Cheer Fight

BY : ChrisPalmerx
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Disclaimer: (M is for a small about of violence - the wrestling - but mostly for sexual content.) **Forced oral**


Author's notes: This is chapter 6 of a 7 chapter - adult fan fic story involving Kim Possible and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.



A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer

Chapter 6 – Will It Ever End?

After sucking off Brick's huge cock Kim knew she was in for a long night. She was relieved when the next cock that came through the hole was a lot smaller. It was only 6 inches. She sighed for a moment but Bonnie raised Kim's head and commanded, "Come on, this one should be easy compared to that last one. Look up at the camera and give the boys a good show while you're at it." Kim did was she was told, she opened her mouth, looked up at the spot light and started sucking as Bonnie pushed her head a little for encouragement.

As time went on, Kim realized Bonnie was right. The vibrator on her clit had made her very horny. By the time Kim had sucked off her third dick she was extremely wet and inching for some cock in her pussy.

As cock number 4 came through the wall, Kim asked, "Can I get a drink of water?"

Bonnie answered her request by pulling Kim's head back and pouring water down Kim's mouth. "This should flush some of that cum down your throat."

Kim spit out the water because it poured down her throat way to fast. Kim tried to catch her breath. She asked, "What was that for?"

Bonnie asked with sarcasm, "What? I though you wanted some water?"

Kim addressed the obvious, "What you're doing here is torture. I can't move, you're making me sit on a giant vibrator that is making me extremely horny and you're forcing me to suck off strangers through a hole in the wall."

Bonnie smirked, "No, what I'm doing is making sure you fulfill your end of the bet. You see, I know you all too well Kim. I knew if you lost – and you did LOSE - you would have backed out of this bet. You did try! You think you're 'All That' but you're not. That's why you're strapped in – to finish this bet!"

Kim tried to ask her a question, "Why do you keep saying…"

Bonnie didn't give her a chance to finish her sentence. She squirted water all over Kim's head and face. This caught Kim off guard. Kim's face and hair was already very wet from all the oil before but now it was even more shiny from the splash of water.

"Remember your own words Kim…Let's Get This Over With! Now shut up and get back to work." Bonnie ordered Kim as she tugged on the back of Kim's head forcing her to face the cock in front of her.

Again, Kim did what she was told.

More than an hour had passed and Kim had only sucked off 6 dicks. Her wet pussy had been vibrated for far too long with no satisfaction or release. Her pour drenched cunt was begging to be fucked.

"I can't take this anymore, please – fuck me!" Kim pleaded.

Bonnie unstrapped her legs and pulled Kim off the vibrator then bent her over. "Keep sucking those cocks bitch." She grabbed hold of Kim's hands, still cuffed behind her back, and pulled on them as if she was pulling on the rains of a horse. "As if sucking off strangers cocks through a glory hole wasn't enough humiliation, now I get to really nail you."

Bonnie reached below Kim and felt her pussy. "Wow, are you ever wet. Either the vibrator is doing it's job or you're a closet slut." Bonnie leaned down closer to Kim's ear and whispered, "I think, deep down, you love this!"

Then Bonnie leaned back, looked down at the huge strap on dildo in front of her and slammed a long 9 inch fake cock fast into Kim's sopping wet cunt. Kim let out a wail; her scream was muffled from a cock in her mouth.

Bonnie fucked Kim from behind as Kim continued to suck a cock.

Kim thought to herself, this was her first threesome. As weird as that thought sounded in her mind, it was true. She was socking on a dick in front of her and Bonnie was thrusting a monster size dildo inside of her. No matter what kind of person the world thought she was, deep down…this was very pleasurable.

When the latest dick came in Kim's mouth, she was feeling so much enjoyment from being fucked she let most of the cum drip out of her mouth. Bonnie saw this and it made her mad. "You bitch. I told you to swallow all the cum. Now I have to punish you!"

With cum dripping from her lips, and still being hammered by Bonnie, Kim tried to catch her breath as she turned her head around and asked, "What are you going to do?"

"You'll see. Or rather you'll FELL it in a moment."

"Bonnie, NO!"

Bonnie pulled Kim's hair back forcing her to face forward and see the new cock through the wall. "Shut up and get busy!"

Kim did what she was told. It didn't matter that the next cock poking through was a big black cock, and the ONLY back person she knew was Wade, Kim started sucking to suck it. The cum on her lips from the guy before made Wade's cock slide in her mouth easier. Her mouth looked like a creamy white mess as she went up and down on it.

Bonnie spanked Kim's ass and she couldn't help but say Kim's famous words, "Spankin!" Then she poured oil on the long strap-on toy and shoved right up Kim's ass!

Kim let out a painful scream! "AAAAhhhh" Again, the scream was muffled because of the cock in her mouth.

Bonnie said with pleasure, "I'll have you know the only pleasure I'm getting out of this is knowing I am fucking you over good."

Bonnie continued to ram the strap-on deep in Kim's ass. She then squirted more oil on Kim's back and butt then spanked Kim's ass again. The oil on Kim's butt made the spanking sting…bad! It put an instant hand print on Kim's ass.

Handcuffed and bent over, Kim couldn't do anything to stop Bonnie from having her way with her as she was being fucked in ass.

Kim kept screaming a muffled scream as her ass hole was being ripped apart by a thick 9 inch plastic cock . The muffled scream made the huge black cock she was sucking on pop very quick. Wade on the other side knocked on the wall to let them know he was cuming.

This time, Bonnie pushed Kim's head ageist the wall and deep on to the exploding cock. This push made Bonnie lean closer to Kim's ass putting the dildo even deeper in her rectum. Bonnie demanded, "Not this time honey. Don't lose a drop!"

Kim did what she was told. The dick came in her mouth. It was another gusher. Thick white sperm shot down her throat like a giant black fire hose. She swallowed it all, this time, without trouble.

When the cock pulled away Kim burped. Bonnie told her, "Girl, I might be the slut of the school but that was plan nasty!"

Bonnie pushed the dildo in Kim's ass with a few more power plunges. Kim begged, "Please Bonnie, stop! No more ass fucking. I'll suck all the cocks you want me to. You can fuck me in my pussy all you want while I'm sucking them, just don't fuck me in the ass any more, OK?"

Bonnie answered this request by pulling the strap-on out of her ass. When she did this, the toy made a small popping sound as it exited her rear. It also left a small gaping hole in Kim's ass the size of small golf ball. Kim gave out a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet sister. You still have 8 more cocks to suck off. I've had enough fun fucking you. Get back on the vibrator!"

Kim whimpered because she knew that the vibration would only make her even more horny, again.

Bonnie strapped Kim's legs to the vibrator once again and cranked the intensity up to 6! Kim moaned and squirmed as she felt the intense vibration on her clit.

The next cock that came through the hole was small. Only 5 inches or more. This time Kim didn't have to be forced to suck the next dick. She went right up to it and started sucking it. As she gave it a good blow job she even looked up at the camera to put on a show for the viewers in the other room. Even though she was going through the motions now, doing what Bonnie ordered her to do, she thought to herself, "Will this night ever end?"

Bonnie watched Kim sucking cock all on her own. Kim didn't notice as Bonnie reached over to a cell phone that was behind the small TV monitor. Bonnie texted someone. Her message read…"It's working. She's doing it all by herself now."

From a remote location, a large chair was facing an even larger TV screen. We could not see who was sitting in the chair because all we saw was the back of the chair but there was someone watching the very large video screen because a cell phone was thrown from the chair to the table in front of them.

The screen showed Kim Possible sucking a cock through a glory hole. This point of view is NOT the same POV that the boys saw in the other room.

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