Lisafest 2012 Short Stories

BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 2

      “Come on, Lisa. Just press the damn button already!” Bart was lying on Lisa's bed, becoming impatient as she paced around the room. They hadn’t had sex since last night, nor did they check their Lisafest suggestions. Lisa was too preoccupied. Bart and Lisa had a visit from their future a day earlier. Before they left, Lisa gave her younger self a small black box. There was a button on its and a blank digital display on its side. Lisa was turning it over and over in her hands, deep in thought about more than what its purpose was.

      “Bart, I can’t just press the button. Who knows what would happen.”

      “Lisa, your future self gave it to you. She said it was for you to use. It’s not going to kill or harm you or anything. You would have warned yourself.” 

      “Bart, you don’t get it. This box shouldn’t exist! It can't exist!”

      “But it does exist. You’re holding it!”

      “It's the bootstrap paradox," Lisa sighed. "Listen, my future self gave this to me and told me I'd need it. Twelve years later when we go back in time, I'm going to give it to my younger self.”

      “Yeah... so?”

      “This box travels around and around through time. I give it to myself only to hold onto it and give it to myself again. Who knows how many times this box has been held by me? How many times have we had this conversation? This box has no origin, Bart. It was never created. It’s passed down from old me to young me and the cycle starts again when I grow up. This box is... it's impossible. I’ll never know where it came from or who built it because my older self didn’t tell me. And if she doesn’t know, then I don’t know, so she can't know, and it goes around and around. This box cannot exist...”

      Bart rolled his eyes. He sat up and slid off the bed to step in front of Lisa as she walked in her circle. He wrapped his fingers around the wrist of her free hand and pressed her palm down against the button. Lisa froze, her eyes glued to what her brother had just done.

      “Bart, no! We don’t know what’s going to happen!” 

      “We’re about to find out, Lis.” Bart took a step back and they both eyed the box. 01:00:00 appeared in red numbers on the digital display. 

      “Or we'll find out in an hour,” Bart said. 

      “Or whatever starts now and finish in an hour,” Lisa said. She started to feel dizzy. The room seemed to be spinning around her. Lisa dropped to her knees, her free hand clutching her head. She looked up at Bart but her vision was becoming blurred and fuzzy.

      “Lisa? Are you alright? What’s happening?” Bart was starting to panic. 

      “Give it... an hour...” she struggled to say before collapsing on the floor. The box slipped from Lisa's hand and Bart rolled her over onto her back. He was starting to panic. He pressed his ear to her chest to check for a heartbeat. It was faint, but it sounded steady. The box lay forgotten on the floor beside her, and Bart was more worried about his sister to pay it any attention.  The display timer went unnoticed as it started ticking down.




      Lisa awoke to the warm sun shining down on her face. Her eyes squinted in the bright light. The bright blue sky above her was littered with small white fluffy clouds. She felt strange, different.

      “Where am I?” she muttered to herself as she turned her head. Lisa realized she was laying in a large field, her body resting atop the cool and soft grass. Lisa tried to roll over and stand up. But she felt heavier, much heavier.

      "What the..." Lisa asked. She looked down at her body and screamed.

      The loud cry did not go unheard. A local farmer by the name of Big McIntosh had heard Lisa's distress. He dropped what he was doing and ran towards the sound. He was there in under a minute. Lisa caught his rapid approach in the corner of her eye and had to strain her neck to look across the field. Big McIntosh knelt beside Lisa, and she looked on him in disbelief.

      “A pony...?” she muttered.

      “Eeyup,” the red pony smiled. "Last time I checked anyway. Are you alright?” 

      "A talking pony?" Lisa's eyes went wide at the sound of his voice.

      "Yes?" Big McIntosh was suddenly a lot more concerned. He was a large pony with dark pink fur. He had a green apple on his side, white hooves, and a sandy blonde mane and tail. He looked over Lisa to check for any signs of trauma or injury. She too was a pony. Her face and hooves were yellow, with red fur from her neck down which ceased with a zig-zag pattern above each hoof. There was a musical note on her side, and her spiky hair was now a messy blonde mane filled with dust, dirt, and grass.

      “I’m a... pony too?” she asked. Big Mac had a quizzical look on his face.

      “Well... yeah, you are. Did you hit your head or something?”

      “But I’m a person; a girl. A human girl.” 

      “Little lady, I"ve got no idea what a human is. But you’re as much of pony as I am. Well, maybe not as I am, but you’re a pony none the less. Do you want to go and see someone?”

      “I didn’t fall... at least I don’t think I did.”

      “Well, you’re lying on the grass. Don’t think anyone would do that without falling. Why don’t you follow me? We’ll get you cleaned up. The name’s Big Mac, by the way. And you are?”                "I’m... I’m Lisa."

      It a lot of effort before Lisa was able to stand on four legs without falling back down. It was the strangest feeling of having to coordinate four legs instead of two. But eventually, Lisa was able to walk back to Big Mac’s farmhouse and compose her thoughts. 

      “So what did you mean by me not being ‘quite as pony’ as you?” 

      “Well... you seem more of a mare than a stallion little miss.” 

      “And are you... a stallion?”

      “Eeyup,” he said proudly. Lisa moved to rub up against him. Big Mac was becoming nervous. Here was this pony, one whom he’d never met and was acting incredibly strange.

      “Can I see?”

      “Uh... can you see what?” Big Mac asked.

      “What makes you a stallion?” Lisa smiled. 

      “Well I don’t normally do this, but just this once. And don’t you go telling Applejack. She’ll have told the whole city by the end of the day.” Lisa had no idea who Applejack was, but she didn’t seem to care. There was something that she liked about this pony. Not only did he seem gentle, kind, and caring but there was something else that seemed to draw her to him. Big Mac moved beside Lisa, lifting his hind leg. Lisa lowered her head. His cock and balls hung under his stomach and between his hind legs. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

      “I thought stallions were bigger?” she said. Big Mac saw this as his chance.

      “Give it a lick," he grinned. "You might be surprised.” Since sleeping with Bart, Lisa had become a lot more adventurous, daring, and forthcoming with her thoughts and advances. Big Mac was secretly worried that she'd get cold hooves and back away. But his eyes went wide when he felt that long pony tongue on his shaft. Lisa dragged her tongue from the tip of his shaft down to his balls. True to his word, his shaft grew in front of Lisa’s eyes and she went for a second lick. She turned around, knelt to the floor, and opened her mouth. Big Mac’s shaft grew past her lips and over her tongue. As a pony, Lisa’s mouth was longer and wider. Combined with all the experience of sucking off her brother, Lisa easily took the stallion cock within her lips. Big Mac didn’t say anything as Lisa bobbed her head along the stallion’s dick. Each time she sucked him, she could take a little bit more. An extra inch every few passes. She could hear Big Mac breathing above her, heavier than normal. Lisa took as much of him as she could before she felt the shaft jolt in her mouth. Thick hot ropes of horse cum quickly flooded her mouth. Lisa tried to swallow as much as she could as it gushed out from the corners of her lips. She pulled off his shaft and the last spurts were shot across her face. Big Mac sighed with relief and offered her a small towel. Lisa took it and wiped her face, beaming back at him. She turned around, spreading her hind legs for him. 

      “Don't think I'm done with you yet, mister.”

      Big Mac didn’t need a second invitation. He pushed Lisa down onto her knees and stood above her. His shaft lined up perfectly with her moist and excited horse-pussy and he eased himself inside her folds. Lisa quivered below him. In the first few seconds, Big Mac had already gone deeper than Bart ever could. As much as she loved sleeping with her brother, Lisa knew Bart could never be this big. She felt each inch sink inside her. Her tongue hung from her mouth as Big Mac hilted her and eased himself back out. As a pony, Lisa could take a lot more. Her new body was a perfect fit for a stallion. 

      “Damn, little Lisa,” Big Mac muttered as he started to plow her. “Here’s me thinking I’d have to work up to you. I thought you’d be a virgin pony.” 

      “You’d be surprised what I get up to Mac,” Lisa grinned.

      Lisa found that sex as a pony wasn’t that different from when she was a human. It felt just as good inside her, left her quivering, and her body’s instinct still told her to squeeze down on him. Her fuck hole instantly tightened for Big Mac. The stallion closed his eyes and worked on his new mare. Deep down, he’d hoped he’d finally have a mate for life. He was going to enjoy every minute of this young mare’s pussy. He started to pick up the pace, pushing and pulling in and out of Lisa. He bit his bottom lip as his hips did all the work for him.

      Lisa was loving this. She had never had anything inside her that reached so big and so deep. Big Mac was hitting all the right spots. Deep in her depths, her orgasm was building faster than it had ever had with Bart. She quivered and shuddered as she squirted around his shaft. A few drops of her pony juice fell to the floor beneath her. Big Mac knew she had just cum, but he could feel that he wasn’t far behind. He pushed himself inside Lisa as his shaft twitched again and sprayed another thick load of stallion seed into the young pony. Lisa came again, the second time in as many minutes. That hot, thick cum coated her insides and she loved the sticky feeling it bought. Big Mac collapsed on top of Lisa, his head hanging next to hers over her shoulder. He offered her a gentle lick on her cheek as his orgasm died down inside of her.


      Bart sat next to Lisa’s bed, his eyes moving between his sister and the box. He had lifted her onto her bed and placed her under the covers. He shut the door and moved her chair to sit next to her. It was the longest hour of his life. If Lisa didn’t wake up when the time ran out, he didn’t know what he’d do. He watched the display tick down those last few seconds. It finally flashed zero before it went dark and Lisa stirred and opened her eyes.

      “Lisa! You’re awake!” Bart quickly her hand.

      “What... what happened?”

      “I don’t know. I made you press the button and you passed out on the floor. I’m so sorry Lisa; I should have been more patient. But I moved you into your bed and I’ve been waiting for the timer to run down.” Bart stood and kissed his sister. He was so relieved that she was alright.

      “Thanks, Bart," she smiled at him. "Could you get me a drink?” Bart nodded and left the room. Lisa tried to sit up, but she felt too groggy. It was as if she had woken up from a short nap when she needed more sleep. She rolled over onto her side, her head filled with the memories of Big Mac. She was disappointed that it was just a dream. But it felt so real, so vivid. Lisa realized that she could still taste his seed in her mouth and she felt something sticky between her legs. She slowly sat up against the headboard and pulled the covers off. She lifted her dress. She could see traces of cum down her legs and inside her panties.

      “Did Bart fuck me while I was asleep?” she muttered to herself. She scooped up a thick white blob from her leg folds and brought it to her mouth.

      “This doesn’t taste like Bart. It tastes more like...” Lisa grinned and lay back down, covering herself again with the sheets and blankets.


      Twelve years later, Bart and Lisa slipped into Professor Frink’s house in the middle of the night. Lisa held the box tightly in her hand. She never told Bart of her time with Big Mac and it had never worked since, but Lisa didn’t know if he’d ever believe her anyway.

      “Alright Lis. A big blue box. It shouldn’t be hard to find.” Lisa just rolled her eyes.

      “Yes Bart, I remember. It’s over here in the corner.” They both slipped inside the box and closed the door behind them. “I thought it’d be bigger in here.” The inside was a small room with a control panel on the wall.

      “This is exciting," Bart said. "It’s like something out of a TV show. Can you remember exactly when we saw ourselves?”

      “First day of Lisafest. May 4, 2012.” Lisa said as she placed the box on the floor. Bart punched the date into the panel and the box roared to life. It vanished from Professor Frink’s basement and re-appeared in Bart’s room over a decade before. The button on the box lit up and the display flashed 01:00:00 briefly. Its trip through time seemed to charge its batteries. Bart looked at his sister before opening the door.

      “Can you remember what the first line was?” he asked. Lisa nodded as she recalled the conversation with herself twelve years ago. It wasn't something she could have easily forgotten. The two siblings pushed the doors open and stepped out into the old bedroom. They saw Bart, as a young boy, sitting up in bed with eyes and jaw wide open.

      “What...? How...?" was all he could say. They saw Lisa, as a young girl, crawl out from under the bed with Bart’s orange shirt pressed against her chest. Older Lisa spoke first.

      “Okay, kids. This is where it gets complicated.”

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