Cheer Fight

BY : ChrisPalmerx
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Disclaimer: (M is for a small about of violence - the wrestling - but mostly for sexual content.) **Forced oral**


Author's notes: This is chapter 5 of a 7 chapter - adult fan fic story involving Kim Possible and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.



A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer

Chapter 5 – The First One.

Kim Possible watched as a big hard cock poked through the glory hole right at her face. It was huge. 8 inches long or more and thick too.

Bonnie said, "Wow, look at the size of that one!"

Kim's eyes widened as she was shocked by the enormous sight of it.

"This one might give you trouble going in your mouth. Let me lube it up for you." Bonnie got out the bottle and squirted oil down the shaft of big thick hard cock. It was like pouring oil on a long wide pipe. Oil ran down the sides of the cock and dripped on the floor. It was now greased up and ready to be sucked.

Bonnie said with sarcasm, "Is it Ron? That nerd, probably not. Is it Josh? Did you ever suck his dick? I'm guessing no. Oh, I know who that is. It's Brick. Trust me. I know my mans cock. It's Brick alright. He has the biggest cock in school."

Kim gave her a sassy comment, "Well, YOU would know."

This pissed off Bonnie. She then grabbed Kim's head with her left hand and grabbed Kim's jaw with her other hand and FORCED Kim to face the massive cock! She said, "I wouldn't be such a smart ass if I were you. For the next few hours you're my bitch!"

Kim trembled in fear as she couldn't do anything to stop Bonnie from her orders. She was on her knees, legs strapped to a vibrator, her hands were handcuffed behind her back, and Bonnie was holding her head like a vice grip!

Bonnie let go of Kim's head and then Kim looked at the cock right in front of her. It was very hard and ready to be sucked. So much so that it was already dripping with pre-cum. Kim was stunned and didn't know how she was ever going to suck a cock that big. Bonnie told her, "Well, what are you waiting for, that dick is not going to suck itself."

Kim took a few more seconds to assess the situation. Bonnie was growing impatient. "Come on, you're not going to - 'Get This Over With' – until you start the first one."

Bonnie then pushed Kim's head right to the big cock. Kim closed her month and the dick was pushed to the side and slid ageist her slick oily cheeks like a big dick slap.

Bonnie was mad. "Oh no you don't. You lost the bet and my boyfriend wants his dick sucked by the 'stuck up' Kim Possible. Maybe you need a little help to get started."

Bonnie fixed Kim's resistance problem by pinching Kim's noise closed. Now Kim couldn't breathe and was forced to open her mouth. As soon as Kim opened to take a breath, Bonnie grabbed the back of Kim's head and shoved Brick's large cock right in her mouth. "Now suck it!"



From the other room, all the boys were watching the TV monitor. They saw Kim sucking on a cock. It was as if they were watching their OWN dicks getting sucked.



Back in Kim's room, Bonnie was shoving Kim's head up and down on Brick's huge cock. She started off slow and not that deep. Kim's mouth dripped with spit and oil as the cock slide in and out of her slick wet lips.

Kim was squinting her eyes because his dick was so big it hurt a little bit going down her throat. Kim tried to pull back but she couldn't. Bonnie's hands were too strong.

Kim mumbled and screamed with a huge dick her mouth. Bonnie got irritated by the whining and pulled her away and yelled, "What is it?"

Kim took this moment to tell Bonnie, "He's too big. Take it easy. I need to breathe."

"Yea, I know. My man's well hung. Fine, take a moment to breathe. I should warn you though, Brick and I haven't has sex in over 2 weeks. There's a lot of build up in those balls of his." Bonnie then took her hand and felt Bricks testicles through the hole, "Wow, these nuts are really full and tight! He promised me he didn't beat off and it looks like he kept his word." She then leaned closer to Kim's ear and said whispered, "I wanted him to go first!"

Kim looked worried, "Wait…what?"

"Top it off with watching us oil wrestle and watching you on the monitor in the other room. It's like watching porn. ALL boys love porn. It gets them hard! When he pops it's going to erupt like a volcano."

Kim questioned again, "Bonnie, hold on a second. You wanted him to go…"

"Enough chit chat, back to work. Finish It!" Bonnie then shoved the big cock back in Kim's mouth again. This time she tested Kim's limits. "How much can you deep throat? Let's find out!"

Bonnie tuned up the vibrator for a moment. Kim whimpered with the enormous dick in her mouth. She not only felt pleasure from the vibrator on her pussy but she gave Brick extra pleasure too by screaming on his cock. It was like a vibrating mouth. Bonnie forced Kim to take all of Bricks dick deep in her throat. "Wow, you can go deep if you're encouraged."

Bonnie turned up the vibrator a few more notches and pushed Kim's head up and down on Brick's cock, deep throating it in and out or her mouth faster and faster. "Damn girl you got some skills! Or is that me helping you?"

Spit and oil splashed out of Kim's mouth as Bonnie pushed her head up and down, faster and faster, on her boyfriends cock. Bonnie said to Kim, "I can hear him breathing heavy on the other side of the wall. He's almost ready to pop."

Kim mumbled with the cock in her mouth as Bonnie continued to push her head.

Bonnie told her, "He likes it slow and deep when he's about to cum. So let's give him that." Bonnie pushed on Kim's head very slowly as the thick hard cock slid deep into Kim's mouth. Kim's chin touched Bricks balls as Bonnie made her go up and down on his cock deep - and - slow. She leaned in closer to Kim's ear, "Are you ready?"

Kim mumbled again.

Bonnie leaned back and continued to push on Kim's head, up and down, slow – and - deep. "I'm not sure if that was a yes or a no but it doesn't matter. That's the beauty of a glory hole. You have no idea when…"

Without warning, Brick came. Kim choked a little as the cum was being shot down her throat fast. She tried to back away because it was so much at one time but Bonnie stopped her, "Oh, no you don't. You're going to swallow every last drop my boyfriend's thick man juice. Now look up at the camera and give the boys in the other room a good show."

Bonnie then held Kim's head right on Brick's cock as it continued to cum. She pulled Kim's head back a little to aim her eyes right at the camera.



From the other room, the TV showed Kim's eyes looking at whoever was watching her. She squinted her eyes as cum was being forced fed to her throat. This was a big turn on for most of the boys in the room. Even a few of the girls thought it was hot to see Kim get what she had coming to her.



Back in the glory hole room, cum was pouring down Kim's esophagus and filling her stomach fast. She tried very hard to pull way but she couldn't pull back. Bonnie had a firm grip on her head. She couldn't help but swallow everything that was being shot down her throat. Bonnie forced her to go deeper as Brick just kept coming!

It was too much for Kim. Cum ozzed out the sides of her mouth. Bonnie pulled on Kim's hair and pulled her back off of Bricks cock.

He shot a few last squirts of cum all over Kim's cheeks and mouth and a few shots went on Kim's boobs too. Since her boobs were very oily, some of the cum slide off of her tits and on to the floor but not all of it. Bonnie complained, "Seriously?"

Bonnie saw that some cum was dripping off of Bricks cock, off of Kim's chin and all around her mouth. Kim was breathing very heavy, "It was too much."

"What a wuss. How do you expect to suck off 15 cocks if you can't finish the first one?"

"Bonnie, I need to…"

Bonnie cranked up the vibrator again. She told her, "Oh shut up." Kim went into 'turn on' mode and couldn't help but want to cum herself but she was denied yet again when Bonnie turned if off again. Bonnie asked, "How bad do you want to cum?"

Kim whimpered, "Very badly. I'm so close!"

Bonnie cranked up the vibration again, "I'll help you cum but let me ask you something…how bad do you want to - Get This Over With? Are you willing to do what I ask and finish the whole night?"

Kim didn't pay attention to all the words Bonnie said became the vibration on her clit was so intense. All she could think about was trying to reach a climax, but she couldn't – AGAIN – because Bonnie turned it down. Kim remembered the words – 'Get this Over With' and 'Willing To Do What I Ask' so she answered, "Yes!"

"Then suck every last cock that comes through that hole and swallow!"

As Bonnie looked at the mess Brick made she saw that he did cum a lot. More than any normal ejaculation. "You know, now that I look at this, he did come a lot. You're a mess. I wonder if I can help the boys in the other room cum faster?"

"So you're going to suck some cocks too?" Kim asked.

"Oh no my dear, you lost the bet YOU have to suck the dicks. Let me show you what I had in mind."

Bonnie pointed to the camera above Kim's head, pulled on her hair and made Kim face the camera. She addressed the boys in the other room, "Hello again boys, are you enjoying the show so far? The first guy made a huge mess all over Kim. Looks like I'll have to clean her up for the next guy."



From the other room, the boys saw thick cum dripping from Kim's mouth and chin. They watched Bonnie as she whipped out her tongue and licked the dripping cum off of Kim's cheek and then her chin. Bonnie then kissed Kim in the mouth. She frenched kissed Kim wiggling her tongue all around Kim's mouth. She tried to get the taste of cum out of Kim's mouth and into her own mouth. She leaned back to take a breath and told Kim, "I love the taste of Bricks cum! By the way, you're a good kisser." Then Bonnie took her finger and pulled up the remaining drops of cum off of Kim's oily boobs with her fingers. Bonnie played with the white ozz and smiled as the boys watched her move the think white substance from finger to finger. She then licked it off her fingers like a kid licking icing off of a beater.

"There, all cleaned up. Who's next?"

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