Time With Mother

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Long after their time in the bath, snuggled up against the pillows and under the sheets of the large canopy bed they were each sharing, the still awake Iduna remained pleasuring a still alert and horny Anna.  Anna was trying her best not to make too much noise, but her moans continue to pick up from the actions of her mother against her person.  With her back to the sleeping Elsa, Iduna focused more on her still awake daughter, staring at her frame that was exposed to the air while holding her with her right arm under her head.

She was using her left hand to easily finger her child; however she was only able to fit her middle finger inside of her now wet pussy.  “Do you like that Anna?”  Iduna asks after pulling her finger out steadily from her child. 

“Mmhmm…”  Anna let out focusing more on the pleasure; clenching her eyes tightly from what she was gaining. 

“Good…I want to make sure you feel good.”  Iduna continues then suddenly pulled her finger out.

A swift flattening of her hand above Anna’s pussy alerted the child, but she yells out feeling her mother slapping against her small pussy gently.  Anna didn’t let out a single word as she was struggling from the stinging sensation from her mother’s blow.  “Did you like that Anna?  Elsa always loves it when I spank her little pussy like this.”  Iduna explains calmly then smack against Anna’s pussy once more.

The second blow made Anna jump in place until the third made her scream out.  She didn’t hold back from the sensations racing inside of her and from it, her juices flow out at a steady pace.  Her legs began to twitch greatly from it as Iduna knew what was happening.  “That’s a good girl…cumming like that for mommy.  I guess you and Elsa are two peas in the same pod.”  Iduna complement followed by a light snicker.

Anna couldn’t process this as the new sensation of cumming this way overtakes her.  She stared up at the ceiling above then moaned feeling her mother’s middle finger stroking up and down among her slit.  The child grit her teeth from the actions of her mother with Iduna watching closely.  The sounds of light groaning behind her alert Iduna, but she didn’t turn her focus towards her sleeping daughter.

Elsa was laying on her back; nestling herself more against the pillows with a wide smile on her face.  In the depths of her mind, a wonderful dream plays out in her head with each passing second. 

She was lying between her mother’s legs, naked as the day she was born much like Iduna was as the older woman moaned eagerly and rapidly from her child’s actions.

“That’s right Elsa…be a good girl and eat out mommy’s cunt…” Iduna announced in need, further moaning from the rapid licks of her child against her pussy.  Elsa stops for a moment and leaned back, taking in the crotch of her mother.  The sight of her well trimmed, slightly opened pussy lips excites the child.  She smirks from ear to ear at the sight of her mother’s wet hole and her hardened clit.

“Mommy can we do something naughty?”  Elsa asks as she looks up towards her mother’s face.  Iduna nodded to her in want which the child shifted from her position on top of the bed she was laying on.  Sitting much like her mother, the child slid herself up towards her mother’s pussy with her legs spread apart and her smaller pussy already wet. The two collide with Elsa moaning out happily and Iduna moaning from their connection.

Outside of the dream there was a pleased smile on Elsa’s face which Iduna and the panting Anna took in.  The two having shifted in their position from before as Iduna was resting her head against her left arm while using her right hand to lightly stroke against the soaked pussy of Anna.  The child had her hands pressing up against Iduna’s hands to help her though it wasn’t effective in the slightest.

“Do I…dream like Elsa…mommy?”  Anna asks curiously despite the pants leaving her mouth. 

“Sometimes you do, but you don’t show a face like your sister does.  She must be having a wonderful dream right now.”  Iduna answers without a change in her demeanor focusing on Elsa’s face during her stroking of Anna’s pussy.  The child winced in place from the pleasure which Iduna looked down at her happily; sporting a wide motherly smile.

“Such a good girl…enjoying mommy’s fingers like that and letting out so much of her sticky juices.  I’m so happy.”  Iduna admits while pulling her hand away from Anna’s pussy.  The child smiles in a quivering manner from her mother’s words though shake more from the lack of her fingers against her.  Iduna moved her hand to her mouth and sucked gently against her fingers one at a time.  The lingering flavor of Anna’s juice fills her taste buds as Iduna shifted her attention back to Elsa.

The older woman along with her child watches closely at Elsa humping the covers over her as they begin to stain slightly.  The sight interests Anna while Iduna watched knowingly at her child continuing her actions.  I wonder what you’re dreaming about Elsa…it must be something very naughty if you’re already leaking out this much…  She thought in want; smirking more motherly.

Inside of Elsa’s mind, she was under her mother’s person with her legs pulled back almost to the back of her head.  She appeared powerless under her mother’s weight who was easily balancing herself over the smaller Elsa.  The two were grinding their pussies against one another becoming hotter and stickier with each motion the two offered one another.

“Come on honey…you can cum whenever you want…mommy will give you more of her sticky pussy whenever you do.”  Iduna announced happily which Elsa nods many times in need. 

“Yes mommy!  I want to cum!  I want to cum with mommy and lick all over your pussy!”  Elsa screams out from the pleasure further coursing throughout her being.

Outside of her dream, Elsa was moaning slightly as the covers were removed from her person.  Iduna was laying between her daughter’s legs, again sampling her pussy with her mouth covering it completely.  At the same time, Anna was laying next to her sister’s right with half opened eyes.  She swirled her tongue lewdly around her sister’s hard nipple with light giggles leaving her person.

The two women savor the taste of the slumbering Elsa who no longer moves her crotch about the air.  She remains still on the bed with her legs resting on top of Iduna’s shoulders and back.  The older woman continues to suck and lick against her daughter’s pussy without touching her; taking in the blissful expression that Elsa was producing.  Anna too takes in this sight at times during her sampling of her sister’s nipple.

“…cumming…”  Elsa whispers out happily.  Her entire body quivered from the sensation of cumming from the double actions of her family.  Iduna and Anna stop their actions completely at the sight of this; allowing Elsa to ride her orgasm without interruption.  Slowly, Anna pulls away, still staring at her sister while Iduna remained as she was still hosting Elsa’s pussy in her mouth.

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