How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse

BY : Romulus_Firewine
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Alright, Chapter 1 of How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse is here for your reading pleasure, and I mean that in as many ways as possible! I wasn't expecting this story to be as popular as it has been, and I sure as fuck wasn't expecting people to heap the praise on it that I've been getting. I'm amazingly flattered and appreciative of the kind words, and while a part of me is a bit embarrassed (cloistered upbringing) from the thought that a lot of the praise is probably coming from people after they've thrown the tissues in the garbage can and washed their hands, I'm rapidly coming around to accepting my perverted writing credentials and adopting the belief that anyone who says otherwise can be shut down by me simply saying:

"I'm bringing joy and happiness into people's lives by giving them orgasms! I'M DOING THE WORK OF CHRIST OVER HERE!"

As of 1/24/2017, I had a brainwave and found myself needing to make some heady adjustments to the story. Basically, tossing out details that I simply didn't have knocking around in my head the first go-through, because my writing process is fairly slap-dash and I apologize for that.

Anyway, major edit here is that I expanded the opening up until Ranma accepting Clover's date. The primary importance is that the girl's briefing is now more detailed with information that is VERY relevant to chapter 4, so FYI.

How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse
Chapter 1: There's like, a First Time for Everything!

"….Ron Sato?"


A young man, whose dark hair was tied back into a pig-tail, raised his hand tiredly. The professor cocked an eyebrow at the new student's hangdog expression and the dark circles under his eyes, and 'tsk'ed from the look of a boy suffering from a hangover. If the new transfer student from Tokyo couldn't handle the workload, it'd be reflected in his grades soon enough. Granted, so far the boy's performance had been good, but he had been here for only a week. Putting thoughts of possible problem student out of his mind, the teacher ran down the rest of the names on his attendance sheet.

While the professor finished his role call with 'Alexandra Vasquez…' the boy calling himself Ron Sato rubbed his eyes and wondered, (How long is it going to be before I can go to sleep without worryin' that they're gonna show up?) as a chirpy voice behind him called 'Here!' He shook his head as he dismissed the memories of his past aside for a moment, turning his attention onto the math lesson and resumed his battle against the desire to nod off.

Sitting a little ways away, the last student to be called by the professor, a pretty Latina girl with black hair and brown eyes gave Bev High's newest transfer student a concerned look and turned to the girls sitting next to her. The first was a redhead whose straight hair hung past her shoulders and refused to move her green eyes away from the pig-tailed teen, while the other was a blonde with a shorter haircut who also unapologetically stared at Ron Sato. Except the latter's happy sigh belied a different reason for her attention than the former's.

"What do you think is wrong with him?" Alex asked Samantha, while Ranma, whose wore a red and black chinese silk ensemble today, stifled a yawn with moderate success.

"He looks tired," Sam offered thoughtfully. "But I can't imagine why." Turning to her left, she asked, "Did something happen—" Then groaned in exasperation as she noticed Clover's relative inattention while the blonde gave another pleased sigh. Unwilling to wait for the third girl to finish eyeing the man-candy, Sam lightly dope-slapped the blonde and hissed, "Clover!" into her ear, making Clover wince and shoot the redhead a sharp glare.

"What was that for, Sammy!?" Clover whispered indignantly.

"You're supposed to be watching Ron! Not ogling him!"

"I can do both!"

Sam growled in annoyance, while Alex patted the redhead on the back with a nervous attempt at a placating smile. "Don't worry, Sammy. Clover will get over this 'bad boy' thing soon enough."

"Ron." Sam spared Alex a narrow eyed look, though it's obvious that most of her ire was directed at Clover as she replied with quiet frustration, "Isn't a bad boy. He's—"


"—very dangerous."

The three spies sat on the couch in the debriefing room of W.O.O.H.P. while their handler/boss Jerry gestured to a large monitor on the wall behind him, which displayed an image of a dark-haired, pigtailed Japanese boy wearing a chinese-styled red silk shirt and black pants and a similarly dressed red-headed girl.

"He doesn't look too dangerous." Alex cocked her head quizzically as she noted the confident, easy-going smile on the boy's face.

"Because bad guys always have to look ugly, or mean?" Sam asked with a touch of sarcasm before focusing her attention on Jerry. "Why's he dangerous?"

"Unfortunately, at this point we don't know," the grey-haired, british spymaster replied with obvious concern. "Agent Britney was sent into the Nerima ward of Tokyo last month, as we believed Myrna Beesbottom went there for some nefarious reason. While she eventually succeeded in re-capturing Miss Beesbottom…well…"

On cue, Jerry's supercomputer assistant G.L.A.D.I.S. swapped out the picture of their target with the interior of a WOOHP medical facility, where the notorious ex-agent was strapped to an examining table. While it looked like a restraint to prevent escape at first, the thick-set, auburn haired woman's head was rolling lazily from side-to-side and there was an unfocused look in her eye, and the wide giddy smile on her face brought the image together of someone who either needed to fire their dealer, or give him a raise.

"Wow…" Clover watched as Myrna started drooling a la Homer Simpson with considerable surprise. "She looks totally wasted."

"I'd say she looks more like you when you heard about that sale on Prada purses." Sam added with a smirk while Alex snickered into her hand.

"It was half off, Sammy!" The blonde snapped defensively. "Half, and I will apologize for nothing!"

"Ladies, if you don't mind," Jerry waited until he had the girl's attention before continuing his briefing. "The point is, Myrna has been under the effects of some kind of chemical cocktail that we are still trying to synthesize an antidote to and according to Britney, Miss Beesbottom came into contact with the substance when she ran afoul of a group known as the 'Nerima Wrecking Crew'." He turned his head and nodded to G.L.A.D.I.S., prompting the image on-screen to change again..

The three spies gaped at a quartet of images of varying quality, but all of which showed some form of destruction. One showed what looked like a school classroom, but with human-sized 'mouse hole' through 2 walls on opposite sides of the room, as though whatever had made it had simply plowed straight through. Another was from a seemingly abandoned zoo as the cages were empty, though the wrecked and in some cases cleanly sliced iron bars made it clear that what happened was more likely an impromptu jailbreak rather than a loss of funding. The third was an athletic field, either soccer or football, but unfit to be used for either sport due to the almost perfectly circular crater at least 40 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep smack in the middle of it. And the last picture was the top of a mountain which had been reduced to rubble, with chunks either torn out or sliced away in a manner that was neither natural nor any sort of controlled demolition.

Jerry nodded in approval as each of the three girls straightened up and their expressions became more businesslike. "According to Agent Britney, Myrna was attempting to cover up her own nefarious plans in the background of the chaos that has been wrought on Japan by this so called Wrecking Crew, but as you can tell, that didn't work out for her very well."

"No kidding," Alex agreed with a nervous gulp.

"Britney is still in Japan and trying to acquire as much information on the NWC as possible, but what she has discovered is that this organization has caused more property damage to Japan than most natural disasters and the boy calling himself Ron Sato is actually Ranma Saotome, who is at the center of the group's activities and quite possibly their leader. Unfortunately, Ranma slipped away from her following Beesbottom's capture—"

"—and then he showed up here." Sam finished Jerry's sentence as she eye'd the pictures critically and suppressed the desire to shiver. "Do we know why?"

"Absolutely none," Jerry admitted regretfully. "The fact that we weren't even aware of this group's existence until now speaks volumes to their abilities regarding subtlety and stealth." The older man's professionalism slipped for a moment as he grumbled, mostly to himself. "You'd think a problem of this caliber would have been brought to our attention before it was knocking on our doorstep, but there's no use crying over it now."

While her companions were focused on the scenes of destruction, Clover was finding the giddy buzz of looking at a hot slab of beefcake wearing off now that the supposed perpetrator of said destruction wasn't in view. Partially to get back to the show, but also to test the waters for any possible SNAFUs, she asked pointedly, "So like, who was the girl?"

Both Sam and Alex caught the true motivation behind Clover's request, or at least the more hormonal one as the redhead sighed and Alex chuckled nervously. Jerry didn't bat an eye as the display returned to Ranma and the mysterious redhead, and Clover's cheeks warmed with desire as her eyes once again traced the athletic, cockily smiling teenager's body from head-to-toe.

"She is an unknown," Jerry replied smoothly while making a mental note to have the more…liberated of his agents be given an evaluation sometime soon, to make sure she didn't let her impulsiveness negatively impact her performance. "Except that Agent Britney has said she and Ranma are 'irrevocably linked, like a brother and sister' and for security reasons, the two of them are never in the same place at the same time."

Clover's eyes lit up joyfully as she internally cheered, (Beefcake's back on the market!)

"It is a lucky coincidence that Ranma transferred to your school, as it will be easier for you three to keep him under close observation, and prevent him from bringing the same kind of destruction he wrought on Nerima Tokyo to Beverly Hills." Jerry leaned forward, making sure that each of this best agents could see his severe expression, including the easily distracted blonde as he added solemnly, "This is a very important mission for you girls. Until Britney returns and gives a full debriefing or we discover an antidote for whatever concoction was inflicted on Miss Beesbottom, you are to keep Ranma under observation at all times and prevent any contact with possible members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew."


Having finished restating why ogling a possible terrorist was a bad idea for her teammates, Sam focused her attention on Clover, who looked more annoyed than chastised for the stick-up-the-ass attitude from her team-leader and bestie. "Anyway, you're on monitoring duty, so why does Ranma look tired?" The redhead asked expectantly. "Did something happen last night?"

At that, Clover blushed lightly and gave a small giggle, which made Sam give her a flat look and Alex tilt her head curiously as the blonde replied, "Well…"


"Mmm…" Clover moaned as her eyes ran across Ranma's bare chest, her nipple poking the palm of her hand as she lightly massaged her breast, biting her lip as the pleasurable warmth slowly spread across her chest.

Monitoring duty, by all rights, should have been a chore for the least-professional of the 3 spies. But Clover had insisted she be given the chance to 'examine' the supposed supervillain, to which Sam agreed if only because she assumed the blonde's sudden infatuation would guarantee that Clover wouldn't slack off. Sam was correct, though the reason why the blonde had taken to her duty like a duck to water was one that would have sent the leader of the three spies into a fit. Both at Clover for being a hormonal teenager and herself for not seeing her bestie's unprofessional motivations from the start.

Normally, getting up at 6 in the morning to double-check the security footage from Ranma's apartment would be chore, as even Clover should have been bored to tears from repeatedly watching someone else sleep peacefully. Even if he was an attractive boy. But that first night when Ranma stripped his shirt off and gave Clover a full frontal view of the musculature he was hiding from the world, her interest had piqued like a tea-kettle.

Sometimes, Ranma slept in a wife-beater t-shirt, though this morning was not one of those and Clover was using the vision of the pig-tailed boy wearing only a pair of boxers as fuel for a session of voyeuristic self-love. While such an indecent act crossed a line from mere observation and an ill-chosen crush, she wasn't under any such delusion to think her affections for Ranma ran deeper than a purely physical attraction.

In short, Clover knew she wasn't a creepy stalker, just a girl watching a guy who was hot as hell and having a quick schlick session while fantasizing about all the ways she wanted to fuck the possible super-villain's brains out.

Thus she was sitting on her bedroom floor, bare naked and legs spread while she watched a small TV that was wired to a few cameras hidden around Ranma's home. Clover softly moaned, "Oh yeah…" as she rubbed her mons, watching Ranma's well-defined pectoral muscles rise and fall in time with his deep breathing. Her fingers were hovering just over her clitoral hood as she teased herself a little, building herself up to a good howling orgasm while she imagined running her chest across Ranma's firm pectorals.

Her index finger dipped down and slowly started circling her clit as she wondered how his abs would feel under her hands, which lead to thinking about how they would feel under her tongue, and then the boy-crazy blonde's hips were twitching slightly as that train of thought filled her mind with the taste the transfer student's throbbing manhood. A warmth was building in her loins and Clover flushed with anticipation as her eyes drifted lower, turning their attention on his blue boxer shorts and wondering just what kind of package he could deliver to her front gate. Or the back door too, since she was no stranger to anal play and that could be fun once in awhile too.

Then something happened that made the horny superspy reconsider her appraisal of Ranma's capabilities.

Specifically, if she could handle him making deliveries to the rear without adequate preparation.

If she hadn't been staring at his boxers at that moment, Clover wouldn't have noticed the slight bulge in his groin becoming more defined as his body decided it was time to go camping and started pitching a tent. It wasn't the first time Ranma had gotten morning wood during her observations, and she'd been disappointed repeatedly as he'd never taken care of it when in range of her electronic eye. As the fabric strained against his unseen length, the blonde moaned in wanton need and moved her hand lower, sliding the tip of her finger between her petals as she wished she could see the Saotome family jewels and his royal scepter.

As if some kindly deity had heard her plea, Clover's eyes widened and her jaw dropped, because the particular pair of boxers that Ranma was wearing had lined up just right for the tip of his dick to slowly peek out through the front flap.

"Oh my God," Clover breathed in excitement and awe as more of the pigtailed boy's manhood came into view, his swollen head soon followed by a thickly veined shaft that steadily grew harder before her eyes. "Please!" She pleaded with a needy whimper to whatever God was listening while her finger slid deeper into her sex. "Please tell me there's more!"

While she seemed to have the ear of the divine this morning, whatever force governed the universe decided to keep her expectations from being totally unrealistic, which is why Ranma's dick stopped growing before it reached anywhere near John Holmes-ian length. But it was more than enough for the experienced girl to estimate the size of the meal she was hungry for. Seeing about 4 inches sticking out of the gap in his underwear, Clover internally calculated Ranma to be at least 7 inches in length, possibly 8.

(And it's so thick!) she moaned softly while noting that his swollen head resembled a large plum. Tingling sparks radiated out from her sex and she added her middle finger to the deep probing of her tender folds. (Oh God, I think I can see it curving a little…) her toes curled as she silently cheered, (That would hit all the right spots!)

Now having more than enough to work with, Clover dispensed with the build-up and drove her digits deep into her dampened nethers, gasping and panting as she mimicked the pace for her and Ranma's fantasy coupling. Her fingers pistoned as she pressed the tips against her G-spot, rubbing that sensitive area along the frontal wall of her womanhood. As her depths spasmed and gripped her fingers, Clover felt the waves breaking and quickly reached out and grabbed a nearby pillow, which served the purpose she'd selected it for as she bit down and muffled her joyous scream of release.

She slowly pulled her soaked fingers from her slit as she came down from her orgasmic high, breathing heavily as she cast a warm, lustful look at the unwitting cause of her sexual satisfaction. As she brought her fingers to her lips and delicately licked her juices from them, Clover purred, "Oh yeah. I'm totally gonna fuck you!"

Her hands clean, Clover smiled as she looked down at the wet spot on the towel underneath her ass and congratulated herself on having the foresight to plan ahead. But the boy-crazy blonde's ego stroking ended when she caught a bit of movement from the screen and looked up to see Ranma stirring in his sleep. She cocked an eyebrow curiously, the draining hormones clearing her mind as she wondered why he was getting up so early this morning.

The Clover blinked as Ranma went from 'fitfully half-conscious' to wide-awake in half a heartbeat, not-quite leaping out of bed and pressing his back against the wall next to his bedroom window. His wide eyes and pale face spoke volumes to his mental state as he carefully leaned out to peek outside, only to suddenly reach out and grab the curtain, and yank the cloth over the portal into his domicile with a visible shudder.

"What the heck?" Clover asked aloud as Ranma turned away from the covered window and heaved an obvious sigh of relief, before noticing that his dick was flapping in the breeze and tucked it back into his boxers. While Ranma headed to the bathroom, the blonde thought about what she'd seen and made a mental note for later.


Sam hummed thoughtfully as she gave the weary pigtailed teen an interested look. "Afraid? Of what?"

"No idea." Clover shrugged as she finished her report on the mornings activities, not including her epic masturbatory session, of course. "But the way he moved, it might have been a drill instructor or something."

Alex turned her attention to their target as well, her own expression sympathetic as she theorized, "Maybe he had a nightmare?" And mused to herself if the pigtailed boy needed an 'Ollie' of his own.

While the naive and kind-hearted latina ran through a mental checklist of possible stuffed animals that Ranma might appreciate, and immediately dismissing the idea of giving him a stuffed panda for reasons she couldn't put words to at the moment, Samantha glanced at Clover and asked, "Do you think he knows he's being watched?"

Clover shook her head. "No. It was more like he thought somebody was about to break in or something. After that, he grabbed a sweatsuit and went out for a little while."

Sam thought to herself for a moment before saying aloud, "That's kinda strange, and probably something we should look into further."

Clover nodded in agreement. Or rather, she started to, before an idea leapt to her mind that made her eyes widen slightly and the rest of her neurons cheered wildly for the one that came up with the deliciously brilliant scenario now flitting through her mind. It was a bit of a struggle, but the blonde somehow managed to keep the excitement she felt from showing on her face as she said confidently, "Don't worry, Sammy. I'm way ahead of you," and promptly ignored the suspicious look her redheaded bestie sent her way.


[Oh sure.] 'Ron Sato' grumbled quietly in Japanese as he rummaged through his locker for the books to his next class. [Let's have the students switch classrooms every hour and not the teachers. Cause it's obviously better to have hundreds of people running all over hell and back and not a few dozen. I swear, between this and that furry demon outside my window this morning, today's looking like a total wash—]

"Hey! You're Ron, right?"

Ranma blinked at the sound of a perky feminine voice coming from behind him, before turning around and seeing a pretty girl with blonde, short-cut hair smiling at him. After a moment to wonder what he'd done to catch the attention of a local, he grabbed the tomes for his next class and turned to face her with a quizzical, "Nani?" before quickly correcting himself. "Oh, sorry. Yeah, I'm Ron."

"Nice to meet you," The girl offered her hand in greeting. "My name's Clover. Clover Manson."

"Ahh, nice to meet you, Clover-san." Ranma shook her hand after a bit of awkward hesitation, silently curious why her hand trembled when his palm touched hers. "Is…there something you wanted?"

"Actually yeah," Clover's smile widened and she winked at him. "I wanted to know if you'd take me out this Friday."

Ranma's eyes widened and he immediately stretched his senses out among the surrounding mob of students, straining for any hint of a scream of feminine rage or a warcry over the dull roar of several hundred teenagers. The only thing his sensitive ears picked up was a pair of groans from off to his left, and a quick glance revealed the source to be a redhead and a dark-haired girl with coffee-colored skin who were standing a little over ten feet away from him and face-palming. Brushing their odd behavior aside as unimportant, and not hearing any shouts of, 'prepare to die!' Ranma returned Clover's smile with one of his own, although his was a rather nervous one. "Um, sure, I guess? I mean, if you really want to-"

He was interrupted by a slightly nasal and snotty voice calling out, "What's this?" from his right, where a girl with black hair and a mole on her cheek smiled nastily at the blonde who'd just propositioned him and added snidely, "Looking to add another notch to your bedpost, Clover?"

"Mandy." The blonde spat the name like it tasted bad, which seemed to suit the interlopers personality as it was very reminiscent of a certain highborn gymnast Ranma didn't want within 1000 miles of him any longer. He frowned at 'Mandy' as the snobby sounding girl went on.

"You might want to be careful about this one, Ron," Mandy gestured to Clover as she walked up to him, putting on what she apparently thought was a flirty and concerned expression. "She's got a bit of a rep around here. Hey, you're from Japan, right?" the snob side-eye'd the blonde and smiled thinly. "So, you probably know all about 'fingercuffs'?"

Clover's cheeks purpled at the insult and Ranma, unwilling to find out if angry girls pulling mallets from nowhere was a thing in America, pre-empted her verbally ripping Mandy a new one by clearing his throat pointedly and said, "Sumimasen," in an insulted tone that didn't fit the polite interruption. "But those are Chinese fingercuffs. There's no such thing as Japanese fingercuffs."

Mandy waved a hand idly as she dismissed the large cultural differences she'd just ignorantly linked together and tossed out a blasé, "Like, whatever. The point is, if you don't want to catch something—"

"What the hell did you say, you fashion-disaster brat!?" Clover snarled furiously at the interloper, and Ranma's eyes widened as he saw the dimmest flickering of an angry battle-aura around the blonde.

Unfortunately, he didn't have too much time to appreciate the fact that someone in the USA had enough ki to pull off an admittedly weakened technique from home as Mandy rounded on Clover and screeched, "Brat!? I am not a brat! I am one of the elite of this school, and you should be honored to walk the same halls that I do, peasant!"

Ranma gritted his teeth, both from the girl's very unpleasant voice and something inside him saying 'the Kuno is strong with this one' in obvious disgust. While Ranma had trouble handling the unpredictable and violent ways of the 'Blue Thunder' and 'Black Rose' back home, he wasn't about to let some rich bully who didn't have access to high explosives or exotic poisons off the same hook he'd been forced to hang himself on in Japan.


Sam and Alex moved in closer, scowling angrily as they got ready to back up their friend despite the risk of blowing their cover. But before either their arch nemesis or the target of their current mission noticed their presence, Ranma stepped between Mandy and Clover and surprised all 4 of them by turning to face the raven-tressed socialite and harshly declaring, "Cut it out. I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you insult somebody, so just go away and get to your next class."

Sam and Alex saw Clover's cheeks redden in response to Ranma's stern condemnation, while Mandy's eye twitched and she somehow managed to reach a vocal range that was even more grating than normal, due to being disproportionately outraged over being told off. "What!? How dare you!? I was trying to do you a favor and give you a warning about this tramp, and you're going to throw it back in my face?!"

"I don't know what tramp means, but if I have to talk to her or a kappa-onna wa ijiwaru, I'd rather talk to her."

Alex suddenly snorted and covered her mouth, which earned her a confused look from Sam as the latina started giggling. But while Alex apparently understood and approved of what Ranma had called Mandy, the snob herself was left in the dark as her face scrunched up from the strain of trying to process Ranma's native tongue. "What's that moonspeak mean?"

"It means I don't wanna talk to a fish-lipped snob," Ranma informed her as he folded his arms and looked at her impassively. "So leave her alone before you make us all late for class."

Clover's eyes lit up and a smile of pure malicious glee spread across her face while Mandy's jaw dropped in shock. As Sam braced herself for what she expected to be a glass-shattering shriek of outrage considering her behavior so far, the newly christened kappa-onna instead chose to snarl furiously and jab a finger in Ranma's stony face as she swore, "You're gonna regret this, new boy! I hope this slut gives you something that burns like hell!" Having said her peace, Mandy turned around and stomped away, leaving Clover and her new protector to their own devices. Sam scowled when she saw Clover giving the pigtailed teen's back an admiring look, not wanting her friend to sink even deeper into this misguided attraction to their target, but Ranma's reaction caught Samantha's attention and replaced her irritation with curiosity.

Following his cold dismissal of Mandy, the pigtailed boy seemed to realize he'd made a very big mistake as his shoulders stiffened and Sam could hear him gulp audibly despite being several feet away. But when he flicked his eyes over his shoulders, Samantha realized that Ranma was scared of Clover more than the girl who'd just left in a towering temper. The nervous expression became a nonchalant and brave facade fairly quickly, but not before Sam's mind turned over and wondered why he was fearful of someone he just defended.

When Ranma turned around, his expression changed again to obvious confusion as he saw Clover smiling at him with a light dusting of red in her cheeks and biting her bottom lip. The blonde's non-verbal scream of 'I don't care where or when, but I want you to wear me like a t-shirt as soon as possible!' made Alex facepalm and murmur something under her breath. Samantha however, noted that Ranma didn't seem to notice the blatantly admiring expression he was receiving as he nervously scratched the back of his head and offered, "Ah…Gomen, Clover-san. I just…"

"That's okay." Clover replied cheerily. "Not many people are willing to put that brat in her place, besides me."

Ranma looked over his shoulder and let out a string of irritated words in his native tongue, and Alex immediately raised her head from her hand and looked at him quizzically as Clover asked, "What was that?"

"I said I've handled worse girls than her back home."

"Worse than Mandy?"

Ranma sighed at Clovers incredulous expression. "Trust me, there's somebody worse…deimo," he smiled at her again, his confidence returning quickly. "You said you wanted to go out on Friday?"


"Alright...I don't suppose you want to see a movie?"

"Always a classic." Clover stepped forward, and lightly touched his chest with the tip of her finger while smiling coyly. "But I'll tell you what, since you helped me out with Mandy, on Friday we'll do anything you want, okay?"

Alex and Sam blushed at the very blatant come on, though it amazingly looked like the sexual undertone of Clovers offer went right over Ranma's head as he happily replied, "Okay! I'll see you then!" Before walking away from the blonde and presumably to his next class. Their target gone and thus removing the need for obscurity, Sam and Alex approached Clover, who hadn't moved from her spot in the hall as she watched her date's signature hairstyle disappear into the crowd.

"What are you doing?!" Sam all but yelled into the boy-crazy blonde's ear.

Clover, seemingly not noticing Sam or Alex's presence, murmured under her breath, "I am going to do evil, evil things to that man…"

"Clover!" Sam shouted, outraged at her friends quiet musing, "That's probably what he want to do to you!"

"God," Clover purred, "I hope so!"

Not being in class and under a watchful teacher's eye, Samantha gave Clover a full dope-slap, prompting a cry of shock and outrage from Clover before she rounded on the redhead. Before they could start bickering, Alex looked quizzically at Sam as she countered her friends assertion by saying, "But…he protected Clover from Mandy."

"All that proves is that she's so annoying, even a supervillain hates her." Sam shot back, while Clover smiled widely.

"I'm like, totally remembering that fish-lipped thing!" the blonde declared happily before turning to Alex and asking, "So, what was it? Cap-of-on-nah or something?"

"Well, it wasn't actually fish-lipped," Alex replied with a small smile. "He called Mandy a spiteful kappa girl, and in Japan, kappa are basically water spirits."

"Huh." Clover pursed her lips as she considered that. "I think I like fish-lips better. Calling Mandy a water-spirit seems kinda nice."

"It's really not." Alex retorted with a giggle. "Remember when Arnold put The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on for the AV club's movie night?"

Sam looked curiously at the chuckling Latina. "Yeah?"

"According to legends, a kappa looks like a cross between Gollum and a snapping turtle!"

Clover's jaw dropped and she crowed, "Ohhh! That's even better! He's totally getting a 'Manson Vacuum' for that one!"

Sam's eye twitched, but rather than ineffectively lambast her wanton friend again, she turned to Alex and asked, "Anything else he said that we should know about?"

"There was…one thing…" Alex turned to her friends with a confused look as she said "But, my Japanese must be getting rusty, cause it doesn't make any sense…"

"What'd he say?"

"When Clover talked to him about putting Mandy in her place, it sounded like he said, 'as long as she doesn't throw a razor-edged hula hoop at my head, I'll be fine'."

That earned Alex dual stares from Sam and Clover, the sheer oddity of such a statement bringing the blonde out of her lust-addled appreciation. "A razor-edged...hula hoop?" Clover repeated questioningly.

"That's what it sounded like, but…"

"But nothing," Samantha cut off her friend with a sharp nod. "I trust your ears, Alex. I don't trust him though, and that sounds like the kind of thing that can use some spy work." Turning to Clover, who was again looking down the hallway where their target had gone, the redhead stated seriously, "We may have an in with this date you two are going on, so ask him more about his past, and try to steer the conversation towards the Wrecking Crew. And Clover?"

Feeling the point on the last two words, Clover turned back to Samantah with a casual, "Hmm?" Only to stop and take a step back as the redhead pinned her with the most severe 'Don't test me, bitch' glare the blonde had ever experienced, as Sam intoned grimly,


-Friday evening-

"Gotta say," Clover said to her date with a little smile. "You know how to show a girl a good time."

"Really?" Ranma scratched the back of his head and chuckled at her praise. "I wasn't sure, things being so different between here and home after all, I didn't know if you liked the same things I did."

(Truth be told, I would have preferred to see that new RomCom with Jamey Deep) Clover thought to herself. (But that Jackie Chun flick was pretty cool.)

After agreeing to meet up at the theatre after school, Clover had gone home to pick out red spaghetti-strap, thigh-length silk dress before heading to the cinema. She'd arrived to find that Ranma had switched out his red shirt for an almost identical blue one and had already bought the tickets to a film he'd been wanting to see for awhile. Things hadn't gone quite according to plan, or rather Clover's fantasy, since a martial arts flick was the wrong atmosphere for a little handy-in-the-theatre fun like she'd wanted. Plus, Ranma was having too much fun commenting on the flick, laughing at the amazing martial arts displays, while at the same time scoffing at some of the ludicrously dangerous stunts being performed by the protagonist. When she'd asked about his dismissal of things like crawling across hot coals, he'd simply said "I've seen much more dangerous moves."

After the movie, the pair walked down the road until they came upon a series of restaurants and cafes, though Clover had spend their trek almost continuously giving him 'fuck me' eyes in the hope that he'd take her home. And more importantly, to bed.

But, it seemed like the pigtailed boy couldn't catch a clue if it landed on his head, as he completely missed the coquettish batted eyelashes of his date while he looked around at the various restaurants. "So, where do you want to eat? Since I picked the movie, you can pick out the next spot, desu ne?"

Resisting the urge to say 'I want your hot salami' with some difficulty, Clover smiled and shrugged. "I don't know. If you want me pick a spot, I'll like, probably pick an expensive French restaurant." As she'd expected, Ranma was brought up short and looked at her with wide-eyed fear, prompting her to turn around and smile coyly at him. "What? Don't want to break your bank account on me?"

"Uhh, no…" Ranma shook his head with a grimace. "That's not…I've had bad experiences with French food."

"Oh," Clover grimaced sympathetically. "Food poisoning?"

"That's one way of putting it." Ranma admitted, then heard a distant rumble and looked into the sky, which was rapidly thickening with clouds and he whispered, "Kuso! Jodandesho!?"

Clover followed his gaze, frowning as she saw the beginnings of a rainstorm forming and said "That's weird…and me without an umbrella? That totally su—"

The blonde's consternation regarding the sudden shower was cut off as Ranma scooped her up into his arms and very quickly ran under the awning of a nearby italian restaurant, covering about a half block in a few seconds and reaching the protective canvas just as the first drops started to fall. Clover didn't have time to do more than gasp in surprise before the thrill ride had stopped, and then looked back and forth to where they'd been standing a second ago, and where she was now being protectively held by the scowling boy. Getting a feel for his muscles through the blue silk shirt he was wearing, Clover shivered as she silently squealed with appreciative delight before looking up at her 'savior' and laughed lightly. "Hey, I like, appreciate the effort but it's just a little rain."

"Nani?" Ranma attention was brought from the ugly scowl he was shooting at the surrounding sidewalk, which slowly darkened as it was soaked with water, to the girl in his arms. His eyes bugged out in shock and he quickly blurted, "Sorry!" before setting Clover on her feet. "I was just-I was trying to get us out of the rain!"

"Well, I figured that," Clover smiled at him, though her slightly underutilized spy instincts twitched at his sudden nervousness. "But like I said, it's just a little rain, so what's the big deal?"

Ranma looked at her, mind spinning as he tried to come up with a plausible reason for avoiding such a normal thing, before settling on "I…didn't want you to ruin your dress?" With the small hope that she'd buy the lame excuse.

While fully aware of the bullshit being shoveled, Clover saw no reason to call Ranma on it, as she was wearing one of her favorite dresses. "You're sweet." She responded with a small smile before looking between the steadily worsening storm outside and the restaurant they were standing in front of. "Well, looks like we're gonna be having Italian then."

Ranma, as though noticing for the first time where he'd leapt to, grinned and said, "Oh yeah, I've always wanted to see how noodles from other places tasted!" He approached the main doors along with his date, but stopped suddenly, a bit of worry clouding his features.

"What's wrong?"

Turning to Clover, Ranma gave her a half-smile as he said apologetically, "Gomen…I really did want to let you choose where we would eat."

Clover blushed, before looking out into the pouring rain and replied, "Hey, if we try to go somewhere else now, my dress will get ruined, right?" She then gave him a teasing wink. "Unless you think you could pull another 'faster than a speeding bullet' trick?"

To her surprise, Ranma actually narrowed his eyes and started judging distances between the various overhangs and other dry spots before shaking his head. "Sorry, it's too far to make it without getting soaked."

(Holy crap, I was kidding…) Clover considered with a surprised blink, before laughing lightly. "Well, that's fine then. I promise, I won't eat too much."

"Trust me," Ranma grinned cockily. "That won't be a problem."


Mandy couldn't believe her luck. After having found an awesome sale on a set of sweet pumps, which she bought 5 pairs of, she'd decided to stop for lunch just as a surprise rainstorm hit. Smiling to herself, she hummed as she thought, (All's right with the world) while watching several unluckier pedestrians through the windows, who'd been caught off-guard by the storm and were scurrying for cover.

Then her eyes widened, her fork almost slipping from her fingers as she heard two familiar and very unpleasant voices from behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, she gaped as she saw the new exchange student walking towards her along with that unkempt slut Clover. The pair were on the other side of the thin divider separating the booths, and Mandy growled as she looked away, wondering how her luck could have reversed directions so quickly and put her at the same location those two losers were having their date.

It seems the fates were even less kind to her than she thought, as Clover and Ron took a table directly across from the divider from her, and she ducked down so she wouldn't be spotted by the pair. After a moment to curse her change in luck, a thought occurred to the snob that brought a mean smile to her face. Sitting back up and staying carefully out of sight behind the divider, Mandy smiled as she eavesdropped on the bimbo and the ungrateful jackass, thinking about what kind of dirt she could get on the pair before ruining their date for dessert.


Clover smiled at Ranma, who read through the menu, seemingly oblivious to her attention. His lack of acknowledgement made the small part of her, that sounded a lot like a certain red headed friend, insist that she make at least some effort into finding out more about the possible super villain's past. With a small sigh, Clover silenced the annoying voice by asking reluctantly, "So, who's worse than Mandy?"

"Huh?" Ranma looked to his date, his musings just how many types of noodles he could reasonably order without looking odd to his companion interrupted by a question from left-field.

"At school, you said you'd dealt with girls who were worse than Mandy," Clover clarified. "I'm curious what could make a girl worse than that wannabe teen-queen."

Memories surfacing of the the signature laugh, ribbon and outfit of a certain psychopathic gymnast made Ranma shudder, which made Clover cock an eyebrow curiously as he quickly settled on a few quick food choices before setting the menu aside. Reminding himself that he couldn't give too much away, unless he wanted somebody curious enough to look up his past and possibly summon one of the many things he was trying to get away from, Ranma replied, "Her name was...Konachi, and she was a gymnast at a local all-girls school. Her family is one of the richest in all of Japan, and have a history going back to the Sengoku jidai."

Clover gave him a blank look.

"Ahh...the Warring States era, about 400 years ago."

Clover whistled. "Blue-bloods much? Mandy might be rich, but I don't think she's ever talked about her family tree."

"Yeah, well it's all Kod-" Ranma bit his tongue. "-nachi could talk about, along with her brother and father, and all of them are completely insane."

Recalling the comment on, 'razor-edged hulahoops' but more importantly how she wasn't supposed to know that, Clover feigned ignorance and chuckled. "Oh, how bad could she have been, really?"

Ranma's expression darkened and Clover tensed worriedly as he gave off the impression of being offended by her dismissal. The brief wonder if she should reach for her phone and the panic button concealed in same, Ranma stated in a low voice, "Put it to you this way. Before I met Kodachi, she had led her gymnastics club to 99 straight victories in intramural matches with other schools."

Clover pursed her lips and nodded. "Wow. Pretty impressive."

"Not really, because they were all forfeits."

The blonde stopped in mid-nod, blinking quizzically before saying, "What?"


Mandy, almost pressing her ear against the wooden paneling between her and the pair, found herself curious about this girl that the new guy was comparing her to, wondering if she should be offended by the fact that Ron found her to be the lesser of two evils.

"99 matches between other schools and Konachi's gymnastics club were all by forfeit, because the other team would be too sick or injured to compete by the day of the meet."

"Like, I'm all for coincidence," Clover replied incredulously. "But there's no way that happens a hundred times in a row by accident."

"It wasn't. Konachi would attack her competitors before the matches and hurt them so they couldn't compete."

Mandy's jaw dropped in shock, while Clover apparently shared the popularity queen's sentiment as she gasped, "No way! How could she get away with that!?"

"Like I said, rich and from an old family. When I met her, she had actually been ambushed by my school's gymnastics club."

"Turnabout is fair play?"

"More like 'payback's a bitch', since she'd already whupped them so badly that I thought she was being attacked by a bunch of mummies." Ron sighed "She beat them again, and…I told her to stop it. After that, they went to Ak-a friends house and asked her to take their place at the match."

There was a silence for a moment, and Mandy chanced peek through a glass section of the divider to see that Ron was deep in thought, struggling for a way to explain what had happened. She gritted her teeth in frustration, wanting to yell at the stupid pigtailed boy to hurry up, but didn't dare reveal her presence. Finally, Ron answered hesitantly, "My…friend got ambushed by Konachi too, but it didn't work, and she managed to make it to the match. But it turns out, Konachi's entire 'gymnastics routine' revolved around cheating too."


"How's that?"

"The entire time they were fi-I mean, uh, dancing," Ranma corrected himself quickly. "Konachi kept using weapons hidden in the gymnastics equipment to try and hurt me-my friend. Her ribbon was made of some kind of high-tensile strength steel, there was a steel pipe hidden in a length of rope she tried to bonk her in the head with; a hidden switch in a baton made sharp spikes pop out whenever she wanted—"

(That's where the razor-edged hulahoops must have come in!) Clover thought, utterly flabbergasted by the absolute insanity of a gymnast attacking her opponent during a competition. "Didn't the judges see what she was doing?!"

"Not everything, but what they did see was still legal by their rules, since the match was at Konachi's school."

Clover grimaced, "I like, totally get why you think Mandy's better than her."

"Trust me," Ranma chuckled humorlessly. "You haven't heard the worst bit."

Before he could elaborate, the teen's waiter arrived. The pair gave their orders, with the blonde raising an eyebrow as Ranma insisted to the waiter that yes, he did in fact want the linguini and the spaghetti along with both orders accompanying soups and breadsticks.

"Wow, hungry much?" she quipped after the waiter had left, shaking his head as he went.

"Yeah, sorry," Ranma laughed. "I got a high metabolism, plus I work out a lot."

(Oh, I know.) Clover mused, regretting more and more her promise not to fuck Ranma. Putting that sadness out of her mind, the blonde returned to the previous topic with a leading, "Soo, what's the worst bit about Konachi?"

Reminded of the psycho and of the times where she'd invaded his personal space, among other things, Ranma groaned, "Ugh. The worst part out of all the other stuff, is that she's in love with me."


Mandy's eyes widened and she shivered with dread. The idea of a person as crazy as this girl being infatuated with her made the snob want to preemptively enter into witness protection. While a stubborn part of her wanted to insist the jackass was lying to the slut, Mandy couldn't think of a reason to lie about something this. It wasn't like Clover had high standards except for a pity-fuck after all.

Plus, Mandy knew how guys looked and sounded when they brought up 'crazy girls' and weren't being bitter or willfully obtuse about not understanding a normal girl's behavior.

"Whoa! Like, seriously!?"

The sound of Clover's shocked gasp brought Mandy out of her brief internal reverie in time to hear Ron reply with a weary, "Seriously. She made me miserable, and no matter how much I told her I wasn't interested, she'd never back off. I never told her off like I did to Mandy, but that was because I was afraid she'd pull out something and try to hurt me, or worse, whoever she thought was her competition. I was so desperate, that was made a condition of the stupid match."

Mandy's eyes narrowed, focusing on every word while Clover kept prying information out of her date. "A condition?"

"I-my friend made Kod-nachi swear that she would leave me alone if she lost the gymnastics match, which she did despite her cheating the entire time. The instant Konachi lost, she said 'Very well, I shall give up my present affections for Ranma-sama. And henceforth, I will burn with new passion for him!'."

The arrogantly mocking, braggadocious falsetto, again coming off as completely honest despite evidence to the contrary, made Mandy facepalm and groan quietly in almost sympathy for the pigtailed boy.

"Wow…what a bitch—wait," Clover's disgusted agreement with Ron's story turned to confusion as she asked, "Ranma? Who's Ranma?"

Mandy perked up at that, sensing juicy gossip as Ron stuttered, "Wh-what!?"

"I thought you said she was in love with you. So who's 'Ranma-sama'?"

"That's...Aaaaaaa nickname!" Ron said quickly, his nervous and over-eager tone made Mandy's bullshit detector finally ring an alarm. "It's an old nickname!"

"Really? How'd you get it?" Clover wheedled, sounding just as eager for juicy information as her rival. "Does it mean something?"

"It means, 'wild horse'."

Ron/Ranma's offer, while sounding honest, brought a groan from Mandy as she could practically hear the blonde bimbo drooling at the blatant come-on. Not that such a trick wouldn't have worked on Mandy either, but she at least wouldn't have asked, "Oh really? And how did you get a nickname like that?" in such a blatantly slutty way.

"Uh...I don't know?" Ron answered quizzically. "Maybe...cause I...don't like being tied up?"

Clover let out a totally gross snort of amusement which made Mandy's nose wrinkle in disgust. "I think you mean, tied down. Like, you gotta run free?"

"That's it, exactly!" Ron agreed with a laugh. "I don't like being told what to do!"

"Gotcha, no handcuffs, and you want to be on top."

Mandy rolled her eyes at Clover's obvious come on, only to stifle a laugh as Ranma apparently didn't catch fingercuffs' offer and asked, "What?"

"I'll show you later," Clover murmured in what she clearly thought was a sexy voice. "So, Ranma means wild, and Sama means horse?"

"Huh? No, Ranma just means wild horse. Sama is like San, but more...high society and formal." Mandy's interest started fading, and she leaned away from the divider as the transfer student gave a boring language lesson on moonspeak "San is a polite way to address somebody, like saying sir or ma'am in English."

"So when I introduced myself, you were calling me 'Ms. Clover'?"

"Umm, kinda? I mean-"

"Relax, 'Rrrranma'." Clover rolled the 'R' that made Mandy groan. "I know, you were being polite. So what's Sama mean?"

"Normally it means Lord or Lady, but in Konachi's case it was obvious she meant it as 'Darling'." Ranma chuckled as he added, "So unless that kappa-onna starts running around cracking a ribbon like a bullwhip and calling me 'darling', I'll pick her over Konachi any day!"

The 'kappa-onna', hearing that hated insult again, turned furiously towards the unseen couple. But before she could let out the banshee screech threatening to burst out of her lips, the slut laughed along with her stupid date and said, "You know, my friend Alex speaks a little Japanese, and I told her what you said."

"You did?"

"Oh yeah, and I think 'fish-lips' is a hell of a lot nicer than what you actually called that stuck up snob."

Mandy paused, but only to let her rage reach a true critical mass while her newest target for her ire asked, "What'd she tell you it meant?"

"That kappa's are water spirits, who look like snapping turtle goblin things." Mandy could hear the wicked grin in Clover's voice as the slut added, "I think it fits a lot better though, cause I've heard Mandy gush over tacky gold rings plenty of times, and I can just imagine her saying 'the precioussss'."

Meltdown achieved, with Clover's attempt at a rasping voice bringing a laugh from Ranma that chucked a lit match onto Mandy's stockpile of gunpowder, the high-society snob picked her target. After a moment of hesitation, she readied her ammo, and opened fire.


Clover's jaw dropped, utterly shocked by what she was seeing.

Ranma's hair had turned red. Almost every strand on his head was bright red.

Along with his shoulders, his face, and the top of his blue silk shirt from the sudden cascade of spaghetti that had come raining down from the other side of the divider between them and another table. Ranma appeared to be just as frozen as she was by the deluge of marinara, when a familiar nasally voice sweetly said, "Oh, whoopsie! How could I be so clumsy?"

Clover took only a half-a-second to see the malicious grin of Mandy on the other of the low wall, next to where Ranma was sitting, before the blonde was on her feet and screaming, "What the hell did you do to Ranma, you bitch!?"

"What? You don't like it?" the snob commented wickedly. "With as much as he ordered, I didn't think he'd mind another helping!"

"You were spying on us!? Like, how low can you get!?" Clover shouted, completely waving off the irony of a spy complaining about being spied on. "What, did you follow us from school you pathetic fashion plate?!"

"What!?" Mandy shot back, her nasally screech bringing the waitstaff and maître d' to the ruckus even faster, if for no other reason than to get the very annoying teenagers the hell out of the restaurant, ASAP. "I am Bev High's ultimate trendsetter! You might as well be picking up your dresses from the Salvation Army, you bottom-dwelling bimbo!"

Clover's cheeks purpled as she readied a tirade that would blister the ears of all present, when she heard Ranma whisper the word, "Warm…"

Her attention brought away from the spoiled brat, Clover watched as Ranma gingerly felt the sauce clinging to his dark hair, barely visible underneath the sauce of Mandy's discarded dinner, seemingly not noticing the two girls screaming at each other as he said "It's warm…" in a disbelieving tone. The blond gulped, worried about the rumors of the 'wrecking crew' and how much property damage they'd caused to Nerima, and wondered if there would be a building left standing if this supposed 'leader' of the group went berserk. Braced for impact, or maybe just to run like hell, Clover wondered if she was ready for what sort of reaction Ranma would have from the degradation Mandy had put him through.

Turns out, Clover was completely unprepared for Ranma's reaction.

Because he laughed.

It started as a low, disbelieving chuckle. But it slowly built in volume until the pig-tailed boy was shaking like he'd just heard the funniest joke ever, drawing confused stares from everybody present as he slowly got to his feet, smiling widely as he brushed a couple of meatballs out of his hair and onto the now empty plate. "Wow…" He said in amazement. "Things really are different here than back home."

"Ron?" Clover asked quizzically, blinking as he simply gave her an easy-going smile before turning to the less-fearful, but equally as shocked Mandy.

"So you were listening in?" Ranma chuckled as he met the dark-haired girl's eyes and quipped, "Well, at least it wasn't a spiked baton, neh?"

Mandy blinked, disbelieving the utterly unflappable manner Ron was displaying as he turned to the maître d' and asked, "Hey, can I head back into the kitchen?"

"Wh-what?!" The head waiter's Italian accent slipped as he stared at the blas teenager "The kitchen? Why would you want to go there?"

"Cause I'll clog the sink in the mens room if I clean up in there."

Understanding dawned, and the server's faux Italian mannerisms returned immediately and he declared, "Of course, signor. Right this way!" as he lead Ranma out of the main dining room, with Clover and Mandy both gaping in shock as he walked away, though the latter's shock took a turn for the outraged as she shouted "Hey! Why the hell are you so happy!?"

Reminded of the cause for the recent debacle, Clover rounded on Mandy to tear her a new one, only to be stopped by a greying-haired waitress stepping up to the raven-haired girl and stating sternly, "Miss, you need to go. Now."

"What!?" Mandy's further shrieks made several surrounding customers and employee's wince in pain, while the object of the teen's petulant fury remained completely nonplussed by her shouting. "I am a paying customer! What gives you the right to throw me out!?"

"You were a customer," the waitress stated simply. "And now that your meal is gone, you are not a customer any longer, and it is the right of this restaurant to deny service to any persons we so desire. Pay your bill and leave, before we call the police and have them escort you out."

Mandy snarled menacingly at the old battleaxe, before sniffing haughtily and saying, "Fine. The marinara was disgusting anyway!" and walked towards the entrance, her nose held high as she called over her shoulder, "Don't expect a tip!"

"Wouldn't dream of it," the old woman said to herself, clearly unconcerned by the sudden drop in income.

Clover giggled and offered happily, "Don't worry, I'll cover it for getting rid of her."

"Not necessary, Madame," the waitress smiled at Clover as she added, "It was my pleasure. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should go check on your friend."


Mandy scowled, standing outside with her bags in hand as she waited for the rain to stop. Fuming and stomping occasionally at the sheer injustice of being blown off by that stupid new boy, other thoughts clouded the teenage twit's mind besides irritation at his jovial response. The most pressing one, is why she had to struggle to pick the plate of food over her glass of water?

The spaghetti sauce was guaranteed to stain, and feel more disgusting than just the quick chill of ice water, so it was the obvious choice to splatter the asshole with. But why had she felt such a strong urge to pour water on the pigtailed boys head? The thought lasted for a little while, before it was drowned out in a wave of petulant spite and bitter hate towards Clover and her new stud.


Walking back towards the dishwashing area, the senior waitress caught sight of the maître d' rubbing his hands nervously as he watched their customer clean himself, just out of the older woman's sight. "Frank? How is he?"

Startled, looking away from pasta-drenched boy, Frank blurted, "Pam! Oh thank goodness! Is she gone?!"

"Yeah," the waitress affirmed as she rounded the corner. "The little brat left once I threatened to call—"

Pam stopped short, her eyes wide as she watched the young man who'd been splattered earlier using a high-powered sprayer to rinse out his hair while he was bent over one of the large basins used for rinsing off plates and pans. Wearing his pants and a wifebeater undershirt while his blue silk shirt hung over the edge of the sink, the Japanese boy cut a very impressive figure with his well-developed arms on display, as well as his luxuriant hair which he'd unbound to make it easier to clean.

Frank looked back and forth between the oblivious teenager and the waitress who was blatantly appreciating the display of beefcake, and nudged her sharply. "Get a hold of yourself, Pam!" He quietly berated her before gesturing towards the young man as he added worriedly, "Look at what he's using!"

Pam narrowed her eyes at her coworker before taking a second look at the young man and gasping in horror as she registered the quantity of steam coming from the water he was using to rinse out his hair with. "Sir! Oh my God, stop!"

Ranma wiped his eyes, hoping he wouldn't get tomato sauce in them as he turned to look at the two wide-eyed employees, while continuing to spray out his red-stained locks. "What's wrong?"

"Sir, that's the sprayer for cleaning dishes!" The waitress gestured frantically. "It's almost directly connected into the building's water-boiler!"

Ranma blinked at that, turning the spray away from his head as he stood up. "Really? I didn't notice."

"Didn't notice!?" the maître d' blurted "That water should be scalding hot!"

Ranma took a moment to consider the older man's words, before turning to look at the sprayer quizzically. Pressing the switch once again, he directed the spray into the palm of his opposite hand. Noting the sympathetic the wince of pain from his audience, he also registered the steam rising from his skin on contact. Amazingly, the scalding water felt like nothing more than a hot bath to him and after a moment, he made the connection.

(The Phoenix Pill…) Ranma gave a half-smile as he remembered the fiasco with the Full-Body Cat's Tongue Pressure Point and the 'rewards' he gained from the experience. (Guess that's one of the few real gifts I ever got from the old bat…)

Pam and Frank stared as the teenager smiled to himself, completely unconcerned by the boiling hot water he was spraying himself with. Turning back to the pair, the dark-haired boy grinned and said, "Don't worry, I can handle hotter water than this."

Pam's jaw dropped, while Frank seemed flustered for a moment as Ranma returned to his washing, calling over the spray "Hey, if I could get some soap, a bag, and a new shirt, would that be okay?"

"Ah, of course sir!" Frank chirped immediately, hoping to avoid an unpleasant backlash from the strangely durable teenager's parents, or future customers if word of this incident spread around. Hoping that the cost of what appeared to be a very fine silk shirt wasn't too expensive, the maître d' offered "And, we will also reimburse you for the price of your meal, as recompense for your unpleasant experience."

"Really?" Ranma grinned widely. "Thanks for that! Wow, almost makes it worth that kappa-onna throwing a temper tantrum!"

"It is nothing." the maître d' picked up his role once again as he added, "But, might I inquire where signor acquired such a fine shirt?"

"Uh…" Ranma mused aloud as he tried to remember. "I don't know, somewhere in China? Why do you want to know?"

"Well signor, we cannot acquire a replacement for you if we do not know where you got this one." Frank's crestfallen tone, though well hidden, was picked up by Pam and she sighed as well, hoping they wouldn't be hit too hard in the pocket-book from ordering in a custom-made shirt from over-seas.

Ranma blinked, shut off the sprayer again and turned to the two employee's again. "Why're you getting a replacement? I mean, I appreciate the offer and everything…"

"You...just asked for a new shirt, did you not?"

Another quizzical stare, which ended when Ranma realized the screw-up and gave a quick laugh. "Oh, I didn't mean for you to buy me a new one! I just want to borrow any spare waiter shirts you have until me and Clover are done eating."

Pam's jaw dropped, while Frank tried to wrap his head around the teen's generosity and stuttered, "B-but weren't you going to go home? You asked for a bag—"

"Yeah, so if my shirt isn't dry by the time we're done, I don't have to wear it home." Ranma grinned at the two flabbergasted adults as he hefted his shirt in one hand. "So, where can I hang this up to get it out of your way?"


Clover idly stirred her drink, waiting for Ranma to return from washing up. While most of her thoughts were on Mandy and how she could get some kind of payback on the spoiled brat for almost ruining her date, her mind was spinning from the unbelievably calm way her date had handled being humiliated like he had.

(How does somebody so totally chill get a rep as bad as he does?) The blonde mused as a few busboys cleared her and Ranma's old table, having taken the offer to move to a new one. (I mean, he almost seemed happy that Mandy drenched him in marinara! How weird is that?! Maybe he really was glad she didn't pull out a spiked baton?)

Clover's thoughts turned to sympathy for her date, coming from a place where an insane, obsessed stalker made Mandy seem like a better option for a nemesis, when she was shaken from her musing as the waitress who'd told the snob to hit the bricks approached. "Miss Manson?"


"Your…friend has cleaned up, and wishes to finish eating here. The restaurant has decided to comp your meal, as an apology."

"Like, don't worry about it," Clover handwaved the apology with a forgiving grin. "If Mandy can't handle being complimented, its her own fault."

The older woman quirked up an eyebrow at that statement. "Complimented?"

"Yeah. She like, heard Ron talk about having a creepy stalker who followed him around, and didn't like hearing him say she was less of a pain in the butt than that psycho."

Pam digest that for a moment before replying, "Well, that certainly explains why he didn't mind having her throw spaghetti on him." Clover laughed at the older woman's statement, then looked at her curiously as the waitress bent over to whisper with a sly grin, "By the way, I happened to see him when he was washing up. You're a very lucky girl."

"I hope so." Clover replied lecherously. Before the waitress could gossip further, Clover's eyes widened and she noisily gulped as Ranma returned. He was wearing the upper-half of a waiter's tux, which didn't fit with the silk pants he was wearing, but he filled it out so nicely that Clover didn't mind the fashion don't as much as she normally would. Eyeing his hair as she sat down, still mostly damp from his scrubbing, Clover opined, "You clean up well. And pretty fast."

"I spent a lot of my life on the road with my old man," Ranma offered. "Living off the land and things like that. The times when we were in towns, I learned how to handle myself pretty quickly in case we had to leave in a hurry."

"Huh. So, why'd you do that? Was he one of those crazy survivalists, or something?"

Ranma groaned, suppressing a much darker reaction to the memory of his father as he replied, "No, it was martial arts training. And while pops isn't crazy, he is an idiot, and his training methods were pretty brutal."

(I'll bet) Pam thought as she walked away, still disbelieving the youngster had washed his hair out with almost boiling water and not been hurt by it.

"You're a martial artist?" Clover smiled widely. "Like Jackie Chun?"

"Kinda similar, yeah," Ranma grinned at the comparison to the world famous actor. "Except he trained in actual schools from a lot of teachers, while I just had pops."

Propping her elbows on the table and lacing her fingers under her chin, Clover smiled widely at Ranma and purred, "Tell me more…"

As Ranma went on to explain certain aspects of his dad's training, being careful to gloss over whatever he felt were the really strange bits or would be too unbelievable for the American teenager to handle, Clover became more and more convinced that Britney had made a serious error in judgement, because there was no way a guy as nice as Ranma Saotome could be 'dangerous'.


Ranma turned away, covering his mouth and doing a decent job of stifling a belch as he walked.

"Like, excuse you." Clover said, her nose wrinkled a little, but appreciative of his attempt at manners.

"Gomen," Ranma smiled widely as he patted his stomach. "Couldn't help it. Man, but that Italian pasta was awesome!"

"Yeah, but you're totally gonna get indigestion from eating so fast." Clover commented idly, while wondering to herself where the hell Ranma had put all the food he'd packed away, as his doggybag was currently carrying his shirt.

The two teens, having finished their meal, were walking home. Clover had insisted they go to her house, as her mom was out of town on a business trip. Ranma, thinking she wanted some safety since she'd be all alone otherwise, had agreed. Nearing their destination, Clover had to give more than a few girls death glares to warn them off, as several women had been eyeing up the pigtailed boy in the sleeveless white tanktop, and Clover was feeling very territorial at the moment.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Force of habit from growing up with pops, you know?"

"I can't believe he'd steal your food and call it training." Clover grimaced, partially from the idea of a father making his child starve, but also because they were nearing her house and she wasn't sure how she was gonna clue Ranma into the fact that she wanted to ride his wild horse, short of landing an airplane on his head with the words [FUCK ME!] written all over it.

"Yeah, it sucked, but it was good for my reflexes and being able to sense an enemy attack."

"Still, it's a jerk-ass thing to do."

"No kidding."

Reaching her front step, Clover turned around and shivered, partially from lust but also for 'effect' as she asked, "I don't suppose you want to come in, Ranma?"

Ranma, having seen this as a fun time with a pretty girl, for once with no strings attached, cocked his head quizzically at the trembling blonde. "Sure, if you want. But why are you shivering? It's pretty nice out here."

Clover's eye twitched and she wondered if Jerry would let her requisition a jumbo jet and several boxes of permanent markers if she said it was for her latest mission. Writing off the idea as a loss, mostly because the old spymaster would need a better reason than going on a 'deep cover op' to okay the ultimate clue-by-four, Clover replied, "I'm just a little nervous, cause my mom isn't home…" before giving Ranma a coy look. "I don't suppose you'd want to come inside?"

Missing the point like he'd trained in Martial Arts Cluelessness, Ranma shrugged and smiled at the 'frightened' blonde. "Ah, sure. I could keep you company until your mom gets home, if you're that scared."

Sensing that he'd missed the point, yet again, Clover smiled happily and opened her door while chirping "Great! Come on in!" But while she was all bubbles and cheer outside, inside the blondes mind, a storm of frustration and lust was boiling over. Gritting her teeth as she stepped through the door, she thought (That's it! You've forced my hand! Time for the nuclear option!)

Ranma followed her, blissfully unaware of her ire as he stepped through the door and noted the trappings of Clover's home. He whistled at the expensive furniture and modern look as she closed the front door behind him. "I gotta say, your home is really—"

Suddenly, Ranma's danger-sense sent up a flare from behind him. Spinning on his heel, he immediately shifted into a defensive stance and called "Clover-san! Something—" only to stop dead when he got a good look at the girl whose safety he was worried about and realized he should have been thinking about his own well-being.

While not a martial artist up to the caliber of anyone in Nerima, Clover had once again manifested a small, potent battle-aura. And even if her nearly glowing eyes weren't locked on him, Ranma knew damn good and well that if any girl within a mile of him was pissed off, she was pissed at him, whether he deserved it or not. Swallowing down a sudden lump in his throat, Ranma adjusted his stance from 'combat-ready' to 'BRACE FOR IMPACT' in case his date pulled a mallet out of nowhere as she growled, "I have had enough of this," and stomped towards him.

Spreading his arms wide, Ranma quickly used the Anything-Goes Apology Freefire technique and babbled, "W-wait a minute, Clover-san! Why're you mad?! It it because of the restaurant?! If you really wanted to eat somewhere else, It's not my fault that kappa-onna showed up and—"

Once again Ranma was interrupted, but this time his voice was silenced by something other than his own reflexes as Clover reached up, grabbed the back of his head and neck in both hands and pulled him down to mash his lips against hers. His eyes widened as her chest pressed against his while her blue eyes, which had been narrowed in outrage, softened and slowly closed as she moved against him with a soft moan of relief. Ranma's reaction to the sudden affection was fairly standard considering his experiences in Japan, as he froze solid and upgraded his mental status from 'wary' to Defcon 4, despite the ki aura she'd manifested winking out a half-second after embracing him. While he waited for the inevitable screams of fury, Clover slowly pulled him tighter by wrapping her arms around his neck until her body was molded against his. A small shiver went through her, prompting a flash of curiosity from Ranma as she broke away from his lips and fixed him with eyes that smoldered in a completely different way than he'd been expecting, or had ever seen from a girl before.

"Ron, you're a total sweetheart and one of the hottest guys I've ever seen," Clover breathed with a slight smile. "But you're like, totally dense."

Thoroughly confused by the switch in mood from pissed to affectionate, and then complimenting and insulting him in a friendly tone, Ranma looked dumbfounded at his date who'd suddenly sent his mind into a tailspin of confusion as he blurted, "Clover-san, what the heck is going on?!"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out," Clover replied huskily as she pulled herself even tighter against him, making Ranma's eyes widen from her not-so-subtle motions as she rubbed her breasts against his hard pectorals. "I've been telling you all night how badly I want you and I don't know how you've been able to miss it." Smiling sultrily, she flipped Ranma's pigtail up and down and purred, "So, I'm done being subtle. I want to take you into my bedroom and do bad, bad things to you, Ron Sato. So, do you want to 'come' to my room with me?"

Not even Ranma could miss a shot across the bow like that and he blushed 7 different shades of red as he quickly put his hands on Clover's shoulders and grimaced fearfully, "Clover-san, that's a really bad idea! I can't—"

"You can," Clover corrected him, frowning at his refusal to bed her. "And I want you to, so why won't you?" While not expecting reluctance, Clover was none-the-less prepared for such a situation and pouted as she sniffled, "It's because of what Mandy called me, isn't it? You think I'm a slut don't you…"

Ranma shook his head quickly, even more terrified at the idea of being in close proximity to a crying girl as one who was pissed off at him. "No! No, I don't care what she said!"

"Then why won't you kiss me back?" Clover gave him a double-barrel blast of Bambi eyes, her lip quivering in sadness and hurt as she asked, "Why do you look so scared of me?"

"I'm not scared of you! I'm scared for you!" Ranma blurted, then paled and clammed up, his eyes wide while Clover blinked away her faux heartbreak almost instantly.

"For me?" she asked curiously "Ron, why would you be scared for me—" Suddenly, the story Ranma had told her earlier jumped into her mind, along with the stories of the very dangerous 'wrecking crew' that followed him around Japan.

Screaming internally, Ranma prayed to all the kamis that he could come up with something that wouldn't lead half of Nerima to his new life, with the other half bringing up the rear and ready to tear through what little would remain of Beverly Hills after the fiancé brigade smashed into the unsuspecting city like a stray comet. When Clover's eyes lit up in an epiphany and she asked, "Ron, do you think that Konachi girl could come here!?" he offered a very quick prayer in gratitude before answering, "YES!" in an all-too happy tone, then covered up his obvious tell with a fake cough to clear his throat before getting his own acting chops on and answering at a far more appropriate volume.

"Hai, Clover-san. I'm afraid of Kod-Konachi finding out where I am. I spent a lot of time wishing that I'd never met her or had to live on the same island as her, and while I don't think she'd ever be able to find me here…" the mask fell away and Ranma's honesty showed through as he answered solemnly "If she did…and she found out we went on a date-if she found out you'd even asked me out, she'd hurt you…bad." looking deep into her ocean-blue eyes, Ranma finished apologetically, "I'm sorry, Clover-san. But I won't have sex with you."

Clover stared at him with wide eyes, which Ranma thought was her mulling over the severe consequences of any possible intimacy between them.

However, the Neriman runaway's prediction of her mental state was…inaccurate to say the least.

(Holy crap! He's trying to get away from Nerima!? He might be running away from the Wrecking Crew too!) Clover's inner voice squealed with unrestrained glee. (And he's worried about me! O-My-Gee, he is so sweet! Screw what Sammy said! I'm gonna buff his saddlehorn to a mirror shine and ride this stallion for all he's worth!)

Thoughts of the redhead, and her reaction to Clover's infidelity brought the blonde short as she frowned. (But if I do that, Sammy's gonna be so pissed, she'll think I'm 'compromised' and won't believe a word I say. I can't sleep him yet, not until I've told her about this Konachi chick.) Biting her bottom lip, she swam in the stormy sea of Ranma's blue-grey eyes and gave a silent despairing moan, (But I wanna fuck him soooo badly! Why do you have to be so damn hot and such a nice guy, Ranma? I could deal with you being thick-headed, just so I could…)

Ranma watched as Clover's face betrayed her mental state, with surprise giving way to a half-smile of joy, but was quickly replaced by an upset frown. Before he could disengage however, the look of raw desire that came next froze him in place and made him wonder how he could have overlooked her obvious attraction to him throughout the night. Running through the conversations they'd had with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, Ranma missed Clover's next moodswing into wicked glee as he recalled the various innuendo she'd dropped on him and thought, (Maybe I am dense…)

"Oh Roo~ooonnn."

The lilting, sing-songy call brought Ranma's attention onto Clover again, where he saw a mischievous gleam in her eye that filled him with both elation and dread. Until his openly frisky date stated airily, "Ranma, I'm not gonna have sex with you."

He blinked, confused by his date's sudden change in attitude. "You're...not?"


Wondering why she seemed jovial about being denied physical affection, he asked, "But, I thought you wanted to have sex with me?"

"Oh, totally! If you weren't being so stubborn, I'd fuck you in a heartbeat!"

Ranma's head dropped at her overly chipper reply, to which she added, "But, I'm not going to…not if you're gonna be so worried about me 'cause of some psycho stalker."

"That's…good." Ranma replied as he raised his head, smiling with more than a bit of regret, though that was more for breaking the blonde's heart than skipping out on physical affection.

"But…" Clover breathed as she closed in again, making the hairs on the back of Ranma's neck stand up from what appeared to be her coming in for another kiss, only for her to stop just before touchdown, letting her warm breath wash over his lips as she whispered, "If she's gonna be all crazy just cause we went on a date, does it really matter if you come back to my room and have some fun with me?"

"Trust me, it matters!" Ranma affirmed quickly.

"Hmm, so if sex is out, what about kissing?" A soft giggle vibrated through her body and into his as she went on. "'Cause like, I've already kissed you and if she's gonna get mad if we go too far, then what if we just kiss some more?"

It took a few moments for Ranma's mind to swing through that logical loop-de-loop. "Just…kiss?"

"Just kiss," Clover's repeated, moving her head closer so that he could taste the words she whispered into his mouth. "And if you come to my room, we can kiss for as long as you want to, okay?"

Ranma floated in the cerulean blue irises looking into his, her bright pink lips practically begging him to be claimed by his own. The way she looked at him reminded him of a certain lilac-haired amazon after he'd accidentally gotten himself engaged to same, except he had no memories of this beautiful girl snarling at him in murderous rage or baying for his blood. The reminder of Shampoo made him hesitate as the memories surfaced of the life he'd left behind. Thoughts of betraying his integrity and honor by being intimate with this stranger, even with something as tame as making out, screamed at him to stop in a voice that sounded an awful lot like his old man when he'd told Ranma to own up for his mistakes.

Hearing those condemnations in Genma's voice solidified the pigtailed boy's resolve immediately.

Clover saw the hesitation and need in Ranma's expression, then blinked when a dark look flashed across his face for a heartbeat. Before she could ponder his suddenly narrowed eyes, Ranma returned her favor from moments earlier by sliding his hand up to cup the back of her head and pull her lips to his. Her muffled gasp of surprise almost instantly dissolved into a happy moan as her tongue flew into his mouth, her wordless exclamation of delight rising in pitch when his tongue met the new challenger in an energetic wrestling match.

While the blond melted into his chest, a war raged inside Ranma's head. Those thoughts of integrity had been beaten back by the surge of outrage and frustration, which had easily encouraged Ranma to indulge in what was right in front of him and to hell with what anybody in Nerima said about his decisions. Reminders of past pain at the hands of his rivals and his supposed fiancée's, blaming him for everything from the weather to their own failings and wounded egos spurred him on as his other arm slid around Clover's waist and pulled her tighter against him.

And the final push that signaled the end to his hesitation at denying this beautiful girl the company she wanted so badly, was the fat lazy panda he'd had the misfortune of being sired by. Hearing the stupid old man shout at Ranma to own up to his mistakes, when his father constantly dodged the blame and let the resulting fallout end up in his son's lap was what truly lit Ranma's restraint on fire and salted the ashes.

But then the blue-hair swam through his field of vision, and a twinge of sadness flashed through him at the very dirty trick by his conscience trying to get in one last parting shot. The wound was shallow however, and healed quickly by the thought of, (It's just kissing…right?)

And yet, as Clover went to town on Ranma's lips and frenched the pigtailed boy like she'd never kiss anyone again, something awoke in him that soon erased all traces of guilt, anger, worry or doubt from his mind. While more of his mind focused on tasting the mouth of the passionate girl clinging to him, a beast stirred within him. A creature long thought to be dead from a childhood focused on the Art, then bludgeoned into a coma from months of immersion in a place where hormonal impulses would result in a grisly death.

Now, away from Nerima and finding himself with a beautiful girl who wasn't going to beat him senseless for sharing oxygen with her, the bruised and battered beast of Ranma's libido was awakening. His head felt light as his hands moved across Clover's body, caressing her back and sides with gentle touches that made the blonde moan appreciatively into his lips.

Ranma's memories grew fuzzy, the lust clouding his mind in a way he didn't have much experience with as his tongue danced with Clover's. A dim thought of whether he'd left the bag containing his shirt in the foyer was swept away by flashes of walking down a hallway, leading to a room with a large semi-circle bay windows, where the late afternoon sun filled the room with soft lighting. The fog cleared a little, giving him the image of Clover's blond hair spread across pink sheets with large red spots, her eyes closed as she moaned underneath him.

The moment of clarity bringing him to the present, Ranma took note of how he was pinning the softly moaning blonde to the bed and immediately rolled to the side, pulling her with so they could continue their liplock. Judging by the happy murmur against his lips, she appreciated his shift in posture, to keep them equals in this match rather than him dominating her.

While not against the idea of Ranma breaking his own rule and having his wicked way with her, Clover had no problems with the change in position, and voiced the reason aloud as she broke contact long enough to say heatedly, "You're a really good kisser, Ron."

"Ranma, Clover-san," He corrected her quickly. "Call me Ranma."

She smiled and replied, "Okay, Ranm-MMM!" As she was interrupted by the return of his probing tongue. Her eyes widened at the renewed contact, before she merrily picked up where they'd left off.

The sounds of wet smacks and heavy breathing echoed while the teens maintained their passionate liplock, until Clover used the opening Ranma left to take the initiative and roll him onto his back. Laying across his body, she broke contact to catch her breath and sit up, the two of them sharing smiles that said despite her being on top, they both knew it was because Ranma was letting her straddle his waist. Her smile curling as the silk of Ranma's pants lightly brushed against the surprise she was going to show him hopefully soon, Clover reached down and gripped the hem of his shirt.

Ranma, feeling his swelling erection brushing between Clover's legs with feather-light touches, felt a lance of concern shoot through him as she grabbed his shirt. "Clover-san?"

Hearing the worry in his voice, Clover smiled reassuringly and just a touch mischievously as she gave his wife-beater a few meaningful tugs. "If I'm gonna kiss you, I want to see you. Is that okay?"

After a moment of consideration, where Ranma's thought processes had become heavily compromised thanks to rising hormones, his previous rationale was brushed aside as he smiled and sat up. Before he could pull his shirt off however, the blonde who was now sitting on his legs whispered, "No, let me…" he acquiesced to her request, raising his arms to let Clover pull his shirt over his head.

Clover's fingers shook as Ranma's face came into view once again, while his t-shirt was tossed onto the floor without a backward glance. All of her attention was focused on the muscles she'd seen during her surveillance of Ranma's abode, and she couldn't resist the call to get some tactile input on just how hard his body was. Running her hands over his abs, she committed the carved-marble contours under her palms to memory, feeling herself grow wetter as she moaned, "Oh my fucking God, you could grind meat on them…"

Ranma chuckled at that, enjoying Clover's appreciation for his toned body and reached out to bring her in for another kiss, but she moved away from him. Sliding back off his legs, he looked at her quizzically as she stood up, until she let the spaghetti straps holding her dress up roll over her shoulders and fall to the side with a silky murmur of, "Your turn."

Ranma gulped loudly as Clover withdrew her arms from the meager restraints for her dress, which only maintained its position by snugly clinging to her curves, which he hadn't truly appreciated until this moment. Turning around, Clover looked over her shoulder to give him a teasing grin. "Come on, Ranma," she called playfully. "Don't you wanna see me too?"

Ranma's hormones were in full swing at this point, drowning out any thoughts or confusion for the change in attire if all they were going to do was kiss. The only part of his mind not awash in lustful thoughts was trying to come to grips with a girl who wanted to be undressed in his presence without an ulterior motive, or at least an overt motive he agreed with. Despite that, he reached out and gently pressed his hands to the side of Clover's chest, near the upper edge of the thin cloth covering her body. Feeling movement under his palm from the blonde's heavy breathing, Ranma swallowed again as he slowly inserted his thumbs between fabric and flesh, and slowly pulled down. The dual effects of his caress while stripping her bare made Clover sigh happily, though there was a moment of hesitation as Ranma's hands moved lower and exposed Clover's bare back and shoulderblades, making him realize that his date wasn't wearing a bra and hadn't for the entire evening. Reaching the bottom of her ribs, he pulled his hands back away from her.

Only to stop his retreat when she looked over her shoulder again, this time disapprovingly and asked, "Why'd you stop?"

"Your...umm, you're not wearing your top and neither am I, so fair's fair, right?" Ranma replied with a nervous smile.

Noting his rosy cheeks, Clover suppressed a giggle over how much fun it was to tease the supposedly dangerous criminal, before reaching back and gently holding his wrists. She pulled his hands back to where he'd left off, smiling as she countered smoothly, "True, but I only stopped at your shirt cause I couldn't wait another second to get this dress off. Once it's gone, we'll switch off again."

"Switch off?" Ranma's eyes widened and they drifted across what the relatively little amount of skin still remained covered by her dress, his gaze stopping square on her backside and making him suppressed the urge to gulp again.

Clover snickered mischievously, eagerly anticipating his reaction to her best ass-et. "Don't worry, I said we were just going to kiss didn't I?" she teased before giving her booty a shake. "And if you wanna kiss me again, hurry up already!"

Briefly charmed by Clover's butt like he'd been hypnotized, Ranma shook it off and returned to his task of undressing his date. Adjusting his grip as he reached her hips, Ranma wondered why he was having such a strong reaction to Clover's body. Beautiful she was, but lord knows he had plenty of hot girls show off their goods to him, not including his cursed form. Writing it off as just a side-effect of his newly awakened arousal, he thought, (Well, at least she'll be in her underwear) with a mixture of relief and disappointment.

Then he caught sight of the curved V of Clover's ass cleavage and shivered as he made for the last major hurdle, getting her clothing past the prominent rump in his face. As his hands moved lower however, his eyes widened and he held his breath because more of Clover's grand canyon was being exposed. Suddenly terrified that he was pulling down her panties along with her dress, Ranma quickly slipped his fingers between skin and fabric, searching for a different texture before she assumed the worst.

Feeling his frantic probing against her waist and hips, which she didn't mind save for the fact it was a far different sort of probe she would have expected, Clover looked at Ranma quizzically. "Hey, Ranma? What're you doing?"

"I'm—" He coughed nervously as he tried to keep most of her ass covered while he frantically felt around for her slipped underthings. "I think your underwear came off."

"What underwear?"

The faux-innocent tone made Ranma freeze. Then he slowly looked up into the wicked ear-to-ear grin of his date. "Like, if I want a guy bad enough, I don't want anything to slow him down if he wants me too!" Clover followed her happy announcement of going commando by hooking her thumbs next to his fingers and pushing her dress down, thereby exposing the pigtailed teen to her full-moon.

The Heir of Anything Goes' libido may have woken up from a pavlovian coma, but some instincts still remained that had kept Ranma's loins from giving more than a half-hearted ovation to Clover's performance during their makeout session. The sudden thought that she had been walking around town, gone to a restaurant and the movie theater with nothing to stop him or anyone else from getting a very intimate look at her nethers, had chance or perversion given the opportunity, froze him solid. The realizing that it hadn't just been her legs the tip of his dick had been rubbing against when she straddled him threw off the shackles of restraint and saluted the blonde's dedication to the commando lifestyle by raising his flag as high as it could.

Clover smiled widely, seeing his appreciation for her taut, athletic ass via the bulge in his silk pants and laughed, "Like what you see, Wild Horse?"

"Hai…" Ranma breathed as he stared at the pale pink glutes in front of his face. Unconsciously, his hands slid across her hips from where they'd been frozen, following her finishing his undressing job for him. Savoring the feeling of her skin against his fingers and palm, it wasn't long before he was flagrantly groping her cheeks, squeezing and hefting them as he got a feel for the smooth musculature.

Clover sighed with pleasure as he felt her up, letting him have a moment of fun before idly tossing out, "Hey, I thought we were just gonna kiss? I don't remember saying we could touch."

Ranma's eyes snapped open, his Neriman instincts screaming for the bomb shelter as he yanked his hands away from the blonde's derrière like it'd burned him and shouted, "Sorry! Sorry, I was just-I mean I couldn't—!"

Clover's loud giggling brought Ranma short, and he looked fearfully towards her face as she grinned at him and said, "I was just teasing you, Ranma!" Before turning around and giving the wide eye'd boy an up close and personal full frontal shot of her nude body.

Again, not exactly a 'new' experience for Ranma, but with his inner-beast let off the leash, the sight of Clover's bare skin made his desires howl. Her breasts, almost as large as his girl forms and capped by bubblegum pink nipples, with areolas about the size of America's fifty-cent coins drew his eyes away from her face. Granted, his lust for women's chests had shrunk significantly due to his own ready access to a nice set of C-cups, but he could definitely still appreciate the beauty of a great pair of tits. His eyes slid downwards, rolling across her smooth, flat stomach until he reached the apex of his descent. Her smooth, shaved mons made his breath catch in his throat and he thought he'd suffocate as he caught sight of her clitoral hood, having never gotten close enough to any of his fiancées long enough to get details like this without getting a beating that effectively gave him amnesia of whatever intimates he'd witnessed.

It seemed like hours until he caught Clover calling his name, and met her gaze once more. She smiled at him before bending over. He tensed up, expectantly waiting for her to return to their affectionate embrace, but it turned out to be only a tease as she murmured into his lips, "Since you touched me, does that mean I can touch you?"

"Hai-Yes, Clover-san."

She laughed, her warm breath on his face raising his desires even higher. "Just call me Clover, Ranma. You don't have to be formal with me."

"O-okay, Clover."

"There you go." She purred as she gave him an all too brief peck on the lips before saying, "Stand up, it's time to switch."

Ranma's earlier nervousness had taken a long walk off a short pier when Clover's dress puddled onto the carpet, and he nodded quickly as he stood up, only to have Clover immediately slide past him to take his vacated spot on the edge of the bed. He watched over his shoulder as she sat up straight and smiled eagerly, her own arousal obvious from the redness in her cheeks and her chest as she chirped, "Well, let's see the goods, Ranma!"

He flushed beet-red, but it was far too late to back out now, so he slipped his thumb into the waistband of his pants. But he was stopped when Clover reached out and grabbed his waist as she cheerfully declared, "Oh no you don't!" Before suddenly twisting him around. Ranma's considerable physical training prevented him from losing his balance, with only the slightest of wobbles as he steadied himself and looked down to see Clover face-to-face with the tent he was pitching in his pants.

While he was horny as hell, especially with having such a beautiful girl looking at the bulge in his trousers the way he would look at free ice cream, it spoke volumes to Ranma's sexual inexperience that he didn't think anything of having a pretty girl licking her lips while she was head-level with his crotch. Wondering if the obviously more experienced girl would be as impressed by his manhood as he'd been by the very brief glimpse he'd gotten of her own intimate place, Ranma didn't resist when Clover mimicked his earlier motions and slid her fingers into the waistband of his pants and boxers.

Except Clover had none of the hesitation he did, or patience for that matter, as she yanked his pants and unmentionables down with one deft move. The half-second where his hard-on was snagged by the elastic of his boxers made it spring upwards and bounce like a doorstop before the eyes of his date, her involuntary lipbite turning into an involuntary moan of need as she watched his dick jump in front of her. Ranma sighed in relief, both from having his manhood freed from the tightening confines of his clothes, and having Clover look at his length like a charmer that had been hypnotized by a snake.

While a part of Ranma knew he'd have a dick that any woman would love, being a manly man and all, another part of him was aglow with gratitude for the beautiful girl who was gazing at his dick with obvious appreciation and approval and thus proving his confidence wasn't unfounded.

That combined with his inexperience meant when Clover smiled and murmured, "Hey, Ranma? Can I kiss you?" Without looking away from his member, he didn't hesitate to nod before he started to bend over and resume making out.

Only to stop, eyes bugging out as soft, warm skin wrapped around his length, making him gasp in surprise and tense up at the touch.

Looking down, Ranma could only gape in shock at what he thought was an unexpected turn of events, as Clover was holding his dick in her hand and pointing it directly at her face. Or more specifically, her mouth, which was hanging open as she moved her head closer to his manhood—

The sudden warmth and moisture of her breath on his member was immediately overshadowed by the greater heat and wetness of her silken lips and sodden tongue, making Ranma's head go blank as the former fashioned an air-tight ring just under the ridge of his crown, while the latter gave his smooth plumb a thorough taste test.

Ranma moaned loudly, his legs shaking as Clover's tongue ran laps around the tip of his dick, bathing the swollen head spit while her hand slowly pulled the loose skin of his shaft. When she started sucking, albeit in a very light way as though trying to drink very hot coffee through a straw, he immediately hunched over as his knees buckled under the unique pleasure of getting a blowjob. But, all those worries and fears he'd been denying came roaring back with this act and despite the rising bliss in his loins, Ranma braced his hands on the blonde's shoulders. Not quite supporting himself, but also trying to push her back as he shouted, "C-CLOVER!? W-what are you doing!?" in both strained pleasure and alarm.

Clover paused in mid-lick, confusion stopping her when she was almost done with the preliminaries and ready to give Ranma a cocksucking that would make God himself scream hallelujah. Opening her eyes, she looked up and gave her flushed and gasping date a quizzical look without pulling his knob from her gob. Seeing that he was sincerely dumbstruck and worried by her actions, she pulled off of his dick. But very very slowly, and not before she gave the very tip of his dick a loud and lewd slurp just before it pulled free. With her mouth no longer occupied, Clover cocked an eyebrow incredulously and asked with snarky curiosity, "Like duh, Ranma. I'm kissing you, just like I said I would?"

Ranma's eyes widened as understanding dawned on him. "This…this is what you meant by kissing?!"

At his utterly shocked look, Clover chuckled internally, (Wow, If I didn't know better, I'd swear he's never had a blowjob before! But a hottie like him never getting his knob polished? Talk about ridiculous!)

The ludicrous idea bringing a smile to her face, along with the idea of finally having her latest crush mostly where she wanted him, Clover met Ranma's eyes with a cheery grin as she replied, "Of course! Like, what did you think I meant?"

Noting that she batted her eyes coquettishly at that last question, and not caring in the slightest, Ranma blurted an honest, "Not this!" as he fought to get his racing heart back under control. Which wasn't as easy as it sounded, since his spit-drenched dick was starting to cool in the air, the temperature shift was both arousing and worrying him, since he wasn's sure if his curse would decide to trigger from having a cold liquid applied to relatively small area.

Clover pouted and asked, "Aww, why not?" In obvious disappointment before she resumed stroking his manhood, her other hand coming up to rest flat against his groin and pressing down lightly when he involuntarily thrust his hips in response to her motions. "I said I wasn't gonna fuck you, but I didn't think you'd mind a good consolation prize." Dropping the cutesy coquettish act to return to her normal, playfully sluttish demeanor, Clover winked at him and chirped, "Like, what's wrong, Ranma? Am I doing a bad job? 'Cause if you've got an ex who's a better cocksucker than me, I'm a fast learner!"

"N-no!" Ranma's breathing deepened as the blond stroked his stiff manhood. "I don't-I've never had a girl do this before!"

Clover's eyes bugged, her jaw dropped, and her hand immediately froze in mid-wank. She stared at Ranma, utterly thunderstruck for several moments before gasping, "Are you serious!? You've never had a blowjob!?"

His breathing coming easier now that Clover wasn't 'distracting' him, Ranma shook his head slowly in affirmation. "No, I've never met a girl who did…this before." Unknown to the blonde who looked like her mind had suffered a critical neural meltdown, Ranma amended silently, (plenty who would have offered, but no way in hell would I have done it.)

It took a second for Clover to recover from the knowledge that her first theory of why Ranma reacted so strangely to getting his pole smoked was accurate. But when it did, the fact that she was right filled her with outrage rather than smug satisfaction, and she railed against the supreme injustice by snapping, "That's like, totally criminal! If I was your girlfriend, I'd be blowing you every day just for being such a sweetheart!"

Ranma blushed at the unexpected praise, while other bits of his mind pointed out just how soft Clover's fingers and palm were around his manhood as he asked with a soft laugh, "You, would?"

"Hell yeah!" Clover nodded emphatically. Then she returned her gaze to Ranma's one-eye'd monster, and determination filled her spirit as she processed the shame of having a cock like this having gone unsucked for as long as it had. Vowing to show her technically lover the attention he should have received before tonight, the sexually liberated spy adjusted her hold, sliding her hand down to the base of his shaft and then moving it back up to the swollen head, methodically squeezing the entire way. With a steely glint in her eye, Clover declared sternly, "Ranma, after everything you did today, I was totally going to fuck you, but I was fine settling for sucking you off."

The blonde looked up again, making sure to lock his stormy gray eyes with her own fierce sapphire glare as she intoned in an erotic mixture of desire and stern seriousness, "But now, your cum is mine, and I'm not letting you out of here until I've eaten all of it. Got it?"

Ranma had a potent flash back to occasions where he had sworn solemn oaths and promises on his honor, mostly because Clover had a damn near identical expression on her face as she declared her intent to utterly drain his balls. While deeply touched to hear someone make an oath like that for his sake for a change, he was also intensely aroused by her declaration as his eyes quickly reminded him that the beautiful teen was bare-ass naked and damn near everything was in display for him to appreciate. Despite both those feelings, he stubbornly tried to turn down her offer, though it was a weak and half-hearted effort as he said, "Clover, you don't have to do that."

"Well, I'm going to," She restated with finality. "Because you've more than earned it." Her stern facade faded into a sultry expression as her eyes flicked towards his prick, and she smiled at the glimmering white tear forming in the eye of his cyclops. "Although, I usually swallow anyway, and the only reason I wasn't going to tonight is because of dinner, so that part probably doesn't amount to much."

Ranma pursed his lips as he reminded himself that not everyone in the world had his same appetite as he did, and he ignored the brief flash of disappointment when he offered the blonde a way out. "Well, if you're full, you don't have to force yourself—"

Clover's eyes widened and she burst out laughing, making Ranma blink in surprise while she recovered and gave him a rueful grin. "Jeez, Sato, you really don't know much about this, do you? Like, spunk tastes different depending on what you eat, and after all that redmeat and pasta, yours is gonna be really bad!"

"Oh…" Ranma grimaced apologetically. "Gomen nasai, Clover, I didn't know."

"Don't worry about it," she replied with an airy wave of her hand. Then she leaned in and Ranma next breath came out as a ragged groan when her tongue dragged across the tip of his dick, giving his slit a long, slow lick before pulling away again, and he watched as she brought her probing taste-tested back into her mouth and licked her lips with a wide smile. "'Cause I think I can handle your taste for tonight. Just remember for next time, sweet stuff like fruit is really good, and then I can savor your flavor."

Ranma nodded in understanding and agreement, feeling grateful for the advice as well as her comment on their being a 'next time', which was something he'd been looking forward to even before finding out how she'd intended to end their date.

Thinking she should move quickly before he threw out more objections to getting 'the royal treatment', Clover leaned in once again and quickly flicked the tip of her tongue along the underside of his glans, while never breaking eye contact with Ranma or losing the smile on her face. Before she went back to giving him the business however, a thought occurred to the blonde and she broke off her 'strobe' technique to offer, "Oh, and eff-why-eye, since I'm trying to make you cum; don't hold back, okay?"

His head spinning a little from the unexpected and welcomed assault on his scepter, Ranma groaned, "I…I guess…" with obvious concern for getting a rep as a minute man.

Clover giggled at his hesitancy, though she misinterpreted the root cause of his underlying motivation as she reassured, "Don't worry, 'Wild Horse'. I'm sure you're a total stud, but if you're not fucking me, don't worry about being too fast." Then the hand that had been laying against Ranma's groin slid down and underneath his erect prick, where it immediately cupped his balls and Clover smirked as she lightly massaged the smooth eggs in his wrinkled sack. "In fact, I insist you stop worrying, and let me suck you dry."

His desires rising high from the dual physical and verbal shut down of his restraint and willpower, Ranma watched as Clover moved in for what would be the final time, as he had no more objections or intention of stopping her until she got what she wanted. This time, probably to tease him a little regarding the earlier misunderstanding, the blond girl did indeed kiss him by planting her lips against the taut, swollen skin of his crown.

Then the kiss deepened and he let out a moan as the tip of his spear slid between the soft entrance to the warm, wet heat of her mouth, only to stop just before the ridge of his head disappeared from view. Ranma was so entranced by her actions, it wasn't until then that he realized she was watching him, and that was only because her pleased giggle sent tingling vibrations through his shaft and made him give a surprised grunt in pleasure. He met her twinkling blue eyes and amused expression with a warm, appreciative smile before her eyes closed and Ranma hips trembled when Clover took him deeper into her mouth, until his head scraped against the roof of her mouth.

Clover hummed in satisfaction as she gently massaged the underside of Ranma's cock with her tongue, and wondered for a brief moment if she was going to spoiling the pigtailed boy for other girls, since his first oral experience was with the undisputed BJ Queen of Bev High. That wonder disappeared with a slightly malicious thought of, (Like, their loss!) as she quickly corkscrewed her tongue around the smooth, swollen meat invading her gob. Hearing the totally-couldn't-be-a-villain's involuntary gasps and moans of pleasure from over her head and feeling his cock slid a little deeper into her mouth as he weakly thrust his hips filled Clover with delight, and she was all too happy to show him how much she enjoyed his appreciation for her technique as she gently fondled his balls while stroking and suckling him.

Less than a minute later, not that Clover minded too much as she saw giving head as a hobby rather than a chore, the dangly 'cat toy' she'd been pawing at had all but disappeared and a thin stream of precum was coating her tongue as she primed Ranma's pump with her fist and lips in equal measure. It was something of a surprise to her that the salty, bitter fluid from the pigtailed boy's loins wasn't nearly as foul tasting as she'd been expecting, and Clover found herself anticipating the mouthful of spunk from her lover rather than bracing for it. She let her renewed eagerness show in her technique as she bobbed her head faster and rubbed the heel of her hand against the shrunken conch shell of Ranma's scrotum.

Despite Clover insisting that he shouldn't hold back, Ranma couldn't stop himself from disregarding the blonde's advice almost immediately. While ignoring the voice of experience was never a good idea, Ranma justified the decision by telling himself that he wasn't doing it for a selfish reason, and it would be good practice for figuring out what he should do during future encounters. And then there was the ever present ego telling him that a 'Man among Men' wouldn't blow his load the second a beautiful girl bathed his mushroom in spit.

Despite all this however, Ranma had only figured out that locking up his so called 'meat grinder' abs as tightly as possible was a good way to abate the pleasure Clover was giving him before he was on the final stretch, and at that point his efforts were akin to slipping a leash on a tsunami. Simultaneously frustrated and overjoyed at being unable to restrain himself despite his years of physical training, the Heir to Anything Goes gasped, "Clover! I-I'm getting close!" as his dam started to crack and some of the floodwaters escaped the reservoir of his balls.

There was a little splashback as a small but thick shot of pre-release hit the roof of Clover's mouth, giving her a sample of what would be the ultimate reward for her efforts this evening. His warning echoing through the room and his salty cum spreading across her tastebuds, the blonde spy internally cheered (JACKPOT!) as she heeded his warning in her own special way.

Said 'special way' was to pull her hands away from Ranma's manhood and immediately hug his legs, grabbing a chiseled asscheek in each of her hands and holding their bodies together. With her tits now pressed against the tops of his thighs and her meal assured, Clover loudly moaned "Mm-hmm!" in acknowledgement of his warning before bobbing her head at a quick pace and sucking insistently on his prick. More than making up for the lack of a hand to stroke him with, Clover fucked Ranma with her lips and tongue, making it clear that the only thing she wanted from him was more of the hot gooey hors d'oeuvre she'd sampled a second ago.

The unexpected touch of Clover's soft hands and fingers against his hard glutes joined forces with her wanton desire for his seed and shattered Ranma's restraint like a sexual Bakusai Tenketsu. He howled the voracious blonde's name as the first ropes of jism sped through his shaft, past her lips and into her waiting mouth. His orgasmic cries ratcheted up in volume when she responded to his release by immediately swallowing the preliminary gob of spunk with a loud gulp, and then doing it again the moment his second shot was fired. Wet smacks and moans of delight were almost drowned out by the pounding in Ranma's ears as he fought to remain standing, utterly helpless and unable to do anything but ride the waves of his first assisted orgasm while the girl who'd caused it slurped the end result with aplomb. As the last of his eruption tapered off, Ranma wondered if anyone back home had heard his scream of joy, or if he gave a shit whether they did or not.

While it was a little uncomfortable for Clover, with Ranma's hands pressing down on her shoulders rather hard, the blonde took it as a mark of pride as it meant she'd just made him cum so hard that he was leaning on her so he wouldn't fall over. With that in mind, the fun-loving girl quickly sent her tongue probing any nook and cranny she could of dick that was shrinking in her mouth after having blown an out-standing load down her throat. Satisfied that she'd gotten every drop of his jism, Clover gulped the last bit of warm cream clinging to her tongue and hummed loudly, internally cackling with delight as she felt his dick vibrate and his legs shake in response.

Ranma panted heavily, eyes wide and staring blankly at the large orange headboard of Clover's bed as his sensitive, post-orgasmic dick was treated to something that brought a very important philosophical question to his attention. That being, should he scream for Clover to stop? Or beg that she never stop? Before consensus could be achieved, she opted for the former and he looked down to see the blonde's cerulean eyes shining up at him. Despite the fact that his manhood was still between her lips, Ranma could still tell she was smiling as the last of his fluids were drained down her willing gullet, before she gave him one last toe-curling suck and pulled away, letting his semi-hard member fall from her mouth and licking her lips lewdly as she asked cheerfully, "So like, what'd ya think?"

"S-Sugoi…" Ranma breathed weakly, which prompted the blonde to giggle.

"I'll take that as a compliment!" she chirped as she let go of his ass. Watching Ranma sway slightly as he tried to get his post-Manson-Vacuum' sea legs, Clover nodded and thought, (Another satisfied customer!) While he steadied himself with a little difficulty, Clover caught sight of the delivery system for her warm belly and reached out for it, taking a hold of his mildly floppy dick and giving it a few quick tugs.

"Wow! You must have been totally backed up!" The blonde observed as she manipulated his shaft, which acted like a thick rope that swung slightly with her subtle wrist movements. Recalling how the volume of his release meant she had to swallow between every shot, Clover nodded approvingly and said, "I almost had to chew that load to get it all down, and you still have some left? I'm impressed, Ranma!"

Ranma felt a surge of pride at her praise, though he was honestly just as surprised as she was, considering he felt like he'd lost about a gallon of his male essence to her powerful suction. " were amazing, Clover-chan."

"Chan?" She gave him a quizzical look and paused mid-grope. "What's that?"

"It's a compliment." Ranma smiled warmly at her, his chest and his balls feeling lighter as he openly appreciated the affectionate girl sitting in front of him. "Kinda like a petname."

"Good." Clover met his happy grin with one of her own. "Cause if I'm going to be guzzling your cum, It'd be pretty weird for you to keep calling me 'Ma'am'." Noting that his dick, while holding the line, hadn't gotten a true second wind yet, Clover gave his member a few more yanks before sighing in disappointment. "But I'll have to wait for a bit before I get seconds."

"That's fine, Clover-chan." Ranma replied with a sincere, thankful grin. "If it doesn't taste good, you don't have to force yourself to swallow it twice."

Clover responded to his willingness to miss out on another 'Manson Vacuum' for the sake of her taste buds by squeezing his prick and giving him a smoldering look. "Ranma, you keep saying stuff like that, and your next load won't going in my mouth."

While not enough to completely erase his social blindness, the crash course Ranma had been getting tonight helped him understand that between the half-lidded eyes and lustful expression, the beautiful blonde who'd just imbibed in his male essence was a hair away from taking his virginity, promise or no promise. When he considered how the night had gone so far, it was only his fear and concern for Clover's well-being that kept Ranma from taking her up on that offer, along with his trepidation at possibly disappointing the more experienced girl with his performance. It also didn't help that his mind flashed through several images of violence, all of which centered on the reactions of his fiancée's and rivals if they ever found out he and Clover had kissed. Let alone 'kissed', and kami help him if they ever found out he and Clover had sex.

His musings were interrupted by Clover's soft lips on his mushroom cap, humming slightly as she gave it an affectionate peck and smiled at him again. "Besides, you actually don't taste that bad, so I definitely won't mind another mouthful once you're up again."

"I don't?" When Clover nodded in affirmation, Ranma sighed with relief. "That's good. I didn't want you to force yourself to do something you wouldn't like because of me."

Quirking her lips sultrily, Clover purred, "Trust me, Ranma; I have no problems sucking cock. And when it's one as nice as yours, it's a pleasure to show you how much I enjoy it." She punctuated her statement by giving him a quick lick, then fixed a pouty expression on her face as she asked, "But, could you like, do me a favor, Ranma?"

Wondering why her mood had flipped again, Ranma cocked his head curiously and replied, "What's that, Clover-chan?"

Clover gave a small sigh and removed her hand from his shaft, deepening Ranma's confusion as she leaned away from him, keeping her eyes locked on his as she lay back on her bed and replied breezily, "Well, it's going to be a little while until you're up for another round." The blonde smiled as her hands slid down to her groin, making Ranma's eyes widen as she spread her legs and ran her hands across her inner-thighs, completely exposing the pink petals of her womanhood to his eyes as she asked, "So like, do you want to give me a kiss too?"

While obviously motivated by her own hormones, there was another plan at work with the spy's tit-for-tat offer, as a method of testing Ranma's moral fiber. Despite the events so far, Clover hadn't forgotten that he was possibly a wanted criminal, and decided to satisfy basic instincts and her hunch regarding his real character with her personal make-or-break boyfriend test. It was one she'd used before, and the success rate was usually very good for determining whether she'd found a keeper, or a jackass who'd be leaving with a fake phone number and would not be getting a second date. The criteria was as simplistic as it was brilliant to her mind; if a guy cut-and-run after getting their knob polished rather than show the proper gratitude by returning the favor, then they failed the 'Cunning Linguist' test and were a lot more selfish than they appeared.

And at first, that's exactly what it looked like Ranma was, as his eyes flicked from her face to her pussy and back again with an expression of concern, hesitation, while still obviously aroused. As he slowly kneeled down, Clover narrowed her eyes and thought, (If he doesn't at least try to make me cum after the epic blowjob I just gave him, I'm telling Sammy tomorrow that Ranma's totally not as nice as I thought! And he soo isn't getting a second date!) When she noticed his expression growing more and more worried as he neared her entrance, Clover's lips pursed in irritation and asked, "Is something wrong?" in a pointed tone.

Ranma caught her annoyance, but assumed it was because he hadn't already gone to work, rather than realizing she wasn't happy that he looked like she asked him to stick his tongue in a mousetrap. With a small shake of his head, the pigtailed boy replied, "No, nothing's wrong…" in a tone that all but screamed the opposite of what he'd said.

"Then, why do you look so nervous?"

The blonde's insulted question came close enough to an accusation of fear that Ranma's pride was pricked. Frowning in annoyance, he tore his eyes from Clover's glimmering petals and focused on her face as he said defensively, "Hey, I ain't nervous, I'm just concerned!"

"Concerned about what?"

"Well…" Ranma looked back at her sex and breathed slowly in an attempt to calm himself down. As he reached out and gently laid his hands on her inner thighs, he said in a softer voice, "I just wanna give as good as I got, you know?"

Clover smiled in understanding and relief when she heard that. Performance jitters was a completely different animal than being selfish, and she was quick to reassure him by saying, "Don't worry, Ranma. Just play around a little and I'll let you know if something isn't working for me. But I think you'll be fine," She added with a wink. "'Cause you're a really good kisser!"

"You think so?" Ranma smiled at her warmly, his ego bolstered by the girls praise and the knowledge that she wouldn't smack him if he did something wrong.

"I know so! In fact-" Clover sat up and shifted her grip so her hands were hooked under her knees, before falling back again and bouncing a little against her mattress. Now utterly at his mercy, Clover giggled at the sight of Ranma's wide eyes staring at her delicate flower and chirped, "There you go! Bon appétit!"

As the pink curtains parted before him, giving him a glimpse of her glimmering depths, Ranma couldn't tear his eyes away from Clover's womanhood. Seeing just how pink she really was fascinated him, and the fact that she was opening herself up to him in so many ways brought a rush of gratitude. As he ran his hands along her thighs, marveling at her smooth skin and how warm it felt under his palm, he promised to repay that trust in full by making damn sure she wasn't disappointed by his performance. His new vow bolstered his confidence, reminding him of the one positive thing he'd gotten from his curse was the chance to thoroughly explore a woman's plumbing, even if he acknowledged that there were probably a lot of differences between a busty Japanese redhead and a leggy blonde American girl. With a final quick prayer that the on-off switches he'd discovered were relatively universal, Ranma went in for the kill.

While his face moved closer to her sex, Clover's smile faltered as she internally raged at his inexperience, though the source of her anger was most definitely not the boy who was getting ready to dive between her thighs. (Jeez, was every girl back home like, a total lesbian or something?!) Her thought was disrupted for a moment as the feeling of his warm breath against her labia sent an anticipatory tingle through her groin, but quickly went back to mentally decrying every carrier of the XX chromosome in Nerima. (That explains why he's never gotten a blowjob before; poor guy was surrounded by closet cases who didn't want him, or couldn't admit he wasn't making them cum because they batted for the other team!)

She smiled at Ranma, watching as his grey-blue eyes intently studied her sex and lightly bit her lip to keep from begging him to have a taste already. (Well, if it turns out he sucks at eating pussy, I'll be more than happy to help him learn. Repeatedly!)

Feeling ready to proceed, Ranma brought his hands closer to Clover's peach, keeping his palms glued to the underside of her ass and thighs while reaching out and spreading her labia delicately with his thumbs. He expected to hear sounds of embarrassment or objections to his scrutiny, like in those hentai mangas Hiroshi and Daisuke would try to show him from time-to-time, but all he heard from his lover was a soft moan of pleasure at his touch. Committing every fold and crevice to memory, Ranma leaned in and tentatively dragged his tongue between her petals, tasting her nectar experimentally as he heard a breathless cry of, "Oh God…" from the blonde whose cheeks were reddening as he probed her slit.

Smiling from the combination of Clover's pleasant flavor and the sound of her approval for his ministrations, Ranma let one half her gates swing shut as he reached up to gently touched the hood of her sensitive nub with his index finger. Slowly, he traced small, deliberate circles around Clover's clit while teasingly licking and occasionally capturing one of her pink folds between his lips, bringing soft cooing and appreciative moans from the girl whose entrance he was toying with.

(O-okay! So he-he doesn't suck!) Clover whimpered as Ranma revved her engine at a tortuously slow pace, biting her lip to keep from whining like a bitch in heat as his finger made another lap around his fun button. (H-holy fuck, I think…I think he might be as good as Sammy, and she's a girl! How is he doing this!?)

"Ranma…" Clover moaned as she stared at her bedroom ceiling through half-lidded eyes, finding it harder and harder to breathe as her womanhood went from damp to sodden under his tender touch. "You're good, Ranma! Oh my God, you're making me so fucking wet!"

"Yeah?" Ranma smiled as he pulled his tongue away from her nether lips and kept his finger moving around her clit, internally cheering that somethings were universal between various girls anatomies as he said, "I'm doing something right?"

"You're doing everything right!" Clover gasped as her eyes closed, her hips starting to buck in response to his motions as she whined, "That feels so good…oh God, I think you're gonna make cum! Please, Ranma? Please make me cum?"

Smiling as he saw the tell's in her body that signaled a similar reaction he'd had during his explorations, Ranma decided to 'experiment' a little and try something's he couldn't do by/to himself as he replied, "No problem, Clover-chan." and focused a critical eye on the blonde's erect clit.

(Hmm...what should I do? Well, there was that thing I found out when I was messing around with with hot and cold water to see if I could control just how much it took to trigger the change.) As he recalled his experiences with rapid temperature changes and a woman's more sensitive nethers, Ranma worked up a coating of spit on his tongue and leaned in. (I wonder if it'll work on Clover-chan…)

Clover waited, breathless with anticipation and arousal as she waited for him to dive in again. The touch of his calloused hands and fingers on her burning skin was pushing her higher, sending sparks radiating out from her pussy and down her legs, making her toes curl as she whimpered, "Ranma! I'm close! Oh God, I'm so close—"

His finger immediately pulled away from her clit, making her gasp, "No!" and look down as she cried out in a near panic, "Keep going!"

When she saw Ranma's mouth hanging open, tongue lolling like he was about to take a taste of some delicious ice cream, Clover realized the disappearance of his finger was simply him clearing the runway for something far better. When he touched down, Clover threw her head back and screeched "Oh fuck!" As Ranma took a long, slow lick along her nub. The rough texture of his taste buds rubbing against her clit made Clover shake as a premature mini-gasm made thin rivulets of her fluids run down over her ass. Her fingers digging into the soft skin under her knees as she tensed up, the blonde panted and gasped, "Oh-oh, God...I'm cumming…I'm cumming…" While the pigtailed teen gave her clit a sloppy tongue-lashing.

Smiling as he heard Clover's appreciation for his ability, Ranma pulled away and left her sodden nub exposed for a moment, then pursed his lips and blew a steady stream of cold air over her glistening pink button.

It might not have been the Neriman runaway's birthday, but his wish to please his lover was granted as Clover came with a scream of, "Oh my GOD!" and began thrashing against the bed. Sitting up due to her clenching abs, Clover gritted her teeth and gasped, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck me!" While the spasming of her sex rippled out across her body. Unfortunately, the blondes eyes had involuntarily slammed shut when she came, otherwise she would have been able to brace herself better for what Ranma did next.

Having built up the same measure of confidence for oral sex as with any other aspect of his life, the Heir to Anything Goes martial arts declared himself to be the founder of Anything Goes Cunnilingus and took the shrieking orgasm he'd just gotten for his efforts as a dan rank in pussy eating. Thinking that he should probably develop some secret techniques to go with his new school, Ranma recalled how it'd felt when Clover had corkscrewed her tongue around his knob and smiled as he thought, (Hmm...maybe, 'Twisting Snake Finds A Pearl'?)

With no time like the present to try out his new technique, since Clover was feelin' no pain and wouldn't mind too much if his experiment turned out to be a dud, Ranma leaned in and took the blonde's clit between his lips and rapidly circled the sensitive nub with his tongue.

Clover Manson was many things.

A fashionista who always kept up to date on the latest trends.

An international super spy who'd saved the world several times over.

A free and fun-loving girl who was a bit boy crazy.

A borderline nymphomaniac.

Something that is not on the above list is 'a squirter'.

But then again, there's a reason the word "was" is on that list.

Because at the moment, a steady stream of girl cum was drenching Ranma's chin as Clover let out an orgasmic wail that set dogs howling across the neighborhood. The tremulous falsetto of ecstasy vibrated the glass in her window while the blonde's bucking hips tried desperately to drive her pearl deeper into Ranma's mouth, the heat of his warm lips and slippery tongue catapulting her back over her orgasmic threshold. Tears of joy running down her cheeks from the intensity of the her orgasm, Clover let go of her legs and grabbed Ranma's hair in her fists as she thrust against his mouth and screamed, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" like a Buddhist sutra sung by a heavy metal band during an orgy.

Wincing slightly as Clover's fingers dug into his scalp like her life depended on it, Ranma figured he'd adequately impressed the more experienced blonde and prepared to dismount. Rather than let himself be bucked off, the pigtailed teen slowed his rolling licks until her fingers had loosened enough for him to stop and pull away from her sex, whereupon he wiped off his chin and gave his sopping hand a curious look before grinning up at his blissed out lover and asking, "So, how'd I do?"

After a few moments of pensive silence, Clover gave a low, tortured moan. "Am I dead? 'Cause I think I should be dead from that…"

Ranma laughed as he got to his feet and stepped to the side so he could lay next to the gasping blonde. Smiling at her reddened cheeks and flushed chest, he said, "So, did I give as good as I got?"

"You did better," Clover breathed as she regarded him with warm, appreciative eyes. "I haven't cum that hard since Sammy went down on me last year."


"Old friend of mine." the blonde winked at him. "I think you'd like her."

After a moment of processing that, Ranma's eyes widened and he blurted, "Her!?" in shock.

"Yep." Giggling at the pig-tailed boy's reaction to her mention of a lesbian encounter, which included his re-hardened cock giving a noticeable twitch, Clover casually reached out to cup his balls in her hand and roll them around with her fingers. Watching the familiar cloud of desire fog Ranma's gaze, Clover purred, "Don't worry, Ranma. I'm a sausage lover at heart. Sammy just helps me out sometimes when I have a dry spell."

"Clover-chan…" Ranma groaned as her soft fingers played with his sack.

"It's a funny thing though, Ranma. I'm not in a dry spell now," Clover smiled as she dragged her fingers away from his nuts to wrap them around his shaft, wanking him slowly and murmuring, "I'm very, very wet, and if you want me to stay wet, you're gonna have to give me something…"


Sam tapped her pen against the paper, having finally reached the stage where the facts and figures seemed to blur together on the trig worksheet she'd been staring at for the past half-hour. Looking over to her cellphone at the end of her desk, the redhead let out a deep breath and shook her head before trying to refocus on her homework, though the deep scowl showed that her mind was elsewhere.

After a few moments, what little patience Samantha had hung onto gave way, and she let out a growl before reaching for the phone and thumbing through the contacts list. Settling on one of her two most commonly used ones, she hit the call button and waited. Her eye twitching as the faint chirping of the call going through on the other end of the lined lengthened, the redhead let out another wordless, frustrated growl when Clover's voicemail picked up and the recording of her blonde friend cheerfully declared, "Clover Manson! I like, can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll totally get back to you!"

When the beep sounded, Sam all but yelled into the reciever, "Clover! I swear to God, if you're fucking Ranma, I am never speaking to you again!" before hanging up and slamming the phone down against her desk.

Minutes later, Sam's anger had given way to guilt and she sighed as she picked up her phone again. Waiting to go through the voicemail answering message again, Sam sighed when the familiar beep came again. "Clover, I'm sorry. I'm really worried about you, okay? I know you think Ranma is hot, but Britney wouldn't have made a mistake about something like this! If she says he's dangerous, than for the love of God, be careful! Call me back when you get a chance, okay?"

Her guilty conscience satisfied, Samantha set the phone down far more gently than before and found that the mathematical formulae had ceased jumping around and turning into gobbledy-gook. With a smile, she went back to work, pausing briefly to narrow her eyes and mutter, "She better not be fucking him…"


"Ranma!" Clover shouted, her waist jerking in her lover's grasp as he thrust into her slick depths again. "Oh God, fuck me, Ranma! Fuck me!"

Ranma smiled widely as he savored her appreciative squeals. Taking a brief pause to withdraw, he asked, "You like it, Clover-chan?"

"I fucking love it!" She moaned and desperately thrust her hips back against him, trying feel his probing flesh enter her sex once more. "Keep going! Fuck me more, baby!"

"Well, if you want it that much, then I can do that!" He called before slamming home in one thrust.

"FUCK!" Clover bucked against his probing heat, the sudden intrusion making her scream as the wound spring of her built up orgasm snapped and sent the welcome tingling sparks racing through her sex while she cried out, "I'm cumming! Ranma! Oh, fuck me!"

If Ranma's tongue hadn't been busy painting Clover's inner walls and getting a fresh coating of her fluids across his taste buds, the pig-tailed teen would have been cheering his own prowess. As it was, he hummed happily into the orgasmic blonde's nether-lips while he frenched her sex.

Rather than have her drain his sack as she had before, Ranma had insisted that he be allowed to please Clover, partially out of gratitude for being his first lover but also to refine his newly developed school of Anything Goes Cunnilingus.

Clover, being unaware of both those things but more than willing to let Ranma make her squeal while she sucked him off again, agreed to his demands happily and introduced him to her favorite math equation, which was [69=Fun!]

Now, laying on his side with his head between Clover's smooth thighs, Ranma marveled at how his life had turned around since coming to Beverly Hills. Returning his tongue to the buxom blonde's sensitive folds, the pigtailed boy was determined to show the latest and greatest of the many reasons he was never going back to Nerima how much he appreciated her by trying out something that always made him feel better on those rare moments of solitude back in Nerima where he could 'play' with his cursed form.

However, Clover had other ideas as she groaned, "Holy ffuuuuuccckkk…" When the orgasmic waves started to break, though those ideas were put on a temporary hold when he stopped sampling her vintage and prolonged the descent from the mountaintop by running his tongue around the rim of her entrance in slow circles. The blonde didn't know it, but she had a hunch that Ranma had the biggest pussy-eating grin on his face as her moans of pleasure wavered in pitch and tone while he brought her in for a soft landing.

As he finished using his tongue to play 'cups' with her clenching sex, Clover remembered what she had to tell him and looked between their bodies, smiling at the sight of his dripping chin between her legs even as she moaned in exasperation, "God, Ranma; are you ever gonna leave my poor pussy alone?"

Ranma blinked at the non-sequitur that sounded like a denouncement of his ability, and pulled away so he could meet Clover's warm gaze with a confused look. "What's wrong, Clover-chan? Aren't you enjoying yourself?"

Feeling his cock brush against her cheek, the blonde's flicked towards it for a moment as she gripped his shaft, pointing it away from her face and stroking slowly as she chuckled, "More than, Ranma! But if you keep acting like my cunny tastes like ice cream, you're gonna wear me out before I can return the favor!"

Pressing her off-hand against his hip, Clover kept her body tight against Ranma's as she rolled him onto his back, and then called over her shoulder while she kept wanking him. "So like, just lay back and let me return the favor, baby. With all the pussy juice you slurped up, I really need to re-hydrate."

Ranma smiled and replied, "Okay Clover—"

Only for the last work to come out as a low moan of "'—chaaannn." When his crown was re-acquainted with Clover's skilled mouth.

While Clover insisted that he take a break, Ranma wasn't ready to make her work his pole with impunity due to a combination of wanting to make her feel good too, and not wanting to shoot off too quickly again. The pigtailed boy was pretty confident he could restrain his 'fire-at-will' impulse at the moment, but wasn't going to take any chances as slowly teased his lover by tracing circles around her labia with his finger.

Clover moaned at his touch, smiling around his shaft as her appreciative hum brought a brief pause in Ranma's more relaxed stimulation as he gasped from somewhere behind her. (God, I totally can't believe I'm the first girl to suck this hottie off!) the blonde mused as she hummed again, feeling his dick twitch against her lips as she tapped her fingers against his shaft like she was playing a flute. (As good as he eats pussy, he must have had the most selfish girlfriend in the world—)

Clover's motions stopped for a moment and she narrowed her eyes. The effect would have been comical for anyone watching as it looked like the blonde was glaring angrily at her date's ballsack, but while the wrinkled skin of Ranma's nuts was in her in her line of sight, her mind and the target of her sudden outrage were elsewhere.

(Ooohhh, that psycho bitch he told me about! I'll bet he went down on her and she told him he sucked so she didn't have to return the favor! That's why he was so nervous about eating me out even though he's got the tongue of a God! That bitch kept telling him he needed to do better so he'd have no confidence with other girls!)

The blonde super-spy's eyes glinted and her grip tightened on his shaft as she silently raged, (She probably even told other girls he sucked so she could keep him to herself! That selfish cunt!). Turning her head slightly, Clover's lips tried to pull back into a smile would've sent alarm bells ringing in Ranma's mind if her face wasn't blocked by the curvature of her ass and he wasn't distracted by the pink, pouting lips of her quim. (Well, as long as I'm giving him his first blowjob, I should show him how a real girl should've been treating his cock-of-ages.)

Ranma grinned confidently as Clover paused in gobbling his knob. While a part of him believed it was because she wanted to keep him from popping off too quickly again, his far more egocentric side was reassured by the fact that despite the heaven of her soft mouth around his pole and her tongue scraping the head of his cock, his desire to fire his seed into the blonde's hot mouth was the last…well, it was still the first thing on his mind, but it was distant enough that he didn't need to concentrate on reining back the instinctual impulse to shoot his load.

When her hand moved away from his shaft to cup his balls, Ranma cocked an eyebrow curiously.

Then his eyes widened as her lips slid downwards, moving past the point where she usually stopped at before reversing course.

The pigtailed boy groaned, "Oh my God!" when Clover's mouth formed a soft ring around the base of his shaft, while the rest of his dick was fully embedded in the blonde's wet, gloriously pleasurable gob. Now sufficiently distracted due to getting deep-throated, the sudden fondling of his balls made Ranma's hips jerk and press his groin against her chin, instinctively trying to drive more of his length further into the tightening hole it was imbedded in. Her amused giggle sent a chain of vibrations through his dick and up his spine, turning the 'distant' desire to cum into a funny-car that was now drag-racing to capitalize on her position and make sure his load went straight down her neck before she pulled away.

"Clover!" Ranma gripped her ass-cheeks tightly in both hands, no longer able to appreciate the sight of her moist peach as his head was pressing against her rumpled bedsheets while he shouted, "Oh God! Clover, stop!"

The BJ Queen of Beverly Hills paused and pulled away at that, though to Ranma's simultaneous delight and consternation, she still had half his cock in her craw when she tossed a questioning, "Hmm?" over her shoulder and lathered up his prick with her tongue.

His need for release decelerating from drag-race to a high-speed chase, Ranma panted, "I-I'm gonna cum if you do that! I need to hold—"

The pitailed boy's warning was disregarded just as quickly as he ignored her insistence that he not restrain himself, as another giggle from Clover made his legs shake before she descended again. That shaking upgraded to pre-quake tremors as her tongue ran along the top of his shaft, while the head of his dick got up close and personal with her vocal chords. The blonde quickly set up a smooth, but minute pace as a willing face-fuckee that made the pig-tailed boy's hips buck again, his wordless moans of pleasure going ignored by the girl who merrily hummed a song that Ranma couldn't identify as she sucked him off.

While it would have been something of a boner-killer for most any boy in a similar situation, Clover found 'Whistle While You Work' to be very appropriate for her current mindset. Due to his depth, she could dimly feel Ranma's pre-release dripping down her throat, though only the tiniest amounts flowed onto her tongue. As she couldn't taste the appetizer to her second helping of hot Ran-cum, there was a tiny feeling of disappointment, but it was far overshadowed by the expectant glee of waiting to swallow another load of her new beau's spunk.

His hips were jerking more forcefully and the muscles in his groin clenched as the finish line came in sight. With no way out but through, Ranma called out, "Clover-chan! I'm gonna—!"

If there was anything more satisfying to the sexually liberated blonde than making someone scream her name, Clover had yet to experience it as her lips spread slightly wider by the throb and swell of imminent release. Recognizing the signs and capitalizing on it with the practiced ease of a master cock-sucker, the spy bottomed out and internally cheered with wicked glee while her ball fondling hand slid two fingers underneath her lover's nuts and vigorously rubbed a certain spot along the thick tube just underneath his skin.

While Ranma believed he'd founded and come close to perfecting Anything Goes Cunnilingus with his first lover, the teen realized that he'd inadvertently challenged a 9 dan master of 'Blow-Job Fu' when her touch hit the nitrous oxide on his orgasm and he was suddenly shouting as ropes of jism splattered against the back of Clover's throat. The suction and tightness as she immediately gulped down the first shots of his substantial load made his voice rise higher, and the constant touch of her magic fingers brought him to a vocal pitch that even his girl form couldn't reach. Shivering while he drained his balls into the blonde's gullet, Ranma's eyes rolled back and he fought to remain conscious as she finished sucking down the last of his seed.

Clover lavished Ranma's manhood with attention, albeit gently as his shrinking dick pulled away from her neck while she made sure her lover knew she appreciated the gooey load now warming her belly. When his meat had gone as far as it could, she raised her head and let it fall from her lips, almost purring with satisfaction of her work as she sat up and looked over her shoulder. Laughing delightedly at the expression of a man who'd just gotten a triple-AAA blowjob and been hit with a 50 megaton cranial detonation, the blonde chirped, "So like, how was your first deepthroat, Rrraaannmmaaa?"

"S-sugoi…" Ranma affirmed with a barely perceptible nod while the blonde lifted off his body and swung her leg over so she could sit next to him. The thoroughly mussed up pink sheets they'd been 'kissing' on stuck to her backside, but Clover paid no attention to that as she made a point of slowly dragging her tongue across her lips and smacking them pointedly where he could see her.

"Hey, turnabout is totally fair play!" Clover smiled as she stepped off the bed and threw over her shoulder, "Now you know how I felt when you made me squeal earlier!" as she padded away from him.

Too worn out by the mind blowing oral sex he'd received, Ranma didn't watch as his lover left the room and only dimly heard the distant sound of running water and gargling as he thought, (I…am never going back to Nerima.)

While not the first time he'd had that thought since arriving in Beverly Hills, a layer of extra meaning was added to his internal declaration as he considered the idea of going back to a place where being seen with a member of the opposite sex or even the same sex was enough reason for a riot to break out. Mulling over his renewed desire to stay away from Tokyo's largest open-air insane asylum, the pigtailed teen didn't register Clover's return until her face filled his vision, albeit tilted at a right-angle to his own as she looked at him curiously and asked, "Like, penny for your thoughts?"

Ranma smiled warmly at her and before she could react, he pressed his hand against the blonde hair at the back of her head and pulled her mouth against his once more. While her moan of surprise again morphed into an exaltation of pleasure as they kissed, Ranma was pleasantly surprised to find her mouth tasted minty. Then his eyes widened as he considered where her lips had been recently, but the waves of revulsion at the thought of tasting his own semen were held back by confusion at the decidedly odd flavor of his essence.

Breaking contact, Clover breathed, "God, you are just begging me to fuck you, promise or no promise." while smiling at him through flushed cheeks.

Rather than respond to that, Ranma looked at her curiously and asked, "Clover? I thought you said the spaghetti would make my…stuff taste bad?"

Clover blinked at that, and then started to giggle. Her amusement growing as she stood up, Clover laughed loudly while Ranma slowly sat up and turned to face her, his confusion turning to slight annoyance as he asked, "What's so funny?"

"Like, you are, Mr. Wild Horse!" the blonde chuckled, completely unmindful of the warning regarding Ranma's status as a dangerous criminal as she laughed at his naivety. "I figured you were gonna want to kiss me goodnight, so I went to the bathroom and used some mouthwash! Didn't you hear me?"

Recalling the faint gargling sounds from earlier, Ranma blushed and let out an embarrassed, "Oh…"

Shaking her head and grinning at his adorably flustered expression, Clover giggled in disbelief. "I swear, Sato; if I didn't know any better, I'd think you'd never had sex before!"

"Umm…I haven't."

Clover froze in mid-laugh, her eyes snapping open as she slowly turned her head towards her lover and regarded the 100% pure-bred stud whose cum she'd just guzzled. Her eye twitched as her mind attempted to process the sheer impossibility of what she'd heard, Clover whispered, "You…you're a virgin?"

Taken aback by the shock in her voice, Ranma suddenly wondered if she'd been expecting a more experienced lover for the evening and was going to be unappreciative of what might appear to be an underhanded deception. Grimacing apologetically, the pig-tailed teen scratched the back of his neck and looked away from her. "Hai, Clover-chan…"

While Clover had been surprised at the story Ranma had told regarding a psychopathically violent gymnast and a father who thought throwing beehives at his only son was 'training', she'd seen the sincerity in his eyes and heard the disgust in his voice, and believed the otherwise insane tale.

When he'd claimed he'd never gotten a blowjob before, the nervousness and surprise at her touch had lent credence to yet another incomprehensible situation, and she'd believed him.

Now, looking ashamed of himself and guilty as sin while telling her that this was the first time he'd ever partaken in carnal delights, after playing her pussy like a harp, Clover desperately looked for some tell or sign that Ranma had been lying to her the entire night and spinning wild stories towards some nefarious end. But try as she might, the super-spy couldn't see anything except the same honest truth radiating off of the 'dangerous super-criminal' that he'd shown all evening. Faced with the idea that she was the first intimate contact with the fairer sex that Ranma had ever had, Clover acted on the first impulse that leapt to her mind.

Ranma let out a 'woof!' of air as Clover suddenly tackled him to the bed and knocked the wind out of him. Surprised by suddenly having the hot blonde holding him tightly while laying against his torso, the pig-tailed teens shock grew as Clover sobbed wildly into his ear. "Oh my God! This is, like, the cruelest thing I've ever heard!"


"How!? How could you be a virgin!?" she cried despondently. "You've got the hottest body I've ever seen! You're a sweetheart with a cock most guys would kill for! You made me fucking squirt! How could any girl have left you un-fucked for so long!?"

Unsure of how to reassure the apparently heartbroken girl who was complimenting him like a grieving widow, Ranma simply patted her side consolingly and offered a hesitant, "Anno…it's fine, Clover-chan. I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Hearing his quiet assumption of responsibility brought more tears to Clover's eyes as she considered the absolute travesty of justice that could allow a guy like Ranma to have gone so long without knowing a woman's body. Underneath the waves of sadness, a determined anger swelled and steeled the blondes resolve as she shook her head and intoned, "No, Ranma. Don't be sorry."

Hearing a measure of steel in Clovers voice, Ranma paused his consoling motions and glanced at her worriedly. "Clover-chan?"

Pulling herself up, Clover rested her hands on Ranma's shoulders as she met his eyes with a serious, stern glare before saying, "We're going to take a shower."


Paying no attention to Ranma's quizzical exclamation, Clover continued outlining her plan. "We're gonna take a shower and afterwards you're going home while I clean my sheets, because if mom comes home while you're here or my room smells like sex, she'll ground me for the rest of my life."

Seeing her motivation, but not the end goal, Ranma nodded and said, "Alright…" While he waited for the other shoe to drop. When it did, the pigtailed teen's eyes widened and he flushed bright crimson as Clover leaned in until she was inches away from his lips and spoke in a lustful growl that made Ranma wonder if she was going to mate with him or eat him.

"But once you leave this house, all bets are off, Ranma." Clover intoned with grim seriousness. "The next time you come here, there is nothing that's gonna stop me from taking you on the ride of your life."

"Clover-chan, we can't!" Ranma denied her nervously. Being pinned under a feral girl who'd gone into heat when he wasn't paying attention was a fairly new experience for him, but no less hair-raising as he considered the implications of what she was demanding. "If Koda-Konachi finds out—"

"I don't care." The blonde's eyes flared in a combination of anger and lust. "I don't care if some total schizo from Japan shows up on my front door with a razor-edged hula hoop, because the next time you come in my house; you are going to cum inside me. My pussy, my ass, or my mouth, in any order you want, but you are going to fuck all of them before you leave again."

His mind filling with images of the beautiful girl laying on top of him being taken in various ways and positions brought a strange dual feeling of amazement and dread to Ranma, due to the fact that he somehow hadn't rehardened at her erotic proclamation and she'd probably mount him on the spot if he did. "Clover-chan, please," He tried to impress upon her the seriousness of what she was proposing. "I can't do that. Even saying I kissed you is dangerous enough—"

"Don't. Care." Clover's deep growl silenced Ranma's objections as she locked eyes with him and the pig-tailed teen realized she was just as deadly serious about having sex as he was with doing anything except that. Seeing that she'd made her point, some of Clover's inner fire dimmed and she smiled at him while reaching up to gently caress his cheek. "Ranma. I'm just telling you the facts, okay? If you don't want to have sex with me, then you just can't come over here anymore."

"But…" Ranma sat up on his elbows, looking crestfallen as he made an attempt at damage control. "What if I want to-I mean, I thought we had fun?"

"Ranma, I'm not saying I didn't have fun." Clover reassured him with a wide grin "Between you telling off Mandy, being a total gentleman and a genius clit-tickler, there's no way in hell I'm not seeing you again." Leaning in close, the blonde lowered her eyes and she purred sultrily, "But if you wanna kiss me again, we have to do it at your place. Cause if you come here…" she gave his bottom lip a playful nip "Well, you know…"

Relieved that he hadn't completely offended his new girlfriend, Ranma smiled and returned Clover's affectionate gesture with one of his own by kissing the tip of her nose and saying, "I understand, Clover-chan…" Before looking at her curiously. "But, why do you suddenly want to have sex with me so badly? And why do you sound so angry about it?"

The blonde's eyes narrowed and she muttered disgustedly, "Because I think it's criminal that the only girl in Japan who gave you the time of day was a raging nutjob, and I am going to show you what you were missing out on—Ranma, why are you laughing?"

Clover blinked in confusion as her target/date/lover laid back on her bed and laughed loudly, his shaking body making her breasts jiggle slightly while the super-spy wondered where this latest strange reaction had come from. After a few moments that made her wonder if she'd literally blown the poor boy's mind, Ranma's laughter trailed off and he smiled at her while chuckling softly. "Clover-chan. You're amazing."

She blushed at the compliment and replied with a small smile and a grateful, "Thanks, Ranma." before she pushed herself off him and walked towards the door. "Now let's get that shower, before mom gets home."

Ranma took a moment to admire the movements of her smooth backside as she moved away from him, before getting to his feet and following after her. Letting her well-muscled glutes lead the way, the pig-tailed teen thought to himself, (If somebody had told me a month ago that this would happen, I'd never have believed them.)

Smirking and looking out of the corner of her eye at Ranma, Clover added a wiggle to her walk, knowing that the boy could probably watch her leave all day long as she internally high-fived herself and cheered, (Who's the best spy ever?! I didn't even have to fuck him and I got so much information out of him! Sammy and Alex are like, never gonna believe this!)


As they showered, the teenagers hands wandered across each others bodies, exploring at a more sedate pace as the tide of raging hormones ebbed. With the roughness of Ranma's skin mixed with the gentleness of his movements and the slippery soap, Clover found herself growing wet as he lathered up her breasts and whispered, "Oh…I'll give you so much money if you keep doing that…"

"Really?" Ranma asked teasingly as he pinched her nipples lightly, enjoying the slight squeak from her lips as he mused aloud. "Hmm, think I could make some money by doing this as a part-time job?"

While the blonde's immediate mental reaction was from an animalistic and possessive portion of her psyche which shouted, (MINE!) she recognized his tone and found it to be rather cute as she grinned cheekily. "Hmm, that could work, but you'd probably have to deal with lots of uptight snobs like Mandy."

While Ranma's hands didn't pause in their motions, he frowned and muttered, "Oh…nevermind then."

Clover giggled, "Oh don't worry about it! You'd just have to play into the stereotype a little bit, or they'd claim it wasn't 'authentic'." leaning back against his chest, the blonde purred, "Would Ranma like too-too good time with horny girl? Maybe give happy ending?"

Ranma immediately stiffened behind Clover, though not in the way she'd have preferred as his hands had similarly frozen in their gentle massage of his chest. Slowly, his hands slid down to her waist and gently twisted her hips so she'd turn around. But when she did, the blonde blinked at the haunted, nervous expression on the pig-tailed boy's face as he said, "Clover-chan...please don't ever talk like that again."

Clover blinked quizzically, "Uhh…okay? Why?"

Ranma simply shuddered. "Let's just say I'm not into roleplaying…"

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