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Disclaimer: I don't own Ben 10 or Avatar: The Last Airbender, nor do I make any profit off this.

Disclaimer: I think that it would be obvious by now, but because someone's going to whine and moan in the review section if I don't, I don't own Ben 10 or Avatar: The Last Airbender, nor do I make any profit off this, and I honestly don't know how I could. There! Satisfied?! Now shut up!

A/N: This is my first challenge fic, so wish me luck with it.  It was posted by Rexfan12345, and as such, will be made according to the terms he set out.

Premise: Takes place during “Ultimate Alien.” Ben Tennyson meets up with Paradox during a visit to Mr. Smoothy and is given a new mission to help a certain person save her world. Ben accepts and is taken to the Avatar universe and is sent to the coldest part of the universe where he comes upon a huge glacier. He is amazed by its size as well as seeing a person inside, which shocks him even more. Ben goes Heatblast and melts the ice freeing the young woman (who is surprisingly bust and curvy).  When she wakes up she sees Ben, she blushes at seeing someone so handsome. They later work together as well as come upon multiple women and gain a harem.


·         Ben is 18 years old in this fic as well as the women in this fic. Ben also has a huge 20-inch cock which had grown during his years using the Omnitrix. Males in the universe must be gender bent as well and are part of Ben's massive harem.

·         Also, every female has massive breast size of Beshine (Katara, Zuka, Sokka, Suki, and Ty Lee) and Chelsea Charms (Aang, Toph, June, Azula, June, Princess Yue Jin, and Mai)

·         It can be done like how the series did, but with Ben changing things as well as more lemons. Titty fucks and Milk play are allowed.

·         Ben is the dominant one during sex and doesn't use his alien forms.

·         NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no bdsm, no rape, no mindbreak, no futa.


·         Multiverse travel

·         Gender-bent characters

·         Female characters with voluptuous figures

·         Milking

·         Changes to the events of a certain good show

·         Bisexual female relationships

·         Harem

·         Skimpy clothing

If any of that bothers you, you are free to go and read something else.  Also, bear in mind that fanfictions by their very definition are AUs, and this is just different universe than the one that most people are used to with Avatar and Ben 10.

Midday – Bellwood

“Ugh, what a morning,” groaned an eighteen-year-old Ben Tennyson as he walked over to Mr. Smoothy, which was surprisingly pretty vacant save for a few customers.  Muttering to himself, he said, “I’m late for class, an alien robot decides to bust in and fight me and make a mess of things, and Mom’s making meatloaf for dinner.”  The last one made him cringe a bit before continuing, “At least classes are out for a few days, although that’s only because that bucket of bolts threw me around the place too much and wrecked the gym and halls.  And once again, Will Harangue decides that this is all my fault.”

Once he was at the takeout window, he was greeted by the bespectacled and wild-haired redhead Julius, who quickly took notice of his customer’s rather unpleasant disposition.

“Hey Ben, what’s up?” asked the Mr. Smoothy employee.

“Hey Julius,” replied Ben in a polite tone, “Nothing much.”

“That so?” the redhead boy asked, “Because you look like you’ve been through the ringer.”

“I guess you could say that.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.  I just need a smoothie and I’ll be feeling better.”

“The usual?” asked Julius as he started typing in the register.

“You know it,” answered Ben as he reached for his wallet.

“One vanilla-chocolate swirl smoothie coming up.  That’ll be four ninety-five.”

“Got it,” said the alien-watch user as he handed in a five dollar bill.  Getting a nickel back, Ben went over to his usual bench and table and waited for his food of choice to arrive.

“Fine day, isn’t it, Benjamin?” said a voice from behind him with an English accent.

Startled, Ben looked up from his seat and turned around to see a familiar man in a white lab coat and nineteen-fifties attire beneath that.

“Professor Paradox?  What’re you doing here?” the young man asked in bewilderment.

“A few things, Benjamin,” answered the former-scientist-turned-time-traveler with a gentlemanly demeanor as he sat down across from the teen hero.  “The first is that I wanted to see how you were.  I saw the incident earlier.  Quite a mess that was,” he remarked.  “I was sorry to see what happened to your school.”

“Eh, I don’t mind the days off, it’s just what led up to that that I have a problem with.”

“Indeed,” agreed the older man.  “Do you have any idea where that robot came from?”

“Can’t say that I do, as I’ve fought a lot of bad guys over the years,” said Ben, who then added, “Although, given the design of it, I’d say that it was probably one of Vilgax’s, which is strange considering how quiet he’s been lately.”

“Yes, that does seem a bit unusual, but he’s always been a fickle type.  Anyway, there is another reason that I came to see you.”

“And what’s that?”

“As you know, due to the incident that sent me into the event horizon, I have been able to travel through time and space with relative ease.  And, at more times than I care to remember, I have had to deal with threats and problems from different dimensions and universes.  Recently, I have found a dimension in need of some help, but none that I can directly provide.”

“Why’s that?”

“Mostly because it is problem that I am personally not prepared to handle.  However, it is one that you can.”

“Okay, well what exactly is the situation in this other dimension?”

“It involves a world that needs saving, and there is a young lady there who has the power and potential to do it, but she needs help in accomplishing the task before her.  Help that you can provide.”

“Alright, how soon do you want me to go there?” Ben asked, but before the time traveler could answer, Julius arrived at their table with his smoothie.

“One vanilla-chocolate swirl,” said the redhead, “Enjoy!”

“Thanks, Julius,” said Ben as he took the drink and started sipping as the employee of the restaurant left him and the Englishman alone.

“As I was about to say, I was rather hoping you might go immediately, Benjamin.”

Letting the straw of the drink part from his lips, Ben looked at the time traveler in shock.

“Now?” he replied in astonishment.  “But Mom and Dad are expecting me for dinner tonight, and Gwen’s gonna kill me if I don’t show up at our tutoring session tomorrow.”

“Relax, Benjamin,” said Professor Paradox in a calming tone with his hand out.  “It is true, this mission will take some time, but with knowledge of time and dimension travel, once you have completed this task, I can return you to this exact moment.  A lot of time will pass for you, but for everyone else here, none will have at all, and you will be back in time for your appointments.”

“Well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t sound so bad,” remarked the eighteen-year-old as he returned to sipping his smoothie.  Once he reached the bottom, he sighed for breath and tossed the used drink into a nearby trash can.  Getting up, he said, “Well, what’re we waiting for?”

“That’s the spirit, Benjamin,” said the older man as he got up from his seat as well.  Putting a hand on Ben’s shoulder, he said, “There is just one piece of advice before we go, however.”

“What’s that?”

“It might be best for you think…warm thoughts.”

With that, the two disappeared…

Midday – South Pole

“What do you-?” Ben started, but all of the sudden, several things were different.  The first was that Professor Paradox was gone, probably having transported the eighteen-year-old to that place alone.  The next was that not only was it very cold around him, but the scenery indicated where he was; that being a frozen tundra with lots of ice and patches of water in all directions.  It was blistering cold, and he soon found himself grabbing hold of his arms and rubbing them up and down to try and keep himself warm.  “Huh, so that’s what he meant,” remarked Ben, small huffs of his breath becoming visible as he spoke.

Shivering a little, the young man started walking onwards, making sure to be careful in his steps, lest he would trip and fall into the freezing waters below.

“‘Think warm thoughts,’ he says,” he muttered to himself.  “Would it have killed him to let me grab a bigger jacket from somewhere or something?”  Realizing that grumbling about that wasn’t going to help his situation, he focused his attention on the task the old time traveler gave him, “Okay, so he said there was a girl on this world that needed my help in saving it.  So, where is she?  Knowing Paradox, he wouldn’t have put me out here if she wasn’t close by.  Although, it might help if I knew what to look for.”

Without warning, he heard a rumbling sound nearby, and he glanced everywhere to see where it was coming from.  His eyes set upon the unexpected sight of a large iceberg the size of a hill beginning to crack, a number of fissures snaking their way up it.

“That doesn’t look good,” he remarked, backing away onto what stable ice he could find while also trying not to slip in the process.

Within moments, one of the fissures reached the top of the iceberg, completely breaking it in half.  The two halves began to fall away from each other and Ben could see through the widening space between them, and the two halves then collapsed into the water.  As a result, a wave radiated outward towards the eighteen-year-old, and he was thrown to the ice as it pushed him and his ice float backward, making him on fall on his backside and barely managing to avoid being tossed into the water below the ice.  As the wave subsided, Ben was able to sit up, reeling his hands back to himself and away from the cold sting of his icy float.

 “Okay, what was that about?”

Moving around, he looked down to where the halves of the iceberg had been and saw several small bubbles appear on the surface of the water, with a small spot beginning to glow with a bright, bluish hue to it.  The glow got brighter, meaning that there was something big down there and that it was coming up.  Scrambling to get himself up, even touching the cold ice at a couple points, Ben got back away from the edge, just as a large and roughly spherical iceberg broke through to the surface of the water.

This new ice formation was massive, and Ben was amazed at its size and wondered what was inside causing that light.  Looking closely, he began to discern a couple shapes inside, one bigger than the other and realized that they must have been the source of the light.

The crashing waves generated by the iceberg's rising had pushed Ben’s standing ground backward as the berg itself rocked to one side, before coming to rest with its rounded dome exposed above the water.

Mesmerized by the spectacle before him, Ben moved closer and stared at the berg.  After a few more moments of staring, even starting to ignore the cold around him, he noticed that the smaller figure was a human-like shape, while the bigger one was still indistinguishable.  The human figure, from what the eighteen-year-old could tell, was perched in a sitting position with its legs crossed and its hands together and had glowing arrows on its head and hands.

Ben raised an eyebrow in confusion.  Who or what was this figure in the iceberg?  Was it possible that this might’ve been the person Paradox sent him here to help?  If that was the case, the one inside didn’t seem to look very lively.

Suddenly, the figure’s eyes opened, the same brilliant light emanating from them, eliciting a gasp of shock from the teen hero.

“Someone’s alive in there!” he exclaimed to no one in particular.  Pulling his arm up, he dialed the Omnitrix until he found the form he wanted.  “It’s hero time!” he proclaimed and pushed the dial down.

Within a flash of green light, a new form appeared in Ben’s place; it was that of his Pyronite form, Heatblast, a being of humanoid shape, but was a magma-based lifeform whose body was composed of a bright yellow inner magma body covered by a dark red or brown rocks, radiating large amounts of heat to the point where his head was on fire.

After changing, Heatblast hopped across the short distance onto other pieces of ice, melting them in the process.  Heatblast made one final jump before using fire from his hands to propel himself into the air like a rocket. He stopped when got just above the iceberg and landed on top of it. His feet almost immediately began to make the ground he stood on sizzle, but paying no mind to it, he charged up his hands and blasted flames onto the iceberg. Before long, he managed to get through, but when he did, a large gust of wind erupted from the hole he made, sending him flying into the air as the iceberg suddenly exploded, sending Heatblast and several shards and chunks of ice in all directions.

The alien hero found himself about five yards away from the now smaller iceberg but managed to get up with ease. When he did, he saw a beam of light bursting from the core of the berg rocketing into the sky.  Soon, that died down, and then he saw something come out of the frozen crater.  It was the human-like figure, but now he could see more details and make it out. It looked like a human woman, but with supermodel proportions, as "her" breasts were big and her curves were just amazing. From what he could tell of her outfit, it was a short dress that stopped just below her hips and had long sleeves and a hole in the chest area that showed off her cleavage, and her legwear consisted of two boots that stopped just below her knees. Behind the glowing arrow on her forehead, he saw that she had a big mane of hair that appeared to stop at her lower back. The figure also seemed to have some kind of staff in hands, making her look all the more striking.

Then lights emitting from her eyes ceased, and she appeared to faint, collapsing to the ground. Pressing the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, Heatblast flashed green briefly before reverting back to Ben Tennyson. Trying to ignore the sudden rush of cold that returned to him, Ben made his way over to the now broken iceberg and climbed up and into it, now gaining a better view of who and what was inside of it.

First he noticed the figure of the woman lying on the icy ground unconscious, and that without the glow from her eyes and arrow tattoos, her dress was a bright orange, her boots were leathery and of a dark brown color, the chest hole in her dress was held together at the top by a button with a design on it that contained three spirals. Her hair was black, and it seemed to start in the middle of the top of her head. Looking at her sleeping face, Ben saw that, if she was, in fact, human, she appeared to have Asian-like features, and that she wasn't much older than himself.

The second thing he saw was a large creature the size of a bus lying not far from the young woman. It had light fur, a flat tail, six legs, and head like a bovine animal with horns stubby in comparison to the rest of its head. On the creature's forehead, there was an arrow-like pattern very similar to the tattoos on the unconscious female. Either that was a crazy coincidence, or the two were connected somehow. Considering that both were trapped inside the iceberg together until Ben freed them, it was likely the latter.

After taking in the sight of both, the eighteen-year-old rushed down to where the young woman lay, held her close to himself and checked to see if she was alright. She was breathing, albeit lightly, so that was a good sign.

"Hey, are you alright?" he asked her, hoping that she might wake up. Shaking her just a little bit, he asked again, "Are you alright?"

Then the young woman began to stir. She groaned a little, and her eyes began to open, revealing grey irises. Looking up at Ben, she had a slight inquisitive expression on her face, probably wondering who he was just as much as Ben was wondering about her.  Seeing that she was alive, and beginning to move, Ben sighed and smiled with relief.

“Can…can I ask you something?” she managed to say in a tired voice.


“Come…a little closer…please.”

“What is it?” Ben asked, curious as to what she was going to say.

“Do you want to cuddle together?” she asked in an excited voice with her eyes widening a bit, followed almost immediately by a quick peck on his cheek.

“Uh…sure…I guess,” replied Ben, a little off put by the question.  Why did she want to cuddle with a complete stranger right after waking up?  Even when he and Julie were dating, they had waited until they were comfortable enough with each other before doing anything that intimate.  Then again, she could’ve just been asking that because of how cold the environment around them was.

"But before we do... that, do you mind telling me just what you were doing in this iceberg?  Also, why aren’t you frozen?"

"It's a bit of a long story," answered the young woman as she pushed herself off of Ben, and with elegance got to her feet in one swift move, surprising the young man. "I'm Aang, by the way. What's your name?"

"Ben Tennyson," replied the young hero, who got back on his feet as well.  “Pleased to meet you, Aang,” he said as he extended his hand.  She took it and shook with enthusiasm.

“Believe me, the pleasure’s all mine, cutie,” she responded, causing Ben to blush a little when she called him that.

“Um…thanks.  So-” he started, but was interrupted by the sound of a low, gruff noise that suddenly filled the air, coming from within the crater of the iceberg. Quickly, the Aang scrambled up the ridge of ice and happily jumped on the head of the large, furry creature.

“Appa!” Aang exclaimed with a joyous voice, “Are you alright?”  She hung down the side of the beast to try and look into its still closed eyes.  “Wake up, buddy.” 

Then, at last, the big animal started to react Aang and opened its eyes, after which it opened its mouth, revealing two rows of teeth the size of human fists, and extended its tongue, licking Aang's face.

“Aww, you’re okay.  Yes you are, yes you are,” she said in the same type of baby voice one might use when addressing a beloved pet.  In this case, one that was nearly the size of a bus, and whom Aang petted on the nose.  “Who’s a good sky bison?  Yes, you are, yes you are.”

Ben and Aang then saw Appa stand up and stretch, revealing to the boy that the creature had six legs and a rather flat looking tail behind it.

“I’m guessing that it’s safe to say that he’s with you?” asked Ben with a tinge of nervousness in his voice as he looked at Appa.

“Oh yes,” responded Aang as she turned back to Ben, “Appa and I have been together ever since he and paired up at the Southern Air Temple.”

“Southern…Air…Temple?” pondered Ben aloud.

“You’ve never heard of it?” asked Aang, surprised that someone hadn’t known of the Air Temples.

“Can’t say that it rings any bells,” answered the boy, who in turn received a confused from the Air Nomad.  Evidently, she had not heard the expression before.  “Never mind, I’m sure we both have a lot of questions for each other, but those’ll have to wait.”

“Yeah, they’ll have to wait in line for ours,” said another female voice, and both young people turned to see two girls about their age in blue form-hiding parkas looking at them.  Both of them appeared to have very similar appearances in their faces, so it might’ve been safe to assume that both were related to each other.  The one that spoke was pointing a spear at Ben, Aang and Appa.  “Now just who in the name of Raava are you two and that monster and what are you all doing here?” she asked with hostility.

“Whoa!” said Ben, “No need for that!”

“‘Monster’?!” responded Aang, offended and taken aback that someone would call her friend that.  “He’s a sky bison, I’ll have you know!”

“Never heard of it,” replied the spear-holder a bit callously.  “Now I’ll ask again; who are you all and what’re you doing here?”

“Oh stop it, Sokkara!” said the other girl disapprovingly; whacking the spear down.  “Not everyone who comes to the South Pole is a Fire Nation spy.” 

‘South pole?’ Ben thought curiously, ‘Well, at least that explains why it’s so cold.’

Turning to Ben and Aang, the non-hostile girl said, “Sorry about that.  We don’t get many visitors down here, and not all of those who do are friendly.  My name is Katara.  You’ve already met my sister, Sokkara.”

“I’m Aang, and this big guy is Appa.”

“I’m Ben Tennyson.”

“Nice to meet you all,” said Katara courteously.  “Now to reiterate what my sister so rudely said, what brings you to this part of the world?”

“Me and Appa were caught in a storm and lost consciousness,” explained Aang.  “When I woke up, we met Ben.”

“And you?” asked Sokkara to Ben with suspicion.

“It’s a long story, and one that I’d be more than happy to tell you, but first, could we please get out of this cold?  You two wouldn’t happen to have a hut or something nearby where we could warm up?”  Ben asked as his held his arms and shivered.

“Well, our village is nearby.  It should only take-” Katara started before Sokkara clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Are you out of your mind, Katara?!” Sokkara whispered incredulously.  “We can’t tell them or show them where the village is!  We don’t know anything about them!  We should just leave them here.”

“And let them die in the cold?  Sokkara, sometimes I wonder about you,” replied Katara, rolling her eyes as she removed her sister’s hand from her mouth.  Speaking aloud to the newcomers, she said, “Follow us.  Once we’re back at home you can warm up and tell us what you can.”

With that, Katara turned around while Sokkara just threw her arms up in frustration.  Ben, Aang and Appa followed them carefully on the ice.

“Well, those two seem a little…odd, but they’re also kind of cute,” Ben said to Aang.

“Especially Katara,” replied the tattooed young woman with a smile, causing Ben to look at her in surprise.

This was fixing to be one strange adventure for Ben Tennyson, though little did he know, it was about to get simultaneously both stranger and clearer…

And that is chapter one for you all.  I was originally going to have it cover the first two episodes of ATLA, but I realized that that would be too long a chapter and probably scare everyone off.  So, I’ll do this in pieces, and don’t worry, you’ll see a lemon soon enough.

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