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Chapter 2

“Feelings of guilt,” Baymax said to Fred, “can cause physiological stress. Would you like to tell me what you lied to Professor Granville about?”

“Well,” Fred sighed, “for one thing, I didn’t actually see the monster—I mean, Wasabi—attack Go Go. I just kind of figured he was attacking her because she was on the floor behind her workbench. All I saw was her boots sticking out, and the monster kind of standing over her.”

“I see,” Baymax replied. “You made an assumption based on the available facts. That does not meet the definition of a ‘lie.’”

“Oh, no, that part wasn’t the lie,” Fred said. “The thing is…I didn’t exactly throw my sixty-four-ounce Monster-Size Blueberry Blasto at the monster. I was going to, but I guess I squeezed the cup too hard, and then the top came off, and suddenly there was Blasto all over the floor, and…I slipped on it.”

“Were you injured as a result?” Baymax asked.

“Yeah,” Fred confessed. “That’s how I banged my head.” 

“Slip-and-fall injuries are common in institutional settings with smooth floors, such as the robotics lab.”

“Yeah,” Fred sighed. “So that’s what I lied about. It wasn’t the monster that knocked me out; it was just the Monster-Size Blasto.”


“What do you mean, you lied?” Hiro asked Wasabi.

Wasabi swallowed, “The truth is, I didn’t black out when I said I did. Actually, I didn’t black out at all. I mean, I don’t remember everything, but I definitely remember some things.”

“Like what?”

“Well, after I breathed in the gas, I started feeling really weird. Like my whole body was changing.”

“Changing how?”

“Getting bigger. And-” Wasabi shuddered “-hairier.”

“Are you saying you turned into a monster?” Hiro asked.

“Yeah. Definitely a monster.”

“Whoa. This has got to be connected to what happened to Orso Knox.”

“Maybe, but Knox has been a monster for weeks. I was only changed for…actually, I’m not sure how long. But I guess the way the gas affected my mind was a lot like what happened to him.”

“How do you mean?”

“My mind got…fuzzy, like I’d lost some of my intelligence. And a lot of my self-control.”

“Is that why you attacked Go Go and Fred?”

“Well…I didn’t exactly attack them.” 

“Then, what happened, exactly?”

“Umm…” Wasabi replied, “I’ll, uh, tell you when you’re old enough. Which will be a few years after I’m old enough.”


Soon thereafter, Go Go and Honey Lemon were back at their shared apartment, and Go Go was describing Wasabi’s transformation.

“He must have gotten two feet taller,” Go Go was saying. “And suddenly there was brown fur all over his body, and he was growing claws, and fangs, and his eyes turned red.”

“That must have been terrifying,” 

“Well, that’s the thing—it wasn’t terrifying. It was…”


“I mean, he wasn’t roaring, or snarling at me, or doing the stuff monsters usually do right before they come at you. He was just…looking at me. Hard.”

“So, not like he wanted to eat you?”

“No, more like…like he wanted me.”

“Oh,” Honey Lemon replied, her eyebrows knitting with uncertainty. Then they rose. “Oh.” 

“And,” Go Go went on, “well…you know how Wasabi is…kind of buff? Like, how he might be a hottie if he wasn’t freaking out about stuff all the time?”

“Yeah?” Honey Lemon replied, her interest piqued.

“Well, imagine if that happened—if his anxiety was dialed down to zero, and his buffness was raised to the fourth power. Then subtract his ability to speak and add fur, claws, fangs, and enough unspoken confidence to make you want to melt right out of your clothes.”

“Oh, my,” Honey Lemon replied. She was sitting perfectly still, yet she was breathing a little harder, and her eyes were locked on Go Go as the dark-haired young woman continued her story.

“And also, when he changed, he got bigger, and he kinda…tore right out of his clothes.”

Oh. Oh, goodness.”

“So, I wasn’t so much scared as…turned on. Like, crazy turned on.”


“And then I saw the way his big red eyes were looking at me…at my body…especially my hips…”

“You do have great hips,” Honey Lemon said. “And, you know, the part behind the hips is, um, pretty great, too.”

“Well, I guess Wasabi thought so, because he just grabbed my ass and lifted me up onto the bench.”

“Oh, wow.”

“And then he just started ripping off my- Wait, I’m sorry, you probably don’t want to hear all the graphic details.”

“No!” Honey Lemon cried. “I mean, yes!” She stopped and took a breath. “What I mean is, you can be as detailed as you want. You know, because it’ll be, um, therapeutic.”

Now it was Go Go who paused to take a breath. 

“Okay, so…he tore my clothes off. I mean literally tore; he ripped my denim jacket like it was paper, and my tank top like it was made of cotton candy. I was just lucky I managed to take my bra off myself before he ripped that off me, too. My pants weren’t so lucky, though.”

“And that wasn’t scary?” Honey Lemon asked.

“Well, I guess it would have been, except that he didn’t hurt me at all. He was using all this strength, and those sharp claws, but he didn’t even scratch me.”

“I guess some part of the real Wasabi was still in control,” Honey Lemon conjectured.

“Yeah. So now I was basically naked except for my boots, and then I looked down and saw- Are you sure you want to hear this?”

“Yes. Definitely.”

“So I looked down,” Go Go repeated, “and there was his dick. I mean, the biggest, hardest dick I’ve ever seen. Outside of a zoo, anyway.”

“Wow,” Honey Lemon murmured.

“I was undressed in our temperature-controlled lab, but my body felt hot all over. And then Wasabi put those big, strong hands on my waist, picked me up, and put me down on the floor. And when he pushed me down onto my back, he barely had to do anything, because it was like I just…melted.

“Now I was lying on the floor, on top of the shreds of my clothes, and he got down on the floor with me. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off that big, thick cock. I didn’t even realize that I was spreading my legs before I had already done it. And then I put my hands on his shoulders, pulled him down on top of me, and- Are you sure you want to hear this?”

“For God’s sake, keep going!” Honey Lemon cried. Then, her cheeks going deep-red, she took a breath and said, “I mean, yes. If, if it’ll make you feel better.”

“He was breathing in my ear, and I could tell he was as horny as I was. Especially when he reached under me and grabbed my ass with both of those big, strong hands. 

“So I reached down and took hold of his cock. It was so thick, I couldn’t even get my hand all the way around it. But that didn’t scare me; it just excited me more.”

“Wow,” Honey Lemon breathed again.

“I spread my legs farther, as wide as they would go. Then I put him at my opening, and he pushed.

“I’d never had anything that big inside me. But God,” she said, squeezing her hands into fists, “it felt so fucking good. And even though he was this big, horny, heavy-breathing monster, he took it slow, just easing into me, inch after inch…after inch.”

Honey Lemon’s eyes were saucer-wide, and now her breathing was audible as Go Go went on.

“I wasn’t even sure he could get that whole thing into me. But I guess I’ve got more room inside me than I thought, because pretty soon, I felt his balls—God, they were big, and heavy—against my ass. My mind was blown, because I could feel every inch of that thing inside me, going right up to my womb, and it felt so fucking good, even though he was just holding still and looking in my eyes.”

Honey Lemon said nothing. She just bit her fist as she hung on Go Go’s every word.

“I don’t even know how long I just lay there, looking into his red eyes and feeling that huge cock filling me up inside. But then, we started moving. I don’t even know if it was him or me who actually started it. Maybe it was both of us at once. And I wasn’t even doing it deliberately, exactly; when he started moving that thing inside me, my hips just started pushing up against him on their own, making sure he got all the way in me on every stroke.”

“Ohhh, my…” Honey Lemon breathed.

Go Go, now caught up in her storytelling, continued, “I lost all track of time. The pleasure came in waves, like, like if you were lying on the beach right in front of the water and letting warm waves wash over you and then flow back into the ocean, again and again. Except that every wave was just a little bit bigger and felt even better than the one before it.

“Little by little, the movement got faster. And at some point, then it stopped being fluid, and then we were just fucking, pounding each other, wanting it harder, wanting it faster, wanting more, And then it was like that big wave of pleasure, bigger than anything, it just hit me, hit my whole body at once, knocking me down, drowning me, and I was screaming because it felt so fucking good. And Wasabi roared and shoved hard and deep into me and just came and came and came.

“When it was over, I was panting, and sweating, like I’d just skated five miles at a sprint. And it was only then when I started thinking about Wasabi, our Wasabi, and what exactly had happened to him, and whether we were going to be able to get him back to the way he was.

“I was still lying there, buck-ass naked except for my boots, when I heard Fred come in saying something about tacos. So I just stayed where I was behind the workbench. But Wasabi got up, and then I heard him roar at Fred, and Fred yelled something back. I didn’t see what was happening, because I was crawling over to my desk to grab my spare change of clothes out of the bottom drawer. Good thing I keep that stuff there.”

“I think we all do,” Honey Lemon replied, feeling a bit embarrassed because she knew that her occasional—okay, frequent—chemical mishaps were the main reason why. But that thought sparked a question in her head.

“So,” she asked, “what happened to Wasabi’s package?” Then, reddening, she added, “I mean, the package Wasabi sat on, not Wasabi’s other package, which apparently was incredible, and I really shouldn’t still be talking now.”

“Huh,” Go Go replied. “I’m not sure. I guess Wasabi must have dealt with it when he went back to clean up the lab.”

“Well, that was, um, a fascinating story, and I hope you feel better for having told it to me. Now I think I need to go upstairs and, uh, get some sleep.”

Go Go’s eyes narrowed. “You mean you need to go to your room and masturbate?”

“What? No!” Honey Lemon protested. Then she cast her eyes downward. “Okay, yes.”

“Want company? I’ve got toys.”

Honey Lemon, cheeks pink, looked back up at Go Go. “Yes, please.”


By afternoon the next day, Fred was awake and had been discharged home from the hospital for some enforced rest. After classes, Hiro, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Wasabi all spent some time in the lab working on their various projects. Nobody seemed to want to talk much about the events of the previous day. But like Honey Lemon, Hiro asked what had happened to the mysterious package that had transformed Wasabi into a monster.

“It was gone by the time I got back from Professor Granville’s office,” Wasabi said. “The janitorial staff must have taken care of it. They all get two weeks of hazardous materials training before they can work in this building.”

“Really?” Hiro asked.

Honey Lemon reddened. “Yeah, that’s, that’s on me.”

When the others went home, Hiro stayed in the lab for a while. He was working on an upgrade to his microbot neural link that would dramatically increase the microbots’ functionality and that would show Karmi exactly who had the underage brain around here.

Suddenly, his phone sounded off, using a distinctive ringtone that Hiro had designated for Big Hero 6–related communications. Hiro couldn’t see who the caller was, but he answered it anyway, hoping it wasn’t some villain who’d found the team’s comm channel.

“Captain Cutie, it’s Karmi,” the girl said in a desperate tone. “Please, come to my lab—and come alone.”

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