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Lady of the night


Chapter ten: Nightlife


The sudden and most absurdly loud honking of a semi-truck woke Danny from his peaceful slumber, the boy groaned as he tried to get up though found it most difficult to just move, his chest felt an oddly hot weight preventing him from moving.


Slowly as Danny’s vision reestablished normality was that he saw a sight that far too many boys his age dreamt waking up to, a brownish vagina some twenty centimeters away from his face that made him gulp down.


In previous months, Danny would have freaked and rushed out of the bed but now it was different, he slowly pokes his tongue out and gave it a good lick, both hands took hold of the soft round, and meaty buttocks while enjoying the woman’s salty and at the same time sweet flavor.


Desiree had fallen asleep on top of Danny after a passionate night of sex, the woman insisted on sucking the remaining cum out of his dick, therefore, putting her cunt in front of Danny in the most erotic way possible though both ended up falling asleep just as she started.


“I love waking up to this.”- Danny mumbled while licking his lover like a popsicle.


The woman’s vagina and anus were in full view of the boy’s eyes allowing him to become hard with each lick, the softness and warmth of Desiree’s buttocks were going through his fingers as he could feel his dick pulsing already desperate to penetrate her.


It was then that he heard the distinctive noise of a pair of high heels walking down the short hallway of Desiree’s home, making Danny turn his attention towards the bedroom door, staring at it as it slowly opens revealing none other than his second girlfriend Penelope.


“Good morning, Penelope.”- Danny whispered trying not to awaken his dark skin lover as his face blush.


“Morning, I see you that had some fun.”- the woman teased.


Even now, Danny wasn’t fully accustomed to having others seeing him in such a precarious position, though walking around naked had become something of a routine when in presence of his new girlfriends but to be caught giving his dormant girlfriend a cunningulus was still new to him.


Upon the redhead coming closer was that Danny noticed she was wearing a semi-transparent blue dress with glitter all around, her makeup was in need of retouching as well as her hair but other than that was still perfect save for the fact that she needed to go to bed.


Spectra winked at Danny with a wicked smile while raising her hand overhead and bringing it down with mighty force, Desiree’s ass shakes violently as Spectra slap her, the sound it made echoed within the room fully awaking the dark skin woman.


“What the hell!?”- Desiree asked while sitting up.


“It’s already nine am and I’m hungry. Let’s have some breakfast already.”- the redhead demanded while yawning loudly.


Spectra had only come back home from another night working at the strip club, despite Danny saying that he would take care of her, the woman didn’t like handouts and continued working at the club until better opportunities arise.


Desiree frowned as she was having the most delicious dream which had already left her mind upon being slapped in the butt forcing her awake, the woman then stretches her arms while both arcing her back and yawning loudly.


It was then that she suddenly let out a soft moan upon feeling Danny’s tongue masterfully working around her inner folds, her hands took hold of his thick legs while arcing her back and looking over to the ceiling with a dreamy expression as her lover’s tongue slide in deeper.


The redhead couldn’t help but giggle at the sight, her dark-skinned friend slowly sways her hips around Danny’s face as his throbbing dick demanded service. Spectra beat Desiree before she could take the young boy into her mouth.


Warm saliva ran down Danny’s phallus as the redhead shoved his mighty hard dick inside her mouth touching the back of her throat while feeling its pulsations. Spectra’s tongue slides under his gland not caring that it was previously inside her friend.


The boy couldn’t hold on any longer and fired his load inside Spectra’s mouth puffing up her cheeks up while Desiree clenched her toes and grins her teeth as she too reached orgasm. Danny looked over to the redhead as Desiree climb off him.


“Nothing beats warm milk in the morning.”- Spectra said while licking her lips in delight.




Danny quietly sat down at the breakfast table alongside Spectra ready to enjoy some homemade waffles, courtesy of Desiree who didn’t bother in getting dressed after washing her face, Spectra followed her exampled and left her clothes in the bedroom as both knew how much Danny loves seeing them in the nude.


The women had grown accustomed to spending a large amount of time walking around naked whenever Danny was present, it was surprisingly easy to keep the boy satisfied, though Desiree and Spectra spend a lot of time naked around men in the past, it was only with Danny that they actually enjoyed it.


Too often Danny commented on how beautiful and perfect their bodies are as if they had been hand-sculpted by the angels themselves, no different from the works of art of great artistic geniuses which made both women blushed like schoolgirls.   


Desiree knew her young lover meant each and every word that ever came from his lips and begged it would never change, as all the men ever she encountered only ever treated her as a mere hole without feelings, something to use and forget soon after.


Even Spectra who earns her living dancing naked for drunken men and was showered with praises and compliments knew that only Danny ever spoke truthfully, perhaps it was just due to his childish innocence.


Both women paraded naked for Danny whenever possible and mainly after having intercourse with him, letting him see his cum drip down from their redden pussies. The promise of having raw sex meant that other precautions had to be taken.


The cervical cap proof to be the best option to keep their promise with the boy who had a lot of trouble pulling out, it ensured he could ejaculate inside of them without the risk of a pregnancy which would put them at jeopardy for many reasons other than just the baby.


As Desiree put a plate of waffles in front of Danny noticed a large white stain on his chest which he hadn’t noticed yet, it was his semen that flowed out of the tan woman after falling asleep on top of him, the cap prevented any semen from reaching her womb but flowed out over Danny.


Their relationship with Danny had changed very little despite now being his girlfriends, they still fucked his brains out on an almost daily basis though had to admit there was a large sense of romance in the air now that money didn’t exchange hands.


Date nights consisted of going to the movies, having an afternoon drink at a café, enjoying dinner at a modest restaurant, or simply taking a stroll around the park while holding hands though often end up making out in secret. Desiree was initially afraid Danny would lose interest in them after a few sexless dates but that wasn’t the case.


More surprising was to see Danny knew how to keep his hands in check at all times, only ever touching their hands when walking around which proves to the trio just how much they meant for him, especially to Dora hadn’t been in a real relationship and all the men in her life treating her like scum.


Penelope had been in a previous relationship which came to a shocking end as she discovered her man was suddenly getting married forcing her to become a stripper out of spite as she never saw it coming and assumed everything had been good.


Desiree on the other had never been in a romantic relationship before as she started whoring during her high school years, many of her clients which included some teachers asked her out but the woman had always possessed a very strong libido which scared away potential suitors after a few dates.


Only Danny was able to truly satisfied her sexual appetite now that she didn’t have to pretend to like her time with clients. Desiree regretted having been born too soon as she would have love to meet Danny at school and became his girlfriend early on but she could gladly say to have popped his cherry and be the one who “peel” him.


Dora was in a similar situation as Desiree, she often had sex with many men for money during her days as a prostitute but never actually made love to anyone, despite Danny’s age, size and build was the closest thing to a real man in her life, the blonde former prostitute even felt he could protect her from anyone. Even the title of girlfriend was something completely new and foreign for all three of them.


“I finally got an assistant position at Amity General Hospital”- Spectra said with pride.


After many months of going around the city putting applications for a psychiatry position was that she was accepted at Amity General, it was just as an assistant position but she was finally working in her field meaning that she could finally leave her “day” job as a stripper.  


The woman told them about next Saturday being her last night at the club and hopefully would never go back there again, it wasn’t a shameful job as it was honest money but she didn’t spend long hours and days at school studying for it all to be for naught.


“Congratulations, Penelope.”- the boy said with a huge smile.


“Thank you very much, Danny.”- the redhead replied with a huge smile.


Danny quietly ate as he watched the woman chatting nonchalantly about Spectra’s new job while recalling Dora who was at school despite it being a Saturday morning, though his own sister was at a seminar at Amity Park University and his parents were on yet another ghost convention, this time at Washington.


His attention was drawn towards the television which Spectra turned on for background noise and saw a news clip about a series of bizarre bank robberies in the coastal towns by the southern border, none had cameras in the vault area, and only one or two security guards.


In total were several million that had gone “missing,” the doors and vault remained intact, the cameras in the tellers' area were unable to film anything leading to many derange and absurd conclusions, chief among them was that central fail to deliver completely. 


“I’ve never been to a strip club before”- Danny said looking at Spectra.



It was later that day that Danny flipped and loop just under the blue skies of his hometown more than eager for his upcoming visit to the strip club where his girlfriend works, the boy still couldn’t get around to how easy it was for Spectra to agree though his tan lover was so enthusiastic about it.


Desiree was more reluctant about it, claiming there were many dangers but in the end, gave up and agreed to escort him to the club that Saturday night which was Spectra’s last night working, there wouldn’t be any sort of goodbye party as she had only worked at the club for less than a month.


The redhead often changes clubs like she changed her underwear, never lasting more than a few weeks in each club. This practice wasn’t so unheard among strippers as they often changed work locations for better schedules, more tips, or if their boss was an asshole.


A sudden text notification made Danny pulled out his phone which fell off his hand almost a second after taking it from his pocket making him dive down to save it, upon its recovery noticed the message was from his older sister Jazz who rarely ever texted him.


“Get your ass to Amity university, now!!!!!!”- Danny read the text with a surprised expression.


Despite having the strength to lift a whole school bus packed with kids over his head using nothing more than his hands, Danny didn’t like making his sister angry and so hurried over Amity Park university where she was supposedly having a tour of the place and a seminar.


Danny recently heard about Jazz wanting to attend the seminar at college but their father refused to pay the fee claiming it was too much for a mere two-hour lecture. Later that night was that Danny offered her the money which his sister was most reluctant to accept but eventually started to fall into temptation.


The redhead began bombarding her brother with questions concerning the money’s origin and its original intentions to which Danny told her that it was cash that he was saving up for a new game station but seeing how important the seminar is for her convince him that it was better spent on her than on a game.


The boy eventually convinced his older sister to accept the money yet Jazz promised to pay it back as soon as possible. Jazz didn’t feel comfortable taking her younger brother's savings for her own needs, his recent generosity made it even harder.


“What the hell happened?”- Danny asked out loud.


The idea of some drunken football players making a move on her, even cornering his redhead of sister made Danny’s heart shiver as he recalled plenty of movies with such people. Dragging innocent and naïve girls into the bathrooms for ungodly purposes made him hasten his steps.


It took all of fifteen minutes for Danny to arrive at Amity Park campus fearful of what might have happened, he returned to his human form after hiding within some bushes away from curious eyes. The boy searched only for a brief minute as Jazz was waiting for him by the benches near the entrance.


The redhead had her arms crossed underneath her massive breasts, both her thick legs were crossed one over the other, yet her face was one filled with annoyance perhaps even anger as she tapped her angrily tapped her biceps with the tip of her finger.


Danny’s heart nearly stopped upon seeing a young woman with long blonde hair sitting next to his older sister, it was none other than his girlfriend Dora. A million thoughts ran around his head with each step that took him closer to the two girls.


Given his sister’s expression meant that she was most likely aware of his relationship with Dora, upon closer inspection noticed a light red mark on the blonde woman’s left cheek which she covered with a frosty soda can, a few buttons were missing from her blouse as well.


“Glad you’re here, lil bro… I just met with your girlfriend and we had an enlightening conversation.”- Jazz said grinning her teeth.


“I’m sorry Danny.”- Dora whimpered.




It had been earlier that day as white clouds danced under the blue skies of Amity Park while the sun mercilessly shines over dozens among dozens of men and women carrying backpacks who marched around the campus grounds of their college.


Amity Park University, one of the most prestigious institutes not only the Amity but also in the entire country rivaling with larger names such as Harvard and Yale often but laughed upon for its interest in the occult yet still produce some of the nation’s greatest scientific minds.


Jazz Fenton wished dearly to one day be part of such an institute and bring great pride to her family, the redhead and a small group of her high school peers walked down from the classrooms gawking at the old buildings.


Not many teenagers would enjoy a morning lecture at a college they didn't attend to but Jazz truly enjoyed every second of it. More so, to have a taste of what university life would be like though she was surprised to hear that the school didn’t have a dorm system.


It was considered a thing of the past that caused far too many distractions and misfits, in its place was a housing system outside school grounds. Small cheap houses and apartments near campus with more than accessible rents that permitted a more focused environment.


Jazz didn’t mind going back home once she started going to college as she wasn’t looking to hook up with any frat boy or attending any sort of frat party as she so often saw in movies or in TV shows that surely were exaggerations.


“Why don’t we grab a bite to eat girls?”- Jazz inquire to a few girls from her class though weren’t anywhere close to being friends.


“Nah, I ain’t got no cash cause unlike a certain someone with a sugar daddy paying for all my shit, I gotta work for it.”- a brunet said with a standoffish attitude.


“I already told you that my brother paid for my seminar.”- Jazz retorted rather defensibly.


Not many if any of her classmates knew about Danny but the redhead understood how hard it was for them to believe her unemployed brother casually handed his savings so she could attend a seminar that would help her get into Amity Park University.


“Brother my ass, I know a slut when I see one.”- a fat girl with freckles, thick glasses, and a severe case of acne added.


“I bet you’ve been sleeping up and down the block.”- the brunet continued.


“Is it true that you’re an escort?”- a third girl asked with a mocking tone.


Jazz felt offended as she tried to retort those baseless accusations as she had never been with anyone much less selling herself in the streets, she was still a virgin. It was hard to convince anyone of the contrary due to her parading in brand-name clothes around school and unintentionally showing off a new laptop.


Even her voluptuous body worked against her, large D-cup breasts, a bubble butt, and thick legs along with wide hips that made her look rather adult-like. Anyone who saw a girl with her looks wearing such clothes and owning new electronics would easily assume was sleeping around for money.


At one point was called to the principal’s office in regards to some rumors spread by vicious and jealous teens who couldn’t stand seeing the redhead with expensive clothes, yet all the so-called proof came from seeing Jazz changing clothes gym class.


Despite Danny buying her lingerie just to make fun of her, it was a brand name and very comfortable. Though she had never worn a thong or a G-string before, Jazz liked the adult feel it gave her reaching the point in which she rarely ever wore her old underwear again.


“Like I’m the one who got suspended for sucking off a boy in the bathroom”- Jazz spoke clearly and with defiance making the brunet turn around in anger, soon to marched away.


The redhead scoffed at her peers who were most likely be the ones turning tricks, she turned her attention over to the kiosk area ready to treat herself to a much-needed sandwich and soda yet upon taking a single step felt a tap on the shoulder.


Before her eyes stood a tall blonde woman easily a full head taller than Jazz dressed in light blue jeans with cowboy boots and a white buttoned blouse, along with two far more modest girls stood by her sides.


All three women were looking down on the redhead with mean expressions yet Jazz was neither impressed nor intimidated by the trio’s petty attempts to frighten her. It was then that whom Jazz assumed was the leader of the trio begun walking around her.


Her large breasts bounced up and down with each step as her friends giggled mockingly, the redhead had seen it happen many times at Casper high mainly with one girl in particular named Paulina Sanchez who did this to bully other girls and make them scared.


“So, you’re the one hitting on my man. Gotta say, you got a nice rack but I can’t let any big tit shit just hit off with my boyfriend.”- the woman accused.


“Sorry, but who are you?”- Jazz said in a clear stoic voice.


“Name’s Dorothea Prince but I doubt a slut like you knows me.”- Dora said putting her face up close and personal to Jazz. “I bet you were just fucking my man for his cash, seeing that nice blouse of yours.”- she continued poking Jazz on the chest.


The redhead looked at her with unflinching eyes though noticed Dora’s eyes were quaking and her knees had a soft tremble almost as if it were the first time, she was trying to bully someone but Jazz wasn’t in a good mood despite attending the seminar she so long for.


“I’m not sleeping with your boyfriend and I’ll let you know that my dear brother bought this for me.”- Jazz was tired of hearing the same accusations over and over.


Jazz couldn’t fathom how ignorant people were, being unable to understand that having good clothes and a new laptop didn’t mean that she was opening her legs for some fat old guy or selling her backside at hooker lane.


Yet had to admit that it was the first time that someone accused her of stealing their boyfriend. Jazz had never been to Amity Park University until now and didn’t know anyone, as far as she knew Casper high didn’t employ any college students.


“Don’t lie to me bitch, I saw you two together!”- Dora said while holding Jazz by her blouse.


The redhead had more than enough as she punches Dora in the face breaking her stance before flipping her overhead and slamming the blonde woman on the ground, her two friends fell on their asses upon Jazz taking a martial arts position.


The two women were unable to think straight as they never expected this kind of reaction, they were sure Jazz would start crying upon seeing them, yet her attention instantly fell upon Dora’s phone which landed by her feet.


“Is this your boyfriend?”- Jazz asked as Dora nodded. “In that case, we got a lot to talk about.”-




Danny quietly looked at his older sister’s exasperated expression and soon towards his girlfriend Dora who had a worried look on her face. The boy approached trying to utter words that didn’t come out from his lips as his mind became blank.


How much had Dora spoken? Had she fallen apart and told Jazz the whole truth? Were his parents also on their way or had Jazz not told them yet? There were so many questions in the air, each one more terrifying than the previous.


The boy flinched upon Jazz sending him a death glare which he only ever got when really screwing up, the redhead tapped her fingers while waiting for her brother to approached as she wasn’t fond of making scenes in public, especially with such delicate matter.


“Mind telling me why you’re dating a woman six years older than you?”- Jazz half-whispered once Danny was within earshot. “You’re just fucking fourteen!”- Jazz quickly covered her mouth and scan her surroundings.


No one had seemingly heard her claims but not wanting to take any risks took hold of her brother and Dora’s arms in a tight grip marching them further into the school in order to avoid any unwanted attention.


Even though she wanted to go into a more secluded area, Jazz had no idea where anything was and ended up in areas with large amounts of students. The redhead let out a long and exasperated sigh as she sat down on a table far from the rest of the student body.


Her eyes fell upon many food trucks selling hot meals that she intended on enjoying previous to her meeting with Dora which partly ruined her appetite. Behind a large tree in front of a taco food truck was that Jazz saw two girls looking intently at her.


Dora’s friends had back off once they discovered the redhead was more than scratching and pulling hair, they left shortly after the blonde woman told them it was all a misunderstanding and that she needed to talk with Jazz in private.


Naturally, her friends weren’t too far behind and kept a watchful eye over both Jazz and their blonde friend, phones at the ready. Jazz wondered if they were going to call campus security or their boyfriends if things got out of hand.


“I’m sorry, Danny, I told her everything.”- Dora whimpered forcing a cold chill to run Danny’s spine. “I told her that we’re in love and been dating for months.”- The woman continued perking Danny up.


“Listen, lil bro, this isn’t ok. You’re a kid and she’s a grown-up. It won’t work.”- Jazz tried to calm herself down while trying to reason the situation.


Danny tilted his head to the side as he walked closer and sat down next to his sister though noticed Dora was winking at him. The boy finally understood his blonde-haired lover was making up a lie as there was no way for her to tell whole the truth.


“Jazz, please understand that we’re in love.”- Both Dora and Danny blushed upon uttering such words.


It was far more embarrassing than being caught in bed naked with one of his lovers, there was no denying that what he felt for Desiree, Spectra and Dora were very powerful feelings, but he wasn’t sure if it was love or just lust.


Even Dora wasn’t sure anymore of what she felt for the boy anymore, no longer was Danny her meal ticket or her way out of poverty and straight to her long-held dream of becoming a lawyer but someone important in her life yet believing that he was perhaps seeing another woman hurt deeply.


All the men in Dora’s life had done nothing more than look down on her and treat her like a mere object. Her father whom she often referred to as a “Dark Pariah” was the worst of all due to him constantly reminding her that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.


Dora’s brother Aragon was no better as he and their father laughed at her desire to receive higher education and become a lawyer, often telling her that it was an impossible achievement as her female brain wasn’t made for such knowledge and to settle down with a good man.


Danny, on the other hand, was completely different from everyone despite not having reach adulthood yet, the small frail-looking boy with dreamy eyes was more man than her father, brother, the fiancé they forced upon her and all her clients combine.


“How would you feel if I was dating a guy in his mid-twenties?”- Jazz asked looking straight at her brother.


The boy felt like a hypocrite for not wanting his sister to date a guy ten years older than her while he was doing exactly that with Desiree, Spectra, and Dora. Just imaging Jazz in the arms of a man much older than her felt wrong, sickeningly wrong.


Despite the many gifts Danny gave her, Jazz wasn’t willing to put a blind eye to the fact her little brother was dating an older woman, had the boy been over eighteen then the redhead wouldn’t have a mind all that much.


“I know you’re young, Jazz, but when it comes to love, age is just a number.”- Dora said with a sympathetic tone.


“And a jail cell is just a room.”- the redhead rebuke.


Before heading to their parents and tell them everything, Jazz wanted to hear Danny’s side of the story as she couldn’t imagine what could have led for such a beautiful woman like Dora to be dating her fourteen-year-old brother.


The redhead much to her dislike was well aware that her brother is most handsome and attractive, even gulping down upon seeing him walking around the house without a shirt after his daily shower showing off the six-pack she’d only ever seen on magazines.


Most of Jazz’s classmates often commented about how good-looking Danny is and even asked among themselves if he was available, thing went so far as Jazz seeing some girls takings creep photos of him during gym class and swimming class which annoyed her no end.


Danny spills the beans to Jazz who listens with much attention as her brother told her about meeting with Dora through an online dating site, the woman added a lied of her own by saying that she never expected her date to be so young but actually got along rather well.


With the passing of time both fell in love, of course, the boy omitted the most important parts such as Dora being a prostitute whom he paid for with stolen money and often met with at a local hotel with the sole purpose of having sex with, even going out of town for that sole purpose.


Jazz wasn’t sure even sure of what to think after hearing their love story, on one side she was disgusted that an adult woman would be lusting after a kid but on the other hand, had to admit to being very impressed that Danny managed to seduced such a beauty.


“Please understand that Danny’s the only real man in my life.”- both Jazz and Danny could feel the sincerity in Dora’s voice.


“Fine! I’ll keep my mouth shut for now but Danny you gotta come clean with mom and dad about this.”- Jazz said pointing over at her brother. “Just tell me something… have you two… you know… done IT? You know what I don’t wanna know cause I’ll go to the cops”- the redhead added.


Danny blushed harder than ever in his life, Dora who used to earn her living by sleeping with random men also blush like never before making Jazz raised her hands in the air as she stood up not wanting to confirm her suspicions.


She hated to admit that there was a huge amount of jealousy in knowing that her kid brother popped his cherry with such a beauty. Jazz thought she was going to be the first to have sex as she considered women had an easier time, yet Danny already had a girlfriend whom he was allegedly sleeping with.




The following days were more than dreadful as Danny wasn’t sure if his sister would keep her end of the agreement and keep her mouth shut. Every glance his mother gave him send shivers up his spine and fear filled his heart each time his father called him.


Dora had genuinely thought Jazz was hitting on Danny and trying to take him away from them. She let her jealousy take over leading to such foolish action, though according to the blonde woman only wanted to scare her away and not physically hurt her.


Never did she or her friends expected the redhead to be a black belt in judo, Jazz’s sexy appearance was most misleading when it came to self-defense which she had to learn due to too many boys and even men hitting on and not all taking rejection lightly.


It was during one warm Saturday night that Danny steps out of the bathroom allowing steam to exit through the door, feeling relax and revitalized, the boy then walks over to his bedroom wearing only a towel around his lower half.


“Hello, lil bro!”- Jazz spoke loud and clear as she hugged her brother from behind and kissed him on the cheek.


The boy hardly blushed at the sudden kiss his sister gave him while skipping into his room and sitting on his bed wearing a huge smile, within her hand were a couple of plane tickets that she held up high covering part of her face.


Damage control was in desperate need seeing that Dora was devasted for her blunder but he also needed to make sure his dear sister wouldn’t talk about his girlfriend to anyone, not her friends and especially their parents.


Danny knew just how much his older sister wanted to visit the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, even begging her parents to take her upon learning that they were going there for one of their many silly ghost conventions.


Her parents naturally refused as the convention was a serious matter to them and would have no time to babysit her despite her many claims of being capable of taking care of herself but the main excuse was to not being able to leave her brother alone despite having done so already just a month ago.


“I see the tickets just arrived.”- Danny said with a smile.


“Don’t worry I already convinced mom and dad to let you stay with Tucker tonight”- the redhead winked a couple of times knowing that he was going over to Dora’s.


“Thanks, Jazz.”- the boy replied.


Jazz still didn’t approve of his relationship with Dora but was in a much more tolerable mood after Danny told her about Dora’s uncle being a manager at a tour guide agency, according to Danny, his dear girlfriend pulled some strings and got her airplane tickets to Washington as an apology for the misunderstanding.


This of course was nothing more than a ruse to distract the redhead and prevent her from running her mouth to anyone. It took all of Jazz’s willpower to reject the gift at the start but Danny convinced her by telling her that he and Dora along with a couple of friends were going as well, and to take the chance to visit the Smithsonian Museum.


The redhead just like her brother proved to be quite an exceptional deceiver as she easily convinced their parents to let them go the following weekend by saying how she and Danny won an internal competition at school with the grand prize being a trip to Washington.


Being the president of Casper high student council allowed her to easily forge a simple document backing up her claims, of course, the document would eventually see the inside of a trash bin as there was no way she would ever let anyone read it.


“Maybe I should get a sugar daddy for myself.”- Jazz teased as her finger ran down her brother’s hard belly.


Danny frowns as he knew Jazz wouldn’t have any sort of trouble in finding a sugar daddy willing to pay for whatever she wanted due to her erotic body. The boy had to admit that it felt almost strange to think his sister would be dating someone for money.


The girl had more than enough brains to reach management all on her own within a few months had she been part of the workforce, there was a reason after all that she was part of the honor board and was eligible for a full scholarship at Amity Park University.


“Make sure you use these.”- Jazz said leaving a condom strip on the bed making her younger brother blush. “I just hope your tiny dick won’t be the reason you two break up”- the redhead teased.


“You know this is the sweetest and creepiest thing you’ve ever done for me.”- Danny retorted as his older sister walked out.




Loud and borderline obscene hip hop music boom all around as semi-dressed women danced over small tables for men who cheer them on while the foul stench of tobacco permeated the club.


Danny’s heartbeats were faster and stronger with each step taken over the mist-covered floor, his hands held tightly to Desiree and Dora’s small waist as they guided over to the club’s version of a VIP area while ignoring lustful glances from drunken clients.  


Though only Desiree had ever been inside such clubs in the past as she often picks up her old friend Spectra who was still nowhere to be seen. Dora, on the other hand, had never been inside any kind of nightclub before.


Unlike Desiree who already had her finest cocktail dress at the ready, a dark purple open back mini dress that hardly reached beyond her butt and heavily emphasized her curves along with a matching pair of high heels and heavy makeup.


Dora was most troubled when finding a dress for the club that could impress Danny especially after her misunderstanding with Jazz, of course, Desiree and Spectra laughed their asses off upon learning about it.


Knowing how the blondie was tossed to the floor by a sixteen-year-old despite being taller and having two of her friends as a backup was most hilarious to them, it was through Danny that the trio learned his sister is a black belt in judo.


After much consideration, Dora chose a cowgirl style outfit as she didn’t want to be a clone of Desiree with the same style, her outfit consisted of a pair of booty shorts that ran up her bubble butt followed by a denim top, a red handkerchief along with long brown stiletto boots and even a matching cowboy hat.


Dorothea wanted to stand out and make Danny look like a real stud, but had no idea how until seeing a cowboy movie. She was most surprised to see there was a whole clothes collection at the fashion store.


Danny, on the other hand, had absolutely no idea what to wear and despite arriving at Desiree’s apartment wearing his finest suit was told that he needed something less Sunday church and more nightclub.


Thankfully, his girlfriends already prepared a black suit with a pink shirt that made him look like a mini playboy which Danny actually like, yet was rather surprised that Desiree knew his clothes size, the woman did remind him of spending long hours together on top of each other.


“What can bring you guys?”- a busty waitress suddenly asked.


The boy blushed upon taking a good look at the waitress who wore nothing more than a G-string and a black apron along with school girl heels, Danny never expected something so obscene to be part of the club’s uniform while their male counterparts wore something similar yet added white button shirts and black dress pants.


“Three cosmopolitans.”- Desiree said as she leans over Danny’s shoulder.


The waitress looks over to Danny taking notice that he was no midget but an actual child yet simply shrugs as she taps on her PDA and walks away. Far too many high-rollers brought in their spoil brats and didn’t want to get into a screaming contest with one.


“Are you sure?”- Danny whispered to Desiree’s ear. “You know I’m a…” Danny couldn’t bring himself to say, kid.


“Just one… besides they don’t sell sodas here.”- Desiree added with a smirk while rubbing his leg.


Dora and Danny couldn’t help but look around with pure childish enthusiasm as neither of them had even been inside a strip club. Dora herself had considered working in one but saw better money as a prostitute and there was always the risk of a classmate finding her despite there being dozens of similar clubs around town.


Danny too hadn’t been inside a strip club despite having the ability to turn invisible and sneak inside, the idea always did dance around his head but the farthest he ever went for was spying on the girls in the school’s shower though no longer did so.


“Here are your drinks”- the busty waitress said while smiling at Danny.


The boy took hold of his colorful blue drink wondering if it really was alright to drink it given his age but suddenly felt his glass being tapped by both Dora and Desiree who did a discreet toast before taking a small sip.


It was surely a taste that needed to be acquired and didn’t see himself drinking any more than that despite Desiree and Dora enjoying the drinks, his eyes landed over several women walking into the main stage as the DJ announced them one by one.


He could feel a tent pitching up inside his pants as he watched the beautiful women swaying their naked bodies over the stage as men howl for them, the stench of cigar no longer bothered the boy in the least.


Spectra suddenly walked over the stage wearing a metallic bikini and glitter that shine under the spotlights, her movements were most eccentric and stunning. The way she flips her legs in the air using the pole was beyond amazing. The woman was surprisingly athletic.


Despite wanting desperately to masturbate, Danny somehow managed to control himself yet felt his fly opening and his rock-hard penis popping out. Desiree had unleashed his boyhood and slowly begun rubbing him.


“Don’t worry too much. That guy over there is getting head under the table.”- Desiree whispered.


Over to the far table by the corner, Danny could see a pair of feet popping from underneath the table allowing him to assume the fat man in a business suit was getting a blowjob from one of the strippers. The boy wanted to ask if that was part of the club’s service.


Dora took hold of the boy’s hand after loosening her shorts and guided it in between her legs while Desiree continued to gently and slowly rub his dick making sure to prolong his pleasure as much as possible.


His fingers touched the blonde woman’s lower lips as she leans back opening her legs furthermore taking full advantage of the dark environment. Dora loves how Danny masterfully plays with her clitoris.


Danny’s eyes pull up and noticed Spectra was standing over the table, the redhead brightly smiles at Danny as she turns around showing her plump butt as she begins swaying her hips side to side in a seductive manner.


The boy had seen her dance many times but being inside a club made things tenfold intense. The way she bends down spreading her ass cheeks, though her holes were still covered by a thin and colorful pink string.


A warm and wet sensation suddenly embraced his penis as Desiree took his boyhood inside her mouth. Her tongue masterfully wrapped around his cock which hardly could fit inside her, the woman was most glad to see her lover was growing into a well-endowed man.


His birthday was still many months away but was already a real man where it counted. Out of the many men that could reach into the hundreds, only Danny was capable of making her cum hard but more importantly make her feel like a woman.


“You like this Babe?”- Spectra asked in a teasing manner as she slowly passed her thong over Danny’s face.


The boy couldn’t hold his cum any longer and fired his load inside Desiree’s mouth while watching Spectra bouncing her ass up and down for him. Spectra suddenly stops with the music as allowing Danny to see how her asshole twitched in desire for his penis.


Desiree sat upright while swallowing his cum with glee almost as if it were a tasty drink before winking at Spectra who blew Danny a kiss. The hours pile up along with some more drinks, trough hardly enough to get Desiree and Dora tipsy.


“Sorry, girls I need to use the boy’s room.”- Danny said.


Never in his entire life had Danny expected to see a mixed bathroom with purple neon lights and plants that resembled marijuana, though on further inspection discovered them to be made out of plastic, the lights overhead were blue which he found most strange.


Upon entering into one of the final stalls could hear faint moaning which in previous months would have scared him, Danny wanted to cast his invisibility magic and phased his head through the stall to see what was going on, but knew that was in poor taste and left soon after he was done.




Jazz looked around the lobby like a toddler while the bellboy guided them to the elevator. Desiree, Dora, and Spectra were no different as they all gaze in amazement at the imposing marble pillars and golden chandelier.


All four felt like country bumkins at the sight of so much glamour that they had only seen in movies before. Even Danny who reserved the hotel wasn’t expecting something of such level but had to act like it was normal for him.


Despite the time spent with his girlfriends, Danny still wanted to impress them no matter what. The fact that they were adults and him a mere kid was still ever-present, yet felt their relationship had grown much more in recent weeks.


Their status had changed from saleswomen or better yet from prostitutes to girlfriends had more weight than initially expected. It felt much more intimate and even romantic, their dates felt more meaningful.


Jazz’s jaw nearly fell off her face upon laying eyes over the vast hotel’s suite as she rushed inside looking at the fireplace, living room area with a couple of bookcases and a minibar, most interesting was the large one-way window that let them see the entire city before.


“Can we go to the Smithsonian right now!?”- Jazz asked over enthusiastically.


“I’m sorry ma’am but the museums are close right now. They will be open tomorrow morning.”- the bellboy said overly courteous despite being the exact same age as Jazz.


“Don’t worry, Jazz. We got all day tomorrow.”- Danny said with a smile as he handed a twenty to the bellboy.


Jazz broke out a huge toothy smile as she and the girls started to walked around the room overly fascinated, studying the suite which consisted of a large living room in the middle and two bedrooms on the sides.


Both had king-sized beds and their own needlessly large television, even a coffee pot set. What really blew Jazz’s mind away was the jacuzzi on the balcony that made her gulp down as she wasn’t expecting to take a dip in one.


“Maybe I really should get myself a sugar daddy after all”- Jazz teased her brother as the girls relaxed on the couch.


Jazz’s eyes fell over Desiree and Spectra whom she only exchanged some pleasantries earlier that day and so far, only knew they were Dora’s friends. Yet boarding the first-class plane made her completely forget asking any further.


The redhead wanted to know what kind of relationship they had with her brother, she knew Dora is Danny’s girlfriend and who wanted to make amends for “attacking” her just a week prior but knew nothing about the other two.


“So… where are Desiree and Spectra gonna sleep?”- Jazz whispered. “I know you want to spend some time along with Dora but I can’t imagine they’re gonna sleep on the couch.”- the redhead continued.


Jazz was now more open to the idea of her brother and Dora being a couple but still didn’t like it, often asking if he would be as understanding as she is, though going to visit the museum had a lot to do with her attitude change.  


“Don’t worry about that little lady, we’re staying with Danny”- Dora said tipping her cowgirl hat and making a gun gesture.


“Oh, I couldn’t have that.”- Jazz said lifting her hand upfront. “The room is big enough for all three of us, and I’m sure you’ll want to spend some… time with Danny”- the redhead had a hard time utter those words.


“That won’t be necessary… we are also dating Danny.”- Desiree said with a kind smile.


“What!?”- Jazz yelped out.


The redhead turned over to her brother with a bewildered expression drawn on her face making him flinch on the spot, the girl then marched closer to him. Danny knew Desiree wanted to come clean with Jazz but above all to not be in the background.


Needleless to say, certain matters were to be kept secret and taken to the grave, but none of them wanted Jazz to find out that her brother was seeing Desiree or Spectra behind Dora’s back and make things even more complicated than necessary.


The redhead already met with Dora out of mere chance and the same could be applied to any one of them in the near future. If Danny’s sister had to know it might as well be sooner than later and avoid further complications, especially violent ones.


“Why don’t we go out sightseeing and have some dinner?”- Spectra said trying to defuse the situation.


“You are gonna tell me everything in detail.”- Jazz demanded.




Jazz and Dora behaved like stereotypical tourists as they marched up and down the blocks taking pictures of both historical buildings and the statues of great heroes. Their relationship had started rather rocky but was quickly improving.


Chatting as if they were old friends though the redhead did bombard her blonde hair companion with questions to no end referring to university life, Jazz wanted to know how true were the movies and tv series to actual campus life.


Dora couldn’t tell her much as she was basically a bookworm who didn’t participate in frat parties or the likes, in a matter of speaking, she was a borderline outcast only ever getting a couple of friends, oddly enough, that was a starting point for both girls.


The redhead didn’t have anyone she could truly consider as a friend, even though Jazz was well aware of how arrogant it sounded, most girls from her school felt jealousy of both her beauty and brains, often making cruel remarks.


Most girls considered it impossible for someone with D-cup breasts, a bubble butt, and a doll face which combined makes a rather erotic body to have any level of intelligence. They firmly believed Jazz is some sort of a dumb bimbo who uses her body to get upfront.


Despite the redhead being extremely interested in sightseeing, Dora, and Spectra were far more interested in doing some shopping at the local malls and other shopping centers though Jazz had to drag them away from any expensive-looking shop.


Desiree, on the other hand, seemed to be superglued to Danny as she hardly ever let go of the boy’s hand for more than a few seconds. Yet it didn’t seem to be a motherly affection, but an actual romantic one.


“For a rich girl, Jazz seems to be easily impressed.”- Spectra whispered to Dora in the living room upon their return.


“And she always counting her money, likes she afraid to run out of it.” The blondie added.


“Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s almost like she’s never been to a fancy hotel before.”- Dora replied recalling her time with Danny at Dimmesdale Plaza. “She also seemed very uncomfortable at that shop earlier, I mean, rich girls spend all day in those stores… don’t they?”- the blonde woman asked.


Both women recalled seeing the redhead constantly gawking at the hotel lobby, even taking pictures of the chandelier and counting up to the last penny she had before buying anything, even a mere hotdog.


Everything when down on an account book which she brought in order to keep track of her spending and not go out of her budget, Jazz was especially troubled when Danny bought her clothes and paid for almost everything.


“Maybe they have strict parents?”- Spectra questioned.


Dora and her peer both giggled upon walking into the balcony catching Jazz’s attention who was overviewing the city while taking some more pictures, probably already filling her SD twice.


The redhead had to buy a swimsuit earlier that day as there was no way for her to enter the jacuzzi in her underwear yet chose a very childish pink one-piece swimsuit. Her eyes fell over Desiree who was wearing a black thong bikini that left nothing to the imagination.


She couldn’t help but feel out of place as the three older women dressed in very kinky and daring bikinis, the women might as well be naked which they would have had it not been for Jazz being present.


“Oh, little lady, that won’t do.”- Spectra said shaking her head.


“Good thing we got you covered.”- Dora continued with a smirk.


Danny walked into the balcony after dumping his clothes on the floor in favor of a pair of black briefs, in his hands was a large pizza despite already having eaten dinner at a local and most homely diner.


Jazz and her brother both blush upon seeing one another. The redhead wanted to run back into her bedroom and crawl under the bed as Dora had forced her to wear a red lace G-string and bra rather than her modest one-piece.


The redhead was already accustomed to wearing thongs and G-strings thanks to Danny buying a few sets just to prank her but became very fond of them. Yet she wasn’t ready to show it to anyone, especially to her brother.


“You look really pretty, Jazz.”- Danny said with a warm smile.


The girl couldn’t help but to continue blushing as all five dipped into the warm waters, three sets of large breasts floated before her eyes though her own tits were very close in size making her wonder if she was growing up correctly.


Jazz had always considered her brother a good and trusting boy but never once did it cross her mind that he could be a player, but seeing sitting between Desiree and Dora was a bizarre sight to behold. Danny was still the same scrawny boy though admittedly has a very good body.


“So, how long have you guys known each other?”- Jazz asked while taking a bit from her pizza.


“A few months now… ah! But I think I know what you really want to ask.”- Dora answered as she leans in closer. “You wanna know who’s doing your little brother.”- she continued.


“No!!”- The redhead replied while blushing madly.


The three older women roar out laughing while the two siblings blushed and dipped further into the jacuzzi. It was true that she wanted to know if her little brother was already sexually active though not for any morbid reasons.


She feared what kind of repercussions it would have in his emotional development in the long run but Danny did seem to be most happy among the three women. Jazz still couldn’t see any sort of real future in their relationships, she was sure it wouldn’t work.


It was then that she saw a black bra floating towards her make the redhead pop her head up in shock, all three women had taken off their tops. Jazz blushed as her eyes followed Desiree’s hand all the way down to her brother’s crotch.


“Just in case you’re curious, all three of us are sleeping with Danny.”- Desiree said with a seductive voice making Jazz blush even more.


“Yeah, but I bet he can’t really satisfy you.”- Jazz retorted while looking away.


All three started to laugh as they wheeze between breathes how Danny really knows how to use his hips and make them cum hard each time they have sex, but Jazz covered her ears while chanting the periodic table, she didn’t want to hear about her brother’s sex life.


Her reaction only made Dora laugh louder though Desiree was now calming her amusement down, Jazz frown at them once all the laughter came to an end. The redhead took a long sip of a champagne bottle Spectra bought.


“Tell me Danny how would you feel if I brought three boyfriends over and they told how they popped my cheery or how many times we slept together.”- Jazz said with a teasing smirk.


“I’m so sorry, we didn’t mean to make you upset.”- Dora said hugging Jazz. “You’re a little too stress!”- the blonde added as she unclips her bra.


The redhead yelp as she tried to cover her large breasts with her hands while trying to recover her bra from Dora, but seeing Danny’s shocked expression made her give up and show off her goods.


It was strange to be topless in front of her brother but was thankful that he had the common decency to not act on his basic instincts and try to cop a feel. Jazz had to admit that her brother is quite a looker, his six-pack belly was every boy’s dream.


The five of them retreated to their bedrooms around midnight, once their only bottle was finish and their bodies rather wrinkled due to the water.




Jazz woke up about an hour later due to her being most unused to sleeping in an overly soft bed, her throat felt dry for she didn’t drink more than a single champagne glass, she didn’t like the flavor and knew for a fact that it wouldn’t quench her thirst.


With sluggish steps, the redhead exits her bedroom and headed over to the minibar no longer caring that all the sodas were overpriced. Her thirst was too much and didn’t feel like going out to the store in an unknown city.


“Dora’s paying after all…”- Jazz sneered upon taking a drink out.


Her attention was drawn over to Danny’s bedroom which he shared with Dora, Desiree, and Spectra. The girl gulps down hard upon seeing a sliver of light coming out from under the door allowing her to know they were still wide awake.


With a trembling heart, Jazz walked closer to the door hearing faint moaning coming from within, a moment of doubt came upon her while placing a hand over the doorknob, gently twisting it until it open. Her eyes widen in pure and utter shock.


Desiree was riding her brother, bouncing on his crotch with might and rhythm as Spectra kissed his chest and Dora sat over his face. The redhead had seen several porn movies but never felt something so intense before.


She wanted to walk away and pretend never to see Danny like this but her feet had turned into extremely heavy stones, Jazz could see with full detail as Danny slide in and out of the dark-skinned woman who moans softly.


“So, fucking good.”- Dora moaned as her cunt was being serviced.


Desiree let out a long moan as she had reach orgasm yet Danny hadn’t, Spectra got on all four her head aiming at the door but Jazz was sure the darkness made it impossible for anyone to know she was there.


Never before had Jazz seen a lustful expression on her brother’s face, his almost violent thrusting which made Spectra’s breasts bounce back and forth until losing strength in her arms forcing her to rest her chest on the bed while her butt remained looking at the ceiling.


Jazz’s hand slowly made its way between her legs feeling how wet she’d become, her G-string felt unto the ground as the middle finger began rubbing unto her clit while the left hand muffled any incoming sounds.


Her heart almost stopped as her brother also stopped moving, the idea that she had been discovered crossed her mind but a second later Danny pulled out of the Spectra and stood up showing his long and thick cock.


“Ahh!”- Spectra moaned loudly as she was anally penetrated.


Jazz couldn’t help but gulp down as she saw how big her brother really is and how hard he made Spectra moan. Her finger soon slides inside of her wet cunt, a pair of fingers pinched her nipples.


The girl was soon drawing in carnal pleasures wondering if she should just walk in and join. Jazz shook her head as that wasn’t a line, she was willing to cross, no matter how hot Danny is nor how big his cock is. Jazz reached intense orgasm as her brother filled Spectra to the brim allowing her to break free from her trance.


At eight in the morning, Jazz walked into their bedroom and noticed all four were deep asleep, cum was flowing out of the girls making a literal puddle on the bed as the redhead wonder if they were under some birth control.


“Hurry up guys!! The museum is about to open!”- Jazz said after exiting the room and calling for them on the other side, her face blushing.


The three women seemed like death as they hardly had any sleep thanks to Danny, all four were very tired, dark bags under their eyes and a grim expression on their faces. The delicious hotel breakfast wasn’t enough to revive them.


Being at a quiet and in their opinion boring museum all day would need a titanic effort just to stay awake long enough for Jazz to have her fill with the place.


To be continued

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