Time With Mother

BY : lilo1013
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“Such a wonderful morning among the kingdom.  I think your father will be coming back soon girls.  Do you want to go greet him now or do you want to wait a little longer?”  Iduna asks in a see-thru indigo nightgown that was fully opened.  Much of her front was exposed to the air as she was standing in front of an opened window of her bedroom.

She gained no answer from her children rather she hears the moans coming from Elsa and Anna behind her.  So eager those two,  She thought happily, not bothering to turn towards her bed behind her.  The actions of the sisters persist in the ears of Iduna though she couldn’t see anything that was happening.  The sounds did turn her one further while she savors the feel of the wind against her body.

Laying on her back for her older sister, Anna moaned repeatedly feeling a mixture of her sister’s tongue against her entrance and light slaps of Elsa’s right hand against the top of her pussy.  The double attack on her crotch made the child juicy with each passing second.  Her older sister lap up what she could while continuing to stimulate her from both her slaps and licks.

“Elsa…you’re gonna make me pee…”  Anna complains though her moans betray much of her demeanor.  Elsa simply narrowed her eyes towards her sibling, continuing to pleasure her.  She wiggled her tiny ass in the air from what she was doing; enjoying herself more with each lap of her tongue and lick she provided to Anna.  Anna stretches back from the sensations; cumming from her sister who stopped completely when this happened.

“Well done Elsa…”  Iduna praised as she approaches the bed without Elsa’s knowledge.  The older sister turns her attention towards her mother who had climbed up onto the bed behind her.  When did mommy get there?  Elsa thought in wonder now looking behind herself from the right.  She shakes a little bit and ends her ass shaking though she continues to feel Anna shaking against her.

A sudden yell from Elsa alerted Anna from her orgasm. The child sits up just in time to witness her mother’s blow with her right hand against Elsa’s pussy.  The child quivers in delight, gritting her teeth heavily while doing her best to brace herself from the stinging pleasure running through her. “You need to do a little more effort than that when hitting someone there.”  Iduna explains then again smack her right hand against Elsa’s pussy firmly.

The blow to her pussy causes much of Elsa’s strength to fade from her being.  She slouched down against Anna’s crotch; panting heavily in need.  Her younger sister blinked at her eyes many times from what she witnessed and with what strength she held in her being, elevated herself up on top of the bed.  Anna watched as her older sister slowly turns into the plaything of their mother who works against her pussy from behind.

Iduna stared down at Elsa’s backside, taking in her features she knew quite well.  Gently, she spanks her daughter’s pussy rather than striking her firmly as she did before.  A similar effect fills Iduna’s eyes from her daughter whimpering in need and trembling in delight.  “Did you like that Elsa?  Though I want to ask, do you two want to do something more fun?”  Iduna inquires.

Without a second thought, the sisters turn their focus towards their mother, wide eyed and staring at her in wait.  “Alright…no need to stare at me like I’m going to spring out of my clothes.”  Iduna jokes a little with a laugh throughout her words.  Gently, she inched herself back towards the end of the bed, spread her legs out in a bent manner and leaned back before her daughters’ gazes.

Without hesitation, Anna pulled away from Elsa’s person and in turn, Elsa shift herself around before her mother.  Both sisters crawl towards Iduna’s person, always gazing upon her body in need.  The way they stare at her turn her on further with her pussy releasing its pheromones and juices that made her shine.  However the girls continue forward despite it.

Together, the sisters lay down between their mother’s legs, narrow their eyes and stick out their small tongues.  Together, they lap up against their mother’s pussy; tasting her flesh and juices in seconds that turn them on.  The two tremble in delight with Iduna watching closely with light moans.  That’s right girls…lick as much as you want…  She thought further at the two sisters continuing to sample their mother.

Anna remains to her mother’s right with Elsa to her left, further licking against her space.  The taste of her flesh and juices entice the sisters to peruse more of it, their licks picking up faster by the seconds.  Iduna shut her eyes and leaned back from the actions of her daughters; feeling their tongues moving faster the more they sample of her being.  They lightly let out moan after moan from their licks until the two clench their eyes shut tightly.

Iduna leaned upward and stared down at her children once more; taking in their releases from simply sampling more of her holes.  She blinks from the sight of them shuddering in delight then returned to licking on her much slower than before.  Anna showed more interest compared to her sister as the two pick up; licking against their mother’s pussy.

“Don’t you two…want something to eat…or do something else?”  Iduna jest to see how they would react.  She smiled seeing them not only picking up speed among her pussy, but pressing themselves closer to her person.  They lap more against the inner folds of her flesh, leaving behind a large amount of saliva in the process while their pussies ache for attention.

Without thinking, the sisters rise up together in place, spread their knees apart and move their small arms under their persons.  They rub on their pussies in great need, moaning heavily and shutting their eyes tighter than before.  The entire scene filled Iduna’s eyes as she shook a bit from their change in demeanor and the pleasure coursing through her.

Guess they’re too interested in this and are even more turned on than I thought…  Iduna thought, feeling their tongues further among her pussy.  Oh darling…I hope you don’t come back too soon…I have to make sure that I get to cum along with them…otherwise I’ll be starved for hours until I can get what I want…  She thought as she shut her eyes and leaned back a little bit more.

Elsa and Anna continue to work together as their tongues sometimes collide against one another.  They would lean to one another, lick against the other’s tongue then return to lapping against their mother’s pussy.  The tastes that flood them along with pleasuring their pussies cause them to convulse and cum again.  It didn’t stop their actions however.

Iduna watches closely at them slowly picking up speed through their orgasm and smilde after feeling herself getting close. I guess we can be a little late to breakfast… She thought.


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