Hormone overdrive

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Hormone overdrive

The bedsprings of Aelita’s and Jeremie’s bed creaked and groaned loudly as the pink haired nympho rode her husband with everything she had, her hips burning as they worked harder than they ever had before, her libido forcing her body to ignore its own protests in its desperate strive for sexual satisfaction

They had been at it for over two hours now, Aelita having made Jeremie cum four times and she having orgasmed more times than she could remember but yet she wanted more, NEEDED more, slamming her soaking cum packed cunt down on her husbands cock harder with every moment as sweat dripped from her body, eventually letting out a cry of pure bliss as she felt him cum inside of her for the fifth time

Collapsing forward burying her face in the nape of Jeremie’s neck Aelita hungrily kissed and licked along his throat and collar bone, her hips still grinding and gyrating before suddenly gasping as she felt Jeremie start to go soft “no! Nonononono! Stay hard, please stay hard…” she panted, reluctantly pulling her pussy off of her husband’s dick so she could reach back and start stroking it, desperately trying to make him hard again “baby please…I need it!”

“I’m sorry…I can’t…I’m done…” Jeremie panted back as he went completely flaccid in Aelita’s hand making his wife whine before she noticed just how bruised his groin was, the pink haired woman then proceeding to tenderly kiss and lick along his cock and groin whispering apologetically to both him and his genitals before getting up to let him rest

Heading out of the bedroom grabbing a sheer thin night gown as she went Aelita then headed towards the shower room, her pussy still aching for more and her skin burning as pure need ran through her veins so she hoped a nice cold shower would at least help suppress her libido, her pregnancy hormones having driven her libido so sky high that in a short amount of time that she borderline rivalled Sam now in her sheer need to get fucked most hours of the day

As she reached the shower room Aelita stopped in her tracks as the door opened before she could reach for the handle, her eyes widening as she was then graced with the sight of William standing naked and dripping wet from his shower “oh hey lass, forgot to grab a towel before I went in” he explained before moving to step aside to let her walk in whilst he walked out

Instead of walking passed him as expected Aelita stood for several seconds just staring at his fat flaccid cock as it hung between his legs, her heart rate spiking as her cunt started to heat up even more and ache all the more, her loins screaming for more cock, more cum, her mouth watering as she then wordlessly reached out to take hold of his cock with one hand whilst pressing the other to his chest to coax him back into the shower room dropping her night gown as she did so

Moments later William was back under the shower with Aelita on her hands and knees in front of him, sucking his cock almost desperately as she put her whole body into the blowjob, rocking back and forth as the showers spray bounced off of her skin making it glisten whilst she looked up at him with lustful need

“Holy fuck lass” the Scotsman groaned as Aelita sucked on his cock with such force and need it was like she was trying to suck it clean off of his body “keep going like that and you’ll make me pop early”

Instead of slowing down at his words however Aelita upped her ante, pushing herself forward to throat him all the way to the base, nuzzling her nose against his groin as she wrapped her arms around his wasted and hummed as loudly as she could with her throat completely clogged with cock, the vibrations it sent along his cock preventing William from even thinking about holding on as his cock erupted down her throat, making her eyes cross with perverted bliss as he gulped down his thick hot seed

Falling back against the wall William panted from exertion from just how hard he came, feeling like his very soul had been sucked out through his dick, having to reach down to manually pull Aelita off of his cock to prevent himself from blacking out from sensory overload “Jesus lass, give me a minute, you’ve never sucked it like that before” he groaned “let me return the favour at least” he then added as he then reached down to take hold of her sides

Instead of letting him lift her so that he could put his mouth to work however Aelita batted his hands away before diving back towards his cock, too lost in her lust and need to cock worship as she feverishly kissed and licked all over his cock and balls, hungrily sucking his balls into her mouth making her cheeks bulge out as she moaned whorishly around them making William’s legs go weak as he leaned back against the wall

It was almost a full hour later when Aelita finally sauntered out of the shower room, lustfully sucking the remaining cum off of her fingers as she rubbed her now warmed stomach, having swallowed two more huge loads from William before finally leaving him be

But it still wasn’t enough

Her pussy still aching and weeping with desire Aelita then headed down the stairs towards the living room where, to her heated delight, she found Ulrich and Odd hanging out on the couch watching TV “hey guyyyss” she purred to get their attention as she then sauntered in front of them, one hand massaging her breast whilst the other slowly fingered her aching hole “help me…please?”

And help her they did

Within a minute Aelita’s heated needy pants were replaced with screams of utter bliss as both men had her trapped between them, Odd sitting back on the couch whilst thrusting up back into Aelita’s tight spasming cunt whilst Ulrich claimed her ass, stuffing her insides completely making her eyes go wide and manic with sheer pleasure as she let her friends use her body how they wished, Ulrich’s strong grip on her shoulders holding her in place whilst Odd’s hands got to work in groping and massaging her tits

“Yes! YEESSSS!!!! OH GOD I NEEDED THIS SO FUCKING BAD!!!” the pinkette wailed in ecstasy as she tried to work her hips to match Ulrich and Odd’s brutal paces, her toes curling tight as she felt their cocks battered and reshape her insides making her body shudder and spasm in bliss “harder! Don’t stop! FUCKING USE ME LIKE A WHORE!!!”

“Fuck you’re a freak” Odd groaned through gritted teeth as Aelita clenched tighter around his cock, her spasming pussy seemingly desperate for his cum as it was clenching far more and far tighter than normal, dragging him towards his climax much faster than normal as well

“Want cum…need cum…need cum…cum…cumcumcumcumcum!” Aelita moaned back before it devolved into a heated drooling mantra, her tongue hanging out and her eyes wide and unfocused as she lost herself entirely to her hormone infused lust, mindlessly begging her friends for their cum, to never hold back and to fill her with every drop they had

When Odd and Ulrich were finally done with her Aelita could barely walk, the guys having fucked her for over a solid hour in every possible position they could put her in, constantly swapping holes so that she could taste and feel their loads repeatedly until they both ran dry and couldn’t get hard anymore no matter how much she stroked and sucked them leading Aelita to limp back to the shower room in a strange mix of satisfied and still needy

After a good hot shower to fully cleanse herself from the layers of jizz that Ulrich and Odd had decorated her skin with Aelita then limped back to her bedroom, finding Jeremie going through their wardrobe and pulling out one of his button up shirts and work pants “getting ready for work already?”

“Summer vacation is over now, unfortunately I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow” Jeremie sighed back as Aelita hugged him from behind “you feeling better?”

“A little” the pinkette replied as she then ran her hands down his front to his pants “one more…please?” she then whined as she slid her hands into his pants to softly take hold of his manhood and start to stroke it “I’ll let you be on top this time…”

Letting out a sigh as Aelita stroked him to full erection Jeremie reached down to start fully undoing his pants “you know I have trouble saying no to you” he chuckled softly making Aelita giggle eagerly back as she then moved away to jump onto the bed to prepare herself for him

Moments later Aelita’s pleasured moans filled the air again, the pinkette lying on her front whilst her husband was positioned on top of her to prone bone her into the mattress, his breathing hot in her ear making her eyes roll back as his deep slow strokes massaged all of her sweet spots making her toes curl with every deliberate thrust

No matter how much harder William or Ulrich could fuck her or how much faster Odd’s thrusts were nothing could ever beat how Jeremie fucked her, how his hands made her skin feel like it was on fire with electricity and how his overall touch made her heart dance, her toes curling and legs bending as he slid his hands under to take hold of her breasts, his fingers pressing down on all the right spots having Aelita orgasming in mere moments, her body seizing up as her strongest climax of the day coursed through her veins making her pussy an even tighter hole for her husband to fuck

With how many loads his wife had coaxed out of him earlier and how tight Aelita was clamping down on him Jeremie struggled to last more than a few minutes more, collapsing on top of his wife completely as he unloaded deep inside of her, filling her completely making her keen shrilly before she went fully limp underneath him

Panting heavily Jeremie placed a loving kiss on Aelita’s cheek as he slowly pulled out “feeling better?” he asked to which he got no response, looking down to find that Aelita had fainted, her last orgasm having completely overwhelmed her leaving her with a blissful satisfied smile on her lips bringing a smile to Jeremie’s own features “I’ll take that as a yes”

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