The unknown cousin

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Ulrich? Odd asks.


where are you we need your help. (Ulrich) 

I got distracted by a couple blox's but I'm on my way now.

I wonder what XANA's up to odd asked. 

I don't know but if Jermary's not at the computer it can't be good. 

meanwhile on earth 

whats your plan XANA yumi screamed swinging at a XANA clone with a metal pipe 

chris how's jermary doing 

still knocked out but breathing.

at least he's ok. yumi replied dodging a electric attack.

while i fight off XANA can you direct the guys to the activated tower? i'll try he replied.

chris guides the lyoko warriors to the activated tower and they deactivated it once the team was back on earth the team give jeramy time to wake up.

(an hour later)

( Aelita) so who is Michelle?

you don't Remember Michelle? 

no should i? 

you don't remember Dennis's little Sister?

i was trapped on lyoko for over a decade i can barley Remember you. she replied sarcastically same old cousin Aelita 

so who is this  Michelle?(chris)  she was my girlfriend before she move suddenly to the States.

is this her? 

odd pulls up a picture of a model on his phone. 

Chris jaw drops seeing his old girlfriend on Odd's phone.

how old is this photo? chris asked 

let me look it up odd replied and  looks it up 

October 9th 1994 thats 2 week after  Michelle moved Chris replied shocked.

(chris) what's the model's name? Michelle   Warner 

odd replied.

so thats why she moved to the us to become a model.

 yumi asked in digest  why do you have that picture to begin with? 

i just looked it up it wasn't saved on my phone or anything.

but how did you found her based on her being a Michelle moved to the US  25 years ago and had a boyfriend.

i looked at the list of franz hopper's family members found Chris, found her facepage and went from there. wow odd thats smart...

but why did you see her on lyoko 

i think i know Ulrich  says zooming in on the company logo remember this symbol? 

thats the logo of the company my dad use to work for.

i will have to conclude that when she went to the states she starting modeling for the us branch of your fathers company who used her in order to find Chris and Aletia on lyoko thinking she was posing for photo she stepped into a scanner  sent to lyoko scared and confused she ran and hid when lyoko was shut down and you know the rest. odd said surprising everyone,are you sure this one ain't the cute smart one chris asked Aletia.

no they both said blushing we'll suppose to be cousins remember? 

right.. so how are we going to save Michelle? 

hold on there Monkey face Aleita says we don't know if she is really there or not.

you doubt my genius princess odds says giving him the eye's... no i'll doubting monkey face over here it was his 1st time on lyoko after all 

its not the first time xana tricked one of us. 

in anger chris replied i know what i saw it was Michelle Warner. 

i believe you Jeremy says waking up..

lets go find your girl.


Jeremy are you ok? Aletia   asked helping him up. i'm fine he replied holding her hand. the two looked at each other for a second.

while we're young Einstein odd said curious what he was talking about. it took us over a year to find franz hopper and we never found this Michelle could have been trapped just like you William and and Franz  hopper.

William do you remember where Xana held you when you won't chasing us? in the digital sea in a digital bubble protecting my mortal Coding, that might be helpful. Jeremy  said sliding over to his computer. he started typing away on his computer. what is he doing Chris asked? being Einstein Ulrich replied. if i can just find your coding maybe i can find where Xana is keeping Michelle. after a few minutes 

of typing Jeramy said i think i found her. 

shes in a sphere in the north east of the digital sea.well lets go get her Chris said heading for the door not so fast monkey face there's not enough room on the skid for us all simple Aletia some of us go to the sphere and we send the remaining of the team though the skid yumi said. lets do it Jeramy

alieta: ok Einstein we're at the skid sending coordinates now he replies.

lets go find my friend  guys Chris says cheerfully looking at the skid.

why did we let him in the skid again odd asked from the scanner room?

because he's my cousin now shut up odd and get ready to be scanned sure thing princess odd replied sarcastically.

we'll here Jeremy ok connect the skid to the tower i Activated and get ready to meet the rest of the group. 

scanner Odd Scanner William transfer Odd transfer William virtualization.

i got your vehicles ready and Chris i made this during lunch i hope you like it. 

"is this the KODIAK 450 EPS with a Engine 

421cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves

10.0:1 Compression Rate Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), 34mm fuel delivery TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition 

Ultramatic V-belt with all-wheel engine braking; H, L, N, R, P Transmission 

On-Command selectable 2WD or 4WD; shaft Final Drive ATV?"

Since when were you into ATV's his cousin asked suspiciously? 

since before we disappeared he responded starting his vehicle.

you barely could ride a bike and you know the specs for a ATV?

Everybody has secrets Pinky.

guys Michelle saving her Stopping whatever Xana has plans for her? Yumi said stopping the cousin's conversion.

right alieta and Chris both say.

you can kidnap me you can kidnap and kill  my uncle and my father but no one touches michelle...i'm coming for you Xana and this time it's personal.

i love you too cousin alieta says flying past Chris.


"keep going east and there should be a tunnel on your left" Why were we left on skid protection duty Odd asked bored.i don't know Odd kicking a rock someone had to and Jeremy assigned us to do it William said just as bored.

Einstein there any of Xana's minions to fight Odd asked rolling pretending to shot his laser arrows.

you're in luck there's a couple of Krabs coming and bloks towards you. 

good, I'm itching for a fight.

don't let them get near the skid or else you're be stuck there till I can de virtualize you.

we know Jeremy. 

on your right, Aletia Ulrich said just as Yumi devirtualized the hornet.

good shot Yumi Chris said driving close to her on the ground.

lay off her man Ulrich shot back  

what? chris said revving his engine. can you two children cool it down we're on a mission you can kill each other when we get back Yumi said with a anger stare at Ulrich.

looks like someones in trouble Aletia said with a wink.

the prison dome is close by just another couple yards. (France uses metric so...)

(i do not so forgive for inaccurate measurements if any)

ahh guys we have company. yumi Jeramy said looking at the screen full of xana's monsters.

looks like Xana sent his entire team to stop you 

from freeing Michelle.

we got hornets krabs,blocks, Tarantulas, Kankrelats, and Megatanks 

how many of each Einstein? ulrich said killing a crab

6 hornets 5 mega tanks 12 Kankrelats 6 krabs 7 bloks and 10 Tarantulas all coming from the northeast. 

(Odd) Chris,  you get the Bloks I'll get the krabs.

Roger Dodger Chris replied destroying a Blok 

Yumi you wanna take the Hornets? way ahead of you she replied destroying two of them.

Ulrich, you take out the mega tanks Aletia you're on kanrelats duty. That leaves Willam on spider clean up...

well look at you Odd taking charge Aletia said devirtalizing 3 Kanrelats.

I always thought Jeremy was the leader Chris asked destroying the last two Bloks.

need help with those Mega tanks Ulrich? Chris asked destroying one before he could respond.

the rest of the team destroyed the last of Xana's army and headed for the prison dome.

do your stuff princess Odd said as Aletia went into the dome...

a few minutes later the shield disabled and Michelle fell to the ground Chris caught her before she could.

Michelle Michelle Chris yelled trying to wake her up. ahh, she said as she woke up Chris? is that you? she said trying to sit up before grasping in pain passing out again... we need to get her to a hospital Yumi says, Jeremy? on it. team Lyoko is now back in the mortal world and their cover might be blown... overhead a Camera récords the team coming back to the real world. is this mysterious stranger a friend or a foe?


Again combined 3 chapters into one to place here.

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might continue to write this later but idk.

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