Song contest

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The day before the contest two of the contestants where talking...

So, what song are you planning to sing? Seth asked.
I don't know. answered Lynn.
To tell you the truth I'm very nervous about this.
Well let me know when you pick the song so, I can get the beat of it.

[running his hand though his green streaked hair.]

Really you?
Yeah, how about you?
Somewhat, I guess. [sighs]
Well, no matter who wins it's for the best right?
Yeah. Lynn said. (as she looked at him with her Light brown eyes.)
So, any new songs lately? Seth asked.
One new song so, far but it's not done yet so, till then no one hears it.
If that's what you want, just remember if you change your mind just let me know I would love to hear it.
Well, I'll tell you the name of it or, at least so, far.
Well, what is it?
It's called depths.

Later that day...

How did ur band do today? Seth's Mom asked.
It went alright.
That's good.
That 'band' of ur's is a waste of time it will never go anywhere. Seth's Dad said.
I don't know about that dad that girl singer is very good.
There's more to it than one good singer.
I know that Dad. Seth said.
So, what's her name? Seth's Mom asked.
Her name is Lynn Masters & she has faith in the band in fact she wants to talk to the others about maybe signing up for a contest for a deal. Seth said.
Who's having the contest. Seth's brother asked.
I think she said it was Starlight records.
Anyway we're going to start to work harder on our songs so, which means we'll working longer than before so, if we decide to do this contest we'll be ready.
Sounds like you want to do this contest. His mom said.
I do.

Mean while...

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