A Simpson's Story: Becoming Daddy's Special Girl

BY : Valaskia
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Author’s note. I hadn’t intended on posting another chapter after the first three, but I got bored. More chapters may follow, or it may just be this one. Not sure yet.

Daddy’s Special Girl

Part IV

Climbing out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and quickly dried off as my daughter did the same beside me. Looking down at her, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Opening the bathroom door a crack I peered out into the hall. Down the hall, I could see that my son’s door was still shut, and dimly heard the sound of loud snores coming from his room. Turning to look at Lisa who stood beside me, wrapped in a towel I nodded and quickly opened the door for her to walk out first. 

“Remember to be quick and quiet. We don’t want to be caught,” I whispered softly as I followed her out of the bathroom. Walking away from her I quickly entered my bedroom and locked the door, before leaning back against the doorframe and letting out a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. Absently, I crossed the room and sat down on the bed. I put my face in my hands and sighed.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about this. “What the hell had I done? How did all this come about?” I asked myself. In one drunken blackout, I had betrayed Marge, with my own daughter. I had stolen her virginity without even considering her feelings. And now I had just gotten a blowjob. My relationship with my daughter had completely spiraled out of control. 

“What was my life coming too?” I thought to myself. I wasn’t sure what shocked me more. The fact that Lisa forgave me or that she and I had entered into a mutually consensual and incestuous relationship. I groaned and stood up, walking to the dresser, opening it and pulling out a pair of blue jeans, boxers and a pair of socks before sitting on the bed, quickly pulling them on. When I finished, I walked to the closet and opened it. Pushing aside Marge’s demure clothing, I pulled out a white shirt and pulled it over my head before walking to Marge’s vanity.

For the first time in years, I considered myself in the mirror and was unhappy with my appearance. “When had I let myself go?” I wondered. Sure, I had always enjoyed eating but things had changed a lot over the years. There was no denying it. I was fat. Resolving to go on a strict diet, I stifled a groan when I realized that I would have to give up many of the foods that I enjoyed. This was not going to be easy, I realized.

Finished dressing, I left my bedroom and walked down the stairs, heading for the kitchen. “God, help me. This isn’t going to be pleasant.” I thought to myself.

Wandering around the kitchen, at a total loss, I fumbled through the cabinets pulling random things out and setting them on the counter when I heard a pair of footsteps behind me.


Parting ways with my father, I entered my bedroom and looked around. The room seemed somehow different. Oddly foreign, as though it didn’t belong to me anymore. Looking around the room I paused, considering the stuffed animals on the bed and the boy band posters on the walls trying to figure out what had changed since last night. My gaze fell on the bed, the dark red blotch standing out on the pale white linen and realized that I was the one who had changed, not my room. Somehow, I was no longer the naïve little girl I had been just yesterday.

Walking across the room, I stopped and stood beside the bed, considering it. In many ways the little girl I had been was now gone forever. My childhood ended. Brushing away a tear that threatened to fall, I let the towel slip and fall to the floor as I crossed the room, and opened my closet, taking out a red sundress and set it on my desk before going to the old wooden dresser and taking out a pair of white socks and underwear.

Pulling on the socks I sniffled softly as I pulled on the underwear before collapsing in the chair at my weak. Quietly, I allowed the tears to fall. I loved my daddy and relished in being his special girl, but it didn’t change the events that had taken place between us or how our new relationship had begun. Inside I was a swirling mixture of strong emotions.  Anger, hurt, betrayed, sadness, grief, joy, and excitement. It was all so new and confusing that I had let it out.

Finished crying, I wiped my eyes and stood up, pulling on my dress and a pair of sandals before going downstairs to the kitchen.  Daddy would likely be looking for breakfast and it was better for everyone if he didn’t attempt to cook for the family. Recalling his last cooking attempt with horror she shuddered.  That had been an unpleasant trip to the emergency room. Stopping at the doorway to the kitchen she paled, watching her father take things out of the cabinets and set them on the counter.


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