Johnny Testosterone

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Voice Of Unreason: I don't know why it took me this long to remember to put this here. Originally posted on the WWOEC forum under my alternate pseudonym Mr. Nobody I present to you:


Johnny Testosterone

Ch. 1: Johnny pulls a boner
Summary: in which Johnny is transformed into a sex fiend by one of his sisters' experiments.

Story Codes: Incest, m/f, Reluctance, Oral, Vaginal

Johnny Test trudged dejectedly down the sidewalk, his best friend/dog Dukey trotting beside him.

“Come on Johnny cheer up it's not that bad,” Dukey said to his melancholy compatriot.

“Not that bad! They're making me take ballroom dancing. BALLROOM DANCING! Do you know how girly that is? We're gonna be wearing suits and DANCING!” Johnny emoted.

“Look Johnny everyone has to take this class so you might as well get it over with instead of complaining about it,” Dukey replied, sensibly.

“Or I could sneak into my sisters' lab and steal something that will make me look sick for the week it takes to avoid this class.” Johnny said.

“Oh no. no, niet, nein you already tried that plan once and it failed... miserably. We are not doing it again!” The genetically altered dog said forcefully.

“Fine, be that way. I'll just do it all by myself,” Johnny said storming off in the direction of Susan and Mary's lab. Dukey sat on the sidewalk and watched his best buddy/owner stomp off towards what was almost certainly disaster.

“Oh he'll be fine. What's the worst that could happen?”


"Hey girls, Gil called. He said he was shooting an adult film and wanted you guys to be in a scene with him." Johnny said, maintaining a straight face through sheer willpower.

"Oh, pah-lease Johnny, Like we're going to believe..." Mary began before being interrupted by her sister.

"True, it is pretty far fetched. But we can't afford to take the chance that he's telling the truth. We may never have another chance to get a piece of...(Sighs)... Gil" Susan said, before they both dashed out of the lab towards Gil's house.

"Man, I can't believe that still works," said Johnny, before heading into the lab. Noticing a shelf with police tape across it, Johnny examined the labels on each item. "Let's see, eeny, meeny, miney... This one!" Johnny said grabbing a beaker before looking at the label.

"Hyper Hormones?" Johnny read as he lifted the vial from it's pedestal. Inside was a bubbling, swirling mixture that glowed faintly blue. "I don't know what that means, but I'm sure it'll get me out of school for a day!" Johnny said before shotgunning the entire bottle.

At Gil's house...

"Nope, I'm not shooting a porno. But say hello to Johnny for me!" Gil said closing the door in the faces of the dejected Test twins. Exchanging an annoyed look, Susan and Mary charged back towards the lab...

Gagging on the foul taste of the elixer, Johnny finished the whole bottle, as his sisters burst into the lab.

"Ha, you're too late! Now I won't have to take any stupid ballroom dancing class!" Johnny said beaming, as his siblings stared in shock at his reckless behavior.

"Johnny, What have you done! All of the experiments in this area where deemed too dangerous to test on humans!" Susan said, picking up the discarded bottle. "Oh my god, he drank the whole bottle of Hyper Hormone juice!" She said, backing away from him.

"So what's the big deal? I get sick, miss a few days of school, then you give me an antidote," Johnny said.

"Johnny you don't understand. That chemical is a supercharged version of the male sex-hormone testosterone. All the lab animals we tested it on became extremely aggressive and hyper sexual. And they where only given a tablespoon!" Mary said, as she and Susan backed towards the exit.

"Oh... and that's bad right?" Johnny questioned, before collapsing on the floor clutching his stomach. Susan and Mary rushed over to see if he was alright.

"Johnny are you OK?" They said in unison, reaching out a hand to their guinea pig/brother. Suddenly Johnny's arm shot out and grabbed Mary in a vice-like grip. Smiling lustfully he lifted her in one hand and began to tear at her clothes with the other.

"You know girls, I never realized how hot you two are, until now" Johnny said, as he tore away his older sister's jeans, revealing a pair of bikini style, yellow, panties with a moon on the seat. "Whoa, nice ass sis, I can't wait to have a taste!"

"Johnny come on, snap out of it, you're not yourself!" Mary pleaded, as Johnny continued to effortlessly counter her struggling with one hand and strip her with the other. gripping her hips tightly with both hands Johnny turned her upside down and buried his face in her crotch slobbering over her clothed pubis.

"Susan save yourself, use the escape pod!" Mary said as Johnny continued to manhandle her body, turning her this way and that. Running to the emergency escape pod Susan strapped in before blasting off.

"I'll be back with help Mary, hang in there!" Susan vowed, as she rocketed towards the horizon.

"That's O.K., after we finish up here, I can just go get her, after all there's plenty enough for both of you." Johnny said, as he paused in his molesting of Mary to watch Susan's escape.

"In fact, I'm fairly sure I could satisfy all the women of Porkbelly, right now," Johnny said, as he freed one of his hands long enough to unzip his pants, releasing his erection, which had swelled to an impressive 12¾" in length and 3" in thickness. "Let me guess, you and Susan extracted the testosterone from horses?" Johnny said as his girth throbbed in the cool air.

Mary's eyes bulged in fright as the steel hard appendage of her "little" brother bobbed in front of her face.

"No, I wanted Gil to be my first," She shouted, as Johnny lowered her face towards his tool. Slowly Johnny applied more and more pressure, pressing into her mouth, insistently gaining ground.

"Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!" Mary grunted and gagged, as her cheeks bulged and her mouth slid onto his dick. grasping her panties in his hand he tore them away suddenly. Her pussy was now exposed right in front of him. Renewing his downward pressure on her body, he dove into her sex with his tongue, causing her to moan around his shaft.

Johnny's face was as close to the center of her legs as he could get, trying to get his tongue as deep as possible. His mouth was all over her, lapping at the insides of her cunt, as he nibbled on her clit and lapped her juices. Her legs shook in his hands, but he held her tightly.

Mary could feel the turgid girth of her hormone-crazed brother penetrate deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat, while his lips and tongue continued their assault on her body. Slowly an orgasm began to creep up on the young prodigy.

Johnny jammed his tongue deep into his sisters sex, cradling her tightly, as her body went rigid in the throws of a mighty orgasm. Slowly the flame headed sex fiend withdrew his tongue from Mary's spasming gash and slid her mouth and throat off of his mighty wand. Mary sagged in his grip and drew in deep breathes of air.

"Alright sis, I think there's enough fluid. Now grit your teeth 'cause this might hurt a bit," He said, as he flipped her over and began to push her down onto his engorged shaft. Mary's nether lips slowly parted, as Johnny's cock pressed into them harder and harder, until with a pop, the head of Johnny's cock slipped into her. Smiling to himself, Johnny began to push more of himself into his older sister.

"Whoa! No cherry sis? So who was the lucky guy?" Johnny said, as 4" of his rod sank, unimpeded, into the tightness of Mary's cunt. "I guess this means I don't have to hold back then." Johnny proclaimed before suddenly ramming his sister down onto his mighty erection, she screamed for a second but then relaxed, as he started to slow-fuck her tight hole with the 8" he had inside her.

"Ohhh... Johnny this... Oh god, so big... isn't right..." Mary tried to protest as she was plundered.

"Oh come on, you know you like it, you're squeezing me like crazy down there. But you have a point. This isn't right. There's still a good 4" outside of you, and I know you can take it all!" Johnny began to push harder on Mary's hips and slowly 2 more inches sank into the vice-like orifice, before the tip of his cock bumped up against her cervix. Mary began to moan, as Johnny continued pressing down with even more hormone-boosted force.

Somehow, another whole inch managed to slide inside the redhead. The head of his cock was now pushing HARD, into the neck of Mary's uterus, and the siblings actually felt the tip spreading the tiny entrance to her womb, as it leaked warm sticky pre-cum inside.

There was a moment's hesitation, and for a second Mary thought that she would tear inside. Then, Johnny felt a tight ring slip over the head of his penis, as the last few inches of cock vanished into her warm body, and her lightly furred cunny lips butted up against the hairless base of his cock.

The siblings knew that the head of Johnny's cock was now inside the older girl's womb. Smiling to himself Johnny began to move his older sister in time with his thrusting hips, fucking into her with wild abandon.

"Wow Mary, You feel so good; hot tight and wet. I may never get tired of this" He said as he increased his speed. Mary could only sigh, moan, and whimper in mingled pleasure and discomfort, as she was stretched inside by her "little" brother's furious invasion of her innermost depths.

"You might want to get comfortable sis. I seem to have developed the stamina of a horse, to go along with the strength and cock size!" Johnny said cheerfully, as he slammed hard into Mary's clasping cunny, striving towards an orgasm that felt miles away.

Mary could only writhe in pleasure/pain as her younger brother had his way with her...

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