A Simpson's Story: Becoming Daddy's Special Girl

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Daddy’s Special Girl
Part V

I stood in the doorway to the kitchen, frozen with fear. My daddy appeared to be making another attempt at cooking. Recalling his previous attempts with dread, I quickly raced forward, hoping to nip this in the bud before it was too late. “Daddy? What are you doing?” I asked although I already knew the answer.

“What does it look like, sweetie? I’m making breakfast,” He replied setting out a carton of oats onto the counter beside a bunch of bananas and a bag of blueberries.

“Say, dad. Why don’t you let me help you?” I asked in my sweetest voice, flashing my eyes up at him.

My father turned to look at me and smiled, considering for a moment before speaking. “Alright, honey. I’m making oatmeal. Why don’t you take out the cooking pot and fill it with water for me?” He asked turning back to his task.

“Err, oatmeal? I thought you hated oatmeal, dad.” I said surprise evident on my face as I looked at my father.

“I do hate it, sweetie, but I have decided to go on a diet starting today,” He said gently as he set the burner on the stove.

Unable to contain myself, I let out a loud giggle. “That’s funny, Dad. But seriously, why oatmeal?” I asked the amusement dying as I realized he was serious. “Oh, sorry. That’s wonderful news, dad. I’m proud of you,” I said though inwardly I had my doubts.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” He replied smiling as he took the pot, now filled with water from me, and set it on the burner before mixing in the oats.

“So, dad, what exactly prompted this sudden diet?” I asked him.

“You, sweetheart,” He replied looking at me as I stood on the chair near the sink, looking at him.

“What? Me? How so?” I asked looking at him.

“You made me realize that I simply can’t continue as I have been. Eating and drinking nonstop. I need to take better care of myself. To better myself so that you can be proud of me.” My father said slowly approaching me and wrapping me in a hug, his lips kissing my cheek.


I sighed inwardly recognizing the obvious doubt on my daughter’s face as I told her about my new diet. I didn’t blame her for doubting me. My family had been pressuring me to eat better for years and I always let them down, but I vowed that this time would be different. Secretly I hoped I would be able to stay on my diet. I wanted to do better for my children. To be better for them. Especially Lisa who had always been there in my corner in the past. I felt a twinge of guilt and shame over what I had done to her, but I couldn’t deny that I had enjoyed it and longed for a repeat. I promised myself that I would be gentler with her tonight. 

I let go of her and turned to mix the oats into the pot of water and turned on the burner before taking a butter knife from the drawer and beginning the process of slicing up the bananas. As I worked, I noticed Lisa sitting on the edge of the counter watching me. I smiled and turned to her, gently kissing her before pulling away and turned back to the stovetop. Taking a spoon, I stirred the pot before speaking.  “Lisa, can you get three glasses down from the cabinet beside you, honey?” I asked absently. 


I sat idly watching my father work.  He seemed to be doing an okay job, so I began to relax a bit when he turned around and walked over to me. I wondered briefly what he was doing when he surprised me by kissing me. Blushing slightly, I melted into the kiss, butterflies fluttering in my stomach when suddenly he pulled away and began stirring the pot of oatmeal. 

Still, in a daze from the kiss, I dimly heard my father speak. 

“Lisa can you get three glasses down from the cabinet beside you?” he asked. 

Nodding briefly, I turned and opened the cabinet to my right and took out three glasses when it suddenly dawned on me what he had said. “Who is the third glass for, daddy?” I asked confused.

“It’s for me silly. We’ll all have oatmeal and orange juice for breakfast today,” he said as he took the pot off the burner and began ladling oatmeal into three bowls before adding the sliced bananas and blueberries on top. 

Surprised, I nearly dropped the cups but managed to catch myself at the last minute. “Dad, don’t you usually have a beer for breakfast?” I said certain that I was dreaming or that I had misheard him.

My father gave me a rather pained expression and nodded before speaking. “Normally, yes but I have decided to try and cut down on the drinking after last night. I don’t want to lose control again and hurt you. I’m so sorry about that, sweetheart.  I promise tonight will be better for us both,” he said as he set the bowls on the table and took the carton of orange juice out of the fridge. 

I nodded, blushing crimson as I hopped down from the counter and set the glasses on the table, a weird tingling sensation in my stomach as I imagined what tonight would be like. 

Author's Note. I have not decided whether there will be a chapter six or not, so for now, consider this the end.

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