Lincoln & Girl Jordan: Secret Love

BY : Papa99
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Moments later thanks to the kissing, Lincoln and Girl Jordan were giving eachother their romantic passion, knowing their hormones were making them do more. 

"Lincoln, this is making me nervous. I don't know if I'm ready." Girl Jordan spoke with worry, getting a kiss from Lincoln.

"Just take it easy, Girl Jordan. I think  we can do this." Lincoln said when he kissed Girl Jordan again, while his right hand presses her left nipple and wonders down her skirt again. 

Girl Jordan broke the kiss again as a response. "Wait, Lincoln. Can we at least take off our clothes first?" She asked. 

"Sure thing." Lincoln nodded. That's when the both helped take each other's clothes off, leaving their bodies naked and exposed. This caused Girl Jordan to notice Lincoln's penis hardening in front of her. "I guess that's your dick, huh?" Girl Jordan asked. 

"Yeah, it is. I guess that means it's ready. You wanna give it a shot?" Lincoln asked back.

"Yes." Girl Jordan answered. Then the two went back to kissing until Lincoln made Girl Jordan lay her back on her bed. 

"Well, my dick's wide awake. Are you ready?" Lincoln asked stroking his hard member. 

"Yes, I'm ready. I think we should just get it over with. Go ahead and put it in my pussy, baby." Girl Jordan nodded nervously.

Lincoln slowly approached Girl Jordan and slowly inserted his dick into her pussy.

"Ahh!" Girl Jordan screamed in pain. That's when Lincoln's penis went in her pussy completly. 

"Are you okay?" Lincoln asked with concern. 

"Yes, I'm okay. Just do it." Girl Jordan told. Then she and Lincoln decided to take a deep breath, which lead to Lincoln to start thrusting his penis into her pussy. 

"Oh my god! Man, I can't believe I'm doing this with you!" Lincoln grunted with each thrust into Girl Jordan. 

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Oh Lincoln! Ahh!" Girl Jordan moaned with each thrust she gets from Lincoln. 

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm really really sorry! Did I hurt you?" Lincoln asked in apology.

"No, don't stop, I'm fine." Girl Jordan answered when they kept going. 

A few minutes as the thrusting continued, Lincoln and Girl Jordan have also been endorsing the minor pain they're feeling.

In some parts, they even kissed while doing it. 

"Oh Lincoln, this feels so good. Ah! It hurts a little, but it's worth it. Ah!" Girl Jordan moaned. 

"Are you sure? I feel like I'm about to go deep." Lincoln grunted thrusting into her pussy. 

"Yes, I;m sure! Keep going! Keep going! Ahh!" Girl Jordan told in her moaning.

Lincoln started to thrust into her pussy more and more. That's when he got deep into it. 

"Oh my god! Lincoln, baby, it's deep! I can feel it deep inside me! Ahh!" Girl Jordan moaned in pain. 

"Yeah, you're right. Try to hold on a little longer." Lincoln continued grunting. Just a few minutes deep inside her pussy, Lincoln felt something in his penis whiched alarmed him. "Oh, Girl Jordan! I'm about to shoot my load!" Lincoln alerted. 

"Are you going to cum? I'm about to cum too. Oh, I feel like my pussy's gonna explode. Ah" Girl Jordan cringed.

"OH! Lincoln, I can't hold it anymore! I'm going to cum!" She alerted. 

"Come on, Girl Jordan! We cna take it! Oh, I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! AHHH!" Lincoln grunted in pain.

"Now I'm cumming! AHHHH!" Girl Jordan followed when in a few seconds they came into each other. 

Then, they both stopped with Lincoln removing his penis from Girl Jordan's pussy and laid on her bed, which left them both breathing and panting. 

"Woah, that was something. I'm sorry about that, Girl Jordan." Lincoln apologized while getting up. 

"No, it was my fault in the first place. Plus, I kinda enjoyed the kissing and all that. Guess, with the incident during my pool party and us having sex, we're even, now." Girl Jordan apologized also.

"Now, would you mind helping me with put my covers in the washing machine and then the dryer? Plus, we should both take a shower, so nothing bad happens later." She added. 

"Sure, good idea. Since it's 4:00 now, we have plenty of time to clean ourselves up and wash and dry your bed cover. And another thing: We only do this in the future when we're ready and never tell anyone, except Clyde and Mollie, knowing we can trust them the most." Lincoln decided. 

"Yeah, I second that. Come on, let's get ourselves showered until we scrubbed ourselves clean. And get our clothes and my bed cover clean too. There's some towels you can use." Girl Jordan said getting her clothes and bed cover and exited out of her room. 

"You got it. Shower time I guess." Lincoln agreed getting his clothes as they both put their clothes and then Girl Jordan's clothes in the washing machine and then the dryer and they took turns taking a shower and got cleaned up.

Then afterwards at 4:32 P.M., Lincoln and Girl Jordan along with their clothes and Girl Jordan's bed cover were all cleaned, as they played a video game together. 

"And I want something else of out of this." Lincoln spoke up. 

"What is it, Lincoln?" Girl Jordan asked raising an eye brow. 

"The next time we have sex, you get a creampie and I get whatever panties you'll be wearing." Lincoln smirked. 

"It's a deal. I guess I won't mind sharing my panties and my feelings with you." Girl Jordan surprisingly accepted. 

Lincoln then walked closer to Girl Jordan. "Good. Then I bet you won't mind if I do this." He said when he suddenly spanked her skirt covered butt. "Yeah, that's a sexy spanking." Lincoln smugged. 

"H-hey! You little pervert." Girl Jordan chuckled . "Ok, you win. Next time, you can have my panties." She added. 

"So, will tomorrow be good?" Lincoln asked nervously. 

"Yeah, I guess tomorrow will work. I'll bve all yours." Girl Jordan accepted with Lincoln walking out the door. 

"You sure you don't wanna stay longer? We can spare waiting tomorrow." Girl Jordan said. 

"Nah, I'm going to Gus's Games & Grub with Clyde, Rusty, Liam and Zach and then go back home." Lincoln denied politly. 

"Well, in that case..." Girl Jordan started when she leaned in and kissed Lincoln. "See you tomorow then." Girl Jordan waved goodbye. 

"See you tomorrow too." Lincoln waved back while he left Girl Jordan's house and head towards Guses Games & Grub.

Knowing despite Lincoln had his first sex with Girl Jordan, this is just the first step between the new couple.

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