Lisafest 2012 Short Stories

BY : Lennox
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Volume 1

      The dim morning light seeped into Bart’s bedroom. In his sleep, the ten-year-old rolled over and snuggled up against his sister under the covers. It was the first morning of Lisafest; a celebration of the eldest Simpson daughter. Last year, Bart and Lisa decided to take suggestions of things to do from those who watched and followed the online festival. They tried new things, things they thought they would never do. And after a little chat, they decided to do it again for 2012.

      Bart's bedroom door and window were both closed, yet a gust of wind blew a piece of paper around the bedroom. A faint whirring sound filled the room that stirred Bart and Lisa from their sleep. A large blue box began to appear, seemingly out of nowhere, by Bart's closet. The siblings both sat up in bed, their mouths open in disbelief. The door swung open and Lisa quickly rolled off the mattress. This was a technique that she and Bart had practiced if they were ever to be discovered sharing the same bed. Lisa would roll out from the covers and slip under the bed, while Bart would slip his pajama top on and hide his naked bottom. And in Lisa’s room, their roles were reversed.

      Two people stepped out of the box. They were adults, one male and one female. Lisa was watching from under Bart’s bed. She couldn’t see much above their ankles. Bart, however, could see them perfectly. His jaw dropped as he saw them.

      “What...? How...?” he asked. It was all he could say. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. Lisa crept out of her hiding spot. She was using one of Bart’s shirts to cover herself. She too stood in awe at their sudden visitors. An older Bart and Lisa stood in front of their younger selves. Bart was twenty-four, Lisa was twenty-two.

      “Okay kids, this is where it gets complicated,” the older Lisa spoke first.

      “Who the hell are you?” Lisa asked as she stepping forward.

      “I’m you, from your future,” older Lisa answered.

      “We are your future selves,” older Bart said. 

      “But how is this possible?” Lisa asked. She dropped the shirt that she was holding against herself. Her older self shrugged. 

      “Easy. It’s my festival this week, isn’t it? Look, in a couple of hours you’re going to get a suggestion for this to happen. Clearly, you can’t do it now. But in ten or so years, you will. You'll get married and you find a time machine in Professor Frink’s basement. You remember this happening and then travel back to this moment where you will sit here and explain all this again to your younger selves.” 

      “Hang on?” Bart asked, “Does she have to remember all that?”

      “It just sort of happens,” older Lisa shrugged. She looked at her younger self and smiled. “Don’t worry Lisa... err, me. It just comes naturally.”

      “So you two are here on a suggestion we'll be getting. So what are we supposed to do?” Lisa asked. Older Bart smiled and put his arm around his wife.

      “Lisa and I have talked long and hard about having a baby and we’ve decided that we’re ready.” Bart rolled his eyes. 

      “Come on man. You didn’t have to come back in time just to fuck your sister and knock her up. You could have done it in your own time. Lisa and I have been having sex for ages. We don’t need special circumstances to do it.” Young Bart said. His older self gripped the covers and pulled them down, exposing his younger self.

      “That's why we're here, Bart. That's what the suggestion is. The two of us, with my Lisa." Bart shifted from the bed to stand by his sister. He wrapped his arms around her.

      “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on a minute. I love Lisa. You think I’m going to sleep with someone else based on your word?” he asked. Older Lisa moved off the bed and knelt in front of him. 

      “It’s not cheating, not really. I’m still the same person. And if your older self can’t convince you, maybe these can.” Older Lisa lifted her top over her head. Her fingers caught her bra on the way up and her breasts fell out in front of Bart. His eyes went wide as they dropped from the padded garment. He had never seen a grown pair of nude breasts before. Bart hesitated for a moment, before lifting his arms to reach out at his older sister's tits. He wanted to just grab and squeeze them both. But he pulled his hands back, turned away, and shut his eyes.

      “No! I may not be perfect, but I’m not going to cheat on my sister!” He didn’t want to look back at them, but he opened his eyes when he felt Lisa’s hands on his shoulders. 

      “Bart, it’s alright," she smiled." She's still me, albeit an older me, but me none the less. Besides, I kinda want to see this.” 

      “Are you sure Lis?” he asked.

      “I know you want to, and it’s sweet of you to think of me first. But you also have to do this. If our future selves did this when they were our age, then we have to do this as well. I can explain the science later, but it has to be this way. Besides, this means that I can have your double as well.” Lisa licked her lips eyeing up her older brother’s older self. Older Bart had lost his gut, his arms were nicely toned and he was making no effort to hide the bulge in his pants. But he shook his head.

      “Sorry, little sis. But you have to sit this one out. If we’re going to do this properly and how where supposed to, I’ll just be helping myself.” He grinned and tussled younger Bart’s hair. Older Lisa grinned down at her. 

      “Don’t worry Lisa. You’ll get your turn next.”

      Older Bart and Lisa quickly stripped. Bart sat on the bed and Lisa knelt in front of him to take his shaft in her mouth. Their younger selves just watched in awe at the blowjob in front of them. Bart looked down at his younger self.

      “If you think she’s good at this now, just wait until you get to my age,” he winked at him and Lisa pulled herself up. She stood, turned around, and waited for Bart to move up onto the bed. Holding her brother’s shaft, she eased herself down on top of him, slipping his cock inside her ass. With Lisa now lying on top of Bart, she moved her hands between her legs and spread her moist pussy lips apart.

      “Your turn, little brother,” she smirked. This time, Bart didn’t wait for his younger sister's approval. His boyhood was already hard from seeing his sister’s well-developed tits for the first time. He climbed up onto the bed and placed himself between their legs. His older self had his hands on Lisa’s hips and was slowly pushing Lisa up and down, moving his shaft in and out of her ass. As Lisa moved up, younger Bart pushed himself into her soaked cunt. In truth, it was older Bart that Lisa could feel more than younger Bart. The boy was only ten years old and, while his shaft was good for eight-year-old Lisa, it wasn’t enough for twenty-two-year-old Lisa.

      Young Bart, on the other hand, was forced to clench his stomach. He didn’t want to cum too early. He let his older self do all the work. Lisa was pushed up and down between her twin brothers. She had never had two live cocks at once, only toys. As one Bart pushed out, she felt the Bart other push in. She grabbed her younger brother’s hands and moved them to her chest. 

      “Here’s what you get to play with in the future, little brother.” That was the second time Bart had been called Lisa’s little brother. While it was both right and wrong, Bart didn’t care. He’d always secretly dreamed about fucking an older woman, but he never did because he didn’t want to cheat on his sister. He could feel that older cunt squeezing him in. This was twelve years' worth of experience below him and older Lisa was using every moment of it on younger Bart. His hands molded nicely to his older sister's tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples between his stubby little fingers.

      Older Bart could never last long inside his sister’s ass. It was just something that young Lisa didn’t do that often. Both young Bart and Lisa always preferred Bart’s dick in her cunt, with anal sex being a rare treat. But it was young Bart who was the closest to cumming. He had a face buried between his sister’s tits. As her cunt was pushed up and down his shaft, Bart placed his mouth around one of her nipples and gently bit down on the round nubbin. That sent Lisa over the edge. Her orgasm seemed to creep up on her, her juices splashing against Bart’s shaft and onto his crotch. Young Bart wasn’t far behind. With a few grunts, he buried himself inside the older Lisa as deep as he could. His shaft erupted and spewed a load of boy cum into her depths. He almost collapsed on top of her, his face falling back on those lovely mounds on her chest. He felt older Bart’s hands on his ass, pushing them both against him as he shot his cum inside Lisa’s ass. The three of them lay panting on the bed, and older Bart and Lisa locked their lips in a passionate kiss.

      The sun was rising outside and bathed the room in the dull light. Marge and Homer could be heard shuffling around downstairs and getting ready for the day. The older siblings knew they couldn’t stay, but Bart couldn’t resist grabbing his cell phone for a few pictures. He wanted a memory of his future sister’s nude body, her tits, ass, and pussy.

      “Hey Lisa’s," he asked. " Could I get one of you two making out?” The two Lisa’s looked at each other and grinned. They both had the same idea.

      “Only if the two Bart’s do the same,” older Lisa said. The two Bart’s looked at each other. They weren’t comfortable with the idea. Bart looked up at his older self. 

      "We've already done it, haven't we?" he asked him. The older Bart sighed and nodded.

      "It wasn't that bad," he said. 

      “Well, I guess no one will ever see these," Bart relented. "And I’m sure as hell not going to tell anyone,” Bart said.

      Older Lisa picked up her younger self for a shot, then locked their lips together for the next photo. Bart snapped her fingered her younger self in her arms and then young Lisa pressed her mouth and tongue against her pussy. Younger Bart was a little nervous when it came to his turn. He first posed with his older self, back to back and arms crossed. His last shot was trying to take his older self’s shaft in his mouth, but he couldn’t get it in all the way.

      “It’s not as easy as it looks, it is Bart?” young Lisa teased him. When he had taken as much of his cock in his mouth as he could, Lisa took the photo. Bart quickly pulled off himself off. Once they were all dressed, older Bart and Lisa stood in the doorway of their time machine. Older Lisa reached into the machine and pulled out a small black box, with a single red button on its surface.

      "You're going to need this," she said and handed it to her younger self. It was a small black box, with a single red button on it.  

      “Technology from the future?” Young Lisa grinned.

      “It's for your next suggestion. And don’t lose it. When you become me, you’re going to have to give that to yourself.” They waved and kissed each other goodbye. The door to the time machine closed and the blue box faded away.

      “So Lisa, what do you think the box does?” Bart asked.

      “I’ve got no idea. But she said I’ll need it later. But I have to know, how was future me in bed? You obviously don’t leave me for some other women a few years from now.” 

      “Lisa, in the future, we’re married, have a time machine, and we're starting our own family. That was the whole point of their visit, wasn’t it? I’ve got no idea what exactly our future holds, but I couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone other than you.” Bart picked up his sister in his arms and pressed his lips against hers. 

      “Yeah. Bring the future on,” Lisa thought to herself.

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