The unknown cousin

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Disclaimer: Code lyoko is owned by moonScope and its team. this has no intention to be made canon nor do i make money off this. see full disclaimer in ch1


I do not own Code Lyoko or code Lyoko characters.

please note this is was my 1st fan fiction i don't like to call it a fan fiction btw  if you don't like grammar mistakes then leave this post now i will from time to time be editing this  story 

Authors Note this was moved over from my 14+ account on wattpad.

i own two one for plot related non sexual stuff such as this and the other of which i spend most of my time.

im only moving this here so i can continue writing everything without having to use wattpad.

i will post new chapters to wattpad but only after said story is completed.

I'm semi retired from wattpad and moving over my non sexual content makes this retirement official.

because of this move i have more freedom so expect more adult themes and languages in these.

still no sexual content but might throw in a brief scene or two of Odd without describing it rubbing one in.

and maybe some more cussing.

as with most of my stories the characters will probably break the 4th wall.

also there will be a lot more "risk to the lyoko" warriors here.

maybe one will die and it will be described in detail maybe it will just be the lyoko warriors standing over a dead companion or classmate.

Xana is upping his A game there will be Death there will be Suffering.

if you do not like this idea please leave.


now enough boring y'all with rules and terms


please enjoy my story 

(important notice i  read up on the cliffhanger of Evolution and 


(since they defeated XANA again in the season final my story takes place a few months after tyron Aelita's step father bring's XANA back to life but he's a little different this time) 

it's been weeks since a Xana attack 

 Aelita Jeremy  Urich  Odd William  and yumi will eating lunch together.

stones Stern Belpois Dellarobia Dunbar  the principal wants to see you in his office now Jim yells walking up to the lyoko Warriors. ok Jim yumi said getting up. 

(the principal)  students you may or may not know today we have a new student enrolling today,as your principal I want you to make him feel at home as he just like aelita here is from another country 

please welcome Christopher  Stones 

Chris? aelita asked hugging her cousin 

Aelita where have you been you been?

I know you have a lot of catching up to do 

but you can do so not in my office ms stones. 

quick backstory on our gang so far.

after the cliffhanger from evolution 

yumi and ulrich realised their feelings for each other and became a couple.

william finally defeated in the race for yumi 

he found a girlfriend in the new girl morgan

sam (the original from the 1st four seasons) transferred to their school and she and odd became a couple.

jermery and aletia are obvious) 


later that day after science class

(aelita talking to Chris) tell me what happened to you I haven't seen you since...  I know Chris replied  and I'll be happy to tell you but you won't believe me. guys we have a problem  Jeremy said closing his laptop.

what is it Chris asked  uhh nothing yumi replied,  we need to go to class now  bye Chris yumi says   pulling her friends away. Chris suspicious  followed the gang into the forest, after losing them went back to campus.

why can't we tell Chris? Aelita  asked 

as they climbed into the entrance 

because we just met him Aelita  that didn't stop ulrich from telling yumi or Odd

she said angrily walking off into the forest. nice one  Einstein  can it odd.

(Ulrich) I'll go find Aelita you guys  get  to the factory.  (yumi) be careful you never know what Xana has up his sleeve.  (ulrich) Chris have you seen 

Aelita? (Chris) she ran off into the  dorms what did you guys do to her?

(ulrich) nothing just we need to find her?

if I help you will you tell me what you guys were doing in the forest?

thinking for a minute having déjà vu from his first adventure on Lyoko after a minute of thought. ok fine we have a deal,let's see if we can find her, as they walked  into the dorms. Aelita you in here?? ulrich asked opening her door. go away she sobbed throwing her pillow at the boys.

nows not the time Aelita what about Xana?

did you just say Xana Chris turned around and asking  ulrich?


what do you know about Xana? ulrick asked raising his fist in a defense position.

what don't I know, my uncle created him, in fact, my dad is still looking for him. 

(Ulrick) on the phone "guys met at my dorm room now"

(a few minutes later the Lyoko warriors arrive at the dorm)


wait how do you know Xana exist when Franz Hopper disappeared over a decade ago?

( Chris ) shorty after uncle Franz fled the government and my father tried to followed him but lost the trail.

but why did my dad take to the factory after they found us (Aelita) asked?

to protect you Chris responded now let me finish.

my father being a scientist used uncle Franz computer in his basement and being a scientist he powered up Lyoko for just enough time to send me and him to lyoko. we were trapped in there for the last few years.

a few months ago I woke up in my dad's scanner room.

when I saw the news reports about strange attacks your audition in your local band or whatever knew you went here Aletia.

 I used my dad's computer to enroll me here changed my last name to match your's and here I am.

ok ok, this is a lot to take in Aletia said gasping for air.

so Chris what happened to uncle Pete?

about that Aletia after dad went into the scanner room Lyoko Glitched and dad got stuck in the code stream. he found the Xana code and corrupted it.

then Xana betrayed uncle Franz and trapped him in Lyoko.

I've been in there helping you and Franz I helped Franz find you Aletia I led you to sector 5 and I tried to regain Williams humanity when he was under Canada's control. 

for the past 2 years, you guys won't fighting Xana you were fighting my father. 

xana was combined with my dads Lyoko coding. 

so when we destroyed  Xana last year we destroyed your dad? ulrick asked. yes, so Xana 2.0 is really Xana? yes, that's why his attacks have been more common it was revenge Xana was after. after a year of being corrupted by my dad, Xana began corrupting and hating humanity. you 6 have been foiling his plans. 

so uncle Pete killed my father and has tried to murder us last year?  aletia asked furiously?

yes, dad has always been jealous of his older brother. uncle Franz was better at the science, life, girls school you name it.

dad finally got his chance to walk out of his brother's shadow when the government asked dad to work on project cortex but he also had to be there with my mom went to labour with my little brother Derrick.

he missed the deadline so when uncle Franz went apologize for uncle Franz they noticed his skill and well you know the rest.

ok ok ok so you were in Lyoko did you have a physical appearance odd asked.

no, I was just in Lyoko as code, do you want a physical appearance? Jeremy asked getting up smiling.


the bell rings we'll go to the factory after Science class.

(Mrs. Hertz) class, it looks like we have a new student today Chris why don't you stand up and say something about yourself. 

ok I'm Christopher  but please call me 

Chris, I'm alietia's cousin and I just moved here as a live on student. 

you'll a live on student? alieta whispers. 

ya, it was easier for aunt Linda and Derrick 

uh hmm Mrs. Hertz says staring at the two cousins Jeremy's laptop buzzes alerting him of XANA. guys lets go he whispers.

Mrs. Hertz may I go to the nurse odd stands up and ask. we'll go with him Chris Ulrich and Aletia says stand up. Okay, she can't finish her sentence before the teens are out the door. 

let's get to the factory Ulrich says after sending a text to yumi and William the Lyoko warriors meet up in the factory and begin and Chris takes a minute to look away from from the factory.

 ok before we begin we have to ask you to promise not to mention this to anyone?

I promise Chris says 

ok, go down to the scanner room with William and odd. 

are you ready? Jeremy asked from the computer  room.

ready then i'll ever be Chris replied.

"transfer chis scanner Chris 

transfer odd scanner odd transfer William scanner William virtualization"

(the three of them  are virtualized  on Lyoko) 

William and odd look at Chris his  avatar he is wearing a orange and blue jumpsuit with yellow stripes  and has a double bladed sword.

nice sword Chris odd and William both say.

thanks now where's the tower? i got a bone to pick with Xana 

north to north east Jeremy replies from the super computer. 

i'll materialize your vehicles and i'll send the girls and Ulrich if Xana finds out who you are Chris he might bring out the big guns so be ready. 

you got it Einstein the boys replied. 

Transfer Aleita scanner Aleita  transfer Ulrich scanner Ulrich  transfer Yumi scanner Yumi 


we got one extra person  Einstein who's vehicle will chris share? odd asks Ulrich can you share with Chris until i make him a vehicle? sure thing Einstein Ulrich replied. ok gang you got your vehicles now get to the Mountain sector.

right on on it Einstein odd replied. 

the way tower is south from your location.

(the lyoko warriors  arrives at the way tower) (Ulrich) hold on Chris   as they go though the tower.

(odd)we got company guys 

Ladies you get the crabs me and Chris get the blox's odd and William will get the tanks.

(all of them) right

(Chris) (in his mind) i'm coming for you xana i will make you pay for taking away my family.


So instead of putting the super short chapters here i combined 3 chapters into one.

still short compared to most things here but they are longer.

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