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by George Glass

Summary: Fred is injured in an accident when he encounters Go Go and Wasabi at the lab after hours. But why are all three of them lying about what happened?

Note: This story takes place during the first half of season 2 of Big Hero 6: The Series and contains spoilers for some of those episodes.

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Chapter 1: The Incident

It was the middle of the evening. Classes had ended hours ago, and many students had gone home. Most of those who hadn’t were hanging out with their friends, either at the student center or in the dorms.

Karmi, however, remained perched on the rolling stool in her lab in the Ito Ishioka Robotics building. It had always galled her a bit that her lab space was here instead of in the biology building, but given that few other sophomores at SFIT even had their own labs, she’d decided to just take the win.

She knew she probably shouldn’t be at the lab so late; she would have a full day of classes tomorrow, followed by a few hours at Sycorax—the biotech company where she interned. Her boss, company founder and president Liv Amara, would probably notice if Karmi looked fatigued and might try to perk her up with deionized mineral water, locally sourced free-range unagi sushi, or some other thing Karmi wasn’t big on.

But while biotech was the main focus of Karmi’s life, it wasn’t the sole one. Which was why, although Karmi’s lab had superb lighting, the sixteen-year-old prodigy’s grinning face was currently illuminated only by the light from her phone’s screen as she thumb-typed rapidly.

“Oh, Karmi,” Captain Cutie said, “I can’t control my passion a moment longer. Your beauty drives me wild. I must have you!”

“Well,” Karmi said, her sexy smile overwhelming Captain Cutie with desire, “if you must…”

She leaned in, her face mere centimeters from his. Then he seized her by her waist and kissed her passionately, even as his strong arms lifted her onto the desk of her very important office.

“If you want me,” Karmi murmured in Captain Cutie’s ear, “then tear the clothes from my body, and take me.”

With strength born of passion, Captain Cutie ripped open Karmi’s bodice

Karmi frowned and backspaced.

ripped open Karmi’s lab coat and the blouse beneath, exposing her exquisite breasts to his hungry eyes.

“Wait,” Karmi said to herself. “I’d be wearing a bra, too…Ah, screw it, I’m taking poetic license, or whatever it’s called for prose.”

Now a slave to his burning lust, Captain Cutie lunged face-first at Karmi’s chest, taking one of her perfect breasts into his mouth and sucking it with reckless abandon.

“Oh, dang, this is good,” Karmi murmured, rubbing her thighs together as she continued thumb-typing.

The whole thing was a stroke of genius, really. Karmi had been dying to write an erotic scene involving herself and Captain Cutie for some time, but she didn’t dare do so under her regular alias, as pretty much everyone knew who “KHeartsQT” really was. So she had created a separate, anonymous account through which she could post “fanfic” of her own fanfic, using the moniker “CptQT4Me.”

But Karmi’s imagination was starting to outpace her thumb-typing. As she imagined Captain Cutie pushing her down onto her back on her desk and pulling her panties off from beneath her skirt, she put the phone down and put one hand on her small left breast while the other went down under the waistbands of her skirt and panties to rub her turgid little clitoris.

It was odd: In real life, Karmi preferred to be the one in charge, but in her fantasies— especially her fantasies about Captain Cutie—she always liked to imagine him taking control, taking her, with strength and confidence. Even when she was straddling her custom-printed Captain Cutie dakimakura in her dorm room, rubbing her bare, almost-hairless pussy against it as she fingered herself, she imagined his strong hands on her hips, moving her, his eyes gazing up at her naked body with both eagerness and confidence as he took what he desired.

Her arousal rising higher, Karmi quickly stood up and shucked off her pink panties from beneath her skirt, stuffing them in the pocket of her lab coat. Then she sat back down on her lab stool, hiked up her skirt, and spread her legs, just as she imagined spreading them before Captain Cutie. With her vivid imagination, she could envision every detail of the young his generously proportioned cock as he released it from his uniform trousers. And she could just as readily imagine how it would feel as her hero nestled its head between the folds of her soaking-wet sex. Her pussy felt as though it were ravenously hungry for him, wanting to take him in and swallow him, down to his balls, which were heavy with his desire for her.

“Oh, yeah,” Karmi murmured, closing her eyes. “Take me, Captain Cutie. Take me deep.”

She opened her thighs wider, imagining how it would feel when Captain pushed, slowly but firmly, easing in and in until his cock filled her completely. How it would feel when he began pumping her, one hand fondling her small breast as the other held her face, keeping her eyes on his as they moved together in the primal rhythm of sex.

She rubbed her clit faster now as she imagined herself and her lover fucking in an undulating rhythm, moving together in perfect synchronicity, their bodies enslaved to the needs embedded in their very DNA.

“Yesssss…” Karmi breathed through her parted lips. “Take me…fuck me…”

The girl was completely immersed in the fantasy now. She spread her legs even farther apart and put her feet, still in her minimal heels, up on her lab bench, opening her pussy wide for her lover. Then her ass worked against her lab stool as she imagined him fucking her, his strong hands gripping her thighs, his hard cock plunging deep into her with the force of his fiery passion.

“Oh, God, yes,” Karmi moaned, barely managing to keep her voice down. “Fuck me, Captain Cutie, fuck me deep inside, don’t stop, please don’t stop…”

She rubbed her clit faster and faster, panting, writhing, her bare ass thrusting forward again and again in time with her imagined lover’s hips.

Yes,” she grunted, her eyes squeezed shut. “Fuck me…fuck me…NNNNGGHHH!”

Her legs shook as she came, causing the heels of her hard-soled shoes to bang against the top of her bench. In her ecstasy, she imagined Captain Cutie shooting a huge load of semen into her, every milliliter a testament to his intense desire for her. Her pussy pulsed forcefully around his cock, squeezing every drop from him for her womb to swallow, hungry for the sweet, beautiful nucleotide sequences of his reproductive DNA.

When her orgasm finished, Karmi let her feet drop from the bench and onto the floor as she enjoyed a moment of post-pseudo-coital bliss. She even imagined Captain Cutie lying on top of her, holding her in his arms, his body warm against hers.

“Oh, you guys,” she murmured dreamily, addressing the many deadly microbes that she grew in her lab and that she considered to be her best friends. “If only it could happen for real…Bombali ebolavirus, you know what I’m talking about…”

Suddenly, Karmi heard a loud crashing sound from somewhere outside the lab. She jumped up from her stool and went out into the hall to see what the ruckus was.

The door to the lab shared by Hiro and his friends was open. Karmi wasn’t surprised; most of the time, when there was a commotion in the Ito Ishioka Robotics building, that lab was the source.

But when she reached the doorway, she was a bit surprised by the scene inside the lab. Fred was on the floor, face-down and apparently unconscious, lying in a puddle of something blue. Go Go and Wasabi were looking at him and then at Karmi from behind one of the lab’s workbenches, both of them seemingly crouching so that only their faces were visible. Go Go’s face was red and sweaty, whereas Wasabi looked both groggy and frightened, like he’d just awakened from an alarming dream.

“What the heck happened in here?” Karmi demanded.


Half an hour later, Wasabi was sitting across the desk from Professor Granville in her office. She lived near campus and could get there in short order whenever the need arose—such as when campus security called, as they did all too frequently.

“So,” Wasabi began, “I was in the lab-”

“Who else was there?” Professor Granville cut in.

“Um, just Go Go. She was working on making her magnetic levitation system more energy-efficient. Anyway, I was sterilizing my work surface-”

“You work with lasers,” Granville interrupted again. “Is sterility a concern?”

“Always,” Wasabi replied, seemingly surprised by the question. “So I turned around to grab some disinfecting wipes off the bench behind me when I noticed a package sitting there.”

“What kind of package?”

“A cardboard box. Twenty by twelve by five centimeters, I’d say, but I’d need to take measurements to be sure.”

“There’s no need for that. Was the box labeled?”

“No. It looked like there’d been a mailing label on it, because there was a sticky rectangle in the middle. But otherwise it was just a plain white box, with no address or logos.”

“All right. Go on.”

“Well, the package wasn’t mine, and I figured it wasn’t Go Go’s, or it would be on her workbench—although she’s not always as respectful of my space as I’d like. So I assumed the package was for Hiro or Honey Lemon, and I left it alone. At least, until…the incident.”

“What incident?”

“Well, Go Go came over to my workbench and asked if she could borrow my two-point-five-millimeter Philips head screwdriver. And then…” Wasabi paused to collect himself. “I’m sorry, it, it was awful.”

“What happened?”

“She coughed! Right on my nice clean workbench, and more than a little on me!”

“I see.”

“Naturally, I was so horrified that I jumped backward onto the bench behind me to try and get out of the way. And I ended up landing right on that package.”

“And what happened then?”

“Some kind of green fumes came up from under me. It smelled like…well, the best description I can come up with is pine needles mixed with my Aunt Petunia’s perfume.” He shuddered. “Anyway, after that I just…blacked out. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor of the lab, and then Go Go telling me that Fred was unconscious.”

“Wait a moment. If you inhaled a potentially toxic substance, why did you not go to the hospital with Mr. Frederickson?”

“Oh, I’m definitely going to go. I just wanted to clean up the lab first.”

Granville sighed. “That will be all for now. Go to the hospital and get checked out. And please send in Ms. Tomago on your way out.”


Moments later, Go Go was sitting where Wasabi had just been. She was chewing gum as usual, but she resisted the urge to blow a bubble as the professor spoke.

“Ms. Tomago, please tell me what happened in the lab tonight.”

“Didn’t Wasabi just do that?”

“I’d like to hear your version.”

“Well, I was working on my frictionless bike, and I needed to borrow one of Wasabi’s screwdrivers.”

“Don’t you have your own tools?”

“Yeah, but I couldn’t find my two-and-a-half-millimeter Philips head. So I went over to borrow one of his, and he just freaked out.”

“I don’t follow.”

“I think I coughed or something—his workbench always reeks of cleaning products—and he just went bananas and practically jumped backward onto his bench. And that’s when things got really crazy.”

“How so?”

“This green gas came billowing up from the workbench. And then Wasabi…changed.”


“He got bigger. Taller. His eyes went yellow, and this thick brown fur grew all over his body.”

“Goodness. What did you do then?”

“At first, I just stared at him, trying to figure out what was happening. But then he…growled. Like an animal. So I backed away.”

“Did you call for help?”

“Um, no. I thought if I yelled it might, you know, startle him or something. So I backed off and just tried to talk to him. To keep him calm.”

“I see. Did it work?”

“Yes. At least until Fred showed up.”

“Why did Mr. Frederickson come to the lab at that hour?”

“He just shows up whenever. I think he was bringing tacos.”

“What happened then?”

“Well, I didn’t really see exactly what happened, because I was behind my workbench right then. But when the door opened, Wasabi turned and roared, and I heard Fred yell something. And the next thing I knew, Wasabi was kind of staggering around, and Fred was on the floor with a pool of some kind of blue stuff around him. And then Wasabi collapsed, and suddenly he changed back to normal.”

“I see. Well, that’s quite a-”

“Professor Granville!” Hiro shouted as he flung open the office door. “I heard-”

“Mr. Hamada,” the professor interrupted. “I believe we have had more than one discussion about the importance of knocking before entering.”

“We’re sorry,” Honey Lemon said, appearing behind Hiro. “We’re worried about Freddy.”

“Is he going to be okay?” Hiro asked.

“His doctors say he is not comatose,” Granville said, “but he is unconscious and cannot be roused. It’s unfortunate; it would be useful to have his version of what transpired this evening.”

“Not comatose means he has normal brain activity,” said Karmi. She had been waiting in the hall for her turn to speak with Professor Granville, but the woman’s description of Fred’s condition had piqued Karmi’s interest and drawn her to the doorway. “I’ve been working on a high-resolution superconducting quantum interference device that can read human brain activity to the level of the individual neuron. Theoretically, an unconscious person might be able to use it to communicate.”

Karmi reached into one of her lab coat’s wide pockets and pulled out what looked like a wad of pink fabric. Her face went red, and she hastily stuffed it back into her pocket. Then she reached into her lab coat’s other pocket and pulled out a tablet, which she used to show Professor Granville a diagram. Hiro leaned in to see the image, and his brow furrowed.

“Hey,” he said, “did you rip off the design for my microbot neural link?”

“If you’re asking whether I improved on your design in ways your underage brain couldn’t conceive of, then yes, I did.” She turned back to Granville. “The only thing I don’t have is a high-capacity processor to translate the neuronal data into words.”

Annoyed as he was with Karmi, Hiro didn’t forget that this was about helping Fred.

“Baymax,” he said. “His core processor could handle it, no problem.”


An hour later, the entire group was at the hospital. Fred’s mother was just leaving her son’s room, escorted out by her butler and chauffeur, Heathcliff. Wasabi was still downstairs having a physical exam and a blood draw.

“Oh, you don’t have to leave because of us,” Honey Lemon said, taking both of the Mrs. Frederickson’s hands.

“It’s not because of you, dear,” the woman replied, smiling wanly at the tall, kind-hearted girl. “Heathcliff wisely suggested that I get some rest, and let Fred do the same.” She raised her face to direct her feeble smile at her mustachioed manservant.

She started walking toward the elevators, and Heathcliff let her precede him as he murmured to Honey Lemon, “And from the look of things-” he glanced pointedly at Hiro, who was carrying what looked like a helmet covered in a mesh of wires “-you all are about to do something involving Master Frederick that Mrs. Frederickson might rather not see. Goodnight, Ms. Lemon.”

“Goodnight, Heathcliff.”

They went into Fred’s room. The young man was lying unconscious in a hospital bed, clad in a standard-issue gown. Hiro thought it was strange to see him without his trademark green kaiju hat.

“Hey, Fred,” he said quietly. “We’re gonna hook you up so you can talk to us.” Then he looked around. “Hey, where’s Karmi?”

“Right here,” the girl said, marching through the doorway and snatching the helmet from Hiro’s hands. “Now let’s get this proof-of-concept study going.”

“Hey, careful,” Hiro said as Karmi pushed the helmet down onto Fred’s head. “He’s got a head injury, remember?”

Karmi softened a bit at that. “Sorry.” Then she took a step back from the bedside. “Let’s switch it on.”

“Baymax,” Hiro said, turning to the puffy white robot behind him, “open the link.”

A green screen appeared on Baymax’s front. It was blank at first, but then a monochrome image of Fred’s face appeared on it.

“The link is operational,” said Baymax.

“Fred?” Hiro said. “Can you hear me?”

“Hiro?” Fred replied. Then he looked around. “Whoa, this place is freaky. Am I dead? Am I talking to you from beyond the grave? Ooooh, if I’m a ghost, this is my big chance to finally scare Go Go!”

“Standing right here, Fred,” Go Go said, blowing a bubble.

“You’re not dead, just unconscious,” Hiro explained.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” said Wasabi, appearing in the doorway.

“Karmi and Mr. Hamada,” Professor Granville said to Fred’s image, “were kind enough to set up this system so that I could speak with you about what happened.” She turned to the others. “If you could all step out for-”

“There’s not much to tell,” Fred cut in obliviously. “I came into the lab with some Yaki Taco, and I saw this monster attacking Go Go. So I yelled, ‘Hey, monster! How about some monster-size brain freeze?’ and then I threw my sixty-four-ounce Monster-Size Blueberry Blasto at him. The monster turned around and hit me, and that’s the last thing I remember.”

“I see,” Professor Granville said. “Well, thank you, Mr. Frederickson. I wish you a speedy recovery.”

“Thanks, Prof G,” Fred replied. The woman frowned but did not respond, instead turning to the others.

“I suggest you all give Mr. Frederickson a chance to rest. Good night, students.” She left.

“She’s probably right,” Hiro said. “Hope you feel better tomorrow, Fred.”

“Yeah,” Wasabi agreed. “Again, I’m really sorry, Fred.”

“Get well soon, Freddy,” Honey Lemon added.

“Um,” Fred replied, his image turning toward Hiro, “could Baymax maybe hang out with me for a while? Being unconscious in a hospital is kinda boring.”

“Social support,” Baymax said, “can be beneficial for recovery.”

“Well,” Hiro replied, “he is a health care companion. Baymax, I’ll pick you up here tomorrow morning.”

“Thanks, Hiro,” Fred said.

“Goodnight, Hiro,” Baymax said.

“Goodnight, Baymax, Fred,” Hiro replied.

He went out into the hallway and was walking toward the elevators when Wasabi caught up to him.

“Uh, Hiro, got a second?” Wasabi asked.

“Sure,” Hiro replied. “What’s up?”

Wasabi practically yanked Hiro into an empty hospital room before speaking to him in a desperate whisper.

“I lied to Professor Granville.”

Across the hall, Honey Lemon had just gotten into the elevator with Go Go. Practically the moment the doors closed, Go Go blurted, “I lied to Professor Granville.”

“What?” Honey Lemon exclaimed.

Back in Fred’s room, Fred was saying, “Thanks for hanging out with me, Baymax. I didn’t want to say it, but it’s sorta creepy in here.”

“I understand,” Baymax replied. “Would you like me to play some soothing music? Or calming nature sounds? Or-”

“Actually, can I tell you something? Something kinda secret?”

“Yes,” the robot replied. “Confidentiality is an essential aspect of medical care.”

“I lied to Professor Granville.”

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