Cheer Fight

BY : ChrisPalmerx
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Disclaimer: (M is for a small about of violence - the wrestling - but mostly for sexual content.) **Forced oral**


Author's notes: This is chapter 4 of a 7 chapter - adult fan fic story involving Kim Possible and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.



A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer

Chapter 4 – Who wants to go first?

All of the people from the oil wresting fight moved to the 'entertainment room'. This room looked like a stag party. 15 guys and a few girls gathered around drinking a few drinks and they were all taking to each other. Some of the boys were talking about sports and cars, while others were talking about movies and superheroes. Most of them had one thing in common. The boys were all waiting to go into the next room and get there blow job from Kim Possible.

There were two TV's in this room. A smaller 32 inch TV on one end. It played sports. On the other end was a big 55 inch TV. It was just a blank screen, for now. On that end of the room was a door colored red. That door lead to the bathroom. But it was more than just a simple bathroom it was also, "The blow job room."

Within a few minutes, the big 55 inch big TV screen flickered on. It was Kim. Even though the room that Kim was in was a little dark the boys saw her looking up and then looking to the side. As if she had no idea what was going on. From the point of few of the TV screen they were looking down at Kim. So when Kim would be sucking a cock through the glory hole it would LOOK like she would be sucking THEIR cock as they watched TV!

The speakers from the big TV popped on. It was Bonnie's voice and it was loud. It was turned up to get the attention of everyone in the room. She said, "Hello boys, the shows about to start."



From the glory hole room, Kim asked, "Who are you talking to?"

Bonnie pointed to the camera on the wall a few feet above her head, "You see that?"

Kim saw a round thing that looked like a camera but she couldn't tell for sure. It had a lot of small white dots around a center lens but the lights were not on, yet. Kim asked, "Is that what I think it is?"

"You can't tell? Maybe you can't see it very good because the light isn't on yet. Let me take care of that." Bonnie flicked a switch and Kim was flooded with an ambiance of light right on top of her. She squinted at first then her eyes adjusted. There was no denying it now. It was a camera.

"Do you like that? I did a few, ah - favors – for some new nerdy friends of mine. They hocked up these two little cameras here. "

Bonnie then pointed to the small 15 inch monitor up on the wall. Kim looked worried as she could now see – herself! She saw what the boys saw in the other room. Bonnie teased her, "We're going live on 3 different porn sites."

"OH MY GOD! Bonnie…NO!?"

"Relax, I'm kidding about the porn sites. Although, the signal is going to a room with all the boys that watched us oil wrestle." Bonnie pointed to the TV screen again and said, "They can get there cocks super hard and ready by watching free porn. Well, I mean YOU."

Bonnie then pulled on Kim's hair pointing her face to the above camera. Kim let out a yell, "Ahhh!"



From the 'entertainment room' the boys saw that the room that Kim was in was well lit now. They watched Bonnie on the screen talk to them. "I have Kim here hooked up and strapped in tight to a big powerful vibrator. The higher I crank it up the more she'll WANT to suck your dicks."

The boys all moved to the side of the room where Bonnie was on TV. Nobody was watching sports on the small screen anymore, ALL of the boys were listening and watching Bonnie explain what was about to happen. She continued her speach, "The room with the red door is a private room where Kim will help you get your rocks off. Actually, it's just the bathroom. The stall on the far end of the room has a hole in the wall. Kim is on the other end of that hole! What the TV will show is a big cock going in Kim's mouth. This way you won't actually see your friends leaning up ageist a wall and getting their dick sucked, you can just be entertained by watching Kim suck a dick on TV."

Some of the boys started to rub there dicks through their pants. All of them were now hard very hard with a big budge in their pants. Bonnie continued, "Before we get started let me do a little prep work. I know we just oil wrestled for all of you boys and we are still pretty oily but I feel Kim here needs more. Especially around her mouth were she will be sucking cock with just her mouth – no hands aloud - since her hands are still handcuffed behind her back. So allow me grease her up a little bit more."



In the glory hole room, Bonnie took a bottle of oil and squirted it on Kim's head. Bonnie took her hands and spread the dripping oil all over Kim's face and cheeks. The light from the video camera made the oil shine all over her face.

Bonnie then cupped her hand and poured more oil in it. She then splashed the small pool of oil from her hand to Kim's lips, some of it went in her mouth. She told Kim, "I have to make sure there is plenty of oil on these lips of yours. A cock needs to slide in easy."

Because the oil had a nasty cooking oil taste, Kim spit the oil out of her mouth. This angered Bonnie and she grabbed Kim's checks. "Don't even think about spitting tonight. You have to swallow all 15 loads." Just as Bonnie finished spewing her angry words, Kim's cheeks slipped out of Bonnie's fingers. Bonnie added, "Oh, looks like your cheeks are pretty slippery now. I can't even hold your face anymore."

Bonnie then squirted more oil on Kim's boobs and rubbed it in. Kim tried to fight a little, "Bonnie, this has gone too far." Bonnie pulled on Kim's oily hair and pointed her face right at hers and looked at her eye to eye, "Bitch, we're just getting started."



The boys in the other room heard this confrontation and saw the oil rub down from the TV. The light made the oil shimmer and shine all over Kim's face and tits. Some of the boys were bold enough to take out there cocks and started to stroke there dicks in front of everyone. Brick was one of these guys.



Back in the glory hole room, Bonnie pulled back on Kim's oily hair again and pointed her face to the glory hole. Bonnie commanded her, "Now…open your mouth."

Kim didn't open her mouth. She tried to fight it by gritting her teeth. Bonnie asked her, "Seriously? What happed to – Let's Get This Over With?"

Kim took a deep breath and lowered her head. She knew Bonnie was right. She did want to get it over with. She needed to finish the night for the safety of her brothers. She was just trying to find the courage to get started.

Bonnie asked, "Having seconds thoughts? Fine, have it your way."

Bonnie then pushed a button on a remote control that made the vibrator jump from a high speed to a slow speed. Fast and slow. On and off. This made Kim squeal with delight for only a few seconds each time it rose in power. It drove her completely crazy!

She couldn't help but open her mouth and almost instantly orgasm. But…she couldn't reach climax because of how fast the vibrator would go off. Bonnie could tell this was messing with Kim's mind and her pussy. Bonnie asked, "Do you want to cum?"

Kim begged, "Yes!"

Bonnie leaned down and whispered in her ear, "So, do you want to - as you say - get this over with?"

"Ok…ok, yes."

Bonnie backed away again and cranked up the machine on high…for just a moment. Kim squirmed in her straps. "Ahhh." She was denied yet again as Bonnie turned it down yet again.

Bonnie told her, "Say it."

"Say what? What do you want me to say?"

"You know, tell me what you want."

Kim was a little confused, "I told you, I want to cum so bad."

"That's not what I meant. Tell me what you want!" Bonnie then cranked the machine up to 10 again. It made Kim jump and squirm! But Bonnie turned it down just as quick.

"Well…" Bonnie asked.

Kim signed and told Bonnie what she wanted to hear, "I WANT to suck the cocks that come through the hole."

This statement pleased Bonnie, "So, are you going to open your mouth now?"

Kim did what she was told. She opened her mouth wide in front of the glory hole. Bonnie shut off the vibrator…for now.



From the entertainment room the boys saw Kim Possible on the TV screen, all greased up, her body shining in the light, her mouth wide open – willing and ready. Bonnie asked, "Okay boys, who's' first?"

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