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Aang watched as the village disappeared from sight. Being a clear day, she might’ve watched it sink over the horizon if it weren’t for the glaciers.  Soon, even those disappeared as they sailed to less icy waters.

The Air Nomad girl kept silent and stoic.  It wasn’t easy with her husband in his transformed state.  What with him hiding in the space between her underwear and crotch.  No monastery training could’ve prepared her for that.  Still, aside from the occasional squirming of her legs, she didn’t do a bad job keeping her passenger hidden.  Were this a test, she’d pass.

“You might as well get cozy, Avatar,” Zuka addressed her, standing at the ship’s bow with Aang’s staff in hand.  The scarred princess didn’t give her so much as a sideways glance, focusing on the open waters ahead.  “We’ve got a long trip ahead of us.”

Aang herself looked toward the horizon, wondering what was in store for her in this new world.  Turning her eyes back to her main captor, she admired the young woman’s figure, regardless of all that armor on.  If the circumstances were different…well, who can say for sure?

Inspecting the staff, Zuka said, “I’ve heard the stories, but I’ve never seen an Air Nomad staff before.  The craftsmanship is…nice.  It’ll make an excellent gift for my….”  Turning back to her prisoner, she added, “Well, I suppose you wouldn’t know much about parents, raised by monks and all.”

This got Aang to break her stoic appearance and give her captor a confused look for a moment.  Still, she said nothing.  The Avatar remembered a few monks back in the day who were pregnant more often than not, so where did this come from?

The scarred princess then tossed the staff to a very heavyset officer.  “Put this in my chambers.  I’ll keep it for the Avatar until we return home.”

“As you command, Princess Zuka,” replied the female soldier.  She took the staff and disappeared into the ship.

“And you,” the scarred princess said, turning to the two soldiers holding Aang by her arms.  “Take the Avatar to the brig. Tie her good and secure.”

“At once, your highness,” they said in unison.

With that, they lifted Aang by her shoulders and carried her into the ship.

On the deck, the princess of the fire nation stood alone in silent contemplation. Her aunt stood in open observation.

“Did she seem a bit…odd?” Irah asked her niece.

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met an Air Nomad before,” Zuka replied with dryness in her voice.

“She…seemed rather quiet, all things considered. Not the impression I got from her back at the village,” said the esteemed general.

Zuka couldn’t care less.

“And she was squirming a lot for someone with so little to say…”

“For all we know, it could be an Airbender thing.  I don’t care.  All that matters is that we have the Avatar and now we can finally go home,” the princess huffed. Turning on her heel, she marched inside, head held high. 

Behind her, her aunt sighed and followed, scratching her chin in thought.

Deep in the brig, the soldiers had found a cell for the avatar and chained her to the wall. They were taking no chances, as they’d chained her arms and legs as far apart as they could.

“Bet you’ve never caught an airbender before huh? I bet I can be out of here in a blink.”

Faceless masks stared unimpressed at her as the ladies finished their inspection. Neither said anything. They left with a clang of the door and a click of the lock. A few moments passed without a sound or any visitors.  Aang looked down at her crotch and spoke aloud.

“O-okay, Ben.  E-Everyone’s gone.  We should be a-alone now.”

She bit her lip as she felt it happen.  Like a frog crawling out of the mud, a juice-covered tiny form wriggled it’s way down her leg and up and out of her boot. It fell to the floor with  splat and a gasp.

“Whew! remind me not to do that again,” he squeaked, touching the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

“For the record, you’re welcome inside me any time, Ben,” Aang blushed, “but ah…not like that”.  She pressed her eyes tight for a moment, and opened them after the green flash had faded through her eyelids. There stood Ben, human again.

“We’ll, um…do it the right way once we get out of here,” he blushed back.

Rolling his neck, he lifted the strange device and started fiddling with it.  Before long, he found his form of choice.  Another green flash, and there stood another creature.  A large, thin reptilian wearing a black and blue helmet. That would take some getting used to, but it’d be cool once she did.

“Whoa!  What do you call this spirit?” Aang asked, awestruck by what she saw.

“They’re not spirits, they…um, it’s XLR8.”

“Accelerate? neat!”

“No, it’s-never mind.”

Not wasting time, XLR8 was a blur of motion even to Aang’s trained eyes.  Within a few seconds, he used his claws to pick at the door lock and was back at her side.  He freed her manacled limbs before picking her up in his thin yet powerful arms.  Cool indeed!

“Quick!” XLR8 said, “Let’s find what we need and get out of here!”

“Let’s go!” she chirped, hopping clear over his head and putting her arms around his shoulders.

Earlier, they’d hammered out a short plan back in the village.  It was rough, but they were ready for the Fire Nation ship.  They’d completed Phase One - getting aboard the ship via surrender.  Now it was time for Phase Two - find a world map on the way out.

“Any idea where the navigation room is?” XLR8 asked, blurring from door to door.

“I saw a room with a map down the hallway upstairs,” Aang answered.  Then she added, “Though, I’m not sure since I was…uh, a bit distracted at the time.”

“By what-oh!” he froze halfway, remembering what she referred to.  “Yeah, um…sorry about that.”

“We’ll talk about it later, don’t worry…”

Ben was less than encouraged by the thought.  Although, he recalled her insistence that she didn’t have any other pockets. 

“Ahem,” he cleared his throat.  “Anyway, I’ll need you to direct me there.  And cross your fingers that they don’t spot us.”

His wife chuckled to herself.

“It’ll be fine, we’ll improvise.” She dug her feet into his sides…wow her thighs were soft.  “Yip-yip!”

“Let’s hope I’m fast enough” he muttered, his faceplate clicking down.

XLR8 braced himself to run.  Before Aang could say anything, one of his clawed hands had reached up and clasped the back of her head.  There was a sudden lurch, and the world blurred, wind whipping past her head. With a giddy grin she watched as they sped upstairs and down the hallway till they reached the open map room.  The reptilian then let Aang get down and regain her bearings.

“Wow!” Aang whispered.  Then a thought occurred to her and she turned to XLR8, asking, “Wait a moment, why did you grab the back of my head?”

“Whiplash,” he said.


“Whiplash,” he repeated.  He looked at her and, seeing her confused expression, sighed.  “We were going so fast that the speed might’ve ripped your head clean off.”

“Oh!  For real?”

“For real.”

“Huh.  Well, thanks for that.”

“Don’t mention it.  Now, to collect us a map.”

The map in question was where Aang said she had seen it - on the wall facing the door. XLR8 took a moment to study the map and see how different it was from what he remembered of his own world. The continents had different shapes.  Much like state or world maps from back home, they had colors to mark which one was which. Given the red motif about the ship, he figured that the smaller continent in red was most likely the Fire Nation.

For a second or two, he wondered how a small nation like that could be a threat to anyone.  This was especially peculiar given their size compared to the rest of the world. Then he remembered how the Japanese rose during World War Two.  They'd proven their own capacity as a world power. So, the same could happen with this Fire Nation.

Taking himself out of his pondering thoughts, XLR8 took the map off the wall and rolled the paper up.  Handing it to Aang, he asked her, “Think this’ll help us?”

“It’s a start anyway,” she said, taking the rolled up paper and stuffing it in her blouse.  “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the world.  Having a modern map should point us in the right direction.  Now, all we need to do is get my staff and we can leave.”

“Well, we’d better get it soon.  I don’t have long until I’m Ben again, and when that happens, it won’t be until later that I can change into anything else.”

“Then we’d better hurry.”

“Right.  Any idea which room it’s in?”

“I heard that princess tell her soldier to put it in her room, though I don’t know where that is.”

“Then we’d better move fast.  Hold tight, Aang.”

He grabbed the Avatar by the waist and once again putting his hand behind her head. XLR8 then sped off to search each room of the ship, giving a quick but thorough glance in them.  Upon reaching an open door, they saw it, but as they sped inside, the door slammed shut behind them.  Turning around, they saw it was the princess who’d done it, standing there and looking at the duo with an intense gaze.

“I had a feeling you’d try and pull an escape, Avatar, but what’s this?” she asked, aiming her gaze towards XLR8, “A monster or some kind of spirit?”

“Who are you calling a monster?!” XLR8 replied with an indignant tone.  “And I’m no spirit either!”

“Whatever,” Princess Zuka responded, getting into a stance, “I’ll take you both on!”

With a swift grab of her staff, Aang got into a stance as well, along with XLR8.  Unfortunately, as soon as he did, he heard a beeping sound.  Looking down at his chest, he saw a red light flashing from the Omnitrix symbol.

“Uh-oh!” he grimaced.

“What?” asked Aang.

“Time’s up!” he shouted.

A flash of light engulfed the room, causing the two young women to close their eyes.   Opening them again, they saw Ben standing there, pounding down on his watch but getting no results.

“Come on!  Come on!  Aang,” he addressed his new wife, “I am very open to suggestions right now!”

“A man?!” Zuka exclaimed in surprise, then turned to the Avatar, “You have a man with you?!”

“You got a problem with that?” Ben countered.

“Not at all,” Zuka answered, not losing any of her determination.  “After I’ve taken care of the Avatar, my soldiers could use some amusement.”

“Say what now?!” replied Ben, taken aback by her statement.

“She means-” Aang started.

“I know what she means,” Ben interrupted, continuing to push down on the watch.  “Sorry, Your Highness, but I’m no one’s toy!”

“We’ll see about that!” Zuka shouted right as she bent a ball of flame in Ben’s direction.

“Ah!” the young man yelled as he ducked the fire and got behind Aang.  “Like I said, I’m open to suggestions!”

“How about this?” the Avatar said.

Her staff reconfigured at the top, revealing fan-like constructs springing outward.  Then she swung the staff in Zuka’s direction. A great gust of wind slammed the Fire Nation Princess into the wall.

As Zuka regained her breath and got up, Ben took the opportunity to open the door.

“Come on, Aang,” he urged her, “We’ve gotta go!”

“This'll help!” she said in an excited tone as an idea occurred to her.

Before Ben could ask what she meant, Aang grabbed his hand and pulled him into the hallway.  She closed the door behind them.

“Ben, get behind me and put your arms around my waist.”


“Trust me!”

“Okay…” he said, confused but doing what she asked.

“Alright, now here we go!”

Without a word, Aang moved her arms around fast, creating a swirling air ball in the process.  Aang then jumped them both on top of the ball, sitting on it while the air ball sped them forward.  Ben’s legs dangled from behind as they did.

“Whoa!” he shouted.

“I know!” Aang responded, enthusiasm in her voice.  “Pretty cool, isn’t it?”

“Not exactly the word I’d use!”

Within a moment, they reached the deck of the ship and Aang’s air ball had dispersed.  As they regained their footing, Aang having an easier time than Ben, trouble came again.  The Princess, her aunt, and their soldiers surrounded them with fire in their hands.

“Give it up, Avatar!” Zuka bellowed. “We’ve worked too long and hard to find you, and we’re not letting you go!  Even if you could escape, the Water Tribe is a good distance from here.”

“And there’s nothing but ice and ocean for weeks in every other direction,” Irah added.

“Ben, any chance you could change right now?” Aang asked her husband.

“Nope, still in the red at the moment,” he answered after glancing at the Omnitrix.  “Any ideas?”

"MWOAWWWGHN!" something bellowed.

That got everyone’s attention. Looking up, they saw that it was a familiar-looking large animal flying through the air.  It bellowed again.  Two young women in blue clothing rode in a saddle on its back.

“Appa!” Aang exclaimed in joy.

“Yes!” Ben added with a fist-pump.  “Right on time!”

“What is this?!” Zuka shouted.

“Everything's going according to plan!” Aang answered. 

She swung her staff at the soldiers on her right, sending a huge gust of wind that knocked them on their backs.

Zuka tried bending some flames in their direction, but as she did, she felt the ship get knocked in the side.  This caused her to fall over.  The vessel set itself right, but looking up, she saw that it was the sky bison that had done it given how it flew away.  The two Water Tribe young women landed on the ship’s deck.

Opening a water flask, Katara bent the liquid out of it.  She yelled as she flung her arm forward, intending for the water to freeze the soldiers in front of her.  It didn’t quite happen that way.

“K-K-Katara!” yelled Sokkara, getting her sister’s attention.

Katara looked back and saw that she’d frozen her twin in ice from head to toe, with only her face left untouched.

“S-Sorry!” she apologized with a sheepish tone, and then melted the ice from Sokkara.

Trying a different approach, she flung her arm towards Sokkara.  Like before, the water went behind her - right onto the group of soldiers, freezing them all in place.

“Yes!” the Water-Bender exclaimed in joy.  She still wished she’d gotten it right the first time, though.

“Enough of this!!” Zuka screamed, sending jets of flame from her fists and mouth as she did so.  When she stopped, she saw that Ben, Aang, Katara and Sokkara were standing around her, battle ready.  “I’m not leaving without the Avatar!”

“We’ll see about that!” Ben countered.

A beeping sound occurred and he looked down to see that the Omnitrix was now in the green.  Smiling, he then selected his alien of choice and slammed his palm down on the alien watch.  Green light flashing again, Ben was gone again. Now, a cyan-and-black-themed, winged, humanoid, insect-like creature stood in his place.

“Big…Chill!” came the voice of the creature, almost in a whispery-but-audible ghost-like sound.

“What is that?!” Zuka exclaimed, outright shocked at what she’d seen.

“Long story…” Big Chill replied in a dismissive tone.

“Trust me, it is,” Sokkara added, earning a look from the insectoid alien.

“Whatever!  I’ll take you all on!” Zuka challenged.

With a loud raging grunt, the Fire Nation princess spun around.  She sent a wave of flames in every direction.  Aang, Katara and Sokkara all ducked it while Big Chill flew overhead. 

“Katara…” Big Chill called to her.  “…Let’s do it!”

“Got it!” she answered.

Big Chill aimed his hands at the princess and blasted her with an ice beam.  The cold energies froze Zuka in place from head to toe.

Katara took a deep breath before using her bending to raise the waters around the ship high.  Without hesitation, she splashed it onto the Fire Nation soldiers.  Moving fast, she turned the water to ice and froze them in place as well.

Only the princess’ aunt remained unfrozen, having jumped out of the way in time.

With that done, Aang and the twins jumped off the boat onto Appa’s waiting back.  Already airborne, Big Chill flew alongside the sky bison back towards the Water Tribe.

Zuka managed to heat herself up enough that the ice melted off of her.

“RAAGGH!!” she roared in frustration.  “After them!”

“Um, Princess?” Irah addressed her.

When Zuka looked in her direction, she saw her aunt point back towards the iced up soldiers.

“…Right after you thaw out our troops.  And our boat.”

Half an hour passed before the insectoid and the sky bison landed at the edge of the village.  Once there, Big Chill pressed the symbol on his chest, flashing back into his human form.

“Whew!” Ben said.  “That was cutting it close.”

“You can say that again,” Aang agreed, stepping up next to him.

“You still got the map?”

“Right here!” she chirped, pulling it out from between her cleavage.

“That’s all well and good,” Sokkara said, walking up to them.  “But what about us?  As soon as Princess Hothead thaws out her boat, she’ll come back here.”

“I hate to admit it,” Katara added, “but Sokkara’s right.  We’ll be right back where we started.”

“I know,” Aang agreed.  “That’s why Ben and I have to go soon.”

“But what’s to stop them from tearing this place apart looking for you?” Sokkara pointed out.

“Hmm,” Ben hummed, scratching his chin.  Glancing towards the Omnitrix, he said, “I’ve got an idea that may help with that.”

About half an hour later, Diamondhead put the finishing touches on the wall around the village.  It was a total of twenty feet high and had a dome overhead, all five feet thick.

“That ought to do it,” he said.

Once again, he touched the symbol on his chest and reverted back to Ben.

“I always said we needed a big wall around this place,” Sokkara commented.  “Never thought we’d get it like this.”

“Happy to help,” Ben replied with a nod.

Then he saw Aang wave over to him from the main house.

“Uh, excuse me,” he told the twins before heading toward the building.

After they entered and closed the door, Ben followed Aang until they were in Katara’s room.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“We need to talk about what we’re going to do next.”

“I know.  We need to stop the bad guys.”

“Don’t you mean bad girls?”


She sighed, “Anyway, exactly how do you propose we do that?  I don’t think your spirit bracelet is going to solve everything.”

“It’s not a-never mind.  I figured we'd use this map and take it to the source of the problem.  From there, we could beat the Fire Nation and their head honchos into submission.”

“That’s it?  That’s your idea?  We don’t know what we’d face once we got there!”

“True,” he admitted with a sheepish expression.  “Sorry, Aang.  I’m used to making it up as I go.”

The Avatar sighed again.

“I guess we’re both a little guilty of that,” she added.  “I’ve been there, myself.”

“What do you suggest we do?”

“First things first, we both need to learn as much as we can about this world.  You arrived here not too long ago and I’ve been stuck in ice for the last hundred years.  If what Kanna said is true, this war’s been going on for that long.”

“A long time to be fighting.”

“No kidding.  Not to mention, I need someone to teach me the other three elements.”

“Well, where do we start with that?”

“I already know how to airbend,” she said, rubbing her chin.  “The next element in the cycle is water.”

“Can I make a suggestion?” a voice said from the doorway.

Glancing in that direction, Ben and Aang saw it was Katara and Sokkara standing there.  Once again, the twins stood naked, their bodacious breasts jiggling in the open air.

“How long have you been there?” Ben asked.  He did his best to keep his gaze on their faces.

“Not long,” Sokkara, answered.  “We heard enough, though.  You two don’t know where you’re going or what to do.”

“That about sums it up,” Aang admitted.  “What do you suggest?”

“Well,” Katara responded.  “There aren’t any waterbenders here aside from me, and I’m only an amateur.”

“She’s got that right,” Sokkara remarked.

This earned a glare from her sister. 

“What?  You froze me back at the ship!  Remember?”

Clearing her throat, Katara continued.

“Ahem, but there might be someone in our sister tribe at the North Pole who could help.”

“The North Pole?” Ben replied.  “That’s…a long way from here.”

“A real genius, this one,” Sokkara said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ben glared at her, but Aang put her hand on his shoulder.

“At least it’s a place to start,” the Avatar clarified.  Looking back to the twins, she said, “Thank you.  And again, I’m sorry about all the trouble we’ve caused.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Katara dismissed.  “It’s not the first time our village got raided.”

“And it won’t be the last, either,” Sokkara added.  “And hey, you did give us that big wall.”

“It was the least I could do,” Ben said, scratching the back of his head.  “But Aang’s right, we do need to get going soon.”

“Um, about that,” Katara started, scratching the back of her head.  “We wanted to talk to you two about something before you left.”

“Oh?” Aang responded.  “What’s that?”

Katara took a deep breath and exhaled.

“My sister and I would like to join you on your journey…as part of your harem,” she explained.

Neither half of the married couple said anything for a moment.

“…Say what, now?” Ben said, perplexed at her statement.

“Are you sure about that?” Aang asked.  “What about your village?”

“Hey, with how Ben made that wall, the village is safe for now,” Sokkara answered.  “Besides, you two need all the help you can get.”

“You do realize that once you’re part of our harem, it’s for life, right?” Aang warned them.

“We know,” Katara said.  “We talked it over with Gran-Gran after you left on the ship earlier.”

“And she said ‘yes’ to this?” Ben said.

“It took some convincing, but yeah, she did,” Sokkara replied.

“Why does it have to be as part of a harem?” he said.

“It was the only way we'd get to leave,” the non-bender twin answered.  “Otherwise, we'd have to stay here.  And you need help not tripping over your own feet.  Besides, we talked about it, and we both want to jump your bones.”

“Well?” Katara asked.  “What you say?  Will you have us?”

Ben and Aang looked at each other.

“I don’t know about this,” Ben whispered to her.

“Me neither,” Aang whispered back.  “But they are right, we do need help with this.”

“Yeah, but this whole harem thing…”

“You don’t like it?”

“No, it’s not that.  I’ve fantasized about it before with girls back in my own world.  Thing is, I’m still getting used to this world and the fact that I’m now married.  I mean…this is all happening so fast, don’t you think?”

“I suppose for you it might be,” she conceded. “As for me, I’m…I’m concerned about their reasons for becoming part of our new family. I mean don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their inclusion and wanting to help, but…”

“You’re afraid they'd want to leave when this is over, but can’t because of their commitment to the harem?”

“…Yeah, I am. And I don’t want that kind of life for them. Or anyone for that matter.”

“Why don’t we ask them about it?” Ben suggested.

Aang nodded. Both husband and wife turned back toward the expecting twin duo. The Avatar cleared her throat.

“Ahem. Alright, then. I want to make something clear before we decide anything.  I want you two to look us both in the eye and say with absolute certainty that this is what you want.”

“We mean it,” Ben added. “If you-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there,” Sokkara interrupted, holding up a hand.

Everyone looked to her, their attention taken.

“I appreciate your concern and foresight,” Sokkara started.  “You’re right to want to make sure that we’re doing this for the right reason. The truth is that I always wanted to get out someday and start my own harem somewhere where I’m on top. If I met a guy that I liked and became part of his harem, so be it. But here’s the thing - because of this war, none of us have that luxury. As long as the fighting continues, none of that matters. You two have the best shot at stopping the Fire Nation, and you need help.  If that means that I have to spend the rest of my life as a bottom girl in the Avatar’s harem, then I’m fine with that. And I admit it, you’re both gorgeous as well, so it’s not a bad trade-off.  And hey, if I enjoy it along the way, I’m all for it. So, yeah, I’m doing this.”

The other three stared in astonishment at her. Ben broke the silence.

“Okay, she comes,” he said, earning a confused look from Aang. “She’s honest. Brutal, but still, honest.  It doesn't hurt that she's sexy, too."

“Thank you!” Sokkara said, smiling and putting her hands on her hips in a confident manner.

“Ahem! Anyway, aside from her good looks, she’s got smarts to go with it. And we need that on our side.  And we also need someone to help us focus on what's necessary.”

Aang sighed.

“You’re both right,” she replied. Looking back to Katara, she asked, “What about you, Katara? Is this what you want?”

“This is what I want,” she replied, a firmness in her voice. “I’ve always known that my place was in a harem. I’m a sub, through and through. When I first saw you both, I knew that something special had come our way. Then, as I watched you have sex in my room, that’s when I realized you were the right ones for me.”

Taking another breath, she continued.

“All my life, I’ve only ever had a few goals. To live to see the end of the war. To learn and master my waterbending. To see the wider world and all it has to offer. And to find the right person to start a harem family with.”

Then she looked back and forth between Aang and Ben.

“With you two, all that is possible.  You can save the world.  And I know you two are the right people to have that family with.  And that’s why I want to do this.”

Aang and Ben stared at her in amazement. Even Sokkara seemed a little taken aback by her sister’s words.

Aang smiled.

“She’s honest too,” the Air Nomad said. “She’s in.”

“Yes!” Katara squealed.

She jumped once for joy, her large tits bouncing up and down as she did so. When she got back down, she reached over and pulled Aang into a deep kiss. It lasted for a moment before she let go and did the same for Ben.

“Let's get ready, then,” Sokkara said in a dry voice, pulling her sister to her and left the couple alone.

When they were gone, Ben turned to Aang once more.

“Well, that was…” he started, unable to find the rest of his words.

“Interesting?” Aang suggested.

“Yeah…that’s one way to put it.  Like I said, this is all happening so fast."

"Don't worry," she assured him.  "I'm sure that if we work together, we can handle whatever comes our way."

"Thanks.  So, what’d she mean by ‘get ready’? Get ready to leave with us or something?”

“Ah, sorry. I keep forgetting how new you are to this world. You see, Ben, when a girl joins a harem, there’s a ritual ceremony involved.”

“What kind of ritual?”

“Oh, nothing much. We have to mark their holes with our cum.”

“You mean we have sex with them?”

“Yeah, that’s part of it. Oh, and it’s presided over by a holy woman in front of an audience.”

Ben gave her a blank stare for a moment.


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