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Okay this is a story were the hero gets literally all the hot girls. So it will be a long one or at least six chapters.

Also nearly every woman in this fic is going to be a supernatural being.

Penelope Spectra was a predator. That much was true and she enjoyed that simple fact. As one of the youngest of the succubus she had been trapped on earth when the barriers between worlds unexpectedly got stronger. Trapping her here in a world she had to do everything in her power to hide in. Never indulging her true hunger in fear of being discovered and killed for the simple fact she fed on humans. If she had to choose between hunger and a sword threw her heart she would take the constant hunger. Yet it was as she was about to lose control that she found a steady source of youthful life force to at least sustain her. Ironically it was thanks in part to a priest that she got a job in a school as a counselor. In the schools she could drain a few months of life force at a time in private and wipe there memories. Keeping her alive and youthful in appearance without starving to death, so spoiled children would lose a few decades off their lives to feed her hunger. With the way education was going she was doing the world a favor. When the students started to show the subtle effects of her feeding she would simply move to another town and start all over. Though her powers were weak in her staved state she could still easily hypnotize anyone who asked questions. Yet she had a goal in her life. A dream that kept her going, to find an immortal that could forever sate her hunger and give her the power to open the gates to the netherworld once more. She knew it was a pipe dream at best but it was her only hope to end this cycle. Little did she know her prayers were about to be answered.

In small town high school known as Casper high rested a simple counselor’s office. A large wooden desk rested in front of a simple plastic chair. Meant to cause a sense of intimidation and fear in the students sitting in the seat, to help throw them off guard. While against the right wall was a rather large psychiatrist couch. Made from rich soft red leather that a person could just sink into when they laid down on it. There were no windows in the room to reveal what went on in the room. It was just the way the user of the room liked it. To prevent her from being caught mid feeding. Inside the room the temperature was kept at a constant near frigid state. This further aided her in her feeding, by lowering their guard as they tried to stay warm. If one had been gifted in the art of magic they would also find the room had been infused with subtle charms to increase one’s submissiveness. It was in this room that Penelope Spectra was about to have the first of many pleasurable days.

While she was not in her prime Spectra was still a looker by any standard. With slender curves in all the right places she was a sight to behold. Her crimson hair was done in what could only be described as devil like horns that rose up and bent backwards. Her emerald eyes seemed to pierce ones very soul when she looked at you. With her naturally pouty lips hiding slightly sharpened fangs. She was dressed in a sleek red business dress. With a white blouse that showed off her double D cup breasts. The dresses skirt was almost too high, showing off her long full legs to the world. She was dressed seemingly normal. Yet the outfit still let her radiate an aura of lust and sex appeal that drove those around her into jelly between her fingers. With a grin that was a mix between predatory and amused she leaned back in her chair as she looked at her newest meal. A young man sent in for missing classes and disruptive behavior. A simple fix for her but she was already planning to milk it for all he was worth. From the moment he walked in she could tell there was something unique about him. It could have been the way he scanned the room for a quick exit, or how the cold didn’t faze him in the least bit. All she knew was that he was a meal worth savoring. The young man’s name was Danny Fenton.

Sitting in the almost too small chair was a young man like no other. Standing at just less than five feet tall he looked like an average teenager. His jet black hair was short and spiky. Yet his blue eyes showed that he was uncomfortable in the frigid room. But not from the cold but from a secret he was terrified of getting exposed. Along with the looks the woman was sending to him. He could just tell she had no intention of dealing with his problem. He was dressed in baggy blue jeans and a white T shirt. If one looked underneath they would find the start of building muscles from his extracurricular activities. For this man was far from normal. Ever since an accident six months prior he was no longer human. He was a hybrid between human and a supernatural race known as ghosts. Since then he has had to fight to prevent invading ghost from destroying the city. Entering threw the very event that gave him his powers. Now because of his attempts to protect the people he was here. Being labeled as a delinquent and a thug because of his constant tardiness and roughed up appearances. The moment they began talking she began to gauge him and wear him down. All the questions she asked him just seemed to make him feel bad about himself. Now she was chuckling at him now. If only he knew what was about to happen to him. He would have thanked the gods above for the accident and delivering her to him. But for the moment all she cared about was the hunger.

With a soft chuckle she stood from her seat. Looking at him she said toying.  “You know I think I know just why you’ve been acting out.”  Walking around the desk to stand in front of him she added a little more sway in her hips. Smiling as she saw him check out her perky ass as she turned the corner of the desk. Looking down at him she smiled like a shark as she asked him playfully.  “Would you like to know what’s wrong with you mister Fenton?”  As he sighed he said defeated.  “Okay what is my prob” He never got to finish as she descended on him. Wrapping her legs around his waist pinned him to the chair. Her arms snaked around his shoulders as she kissed him deeply. Releasing as much of her aura as she dared. For her powers were getting drastically low. It had been his first kiss from a woman and he was in bliss. Their tongues dueled and the flavor of sweet strawberries filled his mouth. Danny could have sworn her tongue coiled around his multiple times. When she felt him begin to become dazed she broke the kiss. Gazing into his confused eyes she said huskily.  “You’re problem is you weren’t grabbing my ass when I was kissing you.”  It was with delight that she felt him awkwardly grab her ass. The way he groped and fondled showed he could have had a lot of potential. Sadly she had no time to teach him the art of sex her hunger needed to be sated. As she kissed him again she set about feeding. Driving her tongue into his mouth she sent a little of her own life force to snare his own. Felling it connect she began to pull. Draining his very life force threw the kiss. A wisp of blue green smoke came out of Danny’s mouth and entered her eager mouth. It was as the first wisps touched her tongue that her hold on him tightened. It had been a reflex but the force would have crushed him had he been human. Every person had a different flavor of life energy. Based on their health lifespan and power the flavor could very. It was to her delight that his was some of the most potent she had found yet. It was surprisingly almost demon level potency. Yet had the sweetness of a human’s without the burning discomfort of a demon’s life force. Already the ever present hunger seemed to lessen. As he began to fondle her ass with more gusto she felt a pang of despair. For within seconds she would have to stop and wipe his memories of this, only to start a new feeding with him when he recovered from this session. This was the cursed life she had spent the last hundred years hating. Yet as she focused for when the transfer would begin to slow she realized something was off. It was after only a few seconds the drain on someone’s life energies would lessen. Signaling he would soon run out of life force. Yet his was if anything gaining flow. It was as if she was breaking down a barrier within him somehow. While she had drained thousands of people this had never happened. All he training and experience told her one thing. A twinge of hope echoed threw her at an end to the hunger. Deciding she could handle the fallout if she killed him while feeding she decided to go all out. It was with a pause the she broke the feeding and broke the kiss. Looking him in the eyes she said almost pleadingly.  “Don’t disappoint me.”

It was with a deep moan that she let go of it all. Every last one of the inhibitions all the restraints that she had spent ages keeping in check to ensure her survival. She then savagely captured his mouth once more with hers the blue green mist began to flow like water. Within seconds she had drained years from him. The shock would have killed a strong man or woman in seconds. The drain showed no signs of stopping a rush unfelt in ages flowed through her. Deepening the kiss she began to moan and grind herself into him. For her new life filled her being from her head down to her very toes. It was as if she was being reborn. Only when she drained two full centuries of life from him and he was still going strong that she knew she had hit the jackpot. The equivalent of a whole three years’ worth of feedings coursed through her, restoring powers long gone dormant to prolong her life. It was this rush that caused her to throw her head back and gasp in ecstasy. A bolt of pleasure erupted from her core with an intensity that rivaled an orgasm. Her breathing was ragging as she looked at him and said.  “Oh yes after all this time. I’ve hit the jackpot.”  At seeing him realize something was wrong she knew she had to act fast. She had to have him if she was ever going to be free of this hunger. Still holding him she leaned in close, making sure to release as much of her seductive aura as she could without causing a school wide orgy. Seeing his resistance fade she began to chant in his ear in a lost language the language of the Succubus. The spell she was using would burn up a good deal of her newfound power. But she would soon be as powerful as she was in her prime. With each haunting alluring word she stripped him of any and all willpower. Soon he would be nothing more than a servant to her every want and desire. The best part was no matter how badly he wanted her he couldn’t act until she ordered him to. A key method in breaking him forever to her will. When the chant was finished she leaned back to find his eyes in a haze, just waiting for her first command.

Seeing he wasn’t going anywhere she decided it was time to get strait to the fun. Already her pussy was dripping wet in anticipation. She could feel the already stiff member threw his pant rubbing against her crotch. Oh the attention it had been so horribly denied. She regrettably removed himself from him to stand up. Taking a few steps back she loved how he couldn’t take his eyes off her. As she began to unbutton her blouse she looked at the bulge in his pants with glee. Slowly she began a striptease that was hypnotic. Every piece of clothing removed only made Danny harder. With her clothes beginning to pool at her feet she enjoyed his longing gaze. As the need to take her must have been torture for him. It was as the last of her clothes fell to the floor that she looked at him and said.  “Now my lovely slave strip.” With shaky legs he slowly stood up. His desire to mindlessly take her was fighting her commands. Yet soon he realized he had a simple way to head her command. For a moment he was semitransparent, only for his clothes to fall to the floor in a pile. As he stood out of the pile and returned to normal. She could now see the prize she had longed all these years for. At seeing his display all she did was lick her lips and say playfully while gazing at his fully erect cock.  “Well someone has a secret. Now be a good student and lay down on the couch.”  Once more tapping into his powers he glided over to the couch, only to lay down with eager eyes as he had a perfect view of her. With a sway in her hips she walked over to the couch. Her emerald eyes fixated on his erect penis. She could tell from a single glance he was hung. With still room to grow with her tender loving touch. As she once more licked her lips she looked him in the eyes and said.  “Normally I would take my time and enjoy the foreplay.”  She then moved almost in a blur. Landing on top of him she was straddaling his waist as she said with deep hunger.  “But I just can’t wait to have this glorious monster in me!”  With that she raised her hips as she reached down to grab his cock. With great care she aligned the stiff member to her wet dripping pussy. Looking him in the eyes she said with pride and lust.  “You very lucky lover, very few people can say their first time was with a succubus!”  The shock in his eyes was a delight. As she slammed herself down onto his penis. The shockwave of pleasure long thought lost to her almost made her cum then and there. It was only her training and self-control that let her hold on. She relished the feel of him inside her reaching deeper than any lover she had before. She watched as he began to lose himself to her almost immediately. With an almost feral grin she began to feed. Her pussy fluids and succubus powers changing the out lit for his life force. Instead of a constant flow it would concentrate and build up. Releasing all at once in a massive blast of white nectar so intense a single shot for a human was fatal.  With deliberately slow and hard thrusts she raised her hips and slammed them back down. With each thrust down she would ‘squeeze’ him as he was the deepest she could get him. It was a tried and true technique that would bring him to climax in only a few strokes. Yet she also began to lose herself to the pleasure building within her. All the while she eagerly waited for the feast that would come when he released into her. She could only imagine what would happen when he finally popped. Basking in the waves of sexual pleasure she had to admit he lasted longer than any human before him.

With a deep grunt Danny was trying hard to resist her. Her claim to being a succubus all but snapped him from her spell. In truth he was mostly just playing to find out what she was and what she wanted. Yet the sheer pleasure she was putting him threw was unlike anything he had ever experienced. All of his fie sense were at her mercy. Her smell was intoxicating like a drug the moans were like a melody of carnal bliss. The sweetness of her kisses was better than any food he had tasted. He was genuinely close to crying from the beauty of the way her limber body worked him. Her breasts bouncing and the way she would gyrate her hips every few trusts was surreal. His sense of touch was on the verge of overload. From the mixture of sweat heat and the frigid air, with the wet vice like grip and the heat of her pussy it was just too intense. While the allure she radiated was just so consuming. With each thrust onto his cock the pressure built more, until it took every last ounce of his willpower to hold back from blowing his load. Growing desperate he grabbed onto her ass to try and stop her thrusting. Yet her deep moan and long slow grind into him shoving her perky breasts into his face sent him over the edge. With a cry of ecstasy he let loose into her. The very moment he released her legs locked like vices around him, locking her on him as he released his seed into her vice like pussy. It was only after the first few seconds that he realized that something was off. He was still Cumming in her and his high wasn’t ending. Yet the pleasure was so intense he stopped caring and just let himself go. Above him Spectra was in her own orgasmic bliss as she threw her head back and let loose a cry of pleasure.

Spectra was in heaven in all but fact. The moment he came in her the flood of life force was greater than any before. The moment she mounted him the power of the succubus had also entered him. Starting a powerful process that turned his boundless life force in super concentrated semen for the most efficient of feeding. He would also keep Cumming until he ran out or she stopped feeding. This method was more than a thousand times more potent then feeding from kissing. There were people who instantly died from the tiniest of releases. Yet it felt like a fire hose was set off within her. The white hot fluid began to fill her completely as she let herself absorb the energy from her new lover. Every last cell of her body felt an energy like never before. New life flowed through her veins as more of her powers were restored. With the hunger that had plagued her for years was swiftly vanishing. But it had been ages since she enjoyed a feeding close to this scale before. Soon she couldn’t keep up with the release into her. Swiftly more and more semen started to build up within her. Some of the excess life force escaped by radiating threw her as pure sexual energy. It was as a small bulge started to form in her stomach that she let out an orgasmic cry. Her vice like hold on him nearly broke his bones as she came hard. In her first true orgasm in ages her whole body trembled. All she could see where stars as she tried to hold on for dear life. The fact the bulge was still slowly growing only prolonged the orgasmic bliss. What was in truth no more than ten seconds felt like ten years to her, as it passed she looked down at him with nothing but a wild feral glee. Yet she soon began to once more focus on the growing bulge that was her stomach. Taking his hands in hers she guided then to her breasts. Gently she guided his hands in messaging the tender globes. She was no long able the work him and just let him fill her to the limit. When even more started to build it got to the point she appeared to be several months pregnant. As she nearly reached her limit another orgasm caused her to all but pass out. Falling back her hold on him was lost as her legs lost all their strength as she struggled to keep from passing out. When she fell back her vice like hold on Danny’s cock was released with a soft pop. When he was freed from her his own orgasm ended. His senses soon returning to normal as he realized just what had happened he looked at Spectra. A glazed look was in her eyes as she basked in the long forgotten afterglow of an orgasm. As well as the end to the eternal hunger. Her hands rubbed her engorged belly that mad her appear nine months pregnant. For the first time in over three hundred years she was sated. Any control she had over him broke as she lost concentration in her bliss. Taking the opening Danny decided to take control. As his eyes turned into dark neon glowing green he grabbed her waist and looked at her swollen belly. He knew that if he was human he would have died long ago. Yet despite the fact her belly was engorged and he had a chance to escape he wanted more. Holding onto her waist he looked at her dazed lust filled eyes. He could still see the lust and desire as she looked at him. Deep inside him a savage primordial instinct took over. With his right hand he aimed the tip of his cock once more at the source of his new found desire. With one deep thrust he buried himself up to the hilt. Her grunts and moans were like music to his ears, urging him to begin thrusting as hard and as fast as he could into her until he was spent completely. Every time he thrusted into her he would gently slap her ass.  Each thrust caused her breasts to bounce as she tried to regain control. Yet the succubus was at her limit. Never before had she been so engorged that a simple man could dominate her. No she knew now this was no mortal man he was something the world had never seen before. Soon she would burst and she had no idea what would happen when she did. The only hope she had was to ride him out and hope he would be spent soon. Her hopes were met with a deep thrust that nearly sent her over the end of the sofa followed by a grunt signaling Danny’s second release. For the first time Spectra was at a loss on what to do. What little that was left of her rational mind was melting away under an orgasmic assault that completely over whelmed the succubus.

With an engorged to the point of bursting belly Spectra was on the brink of a third orgasm from the sheer amount of life force she had drained so fast. It was at the point her current form could not handle the energy contained within her. As well as the merciless divine assault she was under. Thus with her most powerful orgasm yet she began to return to her true form. As all at once the energy stored within her flooded her form. The very same tainted life force flooded back into Danny as the room was filled with red light. As she began to transform she let a howl of pleasure as her human guise melted away to be replaced with her glorious true form. Danny held on for dear life as a rush of power urged into him. Changing him in ways he never thought possible. When it became too much his hold on her gave as he was forced out of her. In the crimson light Spectra’s transformation began. The change started at her breasts. The fleshy mounds grew from a set of perky double Ds to borderline F cups, with a natural lift the defied gravity and where perfectly shaped. Rosy pink nipples perfectly sized begged to be teased. Each move she made seemed to make them bounce. Next came her stomach as the bulge vanished it was replaced with a lean slender six pack giving her a ripped yet still sexy look. Her hips then gained generous curves granting her a superhuman hourglass figure. While her legs and ass became very well endowed. Yet were still clearly tight toned and powerful. The final changes proved once and for all that she was a daughter of Lilith. For with a rush of power and wind two large bat wing burst from her shoulder blades. Together they could easily blanket the two completely. From just above her ample ass came a long thick prehensile tail. Just over an inch thick the tail was six feet long and hung off the end of the couch. The tip was shaped like a pointed heart, with the tip pointed outwards. Her hair then became a wild mane of rich crimson hair that flowed down her back reaching her ass. With the transformation ended Spectra simply basked in the afterglow of her return to power. While she was nothing compared to her mother Lilith. She was a true succubus none the less. It was as she felt hot warm fluid landing on her chest and stomach that she realized something was off. As the flow of thick semen seemed to have no end as in seconds her breasts were nearly fully covered. Looking at him she was stunned as she saw her own release had affected him as well. With wonder filled lust she gazed at the new form of her new lover. At the same time enjoying the reward currently continuing to cover her with no end in sight.

The raw power released into him had changed the young man greatly. His black hair was now snow white flames gently burning yet not giving off any heat. He had also gained nearly a foot in height almost instantly. His developing muscles where now ripped yet still lean. A perfect combination of speed and strength that made Spectra nearly drool at the possibilities. His eyes where now glowing neon green. But the most shocking change was his skin it was now a pale charcoal grey. The transformation had taken a heavy tool upon his body. His breathing was ragged and weak. On his knees he fought to stay awake as his continued to cum hard. Seeing he wouldn’t last much longer Spectra pushed him onto his back. With a gentle bite to his neck he passed out cold. Straddaling his waist she looked down at him a she ran a finger over the ample cum covered mounds that were her breasts. Licking her fingers to savor every last bit of him she purred and said.  “Hmm one part human another part ghost and last and certainly not least part incubus as well now. We are going to have so much fun my love.”  In a matter of moments she had completely cleaned herself. Leaving unblemished tanned skin. Cradling his head in her chest she wrapped her wings over them. Granting him a privilege only demon lords had been given before. It was with and amused sigh she looked at him and said.  “When you wake up lover I want answers.”  With that she to let herself drift off to her own sex induced sleep. Not before casting a well-placed avoidance spell on her door. She didn’t want to be found in her current state just yet.

Slowly waking up Danny felt better than he had ever felt in his life. He felt like he was wrapped in the ultimate silk blanket. Almost as if someone had made a vat of liquid silk and dipped him in it. While his head was nestled between two soft yet firm marshmallows. The dream he had the night prior was nothing short of intense. It was as he tried to clear the cobwebs that he realized his pillow had a heartbeat. It was then he realized it wasn’t a dream. Slowly he looked up to find Spectra looking back at him amused. With a seductive purr she said.  “We have a lot to talk about lover.”

It was that day Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom’s life took a turn for the better.

Okay chapter one done next chapter Parent counselor meeting and Paulina the Werecat.

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