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Chapter 5: What Do You Mean, “Fifth Base”?

The next Wednesday, a wonderful thing happened: Ronnie Anne finished art camp. Bobby still had to finish out the week at Deuce Hardware, though, so he and Ronnie Anne wouldn’t be heading back to Great Lakes City until Saturday. Which left Lincoln and Ronnie Anne the better part of two days to do nothing but be together.

On Thursday morning, they met up at the house of Mr. Grosfeld, Bobby’s temporary employer at Deuce Hardware, who had been hosting Bobby and Ronnie Anne during their month-long stay. Both Bobby and his boss were currently at work, which meant that Lincoln and Ronnie Anne had the house to themselves.

Perhaps naturally, the two didn’t manage to get in more than a couple of minutes of small talk before they found themselves heading to the back room where Ronnie Anne was staying, to avail themselves of the pull-out sofa and enthusiastically repeat their experience from the previous Friday night—this time in glorious privacy, full undress, and something approximating a bed.

After three rounds—boy on top, then girl on top, then doggy for the grand finale—they both lay side by side in the sofa bed, holding hands as they caught their breath.

Now, at long last, Lincoln had an opportunity to talk with Ronnie Anne alone, and not just for a few minutes behind a food truck.

“You know,” Lincoln said, “I’m really glad…about all of this.”

“Yeah,” Ronnie Anne replied. “I mean, I never thought you and I would actually, um, get together, like this. And that it would get, you know, so physical, so fast.”

“Yeah,” Lincoln replied. “I mean, I always liked you, but I guess I never really realized how much.” His face reddened slightly as he added, “Including in the physical way.”

“Yeah,” Ronnie Anne agreed, also blushing. “It makes me feel…I don’t know…attractive, that you want me like that.”

“You are attractive,” Lincoln blurted. 

“Really? You don’t think my teeth are weird?”

“Weird? You’re talking to an eleven-year-old with white hair.”

“I always figured it was from stress because you have such a big family. Plus, you’re kind of high strung. That’s why I was so surprised when you decided to make a move and kiss me that first night at the drive-in.”

Lincoln turned from pink to beet red and looked at the ceiling.

Ronnie Anne’s brow furrowed. “What?”

“I have to confess something.”

“What is it?”

“That night…it…wasn’t exactly my idea.”

“What do you mean?”

Lincoln sighed. “Lori wanted to make out with Bobby, and she was afraid he wouldn’t do it because it would make us uncomfortable, so…”

“…so she figured it would be easier if the two of us were making out, too,” Ronnie Anne finished. Then she sighed. “I wish I was surprised, but I’ve seen way too much of the Bobby-Lori dynamic.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Lincoln said, letting out a sigh of relief.

“But…” Ronnie Anne said, “does that mean you’re not really…into me?”

“What? No!” Lincoln cried. “I mean, yes! I’m so deep into you! Wait, I mean…” He stopped and took a deep breath. “I mean I really like you. And not just ‘cause you’re amazing to do…this…with.”

Ronnie Anne took Lincoln’s hand again.


They used the shower in the house’s small back bathroom to clean up. Then they got dressed together. 

“Gosh,” Lincoln said as he pulled up his jeans, “it’s so great to be able to just talk to you without anyone else around. Especially Lori.”

“Tell me about it!” Ronnie Anne replied, buttoning her shorts. “The past four weeks have just been crazy! I can’t wait ‘til my mom finally decides I’m old enough for a cell phone.”

“Even if I was old enough, my mom says it’s ‘not in the budget,’” Lincoln replied.

He stopped dressing and put his hand on Ronnie Anne’s shoulder. “But even with all of Lori’s craziness, I have to say… the time we have spent together has been, well, pretty great.”

Ronnie Anne looked at him, and the fondness in her eyes was so clear that Lincoln wanted to melt. 

Suddenly, her expression changed from sweet to sneaky.

“So, Linc,” she said. “I’ve been thinking…”

“About what?”

“How’d you like to get your sister back for all the stress she’s put you through this month?”

“Um, actually…that sounds kinda great. But how?”

“Well, have you ever heard of ‘fifth base’?”

“No. What the heck is that?”

She lowered her voice, even though they were alone, and said, “It’s when the guy puts his thing up the girl’s butt.”

Lincoln blinked. “Really? That’s a…thing?”

“That’s what Sid said. I’m surprised Rusty hasn’t told you about it.”

“Well, he did, but I just assumed he’d got his facts wrong about what goes where, like usual. And do girls like that?”

“A lot of them don’t, Sid says. But ever since she told me about it, I’ve kind of wanted to try it. And now that we’ve, you know, covered the other four bases…”

Despite having had three rounds of sex less than an hour earlier, Lincoln suddenly felt like there was a three-ring circus in his pants.

“Well, um, I guess I wanna try it, too,” he said as evenly as he could manage. “But how does that help us get back at Lori?”

“Because I’d bet a million dollars that Lori would never want to do that. I’ll bet she’d never even expect Bobby to ask.”

“Okay,” Lincoln replied, still not quite getting it.

“So before Friday, I’ll drop some hints to my brother that Lori wants him to go to fifth base with her. And you need to drop some hints to Lori that Bobby wants to do it.”

“Right,” Lincoln murmured, putting a hand to his chin. “Right. ‘Cause even if Lori doesn’t want to do it, if she thinks Bobby really wants to, she’s not going to say no to him. Not on their last night together.”

“Exactly. She’ll feel like she has to do it, even if it freaks her out.”

“Ronnie Anne, you’re an evil genius!” Lincoln exclaimed with a grin. “But…how do I hint about something like that?”

“I’ve got a couple ideas.”


Lincoln didn’t know whether Lori was planning to corner him for another pre-date briefing, so he decided he’d better take the initiative this time. He approached her as she was coming down the hall from the bathroom to her bedroom.

“Hey,” he said in a low voice. “I just wanted to say how great our double-date nights have been. I mean, I’m really glad I let you talk me into doing all that stuff with Ronnie Anne. Even though I was a real pain about it.”

Lori smiled. “I knew you’d come around.”

“And Ronnie Anne’s really looking forward to getting to fifth base tonight. She says Bobby is, too.”

Lori stopped in her tracks. 

“What are you talking about?” she demanded. Then she saw Lola and Lana coming down the hall skipping rope, and she said, “Wait, don’t answer that yet.”

She grabbed Lincoln by the wrist and dragged him into her room. Leni looked up at them from her Teen Togs magazine and smiled.

“Hey, guys!” 

“Hey, Leni,” Lincoln replied.

Not missing a beat, Lori turned around and dragged Lincoln into his own room instead, closing the door behind them.

“So, getting to what, now?” Lori demanded.

“You know, fifth base. I mean, we did the first four, so now Ronnie Anne’s expecting to go to fifth. Bobby is, too; he actually said something to Ronnie Anne about how excited he is.”

Lori sat down on Lincoln’s bed and seemed to be making a great deal of effort to sound both casual and rational as she asked, “So, just to be completely clear, because maybe you and your little girlfriend don’t understand all the grown-up words yet: What exactly do you mean by ‘fifth base’?”

With as straight a face as he was physically capable of making, Lincoln replied, “You know, when the guy puts his thing in the girl’s butt.”

He took a moment to let that sink in. Then he continued, “Ronnie Anne says she’s been waiting her whole life to try it. I mean, I sure have. I guess every boy does, even though we don’t usually talk about it.”

Seeing the look on Lori’s face—a combination of epiphany, shock, and fear—Lincoln knew he had her. That last line, which Ronnie Anne had suggested, had brought Lori to the desired set of conclusions: that Bobby was greatly looking forward to having anal sex with her tonight, that he’d probably been looking forward to it for a long time, and that he’d be deeply disappointed if Lori refused him.

Wow, Lincoln thought. Ronnie Anne really is a genius at this stuff.

Lincoln, being no slouch himself, could have predicted what Lori did next.

“Well,” she said, clearly straining to sound un-flustered, “I’m sure we’ll all, um, have a nice, ah, time, tonight.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna be great,” Lincoln agreed.

“So, if you’ll get out of my room now, I’ll start getting ready.”

“We’re in my room.”

“Ah. Yes. Of course.”


Even a couple of hours later, when it was time to pick up Bobby and Ronnie Anne, Lori was clearly still flustered. She made two wrong turns on the way to Mr. Grosfeld’s house, then greeted Bobby by calling him “Boo-Boo Butt” before hastily correcting herself. Ronnie Anne grinned slyly at Lincoln.

“So,” Ronnie Anne said at slightly more than conversational volume, “really looking forward to the movie tonight.”

“Yeah, me too,” Lincoln replied, playing along.

“It’s going to be great!” Lori replied a little too quickly.


Thirty minutes later, Vanzilla was parked in front of the screen, the showing of the 1950s flop Protocol 7 From Beyond the Stars was underway, and Lincoln and Ronnie Anne were just polishing off their pulled-pork-pierogis-on-a-stick.

“Mmm, not bad!” Lincoln declared.

“Not bad at all,” Ronnie Anne replied. Then, in the sexiest tone she was capable of, she added, “How about a little dessert?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Lincoln replied, his tone equally suggestive.

They fell on each other in an ostentatious display of making out and fondling. Lincoln rolled Ronnie Anne on top of him and made sure Lori saw him grab Ronnie Anne’s ass with both hands, whereupon Ronnie Anne sighed in a stage whisper.

“Well,” Lincoln heard Bobby say, “that, um, looks like a good idea.”

“Oh, uh, yes,” Lori replied. “Yes, let’s…do that.”

Lori and Bobby began making out, at which point Lincoln turned his full attention to Ronnie Anne. Now, their kissing and fondling was not for Lori and Bobby’s benefit, but for their own.

While kissing Ronnie Anne, Lincoln unzipped the girl’s purple hoodie and was pleased to discover that she hadn’t bothered wearing anything more than a bra underneath. A bra that unhooked in the front.

“You’re awesome,” he whispered in her ear even as he undid her bra hook.

Ronnie Anne didn’t reply in words; she just reached down and unzipped Lincoln’s pants. In the flickering light from the movie screen, Lincoln saw the girl smile when she discovered that he had worn his special, high-thread-count red underwear.

“Don’t you want to do my shirt first?” Lincoln whispered.

“We need to do this thing doggy style,” Ronnie Anne replied. “Which means the top half of you is gonna be above the window line. Better safe than sorry.”

“Good thinking,” Lincoln said.

He eagerly felt up Ronnie Anne’s little breasts—something he thought he might never get tired of doing. Especially when Ronnie Anne caressed his erect cock at the same time.

He moved one hand lower, down her stomach and toward the waistband of her shorts. Ronnie Anne let go of his cock just long enough to quickly shuck down her shorts and underwear and then spread her thighs to give Lincoln full access to her heat-radiating little slit.

They kissed and fingered and fondled each other ardently, each panting in the other’s ear as their passion grew. And just when Lincoln cock’s felt so hard that he thought it might snap off in Ronnie Anne’s hand, she whispered two wonderful words in his ear.

“I’m ready.”

Then, through Lincoln’s hormone-soaked brain came a bolt of coherent thought.

“Hey, didn’t you say we’d need some kind of lubricant for this?”

Ronnie Anne grabbed a little tube out of the pocket of her hoodie and put it in the palm of Lincoln’s hand.

“Once I dropped the hint to Bobby about how excited Lori was to go to fifth base with him,” she whispered, “he ran right out and bought half a dozen of these.”

Ronnie Anne lay down on her back and raised her bent legs up to expose her little hole, saying, “Here, put it on me.”

Lincoln opened the tube, squeezed some lube onto his index finger, then touched his fingertip to Ronnie Anne’s little brown hole, which winked reflexively. In a couple of small, slow circling motions, he lubed it up. Ronnie Anne made a tiny moan.

Fascinated and horny, Lincoln gently pushed his fingertip into Ronnie Anne’s hole. She moaned again, a little louder this time, so he pushed in farther. Then he started moving his finger slowly in and out of her.

“Oh, God,” Ronnie Anne breathed. “Oh, yes…”

“Really? That feels good?” Lincoln whispered.

“It does when you do it,” Ronnie Anne whispered back. “Do it some more.”

Lincoln continued pushing his finger in and out of Ronnie Anne’s little hole. The girl squirmed and moaned, then grabbed Lincoln, pulled him down on top of her, and kissed him hard. When she was finished, she rolled them both over gently and lay on top of him, making sure his finger stayed inside her.

“Two fingers now,” she gasped in his ear.

If someone had asked Lincoln four weeks ago—heck, one week ago—what Ronnie Anne might want him to do during their Vanzilla sessions, Lincoln would never have guessed that it would be anything involving her butthole. But she was loving it so much that now, fingering her like this was turning Lincoln on in a big way. Big enough that when he thought about the fact that he would soon be taking his fingers out of that tight little hole and putting his dick in there instead, he again went as hard as all get-out.

“Whenever you wanna do this thing,” Lincoln murmured, “I’m ready.”

“Oh, God, I’m so ready,” Ronnie Anne moaned.

She turned over onto all fours on the car seat, facing away from Lincoln. He thought back to when they’d had doggystyle sex, which was the first time he’d gotten a good look at Ronnie Anne’s bare ass. It was small and cute and lightly freckled and everything he might have hoped for.

Lincoln got up on his knees behind her. He was grateful that by this point, Vanzilla’s windows had steamed up a bit, making him a tad less visible from outside.

He took hold of his cock and put the head against Ronnie Anne’s tight little rear hole. 

“Ready?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Ronnie Anne replied eagerly. “Give it to me.”

“Oh, God, you’re making me so hard I’m gonna die.”

“Then save yourself and put it in.”

“You are the hottest girl alive.”

Slowly, he pushed in. Her little ring was tight around the head and then the shaft of his cock as he slowly sank into her.

“Oh, God,” Ronnie Anne moaned, clearly struggling not to be too loud. “It’s in me, and it’s so good…”

Up to now, Lincoln had been completely focused on Ronnie Anne and what he was doing with her. So he was startled when he suddenly heard a shout from the front seats.

“Oh, God, my ass!” Lori hollered.

“Oh, babe,” Bobby moaned. Obviously having completely misread Lori’s tone, he gasped, “I’m so glad you like it too…”

“Oh!” Lori wailed. “Oh God…I can’t believe I’m doing this…”

Lincoln was only barely distracted by this dialogue; he was way too focused on the sensation of slowly fucking Ronnie Anne’s tight little asshole.

“Ronnie Anne,” Lincoln moaned as he watched his lube-slicked shaft go slowly in and out of her, “this is amazing…”

“Yeah,” Ronnie Anne breathed in reply. “It’s not like doing it the other way, but I really like it.”

She lay her head and shoulders down on the seat, which made her tight, round little ass look even sexier to Lincoln. Then she reached one hand back between her thighs and started rubbing her clit as Lincoln continued to thrust slowly into her.

“Mmm, yeah, this is perfect…” Ronnie Anne sighed.

“Babe,” Lincoln heard Bobby say, “you okay? We can stop if-”

“No!” Lori cried. “Don’t- Don’t stop. I…I’m starting to like it. Just keep going slow like that.”

“Ronnie Anne,” Lincoln said, “can I speed up a little?”

“Definitely,” the girl replied.

Lincoln pumped her a little faster, pulling most of the way out on each stroke so that he could savor the tautness of Ronnie Anne’s tight little ring moving back and forth over his glans again and again. But he also thrust all the way in each time, because he also loved feeling the heat inside her surrounding the full length of his cock.

“Oh, wow, this feels amazing,” Ronnie Anne moaned, rubbing her clit a bit faster. “It’s like you’re filling me all up inside, over and over again.”

“It feels amazing to me, too,” Lincoln breathed. “You just feel so good around me…”

“Then go a little faster, if you want.”

Lincoln definitely wanted. He picked up the pace, still pulling back long and thrusting in deep every time. Ronnie Anne moaned and rubbed her clit faster.

At the periphery of his awareness, Lincoln could hear Lori moaning, too, as well as Bobby panting with effort and arousal. Some part of his brain fleetingly thought that it should bother him to hear his own sister and her boyfriend having sex, but another part thought there was something great about sharing in the pleasures of this moment with them.

Most of Lincoln’s mind, though, was focused on Ronnie Anne and the intense erotic stimulation that came from seeing, holding, and fucking her tight little ass. He hoped that this was at least close to being as good for her as it was for him.

As though she were addressing his unspoken thought, Ronnie Anne moaned, “Faster, Lincoln.”

Her words sent a shock of arousal through Lincoln’s whole body. He started pumping Ronnie Anne harder, and she moaned and whimpered nonstop as she rubbed her clit rapidly, keeping pace with the pistoning of Lincoln’s cock in her ass.

“Yes, Lincoln,” Ronnie Anne gasped. “More, more, more…”

Lincoln pounded Ronnie Anne’s freckled ass as fast as he possibly could, panting like crazy while Ronnie Anne moaned and gasped and fucked her ass against his hips, ensuring that he drove balls-deep into her every time.

“Please…Lincoln…don’t…stop…” she pled. “Don’t…stop…ever…”

Well, there was no way Lincoln was going to be able to accommodate that request. As he plowed Ronnie Anne’s ass for all he was worth, he could feel his climax approaching fast.

“Ronnie…Anne…” he gasped. “I’m…getting…close…”

Ronnie Anne didn’t reply in words—she just rubbed her clit faster and fucked her ass back harder.

“Oh, God,” Ronnie Anne moaned, no longer able to keep her voice down. “Oh God, it’s so good…You’re fucking my ass and it’s so good!

She flexed her back and ass and thrashed her head as she came. Lincoln held on tight to her hips and fucked her at maximum speed, sweating and gritting his teeth, and then he shouted “AAAAAH!” as he came, too, and shot his hot load of seed deep into Ronnie Anne’s depths.

Seconds later, as Lincoln and Ronnie Anne lay together on the car seat and panted for breath, Lincoln heard Bobby and then Lori climax, too.


When both the sex and the movie were over, Lori and Lincoln took Bobby and Ronnie Anne back to Mr. Grosfeld’s house as usual. This time, though, they had to say their goodbyes, as the Santiago siblings would be hitting the road early the next morning to head back to the city. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne were relatively cool about it, whereas Lori bawled in Bobby’s arms. Thankfully, she had regained her senses by the time she was back behind the wheel of Vanzilla, driving herself and Lincoln home.

For the first minute of driving, neither of them said anything. Then Lori spoke.

“Lincoln, I know what you and Ronnie Anne did tonight.”

“Um, weren’t you and Bobby doing the same thing?”

“No, I mean…I know you two set up that whole situation.”

Uh-oh, Lincoln thought.

“And,” Lori continued, “now I get why. I’m…I’m sorry if I pushed you into doing things you weren’t ready for.”

Lincoln hadn’t expected this. But before he could begin to think of what to say, Lori continued.

“It’s just that you and Ronnie Anne are kind of like me and Bobby—made for each other. And it’s not just the physical stuff; when I listen to the two of you talking, it’s obvious that you guys are great together.”

“Wow,” Lincoln murmured. “Wow.”

The double exclamation wasn’t just because of Lori’s revelation about Ronnie Anne, even though that was big. It was also because Lincoln had just had a revelation of his own about Lori. Her obsession with Bobby, he realized, wasn’t just about Bobby; it was because Lori was a die-hard romantic. She truly believed in love and romance and happily ever after. And she didn’t just want those things for herself; she wanted them for Lincoln, too. Every deranged, terrifying thing she’d done to him over the past four weeks hadn’t been solely for her own benefit, but also because she wanted Lincoln to find love and happiness. Even if she was going about it in the most psychotic way possible.

“Well,” Lincoln said, “I accept your apology. If you’ll accept mine for the fifth-base thing.”

“Deal,” Lori replied, and drove on.

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