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Did you read the paper? asked Stomer.
Well, what do you think we should do to make it work for us. Asked Raymond.
The only way u guys will even get anywhere anymore is to come up w/ new stuff. said Tess the new back up singer.
We DO!
Well, doesn't seem to change.
Shows what u know. said Tess.
How would you change it? asked Stormer.
Well, you try a type of songs & show people you only getting better. Said Tess.
What would you have us sing?
That's up to you I'm only back up. Tess tells them.
We know that much we were just asking.
Well, we know they're good at what they do why not try I don't know Rap or, something & wait & see what happens.
Sounds like it maybe one way we can fix things for awhile.
So, do you have anything new songs written? one f them asked.
Well, nothing that you guys would be into. Tess replied.
Give it to us! they yell.
Not till it's done & you agree to give me credit for writing it. said Tess.
Why you...
Legaly you have to if it's mine.

Tess walks around a bit.

No one has to know that.
I'm aware of what can be done & I want my name on it as the writter of it or, I can give it to someone else easily.
Do you know what my Dad can do to you?
Alot but, somehow I don't think he will do anything.
Why is that?
Simple really but, that's for me to know & you to find out.

She walks to the door to leave...

Where are you going?
My art class.

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