That Gleam in Her Eye

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inside Out or its characters. I made no money from writing this story. I am not the mysterious orange-colored Sixth Emotion.

Riley yawned and rubbed her eyes. She hadn’t slept very well—she’d had that awful dream about the locker room again—and now she felt…weird. Different.

She sat up and glanced around for her phone. Her insomniac friend Meredith sometimes sent her texts in the wee hours of the morning.

In looking around, one of the posters on her wall caught her eye: young rock singer Chaz Pulaski, clad in jeans and a half-open shirt, looking at her through his errant curls with just a bit of smoke in his eyes.

There was general agreement among Riley and her friends that Chaz was the cutest boy on the charts. Those eyes and that hair were something else. But she’d never quite noticed his lips before…or thought much about how they might feel if they were pressed against hers. Or what it would be like to run her hands all over his slim, athletic body. Or-

“Riley! Come to breakfast!” her mother called.

Riley’s attention suddenly shifted from the funny feelings in her chest and groin to the rumbling in her stomach.

“Coming, Mom!” the girl shouted, and ran downstairs.


Later that morning, Riley was making her usual trek from third-period Social Studies to fourth-period Algebra and chatting idly with her friend Claudia, who was going on about her latest favorite pop-musician. Riley was only half listening, because she found herself watching everyone who was passing the other way down the locker-lined hall. Especially the boys.

A particularly cute one—Josh Ramirez, known among the boys for his prowess as a running back and among the girls for his easy-on-the-eyes face—happened to pass by. Without even thinking about it, Riley found herself giving him a sexy little smile, which the boy returned as they passed each other.


“What the heck did you just make us do!?” Fear shouted at Joy. She was standing at the console, with the other emotions gathered behind her.

Joy turned to look at them, and now they could all see that strange, amorphous, white-light gleam in her blue eye.

“That,” she said smugly, “was charm.”

“No,” said Disgust, “that was being a…slot?”

“Slut,” Anger corrected.

“Hey, this is the twenty-first century, and that’s totally sexist!” Joy said indignantly. “What would you call a boy who smiled at us like that?”

The other four emotions turned to one another.

“I’d still go with slut,” said Anger.

“Slut. Uh-huh,” Sadness agreed, nodding.

“Mmm, yep, slut,” Fear said.

“Slut, yeah, definitely,” Disgust added.

“Jeez, guys,” Joy said, “stop being such a bunch of prudes! We are going to have so much fun now that we’ve hit puberty. I mean, yesterday, we were walking down this hallway thinking about math homework. But today, we’re thinking about boys! Boys at school, boys in magazines, boys in movies, strange boys we might meet on the Internet…”

Suddenly, Anger pointed out the window of Headquarters and said, “What is that?”

The other emotions gathered at the window and saw some sort of structure being assembled in the distance.

“Is that a new island?” Disgust asked.

“They're building it really fast,” Fear said. “There was nothing there when we woke up this morning.”

“So...” Sadness asked, “what kind of island is it?”

“Smiles, everyone, smiles!” Joy cried gleefully. “Welcome to Sexual Fantasy Island! This is where all of Riley's erotic dreams will come alive—and,” she added with a wink, “wait to come true.”

Looking around at the others, Sadness said, “I think we all just lost the bet.”


Riley was confused and exhausted. She’d spent half the school day looking at, thinking about, and fighting the urge to flirt with every cute boy she saw—and not always winning the fight. Only throwing herself completely into this afternoon’s hockey practice had provided even temporary relief, and now she was worn out. Throughout dinner with Mom and Dad, she’d faked her way through half-heard conversation while her brain flipped channels: hockey, athletic boys, her history assignment, cute boys in her history class, movies, seductive teenage vampire boys, the importance of not falling asleep at the table, and boys she’d like to see in her dreams.

Even worse was the fact that it wasn’t just happening in her head. Some of the thoughts that kept drifting into her mind—thoughts about kissing, touching, feeling another body pressed against her own—made her feel weird sensations all over, especially down between her legs. And although she had had these feelings before, they had been mild and fleeting compared to the nonstop onslaught she had experienced today.

Doing homework and watching TV hadn’t done anything to restore her focus. Now, having brushed her teeth and changed into the oversized Minnesota Golden Gophers T-shirt she wore as a nightgown, she still felt too hyped up to sleep.

What was wrong with her? She’d heard the phrase “boy crazy,” but she had assumed that the “crazy” part was an exaggeration.

Maybe this was just a passing thing. Something she ate, even; she’d heard adults talk about the hormones they were putting in food these days. Maybe she’d just gotten a big dose in some chicken or something, and she’d be totally back to normal when she woke up tomorrow.

Or, maybe this was the new normal. Maybe something inside her had changed, permanently. This could even be the first sign of puberty.

Nah. Puberty was supposed to happen slowly. It didn’t hit you like a gorilla with a sledgehammer.

She turned out the light, got into bed, and took a few deep breaths, trying to relax. But enough streetlight seeped in through the blinds that, once her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could easily see her poster of Chaz Pulaski. He was still looking at her with that smoky gaze, and smiling at her with that sexy mouth.

As she had that morning, Riley imagined how those lips would feel against hers. But now, she began to ponder what it would be like to feel them on her earlobe...then her neck...then her chest...then her stomach...then lower...

Reaching down under the covers, she pulled up the hem of her oversized T-shirt. Then she slid her fingers under the waistband of her plain gray sports undies.

She extended a finger down to the bottom of her as-yet-still-hairless sex, then drew it up along the seam of her cleft. Even though her lower lips only parted by a millimeter or so, she could feel the hot slickness between them. She began to wonder what it might feel like if it were not her finger, but the very tip of Chaz's tongue making the slow journey up her slit.

And what if, she thought, when he did this, he was kneeling with his knees just behind her head, so that his hard penis was hanging down over her face.

A part of her was shocked by the very idea. Why would she want some guy’s…thing right there in her face?

But as she pictured it, it seemed irresistible. Riley closed her eyes, and without even her thinking about it, her thighs parted wider, and her mouth opened...


“Guys,” Joy said, clapping her hands excitedly as she watched Riley’s fantasy on Headquarters’ big screen, “we're having our first oral sex fantasy!” Then, smiling wickedly and running her hands down over her own body from breasts to stomach to groin, she said, “Oooh, it feels so dirty.”

“Um, 'dirty' is not a good thing,” Disgust griped.

“It is now,” Joy replied, licking her lips.

“Oh, jeez,” Fear said, half-watching the images on the screen through his splayed fingers. “There’s so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to start.”

“Just imagine,” Joy said, almost gasping, “what it would be like to have a boy’s penis in our mouth while his tongue is doing wonderful things to our…well, I was going to say ‘noonie,’ but that seems so childish now. Let’s go with pussy.” Joy ran her hand down between her legs for a moment as she said it.

“Hey!” Anger exclaimed. “Curse words are MY thing!”

“They’re not just yours anymore,” Joy said with a grin that would make small children run away screaming. “Because now there’s a fun way to use them.”

“But,” Sadness said, looking wide-eyed at the screen, “we’ve never even kissed a boy, let alone done…this thing.”

“Oh, we’re going to fix that,” Joy said, the gleam in her eye brightening. “Pretty soon, there isn’t going to be a square inch of our body that won’t have had a boy’s lips on it.”

“Okay, ew,” said Disgust.

“Yeah, none of that sounds very sanitary,” Fear added.

“Look, you two,” Joy said testily, looking sharply at Disgust and Fear as her fingers gripped the edge of the console. “I’m starting to get just a teensy bit tired of all this can’t-do attitude.”

“More like won’t-do,” said Disgust, blowing an errant hair out of her face.

“Or shouldn’t-do,” Fear added nervously.

For a split second, something like lightning flashed across both of Joy’s eyes.

“Okay, that’s it!” she snapped, marching over to stand directly in front of the green and purple emotions and sharply pointing one finger at the floor. “Fear, drop your pants! Disgust, down on your knees! We’re doing this thing right here and now!”

“Uh, no way,” Disgust said, raising her hands in denial. “I am totally not-”

Joy leaned her face right into Disgust’s, and the green emotion could see the maniacal glint in Joy’s eyes. It was nothing short of terrifying.

“O- Okay,” Disgust said, gingerly lowering herself to her knees.

“Um, Joy,” Fear said anxiously, “you know I have some issues with, ah, public nudity, and I’d really rather- YAAAH!” he screamed, flailing his arms in terror at the mere sight of Joy’s deranged face as it turned toward him.

“Right, dropping the pants, dropping the pants,” Fear whimpered, fumbling with his belt buckle and then shoving his pants and purple paisley boxer shorts down around his knees.

Joy whipped her head around and fixed her fierce gaze on Anger and Sadness, who had been moving quietly toward the exit.

You two!” Joy said, the tone of her voice freezing the red and blue emotions in their tracks. “You’ve got work to do. Sadness, take off your pants and sit your ass down on the console! Anger’s gonna eat you out.”

“Sadness,” Fear called, “lock the controls before you get up there! Otherwise, anything could happen!”

Anger chuckled nervously. “Look, Joy, let’s be reasonable here…”

“Reasonable?” Joy said, striding over to the red emotion and leaning her face down close to his. Then, in a singsong tone dripping with menace, she said, “Reasonable is me doing my job. And my job is making Riley happy.”

“Sure, of course,” Anger said, hands raised, “but-”

“And right now,” Joy said, smiling through gritted teeth, “Do you know what Riley needs to be happy?”

Jabbing her finger into Anger’s chest and making him take a step backward with every word, she said, “A sweating- thrashing- screaming- orgasm!”

Anger’s back was now against the console, on which Sadness was sitting, pantsless, per Joy’s instructions.

“And it’s going to take all of us working together to make that happen,” Joy went on. “So get your little red face between Sadness’ thighs, and you eat her pussy like you’re starving to death. Got it?”

“Um, okay,” Anger said, peering between the prone Sadness’ legs with great uncertainty.


“Mmm…” Riley hummed quietly, enjoying the vaguely pleasant sensations she was managing to elicit by groping herself.

She tried to imagine what it would feel like if a boy’s tongue did the things she was doing with her fingers. She had no idea if what she was imagining was anything like the real thing, but it sure was nice to think about…


Joy’s head whipped around to Disgust, who was now eying Fear’s limp penis like it was a canned anchovy with an unknown expiration date.

“Get to work, Disgust,” Joy said in her scary-cheerful sing-song. “We want to make Riley happyyyyyy…”

“Oh, God,” Disgust said, squinching up her face. “Okay. Here goes…”

Squeezing her eyes shut, she opened her mouth and blindly leaned her head forward toward Fear’s crotch.

Joy’s head turned back to the other pair. “You too, Anger—get on it. Or, more accurately, in it.”

“Oh, jeez,” Anger said nervously, slowly moving his face deeper between Sadness’ chubby thighs.

With agonizing tentativeness, Disgust, eyes still closed tight, stuck out her tongue, not wanting more than the tip of it to come into contact with Fear’s hanging member. And then it did.

Disgust’s eyes opened, squinting at the flaccid purple schlong her tongue was touching.

“Heh, weh a mineh,” she said. “Iss tayth ligh”—she moved her tongue in a millimeter-wide circle on Fear’s shaft—”ghape.”

“Grape? Really?” Fear said. “Well, I am purple, I guess, so-”

Fear suddenly sucked in a breath as Disgust ran the surface of her tongue in a circle around his cockhead. Then, with an audible “boing!” Fear’s penis instantly went from limp to fully erect.

“Hey,” Disgust said with surprising optimism. “Now it’s like a grape popsicle!”

“But, but it’s not, okay?” Fear said nervously. “So no biting.”

Disgust took the head into her mouth and began to suck on it gently. Fear’s eyes grew huge, staring at nothing, as he faintly said, “Ahhahhaaaaa….” The volume increased as Disgust took another inch of purple cock into her mouth.

Anger wasn't about to let Disgust make him look like a chicken by comparison. Pushing Sadness' knees a little farther apart to fully expose her pouty blue pussy lips, Anger thrust his tongue in between them and took a long lick from bottom to top.

Oh,” Sadness exclaimed, her normally droopy eyes suddenly saucer-wide.

Anger pulled his face away and looked up at Sadness with amazement.

“Blueberry pie,” he said. “You taste like blueberry pie!”

“Huh,” said Sadness. “I would have guessed plum. Plums are the saddest fruit.”

“That makes no sense, but I don't care!” Anger shouted enthusiastically. “I'm gonna eat me some more pie!”

Anger plunged his face back between Sadness' thighs and began eating her pussy with gusto. Sadness, for her part, was more vocal than anyone had ever heard her be.

“Oh,” she said. “Oh, my, that's- goodness, you're actually- wow, that feels- oooooh...”

Disgust now had a good portion of Fear's cock in her mouth and was sucking it hard and rhythmically. Fear's eyes had rolled halfway back into his head, and the purple emotion was making a continuous “Ahhhh” sound of pure pleasure that no one could remember ever hearing him make before.

Joy's gleam-flecked eyes darted back and forth between the two pairs of oral-sex-engaged emotions, and the yellow emotion rubbed her hands together. Everything seemed to be going well, now that she had convinced the others to cooperate—in Riley’s best interests, of course.

But something wasn’t quite right. And Joy couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was.


Riley moved her finger from one place to another between her legs, rubbing experimentally in various ways, then choosing a new spot and trying again. Touching herself just about anywhere down there had been nice enough at first, but she’d been at it for a while now, and she needed more.

She couldn’t find more, though. No matter what she did, she just couldn't seem to figure out how to make it feel more than just pretty good. And pretty good was no longer good enough.

Riley was starting to feel frustrated. How could she get herself closer to feeling the way she wanted—no, needed—to feel? How was she supposed to get to that climax that she’d heard about but never felt, but that the mere thought of was starting to drive her mad? What was the secret to reaching it?

Was she rubbing the wrong spot? In the wrong direction? Too hard? Not hard enough? What was she doing wrong?


“Awright, we gotta rethink this!” Anger barked as he pulled his face out from between Sadness' chubby blue thighs. “We're gonna go completely freakin' nuts if we don't get some satisfaction here!”

“Oh, this is not good,” Joy gasped, seemingly horrified by the prospect of an orgasm-less ending to Riley's first adolescent attempt at self-pleasure. “We used to just like touching ourselves down there sometimes; we've never actually needed to before! What do we do?”

Disgust pulled her head back and released Fear's purple cock from her mouth. Fear's eyes rolled forward into position as the purple emotion whimpered, “Whoa...”

“I think I know,” Disgust said, standing up. “But it's gross. And Sadness has to get off the console.”

“Awww,” the blue emotion lamented, climbing down.

“Uh, why is that?” Fear asked.

“So Joy can get on it,” Disgust answered.

“Wait, what?” Joy said.

“You're our pleasure center, Joy,” Disgust said. “If you don't get off, Riley doesn't get off.”

“But- But I-” Joy stammered, “It's just that- I mean, I'm the one in charge, and, and if I lose control, then so will Riley!”

“Um,” Sadness said, raising a finger, “isn't that what an orgasm is?”

“She's got a point, there, Joy,” Anger said.

“I just-” Joy sputtered, “I don't think I'm, I'm comfortable with- with-”

Disgust rolled her eyes. “I knew it was going to come to this. All right, guys, let's get her.”

“Wait,” Joy said, raising her hands as the other emotions began to close in on her. “I- I know I've been a little hard on you all today, but-”

“If we don't do this,” Fear said as he began to reach for her, “Riley's going to explode. I can't let Riley explode on my watch, Joy! EXPLODING IS NOT AN OPTION!”

“Sorry, Joy,” Anger said, grabbing the yellow emotion around the legs to hold her in place while the others pulled her dress up over her head and off. “We're doin' this for Riley.”

“Don't worry,” said Sadness as she helped the others lift the naked, wide-eyed Joy off the floor and lay her squarely on the console. “I heard that French people call orgasm 'the little death.' So it's probably kind of nice.”

“Just relax and go with it, Joy,” Disgust said.

Joy looked angrily at Disgust as she demanded, “What makes YOU such an expert?”

“Before today,” Disgust said, “almost everything we learned about sex got filed under 'weird and gross.' That's my department.”

“Guys,” Joy pleaded as they pinned her naked body spread-eagle on the console, “we don't like being out of control! Disgust, don't you remember that time when we got really queasy riding the Ghost Coaster at Super Fun World and then the lady in the Sadie Squirrel costume picked us up without asking and we pu-”

Disgust clapped a hand over Joy's mouth. “Joy,” she said, “you're just making this next part seem less gross by comparison.”

Each of the other four emotions was now pinning one of Joy's limbs to the console. Disgust, retaining her grip on Joy's right wrist but removing her hand from Joy's mouth, bent over and kissed the yellow emotion full on the lips, forcing Joy's mouth open with her own. As Fear watched this scene, a “boing!” sounded from just below his beltline.

Disgust broke off the kiss and straightened up. Joy stared up at her with eyes that were still wide—no longer with fear, but with wonder.

“Lime,” she breathed. “You taste like lime!”

“And you taste like lemon, girl,” Disgust said, smiling eagerly. “Together, we're pretty freakin' delicious.”

Disgust bent down again, and the kissing resumed—this time with enthusiastic participation on both sides.

Meanwhile, Sadness slowly leaned over and experimentally licked one of Joy's now-stiffening nipples.

“Huh,” she said. “It's kind of like a lemon drop.”

Fear looked skeptical but nonetheless lowered his face to Joy's chest and licked her other nipple. Then he nodded slowly.

“Hmm, not bad.”

Fear and Sadness again lowered their faces to Joy's chest and began to lick, kiss, and suck her citrus-sweet nipples. Joy moaned into Disgust's mouth.


Riley, still searching between her legs for the elusive combination of location and technique that would put her on the road toward orgasm, had a sudden urge to try something entirely different. She put her free hand on her stomach and slid it up and under her nightgown until it reached one of her small, pale-pink nipples. Then, with her index and middle fingers, she rubbed the nipple gently.

“Ohhh,” she murmured, and kept rubbing.


“Bon appetit, my friends,” Anger said as the other emotions pleasured Joy's upper half with their lips and tongues. Then, rubbing his hands together, he said, “Daddy's gonna eat downtown!”

Anger eagerly thrust his face between Joy's spread legs and began licking her petite puss. After a few seconds, he paused to shout, “Ha! Lemon meringue!” before resuming his pussy-eating with even greater gusto.


Riley, rubbing her nipple with one hand while still searching between her legs with the other, felt a sudden twinge of pleasure from down there. Was that the spot? What had she just done?

Focusing, she repeated the same small, circular motion she had just made, in the same spot where she had made it. She was rewarded with another spark-like sensation of pleasure.

There, she thought, and kept circling her finger.


“It's- It's working!” Joy cried, momentarily interrupting her intense make-out session with Disgust.

Joy's anxieties about losing control had vanished. Maybe the others had gone too far, but there was no arguing with the results. She ran her fingers over the heads of the four emotions who were pleasuring her and tried to open her thighs wider for Anger's hungry, seeking tongue.


“Mmm...” Riley moaned, imagining her handsome rock star's tongue pushing inside her while his thick penis filled her mouth and, somehow, his fingers toyed with her nipples.


“Oh yeah,” Joy purred. “Now we're getting somewhere!”

The other emotions variously kissed, licked, and sucked on Joy, making the yellow emotion squirm and moan almost continuously. After several minutes, she raised her head.

“Oh, this is so good,” Joy said deliriously. “But it's still not enough.”

“Time for phase two,” Disgust said. “Joy, come down from the console. You need to pick a new fantasy.”

Reluctantly, Joy got down, and Disgust unlocked the console's controls. Then Joy began to look through the menu of options associated with Sexual Fantasy Island.

“Let's see,” Joy said, her maniacal grin returning. “What to think about next? We don't have too many choices just yet, but I'm sure there's something good in here...”

She pulled up a rotating menu of items, each one showing a clip of the fantasy as she paused the cursor on it. The first one showed Riley kissing Don McCleary, a cute boy she knew from school.

“Nice, but kind of a step backwards,” Joy said.

Next was a young man Riley had once seen at the beach, his uber-tight swimsuit showing his package in great detail as Riley eyed him in passing. Although, in her imagination, he’d slowly pulled that swimsuit down to show her everything

“Better, but not enough action,” Joy pronounced.

The next item was a still image: a drawing of a woman on all fours, being mounted by a large German shepherd.

“A little too weird for our first time out,” Joy declared.

“I hate the Internet,” Disgust grumbled.

Next was a man and a woman in bed, clearly having sex but entirely covered by a sheet and filmed on cheap video.

“Daytime TV?” Joy said critically. “We can do better than that! Come on, imagination!”

The next one blared, “Triple-Dent gum it makes you smile, Triple-Dent gum it lasts a while...”

“Son of a bitch,” Joy growled, rapidly turning to the next item.

This one showed Chaz Pulaski, now underneath Riley and face-to-face with her, as Riley slowly lowered herself down onto him, putting him inside her.

“Now we're talking!” Joy shouted.

“All right, Anger,” Disgust said. “Hop up on the console, and let Joy get on top of you.”

“Whatever's gonna work,” Anger replied. The short-statured emotion barely managed to jump high enough to get onto the console's surface.

Joy needed no additional prompting; as soon as Anger was in place, she hopped right up onto him, then grinned as she took hold of his erect cock, which was short but thick like the rest of him.

“Time to go for a ride,” she said, and lowered herself onto it.

“Whoa,” Anger breathed, wide-eyed as Joy's warm, tight pussy engulfed him.

“Actually,” Joy said, the gleam in her eye growing brighter, “I think the right word is 'giddyup’!”


Riley moaned softly as she imagined herself beginning to ride her handsome rock-star lover. He looked up at her with a mix of passion and admiration, clearly dazzled by her beauty and sexiness. Then he reached up with his hands...


“Sadness,” Disgust said, “help me out here.”

Disgust stood on one side of Joy and began touching her all over her torso: hands skimming over her stomach, caressing her back, fondling her little breasts. Sadness came to Joy's other side and did the same.

“So…” Fear said, “what do I do?”

“C'mere,” Disgust replied. Then, when Fear was right next to her, she said, “I can't believe I'm saying this, but...” She whispered something into Fear's ear.

“Oh,” Fear said, eyes widening. “Wow. Um, okay.”

Fear looked on for a few minutes as Joy rode Anger with increasing vigor and Disgust and Sadness continued ministering to Joy's body.

“More,” Joy gasped. “I need more!”

Disgust looked at Fear and said, “Now.”

Fear came up behind Joy. His erect purple member was slimmer than Anger's, but longer, and the head was coated in precum that looked rather like grape jelly.

He wrapped his hand around the base for aiming purposes, then, with an encouraging nod from Disgust, pushed his cock into Joy's asshole.

“Waaaaah!” Joy screamed.


Riley, now breathing hard and rubbing her clit vigorously, impulsively took her other hand away from her nipple and slid it down past its mate between her legs. Then, experimentally, she reached down with one finger and began to play with her little pink anus.

“Ooooooh!” she cried, and kept at it.


“Oh, yes,” Joy moaned, the hands on her body and the cocks inside it suffusing her whole being with pleasure. “Oh, God, yes!”

“I don't want to mess things up,” Sadness whispered to Disgust, “but I feel like we're forgetting something.”

Joy began to move more forcefully with the intensity of the sensations, and Anger had to shift underneath her to keep her from falling off. In doing so, he inadvertently moved some of the controls on the console beneath him.


Riley felt a jolt go through her body as her legs spasmed involuntarily. At the moment, she didn't care—she just needed to keep going, keep pushing herself toward that climax that she knew was waiting for her, getting closer and closer...


“Yes,” Joy panted, “yes, yes, yes!”

Fear, continuing to thrust his cock into Joy’s lovely-tight asshole, nonetheless managed to grunt, “Guys…I think…we…forgot…to lock…the console…”

“Can’t stop now!” Disgust answered. “We’ve just got to ride it out!”

Anger, too, was starting to grunt with both effort and pleasure as he rhythmically shoved his thick red cock into Joy from below. Then—perhaps coincidentally, perhaps reflexively—his hand began to slam down repeatedly on the section of the console that he usually operated.


“Fuck,” Riley gasped. “Oh, fuck, yes, fuck me…”


“Oh yes,” Joy moaned loudly. “Yes oh God oh please fuck fuckfuckYES!”

Joy screamed and thrashed, mashing the console controls and making Riley’s whole body convulse wildly. Anger roared and came along with Joy, and Fear managed to grab one lever on the console and pull it before crying out and unleashing a torrent of hot purple cum into Joy’s ass.


Riley lashed out with her arm, seized a pillow, and shoved it down over her own face as the girl shrieked and thrashed in the ecstasy of her first orgasm.


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