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Chapter 4: Home Sweet Home

Lincoln would have thought that by now, he’d be more prepared for Lori’s ambush-style pre-date briefings. Yet he was caught completely unawares when his eldest sister appeared in his room early that Friday afternoon, interrupting his effort to build a model of the USS Starfish from Starship Groupers, and closed the door behind her.

“Lincoln,” she said, fixing him with a serious look, “I’m pretty sure you already know what you need to do tonight. But because you can be kind of thick, I’m going to go ahead and spell it out for you.”

Oh my gosh, Lincoln thought helplessly. She can’t mean-

“You need to go all the way with Ronnie Anne. As in have sex with her. As in put your thing in her thing.”

Lincoln prayed there wouldn’t be any more “as ins.” Thankfully, there weren’t. But he still couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.

“You- You can’t be serious,” Lincoln stammered.

Lori leaned down until her face was an inch from his. “Do. I. Not. Look. Serious?”

“Um,” Lincoln replied, taking a step back, “would there be any point in reminding you that me and Ronnie Anne are eleven years old?”

“Kids your age are totes precocious these days. Isn’t your friend Rusty always talking about all the girls he’s dating?”

“Yeah—talking. It’s all BS, and everybody knows it.”

Lori put her hands on her hips. “Look, Lincoln, do you think I want my first time to be in freaking Vanzilla, with my little brother in the back seat? I’m doing this because it’s the only way! And if that means making my brother get it on with his awesome girlfriend, who’s obviously totally into him and who any boy with even half a brain and one ball would want to do it with, then so be it!”

Lincoln thought of something that might save him. “But, uh, shouldn’t we use a, a-”

“Here,” Lori said, thrusting a little square plastic packet into his hand. “I got them for both of us.”

That was when Lincoln knew for sure that there would be no talking his way out of this. Because if his seventeen-year-old sister had been willing to go out and buy condoms, not only for herself but for her little brother, then there was no way she could be reasoned with.

“Now,” Lori continued, “I need you to be ready for tonight so you can charm the pants off your little girlfriend. I’m talking shower, deodorant, mouthwash, the works.”

“I don’t even have deodorant,” Lincoln replied.

“Borrow Lynn’s; it’s strong and gender-neutral. Now get to it.” She left and closed the door behind her.

Lincoln sat down on his bed. This was a lot to take in.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to have sex with Ronnie Anne. Heck, during the week, he’d jacked off several times to the thought of doing that very thing. 

But it just seemed so…soon. Lincoln didn’t know a lot about sex, but he’d heard that girls wanted to wait until they were “ready” before they did it for the first time. Lincoln had no idea what this readiness entailed, but it probably required more advance notice than he’d be able to give Ronnie Anne.

So the probability that Ronnie Anne would refuse him seemed high. The less clear question was whether this refusal would come in the form of words or punches.


That evening, as the deservedly unremembered 1960s monster movie The Blotch began to play on the big barn-side screen, Ronnie Anne sprung a surprise that nobody saw coming. Before Lori could volunteer herself and Lincoln to go and get snacks, Ronnie Anne volunteered herself and Lincoln instead.

“Um, okay,” Lori replied.

They headed for Aida’s Philliopian Cheesesteak Bus, chatting about Ronnie Anne’s art camp and Lincoln’s work at Lynn’s Table. But before they reached the line for the bus’ order window, Ronnie Anne led Lincoln around to the side of the truck.

This can’t be good, he thought. Not if his around-the-truck experiences with Lori were anything to go by.

They stopped, and Lincoln reflexively backed up against the side of the truck. This did not put any lasting distance between himself and Ronnie Anne, who leaned forward and put her head next to his.

“Look, Lincoln,” she murmured in his ear, “I have a pretty good idea of what you want to do tonight.”

“You- You do?” Lincoln asked, trying not to panic.

“It’s kind of obvious when you think about it. That first night, it was first base, then the next time it was second base, and last time it was third. So…I know where you’re going to try to take it tonight.”

Here it comes, Lincoln thought. Maybe I’ll get away with just a red handprint on my face. Or maybe I’m about to waddle home with a cup of ice down my pants.

“So I’ve had all week to think about it,” Ronnie Anne went on, “and…I want to.”

Lincoln’s eyes widened.

“Um, just so I’m totally, one hundred percent clear,” Lincoln stammered, “what do you want to do?”

In what seemed at that moment like the sultriest tone of voice Lincoln had ever heard, Ronnie Anne replied, “I want to go all the way with you.” Squeezing his hand, she added, “You know, to home plate.”

Lincoln felt faint. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had to make a conscious effort to stop hyperventilating from the combination of anxiety and excitement that now hit him like a tornado plowing through a trailer park.

At the same time, he realized that his worrying about Ronnie Anne being “ready” had been needless. Having been smart enough to see this coming, she already was ready.

“Wow,” Lincoln said, starting to go hard in his pants even now. “Then, then I want to, too.”

“So let’s eat some Ethiopian cheesesteaks and then do this thing.”

Lincoln squeezed her hand and replied, “Sounds great.”


“That was not great,” Ronnie Anne said ten minutes later.

“Yeah,” Lincoln agreed. “I mean, the cheesesteak part wasn’t bad, but serving it on that spongy, sour bread was a huge mistake. I guess not all cuisines are meant to fuse.”

Lori turned around and gave Lincoln a sharp look. Then her face softened as she turned to Bobby.

“But some people are. Right, Boo-Boo Bear?”

Looking fondly into Lori’s eyes, Bobby replied, “Definitely, babe.”

The two of them started kissing. Lincoln looked at Ronnie Anne, and she gave him the same look he was pretty sure he was giving her.

Ready? Ready.

And then they were kissing, too.

It wasn’t long before Lincoln’s hands were re-familiarizing themselves with the landscape beneath Ronnie Anne’s hoodie and T-shirt as Ronnie Anne’s hands roamed freely under Lincoln’s orange polo. Then Lincoln and Ronnie Anne lay down across the seats—which were wide enough to accommodate their two slim bodies—and, almost simultaneously, both pairs of hands moved downward and were undoing buckles, buttons, and zippers.

It took Lincoln only moments to find that hot, wet place between Ronnie Anne’s thighs and to again push his finger inside, eliciting a little whimper of pleasure from Ronnie Anne. And Lincoln made a similarly high-pitched sound of enjoyment when Ronnie Anne’s slim fingers located his shaft and wrapped themselves around it, squeezing and fondling.

A few minutes of this, and Lincoln felt as though he were on fire. He’d thought that his arousal last Friday night was as intense as it could ever get, but now he was mad with it. He finger-fucked Ronnie Anne with greater and greater depth and speed, even as he pushed up her top and sucked her little, pebble-hard nipples for all he was worth. Ronnie Anne moaned and squirmed, yet she never for a moment took her hand off his almost painfully erect cock, which she felt and stroked with ever more energy.

“Ronnie Anne,” Lincoln gasped, raising his head from the girl’s chest. “I wanna…I wanna…”

“Oh, God, yes,” Ronnie Anne panted in his ear.

He shoved his free hand into his pocket and took out the condom. Ronnie Anne looked at it excitedly.

“Can I?” she asked, holding out her hand.

“Sure,” Lincoln replied, suddenly feeling dumb in addition to being monstrously horny. “I, um, don’t actually know how to put it on, anyway.” Stupid internet kid-filter, he thought.

“Don’t worry—they showed us in health class. Turns out inner-city schools teach you this stuff way earlier.”

Ronnie Anne ripped the plastic packet open, then put the condom against the head of Lincoln’s penis, fitting it into the part of the condom that bulged out. With the fingers of both hands, she gently unrolled the latex over the length of Lincoln’s member. Lincoln tried to think of this as an erotic act and to shut out thoughts of leftover sausage being wrapped up to put in the fridge.

“How’s that?” Ronnie Anne whispered.

“Um, good, I guess,” Lincoln replied. It truly was a guess; all he knew for sure was that the condom seemed to fit and that it wasn’t hurting him.

He was starting to lose the mood. But what Ronnie Anne did next got him right back into it: She stripped off her panties and lay back on the seat, spreading her arms and legs wide. Opening herself up to him.

“So,” she said in the sexiest tone Lincoln had ever heard, “you really wanna do this?”

Lincoln smiled. “I really wanna do this.”

Ronnie Anne smiled back. “Then let’s do it.”

Lincoln was a little surprised that Ronnie Anne wanted him on top of her instead of the other way around. But with what little reason he still had, he realized that with Ronnie Anne on the bottom, they could both stay below the van’s window line. She had probably figured that out in advance. God, she was smart.

He looked at her, all of her, beautiful and very nearly naked. And then he couldn’t resist her for even one more second. He took hold of his cock by its base and put it about where it needed to be as he lay down on top of her.

“Here,” Ronnie Anne whispered in his ear as she reached down and put her hand over his. Then she adjusted the position of his cockhead until it landed in that hot place his finger had come to know.

“You’re there,” she murmured. “Now push.”

Lincoln had no desire to do anything but push. And when he did, he was rewarded with the sensation of Ronnie Anne’s entrance hugging his cock in sensuous welcome.

“Wow,” he gasped.

“Oh yeah,” Ronnie Anne agreed breathlessly. “Wow.” Her fingers tightened their grip on his shoulders as she gasped, “Go in farther.”

Lincoln felt the urge to shove the rest of his length into her all at once. But this being new territory, he didn’t want to risk hurting her and ruining this incredible moment. So he forced himself to ease in slowly.

“Oh, yeahhhh,” Ronnie Anne moaned, her arms going around him. “Yeahhhh, just like that…”

“Mmmm,” Lincoln hummed in her ear. “Yeah, this is nice…”

Lincoln kept pushing, slowly but firmly, until he felt his pubic bone press against Ronnie Anne’s.

“I’m all the way inside you,” he whispered.

“And I love it…” Ronnie Anne sighed.

“Ready for the next part?”


Lincoln himself was very excited for the next part. He pulled back slowly, being careful not to accidentally pull all the way out, and then pushed back in. Ronnie Anne moaned softly, so Lincoln did it again, and again, and again. 

And then, on the fifth push, Ronnie Anne lifted her hips up against Lincoln’s, getting him inside her sooner and a little deeper than he had on his own. Within moments, they were moving together, their rhythm as gentle and ceaseless as ocean waves on a breezy day.

“Don’t stop,” Ronnie Anne whispered in Lincoln’s ear.

“Definitely not stopping,” Lincoln whispered back.

To Lincoln’s mind, everything about this was amazing: the sound of Ronnie Anne’s excited breaths in his ear, the feel of her soft girl-body beneath his, the warmth and sweet smell of her skin, the sensation of those little breasts pressed against his chest, and of course the amazing tight heat of her sex around him as they moved together, pushing him in and pulling him out.

“Oh God…Lincoln…” Ronnie Anne breathed in his ear. “This feels…so good…”

“Better…than anything…ever…” Lincoln replied.

On pure instinct, he started to move a little faster, and Ronnie Anne did the same. Her breathing in his ear got louder, quicker, and more ragged as she repeatedly thrust her body against his.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Harder…faster…”

Lincoln didn’t need to be told twice. He thrust into Ronnie Anne faster and faster, and she matched his speed every time he increased it. 

“Oh yes,” he heard Lori moan from the front seat. Then her voice grew louder and louder as she repeated, “Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES!” just as Bobby cried out “Oh, BABE!”

Unlike the previous Friday night, Lincoln wasn’t startled when he heard Lori scream in ecstasy. Instead, he became determined to make Ronnie Anne make that same sound. So instead of fucking her as hard as he could, like his instincts were urging him to do, he held back a little, listening to the girl’s gasps and moans, trying to get a sense of how close she was to that place where Lori had just been. Then it turned out that he didn’t have to figure it out on his own.

“Oh, Lincoln,” Ronnie Anne moaned in his ear, “I need…more…”

That was all the encouragement Lincoln required. He started fucking Ronnie Anne as fast and hard as was physically possible. She held him tight to her and moved against him just as fast, her hips bucking wildly against his.

“Ronnie Anne,” he moaned. “I’m gonna…”

“Me too!”

“Ah!” they cried out together. “Ah! Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!”

They clutched each other tightly with their whole bodies. The feeling was so powerful that Lincoln could barely stand how good it felt.

When it ended, their grip relaxed, but they continued holding each other. Lincoln’s eyes were closed, and he listened to Ronnie Anne breathing in his ear as he caught his own breath.

“Wow,” Lincoln breathed. “Wow.”

And then, for a moment, Lori looked back at him from the front seat, and her face was all, “Told you.”

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