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And now we have chapter two I changed a great deal and added more of a plot to make it more enjoyable. Also I figured out a way to put Maddie in the harem.

Parent councilor meeting and Paulina the Werecat.

It had been several hours since Spectra had been returned to her full power and glorious form. An event that would shape the lives of countless people forages to come. The very same event had also transformed the young hero Daniel Fenton into a new being altogether. The first of his kind his powers were potentially limitless. The event having sent him into a sex induced slumber as he adjusted to his new body and powers. In that slumber both her and her knew lover had recovered much of their strength. As he slept she laid beside him her wings cloaking them and keeping them warm. Her hands roamed his body taking in every detail. The power he radiated was like a drug to her. Every second she spent in his presence only made her want him more. With wonder she watched as his transformation slowly finished. Leaving him completely transformed from the man he used to be. His skin was now a golden bronze that radiated power. Muscles once borderline bulging had become compact yet still powerful and defined. In his sleep he began to radiate an aura of lust similar to her powerful effect. She was beginning to understand just what had happened but needed more information. With her powers swiftly returning Spectra’s senses grew to levels only a demon could experience. Giving Spectra the time and opportunity to discover just what Danny was by going through his memories. In his slumber it was child’s play to read his mind. No secret would be safe from her as she learned his most intimate secrets. Certain memories made her pause and shudder at the fun she could have. Others made her shudder at the brutality he showed his enemies. Her heart surprisingly whet out to him when she witnessed his only friends abandon him when he became half ghost. The fact they had caused the accident only made her anger more potent. Already she had plans to deal with them in their own personal punishments. When she saw the last memory she knew just what had happened to him. What she saw only made her want him more. For there was nothing a demon loved more than bringing a noble and honorable hero to nothing more than their toy. Satisfied she had figured out the mystery that was Danny Fenton she relaxed and waited for him to awaken. The very moment Daniel had awakened his first act was to once more take Spectra as his. It was as if he was a different person altogether. At the same time he figuratively and literally pumped her for information. Said interrogation technique was one Spectra enjoyed all too well.

Bent over on her desk Spectra’s flawless toned well-endowed ass was in the air. Her tail moved in the air like a cats. The sight alone would have hypnotized many a man. Yet said succubus was taken. Holding her by her waist Daniel stood behind her as he thrusted into her hungry pussy for all he was worth. His hips were nearly a blur as every few thrusts he would slap her ass hard. Her moans and gasps were like music to him. Her grip on the desk threatened to break it. Nearly three hundred years without a good romp had caused her to be more sensitive than normal to his thrusts. The fact he seemed to know just where to thrust and was merciless only made her more receptive to him. Just when she was on the verge of a climax his right hand went out like a snake. Grabbing the tip of her tail in a grip that could crush stone yet did not injure her in the least. Spectra grunted as her building orgasm was blocked completely. Causing the pleasure she felt to build ever greater. It was a secret weakness of the succubus next to milk’s effect of acting like an aphrodisiac. Only when he let go of her could she cum. The longer he waited the more intense it would be. If he held on for too long the orgasm could very well drive her insane. Leaning down he said with a purr.  “What did you do to me?”  His pace never slowed as he slapped her ass as hard as he could with his free hand. Her hips began to grind into him in perfect sync with his thrusts. Her rational mind began to fade as she was losing to the building pleasure. With a dazed almost drugged look in her eyes Spectra let go of the desk and began to fondle and squeeze her breasts. Desperate for her well-earned release she spoke with a panting husky breath.  “The release of succubus tainted life force changed you into a half incubus, still part human and ghost but oh so much more. All the strengths of the three races but none of the flaws you are the perfect man.”  Not satisfied he switched from rapid hard thrusts to slow yet deep ones and said aggressively.  “What do you mean life force?”  Growing ever more desperate her tail thrashed about but his hold held firm. As the building ecstasy was eroding her rational mind she all but screamed out.  “Succubus feed on life force for youth and power somehow you’re linked to an infinite well of life energy!”  One dip thrust and a hard squeeze of her left breast sent her into the brink of madness. Her whole body was trembling as he let go of her tail. The following orgasm nearly knocked her out as her pussy clamped down on his cock with a force threatening to crush it as she let loose an orgasmic howl that seemed to shake the very walls. In response he let loose into her like a fire hose. The deep growl that resonated from his chest seemed to make her heart race. The surge of raw life force only made her orgasm that much more intense. Beyond anything a human could ever hope to experience. All she could do was bask in to endless orgasmic bliss as more and more life force surged into her. Only when he was spent that a barely noticeable bulge formed on her toned stomach. Showing just how much stronger she had become. Unlike when he had first released inside her it was not an endless stream. However it was nearly the same amount as before. Only he showed no strain at all from it. If anything he seemed to get a little stronger. Slowly it stopped and both slowly came down from their orgasms. When it finally faded enough for her to think clearly she decided they had their fun. A smack from her tail sent him onto the floor. Before he could recover she pinned him under her. Shoving her breasts in his face she cradled his head as he on reflex began to suck, fondle and grope them. To her delight his technique was almost perfect. He didn’t know why he just did it on impulse. For a moment she just enjoyed the attention along with relishing the feel of his still hard member between her sweaty thighs. Draping her wings around him she whispered serenely into his ear.  “You don’t know just how lucky you are lover. Even in the demon world an incubus exists once every ten thousand years. You are god’s gift to women. Instead of draining women of life you infuse them with it. A big enough dose can even make them reach their physical peak. Or reverse their age back to their prime, keeping them eternally young as long as you fuck them regularly. Your magic white gold is the single most powerful in the universe. One drop will make even the strongest willed mortal woman you loyal fuck puppy. But that’s not the best part.”  Opening her wings she grinded her body into him as she said with a purr.  “Your cum is pure life force and power. Thus when you fuck a woman it will infuse them with life. The old will be made young. The weak will be made strong. Keep fucking them and they may very well become immortal. Only then can they bare your children.”  Feeling him tense she chuckled and said calmly.  “Don’t worry that is a long way from happening. It is a simple spell to prevent conception. I placed it on you in your sleep; it will last for years without need to restore it. If you want me to have them I have to as well. The process is long and very VERY enjoyable.” Seeing him relax she was about to go another round with him. Only to hear the ringing of the last class bell for the day stopped her from mounting him.  Sitting up she looked at the nearby clock only to frown at the time. Seeing school was about to end she sighed and looked down at him.  “Sadly we must cut this to an end for now. There are things I must attend to. But for now rest assured our secret will be very safe. I’ve waited too long to find you and there is no way I’m letting a man like you escape my loving.”

With her right hand she poked his chest. Like water flowing over rocks an illusion took over him, making him appear completely normal. Like a switch had been flipped she appeared to have no interest in sex at the moment. Acting completely calm she stood up. Draping her wings over herself like a blanket she smiled as Danny got up on shaky legs. Only her own self pride stopped her from having her own well-earned limp. With the ringing of the last school bell Spectra explained what she had done calmly.  “The illusion spell will disguise your true form from all but me. Not only that I suppressed your natural allure and sex drive for twelve hours. If I didn’t this school would become an orgy the moment you opened that door. Now I want you back here in the morning. We have so many things to do and so many positions and so many tricks to teach you.”  Slowly he managed to put his cloths back on. He had to fight to leave her as she smiled and said as he opened the door.  “Oh and I’ll be calling your mother to set up a meeting with her. She and I have much to discuss.”  The way she said discuss told him that the couch would be getting a lot more action tomorrow. But for now he left to research everything he could on Succubus and Incubus. Along with finding out what had happened to his powers. He could feel them still there but now seemed more intense. Like someone had poured napalm on a fire within him. Any information he could get would help him greatly. On his way home he made sure not to be seen by anyone until he got his answers. When he left Spectra grinned as she seemed to vanish as she went to check on a potential gift for her new lover. A succubus she may be but even she would not be able to keep up with his sex drive for long. Incubi like him had harems of dozens of succubus in the demon world. Many of the stronger and older ones having century long orgies to relieve their hunger. If she tried the attempt may very well kill her. But to die from sexual overload was a death she could live with. But for now she knew the perfect first addition to her loves harem, a sexy little kitten that may also bring in a whole litter if she played the cards right.

In every school there was a queen bee. A student all the boys loved and wanted to have, if nothing more than for the bragging rights of having slept with her. While all the girls wanted to be her. For the school of Casper high that Queen bee was Paulina Cortez. A woman everyone wanted and followed, despite only transferring a few months ago. She had in a matter of days rose to the top of Casper highs totem pole of head girls, displacing the former pack leader Valerie Grey from the top girl in the school with no mercy. She was blessed with looks few could hope to rival. Along with what many called an animal magnetism. She always got what she wanted and always had a smile on her face. A smile that was if anything completely fake to those who lived their lives aware of their surroundings. She was indeed a skilled actor who hid the truth from the world. That she and every woman in her family was cursed. The curse plagued her every night, and had caused her family to move seven times in the past ten years. Her curse was as old as the pyramids and just as resilient. She was a force of nature known by many names but the most common was the Werecat. Also known as an agent of the goddess Bast to those who knew about her kind’s existence. A rarity due to her ancestor’s doing everything they could to cover up their existence. The curse affected every women of her family. Making them the agents and solders of the ancient Egyptian goddess, they were the protectors of children and mothers. Fending off demons and people of sinister intent, with powers bestowed upon them by the goddess Bast. While she would never be free of the curse it did come with some benefits that would soon become of great use to a certain young man.

In the Casper high girls locker room the members of the cheerleading squad were leaving. Having spent several hours after school practicing new moves many were eager to finally head home. Yet the captain of the squad had stayed behind. She was currently taking an ice cold shower to try and ease one of the side effects of her curse. But the frigid water did little to settle the fire within her. She had bared this curse all her life and would not bow to it like so many of her family before her. For standing under the frigid water was none other than Paulina herself. She was truly a true sight to behold as the water flowed over her body. The beautiful young woman standing at just less than six feet tall she could have passed for a goddess. She had a figure that was nothing short of super human. With generous curves that gave Spectra a run for her money. She had long full legs that led to a well-endowed tight ass. Along with a lean tight stomach showing off a slender yet defined six pack of abs. She had a rare ripped yet slender look that showed power grace and raw sexual power. It was a body earned through years of relentless training and fighting. Her perky E cup breasts seemed to defy gravity. Every move seemed to make them bounce. While the frigid water made her nipples erect. Her face was alluring and showed a mixed heritage was in a cringe of discomfort. Discomfort that was clear when one looked into her blue eyes. That seemed to have a ring of gold around the iris. Her skin had an even healthy tan with not a single tan line. With a cascading wave of black hair ran all the way to her back. As she let the water flow over her she grunted as it did little to dull the heat radiating from her muscles. Along with the dull warmth radiating from between her legs as well, warning her soon she would enter the mating drive of her curse. For part of her curse caused her to go into heat every three months. Five days of hell on earth as she was driven to hump every male in sight. Only when she took her mate would it be bearable. But her pride forbade her from taking anything less than the perfect man as her mate. He would have to be able to meet her standards and be a man that would make her a submissive little kitten by looks alone. Sadly she had found no men that fit the criteria. She honestly doubted she ever would so she had no choice but to cringe and bare it. Her pride demanded nothing less than the best from her. It was a week away and already it was getting too much to bear. She stayed under the water for nearly an hour. But the cold water did little the help her. So lost in her shower she failed to realize just how much time had passed. As it was late in the year the sun was setting sooner. Reaching for the faucet she was about to leave for home when she fell to her knees. Having misjudged just how soon the sun was setting she muttered a silent curse at her stupidity. As the nightly curse began she underwent a surprising transformation.

On her hands and knees Paulina felt the rush of power surge threw her veins. All the fatigue and pain in her melted away to raw primal power surging through her like a storm. Soon her breathing picked up the pace fueling her transformation. Swiftly her eyes were the first to change, becoming nearly solid gold with vertical slits for pupils, appearing just like a cat’s eyes She could now see better than any human could ever dream. Next her ears began to enlarge and become pointed to almost comical proportions, until large black cat ears where in their place. Each would randomly twitch as she looked at her hands. Bones cracked and reshaped themselves. As they began to double in size her nails became razor sharp claws. The claws sharp enough to slice through steel like butter. Her hands now had a more paw like shape to them yet still retained their dexterity. Slowly pads like a cats formed protecting her hands and the soles of her feet. Her feet stretched slightly to make her legs more resemble a cat’s. Soon sleek midnight black fur covered her body. Only a few millimeters thick it gave her a silky fur like appearance. The water still falling down on her only made her coat shine more. The last change came when a long slender cat’s tail grew from the base of her spine. With a deep growling purr the change ended as she stretched her back out like a cat, causing her breasts to sway from her movements as she stretched out her body. Standing up she turned the water off as she looked at herself. Her hands reached up to cup her breasts as she admired her body. As much as she hated the heat and the animal urges she had to admit she loved her animal forms power and beauty immensely. In this form no man could take her and she was power incarnate. Even amongst her family she was one of the best. But she hated the deception the lies and the fear of discovery the more than the pros of her curse. But this was the life she had to deal with. The life of a creature of the night until the day she died, only gaining control of the change when she finally takes a mate. With a saddened purr in her voice she said to herself.  “Good thing it’s nighttime at least I can sneak home without being spotted.” With that she chose to leave her clothes as it would only hinder her run. As well as increase her chance of being spotted. She only hoped the infamous Fentons weren’t out patrolling again. Several times now they had nearly caught her family. Little did she know someone had spotted her leave, a certain succubus no less that had plans for her. Appearing to step out of thin air Spectra looked at were Paulina had just slipped out through a window. Her eyes held a playful look as she looked at were the window was left open. Licking her lips she took a deep breath taking in the catwoman’s sent. Letting out the deep breath she grinned and said playfully to herself.  “Don’t worry my dear kitty. I know just how to get that itch scratched. Oh yes I am going to enjoy tomorrow.”

Early the next morning Daniel was once more in Spectra’s office. Having arrived before sunrise desperate to see her again, the spells having ended she was now preparing to teach him how to control his powers. To her delight he was like a fish to water. Everything she taught him he learned with almost scary ease, beginning with how to genuinely change his form starting with returning his skin to a healthy tan. At the moment her method of teaching him was to go at it like rabbits, testing his control when it would be needed most. If he could not take her without radiating his aura he would not be able to feed her lust outside of the office. Slowly he learned to direct his seducing aura directly at her. She would also teach him various positions and just were to please a woman. To her delight he was a natural. Already he had brought her to several orgasms, a feat that would normally take a succubus a full blown orgy to accomplish, leaving an army of near dead men in their wake in the process. During this he learned to control when he came and how much. When she needed to rest she switched to practicing his control with her breasts and mouth. To Danny’s infinite delight her breasts and tongue were just as heavenly as her pussy. It didn’t take long for him to lose control and blow his eighth load of the day. It may have been his new state but to him seeing a succubus on her knees face and chest completely covered in his essence was a sight he would never tire of. The fact she swallowed and licked up every last drop only turned him on more. When it was drawing close to the time his mother was going to show he was nervous. Sensing this stress in him Spectra relieved his stress the way only she could. Resulting in her latest orgasmic event of the morning nearly knocking her out, sated for the moment Spectra was resting on top of Daniel. His arms wrapped around her as they rested from the solid three hours of sex. Soon school would start and he would have to leave her. With a content purr she looked him in the eyes and said honestly.  “I promise you Daniel I will not bring harm to her. A succubus must never harm a woman. It is an almighty law from our mother Lilith. Only in self-defense may I strike but never kill. Doing so would cause me my life to restore the one I killed. So do not worry my lover. There are things I must make clear with her. Questions that must be asked, the most I will do I give her a limp and a newfound love of my glorious sexy body.”  With a soft kiss she then whispered in his ear.  “You could always join in if you want.” Before he could reply the bell signaling classes were about to start went off. Pouting she said calmly and amused.  “To bad and I was going to show you my special tail trick. It makes the ladies go wild.”  The blush he held as he hurriedly got ready for class only amused her more. On his way out she said with a shockingly cold voice.  “Remember Daniel do not indulge yourself. No mortal woman can satisfy you right now. You may very well break them. If it becomes too much go to the gym and work out. It will have to do until I’m done here.”  His nod satisfied her as he left the room. Had he stayed he would have seen the grin she held as the second part of her plan was underway. All it took was a simple compulsion charm to send her other project to the gym later when she knew Danny would go. Her training with him told her just how long he could last. At best it would be an hour before her plan would be complete and her Danny would have a new pet kitten. While Spectra herself prepared to meet the mother of the man she was having mind blowing sex with. Hopefully she would be able to show her gratitude to his mother as well.

Two hours later found Spectra’s office seemingly normal. The thick smell of sex and lust vanished. The spells that prevented one from entering had been lowered but not gone. In her office Spectra was in her old form with only a few changes. Her curves were more defined, and her dress was tighter. Her skirt was a mini skirt that showed she was going commando, yet only when she was bending over or sitting down. The top buttons of her blouse were undone showing her cleavage off to the world. She was dressed to both seduce and negotiate. Sitting in her lush leather chair she was still basking in the afterglow of her many orgasms of the day. If all went well they would be nothing compared to what was to come. If worse came she would take him and flee far away. She was confident she could convince him to come with her. All he had was his family and need to protect the city. His so called friends left him the moment they found out his secret. If they had seen the potential he held they would have worshipped him like the god he was. But for now she was going to try the civilized approach. Well civilized for an ages old succubus from hell. Her gaze was fixed on the woman sitting in a normal sized regular chair. Her senses took the woman in completely. She could tell that the woman before her was more than she appeared. Still completely human but something was off. Like her Danny she was a warrior. She had seen battles and knew what it meant to survive. But she lacked the life filled aura he held. Almost as if the woman before her wasn’t, her thoughts raced as she realized just what was wrong at the moment. She had to fight to hide the grin as she found another potential member to the harem. But first she had work to do. Sitting in the chair across from Spectra was Daniel’s mother Madeline ‘Maddie’ Fenton. An eccentric woman like her late husband that had an infamous reputation in Amity Park. Not because of nefarious acts or doing things that were legitimately insane and deranged. But because she had the title of number one milf in the town. There were many fantasies the students had told her about the lady Fenton that amused her to no end. Her favorite involved a pirate ship and a cheerleader outfit. But the source of these fantasies was oblivious to it all. A fact that surprised Spectra as she could tell if she wanted the woman before her could have passed for a lesser succubus. But the woman had simply no real grasp of the potential her body held. She had completely dedicated her life to the search and eradication of all ghosts. The fact her own son was technically half ghost only made her grin. If only she knew what her reckless nature had brought into the world. Her eyes roamed over her guest as she studied her intensely. Normally she dressed in full body form fitting hazmat suits. Very rarely had she been seen in regular clothes. But even a person who lived and breathed her work knew when to dress semi normal. Looking back at her was a woman at her prime, at just under forty years old. Her dark red hair reached her shoulders in a simple cut. With her skin was almost ghostly pale from always wearing a full body suit and staying in her lab. Her eyes held a rare shade of green that seemed to shine like emeralds. She had a curvy well-toned body gained from martial arts training and constantly moving heavy lab equipment. Her breasts were only a pair of double ds, yet were firm and bouncy at the same time. With her most alluring quality was her full muscled legs and very well-endowed ass. Spectra dared say it may have surpassed her ample ass. She was dressed in baggy black cargo pants and a tight navy blue T shirt. At the moment her eyes held nothing but concern for her son. The previous day she had been called by the councilor asking to meet with her about him. The fact he had been silent and withdrawn the moment he got home only made her more concerned about what was wrong. But while she was genuinely concerned about her son she had a great deal of difficulty taking her eyes of Spectra’s breasts. Every few moments a shockingly naughty thought came into her mind that she fought to suppress. Some she feared she may very well act on those thoughts. Having gone over ten years since she truly indulged herself in anything besides her work. Only spectra’s calm voice seemed to break the building sexual tension.

Having finished studying her Spectra decided it was time for the fun to begin. Over the past few minutes she had been releasing her pheromones slowly. Along with telepathically sending ideas into her mind to further work her into the mood she wanted. She needed to take any fight out of her along with any resistance to her questions. When all was set she smiled and said calmly.  “Miss Fenton can I call you Maddie?”  With a nod of the woman’s head as her answer she grinned and said.  “Good now I just want you to know there is nothing wrong with Danny. He is a bright student and is in trouble whatsoever.”  Maddie nodded her head and let out a concerned breath of relief. That relief turned to muted shock by the Succubus’ next words.  “However you should know I have been having wild mind blowing sex with him. Not only that he is hung like a beast” Maddie could not believe what she had just heard. All she could do was watch as Spectra stood up and walked around the desk. Moving in front of her she leaned back onto the desk. With a purr in her voice she ran her hands along the edge of the desk and said longingly.  “In fact he had me bent over this very desk this morning. He had me seeing stars like you wouldn’t believe. You raised a magnificent man.”  That was when Maddie saw red. Standing up she meant to strike hard and call the police. Only for Spectra to draw her in for a heated and tongue filled kiss that took Maddie’s breathe away. Her vision got hazy as all the rage seemed to melt away to be replaced with lust. Without thinking she began to return the kiss. Her whole body nearly going limp as a ragdoll in Spectra’s hold on her was strengthening by the second. All she could think of was doing unspeakable things to her then and there. Spectra’s hands drifted to Maddie’s ample tight ass and gave a gentle squeeze. Just as she expected it was perfect. She was almost envious of the flawless ass. When Maddie herself began to embrace her Spectra knew she was under her control. She enjoyed the ghost fighter’s hands slowly pulling up her skirt. Any resistance had melted away but still she needed to fully break her. Now was the time she got her answers. Breaking the kiss she smiled and dispelled her illusion. Revealing her true form she released a final blast of her aura. When Maddie looked on seemingly in a trance at her glorious succubus body, it was in that kiss that many of her suspicions had been confirmed. Maddie was truly a wounded warrior in need of her very special healing touch. Not only that she now knew why Maddie hated ghosts with such a passion. She paused as she thought of how to continue with her new found toy.

Spectra was quite pleased with herself as she gazed upon her handy work. At the moment the succubus was clad in her old favorite outfit from her days in the demon world. Skin tight black leather pants that appeared to be painted on, from the feet up green flames ran up to her mid thighs. The green boots had two inch heels that made her butt stand out even more. With the boots and the pants seemingly made as one item. Her top left her stomach completely bare as the same tight leather material covered her arms and upper back. Leaving nearly her entire cleavage exposed and enhanced with the confining material. Looking down at her latest conquest she could see the lust in her eyes. The kiss of a succubus was a powerful weapon on any species. Able to break the fighting spirit of anyone in a few lust filled moments. Weaker men have had their minds completely destroyed in a single kiss from her. During the kiss she sent a sliver of her essence into Maddie. That one sliver told her everything about her body. What she learned was an eye opener as she tenderly held her close. She knew so much now but had to continue. Draping her wings over her new prize she squeezed Maddie’s ample backside once more. Getting a moan of approval from her future lover that spoke volumes on how long she had gone without indulging her baser desires. With a purr Spectra whispered into Maddie’s ear.  “Someone has some explaining to do.”  Her tail snaked around to gently rub the base of Maddie’s back. The serpent like tail worked the muscles just right and triggered just the right nerves. With the building pleasure Maddie became oddly aware of her surroundings. Somehow she was both drunk with orgasmic bliss and fully coherent at the same time. Confused she looked as Spectra and said with a moan.  “What do you want with my son Succubus?”  Her hands fought for the strength to hold onto anything to fight her off. Only to fall short when she grabbed Spectra’s ample breasts in a meager hold her hands sinking into the fleshy soft mounds. All Maddie could do was admire the perfect breasts in her hands. Without thinking she fondled them roughly. Having spent most of her life studying the paranormal Maddie knew she was safe from the Succubus. Only if she tried to kill her would she be in danger. But her son may very well be in mortal danger. Desperate to save her son she said with a moan the lessened the impact of her words.  “Do what you want with me just leave my son alone demon!”  Spectra’s chuckle worried her as the tip of her tail slipped under the waistband of her pants. Slowly like a snake it slipped down between her perky butt cheeks, reaching the wet prize waiting to be plundered by the skilled demon before her. With what little strength she had left Maddie tried to close her legs. Only to give up when Spectra held her close and began trailing kisses down her shoulder. Each kiss nearly sent her into a full blown orgasm. With her tail rubbing against her pussy all it took was only final thing to send her over the edge. With a soft whisper Spectra said “He really is hung like a beast he reached all the way up” Her tail then drove deep into her until it could go no further without injuring her. That was the trigger that sent her over the edge as her vision turned white and her mind was overloaded with the most powerful orgasm of her life. As Maddie let out an orgasmic cry rivaling Spectra’s own the succubus grinned and said amused.  “About three inches further than that.”  Spectra than watched on amused as the woman was so easily brought to an orgasm.

All Maddie could do was ride out the orgasm as the tail continued to snake it’s way inside her. The infamous ghost hunter went limp as just as fast as it entered her spectra’s tail whipped out. Nearly tearing her pants clean off as it snapped like a whip in the air. Maddie had lost all her strength as Spectra picked her limp body up bridal style. Carrying her over to the couch she gently put her down while saying.  “There now we can talk and not have you over react over every little thing. We do have so much to talk about.”  Spectra than laid down beside her as she looked once more into Maddie’s eyes with an intense seriousness that nearly evaporated her orgasmic afterglow. The intensity seemed to make her want to give her very soul to the demon. No secret could be kept from her as she wanted to tell her everything she wanted. Placing her hand on Maddie’s stomach Spectra spoke in a tone that showed the games were over.  “I love your son Madeline. I cannot express this more than I have. I would do anything for him. But you must know the truth about him. Your son is a half.”  To her surprise she was cut off as Maddie said weakly.  “Half ghost.”  The surprise in Spectra’s eyes showed she had no idea Maddie even suspected her son wasn’t human. Seeing Spectra wanted an explanation her hand moved to Spectra’s. In the process moving her shirt up to reveal a jagged scar on the left side of her stomach it was the source of much of her pain and her hatred for ghosts. Knowing what she was about to reveal was painful Spectra held her closer, her wings draping over them like a protective blanket.  “It was shortly after Danny’s second birthday. An old friend from college Vlad came. He wanted me to leave jack for him. When I refused he revealed his secret. A lab accident in college turned him half ghost. He took my children and fled. My husband Jack was killed in the chaos. I spent two months hunting him across the country. When I found him in a lab the fight was brutal. It was me against him and dozens of ghosts working for him. It took everything I had and more to survive that day and save my children. I got him back for everything he did but the injuries made me unable to have children again, his final act of spite upon me for rejecting him. When the dust settled I swore to protect my children no matter what. When the accident with the portal happened I knew what had happened to him. How could a mother not check their child after such an accident? When he sleeps I’ve taken blood samples to study. To see if I can change him back.”  Spectra then kissed her softly as she drew her in closer. Her tail wrapped around Maddie’s waist holding her in place. To her delight Maddie showed no hesitation in returning the kiss. When she ended the kiss Spectra smiled and said calmly.  “My dear we have so much to talk about. But first how about round two.”  The moment the words left her mouth their clothes seemed to melt and flow away like water only to vanish before hitting the floor. Unobstructed by clothes her tail once more rubbed ageinst Maddie’s wet pussy. Threw her tail she sent a small amount of her demon energy into her to rejuvenate her stamina. Maddie herself found a surge of energy flow through her body as she didn’t hesitate to kiss the succubus tenderly. The woman was completely under the succubus’ spell as she welcomed the snake like tail into her wet pussy. It would be hours before Spectra would be done with her. As this went on at the other side of the school Danny was already in his own lust filled conquest.

Paulina was in hell simple as that. Not only was she in full blown heat all she could smell was the tell- tale smell of sex. It was in every room in the school as if over the night there had been an orgy. The smell was not strong enough for normal humans but for her it was all she could smell. It was driving her insane if something wasn’t done soon she would break. All her pride would shatter as she screwed the first thing she saw. Desperate for a way to burn off her energy she made a bee line to the least used room in the school. One that was used by only a handful of students anymore, it was her sole sanctuary in the school anymore the gym. A simple room filled with weightlifting equipment and other exercise machines. It was where she went to cool off from her act and the constant lust filled stares from the students and staff. Very rarely was there anyone else there. The fact she had easily stolen the only key made it her only true sanctuary from when she needed to be alone. To her torment this was one of those days. Entering the small gym she locked the door and went to the girl’s changing room.  Shortly after she entered the girl’s changing room a second person was on his way out of the men’s. Said young man was in a similar state as her, coming to burn off his energy and his sex drive before he risked his secret being exposed. The young man was none other than Daniel, clad in only baggy shorts and a tight black t-shirt. With no one in the room he had no fear about being seen. Students had slowly been using the room less and less over the years. Since the accident he had been using the room more and more often. Needing to relieve the stress of fighting ghosts and his former friends abandoning him almost constantly but now he found a new source of much needed relief. Heading to the bench press he put on all the weights he could find. Stopping only when the bar began to bend he idly noticed it was around six hundred pounds total. Well beyond the limits of anyone but the most dedicated weight lifter. But for him it would be easy. Without any hesitation he began to work out raising the mass of cast iron with no show of difficulty, unaware that in just a few seconds he would be exposed.

 In the girl’s changing room Paulina was swiftly stripping as she got ready to work out completely nude. Choosing without hesitation to forgo the tight workout clothes she normally used. The tight material would only make her state worse as she headed for the door. Nearly tearing the door off she stopped as her enhanced ears picked up the soft grunts of someone already in the room. Silently cursing herself she only opened the door a crack to see who was on the other side. That one crack let in a scent that nearly destroyed her control. It took her a moment to steel her nerves and settle the cat within her. Only when she knew she had regained control did she dare look out the door. What she saw nearly shattered what self-control she had gained. In only a few seconds she was actively drooling and letting out a soft purr. Her eyes were fixed on Danny in his true form rapidly bench pressing six hundred plus pounds like it was nothing. To make matters worse he was fully erect and it was clear as day through the material of his shorts. Her eyes flashed gold as what little control she had fought to maintain shattered. All she could think of was making the man before her HER mate. But the cat within her knew that just running up and tearing his clothes off wouldn’t be right. The noise they made from such an act may cause them to be found. Even in her animal like state of mind she held the cunning of a cat as she knew the locker room was all but sound proof. A playful grin came as she thought of the purr-fect plan to get him in the locker room and have her way with him. Getting to work she silently opened the door. Leaning against the doorway she purred and said loud enough to get his attention.  “Excuse me.”  Danny stopped what he was doing and looked on shocked as Paulina licked her lips and stood up. With a sway in her hips she said teasingly. Making sure he got an eyeful of her bare form as she spoke.  “I was just about to take a nice HOT shower and I just have the hardest time washing these nice full breasts and this tight plump ass. If you could lend those big hands I would give you a nice long enjoyable reward.” Turning around she walked with a wide sway in her hips into the locker room. Heading to the back she when strait to her personal shower. She used it so much she had kept a personal supply of her choice lotions and washes. The stall was large enough to hold four people comfortably. Knowing he would soon be upon her she turned the shower on to a nice warm flow. The water had her drenched almost immediately as she basked in the heavy stream of water. Her hands went for the bottle of body wash just as another hand grasped it first. To her delight she felt him press up against her back as his rock hard member rubbed her ass. His free arms held her close as he tenderly kissed her neck. With each kiss he rubbed his stiff member between her tight butt cheeks. The thought of what he would do with the massive thing behind her made her release a purr like shudder. If there was any doubt about giving herself to him it was destroyed when he whispered into her ear.  “First you have to get dirty before you wash.”

Danny had sworn not to lose control and blow his secret. He was addicted to Spectra and loved the sex. But when he saw Paulina naked as the day she was born practically begging him to screw her he decided it was worth the risk. The showers were out of the way and he had dreamed of having Paulina since before his transformation. Several times he had used his powers to watch her shower and he was now living the dream. When she had vanished to go to the shower he had taken his clothes off and followed after her without hesitation. When the water started flowing he waited for the perfect moment to join her. It came when she reached for the body wash and he made his move. Taking extra care to make sure his member slid up against her to tease her. His kisses and the cheesy line had the desired effect as he could practically feel the lust coming from her. The purr she released was beautiful as his hands went to her breasts. Cupping the flawless globes he immediately began to message them. At the same time he rubbed himself into her. Almost in perfect sync she began to sway and grind her ass into him as her purring grew louder. Danny was well aware of his effect on women but the way she was acting was surprising even him. It was almost like she was a jungle cat in a nature documentary. That only made it more pleasurable as she began to grind herself harder into him. Showing just how desperate she was for his hard cock. But Spectra had taught him well and knew just how to make it infinitely more intense for both of them. Pinching her nipples as he worked her breasts he began to grind as hard as he could back into her, every time just barely grazing the entrance to her wet hungry pussy. The grunts she let out every time was like music to him as he fought for dominance over her. But the time came when he himself just had to take her. Deciding to tease her one last time he whispered in her ear gently.  “Tell me what you want.” He then began to trail kisses down her neck as she fought to think of an answer. With her mind swiftly going blank Paulina desperate for the feast moaned out through her purr.  “I want you to make me you little fuck kitten!”  Her prayers were answered as he fiercely groped her breasts and leaned back slightly lifting her up just enough so that the tip of his hardening rod was at the entrance to her drenched pussy. With seemingly expert ease he was ready to drive dead on into her. Before she could register it he slowly entered her. Careful not to injure her with his sheer girth as slowly inch by inch he went deeper. Paulina had gone completely limp as all she could think off was the electric current of pleasure shooting up her spine. A part of her couldn’t believe how it just seemed to keep going further and further into her. How she wasn’t broken was a miracle as after what seemed like a lifetime it ended. She had by some miracle taken him clear to the hilt as he left her slowly a just to the very welcome invader. Slowly when the fog began to clear she tried to raise her hips only for Danny to completely pull out. The deep throated growl she let out was stopped when he spun her around and deeply kissed her, beginning a duel of tongues that was wild and both seeking dominance over the other. Paulina weakly wrapped her arms around his shoulders as his hands found their way to her ample ass. Sending her into a wild sex crazed frenzy like no other.

Danny had sensed a purity in Paulina that had drawn him in and called to him. The fact her pussy was like a vice and radiated a heat that surpassed Spectra’s was drawing him more and more in. Like a hungry beast that couldn’t get its fill no matter how much it was fed. When he had reached completely into her he could tell that purity was about to be taken the beast about to be sated. The feeling was intense but he wanted her to enjoy this as much as him. When his hands reached her ample ass she seemed to become like a wild animal. With a deep purr she effortlessly jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist. Grinding her hips into him the look in her eyes told it all. She wanted to be done hard and wild nothing tender or slow just wild animalistic rutting. That was fine by him he may have wanted to put his lessons with spectra to the test but he was game. Working free just enough he once more lined up with her pussy. Only to drive himself in in one deep thrust that made Paulina throw her head back and let out a roar. Her nails dug into him threatening to draw blood as he pressed her back into the wall for leverage. Without waiting he began to effortlessly thrust into her. Each thrust caused her to let out deeper and more primal moans. In only a few thrusts Danny was starting to get lost in it as well. Paulina herself was in total and complete orgasmic bliss. Every thrust into her was like a lightning bolt of raw pleasure that only got stronger with each strike. The wild animal within her was unable to overcome the pleasure as soon it would become too much. She could feel her body tensing and the primal power building. Soon she would come hard and then the fun would truly begin. All that was needed was one final push that came when Danny grunted and let loose into her knowing it would send her over as well. With to surging flow of his hot seed into her Paulina let out her most powerful roar yet as a mind and body rocking orgasm rippled through her being. With it came her transformation into her full Werecat form in a graceful and alluring change. When she went limp in his hold she was basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. His hot seed was leaking out of her as she regained her bearings. Her eyes met Danny’s as he looked at her in wonder and growing lust. Impaled on him Paulina knew he had every right to be shocked at her form. She knew the moment she came it would happen but she didn’t care. She needed him and he did not disappoint. But before she could think his own inner beast was unleashed, as he kissed her deeply and slapped her ass as hard as he could. As that happened the effect of his semen began to affect her as the heat returned tenfold driving her to grind her hips for more stimulation.

Seeing her in her transformed state her fur shining in the water Danny was awestruck. When their eyes met it was like an unspoken conversation. Danny could feel that purity within her was gone. Replaced with an invisible mark that she was taken. That to all for the rest of time only he could enjoy the pleasure that was this goddess before him. The ideas of what they could do nearly put him in a stupor when seemingly like a switch had been flipped he had the same hunger as her. Kissing her as powerfully as he could he began to once more thrust into her. With each thrust she began to raise and lower her own hips in sync with his thrusts. Their tempo quickly became a blur as the two simply fucked like wild animals. Each time he drove into her the force sent her ample breasts bouncing almost hypnotically. Each bounce drew his gaze in until with perfect timing he captured her right breast in his mouth. With practiced ease his tongue and teeth teased her nipple as he sucked the globe as hard as he dared. All she could do was hold on as he seemed to find just the right angles and places to reach within her. When she was swiftly brought to the brink once more her mind went blank in an orgasmic haze. Her howl was weaker than before as she basked in the mind blowing orgasm. So lost in the orgasmic haze she never noticed his free hand went to the large bottle of body wash on the nearby shelf. Popping the cap off he quickly dumped the bottle over her, filling the shower with the scent of flowers in seconds. The animalistic way they grinded their body together caused the wash to foam up quickly. His hands moved to message and spread the wash as he let loose another load into her. The combined effect was more than Danny thought possible as the catwoman let out an orgasmic moan as she passed out. It was all one never ending orgasm without end. Only a few brief flashes held glimpses of what had happened. The positions and the way he only seemed to focus on her cemented it for her. She was now and forever his to do with as he pleased. If she could manage it she would take him to her family to share this god that had taken her. Her last thought before blacking out was who he was.

The moment she passed out Danny took great care to finish washing her as in her sleep she would still try and grind herself into him. A sign even in her sleep she sought to have her way with him. Shutting off the water he gently carried her bridal style to the gym. Heading for the tumble mats he knew they were the best option he had for a mattress at the moment. Setting her down he was about to look for a blanket when her arms wrapped around him. Drawing his face right into her breasts as she slept in her sex induced stupor. Deciding he was ‘trapped’ at the moment he simply enjoyed the soft warmth of her large breasts as his hands roamed her body, dedicating every inch to his memory in case this was all some wonderful dream. The soft purring coming from her chest was lulling him to sleep as his last thoughts were on how this goddess found him. Across the school a Succubus currently with her head between the toned legs of none other than Maddie Fenton. Stopped her tongues assault just long enough to grin as she sensed her plans were all coming to fruition. But for now she returned to feasting on the prize before her.

Well that was chapter two of the revised chapter. Next the deal that is met with spectra what Paulina learns about her new mate, and a certain Siren finds her number one fan.


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