Lincoln & Girl Jordan: Secret Love

BY : Papa99
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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, when Lincoln was on his way to Girl Jordan's house. 

"Well, here I go. Straight into Girl Jordan's house and we'll be doing "it"." Lincoln said to himself. 

"Hey Lincoln, where are you off to?" A voice asked as Lincoln turned to see it was Clyde. 

"Oh, hey Clyde. I was just on my way to Girl Jordan's house... to play some games." Lincoln made up nervously. 

"Um, okay." Clyde said. In a weird way, Clyde can tell what's going with Lincoln. "So, can I join you?" He asked. 

"Uh, sure. The more the marrier I guess." Lincoln accepted when they arrived at Girl Jordan's house. "I just hope Clyde is ready to know." Lincoln thought when they noticed Mollie coming over. "Oh hey Mollie." He greeted. 

"Hey Lincoln. Hey Clyde. What are you guys doing here?" Mollie asked. 

"We're just coming over to Girl Jordan's place for some games. That's all." Lincoln answered. "You wanna join us?" He asked. 

"sure, I guess. Let's see if she's home." Mollie shrugged ringing the doorbell. Then in a minute, Girl Jordan answered it.

"Hey guys. Come on in." Girl Jordan said letting Lincoln, Clyde and Mollie in. "So, what do you guys wanna do?" She asked. 

"Playing a few video games would be nice. But my dads want me home before 8:00, so let's play what we can." Clyde suggested as they started to play video games.

An hour later, it was 2:00 P.M., and Lincoln and Girl Jordan whispered planning an excuse to leave the room. 

"Um, guys, we'll be right back. Lincoln and I have gotta make sure we have enough game consels." Girl Jordan made up nervously. 

"Yeah, gotta make sure we have enough for four players. We'll be back in an hour." Lincoln agreed.

"No problem. Just take your time as I beat Clyde." Mollie said.

"Not it I beat you first!" Clyde competivily argued back as the two played against eachother on the video game. 

A moment later, Lincoln and Girl Jordan went into Girl Jordan's bedroom when they locked the door.

"Well, so much for today. I guess we'll have to wait a while." Girl Jordan spoke up. 

"Don't worry, I think we can still do it." Lincoln said as he approached Girl Jordan and kissed her.

The kiss broke for a second. 

"How are we gonna do it? My parents may not be here, but Clyde and Mollie are and what if they hear us?" Girl Jordan asked when Lincoln put his head under her skirt while he pulled down her panties.

Then suddenly, Lincoln started kissing and licking Girl Jordan's clit. 

"Uh! Uh! Ah! Lincoln, not now! Uh! Clyde and Mollie are downstairs! What if they hear us? Uh! Ah! God! Lincoln, they might hear us." Girl Jordan moaned in a whisper. That's when Lincoln stopped and stood up. 

"Not as long as we keep quiet." Lincoln said with a smirk causing Girl Jordan to know he's got a plan. 

Then Lincoln and Girl Jordan resumed the kissing until they fell on Girl Jordan's bed. 

"You're ready, Girl Jordan?" Lincoln asked nervously. 

"Yeah. I'm ready, Lincoln. Let's hope Clyde and Mollie don't hear us." Girl Jordan moaned. "Guess we can do it with my back facing you while you're on top." She sensed.

"Guess so. Let's give this a shot and over with." Lincoln agreed. "First, we take our clothes off." He added.

To Be Continued...

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