A Simpson's Story: Becoming Daddy's Special Girl

BY : Valaskia
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Disclaimer: I don't own the Simpsons, nor make money from this story.

I do not own The Simpsons, nor do I make any money from this story.
Daddy’s Special Girl.
Part I

   It all started late one night while mom was visiting Grandma Bouvier. Grandma had been discharged from the hospital after falling and breaking a hip. Mom had volunteered to take care of her since Aunt Patty and Aunt Selma were on vacation in Europe with Ling. She had taken Maggie along with her since she didn’t want to trust Homer’s ability to care for an infant on his own. She had left Bart and I with dad however because we had school.

   It was around midnight and Bart, and I were both fast asleep in our beds, having gone to bed around 8:45 pm that night. I guess dad had been drinking, a “big surprise” because he came stumbling into my room half-dressed and sloshed, reeking of beer. He turned on my bedside lamp and having made stumbled over my shoes, he nearly collided with my bed but caught himself, his weight crashing against the headboard, which naturally woke me up instantly.

“Dad…? It’s late. What are you doing here? Whoa, dad. How much did you drink?” I asked, surprised as I turned over to look up at him, my eyes gradually adjusting to the light. 

“Doh! Oooh. Marge, your awake. I’m h…hiccup, I’m horny. L…let’s have s…hiccup…sex,” My father said as he regained his balance and began undressing right in front of my eyes.

“Wh…, no dad. I’m not mom. It’s me, Lisa. Lisa. Dad stop!” I said shocked, looking on as my father finished undressing and stood before me naked and in a drunken stupor. 

“Yeah, that’s right, Marge. I’m your daddy.” My drunken father guffawed as he climbed onto my bed, his rough hands tearing away my blankets.

“Wait, dad. Stop. I’m not mom. No, don’t!” I cried as my hands tried in vain to stop him as he tore my nightgown in his drunken haze and began to tug my panties down my legs.

   I stifled a sob as the fabric of my nightgown pinched my skin before giving way and watched in shocked horror and pain as my dad tugged my panties down and off before tossing them aside, his large rough hands grabbing my legs and pushing them painfully wide.

   To my surprise and incredulity, my father leaned down, his face pressed against my special area…and began licking…? At first, I was overcome with disgust at the idea that he would put his mouth…down there. But the second he began licking me my legs twitched, and I barely suppressed a moan of pleasure. It actually felt good. Really, really good. Especially when his tongue began to swipe up and down between the folds there, when his tongue touched a spot at the top of my kitty, it was like I had been shocked. 

   I had never imagined such pleasure could exist, and I found myself wishing he would lick there again. My hands twitched at my sides and clenched awkwardly as he continued to kiss and lick and nibble on my kitty. I tried hard but was unable to keep from moaning aloud, despite the odd prickling sensation of daddy’s beard. I was really starting to enjoy myself, despite knowing that this was wrong.

   I began to pant loudly, moaning hard, my hands clutching awkwardly at daddy’s head as my body began to heat up and spasm, sheer pleasure coursing through my veins as it rippled outwards, washing over me. I collapsed against my pillow, breathless and dazed in absolute ecstasy.

“Wait…Daddy? Odd. I hadn’t called him that since I was six when I just started calling him dad, unlike Bart who called him Homer,” I thought idly to myself as laid there, recovering from whatever had just happened when I noticed my father climbing up over me.

I watched, curious yet apprehensive as my daddy moved between my legs and pressed his thingy against me down there. I felt a pinching feeling that steadily grew into a sharp pain as my daddy pressed himself hard against me. I felt my body begin to stretch down there as his thingy pushed slowly inside me. I winced, sucking in a sharp breath as my daddy thrust roughly forward and suddenly pain exploded through me as he slid deeper into me. Much deeper. I must have passed out for a few minutes because when I came to my daddy was lying on top of me.

Looking up at him, I saw him staring down at me with the most intense look on his face as his hips smacked against mine. He was panting and moaning, and his nostrils flared as he tensed, gasping and his eyes half closed. I felt wetness spill inside me as my daddy rolled off of me and lay beside me, tugging the covers up over us as he pulled me against his chest. 

I winced slightly in pain as the movement jarred my hips but closed my eyes as my daddy whispered softly,” I love you so much,” before falling asleep.

I closed my eyes and sighed, wondering how this had all happened as I drifted off to sleep beside him, suddenly much more tired than I thought.

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