The Sexy Times of Laura Loud

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(In Carol's bed, Laura and Carol are sleeping together completely naked while making out)

Laura: That was so amazing, Carol.

Carol: I'm glad you enjoyed your time with me so much.

Laura: I can't get enough of these tits of yours (keeps fondling them).

Carol: I see that your reputation precedes you.

Laura: And that means?

Carol: Let's just say when my daughter started dating you, I checked up on you a bit. You have quite a huge reputation as a massive slut who sleeps around with anyone you can, both men and women.

Laura: Yes, that is exactly what I am and I love it so much (kisses Carol again).

Carol: Are you sure that my daughter is okay with you doing this? I don't want her heart to be broken.

Laura: Trust me, she loves nothing more than to hear about what I get up to. She was very excited about the idea of my having some fun with you.

Carol: Alright, I will take your word for it.

Laura: Hey Carol, I was wondering what your sexual preferences are.

Carol: I am only into women, not men at all.

Laura: That is unfortunate. One of my favourite things to do is threesomes; two men and me, me and two women, and me with another woman and a man. I am sure that I will get you to join in with me and another woman eventually.

Carol: That sounds like a great idea.

(Laura's phone starts ringing)

Laura: What is it now? (picks up the phone and answers it).

Lincoln: Hey, sweetie Where are you right now?

Laura: I'm at Lorinda's house, Dad.

Lincoln: Alright, that is good. Come home soon, though, dinner is almost ready.

Laura: Okay, dad (hangs up the phone). Sorry, Carol, I'll have to leave now, but I hope to see you soon (kisses Carol and then gets up to begin getting dressed).

Carol: I hope to see you again as well.

(Laura leaves the house)

(At Laura's house, at the dinner table with her family)

Lincoln: So Laura, sweetie, how was your day at school?

Laura: It went well.

Jeremiah: Where were you for the past hour, sis?

Laura: I was at Lorinda's house.

Jeremiah: Ah, that is right, your "special girl".

Laura: Don't get jealous that I have a girlfriend while you don't have Little J.

Jeremiah: (whimpers in annoyance)

Jordan: Don't worry, sweetie. I am sure you will get one eventually (comforts Jeremiah).

Laura: So mom and dad I am going to be heading to the park after dinner. I am meeting up with a friend.

Lincoln: That is fine I need to meet up with a friend as well.

Jordan: So it's just going to be me and you, sweetie. I have something special in mind (smirks at Jeremiah).

Jeremiah: I'm sure you do, mom.

Laura: (continues eating, finding their interaction weird).

(After dinner is done)

Laura: Alright, see you all later.

Lincoln: Likewise, I will see you later, bye honey.

Jordan: Bye honey (kisses Lincoln).

Lincoln: Sweetie, do you want a ride to the park?

Laura: It's okay, dad, I can walk, but thanks for the offer.

(Both Laura and Lincoln leave to go to their respective places)

Jeremiah: So mom, it's just you and me.

Jordan: That is correct, sweetie. I think that you know what is coming next. It is the kind of thing we always do when we are alone together.

Jeremiah: I always look forward to our encounters.

Jordan: Why don't we go up to our room? That is always the best place.

(Jeremiah and Jordan go up to Jordan's room, Jordan locks the door, and the two are ready to begin)

Jordan: Are you sure that this is what you want, sweetie?

Jeremiah: I am sure, mom.

Jordan: In that case, let's not waste any time.

(The two start making out passionately)

Jordan: I can see that you are already ready (sees his hard dick).

Jeremiah: You are just so sexy, mom (grabs her ass).

Jordan: I know, sweetie, why don't I give you some of this (unbuttoning her shirt and bra to reveal her tits)?

Jeremiah: They are so amazing, mommy (starts sucking on Jordan's tits).

Jordan: That feels so amazing, sweetie. Keep sucking on those.

Jeremiah: I will, mommy (keeps sucking more and more while also playing with her tits).

Jordan: Man you are eager for their sweetie (grabs Jeremiah's super hard cock).

Jeremiah: I can't resist (keeps sucking).

Jordan: I remember you sucking on these things when you were a baby.

Jeremiah: I guess some things never change, mommy (keeps sucking faster and faster).

Jordan: Oh fuck (starts squirting milk out of her nipples).

Jeremiah: Yummy I was thirsty. Thanks for helping with that, mom (licks up the milk).

Jordan: No problem, sweetie, but now I am going to have to punish you (pulls down Jeremiah's pants to reveal his dick).

Jeremiah: Oh, mommy, punish me, I'm a bad boy.

Jordan: This cock of yours could certainly use some punishment (starts jacking Jeremiah's cock off).

Jeremiah: Oh mommy, keep punishing me (moans hard).

Jordan: (keeps jacking Jeremiah off faster and faster). I can't leave everything out though (putting her tits on his cock and titfucking him while at the same time sucking him off with her mouth).

Jeremiah: Oh man, mommy, that feels so amazing (moaning loudly).

Jordan: (keeps on sucking and titfucking faster and faster).

Jeremiah: Mommy I can't hold back anymore. I'm gonna blow (moaning).

Jordan: Do it, sweetie (still sucking and titfucking faster).

Jeremiah: (cums all over Jordan's tits and mouth).

Jordan: That is quite the massive load you have there (licks the cum up).

Jeremiah: (panting) That was so amazing, mommy.

Jordan: Well sweetie, things have only just begun (starts taking down her pants).

Jeremiah: I adore that ass, mommy.

Jordan: Fuck it as hard as you can sweetie.

Jeremiah: You don't need to ask mommy (places his dick inside her and starts fucking her as hard as he can).

Jordan: You know exactly what to do, sweetie.

Jeremiah: I will fuck you like that sexy milf that you are mommy (keeps fucking her).

Jordan: I love that dirty talk you give (moaning).

Jeremiah: I can't resist. You are just so sexy (keeps fucking her).

Jordan: (moaning louder).

Jeremiah: (slaps Jordan's ass while fucking her).

Jordan: Oh man, that is quite the hit you got there (moaning).

Jeremiah: You deserve to be punished for how much of a bad girl you have been (keeps slapping her ass).

Jordan: (moaning louder, enjoying the fucking and the slaps).

Jeremiah: I will fuck you until you cum so hard you won't know where it came from (keeps fucking Jordan).

Jordan: Do that. I want this so badly (moaning louder).

Jeremiah: (keeps fucking faster and faster until). Mommy, I'm gonna cum (moaning).

Jordan: Do it, sweetie.

(Jeremiah cums inside her hard while Jordan squirts on the outside)

Jordan: That was so amazing your cum feels so good inside of me.

Jeremiah: (panting) I know it does, mom.

Jordan: Do you want to go again, sweetie?

Jeremiah: You know I do, mom (fucks her again).

(Meanwhile with Laura at the park)

Laura: Where is he? He said he would be here by now.

(Laura's phone starts ringing)

Laura: (answers the phone).

Emma: Hey Laura How are you doing?

Laura: Hey Emma, I am glad to see you are doing better.

Emma: Thanks, Laura. By the way, what are you up to right now?

Laura: I am currently meeting up with Daniel, for my usual stuff with him.

Emma: I know what you are talking about. I will never understand you in that way but enjoy yourself regardless.

Laura: See you later, Emma (hangs up).

Daniel: Hey Laura, I am sorry I am late, but I am here.

Laura: Ah, there you are, Daniel. Are you here with what you promised?

Daniel: Yeah, I am here. This is the money I promised you (puts some money in her hands).

Laura: Good for you.

Daniel: I wonder, Laura, why are you selling your body for money, your mother is rich.

Laura: Honestly, I just find it fun. There are also some things I don't want my mom to know about.

Daniel: I guess that makes sense, and I certainly don't mind that you do.

Laura: Well, Daniel, we need to find somewhere private for this.

Daniel: That bathroom over there is currently under maintenance, so we could use it.

Laura: Nice thinking. Let's go.

(Laura and Daniel go inside the bathroom)

Daniel: Now it's time for you to begin.

Laura: Well, a promise is a promise, so I do (pulls down Daniel's pants, revealing his dick).

Daniel: (giggling).

Laura: Man, this thing is eager. I have to admit it's not too bad, so I can live with this (starts sucking on his dick).

Daniel: I am glad to hear that. Make sure to do a good job.

Laura: You know I will, Daniel (keeps sucking)

Daniel: Yep, you're not wrong (moaning).

Laura: Make sure you don't hold back (keeps sucking).

Daniel: Hey Laura, I was wondering, how many people have you fucked?

Laura: Honestly, I have lost count. I never really kept count, to begin with.

Daniel: You are such a slut, Laura.

Laura: I know I am that is the reason I am even doing this to you though (keeps sucking)

Daniel: Not that I am complaining (moaning louder).

Laura: You better not be. Just as I am an out and proud bi girl, I am also an out and proud slut (keeps sucking faster and faster).

Daniel: That you are, Laura (moaning so loudly).

(Laura keeps sucking Daniel off for multiple minutes)

Daniel: Laura I'm about to cum.

Laura: Don't wait to do so. Do it now.

Daniel: (cums all over Laura's face).

Laura: I will admit, Daniel, it's not a bad load you have here.

Daniel: Now Laura, it's time for me to play with your tits.

Laura: Well, I did promise that you would get to do that, so I guess I do need to abide by that promise.

Daniel: Well, I will make things happen then (grabs her tits and starts fondling them).

Laura: They are still growing, so maybe you will like them even more.

Daniel: They are already good enough for me (keeps touching them).

Laura: Of course, they are. Maybe you should feel how a MILF's tits feel.

Daniel: So you have had sex with an adult woman.

Laura: Yeah, of course, I have. Multiple times. I don't tend to limit myself.

Daniel: You are something else, Laura.

Laura: Maybe you could do the same thing at some point.

Daniel: I would need to consider that.

Laura: Make sure you do.

Daniel: (keeps playing with her breasts and eventually starts sucking on them).

Laura: Oh fuck (moaning in pleasure).

Daniel: I can tell you are enjoying me doing this to you (keeps sucking on her tits).

Laura: Don't get too arrogant, Daniel.

Daniel: As you wish (keeps sucking on her tits).

Laura: Don't expect to get too much from these; I am still only a teenager.

Daniel: I will admit, these things are quite good for your age, Laura.

Laura: You are hardly the first person to have said that.

Daniel: I'm willing to bet.

Laura: Okay, Daniel, I think that's enough. Time for the attraction I know you've been waiting for (sits on the toilet and spreads her legs out to show her pussy)

Daniel: You know me too well (starts putting his dick inside her pussy).

Laura: What are you waiting for?

Daniel: You aren't going to get pregnant, right?

Laura: I am always on those pills, so no need to worry.

Daniel: Alright then (starts fucking Laura).

Laura: And it's begun moaning.

Daniel: (keeps fucking Laura faster and faster)

Laura: Man, you are going fast, you naughty boy (kisses Daniel while getting fucked).

Daniel: And you are enjoying this (grabs her ass while fucking her).

Laura: Okay, I'll admit it, I am.

Daniel: Of course, you are like the slut you are (keeps fucking her).

Laura: Of fuck yes (moaning louder).

Daniel: I love you so much, Laura.

Laura: Don't get too comfortable Daniel, remember that this is simply business for me.

Daniel: Point taken (keeps fucking her).

Laura: You can't beat me, boy (kisses him again).

Daniel: Oh, we will see about that girl (fucks her even faster than ever).

Laura: Oh fuck, ahh (Laura moaning in extreme pleasure and pressure from how fast he is going).

Daniel: Can you handle this, Laura?

Laura: Try me, Daniel.

Daniel: You asked for it (picks Laura up and starts riding her by pushing her up and down).

Laura: Holy crap. I had no idea you were so strong.

Daniel: Learn something new every day.

Laura: This is so intense (moaning).

Daniel: I'm about to cum Laura.

Laura: Do it, Daniel. I am about to squirt as well (moaning louder).

(Both cum at the same time all over each other and then sit down on the ground)

Daniel: Wow, that was amazing, Laura.

Laura: I know it must have been Daniel.

Daniel: Admit it, Laura, you're enjoying yourself as well.

Laura: Alright, I do have to admit that I did. Well, anyway, now it's time for me to get going.

Daniel: No Round 2?

Laura: I did promise a blowjob, a titsuck, and a fucking. Nothing more than that.

Daniel: You are technically correct about that.

Laura: It was a pleasure doing business with you, Daniel.

Daniel: Likewise.

(Meanwhile with Jordan and Jeremiah)

Jordan: (riding Jeremiah's cock fast and hard).

Jeremiah: You do this so well, mommy (moaning).

Jordan: I know you love it, you little pervert (kisses Jeremiah).

Jeremiah: I'm about to cum mommy (moaning loudly).

Jordan: Do it fill me up with everything you have.

Jeremiah: (cums all inside her).

Jordan: (falls to the bed panting heavily).

Jeremiah: (panting) Wow, Mommy, that was amazing.

Jordan: I know I always look forward to spending time with you.

Jeremiah: So do I.

Jordan: Today has been an amazing day.

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