The Sexy Times of Laura Loud

BY : TheEnd
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Multiverse Anomaly: The Multiverse is an infinite reality with endless possibilities, a number so high that humanity has not made a word for it besides infinity. You all know the reality of Laurnea "Laura" Loud, daughter of Lincoln and Jordan Loud. In this reality, she is mostly a normal girl, but in one very similar to this one, she is a very different type of girl, and not only that, but the world she lives in is very different.

Laura: (masturbating to a video of two women having sex while moaning hard).

Jordan: Hey sweetie School is about to start. Are you ready?

Laura: I am almost ready. Mom, I will be there in a second.

Jordan: Alright (smirks as she knows what is going on).

Laura: (keeps masturbating hard until eventually squirting all over her bed)

Laura: Man, that was amazing. These women do it so well (panting).

(Laura gets dressed and leaves her room)

Jordan: Seems you're done. I need to drive your brother over to school. Have fun.

Laura: Thank you, Mom (stares at her tits, still thirsty after her experience).

(Laura arrives at school)

Lorinda: Hey Laura.

Laura: Lorinda, if it isn't my best girlfriend (kissing her on the lips)

Lorinda: Where is Emma? I rarely see you without her.

Laura: She was sick today.

Lorinda: That sucks. I hope she feels better.

Laura: How are you today, my sweet one.

Lorinda: I am doing good. I had a fun little pleasure session this morning.

Laura: How funny. So did I. My mom almost caught me as well.

Lorinda: I have had that experience a few times. My mom has even caught me before. That was quite an awkward day.

Laura: Yeah. I think I remember you mentioning that to me.

Lorinda: What did you watch, Laura?

Laura: I watched some sexy times between two hot women.

Lorinda: Man, I am feeling especially horny today.

Laura: I know that feeling. I am feeling so horny today. Hey, Lorinda, here is an idea: my parents are not going to be home later, and my brother is going to some karate-based event. So we have the house all to ourselves, if you get where I am going with this.

Lorinda: I like the sound of that, Laura. I will meet you at your house after school (kisses her again on the lips).

Laura: I love you, Lorinda.

Lorinda: I love you too.

Annoying Person: (whispering to himself) Why don't those two keep their gayness away from the public?

(At Laura's house)

Laura: Another great day of school, and now I have the house all to myself. And once Lorinda arrives, that is when the fun will begin.

(A few minutes later, a ring on the doorbell comes)

Laura: (goes to answer it and sees Lorinda) Glad you could make it come in.

Lorinda: I know I have said this before, but your house is so nice.

Laura: I guess having a mother like mine does pay well.

Lorinda: My house isn't nearly as fancy and huge.

Laura: Your house is fine, my sweet one. Now let's not waste any more time. It is time for the fun to begin.

Lorinda: I am fully ready, Laura. You can say that you have my consent.

Laura: I know I do, Lorinda (kisses her).

(Laura takes Lorinda up to her room)

Laura: My bed is very comfy for both sleeping on as well as anything else (pulls Lorinda towards her and the two start making out passionately).

Lorinda: I love the way you kiss me.

Laura: And I love the way you do as well (pulls Lorinda onto her bed and the two continue making out hard for several minutes straight).

Lorinda: (takes off her shirt while making out with her).

Laura: You are so sexy underneath that shirt.

Lorinda: My boobs haven't grown much, not as much as you.

Laura: I'm sure that they will grow eventually. It's not like mine are giant either. We are still only teens.

Lorinda: Can I see them again?

Laura: Of course you can (takes her shirt off).

Lorinda: (fiddles and sucks on her tits while occasionally coming up to make out with her some more).

Laura: I love the way that you touch those. Why don't I see that nice pussy of yours, Lorinda?

Lorinda: You don't need to say anything else (takes her pants and underwear off).

Laura: (starts fingering Lorinda slowly).

Lorinda: (moans in pleasure, enjoying the fingering that she is getting from her girlfriend while continuing to make out with her and play with her tits).

Laura: Oh, fuck, this feels so amazing. I feel some squirt coming out.

Lorinda: Same with me.

(Both squirt at the same time, Lorinda on Laura's hands and Laura through her underwear)

Laura: I have managed to get my underwear wet. It is probably time for me to ditch these (take them off with both being fully naked now).

Lorinda: That looks so deliciously wet, and my tongue is feeling very dry.

Laura: Well, why don't you have a taste of it then (pulls Lorinda down to her pussy).

Lorinda: (starts sucking on it, licking it over and over again and tasting the squirt already on it).

Laura: (moaning) I love the way you do that, Lorinda.

Lorinda: Your pussy is so soft, Laura (keeps licking).

Laura: Oh fuck, ahhh (moaning harder in pleasure from her licking).

Lorinda: (licks faster and faster, also occasionally reaching out to touch her boobs).

Laura: I feel myself about to blow (moaning).

Lorinda: Do it. I want to taste you so much.

Laura: (squirts all over her face).

Lorinda: (licking it up) That tastes so amazing, do you want to taste it?

Laura: You don't need to ask me (makes out with her tasting the squirt in her mouth).

Lorinda: My pussy is so wet that I need something on it.

Laura: I know what to do next (leans down and begins licking hers).

Lorinda: That's the spot. Keep going, Laura (moaning).

Laura: (keeps licking her pussy while fingering herself, licking off all the squirt from her).

Lorinda: I love the way you do that so much (moaning louder).

Laura: I love getting a taste of this. It feels so amazing on my tongue (keeps licking).

Lorinda: I feel like I am about to explode (moaning harder).

Laura: Do it, Lorinda.

Lorinda: (squirts all over her).

Laura: That tastes so amazing (kisses her).

Lorinda: You know how to do that so well.

Laura: I do have my experience, with both you and other women.

Lorinda: I love it when you tell me about your experiences with other women and men.

Laura: You will always be my favourite, my sweet one (kisses her again).

Lorinda: So Laura, I think it's time for my favourite part of the fun times we have together.

Laura: I think I understand. I was recently watching a video on this. It's time for a bit of recreation.

(Laura puts her pussy on top of Lorinda, crossing her legs over the top of her's with both pussies touching each other)

Lorinda: It's time for what we in the business like to call "scissoring" (Lorinda gave off a smirk, ready to begin the best of sexy times).

Laura: You know it girl (starts rubbing her pussy on Lorinda's)

Lorinda: (returns the favour and starts rubbing hers).

(Both moan hard, enjoying the scissoring more than anything else)

Laura: (kisses Lorinda while still enjoying the scissoring and continuing to rub).

Lorinda: I love this so much I don't want to stop anytime soon (moaning loudly while continuing to scissor).

Laura: I don't want this to ever end either. Oh fuck (keeps rubbing her pussy faster and faster, getting closer to climaxing).

Lorinda: I feel like climaxing Laura, ahhhh (keeps rubbing faster and faster).

Laura: I feel it coming as well. Fuck ahhh (keeps rubbing)

(Both squirt on each other's pussies hard. Both of them then lie down exhausted from the constant sex they have)

(Laura and Lorinda sleep together, with Laura's arm on top of Lorinda and both of them still naked)

Lorinda: You always provide the best experiences. Laura, you are the best girlfriend I could have ever asked for (kisses her).

Laura: I love you as well. You are so amazing to have. You also have a hot mother.

Lorinda: Oh my mother, tell me about that.

Laura: I have to admit I have always had the hots for your mom. Her tits and ass are just so amazing.

Lorinda: Your mom isn't too shabby herself, Laura.

Laura: I know that very well.

Lorinda: Oh how dirty of you Laura, your own mom.

Jeremiah: (opens the door to her room) Hey sis, I am home (sees what happened).

Laura: Oh hey, Little J, do you mind maybe knocking before you come inside?

Jeremiah: I didn't need to see this. I will be in my room. Just don't bother me please (closes the door and leaves).

Lorinda: You need to remember to lock your door, Laura.

Laura: I actually find it amusing when he notices us doing this.

Lorinda: My mom is into girls as well and she hasn't gotten some action in some time, so maybe you could try something there. If you succeed, I would love to hear your story.

Laura: You will be the first person I tell my sweet one (kisses her).

(The next day at Lorinda's house)

Laura: (knocks on the door).

Carol: (goes to open the door)

Laura: Hi, Carol.

Carol: Hey Laura, if you are here for my daughter, she is off doing something else.

Laura: No, Carol, I am here to talk to you.

Carol: Oh, that is a bit unusual, but if you want, I am always happy to talk.

(Laura comes into the house and the two sit on the couch)

Laura: First of all, Carol, I want to say that Lorinda is so amazing. We have had so much fun, let's say of the naughty variety. 

Carol: I am glad that Lorinda has found someone she loves so much and that you love her back. Wait, did you two do that?

Laura: Of course we did. We have done that with each other often.

Carol: I'm a bit surprised you are admitting that to me so freely.

Laura: When I have a special kind of love for someone, I don't tend to shy away from it (pushes herself closer to Carol and grabs her ass).

Carol: Are you okay, Laura?

Laura: I am perfectly fine, I am just now noticing how amazing you are, soft huge tits, a tight ass, a perfect body (keeps touching Carol all over).

Carol: Um, thanks Laura, I guess.

Laura: I'm already getting some action with Lorinda, but why not include her mother (grabs her tits)?

Carol: Woah, slow down, Laura. What would my daughter think of this.

Laura: She is perfectly fine with me doing this. In fact, I plan to tell her all about it afterwards. (feels Carol more) I know that you want some of this. I can feel it. I want some MILF action.

Carol: This is crazy and I shouldn't be doing this, but (grabs Laura and kisses her passionately)

Laura: (returns the kiss and the two make out passionately for several minutes straight).

Carol: That felt surprisingly good.

Laura: Things have only just begun (takes off Carol's shirt and reveals her tits).

Carol: Laura, you're eager, aren't you?

Laura: I have been waiting for this moment all day (starts sucking and playing with her tits).

Carol: You are way better with that than I expected.

Laura: This is hardly my first time doing this.

Carol: Could I possibly see some of you, Laura?

Laura: Of course you can (takes off her shirt).

Carol: Laura, you look so sexy. I think I am in love.

Laura: I suppose you Pingreys have a thing for me.

Carol: I would say it's more that we have a thing for Louds in general.

Laura: That sounds very interesting (continues sucking on her tits)

Carol: (moaning loudly).

Laura: Why don't I help you down there as well? (pulls down Carol's pants and fingers her pussy).

Carol: Oh fuck you, keep going; I'm so wet for you, Laura (moaning).

Laura: (keeps sucking and fingering faster and faster).

Carol: (squirts all over Laura's hand).

Laura: That is quite a large load you have there, Carol.

Carol: Sorry, I just enjoyed that so much I couldn't resist.

Laura: No need to apologize. However, I haven't gotten anything from you yet (pulls down her pants to reveal her pussy. Laura then opens her tongue to signal to Carol she wants it licked).

Carol: You have a pretty nice one right there, Laura. No wonder my daughter loves it so much.

Laura: I know you want it, Carol. Don't waste any time and get that tongue rolling (pulls Carl's face towards her pussy).

Carol: (begins licking Laura's pussy).

Laura: (enjoying it more than anything possible while moaning and playing with her breasts).

Carol: (fingers herself while continuing to lick faster and faster).

Laura: Oh fuck, Carol. This is so hot. I don't know how much longer I can hold back (moaning).

Carol: Hold on a bit longer. I still need more time to taste this delicious thing of yours (keeps licking her pussy harder and faster).

Laura: Get yourself ready, Carol. I am about to explode.

Carol: Do it Laura I want to feel your delicious squirt all over my mouth.

Laura: (squirts all over her).

Carol: That is so delicious, Laura. I am very glad you had me do this.

Laura: And I am glad you did it to me.

Carol: I am getting pretty tired, I think I need to call it a day.

Laura: Already, Carol, it doesn't feel like it has been that long.

Carol: I know, but I am an old woman compared to you. I also should get more exercise.

Laura: Well, that is fine, but are you up for doing this again? I know I certainly am. 

Carol: I would love to do that again.

Laura: Maybe we could even have Lorinda join in with us.

Carol: That sounds very naughty, but if she is willing to, I don't see why not.

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