idea of "taking" someone so young, even if you are considered an adult in your tribe. I will do it if you wish, but, hey,” he shrugged, “you’ll probably have more fun with someone younger.”

“I thought about it, but,” he shook his head. “Firstly, there’s bias to weasel through. I knew the Fire Nation was more progressive about things, because I’ve overheard Earth Kingdom soldiers aggressively hating on Fire Nation troops for allowing stuff like this.”

“Ah. You’re sharp.” Iroh chuckled.

“Right! I didn’t just ask you two because you were nearest by,” the boy huffed. “I put way more thought into this than that.”

“Well, it’s nice to know your mind is engaged as much as your hormones,” Iroh teased.

“My mind is what got me into this in the first place!” the boy said indignantly. “It was curiosity, not attraction, remember?”

“Oh, oh yes,” Iroh chuckled more quietly. “I guess, I thought that perhaps you were attracted to Zuko, you just wanted to downplay it.”


“Hm. Interesting . . .” his gaze tuned out. Then he looked back at the boy. “Well, I guess that reassures me. I wanted to make doubly sure that you weren’t missing out on someone you did have chemistry with.”

“Aw, man, thanks. I appreciate that.”

They had reached the same spot as before, with the raised, flat earth.

“Well,” Iroh was getting used to chuckling a lot. “Zuko has told me you are not shy. So, no taking things slowly for you, then?”

“I mean, once we get down to business, yes, please, if you’re able, be gentle,” Sokka said, a blush creeping up his face, “but as for undressing or “foreplay,” nah, throw caution to the wind.”

“Duly noted,” Iroh set the cloth down on the flat surface. “Would you at least like me to use my mouth on you first? It will relax you, and that is very important for the next step.”

Sokka nodded. “Yeah. I’m glad you know how to do this, because otherwise, I’d be flying blind.”

The larger man quickly scooped him up, prompting Sokka to go “Yipes!” in surprise. He was gripping his quads, and digging the boy’s knees into his big, soft belly.

“Dang, I would say “give a guy some warning,” but that was kind of nice,” he laughed, and dug his face into the bristly gray beard. Its scratchy ends tickled his cheeks.

“You’re like, way more buff than you look,” the boy said.

“Muscles can be concealed under fat,” the older man said with a grin. “The presence of fat does not preclude being strong.”


He brought his lips to the older man’s mouth, but by now the beard was getting in the way. It poked at his exposed pink skin. “Ah dangit, your porcupine face is making this kind of difficult.”

Iroh laughed, bouncing against the boy’s knees.

“Oh well,” he shrugged. “Have at me.”

With one forearm supporting him, with the other hand, he peeled back the boy’s pants, and Sokka himself pulled his shirt tail over his head, and then off.

His strong hands were not hesitant, like the younger firebender’s. They kneaded deep into dark muscles like an experienced massage therapist.

Sokka groaned.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Iroh said with mischief in his rusty orange eyes, “if I still take my time a little.”

First fingers dragged across his quads, working their way from his hips down to his knees. Then, Iroh switched off arms, and began to dig into his hind end, past the fat, and down to those muscles, too.

“Ahhh,” Sokka’s breath caught. He straightened up in his grasp, momentarily making the muscled firebender have to adjust for balance.

“I g-guess w-with all that yoga t-training,” Sokka struggled to get out his words both from arousal and the deep pressure, “this is a snap t-to you, huh?”

“Yes, indeed,” the older man growled confidently. “Years upon years of doing squats in stances, and flying kicks with fire, just to use it on some "pesky" little Water Tribe boy.”

Sokka laughed, but couldn’t do it very well because of his erratic breath. He gave way to the bigger man’s commanding presence, hanging his arms over his shoulders loosely. “You gonna be put off if I don’t return the favor? Because you’re kind of turning me into a puddle.”

A stockier laugh came from the other man. “Boy, I have been around the block. I don’t need anything else in my old age. You just enjoy yourself, hear?”

“Oh man, this is better than I pictured it,” Sokka closed his eyes. “I thought you’d at least be, I dunno, a little more . . .” he trailed off.

“What?” Iroh said curiously, slowing down.

“Well this is gonna sound like I’m stereotyping,” he admitted sadly, “but, I thought you were gonna be all burning passion and whatnot. Like, if you didn’t want to be gentle, I wasn’t necessarily going to object to that, either,” he said in a small voice.

“Aw,” Iroh pressed his beard into Sokka’s chest, and rubbed it across the tops of his shoulders and the sides of his neck, making the softer-skinned boy shiver. “You can be fully assured I’m going to make your first time as pleasant as humanly possible.”

“Thank you. Like really really thank you.”

One of the hands came to rest on Sokka’s arousal, and he inhaled.

Calloused fingers and thumb very carefully rubbed across his exposed pink head, tracing the edges of retracted foreskin, and Sokka cried out sharply.

His back spasmed in response, and once again the firebender had to readjust his own back’s center of balance. The balls of his feet rocked slightly, and his knees bent. But the wide man was as solid as an oak.

“Now, I’ll put you down so I can-”

“No, no,” Sokka moaned, “keep doing that. I love this.”

“As you wish.”

He pumped slowly down on his shaft, and Sokka lost it even more. He rutted into him eagerly, and started up a rhythm.

The firebender had to go into more of a stance than standing, to withstand the weight moving back and forth, but that was fine. He had fended off legions of earthbenders. This was child’s play.

At that thought, the firebender tripped up. He slowed and loosened his grip, but Sokka was too far gone to need it much anyway. He came with another cry, and covered the firebender’s chest with his fluid.

The older man thought, here he was, about to take a child.

Fifteen was plenty old enough to make your own decisions, he argued with himself. But it still felt off.

The boy, unaware of his sudden inner turmoil, and basking in his own bliss, lay his head down on his large shoulder.

His breath heaved in and out, and aftershock tremors still shook him.

At least it wasn’t for his own gratification, he tried to console himself. Like many of those that practiced pederasty or shudo.

Even the maniacal Ozai didn’t like those historical, long-standing practices, though he didn’t stop Fire Nation samurai from doing it, either.

They dangled secret skills and knowledge over younger males as an incentive. Or that’s how he himself saw it, anyway.

No, he decided, he was in the clear morally, here. Sokka had approached him.

Still, he wanted reassurance. “We can stop here,” he murmured. “You can still back out.”

“Mmmm, nope, dun thinksso,” Sokka said hazily.

“Can you at least promise me, that you won’t tell anyone about this?” Iroh pleaded. “Because of your age, people will think I . . .” his throat closed up.

“Aw shoot yeah,” Sokka gained a little bit of clarity. “Goddammit, I was looking forward to telling people I got nailed by the Dragon of the West, himself, in the flesh. Literally.”

Iroh managed to force some breath down his conflicted windpipe and laugh again.

“You are s-such a wisecracking treasure,” the old man said fondly. He hugged the nonbender with strength that had felled small armies. “Anybody who has the pleasure of pleasuring you, should feel blessed.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Sokka kissed him on the cheek.

Iroh carried him to the flat surface, and laid him on his back.

He had two sets of lambskin, one for his hand, and one for his shaft.

He had also gotten a vial of lubricant.

A young lamb slain, for the sake of another young one’s gain, he thought, also sadly.

But, it couldn’t be helped. He really did accept the boy’s reasoning. Fire Nation troops were not always merciful to prisoners, and they might not use protection, nor proper preparation, either. He hated to think of the boy going through such pain, just because of someone else's hasty disregard and desires. It would still hurt, if he had some experience, but marginally less so. Many men, especially young hormonal ones, who didn't realize these things ended up hurting each other even with no malicious feelings. 

On that note, many people still held the misconception that it was normal for women to bleed during their first time, too. When the fact of the matter was, with enough warmup, preparation, and slow pace, it shouldn't happen. 

He looked the boy over again. 

If this young "virgin" was to be sacrificed like a lamb, then at least it would in the softest way he could manage.

Sokka closed his eyes serenely.

He wrapped the skin around two of his fingers.

“All right, are you ready?” he asked.

“Heck yes.”

He uncorked the lubricant, and spread it on the tips of his covered digits.

Then, he pressed at the boy’s entrance, and slipped them slowly inside.

Sokka jerked in surprise, inhaling. 

“Are you ok?” he asked, ready to withdraw.

“What? Oh yeah, it’s just,” he looked curiously down, past his own re-growing erection. “Are you backing out on me? Like Zuko? It’s ok if you don’t want to do the whole deal,” he said, but disappointment plainly colored his voice. “I just expected . . .”

Iroh caught on to what he was saying. “Oh, oh no. You see, I have to gradually ease you open. There will be a lot less discomfort that way.”

“Oh, I get it,” he shifted a little bit, and tightened down over his fingers as his core muscles adjusted.

“Now, I also need you to take deep breaths,” the older man instructed. “You haven’t done “progressive muscle relaxation” before, have you?”

“Um, nope. What’s that?”

“It’s where, with each exhale, you slow that breath, and consciously loosen your muscles. It is not specific to sex. You can also do it to manage stress. You carry a lot of tension, just day to day. But, it is very useful both to men and women who are receiving,” he explained. “The more the receiving partner relaxes, the more great sensations they will get.”

“Nice. I’ll try, but,” he chuckled, “doesn’t this whole deal seize up your breath a lot? It did just then.”

“Yes. It is a process. You can tell me to slow down, if you feel your breath is falling out of your direction.”

“Hm, ok.” He nodded, and lay his head back down.

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