Sluts of Amity Park

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Painful love.


Erotic Fanfiction


Jazz X Johnny/Danny


Rain poured down over Amity Park washing away all the filth held over the streets, men and women rushed searching shelter from the colder waters and colder winds as the rain became into a downpour.


Within a cheap motel at Amity Park’s downtown, the sound of love could be slightly heard coming out from a room down the hallways of the first floor, the bed squeaks in rhythm to heavy breathing accompanied by soft moaning.


A girl with bright reddish locks gazes upon her lover’s eyes as she wraps her arms around his neck forcing a deep kiss, her honey flavor saliva drenches his mouth as their tongues dance with each other while the boy pushes himself within her.


“Jazz… I love you.”- her boyfriend whimpered.


“Yeah…”- the redhead moaned.


Jasmine Fenton better known by her friends as Jazz had her womanhood glue to her boyfriend’s shaft, the boy wheeze as he gropes her large breasts tightly within his hands making the girl bite her lips gently.


The redhead noticed how her boyfriend’s body tense and his face strained as his penis pulsed and soon her vagina could feel a warm liquid gushing out from her boyfriend expanding the condom they used for protection.


“Already Johnny?”- the girl with fiery red hair commented with much frustration as they had only been making love for hardly ten minutes. “Can you get hard again?”- Jazz humbly asked knowing the answer already.


Despise her massive efforts to conceal her feelings, Jazz looked at her blonde-haired boyfriend with a degree of disappointment due to his inability last more than ten minutes. The redhead was hardly getting her head into the act by the time her man was done.


“Sorry babe, just give me a few minutes to reload.”- Johnny replied as he pulls out of Jazz.


Johnny’s lack of endurance was starting to become a problem in bed for the couple. Though oddly enough it was his idea to start having sex and even pressure Jazz into it. But his first time was a complete failure as he only lasted two single humps.


Nevertheless, Jazz understood and told him it was normal to last so little on the first time as she had done her research and prepared ahead of time but after half a year, he couldn’t last more than a couple of minutes at best, it had reached the point in which she started to suffer from sexual frustration.


Jazz was embarrassed to admit having resorted to masturbation in the late hours of the night within her bedroom and many times in the bathroom after having intercourse with her boyfriend which often left her unsatisfied.


Being the bookworm that she is, Jasmine tried many home remedies to help Johnny increase his endurance during sex, it didn’t matter what she tried so Johnny could last just a little longer, not even her cringeworthy strip tease or homemade aphrodisiac help in the least, Johnny was a one-act show and a very short one at that.


Never once had she believe in his so-called bad luck despite knowing his nickname to be “thirteen” which was starting to weigh on their relationship, seeing his poor performance in bed and the ridiculous number of condoms broken before intercourse made her into something of a believer.


“Let’s try some of my fantasies, I’m sure it’ll you get hard again.”- Jasmine said as she crawls over to her sports bag.


Johnny watched in silence as she produces a leather whip especially made for hardcore sex, the boy frowns as she handed him the “torture” tool. During their time as a couple, she discovered a strange fascination towards being dominated by a strong man.


The boy looks at the strange whip which his girlfriend refers to as a “leather flogger,” ever since the redhead lost her virginity to him, a taste for pain was born upon having her hymen ripped which made her cum harder than the actual sex that followed.


Ever since that moment, she took a liking to pain and even demanded her boyfriend to be rough with her in bed, though slamming his hips unto her butt for two minutes barely counted as hard sex. Even pulling her hair during the act was just too much for the tough wannabe biker.


“I don’t know… I really don’t want to hurt you.”- Johnny said with a pleading voice.


“Relax. It’s made to pretend you hurt me.”- the redhead replied as she got on all fours.


The redhead had gone over the matter several times with Johnny, going through each detail with devotion, even watching a sadomasochist video together in which was explained how she wanted him to “whip” her butt though her boyfriend cringe at the video.


Jazz knew she wasn’t ready for anything too hard and was only experimenting, trying to find what pleases her the most. She knew it involved pain and sadomasochism but hadn’t tried more than some butt slapping.


The blonde teen looks at her and wonders if it’s truly alright to “whip” her, according to his girlfriend the whip was made to inflict minimal damage to the body but give her the “pain” she was looking for, it was then that he noticed his redhead was starting to get impatient.


“Ok, here I go.”- the boy gave a fair warning still doubtful of his upcoming action.


Johnny raises his hand and let the whip fall upon Jazz’s large ass but didn’t dare to hit hard enough which was obvious as the flogger didn’t make any noise. Jazz groans in frustration making her boyfriend flinched once their eyes met.


“Come on man! Do it harder!”- the redhead demanded of her boyfriend.


Jazz arcs her back as much as she’s able making sure to open her buttocks as she much as she could while asking her boyfriend to whip her as hard as he could. Johnny didn’t want to do it but at the same didn’t want to disappoint his first-ever girlfriend. His performance in bed was already pathetic.


“Ahh!”- yelped the girl in delight once Johnny hit her much harder this time.


It was then that he dropped the flogger apologizing for being too hard on her, which made the girl look at him and asked what he was talking about. Jazz hardly felt it and only squeal due to the sudden whiplash.


“Don’t mind me. Do it again.”- The redhead ordered. “Dominated me! Make me your bitch!”- Jazz demanded as she got in position again.


“No! This is wrong.”- Johnny said firmly making his girlfriend upset.


The redhead turned around and shoved Johnny out of her way as she jumps out of the bed and heads over to the bathroom saying she needed to take a shower. The boy could only watch her wiggles her pale bubble butt to the restroom before seeing her slam the door shut.


There was a deep and well-cemented feeling of disappointment and inferiority lingering within the boy’s heart, it didn’t matter how hard he tried to hold down his climax it just gushed out which made him felt horrible for not being able to reach her expectations despite being the one who pressured her into having sex.


Johnny lays down on the bed as he stares at the wooden bathroom door while wondering how he could last longer so he could Jazz reach her orgasm and stop demanding such lewd and potentially dangerous acts from him.


The boy was afraid of trying strange products that could put his health at risk but understood Jazz was expecting better than this. There was a lingering fear that his girlfriend might seek elsewhere what he can’t give her.


Even now, Johnny knew that if he couldn’t last longer in bed than to the very least, he should be able to satisfy her twisted fantasies while they lasted. Despite knowing this well, he chickened out the moment Jazz yelp in so-called pain.


“I’m a fucking loser…”- the blonde-haired boy whispered.



Within the bathroom, Jazz opens the shower and while she waits for the water to heat to up gazes upon her reflection in the dirty mirror which hadn’t seen a cloth in years, the redhead knew she wasn’t being fair with her boyfriend as he tried his utmost to pleasure her and try to live up to her fantasies.


“Fuck… if his endurance wasn’t bad enough, his tongue game sucks and he can’t even take charge in bed.”- the girl thought as she turns over to the shower.


The redhead did wonder if this kind of display was within the normal standards or perhaps, she expected too much. Jasmine didn’t have any experience with men, therefore, hadn’t any idea of what was normal. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied. 


Soon the steam from the shower began to fill the room, the moment the hot water touched her almost pale skin she notices the condom fall out of her, there was a certain embarrassment for not noticing something so obvious.


The warm water and the fragrance of cheap soap had a soothing effect on her mind as she begins to soap her body. Both hands caress her breasts and soon her fingers found her nipples, she couldn’t help but take her hands to her bubble butt and gently began to rub her ass cheeks.


The middle finger eventually found her love hole making her shower quickly changed into something even more intimate. It had become almost normal for Jazz to masturbate after having sex with Johnny as there was no satisfaction in her lovemaking sessions with him.


With two fingers she softly pierces her womanhood as her left-hand caresses her buttocks, Jazz was more than sure that her middle finger was longer than her boyfriend’s penis though she could never tell him such a thing as she wasn’t a cruel woman.


Now that Jazz started a sex life there was the need for more than kissing and hugging, the redhead needed actual sex. She needed to be penetrated by a hard cock after a long and tough day at Casper High as being a model student was very demanding.  


Doing her best to muffle her moans, Jazz penetrated her cunt with her middle finger which brought her more pleasure than Johnny ever did, she reached a much-needed orgasm in a few minutes leaving her puffing under the water.   


Hiding the guilt of personal pleasure, she steps out from the bathroom and noticed her boyfriend was already dressed, both had agreed to stay the night at the motel and make the most of it but there he was buckling his pants, Jazz wondered if she had gone too far and upset him or perhaps, he saw her masturbate hence offending him.


“What’s wrong? Going home? I thought we were going to stay over…?”- the redhead asked gently.


“Yeah, my… sister… yeah… my sister, she called and… said mom’s not feeling well,”- Johnny replied.


Jazz knew he was lying and didn’t want to have another failure in bed or to continue with her whipping games, therefore had to play the part of the encouraging and understanding girlfriend as she tells him to give his mother and sister her best wishes.


Both Jazz and Johnny shared a kiss before he rushed out the door leaving the redhead alone in the motel room, she had planned for this night with a week’s anticipation but never counted on Johnny’s lack of courage and imagination.


“I guess we’re not doing the cop roleplay anymore…”- Jazz whispered once her boyfriend was out the door.


The redhead sat on the bed looking at the sports bag which contained a sexualized cop uniform but end up wondering if she was asking too much of him, the boy was thrilled to finally have sex with her and had been giving his best to satisfy her in bed, but Jazz’s demands of more aggressive and borderline violent sex perhaps were too much for him.


The idea of looking for someone more willing to satisfied her fantasies dawn on her a many of times, though quickly shook it off, despite her depraved fantasies there was no way she could betray Johnny’s trust in her even if a few jocks caught her eye.


Jasmine couldn’t tolerate the idea of being a mere slut like a few cheerleaders she had the displeasure of meeting and perhaps was truly asking far too much of Johnny, she was well aware that boys could only have sex a certain number of times but it was frustrating to see her boyfriend could handle only one time.


Many times, had she listened to Paulina Sanchez, the school sweetheart and every boy’s wet dream bragged about her boyfriend quarterback Dash Baxter and how he could fuck her for more than a whole hour making all the cheerleaders flock at her side.


Of course, Jazz was sure that Paulina had slept with Dash and perhaps a few more football player but it was also clear that the Latina was heavily embellishing her sexual encounters with the quarterback though wonder just how much was a lie.


“I already convince dad to let me stay at a friend’s house, so there’s no point in going home right now.”- the redhead whispered as she crawls under the bedsheets.




Monday morning came by and Jazz was getting ready for another day at school, she expected her Saturday night to be much more entertaining but all she did was a mere quickie with her boyfriend which left her severely dissatisfied.


Jazz could hear from her bedroom how her brother Daniel or Danny for short was walking out of his bedroom and straight into the bathroom. The redhead held the boy in high regards, to the point of admiring him.


She knew a secret unknown to many beyond a handful of people which included not only herself but Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley who were Danny’s closest and most reliable friends, in a way Jazz felt jealous of how close Samantha was to her brother.


If she had to describe it, Daniel was the possessor of ghost magic to be put bluntly, he was blessed with the ability to fly and become invisible, intangible, to launch energy from his bare hand but that also meant fighting demons from an unknown world.


Despite the stress of fighting otherworldly abominations, he never used his power for his own benefit even after been bullied and humiliated by the football quarterback Dash Baxter, as far as Jazz knew Danny had the strength to lift a whole school bus with little effort.


Breaking Dash in half would be but child’s play for Danny, even so, he didn’t. The boy had power like no man in history ever possessed and chose to use it for the good of people, that was something Jazz admires more than anything in her younger brother.


His heroic deeds were often on the news as he was praised as a valiant hero and the online polls gave him ninety per cent approval from the community, though never once had his name ever been given and all pictures of him Danny were blurry or out of focus.


After a few minutes, Jazz walked out of her bedroom heading straight to the bathroom for her morning shower, the redhead was so deep in thoughts that she failed to see the steam coming out from the shower. Both siblings shared an awkward stare at each other.


Jazz couldn’t help but involuntarily smile out of nervousness as she saw Danny’s naked body, it had been ages since they last showered together but her eyes were glued to his well-toned body and six-pack abdomen which he always hid under a white polo t-shirt.


“My God, your dick’s bigger than Johnny’s.”- Jazz whispered in shock.


“What the hell!”- Danny yelled out making his sister jump as he took a towel from the rack to cover his waist down and rush out the door.


“Nothing!”- the girl yelp as she stepped aside.


During Jazz’s whole shower, she could shake off the memory of her naked brother and even fought off the urge to masturbated at his mental image, his well-toned body, his six-pack abdomen was something she had never seen beyond movies, but more important was his imposing penis. Much longer than and thicker than Johnny.  


The redhead soon joined her family as the breakfast table where her father was drooling like a hungry mutt while waiting to be fed, as the Fenton’s’ sat down to eat breakfast Jazz noticed faint bruise under her brother’s collarbone.


It was the price to pay in order to keep the city of Amity Park safe from the threats of the ghost zone, Danny carried such duties on his own and in silence, never once claiming a reward for his endeavours or complaining about them.


Though Jazz couldn’t bring herself to tell him how proud she was of him mostly due to keeping the brother-sister status quo intact. She watches her brother eat breakfast in silence but unavoidably recalls his naked body and his growing muscles, there was no doubt it was due to the constant ghost hunting though hardly anyone took notice.


There was no denying he was growing into a fine young man. Surely, the girls at school would soon realize that and becoming at him like a flock of cock starving chickens begging for some degree of attention.


“If only he wasn’t my brother then I… what am I thinking?”- the redhead mentally questioned herself.




Jazz found herself taking the city bus to school though would have much preferred to take her old beaten-up beetle, even though the car was old and broke down very often which was quite an annoyance especially if she stayed too late at the library. As expected, her car broke down just a block away from Fenton Works.


Upon arriving at Casper high, she could see the cheerleaders gathering around the courtyard doing a small routine for the football team as they were about to part for the state finals, it amazed the redhead just how much money and resources were given to the football team.


All while the literature and science clubs had barely anything left for them, Jazz knew this to be true as she was part of the debate club and often had to put her own money to buy paper and all the essentials for her club while the football team stuff themselves with pizza parties every Friday night at the school's expense.


“What’s up babe?”- Dash said as he puts his massive arm over Jasmine’s slender shoulders.


The redhead turns over at the bulking jock shooting a death glare at him which actually pulls him back for a moment as she yanks his arm off of her and reminds the quarterback that she had a wonderful boyfriend who won’t tolerate this kind of behavior.


“Don’t be like that, babe. I’m a much better catch than that wimpy boyfriend you got.”- The jock teased as he carefully lifts her chin about to land a kiss.


“No thanks, I happened to be very happy with Johnny and he is no wimp.”- the redhead replied putting her hand on his face and shoving him back before walking away.


There was an ongoing rumor about Dash dating the cheerleader captain Paulina Sanchez, one of the most popular girls in the entire school, and for a reason, she still couldn’t understand was the girl her brother had a crush on.


“Can I at least get a good luck kiss?”- Dash asked though he only got shown the middle finger.


Before she could take another step, Dash took hold of her wrist though not tightly enough to hurt which made her to demanded to be let go off, Jazz prepared herself to either slap him or scream, out of nowhere a hand yanked the jock away from her.


Jazz expected her boyfriend to have stepped in to help her out but it was Danny who came to her rescue. The small boy yanked Dash’s muscular body away from the redhead even slamming him against the school bus catching the attention of a few jocks.


The jock cracked his knuckles and flexes his biceps in a vain attempt to intimidate Danny, upon seeing that it wasn’t working proceeded to take hold of the boy by his shirt only to have his hand crushed by Danny’s powerful grip.


“Easy, I was just gonna ask her to come to see the game.”- Dash said trying to act like the top dog.


“She is not interested.”- Danny replied in an instant.


The quarterback knew there were moments he shouldn’t mess with Danny and this was one of them, the last thing he wanted was to get suspended for starting a fight in the courtyard right before going to the state finals. Dash would get even with the boy after coming back from winning the finals and showing off his trophy,


Moments later mister Lancer who served as both vice-principal and teacher came up to them and asked if everything was alright. With a stern hard glare, he forces the boys to break apart though only keeps his eyes over Danny.


Despite his all too well-known favoritism over the football team, Lancer couldn’t be seen favoring a particular student so bluntly in front of the rest of the student body. Danny told him there wasn’t any problem and with that, the geek took his sister by the hand as the jock walked towards the school bus.


“Sorry for butting in but it seems you needed some help.”- Danny apologized as he winked before letting go of her hand.


“Wow, that was quite manly… the fuck is wrong with me.”- the girl cursed herself under her breath making Danny raise an eyebrow. “Yeah, thank a lot.”- she added while looking at the boy.


Jazz could feel her cunt getting wet just by looking at her younger brother and how he scared off the big and scary quarterback. Danny was much smaller than Dash Baxter and still could make the QB shrink in his place without the need to resourcing to his magic.


“I better get going. Call me if that douchebag tries anything.”- Danny said as he ran off to see his friends.


The redhead watched her brother running towards Sam and Tucker as she too walked closer to the main entrance, it was there that she noticed her boyfriend standing at the entry, it was impossible that he didn’t see the interaction between herself and Dash.


The girl stood tall as she walked over to Johnny, she had nothing to hide nor to feel embarrassed about as she wasn’t doing anything wrong, it was most annoying that Johnny simple stood there while the quarterback openly flirted with his girlfriend and did nothing about it.


“So much for my biker boyfriend”- Jazz muttered low enough so no one could hear.


Jazz loathed the traditional roles that were heavily imposed upon couples and all the unspoken rules that came with a relationship, but Johnny’s lack of dominance both in the bed and outside was starting to get on her nerves as he chose to ignore the fact someone was hitting on his girl.


“What was that about?”- Johnny asked casually refereeing to Dash and probably Danny.


“Nothing… thanks to Danny. Listen, I know he’s my brother and all but you could learn a thing or two from him… for example how a man acts when his woman is being hit on.”- the redhead snapped.


“Oh, come on Jazz that’s not fair”- her boyfriend almost whimpered which only fueled her rage.


She was angry at Johnny for many reasons, his lack of endurance and technique in bed, and now his cowardness. Jazz felt her biker boyfriend should have at least tried to act according to his stereotype and stand between Dash and herself, even if he got knocked out it would have meant a lot for her but he preferred to stay behind.


Jazz storms down the hallway leaving Johnny behind to think about his sudden embrace of fear, Jazz knew Dash was just fooling around but couldn’t stand the idea of seeing her boyfriend just stand there and watch how another guy flirted with her.


It was then that Jasmine suddenly imagined herself on all four in bed at her favorite hotel as Dash rammed his hips unto her butt over and over while Johnny watched in silence unable to stop them, even jerking off.


“I just hope this idiot doesn’t have one of those sick cuckold fetishes.”- The redhead mumbled.


Nevertheless, Dash did allow her to see a side of Danny she rarely ever got to witness under normal circumstances, that sudden display of confidence, bravado, and strength which made her womanhood shiver in desire. 


Once within the classroom Jazz looks at the chalkboard trying to calm down as she realized with much disgust that the closest thing to a real man in her life was none other than Danny, it didn’t help in the least that her first-ever boyfriend turn out to be such a wimp, the idea of breaking up with him was every day more enticing.


Jazz knew it wasn’t Johnny fault as he had been the target of constant bullying ever since elementary causing him a huge lack of self-confidence, his biker clothes were hardly an attempt at changing for the better but more often than not were nothing more than for show as he didn’t have the substance or the attitude to back them up.


The day went on though much more peaceful as the football team and cheerleaders were absent which meant an easier time for the nerds and geeks, though it didn’t matter to her as Dash only amounted to a mere headache, a nuisance in the worst case.


In the silence of the library, Jazz begun to question her relationship with Johnny, he wasn’t anything of what she had previously imagined. The boy wasn’t the daring rebel or “bad” boy she initially believes him to be.


The redhead felt sick to her stomach upon understanding that she fell for the classic “bad” boy whom she swore never to be attracted to but after starting her sexual life with him made her realized that she wanted to be dominated, controlled.


Jazz was tired of being the goody-two-shoes all the time, the teacher’s pet and the model student who already got a full scholarship to Yale, she wanted to explore her wild side at least in the bedroom with her first-ever boyfriend. 




Days later, on a Friday night, Jazz stood in front of a particular shop at the main avenue, it was a two-story window with large black windows but more notable was the three large letter X in bright neon red along with word “Sex” that repeated constantly.


Despite Amity Park being a sleepy little town only recently becoming a city, it did house several adult theme shops for many years now, it was nothing more than by mere chance that Jazz came across this shop, in particular, one day as she was driving down the lane.


The redhead didn’t stand for too long at the entrance as the store’s name, as well as the nature of the shop stood out greatly even brighter than the XXX sign over the door which made her parked the car a few blocks away.


“Welcome to I swear I’m a slut.”- a blonde cashier with unnaturally large breasts said with a cheerful voice and a giggle the moment she laid eyes over Jasmine.


The redhead couldn’t believe the woman would say something so vulgar and degrading without blinking, though saying a hundred times must have made her immune to the sound of it. She then noticed the cashier was wearing a small pink bikini and a white cowboy hat.


The shop was far bigger than she had imagined it to be, large one-way windows overviewing the streets, naturally, the soft stuff was upfront such as aisles filled with all kinds of toys, and movies, penis-shaped balloons for parties and posters of naked women with their legs spread wide apart.


While walking down the aisle, Jazz took noticed of dildos coming in several sizes, shapes and colors which were filling up the shelves on both sides and made her blush for a moment as she wondered if there was anyone able to fit a thirty-inch plastic cock inside of them without internal organ damage.


It was at the far end of the shop where she noticed the same sexy police costume, she bought online and had the intention of using in a cops and robbers roleplay with her boyfriend, she made up a game where she would be “arresting” Johnny only for him to set loose and “rape” her, of course, the boy left earlier than planned and didn’t get the chance to play.


Despite her brief argument with Johnny a few days ago, Jazz still wanted to continue with their relationship but more than that she also wanted to developed their relationship and to explore both their sexualities, though there was the ever-present fear that she was asking too much of her man.


Unlike conventional sex shops, all workers here wore tight bikinis with their name tags hanging over their necks though the fantasy was broken by having the girls wore work boots rather than high heels, Jazz understood that their calves would be burning up by the end of the day if they did use them.


“Excuse me?”- Jazz calmly asked one of the employees though her heart was beating so hard it could have broken out of her chest. “Where’s the… um…the…b…BDSM section?”- the redhead asked hardly above a whisper.


“On the first floor.” The employee replied while extending her hand towards the stairs at the end of the aisle.


Jazz smiled brightly as she walked up the stairs into the “hardcore” area. The redhead gazed upon the whips and floggers which rested over metallic racks next to mannequins dressed in leather leotards making her heartbeat stronger.


Strange contraptions shaped like medieval torture devices were scattered further into the shop, cages hang above her head which made her wonder its use. Over at the shelves were bizarre objects named “Cock cages.”


It was then that Jazz noticed a young blonde woman perhaps in her mid-thirties coming out from a dressing room wearing a black leather corset and pair of knee-high boots with long black gloves though lacked any sort of underwear.


“Look, mom! I’m a rhino”- a young blond-haired boy said as he dashed by Jazz.


“Put that back where you found it”- the woman firmly ordered.


The redhead knew better than to open her mouth and questioning the woman’s parent skills or lack of causing a scene at a sex shop, that was the staff’s job for letting a kid no older than ten to walked into their shop.


Jazz left both the depraved mother and her overly innocent son behind as she continued browsing the store in search of something that could make her click. She wasn’t interested in silly medieval contraptions that not only seem dangerous but expensive. 


“Check this out! He’s gonna love it!”- A female voice yelled out.


Upon turning her attention to where the voice came, Jazz noticed three girls loudly talking to each other while holding some leather lingerie. Two of the girls were around the same age as herself but the third one seems slightly younger. It came as a surprise that the employees would allow people so young in which made her questioned the legality of the establishment.


“This will definitely make him want to fuck me hard.”- Jazz thought out loud paying no more attention to the girls.


Almost like a fly attracted to the light, Jazz gawked in awe at the pink fur cuffs, floggers, and some arm binders even some spreader bars. The redhead began examining an outfit composed completely of straps which would leave her breasts completely expose though more notable was the hole in the crotch made especially for her hole.


But it was the leather collar with a leash that came with the harness suit which caught her eye the most, she could picture herself being taken out by Johnny for a walk at the park under the blazing sun, the leash around her neck as she crawls on all fours like the bitch she is, a hundred eyes over her body. 


“Would you like to try them out?”- a sweet voice coming from behind said startling the redhead.


“No… it’s not really… my thing…”- Jazz said as her eyes jump from the leash to the female employee.


“I know you’ll like it. At least try them on… just for fun.”- the employee added with a meek voice.


It was only then that Jazz took a hard look at the woman before her who wore the shop’s bikini uniform with a name tag hanging around her neck, slightly taller than herself with long black hair that reaches half her back and breasts several cups smaller than herself.


The redhead was quietly marched into the dressing room where she was undressed by the employee wondering if such attention as part of their service. The leather straps tightly embrace her body showing her large breasts, a single strap slides between her buttocks.


“You look wonderful. I’m sure your master will love to take you on a walk with this.”- Jazz blushed as the employee used the word Master to describe her boyfriend though it was Danny’s who pop up in her mind.


The harness suit was as revealing as she had expected though her pink panties and bra broke the dark fantasy, on a closer inspection, Jazz noticed the collar had a metallic heart shape in the middle, just under a name tag.


“So, this is what it feels like… to feel sexy.”- Jasmine whispered as looks at herself in the mirror. “I’ll take it…”- the redhead said firmly as the employee asked if she would like to have her name branded on the tag to which she agreed.


Jazz was so mesmerized by her suit that she pulled out her phone and activated the camera app to which the employee raised an eyebrow as it was forbidden to take pictures but remained silent as the redhead took a couple of pictures of herself in front of the mirror.


She made sure to show off her bubble ass for the first picture and pressed her large breasts together for the second picture. Jazz knew it was dangerous to be sending seminude pictures of herself even if it was to her boyfriend.




Jazz stares at the black plastic bag which contain all of her “toys,” new underwear and of course, the harness suit, she still couldn’t believe to have spent all her allowance and most of her savings on them but couldn’t deny the rush it made her feel to have bought such daring articles.


She even purchased a pair of black skin-tight leather pants for Johnny that she could picture him wearing on his motorcycle, a mesh shirt short enough to leave out his belly, black leather gloves and finally a black leather wolf shape masquerade to complete the outfit.


Like many other shops around town, they had the option to wear certain items out of the shop, more than one girl and their partners would walk out wearing strange costumes or bikinis that hardly covered anything.


The redhead passed her hand over her amble bubble butt trying to feel the G-string she had bought; never before had she wore anything similar. The silk string felt somewhat strange as it kissed her anus which was something none of her previous underwear had done.


“Paulina often uses these things….”- The redhead muttered.


Both the redhead and the tan cheerleader often shared the same gym class and so end up in the showers. Jazz normally ignored the cheerleaders and their braindead conversations but it was hard not to see the scandalous thongs that were almost part of their cheerleader uniforms.


Jazz was surprised by how daring Paulina and her gang of cheerleaders were by walking around in very short miniskirts that barely covered their plum asses, more surprising than their skirts was the fact Mr. Lancer didn’t say anything about their choice of underwear or how willing they were to show them.


The redhead walked down the lane eager to meet up with Johnny as soon as possible and try out her new costumes, Jazz was sure her boyfriend would at least want to try out the handcuffs and leg spreader, perhaps even going as far as doing her cop roleplay fantasy.


Normally she let the romance developed on its own before heading to the hotel, little did Johnny know was that she did, in fact, prepared ahead of time and bought condoms at one of the many pharmacies across Amity as she didn’t trust the ones sold at the cheap motel’s reception they often when to. She even considered buying the flavor condoms and the “glow” in the dark versions sold at the sex shop but didn’t trust them either. 


As the redhead slides her car keys into the ignition, she noticed an oddly familiar motorcycle parked in front of a cheap-looking hotel. Jazz tossed her shopping into the backseats as she walks over to the bike only to discovered its exactly the same as her boyfriend, even the same skull sticker on the gas deposit.


Jazz instinctively leaps into a nearby dumpster upon seeing Johnny walking out of the hotel though the so-called biker didn’t seem to acknowledge her presence as he was too busy talking with a queer girl who had long green hair.


“Oh, Johnny you’re a real beast in the bed.”- the green-haired girl declares as kissed Jazz’s boyfriend.


“You know I had to hold back, Kitten”- Johnny replied with pride as he mounted his motorcycle. “I still gotta break in that pussy of yours.”


Jazz could feel her heart breaking into a thousand pieces upon seeing with horrified eyes as her boyfriend shared a passionate kiss with this ridiculous girl who couldn’t even hold a candle to her and who reeks of lame. The couple rode down the avenue as the redhead climb out of the dumpster and made her way back to her car.




“Some swiss cheese here and a little ham there”- Danny spoke in a sing-along voice as he fixed his dinner due to his parent being out at a meeting with the town mayor.


The sudden and loud slamming of the front door made dropped the sandwich on the floor though he quickly made his way towards the living room wondering what happens, for a brief moment could see his older sister storming up the stairs.


Danny didn’t bother in picking up his fallen meal and rush behind his redhead of a sister who once again slammed the door, he was sure that Jazz was crying which he found impossible as he had never seen her crying.


“Jazz! You ok?”- Danny asked from beyond the door trying to give her some space.


“Go away!”- Jazz replied with a cracked voice.


The redhead tossed a pink pillow over to Danny as he opens the door which she was more than sure to have locked but recalled her brother’s ghost magic. Once again, she ordered him to leave but the boy wasn’t listening like always.


Her face was a mess-making Danny realized how much makeup she actually wore, the black mascara was running from her puffy red eyes all the way down to her chin, her bright pink lipstick was smeared and finally some snot was coming out of her drippy nose.


“What happened?”- Danny demanded to know not caring for any sort pleasantries.


 “I made a mistake! Where did I go wrong?”- Jazz suddenly cried out,


Danny knew his sister had a borderline obsessive disorder with always being right, often filling out dozens of notebooks in her efforts to find out where she made a mistake. Fearing this might be the case made him hugged her tightly.


Her tears were soaking his shirt as the redhead wrapped her arms around his slender waist unknowingly clawing his butt. Danny remained in silence even when Jazz’s face was dangerously close to his crotch. He knew her tears weren’t due to some failed school project.


“Johnny used me!”- the redhead added making Danny’s eyes glow green with anger.


“Used?”- Danny mentally spoke. “Oh, I know this prick didn’t just fuck and dump my sister.”- Danny added with quiet fury.


Jazz peeled her face away from her brother’s hard belly leaving a black stain over his white polo shirt along with some of her snot, the redhead then begun pacing across the room in an almost maniacal manner.


“I’m a good caring and supporting girlfriend, I went to that silly biker show, I helped him with his remedial classes and I even gave him my fucking virginity!”- Jazz spat out making Danny flinch upon realizing his sister isn’t a virgin anymore. “We’ve been fucking every weekend for months and he cheats on me. I am no one’s booty call.” Jazz continued as Danny clenched his fist.


It was then that the redhead marched over to the corner of her room where a large black plastic bag rested between the wall and her large desk which supported her computer, Danny’s jaw nearly struck the floor upon seeing its contents tossed on the floor.


Handcuffs, whips, floggers, some sort of metallic bar with a furry bracelet at each end fell upon the floor, his eyes set on a bizarre-looking set of straps and some red balls with a belt. Danny looked with horrified eyes as he picks up a leash connected to a dog collar.


“What the fuck is he making you do?!”- Danny yelled out upon seeing the insane looking toys.


“I wanted to try something new and maybe that’s why he’s cheating on me… oh my god this is my fault.”- Jazz told herself, “I shouldn’t have bought all this shit” the girl added as she peeled off her clothes.


Danny’s eyes open wider upon seeing Jazz wearing a G-string which she ripped of her body along with her bra which she tossed against the wall as she started to cry again. It was the most inexplicable situation he had ever been in.


The boy would have preferred a hundred time to fight off hordes of ghosts or demons than to see his sister crying on the floor naked surrounded by crazy sex toys. Not even a second after putting his hand over Jazz’s shoulder did her cling to him.


“Why? Why is my first boyfriend a wimp and cheater.” Jazz said while holding on to her brother’s belt. “Why isn’t he like you? You’re brave, handsome, caring… if you weren’t my brother, I’d be all over you… no way. I would be completely out of your league”- the redhead added as she dragged her feet to the bed.


Danny’s gaze landed upon his sister’s feet as she kicked of her shoes, his eyes slowly moving up to her thick thighs stopping at her perfectly round butt. He could feel his penis becoming erect at the sight of his naked sister.


“Look at you…You’re hot.”- Danny spoke firmly as the redhead gasp out loud upon feeling Danny’s tender hand caressing her plump butt. “You have an ass to die for, a body that models would kill to have and look how hard you make me.”- the boy continued as he unzipped his pants.


The redhead quickly rolled over to the head of her bed upon seeing Danny’s large and engrossed penis, far bigger than Johnny. It was a monster what hangs from Danny’s crotch, even if her eyes were set over his manhood these shifted upon the boy lifting his shirt.


Jazz had seen it before but never managed to get a good look, her brother had a well-marked six-pack abdomen which he claimed was due to the gym class but Jazz knew it was because of his constant ghost fighting.


Unlike Johnny with his soft belly that was clearly growing into a bit of a gut and now that she saw real cock made her realize how small her boyfriend’s penis really is at least compared to her brother who is a real man in her eyes, one that she couldn’t even dare to fantasy about.


“We shouldn’t…”- Jazz whispered as her lips brushed with Danny’s.


“But we will.”- Danny replied spreading Jazz’s legs.


The two shared a passionate kiss, one that Johnny would never be able to imitate. She could feel her brother’s manhood touching her already drench cunt, the girl knew she needed to fetch a condom from her purse as there was no stopping.


But Danny held her wrist tightly pressing them against the mattress as she spread herself open for her younger brother. Their tongues dance together in a lustful tango of passion as their genitals touched each other sending delightful shivers up Jazz’s back.


Jazz let out a sudden gasp upon feeling her brother sliding in, his face filled with lust and excitement that Jazz was sure to have never seen in him before. The redhead couldn’t hold voice as she arched her back.


“My god! Your so fucking big!”- Jazz declared loudly making her brother even harder.


“Damn! Jazz, you’re too tight!”- Danny replied as he continued shoving his penis.


Jazz could feel her cunt being stretched out by her brother’s snake as it soon kissed her womb which made her begin to breathe hard and long, panting for air as Johnny never before been as deep as Danny was now.


It was then that Danny stops moving and look at his sister as he lets go of her wrist while pressing his body over her, Jazz instantly wraps her arms and legs around Danny upon feeling his bodyweight and warmth.


Without waiting for her “go ahead” Danny slides his cock back pulling out a loud and long moan from his sister before slamming back inside. This is what she was looking for, a man willing to take command and lead her in bed.


There was no need for kind words and to be constantly asking if he was doing it right which often broke the passion. Jazz’s moaning became into rapid panting and heavy breathing with intervals of erotic whimpering.


Danny could swear his penis was glued to Jazz’s cunt as it was very hard for him to slide in and out, he could feel his cum piling up at the base of his manhood and knew that soon he would have to pull out.


“Lil bro, lil bro… ahhh!”- Jazz whimpered upon feeling a warm liquid drenching her inners.


The two shared a quiet stare feeling the cold winds coming from the open window embracing their sweat covered bodies, Jazz could sense how her brother becoming softer inside of her but even flaccid he was still bigger than Johnny.


Semen poured out of Jazz the moment her brother pulled out of her, never had she seen so much cum before. Clearly triple the amount Johnny could produce after spending an entire week without jerking off.


“Jazz… I’m so sorry…”- Danny said while his eyes were glued to Jazz’s cum filled vagina.


“Mom and dad aren’t coming home tonight, right?”- Jazz asked to which Danny nodded, “Sleep with me and I’ll forgive you”- Jazz added as she pulled her brother closer.




The days went on with an unusual calm as the football team which composed most of the bullies at Casper high were out on their state tournament. Jazz couldn’t help but enjoyed the queer silence in the school’s backyard now that the cheerleader squad was absent. 


But it was that very silence that brought upon memories of her night with Danny, the redhead recalled waking up in her brother’s arms feeling sore and yet oddly satisfied. Jazz blushed madly upon his cum flowing out of her once she stood up.


Her legs were wobbling and could hardly hold her bodyweight as she headed over to her closet for some day-after pills she keeps hidden. The last thing Jazz wanted was to get pregnant with her brother’s baby not only due to the fear of what having a child between sibling implied but had many plans for the future.


“Man… That was amazing.”- Jazz whispered as she read her textbooks in an effort to forget her brother’s tender yet firm touch.


The boy had become touchier with her soon after their first night together, never missing a chance to grasp her bubble butt or putting his arm around her shoulder while watching television only for him to grope one of her breasts.


Jasmine wiggled a few times on the bench as she wasn’t used to wearing a thong but didn’t want to have wasted her money despite having lost the interest after finding out that her boyfriend, the sole reasons she bought a thong, was cheating on her.


Yet it felt as if not only her whole family knew what she was wearing under her pants but also the students at Casper High. The odd looks some boys gave her as she passed by followed by some sneers from random girls became somewhat unsettling.


Nevertheless, Jazz knew it was all in her mind as there was no way for anyone to know she was wearing a thong. Of course, this meant she was out of her comfort zone, just thinking about the thin string between her buttocks made her feel so aroused.


Once the school bell rang announcing the end of the day, all the students rushed out the door without waiting for their teacher’s approval. Jazz calmly packed her books and made her way out into the hallway but soon noticed her boyfriend was waiting for her at the main entrance.


“How was your day?”- Johnny asked as he took hold of her hand.


“Boring. I already know all this stuff.”- Jazz replied wanting to knock his lights out for cheating on her but also felt guilty for sleeping with Danny.


Jazz looked with anger at Johnny’s back as they rode to her favorite café on his motorcycle, not a single phone call or text for days which made her want to ripped his scalp off for his betrayal as she could imagine him in their hotel room fucking like rabbits.  


“Rabbits? Yeah, right.”- Jazz mumbled after taking a seat at the table and eyeing down at the menu.


“Something wrong, kitten?”- Johnny questioned.


It took all of the redhead will power not to stand up and slapped her boyfriend for using the same nickname he called the other girl. Jazz smiled as she ordered for a coffee and a slice of cake to help her collect her thoughts before doing anything rash.


Johnny suddenly excuses himself to the bathroom claiming to have been holding on for too long and the bumpy streets only made his need even stronger. The redhead suddenly noticed a small black cellphone over the table.


The redhead knew her boyfriend wasn’t the brightest bulb as he had used his own birthday as a password. There were no more tears to shed as she opens his gallery filled with pictures of himself in the company of the strange green-haired girl.


“Motherfucker”- Jazz whispered upon laying eyes over a picture of Johnny in the bathtub with the green-haired girl confirming what she already knew.


She couldn’t believe a small dick and one-act show like Johnny had the tenacity to cheat on her. Jazz was sure there was a whole line of boys willing to date her, at least that was true for half of the football team who constantly asked her out but always refuse due to her already having a boyfriend.  


“I was wondering if we're still good for Saturday?”- Johnny asked sheepishly after finishing his dessert while making sure there wasn’t anyone within earshot.


“Is this son of bitch serious?” -Jazz thought fighting with all her might not to throw her hot coffee at his face. “Ah, I see. I’m too much for him to handle and got a side cunt to make himself feel like a man…. well too bad, sweetheart. I just found a real man.


Jazz leans in closer to him and whispered to his ear about having something extra special planned, a new far more intense game which made Johnny gulp down hard as he wonders if he could handle the redhead. The sun wasn’t down yet as the couple parted ways with a kiss in front of the café.


Not a second after walking into Fenton Works Jazz spot her younger brother sitting over at a couch in the living room reading one of his many Crash Nebula comic books while waiting for the mac and cheese dinner to be ready.


Jazz dragged the boy by the shirt and up the stairs leaving his comic on the floor while their mother told them to play nice with each other. Yet she didn’t receive any sort of reply from either of her kids but did manage to hear the door slam.


“Danny!”- the redhead spoke loud and firm. “Do you love me?”- she asked taking her brother aback.


“Yes!”- The boy replied.


Jazz looked down at her brother who was a whole head shorter than her and wondered how was it possible for him to make her cum so hard. Surely, it had something to do with his ghostly magic or natural talent, perhaps some practice with Sam, though Jazz was sure the tiny goth wouldn’t be able to handle the monster between Danny’s leg.


“We need to address the elephant in the room.”- Jazz said.


“I’m sorry for everything, Jazz. I didn’t mean to be bossing you around with the whole thong deal… I won’t be touching you anymore.”- Danny added sure that his sister loathed being touch by him.


“Are you insane?”- the redhead questioned as she took hold of her brother’s crotch. “I don’t care if its incest, I’m not gonna skip out on this piece of meat.”- Jazz added as she unbuckled her pants and shove Danny’s hand between her legs.


Her cunt felt so soft, warm and above all else wet. Danny’s fingers were in paradise, it was then that Jazz moved closer to him making the already strong scent of her perfume even stronger making her brother’s mind go numb.


“I already told you that Johnny cheated on me… worst yet, he thinks I’m some sort of a booty call, a mere bitch who opens her legs whenever he merely whistles or when his side bitch isn’t available.”- Jazz continued as she held her brother’s face while he continued playing with her cunt.


“Want me to beat him up or something?”- Danny asked with slurry voice and dreamy eyes.


The redhead had heard about the “power of the pussy” in conversation the cheerleader had in the shower room but never once imagine it to be real and so strong, even to make her heroic brother into an obedient puppy.


“No, I want something else and then we’ll have loads of fun.”- Jazz whispered upon her brother’s ear making him shiver.




Saturday night had arrived with heavy rain as Jazz crossed under the motel’s sign as she parked her old beetle next to Johnny’s motorcycle. The redhead smirk as she laid eyes over the motel room that saw her lost her virginity not two months prior.


Johnny quickly got off the bed upon seeing his girlfriend crossing the door wearing a brown trench coat. Jazz noticed there was a porn movie playing on the television as she put her umbrella next to the drawer.


The biker gulps down as Jazz let her coat hit the floor revealing a black harness suit, his eyes set over to the black sports bag which the redhead place over the bed. Johnny was almost sure of its contents but was too afraid to ask.


“I got something very special planned for tonight.”- Jazz gently shoved Johnny over the bed.


It was the first time; he had seen the redhead wearing such a costume, she hadn’t even worn a thong for him. Johnny relaxed as Jazz peel off his shirt while he played with her nipples, the girl proceeded to slide his pants off along with his underwear.


Jazz suddenly handcuffed her boyfriend’s wrists to the bed frame; his eyes open wide upon feeling the cold steel on his skin, though his head quickly shifted to his feet as he felt the same cold around his ankles.


“I don’t think this is a good…”- the redhead shoved a gag ball into his mouth preventing the boy from speaking any further.


Legs and arms were cuffed to the bed frame leaving Johnny at his girlfriend mercy to which his penis stood firm ready to be served by the redhead who took hold of the hard meat. Her hand covered most of Johnny’s manhood.


“By the way, Johnny… it's not a good idea to leave your phone at the table if you’re cheating on me.”- Jazz spoke firmly as she stood up.


The biker squirmed and rattle his handcuff while trying to talk but the ball in his mouth stops any sort of words from forming. His eyes open wide as Jazz open the door allowing a petite looking teen walk inside.


Johnny’s breathing heavy as he laid eyes over the boy who wore long black boots and skin-tight leather pants along with a mesh shirt short enough to leave his tight abdomen expose. The teen stretched his black leather gloves and adjusted a black leather wolf shape masquerade.


“Let me show you what a real man looks like.”- Jazz said as she pulled out the mask teenager’s massive penis.


The massive meat rod could hardly fit inside Jazz’s mouth but the boy “helped” her by forcing his cock inside of her. Tears stream down from her eyes as the penis touched the back of her throat choking her momentarily.


Muffled complaints fell to deaf ears as Jazz climb over the bed making to have her vagina hovering over her boyfriend’s face who opens his eyes in horror as the unknown teenager positions himself behind probing her meat cave with his rod.


“Ahh!”- Jazz let out a lustful moan as she was penetrated in a single go.


Vaginal fluid dripped down from the redhead’s cunt as Johnny saw in full detail how the mask teen was having his way with her, he could hear Jazz making and praising his size reaching parts that she didn’t know were possible.


The penetration suddenly stopped as the boy pulled out of her and lightly lifted himself, Jazz gave no resistance at all as she was penetrated in the ass. Johnny had asked her countless times to do anal but she always refused and now someone whom he had never seen before was inside that hole.


“Ohh, you’re so big and hard, baby.”- Jazz whimpered.


Strange smells permeated the room as two long and terrible hours carried on; Johnny the bad luck thirteen laid detached from the sight before his eyes. It was the first time since Jazz started a sexual life that she managed to enjoy such fulling sex.


The redhead stretched her arms and back as cum was flowing out of her holes, Jazz quietly turned over to her boyfriend whose face was covered in all kinds of fluids and realized she might have gone too far in her revenge.


“We had something special, Johnny 13. I don’t know why you chose that flat board bitch over me but I’m not the kind of girl to sit down and cry.”- Jazz said as she put on her coat.


Someone knocked on the door bringing Johnny out of his trance-like state, his eyes set on the boy who had his way with Jazz and for a moment could swear to have seen him before but was too confused to come up with a logical conclusion.


“Just so we’re clear. I’m breaking up with you”- Jazz declared upon opening the door. “You can keep my leftovers.”- the redhead added as she gave the keys to the handcuff to a green-haired girl who watch at the curvy redhead.




The bright moon was shining over Amity Park as Danny sat in the living room watching Crash Nebula and laughing his wits about at the silly heroic antics which he would never do when fighting ghosts, though his eyes set over the calendar on the wall.


A month had gone by and Jazz’s ex-boyfriend was nowhere to be seen, naturally, the boy dropped out of school and by Danny’s account had also broken up with the “kitten” who had no idea Johnny was seeing someone already.


Danny knew they took things too far but his sister was used and humiliated, the boy was sure Johnny planned on fucking her a couple of times before moving on to a “fresh” girl which made him justified his horrible deed.


“Hey lil bro, mom and dad aren’t coming home tonight and I was wondering if you wanna take me out for a walk before going to bed.”- Jazz winked as she stood naked in front of her brother while holding on to a leash.


“Love to and once we come back I wanna play cops and robbers.”- the boy replied.


The end.

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