Sokka & Zuko's Awkward Amusing Adventures

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Sokka braced himself for a lot of embarrassment.

"Hey, uh," he tugged on the shirtsleeves of each, the teen prince, and the much older firebender, one day when Katara had taken Aang off for some waterbending practice. Toph was napping.

After healing Iroh from Azula’s lighting blast, the two firebenders had joined the Avatar’s mission.

Zuko looked at him in irritation, and Iroh smiled patiently.

"Can I talk to you guys, erm, away from Toph," he glanced at the sleeping twelve year old. The very last thing he needed was for her to wake up right in the middle of what he was going to bring up.

It would be paralyzing to think that he'd have to explain to the earthbending truthseeker.

But, on the other hand, he wasn't even one hundred percent positive the girl didn't know exactly what he'd be talking about, what with the fact that she had hung out with the Rumblers for years. She definitely knew things no other little girl would. It was all too likely she had beaten the truth out of them about certain adult matters just like she had beaten victories out of them in the ring.

"We'll have to go pretty far away to get out of range of her hearing," Zuko said sarcastically. "Blind people usually have way stronger hearing, since they're missing one other sense."

"Oh? Yeah, ok sure," Sokka mumbled.

He took a big breath.

"And we're also definitely going to want to get out of range of her earthbending sense," he added sheepishly.

Zuko raised the one eyebrow he did have, wrinkling his nose a little, and Iroh rubbed his beard, the wise man looking perplexed for a moment, but then intrigued.

The three males strolled through the forest, taking in the sights. Iroh started humming, to which Zuko rolled his eyes.

When they had come upon an open, craggy spot, with some raised earthen tables resembling a miniature mesa, the Water Tribe boy plopped down to sit on one. He crossed his ankles self-consciously, and interlaced his hands and set them on his knees.

"What has gotten you so out of sorts?" the kind old bender asked. "You are usually so confident, young man."

He smiled, trying to relax a little. If his plan went the way he wanted it to, he'd be in good hands with this man, he was sure. Though he had only known him for a little while, he already he felt safe and secure, thinking of strong, warm hands wrapping gently around him.

"I've been, uh, uh, thinking lately," Sokka started, stumbling through his phrases like a newborn ostrich horse foal, "-t-that there may be some things I won't get to experience, if I die during the war."

Zuko looked a little bored, but it looked like Iroh might be catching onto what he meant already.

"I'm glad I've completed my tribe's ice dodging ritual. That was one thing I was fearing I was going to miss out on."

"What's that?" Zuko asked.

Iroh answered. "It is a rite of passage among the Southern Water Tribe. It marks the entry point to manhood. Correct?"

"Yes," Sokka nodded.

"So wait," Zuko said incredulously. "You're considered full grown by your people? Legally an adult?"

"Well, with the Water Tribe there is no "legally,'" the sarcastic young man said. "We don't write down stuff like that. Kanna and her apprentice shaman keep our rules recorded in their heads, and we flex or adapt them as needed."

"Fascinating," Iroh nodded pleasantly.

Zuko, though, frowned a tad. "Sorry, but it's hard to see you as an "adult." No offense, but you're pretty goofy."

"None taken," he shrugged. "So, uh, would that mean if I were more the Dark and Brooding type like yourself, you'd have an easier time with the idea?" the skeptic asked curiously.

"Uh . . .?" Zuko blinked. His brow crinkled. "Maybe?"

"Well, that's turns out to be relevant to what I'm gonna ask of you guys," he took an impossibly lengthy pause. "And I don't want you to feel like you have to agree."

The firebenders looked at each other, and back to him.

"I'm uh," he rubbed nervously at his cheekbone. "I'm not attracted to men normally . . ."

"OK nope, I'm out," Zuko threw up his hands, and started to storm off.

"Wait! Wait, come on, just hear me out at least."

The firebender glanced back and glared a burning hole into him. "Fine."

"I'm not attracted to guys, but I'm curious," the Water Tribe teen said. "And I'm totally talking about me being on the receiving end!! I don't expect you to do that if you don't want to, if you've never experienced it, or you're not curious too!" he reassured them.

"Hmmm," Iroh was looking a little uncomfortable, but not nearly as much as Zuko. "I must admit, in my younger days, and with fewer women around in the army, I did some experimentation of my own."

"Oh Agni, I did not need to hear that," Zuko growled. "Well thanks, you stupid prankster. Are you sure you didn't mean to do this?? Now you've managed to make my relationship with my uncle ten times more awkward, and I already had to deal with all the guilt from snubbing him for so long."

"Oh, Zuko," Iroh said softly, "I wish you wouldn't give yourself a hard time about that," he laid a hand on his shoulder. Zuko somehow managed to look deeply touched and disgusted at what the hand might've done in the past at the same time.

"I'm sorry!" Sokka said quickly. "Really! I don't mean to throw you guys off. And I know you haven't known me for very long either, so that's also awkward. I feel it too! It's just that . . ." he looked around sadly. "Literally tomorrow, we could be ambushed by Fire Nation soldiers. Or Azula, which is worse. So I could die without getting to do this in this body. To be one hundred percent perfectly, scarily honest, I'm afraid that if I get captured- or my sister!!- our 'first experience' is going to be . . ." he trembled a little bit, "a whole lot worse that it should be. You tell me. Am I wrong to fear that?"

Iroh closed his eyes, and dug a deep grimace into his wrinkles.

Zuko's eyes widened.

The younger firebender turned to his uncle. "Surely Fire Nation troops are more honorable than that!" he demanded.

"Under my command, yes, that would be grounds to dismiss someone," Iroh said quietly but forcefully. "But with the likes of Zhao and Azula at the top? Plenty of officers will take it upon themselves to make sure it does not happen, but not all division leaders are going to enforce restraint."

Zuko's breath got faster. "No. No. They . . . they wouldn't!"

"You do not have anything to fear, nephew," Iroh reassured him. "You are high profile enough prisoner that they wouldn't even dare think of it."

"That's . . . nice to know," Zuko's already scarred face filled up with more pain. "But," he looked back at Sokka. "Oh, my- I'm," He was overcome for several seconds. "I'm so sorry," he whispered. "If . . . if that happens, I'll . . ." He teared up. "I promise, if we rescue you, I'll never say another cross word to you again, if I can absolutely help it. And I realize that's cold comfort," his throat closed up.

"No, I appreciate it, man," Sokka stepped closer to him, and opened his arms for a hug, questioning him silently.

Zuko still looked awkward, but reluctantly met him, wrapping his arms around the younger one.

"So . . ." Zuko reflected in a gruff tone, "that's why you want . . . this," he ran his hands down the other teen's back, stopping when he reached his lumbar.

"Yeah," he nodded into the firebender's shoulder. "Think you could manage it?"

"I . . . I don't know."

"Well, that's a fair answer," the skeptic shrugged again.

"Well, let's go over some housekeeping first," the older, more experienced man said. "Do you have protection?"


"Ah. I'll have to procure some then," he nodded.

"Isn't that, erm," the younger firebender detangled himself from the Water Tribe man with a cough, "even more crucial, for men?" he asked his relative.

"It depends on how you look at it," the man shrugged. "Also, it matters a great deal whether or not you are circumcised."

"Huh?" Zuko blinked.

"You, nephew, are fully circumcised," the firebender explained. "I was altered the traditional way, only taking the very tip."

"What are you talking about?" the Water Tribe native questioned.

Zuko stiffened up. "Heh . . . guess that means you're not." He looked briefly over at his uncle, and then towards the ground. "Could we show him? I mean, there are some  . . . things . . . we could do without protection, right?"

"Yes," the older firebender nodded towards the younger man. "Technically, we should, still. But, not many people do, for lesser actions. Do you know what we're talking about?"

Sokka twiddled his thumbs. "Uh, yeah. And that does sound nice, even though I wasn't expecting it from you. Even less than . . . you know. I figured, that would be a little less . . . personal."

Zuko took a long breath out. "Well, you're not wrong. Maybe uncle could do that for you, but I'm still kinda stuck at the idea, here."

"So, can I," he brought his hands to his belt.

"Hold up," Zuko spread a hand out in front of him. "There is no way in hell I am doing anything in front of my own uncle. So, you're gonna have to pick between us, and then switch off."

"That's fine."

“If I do even manage to wrap my head around the idea,” he muttered.

"Why don't you let me," Iroh elbowed his nephew. "Since I'm more open to begin with."

"While I do like the sound of that," the younger man drew his fingers across his chin, "It's still . . . less weird for me to be with someone my own age. "Adult" or no."

Zuko growled. "You just have to make this difficult, don't you?"

"It's just my feelings. Trust me, if I were trying to tease you," he smirked. "I would be playing it up relentlessly, just to see you squirm."

Zuko rolled his eyes. "That does not really reassure me."

"Well, it's your body and your decision," Iroh said in a friendly way.

"How 'bout I just do stuff 'for' you, Zuko?" the other teen asked plainly. "You can just sit back, if you want. And, you know, if you get up the guts to use your hands, I'll settle for that!"

The older teen untensed somewhat. "That's . . . really nice of you."

"No big. Really."

Iroh bowed to them both. "Have fun, then, boys," he winked at Zuko, who growled yet again.

He strolled off, and before going to undo his belt sash again, Sokka said politely, "So, have you been with anyone? Is this your 'first time?' I'm really trying to be respectful here, man. Like, if you want to reserve that for someone else, I totally get it!"

Zuko tilted his head back and forth. "Well . . . in a manner of speaking . . . I did some . . . ugh I can't believe I'm telling you this . . . I did some dry humping with Mai, right before I left. She was really desperate to give me some sort of relief from the pain," he brushed his fingers lightly over his scar, and shivered. "But I was resolute, that, as a gentleman, I could not 'take' that from her, especially since I would be leaving."

"Aw, that's so sweet," Sokka made puppy dog eyes.

"Oh shut up."

"No! Really! Like I've said all along, being one hundred percent genuine here. No sarcasm allowed when we're dealing with stuff as important as this. Promise!" the blue-eyed boy said eagerly.

The firebender's shoulders came down a fraction.

"Also, the men under my command were dead set and determined that they were going to get me to loosen up. They somehow thought that paying for a 'night on the town' was going to improve my temper, and make me let up on them."


"My uncle angrily chased them off sometimes, if I got too flustered."

"Also AW!" Sokka cupped his face with one palm.

"Heh. But ultimately, he wasn't totally against the idea himself, either. I finally caved one day, but when I actually got there, I couldn't do it. I got aroused, but just could not get over the mental block. I'd back away. She was a little older, so she reassured me that did happen sometimes, and I wasn't 'especially shy,' so not to feel bad about it. She ended up doing some minor things for me, which I appreciated. And, it did improve my mood . . . I mean how can it not . . . but I didn't go for it again."

Sokka nodded, with one elbow set snugly in his other hand.

"So . . . you're just gonna have to . . ." the firebender clenched his teeth, "be, uh, patient with me."

"Can do."

"And can we," he glanced towards him, and back down to the ground. "Can we not kiss? That would just be too weird."

"Fine by me."

Sokka finally undid his white belt, letting it fall to the ground unceremoniously. He was confident in his body, even though he was impatient sometimes that it wasn't up to par with what he wanted, in strength. The paler boy averted his gaze automatically, even though he knew what was coming. It was going to be much harder for him to undress, he was sure.

Maybe he'd just let the Water Tribe boy do it. Then it wouldn't feel like he had to mentally talk himself into it.

The darker boy walked up to him, and put his hands on his chest gently. "Can I . . .?"

"I don't know, 'can' you?" Zuko said, blushing.

"Ha ha! I'll get you to relax yet," the buck naked boy said to the serious one, a grin spreading across his face.

He ran his thumbs along the inside of the older and more self-conscious boy's neckline, savoring each short glance of the yellow eyes.

"Just think of how much you're gonna like this," he said soothingly. "Focus on that, ok?"

"I'll . . . I'll try," his one-year senior said.

"Just tell me when you're ready," he said.

At that sweet notion, the yellow eyes finally met his consistently, without wavering. "You're being a real gentleman yourself, you know. Princely training for it, or not."

The darker boy nodded. "Thanks."

The paler boy hesitantly repeated the same gesture he had when he hugged him, rubbing his hands down his back. The contact was nice, he told himself. Even though it was still strange. He tried to focus on the sensation of his hands, and not who the skin was attached to. Just like Zen, he pictured to himself. Lose yourself in a task, focus on the sights, sounds, and feels. Turn your mind off. No words. No analyzing. No reacting. Just sensation, and plain observing.

Who knew he would use things like that to . . .

He laughed inwardly.

He had used Zen to get through difficult encounters with his father and sister. He had used Zen to still his mind, and run his hands along rough tree bark before he had fully accepted his mother’s leaving. He had used Zen to improve his sword technique.

And now, it looked like he would need to use it for a softer set of dual swords.

Sokka nuzzled up against his neck, warm breath making the older boy key up.

"Do you want me to increase the temperature of my hands?" he asked softly.

"Ha, I knew it!" Sokka said slyly. "I was banking on you two being able to do that. I told myself not to get to excited, because maybe you didn't have that fine-tuned control, but there's the proof! My hypothesis is triumphant!" the science enthusiast crowed.

"Pffft, you're so goofy," the other boy repeated, "But, now I'm beginning to like it."

"Maybe you guys should've tried seducing the Earth Kingdom into submission," the boy went on, now encouraged in his word scampering,

The firebender laughed loudly. He gripped him tighter, fondly, and only felt slightly put off when he felt a lump rub against his own.

"Can I kiss you, like, uh, other places?" Sokka petitioned.


He planted some kisses on his neck, and down to his collar bone. He slipped his hands inside the top of his shirt, moving them first over the firebender's shoulders, and then converged them at the top of his back.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice," Zuko said breathily. "Maybe once we . . . get this done, we can still rub each other's backs around the others? I wouldn't have thought of it before, but now . . ."

Sokka nodded, once again making his gentle trails.

They stood there for a while like that, the firebender's hands moving and warming the lower back of his counterpart, and the other the upper of the taller boy's.

Then, Zuko swallowed, and went lower.

The softness was nice too, and not nearly as strange as he'd been expecting. He'd cupped breasts before, both with the clothed Mai, and the unclothed other woman, so it somehow lined up with his experiences, even though it was different.

Sokka groaned quietly, and leaned into him further. He rutted up against him, and the firebender released and backed up.

"Oh don't-"

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," Zuko mumbled. "It's just . . . still . . ."

"All right, all right," Sokka blew out some air. "I understand, even though you yanked away just when it was getting good," he huffed.

"Heh heh," Zuko laughed feebly. "Well, come back in, then, and if you want to go ahead and undress me . . ." he hung his head, and walked back up to him.

"Now I'm really wanting to get a move on," Sokka said truthfully, "But dude, if you're not ok with this, just say so. I can just grind up against you, or whatever. You don't even have to touch me."

The bashful firebender blinked. "That's . . . really considerate of you," he said delicately. "That's . . ." he squirmed with his own arousal, which was getting uncomfortable. But, he could do the same, too. Some guys came prematurely without even removing their clothes, and he could replicate the effect, if he wanted. "That sounds good, actually."

"All right. Not gonna say I'm not disappointed, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure you both wouldn't just straight up laugh at me and call it a day," his blue eyes sparkled with mirth.

"I hope, even if we hadn't been open," Zuko said quietly, "we wouldn't have ridiculed you."

Sokka shrugged. "I was prepared for that. And your uncle, as we've established, is gonna handle me a lot more. No need to feel obligated. Now c'mere, ya human campfire."

Zuko laughed again. Somehow, he thought, his friendship with the Water Tribe boy, he predicted, was going to be strengthened by this, and not made more tense or uncomfortable.

The other good-humored boy really was that charming. In the sense that he had general charisma, not necessarily seductive grace.

Though, he was sure that the ladies were going to be falling all over him.

He even felt a little envious. On the other hand, maybe he could learn something from him. All this time, he had figured he would have to settle for Mai, if they reconquered the Fire Nation, since he was so awkward around everyone else. But now . . . now maybe he would get more out of this than just physical pleasure. He had a Sifu in seduction. Cheerful seduction, maybe.

Zuko strode back up to him, with more confidence.

He grabbed up the younger boy a bit more forcefully this time, making him gasp.

Now that he felt he was being fully respected, and not wheedled into things, he felt more in control.

He positioned the younger boy's member right between his own slightly taller legs, and closed his thighs down over him.

Sokka yelped in a positive way. "Oh sweet moon and tides, that is good."

Previously the one who was being forward, now the tide had shifted against the younger one.

The blue-eyed boy melted in his grasp, letting him take charge. The older one now rutted himself, sliding his own member across the bare belly, cloth teasing his most sensitive skin with soft friction.

As he rocked, the trap he had constructed for the other boy squeezed and pumped him much tighter.

"Ahhhh-oh," Sokka's eyes fluttered half closed. "Y-you know w-what? No complaints here."

The firebender increased his pace, laughing yet again, and continuing to gasp and wheeze.

He had never pictured himself having a laughing fit as he climaxed, but hey, Life was strange.

The lightning bolt of sensation hit the Water Tribe boy first, dispersing through him like the real conductive ocean. The firebender felt him convulse.

Still laughing at the absurdity and yet calm comfort of it all, his spine lit up next, crashing energy all the way down his limbs to the tips of his toes.

Still chuckling a little, both the boys stumbled woozily, and sat down on the grass before one of them fell over.

"Thanks, man," Sokka wiped his brow. "That was fantastic."

"I'm honored to be your first."

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