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Interlude 2: Son's Milk

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Lila Test sighed as she set down her pencil and pushed aside her papers. Her company had forced her to take some vacation time but she couldn't resist the urge to catch up on some of her paperwork. Her husband had been at her earlier, trying to convince her to stop work for a quickie, while the kids where at school. She had gently rebuffed him promising to make it up to him tonight, but now wished she had taken him up on the offer, before he went to his "build a better meatloaf" cooking class.

Her work schedule left her and her husband very little time for anything more than the occasional quickie, and since cheating on him was out of the question Lila had gotten into the habit of masturbating whenever she had even a few moments of privacy. Since she hadn't heard a peep out of the kids for the last few hours, Lila found her right hand moving to slide down her panties, while her left drifted towards her needy sex.

Johnny and Dukey reached the door to Lila's study at the same time. Through the slightly ajar entrance they could hear and see Johnny's mother caressing her fuzzy slit. The two shared a silent look before Dukey dropped to all fours and nosed the door open, playing the part of the curious pet. He made his way over to the desk where Mrs. Test was frantically rubbing herself with her eyes tightly shut.

Lila was nearing her limit when a cold nose was pressed into her crotch, pushing her over the edge into her climax. She spasmed heavily as her eyes shot open. Dukey inhaled deeply as she came, savoring the sweet scent of her arousal, before sticking his tongue out for a taste.

'mmm, she tastes better than steak' he thought.

Lila sat for a moment slumped bonelessly in her chair, as Dukey continued to lick through her orgasm, causing her to spasm slightly at every touch of his tongue. After a few moments she set her hands on his head and pushed him away, thwarting his efforts to rebury his snout in her auburn bush.

"Sorry big guy, but I'm already happily married," Lila joked as she closed her legs. Dukey sat on his haunches looking soulfully up at Lila. Almost involuntarily Lila’s eyes slid down to the long, thick, purplish-red length of Dukey's massive cock.

"Oh my god," Lila gasped, clasping her hand over her mouth. The big dog continued to gaze sadly at the brunette, silently begging her to help him alleviate his painful arousal.

"OK, OK stop giving me the look," Lila said, pushing her chair away and dropping to her knees to wrap her hands around Dukey's throbbing rod. The brunette MILF marveled at the size difference between her dainty palms and the slab of flesh between them. Dukey's was easily the largest penis she had ever seen. Even her husbands which was an impressive 9" was dwarfed by this monster. Immediately Lila wondered what it would be like to have something that big in her body.

"I hope a hand job will be enough," Lila mumbled, as Dukey began to hunch into her clenched fists. The strength behind his thrusts forced Lila to brace herself lest she be bowled over by his passion. Once again she wondered what the big dogs enthusiasm would feel like crammed into her pussy.

"This is wrong," Lila gasped as the big dog thrust into her clenched fist. But she was so hot. Her earlier orgasm hadn't completely satisfied her, and the intervening naughtiness with the dog had only intensified the fire. And if she was totally honest with herself, the wrongness of her actions was part of the reason she was into it.

Clear precum flowed in a thin stream out of the pointed tip of the Dukey's dick and on impulse, Lila leaned forward and ran her tongue across the thick veiny appendage. Lila smacked her lips lightly, not really that different from her husbands. Blushing suddenly the business mom, released the angry red shaft in her hands.

"What am I doing? I must really be hard up, to be considering cheating on my husband with the family dog," Lila berated herself. But to her own highly aroused ears this argument sounded hollow. She was hotter than she'd ever been just at the thought of letting the dog have her. And Dukey was, after all, only an animal. And it wouldn't really be cheating. No more so than constantly masturbating anyway.

So with this rationalization in mind Lila carefully moved forward on her hands and knees, arching her back slightly to accentuate her shapely derriere.

"OK, boy it looks like you're going to get your wish, saddle up," She said playfully, as Dukey moved forwards and rose up, lining up his lower body with hers. Carefully the big dog lined up with his preferred orifice and pushed forward.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh! Wrong hole! Wrong hole!" Lila shrieked in pain as the fat canine cock slipped halfway into her backdoor. Taking that as his cue Johnny burst through the door into the room.

"Are you OK mom? I heard you yelling..." Johnny said as he entered, playing the part of the concerned son.

"Oh my god, Johnny t-this isn't what it looks like," Lila said while trying to rise, in her panic she had completely forgotten about her discomfort from a moment ago. To her chagrin the weight of the big dog on top of her and the 7 inches of thick shaft up her butt put a stop to any movement she wanted to make. Johnny smiled deviously, noticing her immobile state.

"Heh, Dukey that was a dirty trick. Sneaking your dick into my moms ass," Johnny chuckled, as he moved forward. Unbuckling his pants he slid underneath his mother and fitted the tip of his cock to her unoccupied pussy.

"No, Johnny what are you doing?" Lila squeaked, as she felt the tip of Johnny's cock nose it's way between her nether lips. She wanted to stop him but if she moved either of her hands, Dukey's full weight would crash down on her.

"Relax mom, you're really going to enjoy this," Johnny said, with a grin. He pressed upward firmly, forcing his bloated member into her body. At the same time, Lila could feel Dukey begin to press downward, forcing more of his monstrous length into her.

Lila sighed in mixed horror and ecstasy, as her fuck tubes where forced open. Involuntarily she relaxed her muscles and wriggled her butt to take every last inch into her. In truth she had been a bit of a size queen since Highschool and the twin slabs of flesh fit her just right. Wincing slightly Lila pressed hard against the two stationary pillars.

"OK boys, go ahead," Lila said at last, surrendering to the inevitable ravishing.

As one the two males in her body began to hump, digging in and out of her body, gaining speed with each thrust. Lila could only gasp and sob as her son and the family dog had their way with her. Every movement big or small, drove her to new heights of pleasure.

Johnny and Dukey thrust roughly into Lila’s body, setting up a rhythm that insured that at least one of their cocks was firmly embedded in her body at all times.

Lila’s mind reeled as she was pleasured in this forbidden manner, incest and bestiality at once. She hated herself for it but this was the most satisfying sexual experience she had ever had. Letting go of all of her inhibitions and morals, Lila Test leaned forward to bring her full lips beside her sons ear.

"Do it son, fill your mother with cum. I need it so bad," Lila purred into his ear. She knew it was sick, but she desperately wanted to cum and she also wanted to feel hot spunk in both her holes. Even if the spunk was from her own son and his dog.

Finally the two thick cocks inside her began to spurt deeply, pouring thick cum into her body, causing the biggest orgasm Lila had ever experienced. Her eyes clinched tightly shut in pleasure and pain as Dukey's knot swelled inside her bottom, trapping the deluge of cum in her body.

After a few minutes of intense spurting, Johnny dragged his length out of it's warm sheath, allowing Dukey to flip over so that Lila was resting on his Stomach, with his knot still firmly embedded in her rectum.

Johnny rose to his feet and held his cock in front of his mothers face. Without hesitating she took the turgid flesh into her mouth and sucked it clean of any trace of their combined juices.

"This was a fun little quickie mom, but we've gotta go get Susan," Johnny said, as Dukey’s slightly softened cock slid out of her ass.

"I wonder if now would be a bad time to mention I can talk," Dukey chuckled, as Lila began to clean him as well...


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