That Gleam in Her Eye

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inside Out or its characters. I made no money from writing this story. I am not the mysterious orange-colored Sixth Emotion.

“That Gleam in Her Eye”

by George Glass

Summary: A colossal misunderstanding among Riley’s five emotions leads to puberty hitting like a wrecking ball. And the first sign of it is a peculiar gleam in Joy’s eye… (mast, oral, DP, M/F, F/F, group)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inside Out or its characters. I made no money from writing this story. I am not the mysterious orange-colored Sixth Emotion.

Warning: Although there is nothing in this story that strictly meets the definition of rape, some of the emotions are pressured into performing sexual acts in ways that may make some readers uncomfortable.

- - -

“Morning everyone!” Joy said cheerfully as she and her fellow emotions—Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—assembled in Headquarters.

“I’ve got exciting news,” Joy continued. “Last night, I pressed the Puberty button. We’re about to start a whole new chapter in Riley’s life!”

“Um,” said Disgust, frowning as she inspected her nails, “I pressed that button, like, yesterday afternoon.”

“What? Why?” Joy asked. “I thought we agreed that was going to be my job!”

“You were taking too long,” Disgust snorted. “We don’t want the Cool Girls getting their boobs before we do.”

“Darn right,” Anger added. “That’s why I pressed the button.”

“Wait a minute,” Joy said. “Three of us pressed the Puberty button? Because that’s…That could be…”

“I hope you’re not going to say ‘bad,’” Fear said nervously. “Because if three is bad, then four would be, you know-“

“Four?” Joy interrupted. “Don’t tell me you pressed it too!”

“We were having that nightmare,” Fear explained rapidly, “where we’re in the locker room shower, and the other girls are laughing at us and calling us ‘stick figure’ and ‘straight arrow’ and ‘lower-case L,’ and I panicked! Oh, gosh, what’ve I done, what’ve I done?”

“Oh, boy,” Joy breathed. “Okay, I’m sure we can find a way to handle this. I mean, four’s a lot, but it’s not as bad as if all five of us pressed the button, right? I mean, Sadness, you haven’t pressed it, have you?”

“Um, no,” Sadness said slowly.

“Good,” Joy breathed. “Then maybe we can just-“

“Not exactly,” Sadness added.

“Sadness,” Joy said, looking sharply at the bespectacled blue emotion, “what exactly did you do?”

“I tripped and fell on it,” Sadness replied mournfully. Looking at the floor, she added, “I shuffle when I walk.”

“Oh my goodness,” Joy said, fanning her face with both hands. “Puberty is supposed to arrive gently, like a tiny fairy who taps us with her magic wand.”

“Well now,” Anger growled, “puberty is going to arrive like a five-hundred-pound gorilla who taps us with her magic SLEDGEHAMMER!”

“Great,” Disgust griped. “Here comes a whole world of gross: deodorant, feminine hygiene products, shaving everything…”

“To hell with shaving!” Anger spat. “We just have to keep our grades up so we can get into Berkeley.”

“We’ve never even been to those aisles at the drugstore,” Fear said tremulously. “What if somebody sees us?”

“I don’t like the drugstore,” Sadness moped. “Everything on the shelves makes us feel bad about our limp, lifeless hair. And our short nails. And our type II diabetes.”

“I’m pretty sure we don’t have that last one,” said Fear. “Believe me, I’d be the first to know.”

“Oh,” Disgust continued, “and don’t forget we’ll have to go bra shopping with Mom. That’ll be fun.”

Anger hustled over to the other side of the console and spread his hands over it like a blackjack dealer.

“All right people, place your bets,” he said. “Which horrible symptom is gonna hit first? Personally, I’m bettin’ on B.O.”

“Symptom?” Joy cried. “Anger, puberty is not a dis-“

“We all know what it’s going to be,” Disgust interrupted. Then, rolling her eyes, she said, “Better prep the guest room for Aunt Flo.”

“Who?” Anger asked.

Disgust rolled her eyes. “You know, Aunt Flo, the red tide, Shark Week, ‘that time of the month’? Don’t make me explain it.”

“Um, yeah, no need,” Anger replied, turning a slightly paler shade of red.

“It’s going to be acne, I know it,” Fear said, biting his nails. “Red, bumpy, socially stigmatizing…Hey, we should switch positions from left winger to goalie. Then we could wear a mask!”

“Um,” Sadness said, raising a finger toward Anger, “put me down for pointless moping.”

Anger turned to Joy. “Come on, Joy, you know you want to get in on this. What’s it gonna be? Pubes, violent mood swings, there’s plenty of choices left.”

“Fine,” Joy said, her usual upbeat tone now tinged with irritation. “I’ll bet on-“

And then Joy just…stopped.

“Uh, Joy?” Fear said, waving a hand in front of the yellow emotion’s unblinking eyes. “Joy? Earth to Joy? Please repeat your last transmission, over?”

“Drama queen,” Disgust mumbled.

“Very funny, Joy,” Anger said. “I’ll put you down for short attention span.”

Just then, Joy seemed to snap out of her paralysis.

“Sure,” she said, nodding absently. “That’ll be fine.”

Only Fear noticed the weird gleam in Joy’s eye as she added, with a slowly growing smile, “That’ll be juuuuust terrific….”


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