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BY : Lennox
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Volume 3

      “Oh god. What do I do? What do I do?” Homer was pacing up and down the path in front of his house. It was almost midnight and, six hours ago, he had failed the simple task that Marge had given him. Marge had just bought new clothes for Bart and Lisa. Homer had been tasked to pick up the bag of old clothes and throw them in a charity bin on his way to Moe’s. It wasn’t until he stumbled home drunk when he realized his error. The bag of old clothes was still sitting by the door, and the bag of new clothes was now sitting in the charity bin. The only clothes Bart and Lisa had were the pajama’s they were currently sleeping in. Their old clothes were dirty and messy. If Bart and Lisa put them on for school, Marge would know he screwed up. He’d have to buy the new clothes himself, but he wouldn’t be able to do that until the next day.

      Professor Frink was walking along Evergreen Terrace. He wasn’t paying any attention to where he was going. Instead, he was focused on scribbling on his notepad and muttering to himself. He walked passed Homer as he paced back at forth with worry.

      “Something wrong, Mr. Simpson?” he asked as he adjusted his glasses.

      “Huh? Oh, it’s you, professor. What are you doing out so late at night?”

      “I like to go for a walk at night, glayven! It gives me time to think. Some of my best ideas come to me during nighttime strolls. What about you?”

      “Sobering up,” Homer muttered and he sat on his front step. “And wondering how I’m going to tell my wife that our kids have no clothes to wear tomorrow.” Frink dropped his notepad and pencil into his pocket and sat down next to him. 

      “Why don’t they have clothes to wear?”

      “Because Marge bought them some new ones and I tossed out the old ones instead. Because I'm an idiot." Frink said nothing as he reached into his pocket for his notebook. His fingers started to flip widely through its pages.

      “Yes, that is a problem, mwa-hay. But I think I have a solution... a-ha! Here we go!” 

      “What have you got? Can you help me?” Homer suddenly looked very hopeful. Professor Frink may have just saved him from yet another scolding from Marge.

      “Homer, I think I can. I’ll just need a set of clothes from each of your children. One's they'll be wearing tomorrow.” Homer jumped up from his step and snuck into the house. He soon emerged with a small bag, handing it to the professor. Frink took it and looked inside. 

      “Yes, these will be perfect. Homer, you’re giving me a chance to test my new machine. I’ll be back in an hour. Will you still be awake?” 

      “If you’re going to save me from my wife, I’ll be up until dawn.”

      True to his word, Professor Frink returned after an hour and he handed the bag of clothes back to him. Homer looked a little puzzled and looked inside. The clothes were clean and brand new. He pulled them out of the bag. Bart’s socks, briefs, shirt, and shorts, and Lisa’s dress and panties. He looked over each item of clothing.

      “Professor... these look like their brand new. What did you do?” 

      “They are new, Homer, but there's only one set of clothes. I’ve developed a machine that can clone inanimate objects with some success. But I must warn you that there is an unfortunate side effect of this process. Under no circumstances can these clothes be exposed to any kind of liquid. Doing so will cause them to..." 

      "Oh, thank you," Homer grabbed the professor and hugged him. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you," he placed several kisses onto the man's cheeks. “One pair of clothes is all I need Professor. I can buy them new ones tomorrow and Marge will be none the wiser. What can I ever do to repay you?” 

      “I’m sure I’ll think of something," Frink almost pushed himself out of Homer's grasp and adjusted his glasses. "Just remember that you have to keep them dry or..."

      "Keep 'em dry, got it! Thanks again, Professor" Homer said as he stepped inside and quickly closed the door. Professor Frink sighed and turned around. He looked up at the clear black sky above him. There wasn't a cloud in sight.

      "Oh, glayven," he muttered. "Maybe it'll be alright."


      Lunch break was well underway and Lisa had her brother deep inside of her. The two of them didn’t have time for a quickie before school, so they decided to meet up around the side of the building during their lunch period. This particular area was out of bounds to all students and the teachers rarely patrolled this area. Bart had Lisa pinned up against the wall of the building, his hips were thrusting against her. Lisa was trying her best to enjoy herself, but she kept glancing from side to side.

      “What’s wrong sis? You wanna stop?”

      “No. No Bart. I’m just a little nervous. What if we get caught?” Lisa was sounding a little worried. Bart just smiled at her. He reached behind her and down her back. His fingers found her little rear entrance. With a soft kiss to her lips, he pushed one inside. He felt Lisa quiver in his grasp. Since Lisa took two rumbling vibrators in her during a dinner party last year, Bart had noticed his sister’s increasing interest in anal play.

      "Mmmm... Bart... I want you in the back door.” Bart grinned. He didn’t need to be told twice. As much as he loved his sister's pussy, her ass was always much tighter. He pulled himself out and spat on his shaft to lube it up. It was already slick with Lisa’s juices, but he figured that a little more couldn’t hurt. Lisa turned and lifted her dress. Bart didn’t stop to admire the view. He pressed his shaft against her hole and pushed himself in.

      “Oh, God... Lisa...” he cringed a little. Lisa had forgotten about getting caught. She either no longer worried or no longer cared. She quivered as Bart pushed himself in and out. With her hands on the wall, she felt Bart’s on her hips and his lips on her neck.

      “Bart, no hickeys.” 

      “Relax Lis. I know. Don’t worry.” Bart had always cursed their rules, but if he didn’t keep them it meant that they could no longer fuck in secret. Bart slipped his hand back around his sister. His fingers brushed up against her small slit and Lisa’s toes curled inside her shoes. Bart easily slipped a finger past his sister’s folds. He wriggled his finger inside of her, his thumb pressing down on her tiny clit. Lisa was almost shivering against the wall. Lisa’s legs quivered as Bart pushed a second finger inside her. She trembled in her brother’s grasp. Bart smiled. He knew his sister had just cum. He could feel the extra moistness around his fingers. His own orgasm wasn’t far behind. After a little more thrusting, his cock twitched and he shot his pent up load inside his sister’s ass. The two siblings stood against the wall and basked in the afterglow. Lisa pulled Barts finger’s from her snatch and sucked them clean of her moisture.

      “Aww. I wanted some of that.”

      “Don’t worry Bart,” Lisa said as he slipped out of her. She moved over to her bag and zipped it open. She pulled out a pair of panties. “Tonight your face can spend as much time as it wants between my legs.” Bart beamed from ear to ear. Lisa slipped her feet through her underpants and pulled them up her legs.

      “I thought you didn’t wear those any more, sis.”

      “I like to keep a pair handy at school. Can’t had my brother’s cum leaking out, can I?”

      Bart and Lisa adjusted their clothes before picking up their bags to head back into the crowd of school kids during lunch. As they walked, small metal pipes popped up from the ground. The school’s sprinkler system switched itself on and Bart, Lisa, and the grass around them were quickly drenched in a harsh spray of water. Lisa shrieked and quickly ran out of the sprinkler’s range. Bart chuckled at her reaction and casually walked through the spray.

      “A little water’s not going to hurt you, sis. It’s a nice day anyway. You’ll dry in no time.” Bart walked over to his sister. The boy was soaked. He grabbed the front of his shirt and twisted it to squeeze the water from the fabric. In his clenched fists, the piece of shirt tore off.

      “What the hell?” he asked. Both Bart and Lisa watched as Bart’s shirt and shorts seemed to fall from his body. Pieces of fabric just fell off and were nothing more than small rags on the grass. His underpants soon followed, and Bart was left wearing nothing but his shoes. He pressed himself against the side of the school building to keep himself out of sight.

      “Lisa, what the hell is going on?” Lisa knelt to look at the tattered pile. As she did, a large hole in her dress had formed around her knee. Lisa quickly stood up and the back of her dress fell apart. In less than a minute, she was standing next to Bart against the building, wearing only her shoes and her pearl necklace.

      “Lisa, we gotta get out of here.” 

      “Bart, how? Where do we go?” 

      “We gotta try and make it home. It’s not that far. You see those bushes over there?”


      “Behind those. Go. Now.”

      The perimeter of Springfield Elementary was surrounded by a wire fence. Running along in front of the fence were bushes. They were thick enough for Bart and Lisa to crawl past without being seen by any of the other students. Lisa slipped through the bush first, with Bart crawling behind her.

      “Not a bad view from back here, sis.” Lisa gave Bart a playful kick to his shoulder.

      “This isn’t the time for jokes!”

      Bart and Lisa had made it off the school grounds, sneaking behind bushes and ducking through people’s backyards. They had to climb fences, sneak behind trees, crawl between cars. With their bags on their bags and their shoes on their feet, the naked siblings soon made it home. Bart held his hands as a step-up for his Lisa as they climbed over the fence and into their back yard. Lisa dashed for the doghouse while Bart hid behind the tree. They noticed every window in the house had open curtains.

      “Mom must be home,” Lisa whispered. 

      “At least we can get in.”               

      Bart and Lisa both had to wait until they could see Marge in her bedroom window upstairs. As soon as her back was turned, they made a mad dash for the door and snuck into the house. They hid under the dining room table as they heard Marge coming down the stairs. When the coast was clear, they ran up to Lisa’s room. Closing the door, both Bart and Lisa fell against it and caught their breath. They had just run from school back to home with nothing on. They both looked at each other, smiling.

      “I guess that was pretty exciting, huh Lis?” 

      “Yeah. I had thought about going back after I got dressed. But now... I don’t really want to. I kind of want to do it again.” 

      “Well how about tonight? Middle of the night. You and me, no clothes, we just go out and sneak around. Maybe we could break into the school, have sex on Skinner’s desk.” 

      “Bart,” Lisa was shocked that he’d even suggest such a thing, but she found that she actually liked the idea. “Alright. Let’s do it.”

      Bart crept back to his room. He was glad to see that his new clothes were there. Homer had bought some and snuck them into the house before heading back to work. As he dressed, he could imagine him and Lisa on Skinner’s desk. With his cum dripping from his sister’s pussy over the desk and chair.    

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