How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse

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How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse
Chapter 3: Sharing is, like, Totally Awesome!

Ranma stood, his back against the wall, waiting for the end to come.

But it wouldn't. The minutes dragged on and he wanted to tear his hair out in frustration, wondering why there had to be such a build-up over something so deceptively simple.

It wouldn't take much. Just a few words, and he'd be gone. Like he'd never existed in the first place.

The pigtailed boy grumbled, checking his cellphone to make sure he wouldn't be late for class, not that he needed to bother since it'd only been 15 minutes since students had even started wandering towards the front doors.

Standing just outside Bev High, Ranma watched as the crowd of students swelled in the early Monday morning light. Most gave him only a passing glance before going on their way, though more than a few stopped and looked in the direction he was, obviously wondering what was making the new transfer student look like he was waiting for the rider on a pale horse. Then he stiffened, closed his eyes and gave a soft groan before stepping forward, ready to face his end.

Ranma had seen her blonde hair almost immediately, standing out due to her signature hairstyle and he braced himself for impacts both literal and metaphorical as he approached her. Yes, there was the promise he'd made to Alex the day before, but this was an occasion where some things meant more to him than his word and that was making sure he didn't ruin a very valuable relationship as he called "Clover?!" And raised his hand to catch her attention. Soon enough, the blue-eyed fashionista he'd betrayed the day before was in front of him, one eyebrow cocked quizzically and a half-smile playing on her lips.

"Hey, Ron. Like, what're you doing out here? Normally you're in your seat-"

"Clover." Ranma interrupted her quickly, his eyes downcast and tone miserable as he said softly, "I cheated on you."

Staring at the sneakers he'd bought in an attempt to not stand out too much in America, he tried to keep his voice level as he made sure the bridge he'd mistakenly built connecting him and the pretty, sexually aggressive, intelligent girl he'd grown fond of was thoroughly burned and the ashes salted. "I'd like to say it was an accident, but I can' was with some girl who found me at the wrong time and the wrong place, and I don't want to say I'm sorry, cause I don't deserve your forgiveness." A tremble managed to escape his emotional confines, which Ranma tried to cover by lowering his volume even further as he said "Deimo...I am sorry...Clover-chan…"

Silence reigned for a few moments, and Ranma's eyes tightened when he heard Clover's voice coldly demand, "Ranma...look at me." Raising his head in compliance of her request, Ranma saw her cerulean eyes flashing with an even greater fury than on Friday night, when she'd taken his chaste status as some kind of cruel punishment. It was absolutely no shock to him when she hauled back and he shut his eyes, letting the burst of pain and sharp clap of her slapping him full across the face come, as it was what he'd earned by his actions yesterday. He winced slightly as the old familiar feeling of being smacked came to him, along with the equally familiar sound of shocked whispers from surrounding gawkers, already forming theories to what had happened. Unlike home however, now there was a very good reason for his punishment and he didn't have the energy or will to deny any half-baked ideas the local gossips would come up with , for all the good that would do.

Opening his eyes slowly, Ranma looked at the girl he'd hurt worse than any other who claimed to have been wronged by him, whether their grievance was legitimate or not. Unable to meet her eyes, Ranma lowered his and waited for the next shoe to drop.

-Last Night-

Sam took a breath to steady herself as she approached Clover's front door. It'd been a few hours since she'd gotten Caitlyn's SD card and copied homemade porno that Mandy's lackey had made of Alex and Ranma Saotome in the school locker room. After she'd done that, Sam had taken a shower and blown off some steam, somehow managing not to think too much about the hot rendezvous she'd witnessed between her friend and the super-villain (maybe) while double-clicking her mouse.

Course, that didn't stop the sudden image of Ranma's face, body and dick as he'd blown his load across Alex's ass to jump to the forefront of the redhead's mind the moment she'd climaxed. But Sam assured herself that she could keep a handle on the same lust which had obviously robbed her friends of their higher brain functions regarding the 'new student'.

(It's totally fine.) Sam reassured herself, frowning slightly as she reached her destination and rang the doorbell, and checked again to make sure that the snobby gossip's memory card was in her pocket. (He's a cheater...basically, and definitely dangerous, even if it might be from having a couple of, who're probably his rivals or henchmen-)


Sam started and turned, her eyes widening at the sight of Alex running up to her, dressed and for all the world not looking like a girl who'd lost her virginity only a little while ago. As the Latina reached her, Alex asked "What're you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question," Sam replied evasively. "I thought you were on campus. You know, 'soccer practice'?"

Alex, had she been in a proper state of mind, would have caught the accusing and suspicious tone in Samantha's voice and figured that the redhead knew something she shouldn't have.

Had nothing outside the norm occurred today, Alex would have flushed beet-red and become flustered at Samantha bringing up her secret self-love sessions.

Instead, the dark-haired girls lip quivered and she went teary-eyed, making Sam's jaw drop as Alex said, "S-Sammy...I did something really baaaadddd."

(Sh-she's here to confess!?) Sam tried to wrap her head around the fact that Alex had come straight here after 'coming' in a completely different way, when the door opened and Clover smiled at the sight of her two besties, saying "Hey guys. What're you-"

Clover blinked as she took in the sight of Sam and Alex, the former of whom was looking at the latter like she'd seen a UFO, while Alex looked to be almost on the verge of tears. When the latina noticed her presence, she started sniffling and said "C-Clover...I, I didn't mean to, it just happened, and I couldn't…"

Alex's voice lost coherence as she started to bawl loudly and lunged forward, shocking Clover as the brown-skinned girl dropped to her knees and hugged her friend around the thighs, crying out "I'm soooowwwrrrryyyy! I'm so sorry, Clover!"

While one girl waved her arms in an attempt to keep her balance while the other blubbered apologetically, Sam's mental state reasserted itself with a simple (Well...this saves me some time...I guess) as Clover shouted for Alex to calm down and explain what was going on.


In Clover's room, Alex kneeled on the floor, feet tucked under her butt and sniffling while Clover sat in front of her. The blonde's eyes were wide, her face the kind of slack, expressionless mask that comes from having a hot spike of outrage needing to dig it's way through layers and layers of disbelief as she said "You...had sex...with Ranma." In dead voice.

"I'm...I'm sorry…" Alex whimpered.

"You fucked. My boyfriend." Clover went on, while Sam sat on the edge of Clover's bed, lips pursed in annoyance from having to wait until Alex had finished her confession and trying very hard not to think about what kind of wild 'kissing' her friend had done with the aforementioned 'boyfriend' on the bed she was sitting on.

"I...couldn't help it." Alex gave a particularly loud sniff, even as she recalled the loss of her chastity with no small amount of elation. "I got done playing soccer...and it was a really long practice, so my heart was beating like crazy and I told you how I get-"

"And you saw Ranma. My boyfriend. In the locker room. And fucked him?"

Clover's eye started to twitch as that bunker buster of anger worked it's way closer to it's target, while Alex screwed her eyes shut and she sobbed "I..I wanted to stop myself! But he looked so good and he was so hard, that I just kept making excuses so he wouldn't leave, and I even told him why I was there and he was so nice even after I tricked him into cheating on you, and I just-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Sam waved her hands, her confusion somewhat genuine even though she was playing the role of 'no-I-totally-have-no-idea-what's-going-on-here' to the hilt. Wondering where Alex was getting this twist from, which was a sentiment that was apparently shared by Clover whose eyebrows knitted together in curiosity even though her eye twitching had yet to abate, the redhead said, "You tricked him? How?"

Alex gave looked at Samantha, who found her heart melting, if only a little as the formerly most innocent of the 3 girls choked out. "I told him...that we could help each other, since we are...were both virgins." The latina lowered her eyes, letting her tears fall onto her jeans as she said "I asked him if we could just watch each other, but told him he should put his...thing in me before we did, and if it was just once and he didn't wouldn't be cheating...and I was wrong…"

Clover's eye spasm lessened somewhat, as she too was intimately familiar with sculpted marble statue that was Ranma Saotome and understood the (MUST FUCK NOW!) impulse coming from such a vision. But she was still working her way up to furious and spoke in a voice of forced calm "Alex...I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you weren't trying to get him to fuck you by playing a loophole-"

"I wasn't!" Alex affirmed desperately, meeting Clover's eyes with a scared and sincere expression "I wasn't trying to make him cheat! Not for real! I really thought it made sense! But when we finished, all I could think about was how awesome it felt and it only made me feel even hotter, and I just kept making excuses so we could more..."

The latina struggled for a moment, then bent forward, putting her hands flat on Clover's floor and her nose almost touching the blonde's carpet as she gave a slightly muffled sob, "Please...please don't hate me, Clover...You and Sammy are my best friends, and I'm sorry I made Ranma cheat on you-hoo-hoo-hoooooo."

Despite Clover's anger at what she'd been told, Alex's plea for forgiveness did not fall on deaf ears, but the blonde did grit her teeth and bite back several harsh words before taking a very deep breath and saying, " know this hurts a lot, right?"

"I know…" the latina whimpered.

"And it's going to take a lot for me to forgive you."

Alex whimpered and nodded.

"But...I'm willing to give you the chance if you answer a few questions."

Sam blinked and looked at Clover, who looked to be maintaining a too-composed and respectable facade. The familiar sensation of a 'ping' on the redheads radar sounded as Alex asked tremulously, "Yes, Clover. What do you want to know?"

"How was it?"

Sam's jaw dropped as Alex fell silent for a moment, then asked hesitantly, "Umm...s'cuse me?"

"With Ranma. How was he?"

Slowly, Alex raised her head off of the floor, tears drying and completely confused as she looked at Clover, and saw the same thing which had Sam looking at their mutual bestie in a mix of shock and appall. The valley-girl's eyes were gleaming slightly as she gave the freshly deflowered girl a wicked grin, which widened further as she said chipperly, "Alex, no matter who it was with, you still just lost your cherry-well," Clover amended after a second of thought. "Actually you lost that during our martial arts training at WOOHP."

Alex winced at the painful memory of a mistimed snap kick that she'd thought had cause some kind of internal injury, even as her cheeks reddened as Clover went on with her cheerful attempt to repair their damaged bridge with a bit of girl talk. "But seriously, congratulations! Like, welcome to the sisterhood!" Leaning forward, Clover grinned widely at the blushing latina, taking a little bit of schadenfreude in making Alex a little uncomfortable as she asked, "So, what was it like? Did he go down on you first, or did he-"

"Are you freaking KIDDING me!?"

Sam's disbelieving shout surprised Clover and Alex, and both turned to the redhead, who was gaping at the pair of them in a kind of horrified shock. "You're asking her about his performance!? She just said he cheated on you and you're brushing it off!?"

Clover scowled at Samantha while Alex looked down, her face flushing several deepening shades of red, as the blonde said, "Sam, I want to know how Alex's first time went, whether or not it was with…" Clover paused for a moment, and then tilted her head sharply which brought a loud crack from her neck. Alex gulped at the clear sign that Clover hadn't quite buried the whole hatchet, even as she continued justifying her reasoning to Sam. "A guy I dated. And besides," Clover gave the redhead a smug, knowing look. "You're gonna honestly tell me you're not a little curious about our little Alex's coming-of-age?"

Sam's response to Clover's proclamation was to sigh heavily, which the blonde took as an acceptance of her reasoning, until the redhead said "Actually, I'm not curious at all, Clover, because I know exactly what happened."

Alex and Clover both blinked in confusion, with the latina asking quizzically, " would you know that?"

(Well, here goes nothing.) Sam mused grimly before saying aloud, "Because I was worried about you, and used a spybug to see if you were really okay on your own." Somehow, the most responsible of the 3 spies managed to keep from wilting under the looks of wide-eyed shock and betrayal she was getting from her two best friends as she went on, "By the time it got there, you were heading inside and I would have left it outside to make sure nobody went in after you, but it was a little too late for that."

Alex's lip was starting to curl in fury as she glared at the redhead and asked "What's that supposed to mean?" In a low growl.

"Because you were already being followed." Sam muttered before spitting, "By Caitlyn," like the name like it left a bad taste in her mouth. Noting horrified and outraged expressions on Clover and Alex's faces, she added, "And she had a camera with her. I didn't know what she was doing, but I followed after her and we both ended up seeing you and Ranma."

"That BITCH!" Clover roared as she leapt to her feet, eyes blazing with fury as she shouted, "Mandy sent that bitch out to spy on Alex just to get back at me!? That spoiled brat's gone too far this time!"

"She watched me!?" Alex shrieked, her expression turning primal as her fury grew. "She recorded me and Ranma-" suddenly, the hazel-eyed girl's fury disappeared as she turned pale and whispered in horror, "Oh...oh no, if she recorded me and Ranma, then Mandy's going to know and-"

"Don't worry Alex." Sam reassured her suddenly panicky friend, who stared along with Clover as their leader reached into her pocket and pulled out a micro-SD card. "She doesn't have the recording. I stole-"

In a blur of motion, Sam's hand was empty, and she had a second to blink before realized that Clover had taken possession of the memory card that Sam had pilfered from the amateur papparazzi earlier. Holding the finger-nail sized chip between her fingers, less than an inch from her nose, a smile began to form on the blonde's face. As it spread wider, Sam and Alex watched the blonde with mutual looks of nervous trepidation, expecting their friend to start cackling maniacally at any second. When her smile had reached full Glasgow level, Clover met Sam's eyes and chirped "Sammy, I love you." Before bolting from the floor and to her desk, giggling madly as she slid the card into a slot in her laptop.

"Clover, no!" Alex cried out as the blond picked up her comp and then jumped back onto the bed, making Samantha bounce slightly while Clover pulled up the file. "You can't!"

"Alex, you said you'd answer any questions I had, remember?" Clover grinned cheekily as she readied to play the video. "Would you rather give me all the juicy details yourself? Or like, just let picture's say a thousand words for you? Besides," the blonde amended while side-eyeing Sam with a smirk, "Sammy's already seen it, so why should I be the only one left out of the loop?"

Sam winced while Alex shot the redhead a narrow-eyed look at being reminded that there'd been two voyeurs to her first time with a man. "Hey, I didn't watch Caitlyn's movie." Sam admitted while scratching the back of her neck nervously. "So, I don't know what's on there either."

"Probably the same thing you saw live." Clover said happily she turned to Alex and gave the latina a wink "Come on, aren't you curious to see how it looks from the other side?"

"No!" Alex denied furiously, though little spot in her abdomen warmed up at the thought of watching herself, and she couldn't help but wonder what it seemed like from an outsider's perspective as Clover dispensed with the ceremony and opened the movie.

All three spies blinked as they were treated to the ground and some shadows, broken evenly by something above the camera in what was clearly the mid-afternoon sun. Clover's question of, "The heck?" was answered by the sound of two laughing voices, and the image spun around to show Alex and Ranko approaching the bleachers that Caitlyn had apparently been hiding under. Alex's jaw dropped as Sam and Clover's eyes widened in recognition, with the blonde saying, "Wait a minute! Isn't that the girl from-"

"Her name's Ranko." Alex grunted, which earned her a surprised look from Sam and Clover as she went on, "She saw me and wanted to talk to me about Ranma, because she was worried about her older brother."

"Older brother?!"

"Worried about him?"

Alex nodded in affirmation to Sam's shocked gasp and Clover's narrow-eye'd glare. "Cause she didn't want any jealous ex-boyfriends of yours to come around and make trouble."

Clover opened her mouth, then closed it again, thinking on what she'd heard from Ranma on his own experiences with jealous significant others. With a slight nod, the blonde admitted "Okay, that's valid." As Alex and Ranko took their seats and rested up following their game.

"So, she just randomly found you, and knew you were a friend of Clover's, and started asking you about Clover's past?" Sam muttered, fixing what she could see of the pig-tailed redhead with a suspicious look.

"Apparently, Ranma was yapping her ear off about his date," Alex fixed Samantha with a angry look that surprised the redhead as she growled, "And Sammy, I'd be more worried about Ranma and Ranko's past right now."

Clover and Sam both shared worried looks at that, with the former asking warily, "Alex? What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see in a second." Alex said grimly as returned her attention to the screen, while thinking fearfully on what would happen when her new friend found out that her older brother had been unfaithful to his new girlfriend, and she'd been the one to drag him into the mire of infidelity.


The three girls were sitting on Clover's bed, legs crossed and watching Caitlyn's ill-gotten spy video, with Clover front-and-center, as it was her laptop being used for storytime, while Sam sat on her right and Alex on her left. Alex's expression was dark while Clover sniffled and Sam rubbed the bridge of her nose, the redhead's eyes screwed shut as she grunted "He engaged...his son...for food."

"How could this Akane girl hate him like that?" The blonde looked close to bawling as the little sister to her latest crush/stolen conquest left the camera's field of vision. "How could she hate Ranko!? Just cause she walked in on Ranma naked?!"

"Along with being engaged to a guy she didn't know," Alex snarled as she watched herself from several hours ago stand up and head for the locker room, with the camera shaking as the girl she'd dearly wished she'd seen earlier followed behind. "But she never realized that Ranma was in the exact same situation as her?"

"And her dad never saw an issue with his friend making who-knows-how-many similar engagements everywhere he went?" Samantha rubbed the heel of her palm against her forehead and grunted as she felt the beginnings of a headache forming. "Especially when that friend's entire lifestyle revolves around dirty tricks?"

"And he'd immediately shove all the blame onto Ranma!?" Clover turned to look at Sam with a heartbroken expression and said, "See, Sam! Ranma isn't here to be a bad guy! He's trying to get away from them, so he doesn't end up like his dad!"

"That's...a possibility I'm willing to consider now." Sam admitted evasively, ignoring the looks of hopeful giddiness and surprise on her friends faces while she mused internally.

(Those were real tears, but Ranko screwed up somewhere in there.) The redhead narrowed her eyes, not really registering the video as it was coming up to the part she already knew about, as she was still lost in her thoughts. ('getting to know me better'? 'How much she hated me'? It sounds like Ranko is a lesbian and liked this Akane girl.). Thinking on how 'alternative' lifestyles weren't generally accepted in the more traditional areas of Japan, Sam winced sympathetically for the girl who'd been blubbering in her friend's arms. (If she was in a family that was so ass-backwards that they believed in arranged marriages, this Akane probably didn't like finding out she was the object of another girl's affections)

Noting that Alex was blushing bright red as she watched her past self strip down in preparation for a shower and schlick-session, that would end up being a wanton tryst with a boy, Sam side-eye'd Clover as the blonde called "Woo-hoo! Go girl, go!"

"Clover," Sam said sternly, "You said you wanted to know what happened, and if you keep being loud, you're not going to hear anything."

The not-too-subtle hint to stop embarrassing their bestie was caught by Clover quickly, who winced and said "Yes, Sammy…" With an annoyed look while Alex mouthed 'thank you' behind Clover's back. Sam met Alex's grateful look with a smile before both turned their attention to the display.


"God fucking dammit, really!?"

Clover and Sam looked at the blushing latina, eyes wide as Clover simply said, "Wow...I didn't even think you knew those words…"

"I was frustrated…"


Clover burst out laughing at the panic stricken look on Ranma's face when he saw Alex watching him, shortly before letting out a yipe and landing on his butt. "Hahahaha! Like, how could he not realize you were standing there ogling him!"

"I still don't get why he freaked out like that," Alex murmured to herself, looking back on the somewhat familiar scene with eyes unclouded by raw lust.

Sam, feeling somewhat generous at the moment, looked at her two friends and offered , "You're forgetting what his sister said, about what happened the last time a girl walked in on him when he was naked."

Clover and Alex's moods flipped immediately, with the blond saying "Oh...yeah." With obvious disgust while Alex growled low in her throat, seeing the terror in one-time lover's eyes with new understanding and sympathy.


"How the hell did Caitlyn get these shots?" Clover's admiring tone earned her a glare from Alex as her past self reached for Ranma's soap. When the blonde whistled "Whoo, go girl!" As her friend went into a pornstar worthy pose, Alex's eyes narrowed further, only to have her irritation breaking off when she heard the sound of her own voice moaning in release.

Clover's jaw dropped as she watched Caitlyn zoom in on Alex's shining thighs and the latina's orgasmic expression, saying "Holy crap, Alex...did you cum just from bending over?!" In amazement.


Alex's admission earned her an amazed look from Clover and Sam, the latter of whom offered " really weren't kidding about your heat's being intense, were you?"

Alex lowered her eyes and moaned in embarrassment.


There was an indecent whine from both Clover and Caitlyn as the video shook slightly, while Caitlyn zoomed in on Ranma's twitching shaft as strings of pearly white jism coated Alex's ass. "Oh my God, that's so fucking hot!"

"Clover!" Alex covered her face in both hands, completely mortified to hear herself shrieking in release, knowing that there were several more scenes of indecent behavior to come.


"Not if you don't move…" Alex's aroused voice echoed along with the look of affectionate desire as she added, "But if I'm the one who's moving, then it's not it?"

"Please don't tell me he really fell for that?" Clover looked at Alex incredulously, while the latina was covering her glowing face with both hands as the blond added, "I mean, he's not the brightest but-"

" don't agree, that's fine," Alex's quiet, regretful murmur brought Clover's attention back to the show as her friend looked away from the boy she'd just 'not cheated' with. "I just wanted help me a little more."

As soon as Clover heard those words, she knew what was coming next as Ranma got a steely glint in his eye and she whimpered at the sight of his sincere, helpful smile as he said, "Alex, if it makes you feel better, I'll give you as much help as you need."

As Alex starting sucking face with her besties boyfriend, Clover moaned affectionately, "Only he would cheat on someone, just to help them out...that stupid, sweet man…"

Sam grumbled, mostly cause she was trying to not focus on how moved she had been by the honest desire to assist someone in need that she'd seen in Ranma's eyes and heard in his voice, shortly before letting Alex mount up and take him to the rodeo.


"You're there!  You're cumming, Ranma! Oh God, cum in me, Ranma!  Cum in my pussy! CUM IN ME!!!"

Clover bit her lip and moaned "Oh my God!" As she heard her boyfriend all but howl at the moon and her best friend responded with an ear-splitting scream as the latina came with the boy who was blowing his load inside her. Rubbing her chest with one hand, the blonde asked huskily, "This is so hot...can I keep a copy?"



Alex and Sam's vehement denial of Clover's plea was met with a teary-eye'd sniff as she said "You guys are, like, totally no fun…"


The camcorder was pulled away from Alex and Ranma as the latina laid on her back, and Sam reached out to turn off the computer, prompting a "Hey!" From Clover, who frowned at the redhead. "I was watching that!"

"Yeah." Sam affirmed dryly. "and it was done. Besides," the redhead gave Clover a meaningful look. "I think you need to change your underwear."

"That can wait for a minute!" Clover snapped. "And what do you mean, it was done!?"

"What I mean is, Caitlyn didn't pick up the camera again and that's when I swiped the memory card." Sam explained as she popped the aforementioned card out of Clover's laptop. Pinching it between thumb and forefinger, the redhead muttered, "I'm really debating whether I should scrub the data and put the card back, or scrub it and throw it in the trash."

"Trash it," Alex spat immediately, completely furious with the decidedly unsubtle commentary she'd heard from Caitlyn while Mandy's lackey had been taping her. "Make her buy a new one if she want's to peep on me again."

Catching their friends soured mood, Clover and Sam were pulled from their own musings and the blonde wrapped a comforting arm around Alex's shoulder. "Don't worry, Alex; we'll handle it."

"How?" The latina's lip quivered as she turned to look at Clover, the shame and embarrassment at being discovered returning as she moaned, "She's gonna tell Mandy, and then everybody's gonna know and my life will be ruined and-"

"Alex, honey, everything will be fine." Clover smiled reassuringly. "It's not gonna get that far, especially because it's just Caitlyn's word alone, and you've got too much of a rep as a good girl to do anything like what she's going to be lying about."

"B-but, she won't be lying!" Alex whimpered tearfully, "It's going to be true, and-"

"No it won't, Alex." Sam gave Alex a confident grin. "Cause you're forgetting, Mandy and her tramp squad always go overboard with their rumors, and the 'truth' is already pretty unbelievable for a cinnamon roll like you."

While feeling a little better, Alex still looked unsure, until Clover piped up, "And besides, there's always plan D, which is guaranteed to make Mandy keep her trap shut."

Sam and Alex both blinked quizzically at their maniacally grinning friend, prompting the Latina to ask, "What's plan D?"

"You'll find out when it happens," Clover giggled to herself.

"Well, whatever your plan is," Sam looked meaningfully at her friends as she said, "I'm going to look up some of those names Ranma gave you online and check on them. High-profile people like he's talking about are guaranteed to be in some kind of news. Especially if they're as crazy as he's letting on."

"No kidding," Clover nodded in agreement before adopting a 1000-yard stare and intoning in quiet horror, "All girls with bowl-cuts…"

"And all boy's shaved bald…" Alex added with a similar expression.

Letting that horror permeate the air for a moment, the 3 spies shuddered in unison, before Alex looked at Clover plaintively and asked, "Clover...are you gonna break up with Ranma?"

Clover turned and looked at her nervous, sorrowful friend with a surprised look on her face, before her eyes softened and she ruffled the latina's hair, saying "I'm upset...but I'm not gonna dump him, Alex."

The dark-haired girl sighed with relief.

"And even if I did, then he'd be open for you to fuck him again!"

Sam and Alex groaned and facepalmed at Clover's wicked grin and delighted laugh.


"How could you?" Clover said angrily, every word she said coated in emotional pain that made Ranma grimace as she went on, "I trusted you, and then you pull something like this?"

"Clover-chan…" Ranma murmured, feeling his heart break almost as much as it had the day he'd accepted that Akane had never thought of him as anything more than a freak. "I...I'm sorry."

"You promised Alex that you wouldn't lie to me!" The blonde went on furiously, "You swore up-and-down that you wouldn't make up something about screwing some stranger, and now-"

Ranma's eyes popped open and his head snapped up, blurting out, "Nani!?" As he looked into Clover's furious expression "Clover?! What're you talk-"

"Alex came to my house last night and told me what happened," Clover explained, keeping her voice low as the people who'd temporarily found an interest in the early morning drama went about their business, having better things to do than focus the entirety of their lives around a pig-tailed teen and his significant other. "You told her you would tell me the truth," Clover sniffled and a tear ran down her cheek as she said, "But you still lied, Ranma."

Understanding came to Ranma and he groaned as he realized that she'd been stewing in anger since last night, probably thinking of all the ways she could dump him, and here he was, poking an already irritated bear with a stick. His eyes lowering, Ranma turned and made to walk away from Clover, saying dejectedly "Gomen nasai, Clover-chan. I-"

A martial artist's instincts, in a lot of cases, are built around protecting yourself from hostile attack.

Early in their training, a key bit of programming is to recognize when to use the art, and when not to. This can take quite some time, and it was something of a good point that Ranma had been in the middle of nowhere during his formative years, as kindergartners accidentally tossing their classmates around like tennis balls while roughhousing isn't the kind of thing that should be advertised...especially when the little hellions sensei is a man with many reasons to keep his head down.

Eventually, the instincts are honed so that a martial artist can shake-hands, high five or fist-bump without causing a visit to the emergency room for his friends and family, as they are trained to recognize hostile movements and intent. Of course, for a certain martial artist from Nerima, an extra layer of control was added that made it all but impossible for him to use most of his techniques against even hostile targets, provided they were female.

Both these stipulations came into play when Clover grabbed his wrist and pulled him back before he'd taken a half-step. Rather than escape in one of the literally dozens of ways he could have, Ranma let himself spin around and catch a glimpse of gleaming cerulean shortly before hearing a low growl and finding himself pulled into a fierce kiss with Clover. His eyes widened as he heard catcalls and laughter from surrounding students while his mouth was being violated by the blondes probing tongue, with her hand gripping the back of his head and preventing him from breaking their lip lock before she was damn good and ready to let him go.

Eventually, he was allowed to come up for air, with Clover pulling back just enough for him to see her affectionate smile and warm eyes as she purred, "Ranma, if it wasn't for the fact that we'd get in so much trouble, I'd totally fuck you right now."

Ranma's fish-eyed blinking lasted for several moments, prompting a giggle from Clover until he asked, "Clover-chan...what the hell was that?"

"The slap was for lying to Alex and me," Clover informed him without losing her happy smile. "But that kiss is because I know why you did it." Leaning in, Clover gave his upper lip a quick nibble that brought some wolf-whistles, scandalized gasps and a few jealous looks before whispering, "No more excuses about that Kodachi bitch, okay?"

Ranma nodded dumbly, and Clover pulled away again, chirping, "Great! See you in class, Ron!" As she headed inside.

Ranma remained where he stood for quite a while, dimly running the events of the last 5 minutes through his head, before settling on one poignant truth.

(Whether it's here or Nerima...I don't understand women at all…)


"It was just adorable, Sammy." Clover chortled while adjusting the flame on the bunsen burner for their lab experiment. "He was ready to fall on his sword and let me think he went and shagged some tramp, just so I wouldn't be mad at-"

"Clover!" Alex whispered, looking around nervously while keeping an eye on the beakers they'd been given as she whispered, "Keep your voice down!"

"Yes. Please keep it down," Sam murmured grimly, staring at the science textbook with unseeing eyes, her head drooping lamely.

Clover and Alex both cast worried looks at their friend, who had dark circles under her eyes and frankly looked like hell warmed over. Alex hesitantly called, "Sammy? You okay?" And waved her hand in front of the redhead's eyes a little.

Sam turned to Alex, and grunted "Yeah...I'm fantastic," before leaning back in her seat and rubbing her eyes as she said, "Except I found nothing from those names he gave you."

"N-nothing?" Alex blinked, recalling how vehemently Ranma had decried the individuals that she'd accidentally associated herself with yesterday. "Are you sure?"

"Sammy," Clover narrowed her eyes at the redhead and growled, "I swear, if you're gonna tell me that Ranma was lying again, I'll-"

"No, no he wasn't lying, near as I can tell." Sam admitted with a faint scowl at the blond who was giving her the stink-eye. "I know now that Kodachi Kuno does exist, and so does Tatewaki Kuno, but that's as far as I get before I lose what little I'm able to find."

Clover stared at her friend and said, "Lose it? Like, where do you lose it?"

"The moment I go onto any Japan based site or server, the connection gets lost or re-routed somewhere else or-" Sam growled like a wounded beast, clearly frustrated with the fruitlessness of her efforts. "There's no way in hell that every Japanese server glitches out like that, and I thought my computer had a virus! I spent most of the night putting it through scans and reboots trying to figure out what was wrong-"

"Oh, a virus you say?" A high, nasally voice came from behind Sam, laughing mockingly, "You should ask your two friends about viruses! Lord knows how many they might've picked up from working the corner!"

At the sound of the unfortunately all-too-familiar voice of Mandy, the three girls turned around to see the snobby teen-queen herself smirking at them, flanked by her two partners-in-crime. Scowls flashed across the faces of the spies for a moment before Clover returned Mandy's smug grin and said, "Oh, hi Mandy! I almost didn't see you standing there, what with how pale and thin you're looking." Adopting a fake concerned expression, Clover asked, "What's the matter? Didn't get enough to eat at Bocca Felice?"

Eyes narrowing at being reminded of her totally (un)justified banning from one of the nicest Italian restaurants in town, Mandy returned, "I got more than enough, what with having to keep my svelte figure, cause unlike some people here," she grinned maliciously at Alex. "I'm not eating for two."

Alex paled while Clover and Sam's jaw's dropped in unison. Then the blonde rounded on Mandy and spat, "Oh my God, that is a new low, even for you!"

"Really?" Mandy said loudly, acting for all the world like she was having a casual conversation. "I'm surprised you're defending her, since it was your boyfriend little miss sweet-and-innocent banged yesterday!" Hearing a few whispers from several of the closer tables behind her, Mandy grinned wickedly without taking her eyes away from her most despised foes as she continued, "Like, I knew you had low standards, but letting your new 'stud' knock up the 'creampie queen' here?" She gestured to Alex, who was now flushing completely crimson.

Clover's eye twitched for a moment and she contemplated slapping the hell out of the brat, but she had planned and predicted Mandy's response to the information that Caitlyn had passed to her. After a few moments, she instituted her counter-offensive and started chuckling. This successfully caught the bitch trio off-guard, as well as Alex and Sam, who stared at the laughing blonde for a few moments. The redhead and latina's jaws dropped as Clover calmed down and smiled as she held out a hand and said, "Care to share the pics?"

"W-what?!" Mandy blurted in shock, her face white along with Caitlyn, both of them thinking that Clover knew about their tape. "What pics?!"

"You know, the pictures you took of Alex and Ron supposedly knocking boots?" Clover grinned cheerily as she added, "Because if you think I'm taking your word for something without any evidence, then you're, like, totally crazy." Her eyes narrowed slightly and the smile became just a little forced as she demanded, "So. Pics; or it didn't happen."

Sam and Alex smiled at Clover, realizing that her calling out Mandy's 'bluff' had rattled the snob, and those watching who were even a little familiar with the two girls would remember the huge difference in integrity between them, and those who had no idea who Mandy and Alex were, would only see the former acting very suspiciously at being asked for proof. Not realizing that it was almost certainly too late to salvage her attempt to sully the latina's stellar reputation, Mandy changed targets and said "So, you don't think Alex would screw your boyfriend behind your back? Then where were they on Sunday?"

"Uh, unlike some jealous psycho's I can name, I don't have my boyfriends wear an ankle bracelet." The blonde snarked with a mean look at Mandy, "Mostly cause I'm not a massive tease who'll drain a guy's wallet and then blue-ball him."

The snob flushed at that and snarled, "So your excuse for believing your tramp friend is because you're an unapologetic slut!?"

"Nope. I believe Alex because she's my friend, while you are a heinous bitch who only lives to make people miserable." Before Mandy could continue her assault, Clover leaned in and said in a low voice, "Plus, they already said they were sorry, and I forgave them."

Mandy's jaw dropped along with her two cohorts as she sputtered, "W-what!?"

"Yeah, turns out there's advantages to having a 'dumbass whiteknight' for a boyfriend." Clover followed up that statement by giving Caitlyn a furious look, who paled while Mandy's eyes had widened to the size of dinner plates as the blonde continued to direct her statements to the leader of the teen queens. "So, before you send your crony to stalk my bestie again, just because you couldn't handle being complemented by somebody; ask yourself if payback is worth being thrown out of Bev High."

Not for the first time, Clover had thoroughly trumped Mandy's ace, though for what might have been the first time, the nasally brat was at a loss for words. Unfortunately, the moment of blissful silence was not to last as she finally snarled, "Fine! You wanna be friends with someone who's gonna end up your boytoy's baby-momma, that's on you!" Before stalking off angrily.

"I can't believe she did that…"

"Really?" Sam eyed Alex curiously "Seems about par for the course to me."

Alex paused, thought to herself for a moment, then said, "Actually, yeah that is about normal for her...why did I say that?"

"Well, you are a cinnamon roll who always believes that people can be better." Clover replied with a wide smile as she said, "And that's why we love you!"

While Alex blushed at the compliment, inside Clover's mental landscape, a storm brewed as she thought (I, on the other hand, know better.) and brought out a cell-phone which she soon began texting with.

Noting their distracted friend, Sam looked at Clover curiously and asked, "Who're you texting?"

"A friend who owes me a favor." Clover said simply, before hitting [Send] and grinning chipperly. "So, let's finish this up quick and go out for lunch, my treat!"

(While Mandy gets treated to a piping hot serving of Plan D) The blonde's malicious thought made her smile widen, though she was careful to keep her best friends from realizing just how wicked her train of thought was at the moment.


In Bev High's common area, a large outdoor area ringed with roofs supported by pillars, Mandy was raging mad, growling to herself as she paced back and forth like an angry, self-absorbed panther.

"I can't believe that tart knew you were there!" Mandy snarled as she threw a dark scowl at Caitlin.

"Hey, Alex and Ranma had NO idea they were being watched!" The confessed voyeur snapped back. "I made sure they were long gone before I got out of there!"

"Which is when you realized you forgot to put a memory card in your camera." Dominique gave the short-haired girl a smug grin, seeing herself rising marginally in Mandy's esteem for not screwing up as badly as the new Number 3 had. "Seems like something that should be easy to remember."

"Screw you!" Caitlin shot back angrily, "I've only got 1 card, and it was IN the damn camera when I left my house! There's no way I could have lost it!"

"Well, you did!" Mandy declared with a narrow eye'd look at Caitlin. "Which means we need to think of something else to get some payback on Clover, besides that slut-in-training banging her limp-dicked stud!"

(Limp-dicked is the total OPPOSITE of what he is…) Caitlin thought to herself as she turned to her leader and said with obvious frustration, "Everything else was piddly compared to miss sweet-as-sugar going all pornstar on the new transfer student."

"Maybe you should let us be the judges of that?" Dominique offered sweetly, "Since, thanks to you, we don't have useful at the moment. So what happened, from the beginning?"

Caitlin shot Dominique a withering glare at the note of self-satisfaction in her tone before she groaned in annoyance and said, "Ugh, Alex was playing soccer with some redheaded nip who called herself Ranko, and apparently, she's 'Ron Sato's," the snob fingerquoted, "Little sister."

"Sister?" Mandy's ears perked up at that and she smiled in a sharklike way.

"She doesn't go here, Mandy." Despite the fact that she was attempting to make amends for her folly, Caitlin couldn't help but take a bit of pleasure with how annoyed the leader of the trio was at that information. Returning to the difficult task of remembering something that had happened less than a day ago, the dark-haired girl's eyes shut and she rested her cheek on her fist as she thought out loud. "God, there was something about wanting to meet their dad, and she told Alex not to do it cause he made her and Ranma play dodgeball with beehives."

Mandy and Dominque shared mutual looks of (Is she serious!?) at that.

"And a lot of bitching and moaning about Ranma being told he had to knock up some unholy bitch-"

The shared telepathic disbelief increased by an order of magnitude.

"And then the girl was crying like a baby, and I'm so pissed we lost that, cause it would've been the perfect scene to make Alex look like a rug-munch-!"

Caitlin suddenly stopped, blinked and said "That's it!" As a smile lit up her face and she turned to Mandy. "That's what we can use against that little witch!"

"You got something?" Dominique said quickly, eyes narrowed in disbelief, but more importantly, the chance to cast doubt on the girl trying desperately to redeem herself before she got back into Mandy's good graces.

"Yeah, the reason why Alex was at school yesterday!" Wicked glee lit up Caitlin's face as she crowed, "The little perv gets horny off of exercise!"

Dominique rolled her eyes and scoffed loudly, while Mandy blinked in confusion. "She does what?"

"After Ranko left, Alex went to the lockerroom acting all antsy, and when I followed her, I caught that she wasn't wearing any underwear underneath her soccer shorts." The voyeur declared happily, not noticing that her audience's lips curled at that information. "And when she got into the showers, she straight up told that Ranma guy that she gets so turned on from working out, she actually came just because he was in the same room as her!"

"Do you really expect us to believe that?" The bushy-haired cohort shook her head in disgust at the excited girl's statement. "Cheating is one thing, but you think anyone's gonna buy that Alex get's wet just from running track?"

"No...they don't have to believe it…" Mandy's voice brought the two girls attention to her, where her eyes were practically glowing with wicked delight. "They have to see it! All we gotta do is wait for the little tart to have another soccer game and follow her! If she really does get hot and bothered, we can just tape her again and-"

"That, would be a very bad idea."

The three girls stopped and spun around at an unfamiliar voice, and jaws dropped as they were confronted by Plan D.

-Last Night-

Clover tapped her desk, holding her phone to her ear with a serious expression. As soon as Sam and Alex left, the blonde made her preparations for tomorrow and dialed the number she'd only found by using WOOHP tech to dig through the school's systems. Barring unusual circumstances, Alex would be better protected than a double layer of Trojan's.

The blonde smiled at the dirty joke, and thinking about how it would feel to rawdog her stud when there was a click in her ear as a rough, feminine voice asked, "Who's this?"

"Oh!" Clover blinked and shook herself from her erotic musings before replying, "This is Clover Manson! Is this Donna?"

Donna Ramone frowned as she set down the dumbbell she'd been lifting, and wiped a bit of sweat from her brow as she said, "Yeah? Should I know you?"

"Ah, kind of," the girl at the other end of the line admitted. "See, I'm friends with Alexandra Vasquez and she's in a bit of trouble."

Donna scowled darkly and grunted, "What kind of trouble?"


Donna overshadowed the trio by quite a large amount. Not for height necessarily, but more for bulk as the rumored delinquent clearly worked out more than the average fashion obsessed valley girl. Resting her hand and elbow on the nearby pillar in a casual fashion, there was a strained sound from the redhead's leather motorcycle suit as she flexed her arm, pushing the inside of her fist against the stonework as she smiled at the snobs in a decidedly unfriendly manner.

"Now, I wouldn't have thought that anyone was dumb enough to threaten the runt," Donna smiled wolfishly at the trio. "since she's almost as tough as I am when she gets good and riled. But here I am, listening to someone who doesn't have the sense not to poke a sleeping bear in the eye."

Despite the subtly hostile manner exhibited by the girl, Mandy's lip curled in a sneer as she asked, "Like, what do you want, Ramone? This is a private conversation."

"I want a Harley, but I'll settle for making you leave the runt alone, if you know what's good for you." The biker snarled as she stepped forward. "Cause she happens to be a friend of mine, and I'm not about to let a bunch of stuck up brats ruin her life."

Noting the butch hairstyle and decidedly unfeminine fashion sense, Caitlyn snorted. "Friend? Yeah, I believe that."

Donna paused and turned her eye's onto the short-haired girl, who suddenly had the very unwelcome sensation akin to pulling on a lion's tail. Letting the unspoken look of 'please give me a reason to hurt you', sink in for a moment, Donna replied, "Yeah, a friend. Cause she had the guts to stand up to me. You three?" The redhead smirked. "Are bitches, in every sense of the word."

Wide-eyes and slowly building looks of outrage formed, only to halt when Donna took two long strides and Mandy suddenly found herself being towered over by a very angry thug, who growled, "I never gave a shit about the the runts games, cause it's not my thing, but I'm going to be a regular fan from now on, just so I can keep an eye out for the three of you. And if I see you cunts anywhere near Alex with any kind of camera, I'll shove that thing so far up your-"


An angry shout drew the 4 girls attention to someone standing on the grass outside the rooftop awning, only a few feet away from the intimidation in progress. Caitlyn's eyes widened at the sight of the boy she'd been video taping yesterday, glaring at Donna and saying, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" In a demanding tone.

Donna narrowed her eyes at Ranma and snapped, "This doesn't concern you, newbie."

An idea leapt to Dominque's mind, and her face lit up in a wide grin at being able to out-shine Caitlyn even further before she adopted an exaggerated and fearful expression and addressed the 'dumb-ass white knight'. "Please! Help us! She's threatening us!"

Catching the dodge immediately, Caitlyn chimed in, "She wants out money, and she won't leave us alone!"

Then Mandy chimed in, "She's totally gonna hurt us! Do something!" And gave a subtle smirk to Donna, who was giving each of the three girls incredulous looks at roping some 'nice guy' into making her back off.

Ranma would have done something. For all intents and purposes, it looked like a clear case of someone being bullied and in need of help, and it was a martial artist's duty to protect the weak from people who'd take advantage of them.

Except, the three girls weren't as good an actors as they thought. And he'd caught the malicious gleam in the kappa-onna's eye and her smile after asking for his help. Images flashed through his mind of Nabiki and Shampoo, playing innocent victim to manipulate him or someone else against him, and thought, (Huh...either these girls really suck at this, or Nabiki trained me well.)

Folding his arms, Ranma looked at Donna and asked, "One more chance. What's really going on here?"

Noting the emphasis on the word really and the almost tangible disbelief in his voice, the trio of snobs gaped at him while Donna cocked an eyebrow quizzically. "Why do you want to know?"

"Because it's a martial artist's duty to protect the weak." He cut his eyes to Mandy as he added, "But not when it's someone pretending to be weak."

"You're going to let her assault us?!" Caitlin shouted, completely floored by the utterly callous behavior from a boy who'd been almost pathetically thoughtful less than a day ago.

"If that's what she's doing, no. And the same goes if she's really robbing you." Ranma said simply.

"I'm not robbing them!" Donna snapped at the boy. "And I'm not gonna hit them, if they leave Alex alone!"

Ranma blinked at that, and asked, "Alex?" before looking at Mandy. Recalling the combative relationship between Clover at the snob, and how close Alex and Clover were, a sneer crossed his lips as he spat, "Really? You couldn't ruin my date with Clover, so you hurt her by going after Alex? I'm starting to get homesick."

Mandy flushed at the implication, while the other three girls blinked in confusion as she shouted, "Shut up, you gigolo! We know what you and that stupid wannabe good-girl were doing yesterday!"

"It's not cheating if she's on top, eh, Ranma?" Caitlin called mockingly, taking a sadistic sort of pleasure in how pale the boy had turned, while Donna was glaring at him suspiciously. However, never let it be said that some people don't know how to quit when they're ahead, as the snob chuckled, "Hey, maybe if you're lucky, the slut will invite her dyke over here to join in-"


Caitlyn froze solid as Donna refocused on her and let out a roar like a lioness as she shoved past Mandy and hauled back to slug the shorter girl square in the face. As Mandy fell on her side with a squawk that was more surprise and outrage rather than pain, Caitlyn could swear there was some kind of blur moving among them, but at the moment she was too focused on the seemingly asteroid-sized fist about to smash into her most prized possession, namely her face.

Donna could almost feel the impact from the homophobic twit's cheek against her knuckles, and under her outrage, she allowed herself a small smile of well-justified sadistic glee. But her anticipation of violence was crash halted while her fist was still cocked back, as something that felt like an iron manacle locked around her wrist and her attempt to pull the metaphorical trigger almost threw her off balance when the manacle refused to budge, and effectively 'pinned' her arm in mid-air. Looking to her right, Donna gaped at the sight of a scowling Ranma, who was standing next to her and gripping her wrist tightly.

Mandy blinked, having felt a breeze whip past before suddenly Clover's newest living-dildo was stopping the bulldyke from punching her flunkie. Donna's shocked question of, "H-how?" Was answered by Ranma coldly declaring, "Threatening someone is one thing, really hurting them is another. And besides," he glared at the three snobs, "You want to get expelled over hitting them?"

Dominique, recovering quickly, smirked at the disapproving boy and said, "Like you're one to act all self-righteous, mister hero. I don't think the school's going to be happy hearing about you screwing one of the star athlete's in the locker room."

"So now Alex is a 'star athlete'?" Ranma shot back disdainfully. "You need to make up your mind deciding what she is, cause if you get it mixed up, it'll make your case even worse."

Dominique blinked. "What case?"

"Your case that Alex is more of a…'loose woman' than you three are."

Mandy, having gotten to her feet and feeling decidedly irate at having scuffed her designer skirt and blouse when Donna shoved her, snorted at his archaic wording. Realizing that the transfer student had given her something of an 'in' with the idea of seeing him or Donna expelled for fighting, Mandy grinned maliciously as she prodded the wannabe hero in an attempt to make him finish what he'd kept Donna from starting. "Why would anyone think we're worse than that little slut?" She cackled as she dug a heel into Ranma's attempt at political correctness and desire to keep Alex's reputation intact. "She's the one who'll bang any limp-dicked jap who crosses her path!"

Donna glared at the laughing brat and vainly tried to pull her arm free, only to shiver as her arm suddenly felt chilled and a cold breeze swept through the group, raising goosebumps across the exposed flesh of the brat and her cronies. A glance at Ranma sent a completely different sort of chill through the tough girl, as Saotome's eyes had gone completely dead, with all the emotional registry of a week old corpse. Then in a flash, he came alive again and the cold stopped as he glared at Mandy and said quietly, "Well, she's not the one who goes to school with no panties on."

All 4 girls blinked in unison at that statement, with Mandy asking, "Say what?" In complete confusion.

"You spread stories about Alex, I'll do the same to you." Ranma declared icily, finally letting go of Donna's arm. While she rubbed her wrist, which had a strange sort of tingling numbness akin to frostbite, the pig-tailed teen went on. "Except Alex is a good person, and people will find it a lot harder to believe that she'd do something hentai than you."

(The hell is hentai?) Dominique thought as Mandy gave Ranma a smug grin. "Yeah? Well, any rumors you spread will be shot down instantly if they're as blatantly stupid as that one."

"It's not stupid if it's true."

"It's not true!" Mandy gave a disbelieving laugh. "Of course I'm wearing underwear!"

"Really?" For the first time since he'd arrived on the scene, Ranma grinned. But the light of his smile didn't reach his eyes as he held up the hand which hadn't been used to restrain Donna, which held a wad of purple, silky cloth as he asked, "You so sure about that?"

Mandy stared uncomprehendingly until she noted the patterns in the fabric and paled. Immediately, she slid her fingers between the waistband of the micro-mini skirt she was wearing and swallowed a screech as she felt nothing but bare skin, and a very intimate breeze where there should have been some kind of protection from the elements.

Donna's jaw dropped as the leader of the mean girls flushed completely crimson and locked her knees together, looking at Ranma with hate-filled eyes as she whispered, "What the fuck did you do!?"

"Trade secret, and honestly, I hate doing that." Ranma explained before saying in a low voice, "If you leave Clover-chan and Alex alone, and I won't do it ever again. Deal?"

Mentally running through the options of screaming for a faculty member versus giving several people a free show, Mandy vibrated with rage for a few seconds before spitting, "Deal." In a voice that could etch glass.

"Good," Ranma said simply as he let her take back her pilfered undergarment, then looked meaningfully at Caitlin and Dominique and saying, "Same for you two. Deal?"

Dominique snorted, and said "Yeah, whatever." While mentally running through ways she could 'accidentally' reveal Mandy's commando status and take her leader down a peg.

Caitlin, on the other hand, had a flash to yesterday when the same boy had mentioned his martial arts school was created by a gigantic pervert and the blood drained from her cheeks as she pulled open the waistband of her jeans and looked down. She gasped in fear, crossed her knees and glared murderously at Ranma as she hissed, "Deal! Give them back!"

A sharp, gasping laugh of disbelief escaped Donna as she watched the strange boy pull another pair of underwear out of his pocket and toss it to the mortified girl, and was suddenly very happy that she had been stopped from hitting the homophobic twit. Then the girl stared at the black, thong-back panties in her hand and her nose wrinkled in disgust as she said, "These aren't mine!" And Donna took one look at the horror-struck expression on the bitch with the long bushy hair before howling with laughter.

Dominique yanked her unmentionables away from Caitlin as the biker girl cackled and Ranma offered an amicable, "Whoops," as he pulled a third set of panties and threw them to Caitlin.

"Whoops!?" Mandy gave a strangled, strangely muffled sort of screech as she gaped at the blase teen. "I should file charges on you!"

"Why? You were the ones exposing yourselves, and I just found them laying around." Ranma's eyes went cold as he said, "If I hadn't run into you, I'd have just thrown them in the garbage."

The three girls froze at that as Ranma glowered darkly at them. "I know better than anyone how much a bad reputation can ruin your life, and that's what'll happen if any of you mention what happened between me and Alex. If you do, I'll drag you down with us, got it?"

The bullies having been bullied, they scampered away as casually as possible, despite overcompensating for their lack of undergarments by walking rather stiffly with their legs too close together. Donna slowly recovered from her laughing fit, wiping away a tear from her eyes as she gasped, "Oh my God, that was just mean!"

"Yeah, well so were they." Ranma muttered. "And I spent a hell of a long time being a doormat for a particularly vicious girl who I WISH I could have done that too." he sighed, "Except, she was a lot smarter than the kappa-onna and would have found a way to turn it back on me."

Mulling that over privately, Donna turned to face Ranma with narrowed eyes as she looked him up and down. "So, what's this about you and Alex banging in the girl's locker room?"

Ranma's back stiffened, and he turned to look nervously at the rather suspicious girl as he mumbled, "It...wasn't on purpose…we just ran into each other-"

"Relax, stud." Donna said as she gave him an appraising eye. "I already got told the sordid details when someone asked me to stop that bitch from messing with my buddy."

"You what!?" Ranma gaped at her with wide eye'd shock as he asked, "Who told you-"

Then he stopped, recalling the rather frank discussion he'd accidentally overheard between his girlfriend and her besties at the mall and moaned, "Clover…" as he facepalmed.

Donna smiled thinly, enjoying making the cheater squirm a bit, even if she'd been assured that he hadn't given the runt a dicking just cause she was a hot piece of ass in close proximity, and that Alex and he had both been forgiven by Clover. "Yeah, she ran her mouth off a little bit when I asked why that bitch was gonna go telling tall tales about the runt." Taking a moment to give Ranma an appraising look, she added, "Gotta say, I didn't have you pegged as the kind of guy Alex would go for."

Ranma felt vaguely offended as he said, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I always figured she'd go for some reedy little poetry spouting nerd," Donna shrugged, "Cause most guys who are as crazy about sports as she is tend to be douchebags."


"Just sayin'." the short-haired girl said with a slight smile, "I'm glad she found a guy who ain't a jerk." While Ranma mulled that over, Donna took a half-step towards him and said coldly, "But if you make her cry, I'll kick your ass harder than what I was gonna do to the bitch brigade. Clear?"

While Ranma had qualms about fighting girls, at least directly, he still had to fight down the urge to laugh in the thugs face. It was easier than was to be expected, as she was attempting (poorly) to intimidate him for the sake of someone they both cared about, and he nodded solemnly. "I won't do anything to hurt Alex. I promise."

"Good." Donna said as she leaned back and folded her arms. "What the hell kind of 'trade secret' lets you swipe a girl's underwear without them knowing it, anyway? You some kinda magician?"

Ranma snorted. "A martial artist, actually. The guy who founded my school was a serial panty-thief, and while I never helped the old lech on his raids, I saw him use that move often enough that I could copy it pretty well."

Donna took a moment to consider that. " were taught by Mr. Miyagi if he was a sex offender?"

While in some unknown and far away location, a wrinkled prune of an old lech let out a loud sneeze, Ranma laughed loudly and appreciatively at Donna's analogy. "No, I learned from pops. He's the one who trained under the freak until he got the chance to shove me off onto 'his master'."

Donna raised an eyebrow at the snotty tone in the last two words, but otherwise didn't comment. "What kinda martial art is it anyway? Ninjutsu or karate?"

While a little surprising to hear it pronounced properly, Ranma took the girls question in stride due to the comparison to a well-known fictional sensei and that an american cartoon had popularized the other style of fighting some years back. "Kinda. The style is based around adaptation and thinking on your feet, while using a wide-array of styles, but everyone has a solid base of some kind. The old lech's tricks were based off ninjutsu, while most of my stuff comes from kempo."

The biker girl gave a soft 'huh' as her interest was caught. "Kempo's like 'combat Karate' ain't it? The stuff they teach when you're really trying to kick someone's ass, and not just score points in a competition?"

Now Donna had Ranma's attention, and he regarded the girl with interest. "You know about Kempo?"

"Sometimes kids in Juvie look up ways to kick ass so they can make themselves sound like a badass." Donna shrugged. "Most of the times it doesn't work, unless they take it seriously." the girl smiled thinly. "Silat helped me keep some assholes off my back."

"Silat?" Ranma's ears perked up, having predominantly studied Eastern arts. He'd only occasionally met practitioners of styles from elsewhere in the world, through a combination of his father's egotism that the 'Anything-Goes Style' was innately superior, (save for whatever he could steal from other schools) and almost constantly training out in the middle of nowhere. "I've never heard of that one. What's it like?"

As lunch hour wore on, Ranma and Donna bonded over martial arts, with the pigtailed boy enjoying discussing subject that, even though he'd left most of the trappings of his old life behind, was still near and dear to his heart.


"So, like, it's cherry red with these spaghetti straps that are just-"

Clover's discussion of her latest addition to the collection of 'Fuck-me-wear' (and the unsubtle implication that she'd bought it specifically for a certain pig-tailed boy) was met by sighs and blushing from her two friends as they headed for school's front door, just 3 girls among the rush of others eager to get home after a draining day of classes. Before Clover could detail the ensemble further, the sound of her name being called caught her attention, and the trio saw Donna leaning against a wall just outside the doors and smiling at them.

"Donna!" Alex smiled widely, having found a friend in the otherwise rough girl. "Long time no see! What have you been doing?"

"Watching your back, runt." Donna grinned back at Alex, giving the girl a light tap on the shoulder. "Congrats on getting some, by the way."

Alex and Sam immediately went wide eye'd and turned to Clover, who attempted to whistle nonchalantly as the redhead whispered, "Clover...what did you do!?"

The blonde chuckled nervously and gestured to Donna as she said, " plan D?"

"You TOLD her!?" Alex whispered in horror. "Clover, how could you?!"

"It's alright, runt." Donna waved her hand. "She didn't tell me much, just that you'd met a nice guy who'd popped your cherry and a couple of bitches were gonna try and use that to smear your rep." Side-eyeing Clover, the biker added, "You didn't mention the guy was your boyfriend…"

"Ah ha ha ha," Clover gave a loud, obviously fake laugh and scratched the back of her head. "Like, whatever gave you that idea? You don't believe that story do you?"

"Considering Ranma told me so himself, yeah, I believe it." Donna frowned at the blond, "So don't piss on my leg and try to tell me it's rainin', got it?"

The three spies blinked at that, with Sam staring at the biker girl and wondering if despite the Ranma's nice guy mannerisms, that he'd been bragging about his 'conquest'. "He told you too? When?"

"When he saw me…'suggesting' to that turbo-cunt she should leave the runt alone." Donna rumbled. "At first he thought I was bullying them, but when the bitches tried to play damsels in distress, the guy realized they were full of shit."

To the surprise of the 3 spies, Donna unexpectedly broke into a wide, wicked grin and chortled wickedly, "Oh, but the way that cheeky bastard got those cunts to back off was a thing of beauty! The looks on their faces-"

"He made them back off?" Clover stepped forward, looking confused as she considered how her beau, who'd been so placid during their date, had reacted this time. "How? What'd he do?"

Hiding her glee with only marginal success, Donna replied, "He stole their underwear." With an evil grin.

Clover, Alex, and Sam froze solid, wide-eye'd and staring at the quietly laughing butch girl. "He did...what?" Sam whispered, one eye twitching indignantly.

"Yep, off of all three of them in about a half-second, right before I punched one of them in the face for calling me a dyke."

Clover, Sam and Alex's jaws dropped in unison, with the relatively innocent Latina being the first to recover from an unfamiliar term and what sounded like an over-reaction from her protector. "You were going to hit someone for calling you a dam?" Alex frowned disapprovingly. "That's not nice, Donna."

Donna stared at Alex incredulously along with Sam, while Clover gave a very indecent snort before saying sweetly, "Alex, that's a mean way of saying Donna showed a girl her math homework."

Filing away the runt's suddenly crimson cheeks and soft, "Oh…" as something which wasn't her problem at the moment, Donna returned to her sit-rep.

"Anyway, he pulled off that magic trick and stopped me from hitting them. Then that Mandy cunt got in his face and he threatened to trash their reps by telling everyone they go to school commando." Donna's sadistic delight returned as she chuckled, "The look on their faces when he pulled their skank undies out of his pocket and said he was gonna throw them in the trash was priceless!"

"Sounds like it." Clover smiled in agreement, now wishing that she knew where Mandy was so she could return the favor for her earlier insults on Alex.

"He did all that in a half-second?"

Donna nodded to Sam's confused and impressed tone. "Yeah, I didn't even see him move. He said it was some kinda 'secret technique' he picked up from an old lech who founded the martial arts style he practices, and he hate's usin' it." The biker girl pursed her lips. "I can definitely understand that sentiment."

"No kidding." Alex matched Donna's distasteful look. "Between that and the Hawk's Talons, I think his dad picked up a lot more from his perverted master than he let on."

"The hawks talons?"

"If you're fighting a girl, grab her chest so she freezes up in shock." Donna's eye twitched as Alex nodded. "His sister was really angry about that one when she told me yesterday, before…"

As the Latina blushed crimson, remembering her tryst following 'soccer practice', Donna snarled, "I'd be pretty pissed too-" Then stopped as part of Alex's last sentence finished making a lap in her mind. "Wait, sister? What sister?"

"Ron's sister, Rachel." Clover replied glibly in lieu of Alex, who's embarrassment had effectively muted her.

"He never said anything about having a sister."

Sam's eyes widened, and she quickly gestured for silence from her friends as she asked, "You're sure about that?"

Noting the confused looks from Clover and Alex, Donna felt a little bit of suspicion form for the buddy she'd made today as she answered the stern-faced redhead. "Positive. In fact, he made a point of saying 'just me and pops' when we were chatting earlier about fighting styles." Donna sneered, "Ron didn't tell me anything about the name of his school, his dad or the old freak, but I remember him saying that his dad kept him as far away from civilization as possible so he wouldn't be distracted by girls and 'teen hormones'."

Alex and Clover looked stunned by that, but before they could ask anymore questions, Sam said curtly, "Thanks for the help, Donna." And turned to the other two, her expression guarded as she said, "Come on guys, we're gonna be late."

Donna nodded once to the redhead, though her expression was thoughtful as the trio walked away, with Alex looking deeply confused while Clover's narrowed eyes belied something about the delinquent girls statements which irritated the blonde to no end.

"I-I don't understand…" Alex whispered quietly as she remembered Ranko's impotent fury and heartbroken wails when describing her and Ranma's abysmal home life. "Why wouldn't he mention Ranko?"

"If she's not his sister, then who the hell is she?!" Clover growled, recalling the very intimate details Ranko had shared about his life and coming up with her own conclusions for why that had been the case. "I swear to God, if he brought a side-piece from Japan, I'll freaking-"

"Nothing about this makes sense." Sam's quiet murmur interrupted the furious blonde's tirade. "Ranko kept slipping up when she talked to Alex, almost making it sound like it was just HER and Ranma's dad, and when she talked about the Akane girl, it sounded like her heart had been broken, not his." With a groan of pain, Sam started rubbing her temples in a circular motion as she tried to fight off the headache that was forming. "This is the worst assignment we've ever had! We've got nothing to go on, and things just keep getting weirder! If only I could find out more about hi-"

Sam stopped, her eyes wide as a thought struck her, and it was another half-step before her besties noticed the redhead having stopped her forward momentum. Looking back, Clover and Alex blinked quizzically at Sam. "Sammy?" Clover asked with obvious concern. "Something wrong?"

"That's it…" Sam said quietly, eyes darting back and forth for a few moments as she mulled over her plan. "I know how to find out what's really going on with Ranma Saotome!"

"You do?" Alex cocked her head quizzically. "How're you going to do that?"

Sam met Alex's eyes, and a slow smile spread across her face as her gaze turned to Clover. "Simple, really. Clover's gonna finish the job she started on Friday and pump him for information."

Clover and Alex's jaws dropped. "W-what!?" Clover's eyes slowly lit up as she whispered joyously. "I can go out with him again!?"

"Of course. He's your boyfriend, after all." Sam smiled thinly at the awestruck blonde and cut off the impromptu musical cue threatening to burst out of her friend by adding, "And we'll be coming with you."

Clover deflated immediately, a soft, "What?" escaping her quivering lips as she looked at Samantha's cruel grin.

"Since you can't be around him for more than 5 minutes without wanting to 'kiss him'." Sam's lips twisted in a slight snarl. "We'll make it a 3-way date. Just 3 girls wanting to know more about their friend's new beau."

"B-B-but that's not fair!"

Sam narrowed her eyes at Clovers melodramatic whine. "Well, if you could be trusted not to screw Ranma before we find out whether or not he's a freaking criminal mastermind, you wouldn't need a chaperone!"

"Mastermind?!" Clover gaped at Sam. "He thought swapping a D with an N was the best way to change a girl's name!"

Sam's mouth opened, then closed as she pondered that with an irritated look while Alex offered a simple, "She has a point."

"Be that as it may," Sam waved off Clover's excuse with a wave of her hand. "He's still a suspect, and we can't afford to be compromised." She side-eye'd Alex. "Any more than we already have anyway…"

Alex blushed while Clover frowned. "Hey, that's like, not her fault! That was totally dropping a buffet table in in front of someone who was starving!"

"I'm not blaming Alex for what happened," Sam rubbed the bridge of her nose. "I'm saying that right now, I'm the only one of us who's even considering the possibility that Ranma is not a good guy, and we need to be careful until we find out for sure what is wrong with him!" Straightening up, Sam locked eyes with Clover and declared, "Friday night, we're all gonna go out and make sure you stick to the mission and find out what's going on with him, got it? And that means No Kissing!"

Clover pouted, with tears threatening to pour down her face as she whimpered, "Bu-but Saammyyy, I want to go to the rodeo! I got the saddle picked out and everything!"

Sam's eye twitched and Alex quickly stifled her fit of giggles with a hand clapped over her mouth. "Well, Friday's pony ride has to be rescheduled, cause by then I'll have found out more on those weirdo's he and his possibly non-existent sister mentioned yesterday." taking a deep breath, Sam sighed. "Look, when my comp is clear, and if I find something that proves Ranma isn't a bad guy, despite the evidence that Britney has sent us, then you'll be clear to do whatever you want on Friday, deal?"

Clover pursed her lips, sniffled loudly and said, "Deal…"

"Good." Sam nodded before motioning for the trio to finish their trek away from the semi-necessary evil known as high school.

As they left and their conversations turned to far more inconsequential matters however, Clover's mind was twisting down devious pathways, and she had to struggle to maintain her 'understanding but still bummed' facade due to her desire to cackle with wicked delight.

(So I'm not allowed to bang Ranma after our date on Friday?) A gleam twinkled in Clover's eye. (Then I'll just break that stallion in before Friday!)


Ranma gasped and groaned. Sweat pouring down his body as he worked himself up.

"Almost there...Almost there!"

He could see the end coming, and a smile spread across his face despite the intense build up which had him grimacing up until this point.

Then, with sharp bark of "YES!" Ranma finished his last rep, and reached up to unhook his feet from the stirrups of the pull-up bar he'd wedged in the doorframe to his spare room.

As he disengaged from the athletic equipment he'd been using for upside-down sit-ups, he chuckled lightly. It was weird to think about, having a spare room to himself while for the last year, he'd been living in somebody else's spare room. But now he was in Beverly Hills, with his own 1 and ½ bedroom apartment, which was a lot more space than he thought he needed but when you compared it to rooming with a fat panda and-

Ranma paused, frowning as that thought brought up a host of memories, and a dual feeling of relief and homesickness. (My own pop waking me up by throwing me in the pond, but also no more Kasumi's cooking...almost makes me want to call-)

The pigtailed teen shook his head and frowned. (No. Even if it's Kasumi, she'd end up bringing everyone down on my head, and I can't deal with that nightmare anymore. Especially now.)

The images flowing through his mind of Clover and Alex, the former kneeling in front of him with his shaft between her smiling lips, and the latter screaming in ecstasy with her back arched like a strung bow as he came inside her. The memories made him flush with desire and determination to protect the two girls who he'd chosen to be with, rather than demanding his companionship and saying 'Too bad!' When he tried to say otherwise. As he thought on his two new lovers, Ranma felt his manhood rise and actually grinned as he looked at the tent being pitched in his sweat pants.

"Now I understand what Hiroshi and Daisuke thought was so interesting about those magazines they kept showing me." Ranma chuckled as he headed to his bathroom. As he peeled off his clothes, Ranma considered the benefits of taking advantage of his new privacy and engage it a bit of self-love. Turning his mind down erotic avenues, he recalled bits and pieces of those magazines and smiled at the memory of certain scenes.

Then he frowned as a pattern emerged in his mind, and he started running through moments where his two 'normal' friends at Furinkan high school had tried to bond with him over 'manly' things.

(Wait a tick...why does it seem like most of those magazines they showed me were of 2 guys with one girl? And in an awful lot of those, the girl had red hair?)

A little bit of pessimism crossed a few wires with his paranoia and formed a tag team with his new knowledge regarding sexual bliss and a few lessons on critical thinking he'd gotten before making his escape from Nerima, and Ranma paled as his erection flagged.

(Masaka...were...those two trying to get me to do that with them!? Together!?)

While not wholly fair, and something that could be filed under simple conjecture, Ranma nevertheless scowled as he filed Hiroshi and Daisuke's now-suspicious behavior in a mental file labeled, [reasons to never go back to Nerima] under a subheading {People who need to be punched in the face}. Shaking his head, Ranma grumbled as he readied his post-workout wash-up and decided to relieve some tension later...much later.


Clover grinned widely as she strode up the sidewalk towards Ranma's home. Swinging a white handbag idly as she walked, the blonde giggled lightly as she anticipated surprising her beau with a little love-in-the-afternoon. Or rather, early evening as her mother had insisted Clover finish her homework before going out.

(Like, why does she care anyway? My grades are good, and she knows I'm totally responsible!) Clover mused to herself, completely disregarding the irony of claiming responsibility when she was actively lying to her friends and family for a roll in the hay with a boy she'd known for all of a week. As she reached the front door, Clover gleefully chortled, "I mean, I've got 2 boxes of rubbers, totally safe and on the pill! You can't get more responsible than that!" Before reaching out to touch the dimly glowing orange button and announce her presence.


Ranma paused as his doorbell rang, having been in the middle of drying off when the semi-electronic chimes sounded. Briefly running through a mental list of people who might know where he lived, he called out, "Who is it?" Before slipping on a clean pair of boxers and sweatpants.

"It's Clover-chaaaannn!"

Ranma gave a small laugh and called back, "Just a second!" as relief washed over him. There was a brief moment of curiosity for how his girlfriend knew where he lived, as he couldn't remember revealing that little tidbit of information. Filing that away for future reference, which meant 'ignored and forgotten', Ranma headed for his front door and grinned widely as he opened it with a lighthearted, "Hey, Clover-chan! What're you doing here?"

(Okay, I feel a little more understanding of Alex now.) Clover whimpered internally, having been graced with the vision of shirtless and in broad daylight rather than in her dimly lit bedroom. With his hair unbound and skin glimmering slightly from having recently washed up, Clover bit her lip and subtley pressed her thighs together as she thought (I need to get inside before I make a puddle on his front steps!)

"I came by to see you, obviously." Clover purred, adding a slight emphasis on her favorite word while she returned Ranma's smile. "Since I missed you after school."

Taking in her appearance, a white mini-skirt and pink tube top and coupling it with her unsubtle verbal hint regarding her true reason for seeing him, Ranma felt a rush of blood to his loins and he swallowed audibly. "S-sorry, Clover-chan. I just'd want to cool off a little more."

Clover shook her head with a wry smile. "Ranma, it's like, totally fine! Me and Alex have been through harder times than this, and we'll always be friends!" Seeing his immediate sigh of relief at knowing he hadn't split the two friends up, the blonde felt a rush of attraction which only solidified her absolute certainty that the handsome boy before her was in no way, shape, or form a bad person.

"But you are on thin ice," Clover added with a pout and a hurt look. "And it's going to take some effort on your part to make it up to me. Got it?"

Having taken a .50 shot to his guilty conscience, Ranma winced visibly as he replied. "Hai...Clover-chan."

(Oh...I'm sorry, Ranma.) Clover thought regretfully while keeping the upset look on her face. It was a struggle though, as the urge to cackle madly fought against her 'betrayed girlfriend' facade. (But I'm like, SO going to make it up to you, right now!)

Casting a pointed look over Ranma's shoulder, Clover asked meaningfully, "So like, this is your place?"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked before looking behind him, then turning back to the blonde with a crooked smile. "Yep, it's not much, but a lot better than I had back home."

"It looks nice." Clover said, as she made a point of craning her neck and trying to get a better look at the interior of Ranma's pad. "I don't suppose it's bigger on the inside?"

"I guess." Ranma said after a moment, "But having it all to myself does make it a lot more roomy than it seems."

Clover looked at Ranma with a deadpan expression for a moment, then facepalmed and groaned quietly. (Dammit, I forgot how totally dense he is…)

"Clover-chan?" Ranma looked worriedly at the blonde and the pained expression on her face. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, Ranma." She said with a touch of exasperation before taking a deep breath and straightening up. Fixing the pigtailed boy with a hard look, Clover declared, "It's just that I would like to see how roomy your house is, from inside, but it would be rude to walk in uninvited."

While still technically playing games, the veneer of her words was thin enough to qualify as among Happosai's favorite 'silky darlings' and did nothing to obscure the neon sign reading [Let me in, you idiot!] from even Ranma's social blindness. Blushing furiously, Ranma exclaimed, "Oh! Oh, okay!" As he stepped back and scratched the back of his head with a nervous laugh. "Come inside!"

"Oh, I plan too."

The blonde's soft, sultry whisper carried to Ranma's ears and he flushed brightly as she strolled into his domicile with a thin smile. As her eyes adjusted to the interior lights, Clover took in the modestly decorated living room, with just a simple couch opposite a cheaper model of flatscreen tv hanging on the wall and offered a quiet, "Huh. Not much here."

"Well, I like to keep things simple." Ranma said with a shrug as he made to close his door.

(Hmm...I don't remember that 'Ranko' girl never showing up on my tapes of this place, and it's totally in need of a woman's touch.) Clover mused to herself before saying aloud, "So like, where's your sister?"

Ranma froze as he closed his door, eyes wide for a second before he said quietly, "We thought it'd be easier to stay out of sight if she got her own place."

Clover frowned, thinking on how hard it must have been for the siblings who'd grown up together to be split up now. "That's a shame."

Ranma made a show of sighing "Yeah, it is," in regretful agreement with Clover's sorrowful tone.

"But then again...that also means we're all alone...doesn't it?"

Ranma blinked. Clover's voice had taken on a husky, deep-throated quality that he was becoming very familiar with. As he turned around, the sense of deja vu became stronger due to Clover having turned around and staring at him with smoldering eyes, the bag she was carrying dropped to the floor unceremoniously before she stepped closer to him. His breath caught in his throat as she pressed herself against him, and his loins swelled from the way her eyes fluttered as she pressed her sizable chest against his pecs.

"Ranma." Clover whispered softly, smiling in a way that was simultaneously teasing, coy, sultry and affectionate in a way that made his vision tunnel until all he could focus on was her soft, pink lips. "Do you remember what I said last Friday? About me coming to your place instead of mine?"

Ranma nodded, feeling her warm breath on his face and the soft pressure of her hip against his member as his arms slowly wrapped around her waist.

"Well, here I am, and I came prepared." She whispered teasingly, glancing meaningfully over her shoulder towards the bag. "I brought a few toys, rubbers, and some 'accesories', so we can do anything you can think of. I mean, if you just want to fool around a little, that's fine." Returning her eyes to his, Clover rose on the balls of her feet until Ranma could almost taste the cherry lip gloss as she breathed into his face. "But I'm ready to spend the night with you."

Ranma's eyes widened and he gasped, "Spend the night!?"

"Mm-hmm." Clover darted in quickly, giving the thunderstruck boy's bottom lip a quick nibble and pulling away before he could return the favor. "And I want to spend every second of it on your dick." Smiling sultrily, Clover gave Ranma both barrels of her patented 'fuck-me' eyes as she whispered. "It's all up to you,, can I take the wild horse to the rodeo?"

There was a second where Ranma felt that old familiar, 'interruption in 5, 4, 3…' worry. But just like the last dozen times it'd happened since coming to Beverly Hills, there was no scream of rage, male or female. Instead, an unusual instinct occurred to him, brought about by the rapid changes in his life.

He'd done things of a sexual nature with two girls, and while that was mind-boggling enough, the fact that the one he'd been intimate with one he shouldn't have been, and the end result hadn't been a gruesome and painful execution for both of them was completely inconceivable. Instead, he'd been forgiven, and the girl who he'd betrayed was more than willing to stay with him despite the stain on his honor by going astray.

And now she was pressed up against him, wanting him, knowing he wanted her, and obviously loving the effect she had on him judging by how her subtle body movements were rubbing his prick against the soft material of his underwear.

Like so many other things in his life, Ranma listened to his instincts.

Unlike most of the other times when he listened to the little voice in his head and it blew up in his face, Clover's needy whine of pleasure as he immediately crushed her lips against his told him he'd made the right decision. As one arm around her waist tightened like a steel cable, his other hand slid down Clover's mini-skirt until his fingers hit the bare skin of her leg just underneath her rump and immediately reversed course.

And Ranma's eyes bugged as his fingers slid underneath the material of Clover's skirt, finding only the soft, pliant skin of her uncovered backside.


Clover grinned wickedly at his surprised gasp from finding her commando and breathed huskily. "I said I came prepared, didn't I?" as she took a moment to balance herself before wrapping one leg around his waist. Giving a soft moan as she flexed her hips, rubbing her bare nethers against his cloth-covered erection, Clover whispered, "Nothing's stopping you, Ranma! Please, give it to me!"

Another instinct surfaced, which was met with just as much delight as his previous one, as he gave a feral sort of growl and silenced Clover with a passionate kiss while he flagrantly palmed her ass. With any objection or barrier between him and Clover gone, save his own unmentionables, Ranma's other hand joined it's brother in grabbing the blonde girl's backside and lifted her off the ground. She gave a surprised moan and instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck while her other leg matched it's twin and kept her effectively lashed to him, which only made her hotter as she could apply more pressure against his groin and her sex.

"Clover-chan," Ranma broke their kiss, while keeping his lips close enough to hers that they brushed feather-light against his as he asked huskily. "You'll let me do anything?"

"Anything, baby!" Clover affirmed with a moan as she tightened her grip on his waist.

"Good," Ranma growled as he started walking, making the blonde whimper at the slight friction against her sex while he headed for his bedroom, completely unencumbered by the teenage girl he was wearing as a t-shirt.


"Clover?" Alex called aloud as she walked through the blonde's house. She'd wanted to talk to her besty about what had happened, just to make sure that they were still friends, and took advantage of the fact that the trio had all shared housekeys in the past. It'd been something of a relief when she saw Clover's mother driving away from the house as soon as Alex got onto their block, as she didn't want to consider the older woman's reaction to a discussion involving her daughter seeing a boy who'd shtupped another woman.

Heading to Clover's room, Alex frowned as she looked inside, finding hide nor hair of the blonde, and wondered aloud, "Where is she? Did she go to the mall again? I think she didn't say anything about going shopping, but where else could she be?"

As she spoke, Alex caught sight of Clover's tv, and the seemingly unobtrusive compact mirror sitting on top of it. Of course, the fact that said mirror had several thin wires coming out the back and dipping out of sight behind the TV took away a lot of the 'totally not a spy tool' disguise.

"Really, Clover?" Alex sighed in disgust as she walked towards the setup. "You just leave it out where your mom can find it?"

As the brunette reached for the machine however, she paused. Thinking on what Clover had been monitoring, a rush of curiosity and desire came to Alex, making her bite her lip as she switched targets to the power button for the TV set, wondering what the man who'd taken her virginity was doing at the moment.

The sound came first, all of a half-second before the screen filled with colors and shapes, but it was more than enough for Alex's jaw to drop. Her eyes wide in shock, the latina breathed, "Oh my God…" as her cheeks reddened and her womanhood grew very warm.


"Ranmaaaaaa…" Clover moaned as he suckled the tender skin of her neck, his affectionate ministrations there being completely negated by his index and middle fingers forcefully rubbing against the interior wall of her sex.

Ranma gave a small smile, but otherwise ignored the blonde's plaintive call as he continued ministering to her body while her soft hands pulled at his shaft.

The two had adjourned to his bedroom, leaving a sparse trail of clothing as they went so that by the time Clover's back had been laid onto Ranma's sheets, the two of them were completely nude. Rather than dive on in however, the teens had taken a few moments to warm themselves up even more, though Ranma was ever the over-achiever regarding physical activity, his mindset bolstered somewhat by the desire to make amends for his transgression and let Clover know just how much he cared for her. Now, as he laid next to her with his upper-body hovering over hers, feeling her erect nipples pressing into his pecs, Ranma listened for the crescendo of his girlfriend's release.

"Ranma!" The blonde gasped, her grip tightening around his shaft, while her pussy did the same to his probing digits, feeling her legs spasm as she whimpered, "Oh God, Ranma, baby!"

"Feel good, Clover-chan?" Ranma smiled as he brought his lips away from underneath her jaw so he could look into her clouded, pre-orgasmic sapphire eyes.

"Oh fuck me, Ranma." Clover's hips bucked in response to the slight curl of his fingers, which made them dig into a spot along her frontal wall which made her legs shake and lightning race across her groin. "I'm gonna cum...Oh fuck me, I'm gonna cuuummm!"

"You're close?" Ranma breathed heavily, the combination of watching her reach her orgasm coupled with the rather jerky, distracted movements of her hand which was still wrapped around his joystick making him growl with need. "You're gonna cum?"

"Yes! YES!" Clover squealed as the tense, spring-winding sensation built up in her loins.

"Tell me when you cum." Ranma's lustful growl sent shivers through the blonde that only accelerated her release. "Tell me when you're-"

"Oh-oh fuck!" Clover spasmed, her hip jerking off the bed as she screeched, "Now! NOWW-MMMMM!"

The rest of Clover's orgasmic scream was muffled by Ranma's mouth, his tongue immediately diving between her lips as he slammed his fingers as deep as they could go, rubbing the ball of his hand against her clit while pressing the tips of his fingers against Clover's G-spot. Even stifled as she was, the blonde's squeals of ecstasy were still enough to make his ears ring while his sheets were soaked with her fluids.

Whimpering softly as the fires died down, Clover breathed, "Oh fuck me, Ranma…" When he broke away again.

"You're welcome, Clover-chan."

"No, seriously; fuck me, Ranma." Clover murmured, recovering quickly due to being no stranger to monster-orgasms, though none brought as fast or with as much passion as her current lover. "Cause I'm this close to picking out a wedding ring, but I need to take your cock for a test drive before I call up a priest."

While she was obviously joking, at least that's what he was hoping, Ranma couldn't help but grimace. "Please, Clover-chan. Don't kid about that."

Clover giggled lightly, "Sorry, Ranma." though the twinkle in her eye showed that she was anything but apologetic at the moment as she rolled her hips, grinding her entrance against his hand which was still knuckle deep inside her sex. "I'm just happy cause like, I didn't think you were gonna fingerbang me until I came."

"What else was I going to do?"

Clover laughed again as she met his eyes and murmured sultrily, "Get me wet enough to handle this bad boy." She tugged his cock for emphasis. "And give it to me in one thrust."

"Oh." Ranma's cheeks reddened from pleasure and affection as he smiled and wiggled his fingers inside her sex, watching her stomach and groin quiver erotically in response as he replied. "Well, you did say I could do anything I wanted, and I really wanted to make you cum before we did anything else."

"Oh my God," Clover groaned lustfully as Ranma's fingertips tapped against her G-spot in a staccato rhythm. "Ranma, you have to let me fuck you for that! Stop going for the 7-10 split so I can put this in its place!"

As she punctuated her statement by giving his dick a hard yank, Ranma grunted at the forceful but not uncomfortable tug. However, before he could follow his divining rod to her watering hole, Clover pushed him so he rolled over onto his back, keeping her body mostly pressed against his as he allowed her to take control. As she lay on top of him, their legs intertwined and her breasts pressing against his chest, the escapee from Nerima felt that same flush of desire, attraction and gratitude to her which was becoming more familiar and welcome with every encounter. Grabbing two handfuls of the blonde's plump backside with both hands, Ranma began toying with them, getting a feel for their heft and buoyancy with a wide smile while his cock pressed into her groin.

Clover moaned as Ranma palmed her ass, the cool breeze over her anus as he spread her cheeks making her nethers clench while his hard, calloused fingers dug into her booty, and his length pulsed against her shaved mons. Meeting his eyes, the blonde smiled sultrily and cooed, "Oh, do you like my ass, Ranma?"

"I like all of you, Clover-chan." Ranma returned her grin as he wiggled his wrists, causing the girls posterior to jiggle in his grip.

"Flatterer." Clover moaned happily. "But aren't you forgetting something more important than my butt?"

He blinked quizzically. "I am?"

"Mm-hmm." Clover hummed as she bent her back, sticking her chest out, but also looking down to where Ranma's python was sandwiched between their groins. As Ranma realized what she was talking about and mentally thunked himself in the head for being dense, the blonde continued to shift position by languidly drawing her hips forward and she sitting up, which effectively meant she was riding him like a witches broomstick. The feeling of her slit sliding along the underside of his cock made him groan until she stopped, and when he looked, the head of his prick was winking at him from between Clover's legs.

Clover spread her legs a little wider, feeling the veiny shaft pressing harder against her nether lips as she rested all her weight on Ranma's cock. Her pulse racing from the heat warming her already blazing loins, Clover rested her hands on Ranma's abs and slowly thrust, rubbing his hard length against her moist petals and letting her natural fluids soak his dick as she softly moaned, "You forgot about my pussy...and I think you're going to love it a lot more than my ass."

"I think you're right." Ranma growled as his cock was treated to a smooth and buttery sensation, his desire rising as she teased him.

"God," Clover moaned as her hip movements became more jerky, the feeling of her clit rubbing along his length making tingling sparks radiate up through her groin. "I think I could cum just from doing this!" With obvious hesitation and several stops and starts, she slowed down and whispered, "But I won't...not yet…"

"You won't?" Ranma blinked quizzically at her. "Why not?"

"Because I'd get more out of it than you would. And more importantly," Clover met his eyes with a half-lidded, red-cheeked gaze that brought his arousal even higher. "I've waited too long to fuck you. And if I'm gonna cum on your dick; I want it inside me when that happens." Her point made, the sensual blond grinned sultrily. "Besides, I still have to break you in."

"Break me in?" Ranma's confusion deepened, then disappeared as she 'distracted' him by lightly running her fingers around the ridge of his crown while his shaft was still sandwiched between her pussy and his groin.

"You are a wild horse, aren't you, Ranma?" Clover murmured as she teased his tip with an amused look. "That means, I gotta show you who's boss around here."

Ranma grunted softly, the 'ticklish' sensation of her treating the edge of his cap like the rim of a drinking glass making him harder even as he grinned at her and slowly thrust his hips, now making his dick press against her as he asked, "And how are you gonna do that?" With an expression that said he knew damn good and well what the answer was.

Clover's eyes fluttered as his cock pressed against her entrance and she moaned, "B-by taking the rodeo! And riding you across the finish line-oh fuck, I can't take it!" The teasing stimulation snapped the blonde's fraying restraint and she pushed against his stomach with her hands, pressing him into the bed and lifting off of his prick before one of her hands reached between her legs and she grabbed his cock. With practiced ease, she adjusted his angle and gave a high pitched whimper of, "Yes!" When the tip of his spear slipped between her folds, leaving nothing left for the pair but to finish the job and officially consummate their relationship.

While not a virgin anymore, the teasing build up and the lack of guilt made Ranma's eagerness rise almost as much as he'd felt when he and Alex had deflowered each other yesterday. As he looked at Clover's groin, which was obscuring the upper half of his dick while her hand was wrapped around the lower, the pigtailed boy held his breath as he waited for his lover to descend.

But when she did, a thought occurred to him, a worrying one that somehow broke through the fog of hormones as Clover started giving Ranma's dick a very deep kiss. Despite the pleasure of being sheathed in his hot blonde girlfriends pussy, his hands tightened on her ass in a clearly restraining fashion, halting her descent momentarily as he called worriedly, "Wait, just wait a minute, Clover-chan."

Only an inch deep, and with so much more to go, it took everything Clover had not to let out a scream of sexual frustration and outrage that would make Satan himself flinch. With great effort, she somehow managed to keep from snarling in her lover's face, though it was obvious that she was very displeased by yet another delay of game as she spat, "Wait for what, Ranma!?"

Seeing how angry she was, Ranma swallowed nervously but forged on, as it was out of concern for both of them that he'd spoken in the first place. "Your...your purse is out in the hall."

"And?" Clover growled with a slight twitch in one eye.

Flashbacks a plenty rebounding through his head, Ranma blurted in a panic, "I'm not wearing a rubber!"

It took a second for that to process, but when it did, Clover's eyes bugged and she stared at Ranma in complete shock, all traces of anger or outrage gone as she whispered disbelievingly, "Like, seriously?!"

"Y-yeah, We were in such a rush, you must have forgot about it." Ranma winced apologetically, hoping she wouldn't be too angry about almost going all the way without any protection. "I'll wait while you get one, okay?"

Ranma assumed that Clover was gawping at him because of both their lapses in memory and the fact that she's almost ridden him bareback on accident.

Like most things regarding Ranma's assumptions with women, this was not the correct, and was in fact the opposite of what his lover was thinking. Because while only head of his manhood had become intimately familiar with Clover's depths, no one could argue that the two of them were not 'lovers' at this point, and out of the sexually liberated girl's many partners, none of them had done what Ranma just did.

Besides the Cunning Linguist test, Clover had other exams she'd put possible boyfriends through, to test their moral fiber and quick thinking while also giving the two of them a good deal of sexual fulfillment, hopefully. One of the unofficial tests was how they reacted to wearing rubbers and their mutual safety in general, although it wasn't as much of a pass/fail as her other exams unless the guy whined too much or pretended to put the condom on. Situations like that would usually end with a displeased dismissal, a fake phone number, and making damn sure every other girl in Bev High knew who among the other students was an asshole.

But now here she was, ready and nearly mounted on a supposed supervillain who'd not only passed her safety test, but raised the bar into the stratosphere and left her dumbstruck from the fact that he had stopped her when all he had to do was keep his mouth shut and enjoy the ride. In a very few cases, she'd stopped a lover before he'd crossed the Rhinelands into her sex to go get protection, but that was not a curveball she liked to throw out casually. And yet Ranma had done it to himself, and Clover couldn't help but feel like a scientist who'd discovered a completely new species of humanity. With all that in mind, her next reaction was one that anyone except Ranma would have seen coming from a mile away.

Ranma nearly had a panic attack when Clover's expression twisted into a snarl and she gave a low, feral growl, largely due to his personal history with all things feline. Before the ailurophobic trigger could be pulled however, his mouth was suddenly violated by his lover's searching tongue, surprising and pleasuring him in equal measure when he realized that his grip had laxed.

Said realization was because in that half-second of inattention, Clover thrust down and used his shaft to split open her moist peach, making him and her give a surprised grunt and a desperately needy whimper of desire, both of which were muffled into the lips of the other. Despite feeling his balls touching the smooth expanse of skin between Clover's womanhood and her backdoor, his body responded to the slick heat surrounding his length by jerking his hips, trying somehow to shove more of his cock into her pussy even though he was buried to the hilt. As she felt him move and responded in kind, slowly riding him and bringing a rising pleasure to his loins, Ranma couldn't help but compare her buttery smooth massage to Alex's tighter and more insistent grip. In either case, both were wonderful and now that he and Clover were one, he couldn't do anything more than focus on returning the blonde passionate frenching with equal fervor.

(Why!? Why did I wait this long to fuck him!?) Clover screamed inside her own head while her body was forcefully probed from both ends by Ranma's skilled tongue and iron-hard cock. She'd fantasized more than once about fucking the prick she'd paid lip service to last Friday, but this was a situation where her imagination had failed to live up to the reality, and her legs quivered as she humped his waist, desperately driving Ranma's cock into her body and moaning in equal parts plaintive need and desperate relief. (He's too sweet to be real, he's hot as fuck, and I'm never letting him take this cock out of my pussy! I should have fucked him the second I saw him! I sh-should have-!)

Clover's eyes widened as Ranma's ridge scraped over a spot on her frontal wall, which had already been tenderized by his fingers earlier, and she gave a surprised "Mm!" Into Ranma's lips as a spring in her pussy started winding tighter.

Ranma's response was an affectionate, "Hmm…" as his tongue darted out and playfully toyed with hers, while he massaged her asscheeks in his grip and kept up the pace of their coupling.

The spring was snapping, and Clover's body was trembling against Ranma's as he fucked her with steady, sure strokes that set her skin aflame. With nowhere else to go but through, Clover crushed her lips against her lover's and screamed her joyful release into his open mouth while her walls spasmed and quivered around his invading pole.

Ranma's eyes bugged when the heard the very recognizable sound of the 'Orgasmus Valleygirlicus' and stared into Clover's adorably scrunched up face while the 'buttery smooth' sex he was imbedded in became a gelatin-coated vice. Between the anticipation and warmth of his girlfriend's body, Ranma was certain that he'd be the first to reach orgasm once he and Clover did the dirty deed, but he was very happy to be proven wrong as his groin was soaked in the blonde's release and her drawn out, muffled wail of joy slowly faded into a shuddering moan of bliss.

Breaking lip contact, Ranma stilled their motions and watched as Clover's eyes slowly opened to a dull, hazy expression and he asked, "Clover-chan, did you-"

"Yeeeessssssss…" Clover breathed slowly, the faraway look on her face speaking volumes as her pussy continued to writhe around his dick. "I made me cum, good…"

Ranma met that affirmation with a surprised, cheeky grin as he said, "Wow, guess I'm not too bad at this, neh?"

Clover shook her head slowly. " you're not…" she closed her eyes and Ranma sucked in a breath when her inner walls clamped down on his dick in a way that had to be intentional. "Fuck, you feel so good...better than I dreamed…"

"Dreamed?" Ranma asked, his breathing heavy as her womanhood squeeze his shaft.

Clover's eyes opened, and she met his questioning look with a smile that was warm, her cheeks flushed with affection and post-orgasmic bliss while carrying a hint of her usual 'cheerfully slutty' self. "You made me cum, Ranma. Before we even kissed."

Ranma blinked. That sounded very familiar to him and he asked, "Nani?" In surprise.

"I thought you were hot," Clover whispered sultrily as she pushed up, giving her enough room so her tits swung freely over Ranma's chest while she explained her statement, minus the details involving her work. "So hot, that I fingered myself. I made myself cum, all alone in my bedroom while I was thinking about you, days before our date."

Ranma was wide-eye'd, staring at her in amazement and smiling at the stroking of his ego as she finished sitting up and rubbed her hands along his pecs. "Really? You liked me that much?"

"I thought you were hot," Clover corrected him with a grin before slowly rolling her hip and causing an inch-deep fuck-motion that made both their breaths come quicker and deeper. "And it was enough to make me cum. But now, I know you, and God, I really really like you!" She gave a shuddering gasp and quivered around him. "Fuck, why are you so hard?! There shouldn't be anything left after yesterday!"

Being reminded of his infidelity brought a strange mixture of heat and cold to Ranma's desires due to the dishonor he'd committed, while also filling his head with visions of Alex riding his pole. Grimacing apologetically and from pleasure as Clover's silken sheath massaged his length, Ranma murmured, "Gomen, Clover-chan...I wasn't thinking-"

A delighted, gasping laugh was Clover's response as she moaned, "Ranma, you sweetheart, dense-as-a-rock stud! I'm not harping on you! I'm impressed!" Before sitting down and taking him deep inside her pussy, feeling his dick open her depths in places that few lovers had reached before. Her eye fluttering, the blonde shifted her movements to a slow, rotating hip swirl as she whispered, "Getting it up after two blown loads is one thing, but being this hard after cumming 3 times is a fucking miracle!"

Ranma wondered just how big of a Moko-Takabisha he could fire off right now, what with the praise being heaped on him by the girl who was riding him with honest, unrestrained joy. While he considered the merits and possibilities of putting a theoretical blast up against the eternal Lost Boy's Perfect ShiShi Hokudan, a question floated across the part of his mind that wasn't focused on the feeling of his cock stirring Clover's insides like a spoon in a bowl of gelatin, and his brow furrowed thoughtfully as he asked aloud, " do you know how many times I…" Ranma blushed as he trailed off. "You know, with Alex?"

There was a half second where Clover's eyes widened when she realized how badly she just fucked up, not counting the fact that she was mid-fuck with a possible bad guy which would have compounded matters, to say the least. With the adrenaline and hormones flooding her veins, that half-second was all the time she needed to realize that a 'half-truth' would serve her purposes beautifully, and she met Ranma's questioning look with a sultry, impish grin. "Because Alex told me what happened, Ranma." Her eyes gleamed with a lustful light. "And I mean everything."

Ranma stiffened, both in body and in manhood, the latter of which was met by an appreciative coo from his lover as he stammered, "S-she did?! When?!"

"After she asked me to forgive her," Clover purred as she ended her merry-go-round treatment and settled her ass against the top of Ranma's thighs. Bracing her palms flat on his abs, fingers curling around the sides of his waist, the blonde dispensed with the preliminaries as she slowly started pumping her hips. Feeling his dick rising into her body, the blonde's voice rose a little higher as she went on. "She's been my friend forever, and I had to hear the details of her first time!"

"And she told you?" Ranma's breathing deepened as his cock was stroked by a silken mitt, making his body temperature rise as his hands instinctively shifted to Clover's hips to aid her movements and his eyes tracked her gently bouncing breasts. "Just like that?!"

"It took some wheedling," Clover winked at him as she sped up her pace ever-so-slightly. "But yeah, I know what happened." She shut her eyes as she saw the video from yesterday play through her mind, combining it with the coupling of the present to arouse her even further as she moaned and slapped her ass against his thighs with a harder thrust, "She wanted to feel you…all of you in her pussy...and you gave it to her!"

Ranma gritted his teeth, his own memories also giving him an instant replay as his loins started tightening.

"But you pulled out before you came!" Clover's movements sped up again, this time without conscious thought as her ass kept clapping against his legs, as though applauding her efforts to please her lover while her voice rose in breathless gasps. "And she was so horny that she begged you to let her ride you, so she could feel you cum in her pussy!"

"C-Clover-chan…" Ranma grunted, beads of sweat breaking out across his brow as he forcefully clenched his stomach muscles, even though his hands refused to do more than hang on to the bucking blonde straddling him.

"But that wasn't cheating!" The blonde giggled, her laughter light and airy, if only because she was also gasping as she rode her lover down the track, making his bed springs squeak in time with her motions. "You don't know how much I loved hearing that! Cause it was like you and me kissing, and I couldn't believe Alex would think of something so awesome to get you to fuck her brains out!"

"Clover!" Ranma shouted in definite warning as his hands finally tightened their grip on her waist. "I'm getting close-"

He was silenced by a finger to his lips, and her motions stopped.

Ranma opened his eyes and saw Clover smiling down at him, a seductive, loving, and heated expression on her face that nearly made him erupt just looking at her while she slowly pulled her hand away from his face, and put it back on his waist. "And that's why I'm not mad, Ranma." Clover whispered softly. "Because you wouldn't have fucked her if you didn't think you care about her and wanted to help her, even though you had to justify it by saying it wasn't cheating." Her smile curved wickedly. "Plus, you gave my bestie the most awesome cherry-popping I've ever heard of, and that counts for a lot with me."

Ranma's breathing deepened, relief and arousal swelling within him as her finger moved away and he breathed, "Clover-chan."

"I want that, Ranma." Clover moaned huskily, her hand returning to his waist, pressing against him as she resumed her insistent pumping motions once more. "I know you care about me, and I want what Alex got; all of you, deep inside me."

Point made, and sharp enough that even Ranma could feel the poke, he nodded in affirmation while his hands aided her movements again, his breaths coming faster as he said hoarsely, "You-you're gonna get it...pretty soon!"

"Good...good!" Clover crooned as the rodeo resumed in earnest, the motions of her bucking hips causing a barely audible sloshing sound as his dick plunged into her sodden depths over and over again. "Cause I want! Ever since I saw you, I wanted you in me! Make me feel it, Ranma! Make me take it!"

Ranma groaned as the waves lapped against the edges of his metaphorical sandbags, his hands shaking against her waist as he neared releaserelease. "Clover-chan! You're amazing!"

She sat down heavily, trembling as she took in his full, twitching length and whimpered as her pussy stretched just a little further thanks to his swelling manhood. "I feel it! You're getting harder! Just a little more, Ranma!" The movements resumed, at a more rapid and insistent pace as she breathed, "Cum in me!"

Her lewd words, eager movements and desire for his release sent out the warning flare in the pigtailed boy's mind.

"Cum in me!" She repeated, louder and more forceful as she took him to the root again, grinding her clit against his groin and making him gasp when she twisted her hips so his ever stiffening cock corkscrewed in her sex.

The flare was the signal, and lightning raced down Ranma's spine as his body readied to fire the main gun.

A sudden throb was the signal Clover needed, and with perfect timing, one of her hands flew between her legs. Her sex spasmed around Ranma's pole as she fingered her clit, making her next repetition of, "CUM IN ME!" sound like a cross between a command, a plea, and a statement of absolute certainty.

Her bouncing breasts, energy, and wide smile gave the blonde an air of wild abandon, and brought the differences between her and Alex into sharp relief for Ranma. While Alex had acted animalistic and feral in the throes of her desire, Clover's intelligence remained in full effect, leaving her knowing exactly what she wanted and how to get it from him, which Ranma could verify easily as her spasming walls gripped his shaft and sent the final signal his loins needed to soudn the charge. His eyes rolled back in his head and his fingers dug into the soft skin of her hips, holding the blonde down as the dam broke and making certain that the flood of cum racing through his groin reached it's intended destination, deep inside his girlfriend's hot pussy.

When he erupted, Clover threw her head back and shrieked "YES!" in eager acceptance and ecstatic triumph as her finger blurred between her legs, setting off her own release while gobs of sticky warmth were fired into her depths. The stimulation of her nub along with each subtle throb and swell of Ranma's cock just before another ribbon of jizz coated her inner walls pushed Clover over the edge, and she howled in orgasmic bliss as she fulfilled her fantasy and found it just as good, if not better than she'd imagined.

Slowly, Ranma's dick pulled out of Clover's slit. Not through movement, but rather basic biology as his gun needed to reload before the next engagement, and soon his shrunken prick slipped free of the blonde's silken grip, flopping slightly as a stream of off-white fluid seeped out of her folds and onto his groin. As he caught his breath and came to grip with the now-familiar, but never unwelcome feeling of post-coital bliss, Clover gave a soft moan and fell forward bonelessly. It wasn't an uncontrolled collapse, though it seemed like it as she fell against his chest, resting her head on his shoulder and panting heavily against his neck while his arms came up to gently hold her against him.

When he felt like he'd regained enough air to speak coherently again, he uttered a soft, "Clover-chan...sugoi…"

Eyes half-open, without lifting her head from it's resting place as she let the fires rolling across her body eventually fade, Clover swallowed loudly and gasped, "What...does that...mean?"

"Amazing." Ranma smiled at his bedroom ceiling. "Wonderful."

Clover grinned at that and offered a pleased, "Well, sue-goy to you too."

Ranma chuckled, which made her breasts jiggled against his chest pleasantly. After a moment to share a comfortable silence, he asked, "Neh, Clover-chan?"


"If you didn't want me to pull out or wear a rubber, why did you bring them?"

Clover grinned and lightly pressed her lips against his neck. "Desensitization. I figured you were worried about being a minute man, and could use those to help hold yourself back."


"Oh trust me, Ranma." She murmured as her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled herself closer against him. "The pleasure is all mine. Especially because you don't need em to show me a good time."

Ranma smiled and turned his head, gently kissing Clover's brow as he said, "I'm glad, Clover-chan."

She giggled at his touch, then raised her head and pulled herself up a little, bathing his ear in her warm breath as she whispered, "But now, I wanna see how long you can last with a little desensitization for the next round. You don't mind, do you?"

Ranma sighed in arousal from her lustful words, while down below, his prick gave a small twitch underneath Clover's recently vacated nethers. "Course not. I'm kinda curious how long I can last too."

Clover hummed approvingly before lightly pinching his earlobe between her lips in a gentle nip. "I bet you are...but can I ask you for a big, big favor?" She moved her head a little closer to his ear and whispered, barely audible even as close as they were, but he still heard every word. "When you cum? Take the condom off."

Ranma's eyes widened and he turned his head slightly, his cheek rubbing against his lovers as he met her mischievously twinkling eyes with his own surprised gaze. "Clover-chan? Why would I-"

"Because you deserve it." Clover murmured as she gave him a chaste, for her anyway, kiss on the lips. "After what you did, I can't think of any guy who deserves to cream my pie more than you."

Ranma blinks, even as a rush of desire rolls through him. "What...did I do?"

The blonde raised up a little, letting Ranma see her affectionate expression as she said, "You know I've had a few boyfriends, right?"

"Yeah?" A thought occurred to Ranma and his brow furrowed.

"No, none of them were the crazy-jealous types." Clover offered quickly. "But the point is, I've been with a few guys, and I don't think a single one of them would have stopped me from screwing them once they were in." her lips quirked in a small smile. "Or, slightly in, anyway."

While happy for the praise, Ranma frowned as he considered the moral character involved in these past lovers of his girlfriend and said, "Well, those guys are selfish jerks."

Clover smiled and shook her head, her sweaty blonde locks clinging to her brow as she denied him with an affectionate, "No, Ranma. They're normal. But you? You're special." Then she leaned in and gave him a gentle, sincere kiss. "And I'm glad I met you."

Feeling a warmth in his heart, separate from the aroused heat throughout his body for this beautiful girl draped across him, Ranma replied quietly, "I'm glad I met you too, Clover-chan."

Clover gave a small shiver. (God, I really like that little nickname...and I really like him!) As Ranma brought one of his arms across her waist and began to kiss her again, the blonde mused on the feelings he was stirring in her and returned his affectionate motions. (I think...I think this is real...and I'm honestly falling for him. I'm sorry, Sammy, but I just can't believe Ranma is a bad guy anymore.)



Sam snarled as she resisted the urge to whip her laptop across the room, which had once again blue-screened on her 6th attempt to access Japanese websites for information on the Nerima ward of Tokyo. Upon booting up her computer, a variety of issues popped up the moment she'd Googled, Yahoo'd, Binged, or any other kind of search on the terms and names Ranma had relayed to her. These issues had gotten worse the deeper she'd dug, making her screen freeze or her keyboard stop working at points, until she'd gotten the idea to start with very generalized and roundabout methods of what she was looking for. She'd looked up kendo, which had been fine. After experimentally googling various terms from the sport in question such as the practices, outfits and the difference between a bokken and a shima, which hadn't caused any issues; she'd applied those terms on a few .jp sites, looking for information on competitions and championships across Japan. There'd been a few starts and stops, but the precise moment she'd narrowed her search to Tokyo, her computer had crashed.

Sam brushed her disheveled hair out of her face and glared at her laptop's screen as she shut it down and prepared to reboot, again. "This is insane," the redhead murmured to herself, sounding a bit like she'd passed the event horizon of sound reasoning herself. "I've got three of the most up-to-date anti-viral software and firewalls, and I made damn certain they didn't screw with each other or my system, so how in fucking HELL can something be screwing with me now?!"

Letting out a frustrated scream, Sam got out of her chair and stalked around the room, kicking her feet and waving her arms like a baptist preacher overtaken by the Holy Spirit, while her proclamations were anything but divine. "What the fuck is with this guy!? Does the universe itself want him to stay unknown!? How the fuck can the entirety of Japan's servers be booby-trapped!? Who could do something like that!? Why would they do it?! What the fuck could be so important about fucking Ranma Saotome that-"

Sam froze.

Her eyes widened as the idea which had sprang into her mind slowly grew more prominent.

"Britney's notes." She whispered. "The tapes she could barely recover, and half-assed police reports. Ranma lying about having a sister and the names of those weirdos back home. Everything he's been doing has been to cover his tracks, he must have something to do with this!"

While sound in theory, Sam couldn't help but think about what kind of computing genius could create a program or a virus so thorough and malicious. It would require an insane amount of detail and expertise, which Ranma-

Sam winced as she remembered the first day Ranma had sat at a computer in class, and somehow ended up blaring Adina Howard's Freak Like Me throughout the entire building, despite the school's tech-support guy insisting that the boy had only used Photoshop and nothing else. Of course, that was after the comp-monkey recovered from his near seizure upon seeing the damage Ranma had caused to the computers programming, which in his own words, necessitated a quick disposal before it infected the others. [AN*]

"Okay, so he didn't do it," Sam admitted as she slowly turned to her laptop as it loaded up again. "Cause no one could fake being that bad with computers...but someone did."

Grinning widely, Sam walked over to her purse and declared, "But I bet they're not good enough to stand up to WOOHP's know how!" As she pulled out what looked like an ordinary electronic tablet, colored the same light green as her spy suit. But upon opening it, she tapped an otherwise non-descript app icon of a daisy, which immediately read her fingerprint through the screen and rather than opening up a cutesy Tetris-styled game with flowers and seeds, displayed the WOOHP logo and was followed by the words, [How can I help you?]

Sam sighed with relief before typing rapidly, [Gladis, need you to look up information on certain people in Japan; specifically, Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno, as well as a Principal named Kuno, and someone named Happosai. Be careful though,] she added with a scowl. [There's some kind of program blocking my laptop from looking up anything on those names, even on Stateside servers.]

[There should be no problem for me.] The hyper intelligent WOOHP AI known as G.L.A.D.I.S. replied. After a few moments though, the supercomputer assistant Jerry relayed the words, [Oh my.]

[Gladis?!] Sam swallowed loudly, a feeling of dread overtaking her as she gave a quick prayer that they wouldn't have a repeat of the last time Gladis ran amok. [What's wrong?!]

[I'm afraid I can't access that information either, as an Alpha-level info-blocker has been correlated to those names, along with a host of other terms.]

That feeling of dread doubled in potency and Sam's fingers shook as she typed, [Gladiis, what is anm Alpha-lecvel info-blocker?]

[It is a WOOHP program, to be activated by agents in case of an emergency. The only way to deactivate it is through the agent who activated it, or if proof is shown that the agent in question has been compromised and is unable to bring it down themselves.]

Sam froze. Alarms screamed in her head, and she trembled for a moment before typing, [Can you tell me what agent activated the block?]


Clover sighed happily as she and Ranma gently made out, enjoying their lazy cuddling following the epic rodeo she'd been wanting from her current beau almost from the moment she saw him. With a light giggle, she asked, "Feel good, Ranma?"

"Better than I have in a long time, Clover-chan."

She smiled at the genuine affection in his voice...and the slight tickling sensation of his jism flowing out of her pussy and across her clit. "I'm glad. Just, like, for curiosity's sake though," She asked while giving a look out his window to the orange-tinted sky as the sun began to set. "How long do you wanna cuddle for?"

Ranma smiled, though there was a bit of curiosity as he answered, "Ah, I wasn't thinking of setting an alarm or anything. Why?"

*Sigh* (Sweet, dense man) Clover thought with a shake of her head. "I mean, how long will it be before you're up for another round?" the blonde pushed herself up so she could look Ranma dead in the eye with a smoldering look. "Cause I'm totally down for more fresh creampie's from the Sato bakery. In fact, you could totally say I'm," She licked her lips. "Hungry for more."

Ranma flushed as his manhood, which had softened but not shrank thanks to her lustful words earlier, began hardening. "Clover-chan," Ranma laughed lightly as his hands rubbed her thighs. "I thought you wanted a break."

At that, Clover gave a delighted laugh while her lover massaged her legs. "Baby, it takes a hell of a lot to put me down for the count!" she chirped as she flexed her hips, making her backside bob up and down in a deliberate imitation of her earlier ride. "But don't worry, I'm sure you'll be up soon enou-"

Clover froze as a something prodded her nethers on a downstroke. Her eyes widened slowly as the poking sensation strengthened and her gates were opened millimeters at a time by an intrusion that felt very familiar to her. Before she could be truly impaled, Clover lifted her hips and looked between her legs to confirm that Ranma was hard again, and rapidly approaching the swaggering length she'd come to recognize from him. After a few moments of wide-eyed gawking, the blonde returned her gaze to Ranma's face, which wore an expression of concern as he asked, "Neh...Clover-chan? Is something wrong?"

It took a few seconds for Clover to process that question, whereupon she shook her head quickly and then met his eyes with sparkling delight. "Baby," she purred. "There's absolutely nothing wrong." Before sliding/crawling backwards, letting her breasts rub against Ranma's chest and stomach as she moved down his body until she was eye-to-eye with his cyclops. The scent of their combined fluids made Clover's head light and she gave a brief moan that was soon muffled by her lover's shaft as she took the head in her mouth and gave him a few insistent sucks.

Hearing the wild horse gasp her name brought a smile to Clover's lips and a feeling of empowerment that made her moan with delight as she cleaned the last stubborn drops of Ranma's release from his pipe. As she turned her talented tongue to clean-up detail, the blonde delightedly realized how much better her lover's seed tasted, and made a note to ask him about it once she was done.

Ranma threw his head back, staring at the ceiling, though his mind was elsewhere as he marveled at Clovers very thorough taste test of his manhood. It was a lot different then the first time she'd gone down on him, as it seemed like she was wanting to make sure every inch of his member knew what her lips and tongue felt like against his skin. He let out a groan as she licked his sack and gently suckled on his nuts, his dick twitching as he sighed, "Clover-chan…"

Pulling her lips away from his balls, she chirped, "Sue-goy?"

Ranma grinned as he replied "Hai." As he looked down, seeing one of Clover's eyes twinkling at him while the other was obscured by his erection.

"Good! And by the way," she brought her face up to the tip of his prick and licked her lips meaningfully. "You tasted extra yummy today! What'd you have for dinner?"

Ranma chuckled, "Green tea with some sweet onion lentils. I try to eat healthy, normally."

"Well, make a note of that, because you tasted better than pineapple-spunk!" Clover lowered her head, kissing his dick with a wide smile. "God, if you got some of that, I'd be getting daily protein shakes from you!"

Refocusing on his face, Clover's question about what he thought of that died when she noticed the drawn and pale expression on his face. "Ranma? What's wrong?"

Ranma swallowed audibly. "Sorry, Clover-chan, but I don't think I can do that for you…"

"Why not?"

"Did Alex tell you about my old principal?" Taking the blonde's wide-eyes as affirmation, he went on. "He was obsessed with Hawaii, and if I never see another pineapple in my life, it'll be too soon."

Clover shuddered. "Wow. Like, 'nuff said." Before brushing away the decidedly unsexy thoughts and returning to her 'cheerfully slutty' demeanor. "But that's okay. Like I told you, I'd eat your cum anytime, no matter how you taste. But would you hold that thought for a second?" She asked as she got up off his bed and turned towards his door. "I'll be right back."

"Huh?" Ranma sat up on his elbows. "Where are you going?"

Stopping in the doorframe, Clover gave Ranma a sultry grin as she declared, "Like, to get the rubbers, duh." Her grin widened at his confused look. "Now that we got the easy one out, I wanna see how many times you can make me squeal with a bit of desensitization helping you out."

Ranma blushed.

"I'll be right back, stud." She laughed lightly as she stepped out into the hall. Spotting her bag-o-tricks immediately, the blonde strolled over and enjoyed the pleasant sensation of the little trickle along the inside of her thigh.

When she got to her bag however, she blinked at the sudden sound of Santana's "Black Magic Woman." Coming from her cellphone.


Alex waited with baited breath as she watched Clover looked quizzically at her bag through one of the hidden cameras the blond had placed in Ranma's hallway. "Come on, come on!" Alex whimpered with need. "Pick up, Clover!"

The moment Alex had seen Ranma fingering Clover's pussy while she manhandled his prick, the latina's clothes had hit the floor, with all thoughts of being caught bare-ass naked in Clover's bedroom the furthest thing from her mind as her engine wound up faster than her last soccer game. What had started off as a low-level schlick session with one-hand gripping the edge of Clovers tv stand while the other simulated Ranma's motions as best she was able, had grown more heated as the blonde and her lover had gone further, with Alex eventually having to get on her knees and put both hands to work pleasuring herself while her cheek pressed against Clover's carpet, with her head turned towards the TV so she didn't miss a moment of Clover and Ranma's rodeo

When Ranma had cum inside Clover, Alex had shrieked with pleasure as well, aided by the memories from yesterday when he'd filled her womanhood with his spunk. If the latina didn't know any better, she could almost swear she could still feel it inside her, which only made her raging hormones worse.

Then they'd separated, and Alex had a chance to catch her breath for a moment before Clover had outlined their plans for the evening, and Alex couldn't help but feel a flash of jealousy for her friend, and despite everything wrong with what was going on, she couldn't help wish she could be in Clover's place right now.

When that thought occurred to her, another came with it, and Alex blinked as her mind churned down avenues that normally remained closed save for those occasions where the need for intimacy overcame her usual mindset of naive innocence. Too enflamed to care, she'd waited until Clover had left Ranma's bedroom before dialing her phone with slightly damp fingers and prayed her friend would pick up.


"What's that?" Ranma called from his bedroom, the sudden music bringing a confused expression to his face as he swung his feet off the bed.

"My phone." Clover replied before brushing her hair back with one hand as she answered the call with a quizzical, "Alex? What's up?"


Panic lanced through the blonde, hearing what sounded like a pained whimper from her besty set Clover's alarms ringing, and it took considerable effort to maintain her calm tone as she asked quietly, "Alex, sweetie, is something wrong?"

"Clover...I'm at your house...watching you and Ranma…"

Clover froze solid, crouched on the balls of her feet as her jaw opened and closed several times with no sound cutting out, after a moment, she looked at the corner of the ceiling where a tiny glimmer of a camera lens could barely be seen.

"Yeah…" Alex affirmed in that same choked voice.

Clover's eyes narrowed and she frowned, but after a deep breath, she asked, "So, what do you need?" in a voice that sounded calm, but for anyone listening would have come off as a definitive request for final diplomacy. I.E. 'These could be your last words, so make them count.'

"I was just...I was wondering where you were, and I didn't think you would be at his place, doing…" A low moan came through the line which Clover briefly wondered if her lover could hear all the way in his room before Alex suddenly blurted, "Clover, please let me have sex with Ranma!"

The blonde's eye twitched, and she trembled with a strange combination of shock, outrage, and arousal as she whispered, "You...what?"

"Please, Clover! I know he's your boyfriend, and I swear, I don't want to take him away from you!" the plaintive begging from her friend drove a measure of pity into Clover's heart as Alex moaned, "I just want to fuck him again! He's so damn hot, and he's such a nice guy, and I don't want to find a guy who'll be mean to me or take advantage of my heat…" The hispanic girls voice trailed off into heavy breathing which slowly stabilized until she whispered, "If...if you say it's fine...then it won't be cheating...will it?"

Clover thought on that for a moment, mulling over the idea of Ranma shagging Alex again and to her own surprise, she wasn't finding herself completely against the idea. Rather, there was a slight flush of arousal as she considered the idea of getting a front row seat to the show she'd witnessed late last night. Furthermore, there was the fact that she and Sammy had fooled around occasionally, and while the blond seductress hadn't wanted to corrupt her more innocent friend, she was very curious to see firsthand kind of girl Alex really was between the sheets.

After a moment, Clover reached into her bag brought out a box of extra large Trojans as she said conversationally, "Alex?"

"Y-yeah, Clover?"

"You know you're interrupting a 'special time' with me and Ranma, don't you?"

"Um...yeah, I know. I said, I can see you-"

"And if you're really serious about this, then I'm going to want something in return for helping you out. Quid pro quo, as they say."

Clover made a point of looking over her shoulder to see if her boyfriend was still in his room or not while the sound of grinding teeth came through the line. Then she heard Alex mumble, "Fine...what do you want, Clover?"


Alex's face was pouty, torn between her raging hormones and her loyalty to Clover as she waited to hear what Clover's demand would be.

Instead of answering through the phone however, Clover stood up and faced the hidden camera. Bringing the phone to her mouth, she whispered sultrily, "It isn't cheating, unless you're alone with him."

The Latina's jaw dropped as Clover punctuated her statement by grinning wickedly and pointing directly at the camera, and then down at her feet. Alex's breath caught in her throat, her chest heaving as her mind spun through the idea of being screwed by Ranma, right in front of Clover instead of the blonde getting a 2nd hand account through a TV screen. Her throat suddenly dry, the latina whispered, "N-now?"

Clover nodded and smiled. "Oh yeah, right now, Alex."

"B-but what about you?" Alex whispered, her mind already painting dozens of scenarios/positions and possibilities. "Do you want...I mean, you're just going to watch us while-"

Alex stopped as Clover gave the camera and thus her friend an annoyed look before whispering, "Advanced math lesson, Alex. 2 plus 1 equal fun!" Before licking her lips in a seductively lewd gesture that brought a completely new sort of flush to Alex's cheeks. Satisfied that her message had gotten through, Clover chirped, "I'll see you soon, Alex!" Before hanging up and calling over her shoulder, "Hey, Ranma?"

Though the hidden camera, Alex could only vaguely make out the sound of Ranma replying, but not what he said while Clover replied, "Can you c'mere for a second, I have an idea."

(Oh God! Is she gonna tell him?!)

Alex's panicked and somehow thoroughly arousing thoughts whirled as Ranma came out of the bedroom and walked over to Clover, who was standing coyly with her hands behind her back. "What's that, Clover-chan?"

"Well, I just realized that I've never been with a guy who had his own place before, and I was wondering; when do your neighbors get home?"

Alex's brow furrowed as she wondered what Clover was up to, while Ranma shook his head. "I don't have any neighbors. The other apartments are empty."

Clover's smile reached devilish proportions and she gently reached up to hold the back of Ranma's neck as she purred, "Good. Then that means we can be as loud as we want, anywhere we want."

Alex flushed beet red as she realized what Clover was thinking, and scrambled for her discarded clothes while she heard Ranma ask in a surprised and aroused voice, "Anywhere?!"

"Mm-hmm." Alex risked a look and her knees weakened as Clover gave Ranma a quick peck on the lips. "Cause I want to fuck you in every room here. Can we do that, Ranma?"

Alex mentally ran through the quickest route to Ranma's apartment while she physically ran out of Clover's house, leaving behind the soft moans of two teens getting ready for round 2.


Ranma smiled at Clover as his erection lightly pressed against her groin. "Clover, it would be my pleasure."

She giggled at his little joke and gently rose up on the balls of her feet as she replied, "oh, I know!" And slid back down, rubbing his dick against her body for a second before saying, "Now, let's get you suited up, shall we?" While holding up the box of Trojans.

Ranma looked at the box with a slightly curious expression. "Sure, but...I've never used one before."

"Don't worry, baby." Clover replied as she popped open the box and pulled off one of the slim packages. "I'll help you out."

Dropping to her knees in front of Ranma's slightly flagging erection, Clover scowled and said, "Oh, that's like, totally not going to do at all!" Before grabbing his shaft and once again taking his pole between her lips, bobbing her head so the tip of his dick rubbed against the roof of her mouth while her tongue went to work against the underside of his shaft. His prick perked up immediately in response to her ministrations and after a moment, she pulled back and smiled at his full-strength erection, chirping "Much better!" before tearing open the packet in her hand.

"Wow…" Ranma breathed, smiling at the sudden head as he semi-jokingly asked, "Don't suppose you wanna keep going?"

"Don't tempt me." Clover smiled teasingly up at him. "Cause I will be getting a hot drink sometime tonight, but that can wait for later. I just had to make sure you're as hard as a rock before I put the rubber on." As he nodded in understanding, Clover winked at him and said, "Want to see a trick?" Before pressing the curled up slip of bright red plastic to her lips.

Ranma looked utterly confused by Clover making kissy-face with a condom, until she leaned in again and Ranma's breath caught in his throat as she took him into her mouth, deeper and deeper until his nuts were pressed against her chin and her nose had dug into his groin. He hunched over and growled her name as the blonde's throat constricted around the tip of his prick, his hands involuntarily grabbing the sides of her head in order to stabilize himself and keep the sensations going for as long as possible.

Clover, while far from averse to deep throat, wasn't in the mood for it at the moment, especially when the presence of a rubber meant she wouldn't get her creamy payoff at the end. She hummed in an annoyed tone and slapped Ranma's hip meaningfully, which brought him out of his lustful fugue tout suite, though he overcompensated by yanking his cock from her gob so fast the blonde started to gag and cough.

"Oh Kami!" Ranma blurted quickly while Clover coughed in front of him, dropping to one knee as he rubbed the blonde's back. "I'm sorry, Clover-chan! It just felt good, and I couldn't help it-"

"Ranma, relax." Clover gave him a slight smile, though her tone was hoarse. It cleared up quickly though and she reassured him happily, "I'm old hat at this kind of thing, but you gotta remember my throat's not like my pussy; you always go slow when you pull out, okay?"

Ranma flushed at the frank language and nodded, "Hai, Clover-chan."

"God, I'll never get tired of hearing that." Clover smiled widely, her voice completely back to normal as she and Ranma got to their feet. Once she had the chance, Clover kissed Ranma again, surprising him at the strong flavor of cherries until he glanced down and noticed the word [flavored] on the box of condoms. Rolling his eyes while thinking, (Of course.) with amusement, Ranma hooked his hand underneath one of Clover's knees and lifted it up onto his hip, which made his bright red hard-on slide down her groin and closer to her entrance.

"Oh, you want to get back to it?" Clover purred as she reached down and gave him a few tugs. "So do I. But we need to plan first."

"Plan?" Ranma breathed as she slipped his hard on underneath her sex.

"Yeah, silly man." Clover grinned cheekily as she started giving the top of Ranma's prick long wet kisses. "We've done it in your bed, but where's the next stop?" Her smile widened as the crimson cheeked look of 'Oh HELL yes' came to Ranma's eyes as she whispered, "There's a lot of places for us to fuck, Ranma. Pick one, and let's get started."


See Alex run.

Alex runs fast.

Alex is running towards the house of her best friend's boyfriend in the hopes of having a debaucherous 3-way with said boyfriend and best friend.

Run Alex, run.

In short order, Alex reached the block containing the row of modestly cheap apartment building's and cookie-cutter homes, one of which housed two people who were fucking the hell out of each other. As she zeroed in on the home in question, Alex panted for air and wondered if she'd every been as hot as she was at that moment. The combination of physical exertion with what she'd seen had her debating if she'd be able to make it to Ranma's front door before collapsing into a puddle of moaning goo, or if she would mind if that happened.

Somehow, she managed to hold on until she'd reached his front door, coming to a stop to catch her breath and mental prepare herself for what might/might not be coming next. But the sound of Clover screaming, "Ranma, you fucking STUD! Oh my GOD!" revealed that her blond friend was apparently the answer to that question as Alex gave a tormented whine and locked her knees together, trying vainly to ignore just how soaked her panties felt as she reached for the doorbell.


"Oh FUCK!" Clover screamed as Ranma slammed home again, the sharp, flat impact of her ass against the wall of Ranma's hallway feeling like he was using his house to spank her. Which was a sensation she had absolutely no problems with as she moaned, "That's it! Fuck me up, Ranma!"

In the half-hour since her idea regarding the 'Indian' approach to fucking in Ranma's apartment, (IE: using everything), the pig-tailed teen had fucked Clover through several orgasms in three different locations.

The first had been on his kitchen table, which Clover had wondered briefly why it was low enough to the ground that he was able to kneel on the floor rather than stand, but she wasn't going to complain as he'd propped one of her ankles on his shoulder and literally screwed her sideways.

The second had been with her standing on tip-toes, hanging over the back of his love-seat and accidentally putting small semi-circular gouges the cushions with her fingernails as he fucked her from behind. There'd been a close call as the sight of her jiggling ass against his waist almost made Ranma blow his load, except Clover's demand that he pull out immediately had prevented him from erupting again. The fact that Ranma didn't hesitate or argue against her request only solidified her assertion that she had found a 'keeper' while she made a mental note to be more careful, lest her boyfriend, who had to have some kind of limits, ran out of steam before Alex arrived.

The third and current coupling had resulted from Ranma picking Clover up and pressing her against the wall of his home, inserting himself in less than a moment and subsequently being 'trapped' from the blonde's legs wrapping around his waist. As Ranma forced her walls open, spearing her with every thrust at a rapid tempo that brought her pleasure higher and made her fluids drip off of Ranma's sack as she neared release, Clover became a believer in the divine and she started praising every deity she could think of for the phucking of a lifetime, as the sexually aggressive valley-girl was getting a no-holds-barred deep-dicking and loving every second of it.

"Oh God!" Clover screamed, pressing the back of her head against the wall as her body started to seize in pleasure. "Oh my God, Ranma! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it, Clover!" Ranma replied eagerly while grinning widely, enjoying how easy it felt to hold himself back with the relatively thin strip of rubber keeping the edge off as his cock pistoned inside his girlfriend. "Cum for me!"

Clover's voice warbled as her pussy spasmed around his length, and with a final clench, let out a wail worthy of any banshee and clung to him, her fingers digging into his shoulders as she came. Ranma slammed home as she achieved release and gave a low moan of appreciation as her sex attempted to milk him dry, which would be for naught due to both the rubber and the restraint it was giving him, along with the added stamina from the earlier busted nut. The feeling of her juices flowing out of her pussy and down his dick to drip off his balls only made him feel even better, both from the pleasure he was receiving as well as the joy he was bringing to her.

Unfortunately, the bliss of being buried to the hilt in a wildly orgasming girl was abruptly cut off by the ringing of his doorbell.

Ranma's head snapped to his left, gaping in fear at his front door, which was less than 15 feet away from where he'd just given his very loud girlfriend the cum of ages. Ice-water ran down his spine and even Clover's warm sex couldn't stop his erection from flagging as he braced for an inevitable explosion and threats against his body and manhood, not necessarily in that order.

Clover moaned as her orgasm faded, quicker than she would have liked due to the fact that her cunny was suddenly feeling very lonely, and opened her eyes to see her beau staring at his front door in abject fear. Taking his expression and shrinking member as a sign that he wasn't a latent exhibitionist, and probably worried about getting in trouble with his neighbors, the blond spy grinned and breathed, "Hey." To get his attention.

As he looked at her with wide, fearful eyes, she said, "I'll get it, Ranma. I know who it is."

Ranma blinked, his terror fading along with the methods of escape he'd immediately started running through as he asked, "You do?"

"Mm-hmm." Clover smiled sultrily and gave him a peck on the lips. "So like, let me down, and I'll be back in a second."

Chuckling at her affectionate behavior, Ranma grabbed two handfuls of Clover's ass and stepped away from the wall, enjoying the way the muscles within flexed as she unwrapped her legs from his waist and stood up. With one last peck and a quick giggle, she strolled away from him, or at least attempted to with moderate success due to her post-coital sea-legs. Ranma chuckled at the sight, then froze as he lust-fogged brain managed to connect a few neurons and he hissed, "Clover-chan, stop! You're not dressed!"

Looking over her shoulder, Clover smirked at him and said, "I know." before laughing lightly at his dumbfounded expression as she reached the entrance to his domicile. After taking a quick look through the peephole to confirm what she'd surmised, Clover unlocked the door and slowly pulled it open, revealing herself in all her unclad glory to her friend and soon-to-be lover as she cheerily said, "Like, heya Alex? What're you doing here?"

Alex was stunned into near paralysis by what she saw. While it was the worst kept secret in all of Bev High that Clover was the most 'sexually liberated' girl on campus, it was a whole other matter to be confronted by one of her two best friends, bare-ass naked with a post-orgasmic flush showing through her creamy white skin and a shit-eating grin that said she knew damn good and well what she looked like and ironically, did not give a single fuck about it.

After a few minutes of taking in the tableau, movement caught Alex's eye, and she saw Ranma coming up behind Clover, similarly naked save for a purple rubber covering his dick. He froze and his eyes bugged comically as he blurted, "Alex!? What're-" The latina let out a giggle as Ranma looked between his dick and her a few times before blurting, "Shimatta!" and covered himself, which prompted Clover to look at him and immediately burst out laughing at his embarrassed pose.

"Like, oh my God, Ranma! Why're you being so shy?" Clover asked with a wide-smile. "After all, it's not like we've never seen it before. Or are you afraid you'll scare Alex with it?"

"Clover, close the door!"

The blond shrugged and said, "Okay." Before gesturing for Alex to step inside, which she did with a smooth, almost hypnotic gait. Shutting the door behind her friend, Clover clicked the locks and turned to her beau, resting her hands on her hips as she purred, "Well, Ranma? What do you think?"

"W-what do I think?!" He repeated as his eyes flicked between Clover and Alex, obviously panicked from having two attractive girls, who were attracted to him, in the same room and at the same time. What little in him that wasn't screaming for him to run far and run fast, was resignedly saying that if he did that he would simply die tired, while he asked nervously, "Why is Alex here?!"

"I invited her." Clover said simply, reaching out to her friend and looping an arm around Alex's waist, making the latina 'eep' as she was startled out of her appreciation for Ranma's body. Pulling her hip-to-hip, Clover smirked at her boyfriend in a smug fashion as she said, "Cause like, I thought I would need some back-up taming this stallion, and since she's the only one besides me with any experience busting bronco's, she was the most obvious person to call."

Ranma gaped in shock, unable and unwilling to believe what he was hearing was truth. He'd somehow ended up with multiple girls chasing him, as he had in Nerima, but they weren't going to fight over him? In fact, they were willing to share him? This situation went against every law of romantic physics he'd learned in Japan, and he could only murmur, " cheating…"

"I told Alex," Clover smiled at her friend, who looked into the blonde's affectionate blue eyes before blushing and looking down with embarrassment. "It's not cheating if we're together, right? So like, if Alex needs a bit of relief, she can count on both of us for help."

Say what you will about the stupidity of teenagers and their hormones, there are times where lust can act as a mental stimulant rather than a hallucinogen, and Ranma's desires quickly squashed all the doubting, paranoid thoughts flitting through his brain in favor of the idea that this was real, that his girlfriend did want him to bang the hell out of her best friend, and no, he wouldn't get in trouble for it later. Slowly letting his hands drop to his sides and exposing his rubber-clad cock, which began to swell as the fear abated, Ranma met his girlfriends eyes and said, "Clover-chan...if you're really sure about this..."

"Ranma," Clover said in a commanding, lustful tone that was completely at odds with the mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Get over here, and screw Alex's brains out."

Alex 'eep'ed again, and she covered her face with her hands. Seeing this, Ranma stepped up to her and gently held her shoulders. She twitched at his touch, and he said seriously, "Not unless she want's me to, Clover-chan."

Alex paused, and slowly raised her eyes, meeting the stormy-grey irises of the boy who'd deflowered her the day before and seeing nothing but sincere concern for her well-being. Her chest felt tight as she looked at Ranma, and apparently wasn't the only one as Clover said in a touched voice, "You like, just keep raising the bar, Ranma." Alex looked at her friend as Clover stepped around, wrapping her other arm around Ranma's waist so she was effectively binding the two of them together as she met Alex's eyes and said, "Come on, Alex. You gotta fuck him after that! Whaddya say?"

Alex took a moment to regard the two lovers before her, her eyes flicking between their's for a few moments before her lips parted and she gave her answer.


"YES!" Alex threw her head back and howled with joy, cutting an almost stereotypical image of the wolf baying at the moon as her hips spasmed and bucked against her lover's probing lips and tongues with squeals of, "Yes, right there! Right there, right there, right there, oh my fucking GOD!"

Clover laughed delightedly, enjoying the way Alex's pussy squeezed her tongue while the blonde's hand ceased it's rough groping of the latina's ass long enough to rise up and give her brown cheek a swat, sending jiggles through Alex's butt and spasms through her pussy as the crack of skin-on-skin contact faded. Below her, Ranma was smiling and focusing his attention on using his own tongue to flick Alex's clit like a lightswitch and savor the taste of the latina's fluids as they streamed down her sex and off his girlfriend's chin.

At Clover's direction and assistance, the three teens had adjourned to Ranma's couch, and she'd told Alex that she needed to have a bit more of an education in sexual matters than simply getting dicked, albeit her 'cute naive friend' could take it like a champ. With that in mind, Ranma had lain back as Alex had straddled his head and the two found themselves face-to-groin with each other's nethers. While Ranma had plenty of tricks up his sleeve, he now found himself on the other end of first-timer's jitters as Alex had nervously wanked him a few times before trying to suck his prick, which made him very glad he was wearing protection as she hadn't known how to keep her teeth clear of his sensitive bits. Of course, his rubber had apparently gotten a hole in it, (Or so Clover had said) and it had been removed before Clover told Alex to wait until the blond could personally tutor her on blowing a guy's 'mind'.

While the excuse she made was to help Alex relax, the real reason Clover was diving into Alex's clam at the same time as Ranma was so she could learn some things from him, as she pulled her tongue from Alex's slit long enough to whisper, "Now?" In giddy anticipation.

"Not yet." Ranma smiled at her as he raised his head, quickly darting his tongue out to meet hers so they could briefly taste each other along with their mutual friend's nectar before saying, "Just a few seconds more, get ready!"

Grinning widely, Clover and Ranma went back to work, her painting the inside of Alex's walls like a brush across a canvas while he buzzed her button, until Alex's voice rose to a trembling falsetto that brought matching smirks to both their faces as the latina moaned, "Oh F-f-fuck me! Fucking hell, I'm gonna fucking cum! I'm fucking cumming, I'm Cumming, I'M CU-"

Ranma shouted, "NOW!" as he and Clover both pulled away from their duties to press their cheeks together, and send dual streams of cold air over Alex's nethers, making their friend and lover's orgasmic cries reach full operatic level for a moment. Then they dove in and used both their tongues to double-team Alex's now extra sensitive nub and the latina fell almost silent, although the fact that dogs suddenly began barking and howling around the neighborhood made it clear just how high her pitch had gone while she soaked Ranma and Clover's faces with her fluids.

"Like, wow!" Clover said after a few quick slurps brought some excess girl-cum from around her mouth and sliding down her throat. "She squirted! I didn't think Alex could squirt!"

"Really?" Ranma looked at his girlfriend curiously. "I thought all girls did that?"

Clover smiled at her boyfriend in incredulous amusement. "What? No, why would you think that?"

"Well, you squirted when I did the same thing to you on Friday."

Clover's eyes gleamed wickedly and she briefly planted her lips against his, voraciously violating his mouth with her tongue before pulling free and growling happily, "That's cause your little trick is fucking AMAZING, Ranma." Straightening up, she smirked at him as she said, "Now it's time for me to show you a cool trick, stud." As she walked around to Alex's face.

Finding the latina panting with her eyes closed, arms rigid like support beams for a precariously balanced building, Clover's smile turned gently mischievous as she laid across the opposite arm of Ranma's loveseat, resting her waist against the armrest as she gave the still cum-shocked Alex an exploratory kiss. Alex 'woke up' quickly, her tongue lazily returning Clover's movements as her eyes fluttered and she came back down to Earth to find her blonde friend smiling at her and chirping, "Feel good, Alex?"

"Clover…" Alex breathed quietly, "What was that?"

"Like, some 'secret technique' Ranma thought up." Clover replied with a giggle as she reached down and stroked her beau's shaft. "He totally thought of a way to make sex like martial arts, and if you know how to read someone's body right, you can play them like a harp!" looking down to Ranma's prick, Clover smiled as she said, "But two can play at that game, right, Alex?"

"R-right, Clover." Alex murmured as her body finally finished with the waves of fire from the monstrous orgasm she'd gone through, following Clover's gaze and likewise getting into a staring contest with Ranma's one-eye'd python.

Returning her eyes to Alex, Clover smiled as she moved in closer, so her lips were brushing against her friends as she cheerly whispered, "Now listen, Alex. You can fuck Ranma if you want to, but he's only one guy. Stud he might be, but this might be his limit for awhile."

Alex's eyes narrowed as she concentrated on her friends words with some difficulty.

"So, you can either learn how to suck him off right now, and risk having to wait a bit before he can get it up again, or you can just mount up and ride the wild horse like you asked me to earlier." quickly dragging her tongue across Alex's lips, Clover purred, "What do you want, Alex? You want to suck him? Or fuck him?"

Her eyes focused on his prick, Alex breathed, "S-suck him."

Clover smiled, and her voice rose so Ranma could hear her as she chirped, "Good choice, Alex! You want him to cum in your mouth, or on your face?"

" my mouth." Alex replied, her own voice rising as confidence and lust overrode her normally shy demeanor.

Noticing Ranma's cock twitch in her grasp, Clover grinned as she asked even louder, "You want to eat his cum, or are you gonna spit it out?"

"Eat it!" Alex moaned as she fought the urge to inhale his pole right there. "I wanna eat his cum!"

"Alright then," Clover pecked Alex on the lips and chirped, "Just make sure to save me some!" before lowering her head, with Alex soon following suit.

Ranma's head rolled back, groaning with pleasure as a pair of lips touched down on his prick, which soon slid deep into a warm mouth that he knew to be Clover's, as her tongue was sliding along the underside of his prick. His arousal high from hearing Alex's replies to his girlfriends questions, Ranma didn't care when she pulled away after only a few quick bobs. Especially because after a moment of whispering, Alex took her turn and slowly took him into her mouth. While the latina's earlier movements were inexperienced and fast, now she moved slowly, the vacuum seal of her lips around his prick steadily moving down and up again. Ranma gasped as Alex stopped with his ridge pressed against her soft, silken lips, leaving the tip of his dick in her gob as her tongue began circling his swollen head. The whole thing was driving him wild with pleasure when a 'new' challenger appeared and made his legs shake at the added stimulation; as Clover's tongue suddenly pressed against the underside of his dick, near the base and slowly dragging upwards, pushing against the tube running up his shaft in a way that made him moan his two lover's names in desperate joy.

Clover giggled at the helpless, "C-Clover-chan! Alex!" that came from somewhere behind Alex's ass as she licked Ranma's pole again, winking at Alex as she goaded him into giving up a big load of cum for her bestie's first mouthful of spunk. When she'd once again reached Alex's upper lip, she kissed the latina's nose and whispered, "Good job, Alex! Now, suck him really lightly and get ready, cause there'll be some pre-cum before he shoots. Savor that a little if you want, but otherwise swallow it fast so you've got plenty of room for his real load."

Alex hummed curiously even as she took Clover's advice and started lightly suckling Ranma's tip, both of them noting how his toes clenched in response to her new technique.

"Ranma cums buckets, Alex, and I don't even think Mandy has a big enough mouth to hold his load without swallowing." Clover laughed and Alex smiled around the prick in her mouth at that. "So, gulp down as much as you need to so you don't gag, but try to save me some, okay? He tastes really good today!"

"Mm-hmm." Alex hummed an affirmative while Clover dipped down and turned her head to the side before planting a deep kiss to the underside of Ranma's dick. Her mouth wrapped almost half-way around Ranma's pole, she forcefully tongued and slobbered what she had available and moaned delightedly as she felt his prick throb and twitch between her lips. Gradually, Ranma's gasps rose higher, and Clover proved herself to be the true master of "Oral Fuck-fu" as he'd barely given his warning of release before suddenly sliding her mouth down his shaft until his balls were lightly touching either side of her jaw and she started probing and tickling that magic little fun-spot she'd read about years ago.

Ranma let out a howl, his back arching as his girlfriend once again hit that weak point which completely negated his newly acquired restraint and made his hips thrust involuntarily as he filled Alex's mouth with his release. Due to the close call from earlier, it felt like Ranma's body was making up for the 'clog' by firing easily twice as much cum as normal, and his eyes rolled back as the latina's surprised and muffled moan was quickly replaced by the wet smacks and suction of her swallowing the fresh helping of nut-butter she'd gotten.

When the first blast hit the back of Alex's throat, she'd swallowed it on pure reflex, but immediately regretted it as the taste hit her and she realized that if anything, Clover had undersold the flavor of Ranma's jism. She'd expected a guys stuff to taste bad bordering on merely okay, but now Alex wished she hadn't guzzled that first shot so quickly, because the flavor and texture of Ranma's cum was far and away from bad and much more than simply tolerable. Very sweet and with a hint of salt that made her moan happily and resolve to savor the remainder of the tasty treat she was being rewarded with for a (blow) job well done. As spurt's of heavy-scented goo flooded her mouth, Alex soon found herself at cross purposes as she couldn't stop some of his excess jism from leaking out of her mouth and down his shaft, but Clover had told her to save some, and the latina wanted to taste as of his semen much as possible. With a small note of reluctant delight, she gave a loud swallow, cutting the wad in her mouth by half as Ranma's shots tapered off.

Feeling his throbs slow down and his dick become softer between her lips, Clover pulled away and immediately rose up so she was eye-to-eye with Alex, although her friend's were closed at the moment. "Come on, Alex! Where's my share?"

Slowly, Alex opened her eyes to look at Clover with a hooded, lustful gaze. Keeping her lips clamped around Ranma's shaft as it shrank, she pulled off of him and tilted her head back as she gave a garbled, "How do I give it to you?"

"Oh come on, like you couldn't guess?" Clover rolled her eyes with a soft, affectionate smile before holding Alex's cheeks between her hands and closing the distance between their lips, immediately sending her tongue out to collect her part of the tasty surprise Alex had gotten. As the flavor of his undiluted spunk hit her, Clover momentarily cursed having waved away the chance to get a full serving of this particularly awesome blend of cream from the Saotome bakery.

Ranma panted heavily, his heart rate slowing to a more manageable level as he watched the two girls swap spit, along with a certain fluid he'd provided as their tongues danced together. While tempted to think he could get it up for yet another around, the fact that he was still shrinking despite the sight of these two beauties make out after cumming in one of their mouths made it apparent that he'd reached his limit, at least for now. When they finished their kiss and Clover offered, "See? Totally yummy, right?" Ranma couldn't help but chuckle at her appreciation for his flavor.

"Yeah!" Alex smiled, red-cheeked as she came to grips with the fact that she had tasted a guys thing and his stuff and not been grossed out by it. Although she couldn't stop herself from asking worriedly, "But it bad that I like the taste of Ranma's stuff?"

"Bad?" Clover looked incredulously at her bestie. "Alex, take it from a master, that was an awesome load to guzzle for your first time, so why would you think it was bad?"

"Well...doesn't that make me…" Alex looked away, her cheeks reddening more a she struggled to come up with a diplomatic phrase. "...easy?"

With a sigh, Clover shook her head. "No, Alex, thinking cum tastes good doesn't make you a slut. Honestly, I don't know where you get some of your ideas. Just cause I prefer to swallow doesn't mean I do it every time!"

"You don't?"

"Pro-tip: Asparagus is the worst thing for a guy to eat before getting head." Clover shuddered briefly before turning a million-watt smile on Ranma, who'd been listening to the exchange with a crooked half-grin. "Luckily, we got this hottie on standby for nice, thick protein shakes from now on!"

"If it wasn't for the fact that I love you guys," Ranma replied as he shimmied backwards, pulling himself out from between Alex's legs to lean back against the arm of his couch. "I'd almost feel like you only liked me because of how I taste."

At the word 'love', Alex and Clover both blushed lightly, and the blonde murmured quietly, "Love? Don't you think it's a little soon for that, Ranma?"

His thoughts going back home, a brief frown passed across Ranma's face before he said firmly, "No, I don't, Clover-chan. I'm not about to go looking for a wedding ring or anything like that-"

Clover and Alex shared a look, understanding immediately where Ranma's thoughts were at the moment.

"-but right now, even if we were just friends and hadn't had sex with each other, I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life without the two of you in it."

Alex and Clover froze, and they shared another look which Ranma couldn't decipher. After a moment, Alex slowly turned around and kneeled between his legs, robbing Ranma of the magnificent view of her ass and pussy, thought it was quickly replaced by her bare breasts which contrasted beautifully with Clover's creamy white chest as the blond asked quietly, "Do you mean that, Ranma?"

Ranma nodded, the soft smile on his face only enhancing his serious expression as he replied, "Hai, Clover-chan. No matter what else happens, I want to stay with you and Alex...if you'll have me."

Both girls trembled for a moment, and Ranma felt a flash of worry when they both looked up met his gaze with tear-filled eyes. His concerns were immediately brushed aside as Clover choked out, "Th-that's like, the sweetest thing anyone's ever said!"

Alex nodded in agreement with her friend and before Ranma could stop them, both girls lunged forward and grabbed onto him tightly. The pigtailed boy was shocked into temporary paralysis from suddenly receiving a double Amazon-glomp, except this time he wasn't hearing the bubbly giggling of 'Wo ai ni'. Instead, both of his cheeks were being kissed over and over by two girls who couldn't decide between laughing, crying, or proclaiming their love for him; and had apparently decided to do all three at the same time. As he felt the warmth of their bodies and the sincere affection in their voices, Ranma slowly wrapped his arms around their waists and pulled them close, smiling with genuine happiness for the first time in a very long time.


Sam gaped at the display in her hands for several minutes. Seeing, but not comprehending what she was reading for the longest time, the redhead ran through the possibilities of what had happened through her mind over and over, but to no avail as there was no explanation she could think of for what she was seeing.

No explanation...except one.

Sam's eyes narrowed and her lips thinned into a grim line as she set down the compact mirror/communicator. Picking up her phone, she tapped out a quick text before unplugging the WOOHP communicator from her laptop and started working on homework.

It took a few moments for her spy tool to turn off on it's own. But in that time, Gladis last message stayed on screen, and resolutely broadcast the words:

[The Alpha info-blocker was activated by Agent Britney.]


Clover pulled away from Ranma and wiped away a few tears, smiling happily as she said, "That's it, I've made up my mind."

"Huh?" Ranma looked curiously at Clover along with Alex, whose lips were still planted on Ranma's cheek. "About what?"

"Remember how I said I was trying to think of ways to pay you back for being such a sweetheart?" Her smile widened from ear-to-ear. "Well, I came up with something and it's a good thing I brought along some lube, because tonight, I'm accepting all deliveries of Sato nut-butter from the front or the rear!"

Ranma's eyes widened comically and Alex's jaw dropped, her face flushing bright crimson as she blurted, "Clover! Y-you're gonna let him...go there!?"

"Wouldn't be the first time." The blonde grinned cheekily. "But usually I don't let python's like his go spelunking my backdoor unless it's a Friday and I've got a day or two to recover before school, but tonight, I'm making an exception."

Ranma's brow furrowed at that, and he said, "Clover, if it's gonna hurt-"

"It's not going to be comfortable," She admitted with a shrug. "But It definitely feels good every now and then. I'm just gonna be walking funny for a little while afterwards."

"Wait," Ranma recalled a few comments his former-buddies had made back home regarding certain girls. "Isn't that kind of thing obvious? As in, something that the kappa-onna would notice?" Seeing Clover grimace in silent admission of his theory, Ranma shook his head. "Then no, Clover. I appreciate the offer, but not tonight."

(He's even turning down anal.) Clover mused to herself, her heart melting as she regarded the boy who'd come into her life in so many different ways. (That's it. I don't care who comes after him, I'm gonna take a page out of The Godfather and give any skank who looks at him wrong the 'Kiss of Death'.)

"Why would you want to do that anyway, Clover?" Alex asked with obvious hesitancy and a trace of disgust. "It can't feel nearly as good in your heinie as it does when Ranma is in your kitty." The latina blushed lightly even as she purred, "Especially when he...fills you up, way deep down inside."

While Clover let out a quick chuckle at Alex's innocent-dirty talk, (and Ranma froze solid as one of the two girls laying on him started making sounds like those creatures which shall-not-be-named) something pinged in the blondes mind that made her cock her head curiously at her bestie as she asked, "Fills you up?"

"Mm-hmm…" Alex murmured, her blush deepening as she smiled sheepishly at Clover. "When Ranma...didn't pull out yesterday, I could feel his stuff in…" She gave an embarrassed giggle. "Well, let's just say it's a really good thing that I'm on the pill, neh?"

Clover's eyes bugged and Ranma's head snapped around to stare at the red-cheeked latina as the blonde valley-girl sputtered, "What!? He was-you could feel him in THERE!?"

"Umm, I couldn't feel him-him. Just his, you know...gooey stuff?" Alex's blush deepened to a beet-like hue as she admitted, "Because when he was in me, I felt his stuff...hitting the door?"

Ranma and Clover both regarded Alex with wide-eye'd, utterly thunderstuck expressions for several moments. "Alex…" Clover said quietly, being the first to break the silence in a too-calm tone. "Are you telling me that when Ranma gives you a balls-deep creampie, his dick is long enough to give you a cervical orgasm?"

Sensing that she had said something wrong, even if she couldn't think of what at the moment, Alex hesitantly nodded in affirmation of Clover's statement.

Another moment of silence passed before Clover spoke again in that same calm voice. "Alex. You know you're one of my best friends and I love you more than I would a sister, so I want you to understand that what I'm about to say isn't an insult."

Alex and Ranma both looked quizzically at Clover, the former with more nervous trepidation than the latter as she said, "Umm...okay? What do you want to say?"

"...You lucky bitch."

-Author's notes-

Regarding Ranma's debacle: Yes, I'm saying that he is to computers what Ryoga is to maps or Akane is to kitchens, because fuck you, I think that's hilarious.

I pray I'll be able to get Chapter 4 out sooner than it took for this one to finally manifest. Most of my trouble came from the fact that I had a BITCH of a time from imaging AALLLLLL the debaucherous ways Clover, Alex, and Ranma were going to fuck like rabbits, but I didn't want to overload the fic and make it drag out even longer.

So, we'll find out how hard the fecal matter is going to strike the oscillating rotational device in chapter 4, and in the meantime, enjoy the minor additions and Omake I'm adding to the previous two chapters.

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