Time With Mother

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With their eyes shut, still nestled up against their mother’s body, holding onto the outer sides of her breasts, Elsa and Anna suck eagerly among their mother’s hardened nipples.  Both show a great deal of enjoyment from their connection towards their mother; keeping themselves against her, further pushing their hands into her mounds.  Though both of them suck greatly among her nipples, the two of them had different executions towards the breasts before them.

Elsa against her mother’s right breast was sucking gingerly against her.  The texture and taste of her mother’s nipple flood her mouth while she slushes some of her saliva against it.  The repeated action she performed made the sensation and taste build up as more and more of her saliva built.  However, she didn’t let out a single drop with more of her moans leaving her.

At the same time, among her mother’s left breast, Anna sucked happily and eagerly upon her mother’s nipple.  She used her tongue rapidly and repeatedly against the hardened flesh trapped between her lips.  More of the flavor fills her senses the more she licks against the nipple she holds.  At times, some of her saliva would spill out from the space between her lips, but not enough to spill down to her chin just yet.

The combination of her daughters sampling her in their own way made Iduna relax further.  Her arousal builds each time she feels them as her eyes shift back and forth between the two.  My babies…my sweet little daughters…how I’ve missed you both sucking on me like this…and its clear that you both miss sucking on your mother so much,  She thought happily.

The sisters further indulge themselves in the act of sucking on their mother, unaware of the moving arm of their mother among their backs.  She moved down to their tight, tiny backsides, stretch out her hand when close and caress the outer cheeks of her daughters.  Only Anna react to this; halting her sucking, moaning happily and clenching her eyes further shut.

Else however opened her eyes a little to her mother’s face from the action, but returned to sucking on her and shutting her eyes.  The sight of them interests her when seeing their reaction to her touch.  Gently, she stroked against their small asscracks, again gaining some reaction from Anna more than Elsa.  They again repeat their previous actions though Elsa didn’t open her eyes from what Iduna could tell.

I wonder…  Iduna thought feeling them pressing more of their faces up against her breasts.  Oh my…  She let out in delight being forced to lean back against the back of the tub.  The two girls greedily push themselves up against their mother; continuing their sucking in greedier manners.  Elsa who was taking her time now sucks even more on her mother with Anna doing the same.

The pleasure from them sucking so much on her nipples interests Iduna greatly; that more of her moans escape her lips.  She lifts her legs up a little bit, elevating her daughters as she further slid her hands down further among their asscracks.  Stopping among the center of their asses, Iduna push her middle fingers between the spaces and invaded their tight pussies.

Elsa and Anna wince from this, but calm feeling their mother’s fingers going deeper inside of their holes.  “My two little ones are so wet right now…have you been wanting mommy to do this all along?”  She asks motherly yet playful.  Neither of the girls said anything however their sucking upon their mother’s breasts stop for the moment.

She pushes her fingers further inside of their holes causing the sisters to quiver in need, Anna more than Elsa.  The two open their eyes a bit in submissive reflection, a sight that turns Iduna on further.  She shifts her eyes among them which the two girls pull away from their mother’s breasts.  Anna had her tongue sticking out when pulling away while Elsa swallowed the saliva that linger inside of her mouth.

Without saying a word, the two sisters shift themselves off of their mother’s legs and step backwards towards the other side of the pool.  Iduna watched this closely; witnessing both of her daughters pressing themselves up against the rim of the tub, lean back similarly to how she was and spread their legs in want.  The two stared at their mother in wait of her exposing their bare, wet pussies with minor spread of their budding hole.

She giggles from this then shifted herself forward; splashing some of the water from her hands diving down to the floor.  At a slow pace, she crawls towards Elsa first who spreaded her legs even more.  “No fair!”  Anna complains with a pout as she watches her mother move closer to her sister’s crotch. 

“You’ll have your turn honey and I promise you’ll feel good from it.”  Iduna replies as she slowly inched herself towards Elsa’s waiting pussy.

Once close, Iduna kisses against Elsa’s developing clit causing the child to shut her eyes and moan out loudly.  Iduna gently slurped her tongue up and down against the space of Elsa’s pussy, spreading her folds open a bit as her pink space was fully exposed.  The feelings in Anna fade when witnessing her mother taking her sister as interest and want take hold of her.

Anna watches her older sister being taken by their mother with Iduna exposing just enough so that the younger sibling could see.  Much of Elsa’s pussy glistened with every lick she offered; trailing her tongue against the space from bottom to top; using most of her tongue.  Anna’s eyes widen when seeing how much of a shine Elsa’s pussy had along with her mother returning to sample her more.

“Mommy…it feels so good…”  Elsa moans out with her eyes clenched shut tight; accepting more of her mother’s licks.  A sudden scream erupted from Elsa with her twitching greatly from the orgasm that coursed through her.  Iduna stared up at Elsa with the tip of her tongue pressing up against the clit of the young girl that was now poking out a bit.

Iduna pulls away just enough for Elsa to sink into the water though she didn’t watch.  Her attention shifts to Anna who positions herself just like Elsa, eagerly waiting for her mother to pleasure her.  Unlike with Elsa, Iduna looped her arms around Anna’s small body and buried her face hard against her daughter’s crotch.  Anna screamed in pure delight, feeling her mother rapidly lick against her as she placed her small hands on top of her head.  

Iduna wasted no time lapping against Anna’s small pussy; tasting her and knowing the difference between the child before her and the one she recently took.  Over and over she ran her tongue against Anna’s pussy, unable to feel her clit like she did with Elsa, but savor her regardless.  “More mommy…more…”  Anna squeals out happily through some moans with a smile on her face.

I know my darling…I know…enjoy it all you want…I plan to give you more soon enough…  Iduna thought during her repeated actions upon her child.

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